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Centre for Retail Research's report -
Changing Retail, Changing Loss Prevention

sponsored by Checkpoint Systems

The report, Changing Retail, Changing Loss Prevention, analyzes the evolution of retail crime and loss prevention in light of the Global Retail Theft Barometer (GRTB) publications since 2001. It was conducted by the Centre for Retail Research, and sponsored by Checkpoint Systems. The Daily published, in yesterday's edition, the number one conclusion of the report. The following are a few additional key points from the study. Download a full version of the 17-page report here.

78.2% of shrink is theft by employees and customers 
"Theft by customers and employees comprise 78.2% of shrinkage, so alleviating shoplifting and employee theft should potentially do most to reduce losses," according to the new study Changing Retail, Changing Loss Prevention.

16.2% of shrink is "Paper shrinkage or process failures and accounting/ procedural error"  "Paper shrinkage’ or process failures and accounting/procedural error can account for up to 50% of the losses of some retailers although on average it accounts for 16.2% of shrinkage. It can be caused by many factors including poorly-designed processes, weak supervision, poor training and errors made in haste. Naturally it is as important as any other source of loss," according to the new study Changing Retail, Changing Loss Prevention.

"Good analytical tools and improved project management skills are essential to LP" "Investment in loss prevention can play a major part on reducing shrinkage but some retailers feel that that cannot prove the ROI or implement well. Good analytical tools and improved project management skills are as essential to LP as to any other part of the business," according to the new study Changing Retail, Changing Loss Prevention.

Editor's note: This is an area often criticized by many senior retail executives for our industry's inability to be able to provide ROI models for investments. This is a critical element in the development of every LP executive and not a simple one to rectify. Learning it is a critical step in one's development and being able to communicate it effectively is a key component towards reaching the senior levels. Certainly it requires vision and committing yourself to a goal that comes with risks. But if you truly want to be a leader then you have to take risks every single day, as it comes with the territory.

Developing relationships with other functional areas of business and persuading them to prioritize LP approaches is key  "Relationships with other parts of the business. Loss prevention’s role is to work with and through other parts of the business, changing how they operate and persuading other functional areas to prioritize loss prevention approaches. Loss prevention is increasingly becoming a service to the other areas of the business. This is helped, in turn, by developing joint methods of shrinkage analysis and control and by the potential use of LP electronic surveillance data and RFID for marketing, operational and logistics purposes," according to the new study Changing Retail, Changing Loss Prevention.

Editor's note: It's all about relationships and developing them is another key and probably the most important one when it comes to delivering results at the store, district, regional, and corporate level. Remembering that your weakest point probably coincides with your weakest relationship. Invest the time and energy with an emphasis on your weakest relationship and watch the results.

The last five summary points covered tomorrow.

Download a full version of the 17-page report here.

The first sign in 6 years - Home Depot and Lowe's are seeing customers starting wish-list projects  Spurred by rising home prices, homeowners who spent the worst housing downturn since the Great Depression taking on only must-do repairs like fixing leaky faucets or minor upgrades like painting are again starting wish-list projects. Those revamps, even in the face of still-tight lending conditions, include additions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and replacing laminate countertops with marble that is twice as expensive. (Source

From biometric sensors to magic mirrors, retailers could be innovating like never before - bringing online in-store  Over the past few years, we've become used to two types of shopping – online and in-store, but we rarely enjoy the benefits of both at the same time. Times are changing, however, as retailers adopt innovative technology on the shop floor to enhance our shopping experience. (Source

Circle K's owner Alimentation Couche-Tard, a Canadian company, and 7-Eleven's competition, continues to grow in the c-store world in North America  Quebec-based Couche-Tard, owner and operator of 6,216 convenience stores, is likely to close on smaller U.S. acquisitions -- which he defined as 10 to 50 stores -- throughout the remainder of the 2013 calendar year. No further details were provided. Opening 96 in the last quarter ending Feb 3rd and to date. (Source

Senate bill would require warrant to obtain emails from Internet companies  
Lawmakers on Tuesday introduced in the Senate a bill that would require a search warrant for government officials to get emails and other personal information on users of Internet companies. The Electronics Communications Privacy Act Amendments Act of 2013 (ECPA) would require a warrant for electronic communications stored with a third-party service provider, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. (Source

The Internet is a major driver of criminal activity  
"It enables organized crime groups to access a large pool of victims, obscure their activities and carry out a diverse range of criminal acts in a shorter period of time and on a much larger scale than ever before," according to the EU Serious and Organized Crime Threat Assessment published by Europol. In addition, there's an industry now that keeps producing tools for anyone who wants to get into cyber crime. Networking, has become as important to organized criminals as it is to job seekers. Editor's note: The new frontier for retailers as identity theft spirals and counterfeiting of virtually everything is a click away. From credit cards, gift cards, coupons, tablet signage, iPhone theft with wallets included, and actual identities for those seeking employment for the purpose of stealing. The retail industry's Loss Prevention efforts must keep pace and evolve along with this new breed of criminal. (Source

Median internal fraud goes 18 months before being detected, averaging $140k  
According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2012 Report to The Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, the median loss caused by occupational fraud cases was $140,000. Although more than one-fifth of the cases caused losses of $1 million or more. Even more frightening, fraud lasted a median of 18 months before it was detected. (Source

Real life "Casino" movie - High Rollin', High tech Cheaters - Hacked the CCTV system and won $34M  Winning over $34M they played it perfectly or did they? Winning and losing huge amounts on the main floor and finally invited to the VIP poker game, the owner didn't know they had hacked the CCTV system and could see everything. By monitoring the cameras that showed the cards that each of the other players at the table had in hand and by transmitting the information via a wireless link to the "their" player, they allowed him to scoop up the huge amount in only eight hands of cards. The scammer has, in the meantime, returned to his home country, and has been banned from the establishment for life. The scheme has also cost the VIP services manager assigned to the player his job. A casino spokesman says that the investigation is still ongoing, but that the Crown will likely be able to recover a significant portion of the amount involved in the scam. Wonder how that will look. (Source

Tourneau Store hit for $600K of high end watches at Pentagon Mall.  Arlington County Police are looking for four suspects in a smash-and-grab robbery yesterday morning at a high-end watch store a local Pentagon City in which $609,000 worth of Rolex timepieces were taken. The robbery happened at 10:37 a.m. at the Tourneau store at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. One of the subjects used a hammer to gain access to the merchandise. The four subjects were able to grab 23 Rolex watches, worth approximately $609,000, before fleeing the scene. The entire incident transpired in 30 seconds, after which the suspects fled to a waiting vehicle driven away by a fifth suspect. This the second smash-and-grab jewelry heist at the Pentagon City mall in as many months. (Source

Britain's most prolific shoplifter back behind bars after 343rd arrest  A man who has been called Britain's most prolific shoplifter is back behind bars again today after admitting four more offences - bringing his total to 343. Now he's behind bars awaiting sentencing. (Source

Walmart video released of Stockbridge, Georgia theft; shots fired by fleeing suspects at loss prevention.
  Henry County Police are working with Walmart Loss Prevention to identify the three suspects who stole electronics from the store on March 11. As the suspects jumped into their truck, a suspect is believed to have shot in the direction of the Loss Prevention Agent. (Source

Mall meltdown ends in nude scuffle - Oklahoma City Police interview witnesses  No criminal charges are pending at this time, but lawyers are looking at both criminal and civil charges against Mall Security. A shopping trip at the Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City ended in a meltdown in the parking lot last Tuesday evening. A woman, suspected of shoplifting was pulled from her vehicle by Mall security, in the struggle the woman lost her pants. No merchandise was found on either the driver or passenger of the car. (Source

Keene, NH police searching for armed robber of a Payless Shoe store. 
Police in Keene are on the lookout for an armed robber who held up a shoe store. Police said around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday a man walked into the Payless on West Street showing a gun and demanding cash. The robber took off after getting some money, and no one was hurt. (Source

Sterling, Illinois Police investigating the loss of $7000 from Walmart.   
Walmart Loss Prevention believes they have a snapshot and video of two different suspects responsible for stealing over $7000 in flat screen televisions. One suspect appears to have just walked out the front door, the other suspect loaded six televisions out a fire door in three minutes. Police are not sure if the suspects are connected. (Source

Florida Mother and daughter facing theft charges.  Police arrested a mother and daughter in Palatka for shoplifting at a Walmart. Police say 49-year-old Cindy Switzer and her 28-year-old daughter Amanda Switzer were spotted by employees hiding items in their shopping cart and purses on Sunday at the store on State Road 19. The items allegedly stolen had a retail value of more than $300. (Source


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Lexington Walmart hit for over $15,000 in electronics in the last few days.  Police responded to the report of theft at the Walmart on Lowe’s Boulevard in Lexington, Kentucky. A total of 14 tablet computers valued at over $5000 were taken from a locked showcase. The next day, 17 cell phone were stolen, valued at nearly 10,000. Police are looking for suspects and possible connections. (Source

Central Florida TJ Maxx robbed by five thieves of over $3,000 in hand bags.  Clermont police said they are looking for five people who allegedly dashed out of a TJ Maxx store early this month with about $3,000 worth of high-end purses. The three men and two women are the same group who could be linked to similar thefts within the department store chain across Central Florida. TJ Maxx stores throughout Central Florida apparently have had problems with an identical group shoplifting high-end purses, targeting mostly Michael Kors bags, according to the report. In mid-February, nine stores from Zephyrhills to the Venice area were hit by a similar group. (Source

Walmart shoplifter takes 91 packs of deodorant in Houston 
Kanayo Nwankwo was arrested stealing 91 packs of deodorant and two sets of sheets. He is being held on bond. (Source

CLEAR is now interviewing both law enforcement and retail loss prevention volunteers to serve as CLEAR State Representatives. The duties are not time consuming nor will it interfere with the representative's present job. These rep's are specific to each state and the coalition as a whole. Their mission is to represent that state to both retail and law enforcement. We have openings in most every state as we move forward with expanding CLEAR membership and services. Those interested please contact Frank Muscato, CLEAR State Representative Coordinator, by email at to discuss representative duties and openings.

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Vendor Spotlight

Axis Announces World’s Smallest HDTV Bullet-Style Network Camera

Lipstick-sized, bullet-style AXIS M2014-E Network Camera is IP-66 rated and designed for full flexibility and easy installation

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – March 19, 2013Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, presents AXIS M2014-E Network Camera, the market’s smallest bullet-style, all-digital network camera. The lipstick-sized camera’s functional and compact form factor with IP-66 rating makes it ideal for installations in retail and speciality stores, hotels and small offices that need affordable, easy-to-use and future-proof HDTV-quality video surveillance.

AXIS M2014-E features a unique design concept comprising of a main unit and a separate 1.3-by-3.0-inch camera unit connected by a special 26-foot cable. This design allows for maximum installation flexibility by separating the camera’s lens and sensor from the main unit that houses components for image processing, networking, analytics, edge storage and connection ports (see video).

“AXIS M2014-E will be an attractive option for many different surveillance applications because of its small, discreet design and easy installation,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications, Inc. “Our R&D and product teams continue to work diligently in line with partner and customer feedback to create ingenious design concepts to meet the broadest range of surveillance applications.”

AXIS M2014-E joins a product portfolio that has expanded to include more discreet IP video surveillance cameras. The recently released AXIS P12 Series is an exceptionally small, pinhole camera, while AXIS P85 Series is designed for covert eye-level identification.

Like the AXIS P8514 and entire AXIS P12 Series, AXIS M2014-E provides HDTV 720p video quality at full frame rate. The camera delivers multiple, individually configurable video streams in H.264 compression, greatly optimizing bandwidth and storage without compromising image quality. Motion JPEG is also supported for increased flexibility.

The camera, with its built-in memory card slot for edge storage and support for AXIS Camera Companion, provides a convenient, small-scale video management solution, as well as an important part of a more comprehensive server- or NVR-based solution.

Additional features included in AXIS M2014-E:

Supports video motion detection, tampering alarm and includes an I/O port for connecting devices such as sensors and relays to activate alarms or access control.
The camera unit is IP66- rated, which ensures protection against dust and heavy rain.
Power over Ethernet and DC-power options.
Support for Axis’ unique Corridor Format for an optional 9:16 vertical, field of view.

AXIS M2014-E will be supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through Axis’ Application Development Partner Program and AXIS Camera Station. The camera includes One-Click Camera support for Hosted Video and ONVIF for easy camera system integration.

The camera is planned to be available for order in Q2 at an MSRP of $399 through Axis’s standard distribution channels. For photos and other resources, please visit:

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.

Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.



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Regional LP Manager Kmart Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
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Loss Prevention Mgr Penske Reading, PA Penske
Loss Prevention Mgr Penske Corona, CA Penske
Loss Prevention Leader JC Penney San Antonio, TX JC Penney
Area LP Leader JC Penney Philadelphia, PA JC Penney
Loss Prevention Leader JC Penney Henderson, NV JC Penney
District LP Manager Kohl's Houston, TX Kohl's
Loss Prevention Mgr Kohl's Dallas, TX Kohl's
Loss Prevention Mgr Sportsman's Warehouse Reno, NV Sportsman's Warehouse
District Operations Mgr Home Depot Pittsburgh, PA Home Depot
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Wappingers Falls, NY Home Depot
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Aiken, SC Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Upland, CA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Salt Lake City, UT Lowe's
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