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Christyn Keef was promoted to Sr. Director of Asset Protection - Small Formats Division for Walmart. 
Christyn was previously the Regional Asset Protection Senior Manager for the retailer and has been with Walmart since 2011 when she started as a Market Asset Protection Manager. She earned her Bachelor of Science in History from the University of Florida. Congratulations Christyn!
Brent Hamlin was named Director of Loss Prevention for SEPHORA.
Brent was previously the Senior Director Loss Prevention, eCommerce Fraud & Facilities for bebe stores and had been working for that retailer since 2005. Brent also worked for Bloomingdale's for eight years, his most recent role being Manager of Loss Prevention Investigations, Systems and Administration. He was also a Key Store Investigator for Mervyn's. Congratulations Brent!


Retail Security: How Can Biometrics, Video Analytics and Other Innovation Cut Record Losses and Boost Commercial Performance?
Retail crime hit a 10-year high in the 2013-14 financial year, with the £603m losses recorded by UK retailers 18% higher than those racked up in the previous 12 months. Despite this, the British Retail Consortium's (BRC) annual crime survey also revealed that the volume of theft offences actually fell 4%. While conventional security technology - primarily CCTV and electronic product tags - has been effective at reducing petty shoplifting, a surge in gang-related bulk theft is soaring. The average value of goods, money or services stolen now averages £241 per incident. Clearly, the security industry must evolve its approach to tackle this growing threat.

As Retail week Live packs up for another year, we asked several security experts how the industry is harnessing - and could harness - the latest cutting-edge technology to improve not only retail security, but commercial performance too.

Simon Chapman, managing director, Lodge Service:
"The use of technology is critical in countering the rising losses to in-store crime as well as the threat of terrorism. Criminals are getting far more organised and sophisticated than ever before. Retailers must respond to this growing threat, and be prepared to invest not only in technology, but also the skills and equipment of their security staff, such in using body-worn cameras."

Simon Gordon, founder, Facewatch:
"Right now I think we are on the cusp of some major changes to retail security and CCTV monitoring - and not before time. The benefits of improving security for staff by having video verification of alarms via monitoring stations, when businesses are open, are simply enormous. Why do we lock and protect our buildings when they are empty, but not take advantage of technology-based precautions when our most valuable assets - our staff - are there?"

Andy Martin, business development manager for retail, Axis Communications:
"Security and loss prevention teams have for many years reduced losses through CCTV monitoring. But the growth of network video has created the opportunity to boost revenues too, using video analytics to provide in-depth insights into customers' shopping experience. Multi-channel retailers have developed analytics to understand online customer behaviour and personalise the shopping experience to enhance sales." ifsecglobal.com

Biometrics: A Money Maker
Where are the best places to market biometric technologies? It all comes down to money. When an integrator can save their client money and reduce loss, it certainly makes the biometrics sales pitch much easier. Keep in mind that biometrics accuracy has improved markedly in recent years, and biometrics technology continues to become more affordable and accessible.

It is hard enough for retailers to grow their business, but even more daunting to reduce "shrink" attributed to both shoplifter and employee theft. With traditional key/card systems, employees can easily gain access to their managers' keys and subsequently to cash rooms and stock rooms. By placing biometric readers in front of these high-value rooms, they can limit access and thereby reduce "shrink." Help your retail clients prevent their goods from walking out of the store. securityinfowatch.com

OSHA Seeks $120K Fine For Wal-Mart Health, Safety Violations
The U.S. Department of Labor on Wednesday said it intends to issue $118,800 in fines against Wal-Mart after an inspection this week of a Florida store uncovered several health and work safety violations despite a companywide settlement the retail behemoth entered into with the agency in 2013.

Tuesday's visit by officials from the department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration to a Wal-Mart Supercenter on Mobile Highway in Pensacola, Florida, resulted in citations for nine violations categorized as serious and repeated, including failure to annually train workers designated for cleaning up blood spills and not providing them with Hepatitis B vaccinations, as well as not providing employees with enough space to avoid contact with live electrical wires.

Wal-Mart entered into the settlement agreement in August 2013 to resolve a pair of enforcement cases that stemmed from OSHA's 2011 inspections of a Wal-Mart Supercenter store in Rochester, New York. The deal, which covered all Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores under federal jurisdiction - 2,857 at the time - was for the company to beef up safety and health practices and training related to trash compactors, cleaning chemicals and hazard communications corporatewide. law360.com

ASIS Seminar: Active Shooter Training
April 13-14 in New Orleans, LA
This program provides timely and necessary components of preparation strategies that include planning, prevention, mitigation, and response to active shooters. Best practices are discussed throughout the program. asisonline.org

NY Governor Joins Workers in 'Fight For $15' Rally in Albany, NY
Accusing opponents of "trying to demonize peoples differences, Governor Andrew Cuomo, on Tuesday, made another strong push to raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. In front of thousands of angry workers, Governor Cuomo proclaimed that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will "show the nation the way forward." What was designed to be a rally of hope, and a fight for dignity for low wage earning New Yorkers, was an afternoon of staged political theatrics, according to Michael Durant, the New York State director of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). A 67% increase in labor costs alone, Durant said, would do serious economic damage to family farms, Main Street businesses, and non-profit organizations, probably forcing many of them out-of-business. wnyt.com

Fast-food CEO says he's investing in machines because the government is making it difficult to afford employees
The CEO of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's has visited the fully automated restaurant Eatsa - and it's given him some ideas on how to deal with rising minimum wages. "I want to try it," CEO Andy Puzder told Business Insider of his automated restaurant plans. "We could have a restaurant that's focused on all-natural products and is much like an Eatsa, where you order on a kiosk, you pay with a credit or debit card, your order pops up, and you never see a person."

Puzder's interest in an employee-free restaurant, which he says would be possible only if the company found time as Hardee's works on its northeastern expansion, has been driven by rising minimum wages across the US. "With government driving up the cost of labor, it's driving down the number of jobs," he says. "You're going to see automation not just in airports and grocery stores, but in restaurants." businessinsider.com

NRF Applauds Bill to 'Push the Pause Button' on Overtime Proposal
The National Retail Federation applauded today's introduction of legislation in Congress that would delay the Labor Department's proposal to more than double the salary threshold for workers who qualify for overtime pay. nrf.com

Protest group seeks "thousands" of pro-encryption comments to display outside Apple/FBI court hearing
Fight for the Future, the protest group that organized demonstrations in support of Apple outside its retail stores, plans to hold a demonstration outside the next Apple/FBI court hearing on March 22nd. Re/code reports that the group has created a website inviting people to voice their support for secure iPhones, comments from which will be displayed outside the U.S. District Courthouse in Riverside, California. "The FBI wants to force Apple to weaken the security measures that keep all of us safe. This is misguided, and dangerous. On March 22, when Apple goes to court, we'll display thousands of statements from Internet users outside the courthouse." 9to5mac.com

Why J.C. Penney store managers were receptive to CEO Marvin Ellison's "BS"
J. C. Penney CEO Marvin Ellison started day three of its annual store managers meeting on Wednesday talking about BS. Just in case Penney store managers had any doubts about what they heard the day before, there was a bright red BS stamp covering old rules and titles of cumbersome reports on a screen behind Ellison.

"I want to reinforce BS, which can stand for business simplification or whatever else you want it to stand for,"
he said. "We're very serious about this. It's very difficult for a business to simplify." ... "We're going to free you up, but you have to take control," Ellison said.

When managers from across the U.S. get back to their stores there will be a BS stamp waiting for them. They have license to use it on emails and reports that deviate from new simpler procedures they will start implementing on Monday. Included is a ban on emails over the weekend. dallasnews.com

What went wrong at Chipotle? Food safety expert breaks it down

How Sunday stopped being special for the American worker

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Michaels Q4 comp's up 3.1% with net sales up 4.6%
Destination XL Q4 comp's up 3.1% with total sales up 3.8%
New York & Co. Q4 comp's up 1.9% with net sales up 1.5%
Shoe Carnival Q4 comp's up 1.8% with net sales up 2.7%
Cato Q4 comp's up 1% with sales up 4%
DSW Q4 comp's up 0.7% with revenue down 5%
Guess Q4 comp's down 1.2% with revenue down 5.5%
Sears Canada Q4 comp's down 1.6% with revenue down 8.7%
J. Crew Q4 comp's down 4% with total revenue up 1% - Madewell discount brand comp's up 12%
Tiffany & Co. Q4 comp's down 5% with worldwide net sales down 2%
Aeropostale Q4 comp's down 6.7% with net sales down 16.1%
Lands' End Q4 comp's down 8.7% with net revenue down 6.2%


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LPRC's Cyber Security Brainstorming Recap

The LPRC hosted a Cyber Security Brainstorming Session on March 10th, bringing together a meeting of the minds from both the retail loss prevention and information security research fields. Dr. Kevin Butler, Associate Professor, Computer & Information Science & Engineering, from the University of Florida, helped lead the Cyber Security Session. He was joined by Hedgie Bartol (Axis Communications), Mike Jessee (Luxottica), Tom Meehan (Bloomingdale's), and Dr. Read Hayes and Brittany Griffin (LPRC).

Topics from the meeting covered the following areas: Cloud storage, surveillance and security; data breaches; current industry-related cyber initiatives in place; social engineering access; spear phishing issues; data exfiltration problems; and more!

Takeaways/Questions raised at the meeting:

"What necessary tools and securities do IT professionals need to help protect the individual companies?" - Mike Jessee, Sr. Director, Asset Protection, Luxottica Retail
"Put monitors in the Cloud." - Dr. Kevin Butler, University of Florida, CISE
"'This is where the data came from' - this is the holistic approach and direction we want to take." - Dr. Kevin Butler, University of Florida, CISE
"What is currently out there, ideas to improve the cloud?" - Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager, Axis Communications
"What are considerations when dealing with mapping data, such as taking out of file from the data, and taking into account the volume of video traffic and changes to mega file bandwidth?" - Tom Meehan, Manager Data, Systems and Central Investigations, Bloomingdale's

Stay tuned for more information regarding the LPRC-UF's upcoming Joint Cyber Security Summit!

Crime will pay for criminals using ransomware, security execs say
The on-going spike in the number of ransomware attacks and the subsequent payouts that have taken place over the last year shows no signs of abating, with the FBI expecting a large uptick in the number of attacks in 2016 and infosec executives predicting ransom payments could become a run of the mill business expense.

Chris Stangl, a section chief at the FBI's Cyber Division, told the Wall Street Journal, that its data for 2015 found 2,453 reported ransomware attacks that cost the victims $24.1 million. The FBI changed its data collection method during 2014 so a direct year-over-year comparison is not possible, but for the last nine months of 2014, when the same methodology was used, the number of attacks was higher, 1,838, costing $23.8 million. scmagazine.com

Maintaining security and a positive customer experience at the same time
The knee-jerk reaction to threats for many security professionals is to tighten the locks. "With so many attack types, the first reaction we have is put more locks on the door. Add more prevention. When you do that, you protect your company but also put up a lot of hurdles for good customers to jump over which creates a very bad consumer experience," Platt said. The goal for providing both security and a positive customer experience should be to have the best protections but hide it from customers so that their online experience is very easy. Platt said, "To engineer the illusion of simplicity in the face of essential complexity. This is not an easy problem to solve, but we can make it look very easy and simple to consumers and clients." csoonline.com

California attorney general defines businesses' role in cyber security
Businesses and government have always had a shared obligation to protect consumers from cyber attacks and breaches of personal data, but California Attorney General Kamala Harris took the issue a step further recently by outlining what level of electronic security is reasonable for a business to take. Harris' announcement last month coincided with the release of a comprehensive report about security breaches reported to her office over the past four years. The report contains 20 points businesses should address in order to protect customer data. These include taking inventory of authorized and unauthorized electronic devices and ensuring controlled use of administrative privileges, as well as email and Internet browser protection, penetration tests and malware defenses.

"All businesses have two basic legal obligations with respect to security: reasonable security for data and to disclose security breaches," said Attorney Thomas Smedinghoff, who specializes in information law and employers' electronic activities. Without those, defending against civil claims filed in the wake of a security breach can be problematic. legalnewsline.com

Under Armour's CEO says 'data is the new oil'

Target names two IT executives




Mobility Solution Delivers Security and Response Management
to Campuses and Workplaces

Indianapolis, IN - STANLEY Security, a leading global manufacturer and integrator of comprehensive security solutions for a wide range of industries, announces STANLEY Guard, a smartphone and cloud-based personal safety and security response suite. The STANLEY Guard Personal Safety app allows users - whether they are students, employees, or executives - to send alerts, including video and their GPS location, directly to their security command center for immediate response. The STANLEY Guard Security Response app is designed to coordinate incident responses and provide a means of task management for facilities and institutions that manage their own security. Finally, the STANLEY Guard Command Center platform provides businesses, schools, and other facilities an effective means to verify and dispatch their security resources and manage mass notifications.

The STANLEY Guard campus security mobility solution provides personal safety beginning with a user triggering an alert from their Personal Safety app. Once the alert is triggered, the user's smartphone immediately notifies the STANLEY Guard Command Center portal and begins to transmit the user's identity and location, as well as live audio and video that may be used as evidence of the incident. If the user chooses, he or she may then shake their smartphone, turning the device into a high-volume, strobe-light alarm.

As the Command Center portal receives the alert triggered from the user's smartphone in real-time, the authenticity and severity of the threat may be verified. In addition to receiving the user's real-time video and audio evidence, location and identity, the Command Center also sees a record of previous alerts, including comments from dispatchers and first responders. Once the Command Center verifies a threat, a police or security officer may be dispatched through the STANLEY Guard Security Response app. Further, the Command Center can choose which security officer to dispatch based on either their proximity to the incident or their unique qualifications and skill set.

Security personnel are notified of the incident in progress, and are provided with all pertinent information, including a map and GPS guidance to the incident's location through the STANLEY Guard Security Response app. The Security Response app may also be used to capture and coordinate video and audio evidence, as well as provide detail response reports from each individual security personnel.

Read more here.



Canadian retailers closing amid intense competition, failure to adapt to market
- Danier Leather, Laura, Jacob, and Smart Set all failed for the same reasons
- Fast Fashion's Victims - There are Victims in the U.S. as well

In Canada, many retailers had a "great thing going for years," according to Farla Efros, the president of HRC Advisory, a retail consulting firm. There wasn't much competition and the economy was stable. But that all changed with the recession and the onslaught of international competition and the Canadian Push. "They got a bit sleepy and all of a sudden have needed to go into recovery mode," says Efros.

An influx of fast-fashion brands, combined with an inability to adapt to new styles and a growth in consumer choice, have led to the demise of many mid-price Canadian retailers.

International companies like Zara, H&M and Forever 21 are seen as fast-fashion brands - they're massive and they operate on a ramped-up schedule. A traditional apparel retailer might have taken months to go from the runway to a store," says Stephens. "A retailer like Zara is accelerating that process. So they've really just changed the speed with which retailers need to get apparel to market."

This speed allows these big retailers something traditional ones don't have: flexibility. They can get a new popular style onto the market in weeks or even days in some cases, according to Stephens.

Traditional retailers just can't keep up.

On top of that, spending habits are changing. Mid-market retailers don't have as much draw because, Stephens says, people are gravitating towards the extremes. "Their new iPhone purchase is being supplemented by buying clothing at Forever 21. So these are the extremes of value," he says.

'Lack of Innovation' and 'Infinite Choice' are the other main factors.  cbc.ca

Security Career Expo in Toronto draws more than 200 attendees
Canadian Security magazine's Security Career Expo, held March 9 in Toronto, hosted more than 200 students who came to listen to expert speakers, mentor with respected industry professionals and meet potential employers. Professionals from TD Bank, Canada Post, Go Transit, Peel Region School Board, the City of Calgary, Canada's Wonderland, MLSE, Sears and many more mingled with students, answering questions and sharing their expertise. Students were able to engage with security leaders in small groups through mentoring roundtable sessions. Security Career Expo also held a series of panels and seminars designed to help future professionals plan their own careers and learn about fields such as IT security, loss prevention, investigations and global terrorism. canadiansecuritymag.com


148 New 7-Eleven Stores to Open in Western Canada
7-Eleven Canada, Inc. got its hands on approximately 148 convenience and fuel retail sites from Imperial Oil of Canada. Most of the locations are in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. kelownanow.com

Target Canada fallout continues as court lifts ban on co-tenancy rights
Major retail tenants with stores in malls with a former Target outlet are a step closer to lower rents - and even breaking leases - as a result of Target Canada's failure. Ontario Superior Court on Monday agreed to a request by U.S.-based retailers TJX Cos. (which owns Winners, HomeSense and Marshalls) and Gap Inc. (which also runs Old Navy and Banana Republic) that a temporary ban on retailers being able to invoke their so-called co-tenancy rights be lifted. Co-tenancy rights allow key retailers to get rent breaks and, in some circumstances, leave a mall or other retail property without penalty, if an "anchor" tenant such as Target closes its store in the premises. The reasoning is that once an anchor retailer goes dark, traffic to a mall declines, hurting co-tenants' business. theglobeandmail.com

A Tale of Two U.S. Retailers in Canada: Costco and Target

Fraud cost Canadian small businesses average of $6,200 last year

Saks Off 5th comes to Canada

ECCO Shoes Plans Multi-Year Canadian Expansion

Sears Canada looking to cut more costs as sales fall

Retail Fast Facts: February 2016
● Total monthly retail sales changed by 2.8 per cent over the comparable month last year.
● Total sales excluding food, automotive and gasoline changed by 3.5 per cent over the comparable month last year.
Read more

Armed robbery at St. John's jewelry store in Avalon Mall
The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary was called to the scene of an armed robbery at the Davanna's jewelry store in the Avalon Mall in St. John's on Thursday night. The store was closed following the incident, although the Avalon Mall remained open as police investigated and dusted for fingerprints. The RNC have yet to release any official word on what was stolen or if any arrests have been made. cbc.ca

Clarington, ON: Four Toronto men charged after Courtice LCBO robbed,
security guards threatened with weapon
Two men entered the LCBO on Hwy. 2 in Courtice on Wednesday, March 16 at approximately 6 p.m. One stole bottles of liquor while the other acted as a lookout, according to police. As the two men exited the store, security guards approached and attempted to detain one of the accused, who became aggressive. The man who acted as a lookout pulled out a knife and threatened the security guards. The suspects fled in a waiting vehicle. None of the employees at the LCBO was physically injured. durhamregion.com

Duncan, BC: Island RCMP kept busy with three robberies in one day
49th Parallel grocery store in Chemainus was the victim of a robbery Wednesday evening. Earlier in the afternoon, Island Savings Credit Union and the Royal Bank in Ladysmith were targeted by thieves. One suspect has been arrested in connection to the 49th Parallel robbery. No injuries were reported in any of the incidents. timescolonist.com

Coquitlam, BC: Unwanted vitamins returned to Shoppers Drug Mart
caused evacuation
A disappointed customer's attempt to return unwanted vitamins by mail resulted in the evacuation of a Coquitlam drug store last week. The Shoppers Drug Mart was cleared out last Friday afternoon after the store received an envelope filled with an unknown powder. No one who'd touched the envelope was showing any symptoms of illness or injury, but they were isolated as a precaution, and police and emergency crews were called in. The RCMP's forensic identification team and a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) crew examined the substance, and found that it didn't pose any threat. "This was a situation where (an) unhappy customer was not satisfied with a specific brand of vitamin and chose to mail it back to the store," Const. Jamie Phillipson of the Coquitlam RCMP said in a news release. vancouversun.com

London, ON: Police seek suspect in Rexall robbery

Kelowna, BC: RCMP Looking For Tablet Thief who hit Superstore


Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

LP's Digital Fast-Break Conference

For over 50 years, Se-Kure Controls has been working with retailers to reduce shrinkage caused by shoplifting. Over that time, there has been an explosion of new products in the consumer electronics and fashion-focused softlines industry. As Mike Campbell, Executive VP U.S. Sales, tells us, Se-Kure Controls has kept pace with the innovation, developing literally hundreds of innovative LP solutions over the years, including 11 new products in 2015 alone. While all of their major competitors source their products from Asia, Se-Kure Controls manufactures all of theirs in the U.S., providing a quicker turnaround time for their customers.

LPNN Quick Take #9

An LPNN Co-MC who needs no introduction, Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager for Axis Communications, comes bearing gifts in this Quick Take interview! Watch him try to show Amber how to use a "selfie stick."

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

Flipkart's 'mystery shopping' initiative uncovers 250 fraud sellers
Top ecommerce player Flipkart has blacklisted 250 sellers on its platform after its ongoing 'mystery shopping' initiative found them to be selling substandard products. Under the initiative, launched six months ago, more than 300 Flipkart employees and staff of a leading consultancy firm have been shopping from Flipkart.com. Called 'secret agents', they identify products or packages that are of substandard quality and send in pictures to an email ID that a Flipkart security team processes. "We have received feedback of over 600 sellers. We took necessary action against 500 and blacklisted 40-50% of them," said Sachin Kotangale, senior director at Flipkart. He said most of the identified sellers were either selling poor quality products, or defaulting on deliveries, or making wrong packaging or price labeling. The ecommerce giant is taking action against these sellers based on the frauds committed by them. Multiple cases of counterfeits being sold online spurred top ecommerce players to employ measures to run quality check of the sellers on their platforms. In the recent past, buyers from leading online shopping sites have complained about fake products being supplied by some sellers. These products include copied versions of branded headphones, shoes, cosmetics, bags, USB drives and watches. indiatimes.com

CEO Jack Ma has vowed to get rid of counterfeits in online shopping platform Alibaba
Ma said that although it is a difficult task, eliminating counterfeits online is important both for Alibaba's reputation and for China. Alibaba said it had invested more than 1 billion yuan ($154 million) over two years to fight the problem and it now has more than 2,000 full-time employees that help fight counterfeits.

Last year, after a public dispute with Alibaba over counterfeits and other issues on its platforms, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) launched a campaign to expel fake and substandard goods from the platform, the report said.

To tackle the problem, Ma, in his remarks, urged the use of sophisticated data analysis and technology.
"For so many years, we have been using traditional methods and measures to fight fakes, but the harder we fight, the more pop up," Ma said. "Now is the time to let Internet companies to have a try ... and solve the issue with big data technology."

Alibaba said it assisted law enforcement in 330 cases of suspected counterfeiting between April and Sept. 2015. The company's news site Alizila said that information from Alibaba has led to 715 arrests and the disruption of more than 600 manufacturing sites or sales locales. yibada.com

US online grocery doubles in just two years
Online grocery penetration has doubled in just the past two years - from 11% in 2013 to 21% in 2015 - per the latest round of Brick Meets Click research that surveyed 12,000 grocery shoppers in 4Q 2015. freshplaza.com

FedEx: Amazon is not a threat to our business

Cost of fulfilling online orders set to hit retail profitability over coming decade: report



Aspen Hill, MD: Video Released of $57,000 burglary at Sprint; possible ties to Beltsville burglary
Police say officers responded to the store, located at 13605 Connecticut Ave., around 9:30 a.m. for a burglary that had been discovered by an employee arriving to open the store. Video surveillance captured the suspects enter the business' rear door just after 6 a.m. Police say one suspect is seen prying open a safe, and both suspects can be seen stealing cellphones from the safe. Police say they also stole cash from the business and are seen leaving the store at 6:25 a.m. (Note: Police say the time stamp shown on the surveillance video is incorrect). The total value of the stolen cellphones is over $57,000. Police believe that these two suspects may also be responsible for a similar burglary that occurred on Tuesday at a Sprint store in Beltsville. wtop.com

Franklin, TN: Two of Four Suspects Identified in Target theft
Two people have been arrested and two others are on the run following a theft from a Cool Springs Target. Franklin Police commend the community, Crime Stoppers, and local media for helping identify Travaris Thomas and Yvette Simpson, as the thieves who helped steal $2,315 in merchandise from the Cool Springs Target. The incident occurred in December 2015. Simpson is a convicted felon with a history of violence. Simpson and Thomas were both arrested last week and charged with Felony theft. Detectives are still working to identify two others who were involved in the theft. fox17.com

Milltown, NJ: Police investigating $4,000 Robbery at Home Depot, one arrested
For the second time this week, the Home Depot is the site of an investigation by the Milltown Police. Yesterday's incident involved an unidentified male that allegedly attempted to leave the store with a shopping cart full of unpaid merchandise. Store security reported that the individual tried to leave the premises of the Home Depot at around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The merchandise in his cart was valued at approximately $4,000. When the man was confronted by store security, the suspect turned on the employee and assaulted him before fleeing into the parking lot. An hour later the suspect was arrested by Police. tapinto.net

Macon, GA: Six arrested in Bibb County identity theft ring
Six people are in Bibb County jail following a sting operation to nab identity theft suspects. The operation started in January and included the Bibb County Sheriff's Office, Jackson County, Wisconsin Sheriff's Office and U.S. Marshals. The six people who were arrested are accused of stealing mail from mailboxes, burglarizing homes and stealing other items to obtain people's identity. Multiple credit cards were opened in other people's names. The cards along with multiple items were recovered. 13wmaz.com

Newbury Park, CA: 1of 2 arrested in attempt to steal cart-full of goods from Kohl's
Loss-prevention officers called the Ventura County Sheriff's Office about 9 p.m. to report suspicious activity inside the store. They told police that two males were loading up shopping carts with high-end items and were talking to each other via cellphone. One of the men was standing outside the store possibly acting as a "lookout" when a deputy arrived. He was detained and questioned by the deputy but he ran back inside the store before leaving through an emergency exit and jumping over a wall to get away. The other man, later identified as 22-year-old Brandon Melo-Cervantes, was arrested on suspicion of attempted grand theft and conspiracy to commit a crime. The man acting as a "lookout" was not found. vcstar.com

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community,
which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!


Houston, TX: Police fatally shoot 2 robbery suspects at furniture store
Officers opened fire at five robbery suspects accused of holding up a Houston furniture store, killing two and injuring two more, police said. Police spokesman John Cannon said five police officers fired their weapons but that none was injured in the incident late Thursday. Authorities said a tactical team had been monitoring the group following a series of robberies earlier in the day. One injured suspect was taken to a hospital with an undisclosed injury. Another was treated by paramedics at the scene then taken into custody, along with another suspect who was not hurt, Cannon said. idahostatesman.com

Hannibal, MO: Woman convicted in Missouri convenience store killing
A woman has been convicted in the fatal shooting of an eastern Missouri convenience store clerk during a botched robbery. A Ralls County jury found Krystal Tresler of Hannibal guilty Thursday of second-murder murder and first-degree robbery in the 2013 killing of Adrienne Arnett. The Missouri attorney general's office says in a news release that Tresler was among five people who planned to rob the store where Arnett was working just west of Hannibal. The release says Tresler provided her van and gave the driver directions on how to get to the gas station. One of the other co-defendants pleaded guilty previously to shooting Arnett in the face. She died at the scene. theeagle.com

Mountain City, TN: Federal Lawsuit dismissed - Police Officer pepper spraying
& shooting a squirrel inside a Dollar General
A Federal Judge proved a tough nut to crack for a former Mountain City police officer fired after pepper-spraying and shooting at a squirrel in a Dollar General Store in 2013. Officer Jody Putnam's lawsuit, claiming the town and police department violated his rights under the Sixth, Fourth and 14th constitutional amendments and asking for $2 million in damages, was dismissed Feb. 19 by U.S. Magistrate Judge Clifton Corker. In Corker's written opinion, which included a colorful description of the Sept. 27, 2013, attempted squirrel shooting that quoted and cited Ray Stevens' satirical song "Mississippi Squirrel Revival," the judge ruled Putnam was an at-will employee of Mountain City, and his firing, whether because of his breach of the department's firearms policy or his refusal to file a weapons discharge report - both of which Putnam admitted - was constitutional. Putnam was suing for $1.5 Million in damages, because he could not find another Law Enforcement job following the squirrel incident. johnsoncitypress.com

Robberies & Thefts

Cobbs Co, GA: 5 or 6 Armed Robbers storm a Cumberland Mall jewelry store
Police are looking for a group of five or six men who robbed a jewelry store inside a Cobb County mall, Thursday morning. Witnesses said the men were carrying guns and dressed in all black. They rushed into the Diamond Solution jewelry store inside Cumberland Mall and threatened the two employees working inside. Police said they smashed a display case and threw all of the jewelry into a bag. wfxg.com

Joplin, MO: Jewelry Store Robbery; shot fired through wall ends up in Schlotzky's Deli
Joplin police were on the lookout late Thursday night for an armed robber who fired a shot through the wall of a jewelry store before making his getaway with an undisclosed amount of cash and jewelry. No one was injured, but the bullet fired did pass through the wall of the Select Jewelers store at and into the adjoining Schlotzky's Deli. joplinglobe.com

St Johnsbury, VT: Couple attempting to flee Ocean State Job Lots hits Loss Prevention Agent with their car
Police say an Orleans couple hit a loss prevention employee with their car during a getaway. They say Amanda Gilbar, 26 and Dennis Saxton, 24, were stopped by loss prevention at the Ocean State Job Lots in St. Johnsbury on Tuesday evening. They say Saxton hit the employee and fled. When the employee tried to stop them in the parking lot, police say Gilbar backed into him and sped off. Police say their infant daughter was in the car with them. wcax.com

Brentwood, MO: Shoplifters assault employee at Carter's store at The Promenade in Brentwood
Police are attempting to identify a group of female shoplifters who assaulted an employee at a children's clothing store. Security video shows the incident as it unfolded at Carter's children clothing store at The Promenade in Brentwood. The women entered the store roughly a minute apart from each other around 7:30 p.m. on Friday, March 4. Police said the suspects picked out more than two dozen pieces of baby clothing and headed for the door. Security video shows an employee unsuccessfully attempt to prevent the group from leaving. The trio is seen pushing the clerk outside the store, where police said she was sprayed with a chemical "irritant." The women dropped the clothing at the scene and fled. Employees can be seen on the surveillance video reentering the store with the merchandise. fox2now.com

Mesquite, TX: Fake employee hits Shell station for $200
According to police, the suspect walked into the Shell station Sunday afternoon and convinced a store clerk he was there for training. Without any questioning, the clerk proceeded to show the suspect how to use the cash register and even assisted him as he checked out several customers. ionmesquite.com

Florissant, MO: Man steals Copper from 15 Air Conditioners on the roof of Cross Keys Shopping Center

Wilmington, NC: Man sentenced to 11 years for screwdriver, knife robberies at CVS and others

Cargo Theft

Memphis, TN: 2 former FedEx workers, third man plead guilty to $1.7 Million interstate shipping theft
Two former FedEx employees and a third defendant pleaded guilty Thursday to interstate shipping theft. Grand jurors charged that Akeem Gowdy, Tavaris Mickens, Juan Royal and others conspired to execute a scheme to defraud FedEx between about January 2013 and December 2014. Part of the scheme was for the defendants to gain access to FedEx shipping meter accounts and re-label FedEx shipping boxes of merchandise from wireless mobile companies, according to the indictment. They would redirect the boxes to New York and other cities. The defendants fraudulently obtained Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless merchandise resulting in an aggregate actual loss of about $1,728,840.18, the grand jury charged. Gowdy, of Memphis, was a material handler and worked at the FedEx hub in Memphis from February 2013 to October 2014. Mickens, of Memphis, was a supervisor and worked in the hub from May 2011 to November 2014. Royal, of New York, was charged with receiving boxes sent by co-conspirators. commercialappeal.com

Skimming Reports

Police in Fargo, ND and Aberdeen, SD warning of Skimming Operations.

Gas Pumps Affected by Skimming in Ohio; 21 cases in past few months

Methuen, MA: Police asking for help identifying skimming suspects

AT&T - Tehachapi, CA - Burglary
Baskin Robbins - Sparks, NV - Armed Robbery
Dee Dee's - South Farmingdale, NY - Burglary
Elite Car Stereo and Security -Pearl City, Oahu, HI - Burglary
Guitar Center - Aurora, IL - Theft
Home Depot - Milltown, NJ - Robbery
J&E Oasis - South Mills, SC - Armed Robbery
Jacobson's Gun Center - Story City, IA - Burglary
Kennedy Hardware - Wheeling, WV - Burglary
Kohl's Diamond Gallery - Galesburg, IL - Theft
Lowe's - Huntsville, AL - Burglary
Marathon - Waukegan, IL - Burglary
Select Jewelers - Joplin, MO - Armed Robbery
Shell - Mesquite, TX - Theft
Sprint - Aspen Hill, MD - Burglary
Walgreens - Birmingham, AL - Armed Robbery
Woods Supermarket - Fort Scott, KS - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Chesapeake, VA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Whitfield Co, SC - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Anne Arundel Co, MD - Robbery



Featured Job Alert Spotlights
Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Loss Prevention Supervisor
Riverside, CA
Provides detailed reports regarding events related to safety and loss prevention related activities to various staff and support departments. Works with LP Management to act as a liaison by participating in various meetings, providing written documentation and providing analytical analysis and research related to DC incidents...

Loss Prevention Officer
Riverside, CA
The DC Loss Prevention Officer has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. loss prevention, security and life safety procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft. Responds to and proactively addresses life safety, security, and operational issues...
Loss Prevention Specialist
Hiring across Canada
Position responsibilities include: Detain and interview persons apprehended for shoplifting in accordance with local laws and company procedures; Check physical security of The Home Depot facilities to prevent and deter theft/fraudulent activity...

Featured Job Alerts

Cap Index, Inc. Research Analyst
Exton, PA
David Yurman Vice President of Loss Prevention
New York, NY
Hilton Worldwide Sr. Director of Loss Prevention
McLean, VA
Wireless Vision Director Loss Prevention
Bloomfield, MI
Disney Director Enterprise Security Systems Strategy & Technology
Burbank, CA
Advance America Director of Loss Prevention
Spartanburg, SC
Burlington Stores Director Loss Prevention - Stores
Garden Grove, CA
Forman Mills Director of Loss Prevention
Philadelphia, PA
Starbucks Director, Partner & Asset Protection
Seattle, WA
CarMax Assistant Vice President Loss Prevention
Richmond, VA
Alex and Ani, LLC Director, Loss Prevention
New York, NY

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Christyn Keef was promoted to Sr. Director of Asset Protection - Small Formats Division for Walmart.

Brent Hamlin was named Director of Loss Prevention for SEPHORA.

Juan Linares was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Costco Wholesale.

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