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 March 19, 2014


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Michael Hagenbush, CFI, CFE was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention - Mid-Western Division for Sherwin-Williams Paints.
  Michael was previously the Corporate Loss Prevention Manager for Sherwin-Williams Paints in the Cleveland, Ohio area. He has been with this retailer for over two years. He also has other loss prevention experience such as District Loss Prevention Manager for Dick's Sporting Goods, and Loss Prevention Manager for Target. Congratulations Michael!

Retailers Late to 2015 Credit Card Deadline Face Increased Fraud Risk
The October 2015 roll out of new chip-based credit card technology for U.S. retailers and payment processors might seem far off, but merchants who come late to the party could find themselves increasingly at risk of card fraud, payments experts say. Interested parties may already be falling behind. Updating and certifying retailer systems to accept the new cards and getting banks to issue new cards to consumers could take a year or more. After October 2015, liability for fraudulent transactions will shift to whichever party has the lesser technology. That means a merchant can still a run swipe and signature transaction, but could be held liable for the costs of fraud if the consumer is using a chip-enabled card. “If retailers don’t have this in place, the fraud is going to go to those places that don’t do chip-and-PIN. First to the retailers that don’t have this in place, then to e-commerce.” (Source

91% of video surveillance deployments involve IT departments - the relationship with IT Security continues to strengthen  ESG research found that among organizations currently using video surveillance technology, 91% indicate that IT manages or supports these deployments. Of the final survey pool of IT professionals involved with video surveillance at mid- to enterprise-sized organizations, 47% claim their department is the group most responsible for setting surveillance strategy and making final infrastructure purchasing decisions. “Given the inevitable shift from outdated analog CCTV to superior IP video systems, a number of technical factors, such as network infrastructure requirements, bandwidth usage and data storage consumption, are moving surveillance decisions beyond the realm of physical security and directly impacting IT. ESG research indicates those IT departments that include surveillance requirements in their IT strategy and leverage video for business process improvement tend to maximize the benefits of surveillance investments while reducing unnecessary operations overhead.” While other departments within an organization are involved in setting video surveillance strategy, 47% of IT respondents claim they have the most influence on final infrastructure and hardware purchasing decisions, followed by senior management (23%), physical security/loss prevention (9%), compliance (9%), facilities (5%) and legal (5%). The research identifies unique best practices for video surveillance when IT is involved. Leading organizations are: •Leveraging surveillance for business intelligence (BI): •Using BI to justify IP video investment •Utilizing data retention and cloud replication procedures •Creating a technology migration plan: For organizations that use a mix of IP video and analog CCTV, 68% have a formal plan to migrate equipment to IP-based systems. "We’ve seen much more IT involvement as the industry shifts to IP video – but ESG’s research was even higher than anticipated,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications, Inc. “IT’s influence can positively affect network design, storage and business intelligence best practices, and the research points to opportunities for integrators to work together with their IT and physical security contacts to overcome the challenges of IP video with proper system configuration and expectation setting.” (Source

Zumiez adds 'mall violence' to business risk factors in SEC filing after two employees killed at The Mall in Columbia  Skateboarding apparel store Zumiez included "mall violence" in its annual report of business risks released Tuesday, after a January shooting at The Mall in Columbia left two employees dead. Here's the exact wording - "Most of our stores are located in shopping malls," the Washington state-based company wrote. "Any threat of terrorist attacks or actual terrorist events, or other types of mall violence, such as shootings in malls, particularly in public areas, could lead to lower customer traffic in shopping malls. In addition, local authorities or mall management could close shopping malls in response to security concerns. Mall closures, as well as lower customer traffic due to security concerns, could result in decreased sales." The company's store in the Columbia mall has been boarded up since the Jan. 25 shootings, in which Darion Marcus Aguilar killed Zumiez employees Brianna Benlolo, 21, and Tyler Johnson, 25, and wounded another woman in the foot, before killing himself. Police said Aguilar had no connection to his victims and had planned a Columbine-type, mass shooting. Editors Note: This is rare to see 'mall violence' directly mentioned as a business risk factor with the SEC. Their Q4 results showed a decrease of 2.2% in comp. store sales as of Feb. 1, 2014. (Source

Staying ahead of the hackers - PCI-DSS is not enough
Reliance on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, PCI-DSS, is misplaced. It is a starting point, not the endgame. PCI standards do not require that cardholder data, whether it is EMV or magstripe, be encrypted “in transit.” The standards only specify that such data be encrypted at rest — that is, when it is stored. The hackers are grabbing the data in real-time, moving it to dump files and picking it up later. In order to get ahead — and stay ahead — of the hackers, industry participants need to push one another and not point at one another. The debate over mag-stripe versus the so-called EMV card, or chip-and-PIN, is not the only issue. By the time EMV adoption arrives, the perps will have found an end run, and retail will again need to pivot. The FBI has warned retailers to expect more card breaches. “Expecting” breaches and “anticipating” breaches are different, and retail information security technology is not particularly good at detecting intrusion. All of the latest retail hack victims — and retailers are victims of criminal behavior — only learned of the incident when notified by law enforcement, and law enforcement, in turn, had been notified by the credit card issuers when common point of purchase problems popped up. The FBI report distributed to retailers entitled “Recent Cyber Intrusion Events Directed Toward Retail Firms” should be required reading, not only in the CISO and IT shops, but also in boardrooms. Failures to act in light of known — and warned of — vulnerabilities can leave retailers exposed in the courtroom. (Source

Stop Looking for ROI on Compliance
Any clear bottom-line net positive from a compliance program is probably the exception to the rule. Compliance costs will likely only get bigger for many companies in the near future, according to a new Thomson Reuters survey in which about two-thirds of respondents said they expected the compliance team’s budget to grow in the next year. Firms committed to compliance need to be okay with no clear ROI. A company might lose real money by severing ties with that risky customer or staying away from a suspicious government contract–and it seems impossible to quantify the fines or legal fees avoided by these proactive moves. (Source

60% of consumers blame retailers in breaches

Fast Retailing pulls out of talks to buy J.Crew: sources

NYC McDonald's 6 store Franchisee agrees to pay $500k for forcing cashiers to cover shortages and work off the clock

Boston Markets cuts LP team with eliminating the last field LP executive recently

Gucci Director of Loss Prevention position may still be open in NYC

Law Enforcement Embracing Improved Accuracy and Efficiency of New Crime Fighting Technologies - Computer Voice Stress Analyzer  Innocent people are being exonerated in record numbers as new technologies such as DNA become more sophisticated and the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) is increasingly being used for truth verification instead of the old polygraph. This is according to Clifford Payne, an Investigator with the Atlanta (GA) Police Department who also serves as a Regional Director of the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts, an organization representing the nearly 2,000 US law enforcement agencies that utilize the CVSA. Payne stated that before the CVSA, law enforcement had to rely on the old polygraph. "Our main problem was that 30% of polygraph examinations are 'inconclusive', meaning that there were no discernible results. With the CVSA, there are always correct results 100% of the time. When you also take in to account that it takes eight weeks to train a polygraph examiner and only five days to train a CVSA examiner, plus the fact that polygraph exams take between 2-3 hours and the CVSA exam can be performed in 1 hour with perfect results, it is clear which system to use." The Atlanta Police Department discontinued the polygraph in 2003 in favor of the CVSA. (Source

5 states' attorneys general plan trip to Mexico to discuss cross-border crimes - with distribution of counterfeit goods high on the list - No mention of ORC?  They and Mexican authorities plan to discuss what joint actions they can take to fight international money laundering. Other topics include the growing involvement of transnational gangs in stealing intellectual property and distributing counterfeit goods, as well as using technology to fight human trafficking, cybercrime and child pornography. Editors note: Maybe the ORC groups need to send them letters and phone calls. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Pac Sun Q4 up 2% with net sales down 1.9%

FMI X-Change asks you:
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FMI X-Change tells us that LP executives are using less than 1% of their video functionality! Hear from Vy Hoang from i3 International discuss what questions LP professionals should be asking themselves about video.

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FMI X-Change is FMI AP’s newest initiative to help educate and inform its stakeholders. FMI X-Change is focused on providing relevant and valuable education through engaging and entertaining videos. The FMI X-Change represents the exchange of ideas and innovations in the marketplace by FMI members, legislators, academic community and solution providers.

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With Credit Card Data in Play, Who Hacks the Hackers?
Websites that were used to sell credit card data stolen in the massive holiday data breach at Target Corp.TGT +0.33% were themselves shut down by unknown culprits Monday. “Hi subhumans and miscreants, your fraud site is gone now. Go away,” reads the first line of a message posted on and, two sites are used as clearinghouses for troves of credit card data stolen from retailers like Target, Neiman Marcus and Sally Beauty Holdings Inc.SBH +1.51% in recent months. While two of the sites are down, other versions of Rescator are still functioning, including and, sites that ultimately point toward another site, It’s unclear who’s behind the attack on the two sites. (Source

E-retailers accepting Bitcoin remain confident in its potential announced earlier this month that it has accepted bitcoins as payment for more than $1 million in goods already; $130,000 of which came on the first day bitcoin payment was available. Online computer and electronic retailer says it hit the $1 million mark yesterday. The e-retailer, which is owned by Systemax Inc., No. 25 in the Top 500 Guide, says it offers Bitcoin as a payment option because its customers want it. (Source

Mobile Tokenization Solves Payments Security Woes


Thought Challenge

2013 First Place Thought Challenge Winner

By Kevin Larson

Sr. Manager of LP Operations
The Kroger Company

Lessons learned along the Way

Throughout our careers we run into various people in leadership, through networking, projects, meetings, seminars, conferences and of our past and present bosses. Through these interactions, although sometimes brief, we can learn a lot by what these people say and through their actions.

Steven Covey once said “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

Over my years in Loss Prevention as I have transitioned through various companies, roles and levels of leadership, I have picked up on a few things. I have been fortunate to learn from such leaders as Keith White, John Talamo and now Karl Langhorst. Today, I would like to share a few of things with you...

√ When you run into a member of leadership in the hallway or work café and they say “Hey ____ what’s going on?” ...Always have something to say. Talk about a new project you’re working on or a store or district that you just visited. The standard “not much”...will get you that exact same thing in your career growth.

√  Be vocal and engaging...when attending a meeting with executives and the dialogue turns to areas that are not your expertise. Don’t be afraid to speak up and engage with the team. Even if it is just to say that you agree with someone’s stance or recommendation.

√  Look for new ways to add value back to the company. What can you’re Regional, District or even store agents do to assist in identifying shrink, markdowns or checking on the latest promotions or floor sets. Remember, it’s Loss Prevention, not Loss Reaction.

√  If it’s lonely at top, you not doing something right...Building strategic partnerships are the key navigating the waters of the company. Meet as many people as you can from departments like, marketing, finance, product development and Information Technology. These relationships or even quick interactions will come back ten-fold when you are looking to roll-out a new program, strategy or just for those times when you need someone else in your corner.

√  Know your able to speak to your latest shrink results, dishonest associate cases, apprehensions, ORC recoveries, audit results and other key metrics.

√  One of the hardest people to lead will always be you. Hold yourself accountable, otherwise it will diminish your leadership qualities. Develop your self- awareness.

√  Always ask will make you better, more consistent and probably prevent you from making mistakes. It has been told to me that you only get answers to questions that you ask.

√  Keep Learning to help yourself keep leading...take the time to invest in personal development. If you stop promoting development, than your team will stop growing.

√  Always ask for an evaluation from others...having someone else critique your strengths and developmental needs is better than sitting down with your review and completing yourself assessment. Once you find your strength, focus on it to become more successful.

I hope my past learning’s and coaching’s have left you will something to think about. I hope that along your journey you too have stopped to listen and reflect on some of the advice that people have given you, if not...slow down, take a deep breath, open your eyes, close your mouth and begin to learn.

"Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere as long as the policy you've decided upon is being carried out."  — Ronald Reagan



Organized burglary crew hitting Prince George County liquor stores and retail shops in Bowie - 17 since Jan. 1st  Bowie police are attempting to crack down on commercial burglaries in the area after 17 have been reported since Jan. 1, almost half of what were reported all of last year. The burglars are targeting liquor stores, and retail shops and Bowie police and Prince George’s County police, who are working together on the burglary increase, said it could be the work of an organized group. Robberies in Bowie have increased as well, with five different incidents occurring from Feb. 12 to the end of the month, a “substantial” increase, said Lt. Sean Carney. With only 4 last year. Nesky said the commercial burglaries may be linked to an organized group and are part of an overall increase in the county. Carney said arrests were made of four individuals that were connected to the five robberies in Bowie. The men robbed a CVS store and convenience stores among other businesses, Carney said. Carney said there has been a drop in robberies and attempted robberies in the area since the arrests. (Source

Two Oklahoma City robbers get prison time in $2.3 million jewelry heist
The two were punished for robbing the Lee Michaels jewelry store in the North Star Mall in San Antonio on March 24, 2010 and will serve 90 months and 20 years respectfully. The two threatened employees and took Rolex watches, diamond rings and other jewelry valued at $2.3 million, prosecutors said. They took the stolen merchandise to Oklahoma, prosecutors said. Both were ordered to pay $1,174,134 in restitution to the jewelry store’s insurer. The FBI recovered about $800,000 worth of merchandise in August 2010 during a search of the Oklahoma City home of Steele’s brother. Prosecutors suspect Marvin Steele and another man of robbing the same jewelry store on Oct. 4, 2005. Robbers in the 2005 heist took merchandise valued at $1.2 million. (Source

AT&T investigation shows $87k employee theft in Oconee, Ga., store - investigation ongoing  Oconee County Sheriff’s Office investigators are waiting to hear from AT&T security personnel regarding an in-house investigation that showed more than $87,000 worth of property was stolen from its retail store on Epps Bridge Parkway. AT&T’s loss prevention officers conducted an investigation that showed an employee stole the property over a period of time from about Aug. 1 to Jan. 19, according to a sheriff’s office report. (Source

Two women arrested for running "mystery shopper" scam out of Nigeria
Working with Nigerian conspirators the two women sent shipments of counterfeit money orders, money grams, and bank checks to Atlanta and had people visit retail stores as "mystery shoppers" and use the documents, usually for $850 to $975. The shoppers were suppose to keep part of the money and return some to the suspects, but wound up paying when the documents didn't clear banks. (Source

Two Men Arrested at Manhattan Beach Bank Placing 'Skimming Device' on ATM - 6 other incidents  Numerous items were seized during the investigation, including a credit card scanner skimming device, credit cards, gift cards, cell phones, mounting tape and a magnetic block to clear the magnetic strips on cards. According to police, the suspects installed the skimmer and a pin hole camera to cover the ATM's card slot. Account information, including the PIN numbers, were captured by the devices, she said. It was later discovered that the same suspects allegedly had placed similar devices on ATMs in Manhattan Beach at least six other times, starting Jan. 30. (Source

Burglars smash out a window at Macy’s in the Columbia Mall in Maryland
Howard County police are investigating a burglary at the Columbia Mall on Wednesday morning. Police say a witness reported the burglary shortly before 5:00 a.m. Two males smashed a store window and entered the Macy's store, say police. They were confronted by a store employee and fled without taking anything, according to police. (Source

Shop Rite employee charged with theft in Hamden, CT
A Hamden couple is facing shoplifting charges in connection with the reported theft of nearly $300 in merchandise from the Shop Rite at 2100 Dixwell Ave. Officers responded to a report of that store employee, Michael Rivera, placed $279.31 worth of food and household goods in a garbage bag. Rivera then exited the store and handed the contents to Michelle Rubertone, who was waiting outside with her seven-year-old daughter. (Source

Zales in Kenner, LA. Hit with a Grab and Run of a $550 Bulova watch




Florida sheriff's office awarded for proactive stance combating retail theft  Sheriff Grady Judd and the Polk County, Fla., sheriff's office were awarded for a firm and proactive stance in the war against shoplifting. The Florida Retail Federation presented Sheriff Judd a handsomely-inscribed plaque honoring the Polk County law enforcement agency and its cadre of deputies for a consistent and unwavering program dedicated to defraying the enormous costs stemming from retail theft. The plaque inscription recognizes how the Polk County law enforcement deputies went after and brought down several large-scale and highly -organized retail theft syndicates. Sheriff Judd and his law enforcement deputies have proactively enforced retail theft statutes, not merely looking at it as a mere misdemeanor but the tremendous scourge which costs consumers more at the cash registers. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd summed it up well when he said the following in a sheriff's office press release after receiving the award on March 12, 2014: “Retail theft is a crime which costs retailers thousands of dollars each year, ultimately costing consumers more for merchandise. The partnership between retailers and law enforcement is important for Polk County businesses and for our residents. We are working together to make thieves accountable for their crimes.” (Source

U.S. Attorney's and Dir of FBI call for same model as ORC groups use to fight cyber crime 
Over the last two months the U.S. Attorney General's office and the new Director of the FBI have called for more real-time collaboration with the public sector in the IT Security world and are asking for more information sharing in an environment where corporate America is rather reluctant to share, Obviously looking to duplicate what all the ORC models around the country have been successfully practicing for a number of years now. It's a great testimony to all the LP executives and law enforcement executives that have led the way in this effort. It certainly would help if a few of the retail ORC leaders could help with the effort and meet with your IT Security teams and help them with the introductions. Just a thought.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Gaston, N.C. ORC family flea market fencing operation bust - Investigators recover $130k in stolen merchandise and seize 12 vehicles with 6 arrests  Reported in yesterday's Daily the investigation involved all three drug store chains and the five member family had been committing ORC on at least 10 different occasions and had been selling the merchandise at a local flea market.

Calgary family of five busted in $56k Home Depot ID theft ring involving credit cards and gift cards  The family members, ranging in age from 27 and 52, face a total of 114 charges including money laundering and identity fraud. Calgary police announced the charges on Tuesday, saying there were 19 victims of identity theft involved in a fraud worth about $56,000. The suspects allegedly took personal identification from parked vehicles in Calgary. "Suspects would use personal identification information stolen from parked vehicles and use it to apply online for Home Depot credit cards," police said. "These credit cards were then used to purchase Home Depot gift cards at locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Airdrie, Okotoks and Cranbrook, B.C. These fraudulently purchased gift cards were then sold through online sites at a discounted price." (Source

Houston ORC thief gets 8 yrs. in prison for running "sophisticated operation"
Lang and another man were able to get away with 21 tablet computers they carried out in a stolen cooler, along with a fishing rod, from a Wal-Mart in Bryan, TX. When questioned by police, Lang admitted to taking part in at least two other Wal-Mart thefts and currently has pending charges for the same crime in two other counties. This was not an isolated incident, but rather a sophisticated operation targeting Wal-Marts all over this area of Texas," Brick said. "The defendant is now paying the price for choosing to steal instead of making an honest living like the rest of the citizens in this community." (Source

Riverbank couple arrested in 'extensive identity theft scheme' that started at Kohl's on Dec. 11th. in Modesto, Ca. - 100 fake cards found  Modesto police investigation started with the arrest of Jeremy Lapachet, 39, of Riverbank at a Kohl’s department store Dec. 11. “During this initial contact, officers located items indicating Lapachet was involved in making false identifications, manufacturing credit cards and stealing identities.” On Feb 11 a search warrant revealed 100 fake credit cards and identification cards. Police found and arrested Carol Lapachet on March 5 and her husband the following day. (Source

Multi-state ORC ring busted with one member ramming squad car and hitting officer in getaway from South Park Mall in Moline, IA.

Two ORC suspects hit Berea Wal-Mart in Lexington, Ky., for Prilosec & Allegra

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Vendor Spotlight

The Zellman Group - Because You Need to Know

Zellman FraudNet provides online merchants with the most
robust fraud fighting tools available

By Lauren Pedro

The Zellman Group (TZG), based out of Greenvale, NY, is a leading Loss Prevention and Recovery Services company working in the retail, e-tail and food service industry. TZG was created by Stuart Levine in 1997. Stuart, whose background was filled with over twenty years of retail Loss Prevention experience; as well as service in Palm Beach County as a police officer, seized the opportunity to provide quality and original solutions to all companies, no matter the volume.

In the beginning, the Zellman Group offered only Employment Screening and Customer Service Secret Shops to a handful of clients, but quickly grew to expand its service offerings. Stuart’s experience and his team had a common perspective, customizing programs to meet clients’ needs.

In 1999, TZG jumped into the Analytics arena, adding exception based reporting and data mining to their repertoire. TZG foresaw the need to help clients bring immediate resolution to found issues. Stuart, being an expert in interviewing techniques developed through his extensive training with Wicklander & Zulawski, Reid & Associates, and The Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation, again expanded on the Zellman Group’s services; adding to his team highly trained analysts and investigators.

Soon after TZG actualized what is their largest department today, Recovery Services. Partnering with Michel Ira Asen as their Chief Counsel and a nationwide network of attorneys, TZG’s recovery management tools and customer service approach quickly put them at the forefront in this area. They pursue restitution, court ordered restitution, civil penalty and specialty cases, producing over a million letters and phone calls a year from their offices.

TZG again honed in on their client’s needs, but his time incorporating an operational angle into their core service structure. TZG combined their loss prevention philosophy with their understanding of operational consistency to create their Audit department. Field Audits, Media Audits and Financial Audits emerged to aid in identifying training issues and other areas of opportunity; its goal being to keep their clients’ fingers on the pulse of compliance every day.

Recently, TZG emerged within the eCommerce space with their fraud reducing tool, Zellman’s FraudNet, powered by their dynamic partnership with Kount. In addition to this tool, The Zellman Group can provide optional managed services to maintain clients’ rules engines to determine appropriate thresholds to accept, audit or reject orders.

Over the years, their clients’ needs have fed their innovation to provide a custom solution, and it is also these needs that have shaped TZG’s “full picture” perspective. Because of their deep foundation in loss prevention, audit and operations, The Zellman Group can provide expert advice in key areas for any company. The goal being to reduce and prevent loss, maintain consistency (brand and operationally), and maximize profitability.

Visit to learn more.


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Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
Market (District) AP Manager Sam's Club Fayetteville, AR Walmart
Zone LP Manager Michaels Denver, CO Michaels
Regional LP Manager Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Regional LP Manager Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential Philadelphia, PA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential New York City, NY Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential Boston, MA Downing & Downing
Director of Security/LP Price Chopper Schenectady, NY Price Chopper
LP Director BevMo!
United States

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Hagerstown, MD Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Wharton, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Oroville, CA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Madison, WI Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Forest Park, IL Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Baton Rouge, LA Walmart
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Schenectady, NY Lowe's
Mgr Safety & AP DC Corporate Valdosta, GA Lowe's
Safety Manager Corporate Mooresville, NC Lowe's
ETL Assets Protection Target Jackson, MI Target



Michael Hagenbush, CFI, CFE was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention - Mid-Western Division for Sherwin-Williams Paints.

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5 Things Your Favorite High School Teacher Taught You about Leading a Great Meeting  Did you pay attention to your teacher's method of teaching while in school? Leading a meeting and teaching a class aren't all that different. Teachers stretch students' brains and inspire them to do their best work. This should also be your plan for your employees. Use these techniques for your next meeting. (Have an objective)

Why Feedback is Key to Your Greatness in Business -- and Life  Understanding feedback could make all the difference if you want to see results and feel fulfilled. Use a combination of internal and external feedback to use it to your advantage. Watch this video to help you out! (What works for you?)

A Presentation Isn't Always the Right Way to Communicate  Think putting together a presentation is the only way to get your message across? Although they are a powerful tool for moving an audience, whether or not you should use one, or just stick to a conversation. If you need more interaction with your audience, a presentation isn't the route you want to take. If you want to incorporate a slideshow, try using these tips to help you! (Text with visuals is more easily retained)

4 Ways to Talk to Employees So They Listen  Nobody likes to be lectured, so as a leader or manager you need to use effective communication with your employees to get your point across. Deliver your message with enthusiasm, not points that will deflate them. Use these four tips to help you positively talk to your team. (Be funny)

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Seems like the longer a process goes, the harder it is for everyone to stay focused on the initial purpose and maintain the enthusiasm as when it began. Time and difficulty have their impact, but maintaining the passion and enthusiasm is up to each person. With the last step seemingly the easiest, it is usually the most critical step of all and many tend to approach it as if it is a mere formality when, in reality, that last step can be the biggest and, if you do not watch out, it could be a step right off the cliff.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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