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NRF & FMI Announce Partnership on Risk-Mitigation Events

ORLANDO, MARCH 21, 2017 - Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and National Retail Federation (NRF) will partner on PROTECT in 2018, according to a live joint announcement made today at the Audit, Safety, Asset Protection Conference in Orlando. The two associations will combine their existing risk and safety signature events into one cross-industry gathering starting in 2018.

Read more in our Press Release column below.


International Conference for Retail Theft Prevention 2017
Event Featured Subject Matter Experts from both Japan and U.S.

Collaboration and sharing best practices was the central focus at the International Conference for Retail Theft Prevention 2017 recently held at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan's largest convention and exhibition center.

The symposium was hosted by the National Shoplifting Prevention Organization (NSPO), a nonprofit group of major Japanese retail businesses, in joint cooperation with security solutions supplier Takachiho Koheki Co, and Tyco Retail Solutions, a leading provider of analytics-based Loss Prevention, Inventory Intelligence and Traffic Insights.

Over 30 of the top industry experts and retailers mobilized to share best practices, real-world experiences and cases studies with nearly 500 attendees. This event offered a unique opportunity for retail loss prevention, law enforcement, academia, and technology solution providers from the U.S. and Japan to meet and collaborate face-to-face on the evolution of shoplifting and organized retail crime (ORC). Delegates from the U.S. provided subject matter expertise to support the NSPO's efforts for launching shrink management initiatives to combat theft in Japan.

NSPO Chairman Yutaka Takehana greeted the attendees, kicking off the event with keynote speaker Dr. Read Hayes from the University of Florida and the Loss Prevention Research Council on the history of shoplifting in the U.S. and today's challenges.

Retail loss prevention veteran Claude Verville, formerly of Lowe's and now principle, Shrink & Safety Solutions, presented examples of loss prevention at U.S. retail stores for anti-shoplifting, safety and inventory control.

Recognized expert and senior executive in asset protection, Paul Jones, formerly of eBay and now COO of Turning Point Justice, discussed battling online ORC and led another session on combating ORC by partnerships between drug store chains in the U.S. and Japan.

Brett Detzer, Global Director of Investigations for Walmart, shared his insights on fighting shoplifting and ORC at general merchandise stores through regional collaboration with retailers.

Kevin Lynch, Executive Director for Tyco Integrated Security, did a special presentation on the latest technology in retail loss prevention. See full recap here

Flying Security - Never Lose Sight?
Drones May One Day Buzz Inside a Walmart Near You

The retail giant was granted a patent this week for a system in which drones would shuttle products between different departments inside its stores. The idea is to free customers from having to walk across its super-sized emporiums to find what they want and from having to wait while employees return from far-away storerooms.

Although flying drones over people's heads may not be a safety risk, steering clear of customers may "nevertheless provide an increased feeling of security for those below," the filing said.

As part of the drone delivery system, each store would have a computer system that would function as automated air traffic control for dispatching drones and deciding their flight paths. Sensors on the drones would help them avoid obstacles.

Several drone landing zones would be created in stores, some of which would be in plain sight of customers while others may be hidden from view.

Editor's Note: While security wasn't mentioned in the article the application is obvious and inevitable. fortune.com

The Not-So-Creepy Reason More Bosses Are Tracking Employees
To cut down on formal meetings and improve collaboration, companies keep tabs on workers' emails, chat logs and face-to-face interactions.

Companies including Boston Consulting Group, and Microsoft are mining employees' emails, chat logs, and tracking face-to-face interactions to get a better grasp on how information travels among employees.

The goal, managers said, is to cut down on time-consuming meetings, vague emails and useless training sessions. While some bosses already use apps to gauge productivity and employee performance, management researchers say new technologies like sensor-laden ID badges and programs that analyze online calendars offer a better measure of how efficiently teams communicate and how well they collaborate without overtaxing one another's time.

In preparation for an office move, consulting firm BCG gave 20% of its roughly 500 New York-based employees ID badges to wear last spring. The badges tracked the volunteers' movement through the office and recorded whom they talked to-though not what they said-and how long they spent in conversation. BCG hoped to learn how the old office layout affected their interactions with colleagues and overall workload.

Ross Love, a managing partner leading the project, said the tracking data collected from the badges showed many employees were spending too much time with bosses or direct reports, which limited the flow of information across teams. The six-week trial also revealed that people who stopped more often to chat with random colleagues spent, on average, five fewer hours in long meetings. wsj.com

First Time Ever
Jury Says Flea Market Landlords Can't Turn Blind Eye to Fake High-End Goods

If commercial landlords catch wind of tenants selling counterfeit merchandise, they'd better do something about it - or risk losing a lawsuit.

That's the takeaway from a $1.9 million judgment secured by Miami lawyers David Rosemberg and George Mahfood, who believe the case is the first time a jury has applied a 1992 federal appellate court decision to find contributory trademark liability against a flea market landlord who isn't also the market's owner/operator.

The Broad and Cassel partners represent the trademark holders for two high-end brands of sunglasses, Ray-Ban and Oakley. Law enforcement raids of a College Park, Georgia, indoor flea market, the Old National Discount Mall, turned up thousands of counterfeit sunglasses and other items. When brand owner Luxottica S.p.A. sent investigators back to the flea market months after one raid, knockoff Ray-Bans were still for sale, the plaintiffs said.

Luxottica and Oakley Inc. sued the flea market's operator, along with the property owner and managers, in Atlanta federal court. Another Georgia case 25 years earlier, Mini Maid Services v. Maid Brigade Systems, led the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit to rule that a franchisor's "bad faith refusal to exercise a clear contractual power to halt the infringing activities of its franchisees" could lead to a finding of contributory trademark infringement. dailybusinessreview.com

Local law enforcement against large hike in Ill. retail theft threshold
Two proposals in the General Assembly would increase the threshold of felony retail theft from $300 to either $2,000 or $2,500. Both remain in committee in the Illinois House.

Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley said $2,000 is too high, but he agrees it is time to tweak the threshold.

Increasing the threshold of retail theft was a recommendation of the Illinois State Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform. Formed by Gov. Bruce Rauner in February 2015, the commission was asked to make recommendations that would reduce the state's prison population by 25 percent by 2025.

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association believes increasing the felony threshold would worsen losses that retailers face from theft, which is projected at $2 billion annually.

The Illinois Sheriff's Association and the Illinois Municipal League have joined the Illinois Retail Merchants Association in opposition to the proposals. whig.com

Retail Theft Crack Down in Green Bay
Green Bay Police are holding a Retail Theft Summit on Tuesday at police headquarters, in an effort to curb the number one crime problem in the city.

Captain Kevin Warych says during the meeting, retailers and law enforcement hope to share ideas to reduce and help prevent retail theft from happening within the community.

"We encourage them to come to the police department to have this roundtable discussion on the current trends and the current prevention strategies people are using to prevent retail theft."

Retail thefts account for an estimated 28 percent of all thefts occurring in the City of Green Bay. The department averages over 600 retail theft incidents a year.

The Retail Theft Summit will take place at Tuesday, March 21, 11:30 a.m. at the Green Bay Police Department located at 307 S. Adams Street. wsau.com
Lidl to have 100 stores by mid-2018

Building The Wall: Food Defense In Retail Establishments

Massive Target Store Opening Across From Macy's Herald Square

Albertsons, Sprouts Farmers Market (250 stores) Reportedly In Merger Talks

Quarterly Same Stores Sales Results
Tiffany Q4 worldwide comp's flat, net sales up 1%
Tiffany Full yr. worldwide comp's down 5%, net sales down 3%
Francesca's Q4 comp's flat, net sales up 11%
Francesca's Full yr comp's up 2%, net sales up 11%
Lands' End retail comp's down 1.7%, net revenue down 3.2%
Lands' End Full yr retail comp's down 6%, net revenue down 6%
Jamba Inc. Q4 comp's down 2.2%
Jamba Inc. Full yr comp's down 0.2%

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Two Retail Associations Announce Partnership on
Risk-Mitigation Events

Food Marketing Institute and National Retail Federation Consolidate
Member Offerings in 2018

ORLANDO, MARCH 21, 2017 - Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and National Retail Federation (NRF) will partner on PROTECT in 2018, according to a live joint announcement made today at the Audit, Safety, Asset Protection Conference in Orlando. The two associations will combine their existing risk and safety signature events into one cross-industry gathering starting in 2018.

The association executives for each group offered the following statements about the future of their working relationship and meeting the specialized needs of loss prevention, risk and safety, organized retail crime investigators, risk management and retail operations professionals:

FMI President and CEO Leslie G. Sarasin said, "Respecting the changing grocery landscape and the intense consolidation our industry has witnessed over the last several years, our trade groups are making similar strategic decisions to maximize efficiencies and deliver greater value to the audiences we serve. Our partnership with NRF on PROTECT 2018 will afford our food retail members the opportunity to expand their horizons, network in a larger sphere and get at the root of what they seek to do best - mitigate risk."

NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said, "Securing retail brands, assets, people and profits is the essence of PROTECT's brand promise. We are enthusiastic to amplify the sphere of influence of this gathering and ultimately help deliver the resources and information necessary to safeguard, prepare, protect and defend the nation's commerce streams."

More information about PROTECT in Dallas on June 11-18, 2018 will be forthcoming at this year's PROTECT being held at the Gaylord in Washington DC June 26 -28.

About FMI
Food Marketing Institute proudly advocates on behalf of the food retail industry. FMI's U.S. members operate nearly 40,000 retail food stores and 25,000 pharmacies, representing a combined annual sales volume of almost $770 billion. Through programs in public affairs, food safety, research, education and industry relations, FMI offers resources and provides valuable benefits to more than 1,225 food retail and wholesale member companies in the United States and around the world. FMI membership covers the spectrum of diverse venues where food is sold, including single owner grocery stores, large multi-store supermarket chains and mixed retail stores. For more information, visit www.fmi.org and for information regarding the FMI foundation, visit www.fmifoundation.org

About NRF
NRF is the world's largest retail trade association, representing discount and department stores, home goods and specialty stores, Main Street merchants, grocers, wholesalers, chain restaurants and Internet retailers from the United States and more than 45 countries. Retail is the nation's largest private sector employer, supporting one in four U.S. jobs - 42 million working Americans. Contributing $2.6 trillion to annual GDP, retail is a daily barometer for the nation's economy.


"Technology will be the biggest thing in law enforcement"
"The way they commit it is no longer on the sidewalk but in cyberspace. Cybercrime goes dark when it's encrypted, and more difficult for us to see than when it's in plain view on the street. Now they are going behind a digital wall and it is becoming harder and harder for us to look at."

The use of technology to both commit and solve crimes is only going to grow in the next decade and it will be worldwide.

"They often say that students now will be competing in a global marketplace and it's a global crime market also."

Michigan state police now have cybercrime units in each district in the state. "We are putting a lot of resources into computer crimes and fraud units," he said. "It used to be a trooper would take them on, but now we have specific people to deal with those problems."

As the crimes become more technical, officers also are equipped with improved equipment. "The good news is that as the technology continues to improve, so do our investigative tools," Olson said. battlecreekenquirer.com

New MagikPOS Malware Targets Point-of-Sale Systems In US & Canada
Malware uses a remote access Trojan to sniff out potential victims first, Trend Micro says.

Security vendor Trend Micro Friday has warned of a new type of point-of-sale (PoS) malware that is being used to attack PoS systems belonging to businesses in the US and Canada.

The malware, which Trend Micro has dubbed MajikPOS, was first spotted infecting PoS systems the last week of January and has been used to steal data on at least 23,400 credit cards, Trend Micro said in an alertdarkreading.com

Security industry is entirely driven by cybercrime - Doubling by 2021
New Wave of Cyber Security Acquisitions Signals Start of Consolidation Trend

A dozen recent high-profile deals reflect cybersecurity vendors' hopes of expanding their offerings with next-generation technology, ideas, and talent.

The security industry has grown at a frantic pace these past several years as cyber incidents continue to plague business and government, not to mention the US Presidential election.

But as Steve Morgan, CEO of Cybersecurity Ventures points out, the venture capital funding that security companies enjoyed from 2013 to 2015 has started to run out, so it's likely that the industry will go through some significant consolidation throughout 2017 and into next year.

"Only so many companies will excel in the market and we can expect that many will crash and burn," he says. "Overall, there hasn't been a lot of IPO activity this year."

That's certainly not to say that the security business is slowing down -  far from it. In fact, Morgan says that the security industry is entirely driven by cybercrime, which he estimates will jump from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Editor's Note: Be selective and careful in your vendor due diligence. darkreading.com

The Key Elements of a Strong Data Security Program
Organizations that have top-notch information security policies all seem to possess at least some of the key ingredients necessary for a well-run program, according to a survey of technology executives by consulting firm Protiviti. These include an engaged board of directors, a comprehensive set of policies, a mature vendor risk management program and an understanding that people are as important as policies to maintaining robust security. "These organizations rate considerably higher than other companies in nearly all facets of information security best practices," stated the report. "The board's growing engagement with information security reflects the fact that the issue is not merely about technology, but rather represents a top strategic risk."

The survey found eight of 10 of these high-performing organizations have an acceptable use policy, 78% have a records retention/destruction policy, 70% have a data encryption policy, 69% a written information security policy and 59% a social media policy.

On the flip side are companies lagging behind, as the survey found around one in five respondents saying they were not confident their organization could identify or locate its most valuable data assets. "That is a disturbing statistic but it is a reality of where many companies are today." wsj.com

Secrets of a Highly Productive CIO-CISO Relationship
The dynamic between CIOs and CISOs has evolved along with the technology. How can they ensure they're on the same page while driving value?

The ever-changing dynamic between the CIO and CISO is subject to several factors: personality differences, new technologies, length of time working together, and communication between the business and IT teams.

Five years ago, he says, CIOs often didn't know how CISOs were doing their jobs. The CIO had more of an operational role in running the organization. The CISO questioned their decisions, telling them what not to do. This put stress on the CIO and led to a poor working relationship.

Over the years, the CISO's role has matured, he continues. Now, instead of solely focusing on stopping security threats and cybercriminals, he or she also act as a business leader. The position has evolved to include the landscape of the entire organization, which has affected the CISO's relationship with the CIO.

How can CIOs and CISOs build an optimal working relationship? Advises setting metrics for success, and using absolute data that can be measured. Both leaders are held accountable for these metrics, giving them incentive to productively work together and achieve them.

There is still tension between the two, Hassell says, but it's a key part of this dynamic. The CIO and CISO don't need to agree on everything. In fact, it's better if they don't.

"Almost every good thing that happens in business is due to tension." darkreading.com

RFID Journal LIVE! 2017 to Feature Exhibitors From a Record 25 Countries
RFID Journal's 15th annual event, being held in Phoenix, Ariz., on May 9-11, has attracted the top RFID companies from around the world.

RFID Journal announced today that its 15th annual RFID Journal LIVE! 2017 conference and exhibition has attracted exhibitors from a record 25 countries. The event, which will be held on May 9-11, at Arizona's Phoenix Convention Center, has already attracted preregistered attendees from 49 countries.

"RFID Journal LIVE! has truly become the global RFID event," said Mark Roberti, RFID Journal's founder and editor. "It's the only place where companies can meet the world's top RFID solution providers and negotiate the best deals under one roof." prnewswire.com

Nordstrom moves point-of-sale to the cloud


Finds a way to get the job done!

Leading retailers and LP executives trust Scarsdale Security to provide building security, fire protection, loss prevention and video surveillance needs. In addition to unsurpassed security services, Scarsdale is the retail industry's leading source for advanced Business Intelligence and traffic analytics. Jim Mahoney, VP of Sales, and Frank Baker, VP of Business Development, for Scarsdale Security, discuss LP's role in cross-departmental functionality, the opportunities with Central Station Monitoring, and how Scarsdale can help retailers keep existing infrastructure active while still promoting new technology.   

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Amazon - Pac-Man Chomps on Market Share
If Amazon's revenues are growing at the rate of 20 to 30 percent annually, while total retail sales are growing just over 2 percent, whose share of lunch are they really eating? Look in the mirror.

A recent USA Today report, estimates that when Amazon's third-party sales are added to total revenues, Amazon's share of total U.S. e-commerce sales could be between 20 to 30 percent.

And then there's the loyalty thing. According to a recent report from Feedvisor and Walker Sands, Amazon shoppers are becoming so loyal that they tend not to shop and purchase anything on competitors' sites.
When the loyalty of close to 50 million U.S. Prime members is considered, customers who account for over 60 percent of Amazon's GMV (gross merchandise value), the great share sucking sound from legacy retailers and brands, as well as pure e-commerce sites, just gets louder.

Amazon is not just marching on. It's like an Olympic sprinter whose speed dwarfs the overall industry. Picture Jeff Bezos at the Olympics, crossing the 50-meter mark in the 100-meter sprint as the other runners are just leaving their starting blocks.

Amazon has scale. Amazon has deep pockets and deep-pocketed investors. Amazon doesn't have to show a profit. Amazon has the most flexible, agile, efficient and fastest distribution platform on earth. Amazon has the potential to be the largest marketplace in the world, capable of distributing anything to anybody, first, faster and more often, wherever and whenever the consumer desires, 24/7. There is no finish line in sight for Jeff Bezos and Amazon. therobinreport.com

The Killer Apps of Bitcoin
In the past, online financial transactions were possible only for users vetted and approved by financial-service providers (via PayPal or credit cards), and in the confines of national and international legislation. Bitcoin has radically changed that, enabling payments from and to literally anyone who's connected to the Internet. This has opened the door for business models in which censorship is explicitly circumvented, for example by facilitating capital flight, online gambling, and gray- or black-market transactions.

As the first digital money that is censorship-resistant, bitcoin has attracted entrepreneurs who want to try their luck in areas that are legally ambiguous or downright illegal. One example of grey-market transactions is customers using bitcoin to circumvent import taxes. Reason TV reports about Brazilians buying iPhones from the US and having them delivered via packaging services-to evade the 60-percent import tax.

Another example is, of course, the darknet markets, which are online marketplaces that operate in "the dark web", a version of the Internet that's much more anonymous than the regular web. The Silk Road marketplace was the first such market, launched in February 2011 and shut down in October 2013.

Bitcoin's money supply is mathematically capped at 21 million units, and one of the core technological breakthroughs it rests upon is that it makes "double spending" (also known as counterfeiting or seignorage) impossible. This means that bitcoin has unique properties that previously we could find only in "hard money", such as physical gold and silver. internationalbanker.com
National Retail Federation Announces Shop.org 2017
The National Retail Federation today announced that it has adopted Shop.org as the name of its annual e-commerce conference, which was previously known as Retail's Digital Summit and held by NRF's Shop.org digital division. businesswire.com
Amazon putting Alexa inside iPhones

Online accounts for 25% of New York & Co.'s sales

Philadelphia, PA: Burglars Steal Up To $1 Million Worth Of Jewels From Store; 2nd hit in 3 months
Thieves target a Northeast Philadelphia jewelry store, pulling off a brazen heist under the cover of darkness. Police say burglary suspects stole up to $1 million worth of jewels from Kim Thanh Jewelry store in Lawncrest. The store has been robbed twice in the last three months. In January, a thief made off with a few pieces of jewelry. This time, however, the store was wiped out. "This is a coordinated, organized plan," said Philadelphia Police Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum said, "Probably more than one person. There is no way that one person can do all that and move that much merchandise out." cbslocal.com

FENCING OPERATION: Oklahoma City, OK: Federal Agents raid Gift Card store
Agents took dozens of boxes from A to Z Gift Cards, near Northwest 10th Street and Meridian Avenue, and loaded them onto the back of a van. Authorities have not released much information about the investigation, but they said the case involves credit-card and gift-card fraud spanning multiple states. Investigators also said a large sum of money is involved. They said the amount is so big that Homeland Security, the Treasury Department, the IRS and the U.S. Attorneys Office are investigating. koco.com

UK: West Midlands: Police conduct early morning Raids on homes
of Burglary Ring Suspects

Dozens of police officers launched early morning raids on a suspected gang of thieves which has targeted charity shops and businesses around the region in burglaries totaling over $600,000. Video shows the prep of the investigation by Police seeking to take down this group who literally knocked holes in the walls of buildings to gain access to merchandise. expressandstar.com

Athens, AL: 50 handguns taken from pawn store in overnight burglary
Athens Police are trying to determine who broke into Bradford's Jewelry, Pawn and Guns overnight. Police said that an officer noticed one of the front windows had been broken out of the shop. Investigators believe the burglary happened between midnight and 1:50 a.m. Business managers are trying to do inventory of the store, but they believe there were approximately 50 handguns taken in the burglary. whnt.com

Orion Charter Township, MI: Police arrest 2 men attempting to use fraudulent Credit Cards to purchase an iPhone
One of the men walked into the Verizon store around 3:50 p.m. to try and purchase an iPhone with a fake card, he left the store after the clerk became suspicious and began questioning him about the credit card. However, the man apparently left behind his state ID card and returned to the store to retrieve it. Deputies arrested the man upon his return and found two fraudulent credit cards in his possession. The cards had the suspect's name embossed on the front, along with stolen credit card numbers. The second suspect, who was waiting in the driver's seat of a car parked outside the store, fled the scene but was stopped a short time later by deputies. A new iPhone that was purchased at another Verizon store with a fraudulent card was also recovered from inside the vehicle. theoaklandpress.com

TRAVELING CREW: Columbus, IN: 3 New York men arrested for fraudulent credit card purchases and skimming
Columbus police arrested three men from New York who are accused of using fraudulent credit cards to purchase cigarettes at a local gas stations during the weekend. Police were sent to a convenience store just before midnight Saturday about the three attempting to purchase multiple cartons of cigarettes. Officers found 3 suspects, all from Brooklyn, New York, in the parking lot and confirmed that two of them had given officers false identification. Officers smelled the odor of marijuana coming from their vehicle and officers found marijuana as well as a credit card skimming device inside the vehicle. therepublic.com

Murfreesboro, TN: Over $1300 in merchandise stolen from Victoria's Secret Store
While it maybe hard to believe, another theft has been reported at the Victoria's Secret store located in the Avenue shopping center in Murfreesboro. An employee of the store told police that two men and one woman entered the store this past Friday morning around 11 and started stacking clothing they picked out on the front display table. The trio later grabbed the stack and fled the store. Just two months ago, over $12,000 in merchandise was stolen from the same store in Murfreesboro. wgnsradio.com

Ulta Shoplifter hits on almost Daily basis; 17 priors for Retail Theft
Police said, Dawn Babuscio, of Spring Garden.is one of the most unusual shoplifters they've ever dealt with. "She doesn't make much of an attempt to conceal what she's doing," said Ross Township Sgt. Benjamin Dripps. They said during one week in February, Babuscio walked into the store four times, went directly to the pricey perfumes, loaded up her purse and walked out without paying. She pocketed thousands of dollars in merchandise over a few visits. "The odd thing about it is that she's well-known by employees in this store. I'm not sure why she goes back there. As you can see, she does it almost on a daily basis," Dripps said. Since 1989, she's been convicted of retail theft more than 17 times. wpxi.com

Minneapolis, MN: Woman Stole $1K In Baby Formula From Various Stores; incidents ranged from June to October of 2016

Amenia, NY: Woman Stole Nearly $900 from Walmart

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Shootings & Deaths

Little Rock, AR: Teen killed in late-night shooting in parking lot of Kroger
Police have identified the 19-year-old who was fatally shot in the parking lot of a Kroger grocery store late Sunday night in Little Rock. Officers arrived around 11 p.m. after they heard multiple shots fired in the area. As police arrived, multiple vehicles were speeding away from the area. Several storefronts of the surrounding businesses - Metro PCS, H&R Block and Kroger - had been struck by bullets, he said. aarkansasonline.com

Mankato, MN: 4-year old boy accidently hangs himself in a fitting room
Authorities say the incident happened Saturday afternoon at Again Thrift & More in Mankato, operated by the Minnesota Valley Action Council. Police said the boy apparently got the hooded sweatshirt he was wearing caught on a hanger attached to a wall. Emergency responders took the boy to a hospital, where he was declared dead. abc7chicago.com

Cowtown Boots - Las Vegas, NV - Shooting, women found shot dead behind store

Apache Food Mart - Tulsa, OK - Shooting, 1 man shot and killed in parking lot

Robberies & Thefts

Memphis, TN: Security guard thrown to the ground, held at gunpoint at Waffle House
At 4:00am a security guard was thrown to the ground and held at gunpoint at a Waffle House. The guard told police, them the suspect took her gun from her holster and pointed it at witnesses, demanding money. He left before he was able to get any cash. fox13memphis.com

Wheaton, MD: Shoplifter brutally attacks Macy's employee at Wheaton Mall
A loss-prevention officer at a Macy's store at the Westfield Wheaton Mall was brutally assaulted by a shoplifter, and taken to the hospital. Three loss-prevention officers at the store attempted to cuff Babacar Thiam, 25, and he allegedly put one in a choke hold and then tackled another to the ground, slamming the victim's head on the pavement. Police say the employee was taken to the hospital bleeding and unconscious. Thiam was caught stealing $750 in jewelry, clothing and perfume. Days later, Macy's employees at the Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Maryland caught Thiam shoplifting again, but police caught him. wjla.com

Hillsboro, OR: Rite Aid shoplifting video goes viral online
Newspapers around the globe have written stories about the online video, which has been viewed more than 33,000 times since Tuesday. A scuffle between an alleged shoplifter and an employee in a Hillsboro Rite Aid is drawing international attention. Last Tuesday, a Youtube user named KodyXO uploaded a nearly 5 minute cellphone video of a Rite Aid employee detaining a woman inside the store. "I caught video of a lady going crazy after a worker at the RiteAid in Hillsboro, Oregon," the user, Kody Youmans, wrote online. "She stole 2 items and a worker at the RiteAid chased her into the parking lot to grab her and bring her back into the store then detain her until the cops came." According to the Hillsboro Police Department, the incident occurred at the Rite on Tuesday evening. Since it was uploaded last week, the video has been watched more than 36,000 times online. Breitbart News, London's Daily Mail and The Sun newspapers and TV networks in Australia have written stories about the incident. pamplinmedia.com

Huntington, WV: Man charged with violent crime speaks to reporter from jail
Scott Dingess, 47, is the man charged and says he is innocent. Dingess is charged with malicious or unlawful assault and a misdemeanor count of shoplifting at Gabe's on March 11th. Dingess admitted his wife, April Dingess, was trying to steal from the store. Mrs. Dingess was arrested on March 11th and charged with robbery. Police say she tried to get away and hurt loss prevention officers in the process. Scott Dingess said that while this was happening, he took his two small children to their car. That's when a woman wouldn't let him back out of his parking space. Scott Dingess is accused of backing his car into the leg of the Loss Prevention agent. wsaz.com

Seguin, TX: Nine arrested, Six businesses Raided; running illegal slot machine operations
There have been nine arrests and police said there are at least eight more to come after a raid on six businesses and a home in Seguin uncovered a string of illegal gaming operations Tuesday. Police said stores paid out big cash rewards to customers illegally playing 8-liner machines. The community was stunned to find out store owners and their employees are behind bars. Hidden secretly in the back of six convenience stores around town were 32 8-liner machines. ksat.com

Stockholm, Sweden: Chanel store the victim of a Smash & Grab
Around half a dozen burglars rammed a wheel loader into a Chanel store in central Stockholm in an attempted smash-and-grab raid at dawn, but apparently failed to make off with anything. Witnesses alerted police to the ongoing break-in at the store on Birger Jarlsgatan, a street lined with luxury boutiques, in Stockholm's Norrmalm district, in the early hours of Tuesday. thelocal.se

Syracuse, NY: Teen banned from Destiny USA returns, pepper sprays store manager

Decatur, IL: Old Navy employee charged with first-degree theft

Kay's in the Montclair Place, Montclair, CA reported a Grab & Run on 3/15, item valued at $7,599

Piercing Pagoda in the Lloyd Center, Portland, OR reported a Grab & Run on 3/17, item valued at $49.99

ZZales in the Pearland Town Center, Pearland, TX reported an Attempted Burglary on 3/18, no merchandise was lost

Bradford's Jewelry, Pawn and Guns - Athens, AL - Burglary- 50 guns stolen
Buck's Market - Presque Island, ME - Burglary
Conoco - Yakima, WA - Armed Robbery
CVS - Maryville, TN - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Georgetown County, SC - Armed Robbery
Fred's Store - Columbus, MS - Shooting, no injuries
Kim Thanh Jewelry - Philadelphia, PA - Burglary
McDonald's - Huntersville, NC - Armed Robbery
One Stop Shop - South Bend, IN - Shooting, 1 man wounded
Pacific Deli - Atlantic City, NJ - Armed Robbery/ Stabbing - store clerk stabbed
Shop 'N Save - Des Moines, IA - Shooting, no injuries
Taco Bell - Huntsville, AL - Shooting, 19 yr old customer shot inside store/ critical condition
Waffle House - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Valparaiso, IN - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
8 robberies
3 burglaries
7 shootings
0 killed

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Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager
Redlands, CA

Under the supervision of the Director of Loss Prevention, the Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager implements and enforces measures to ensure safety, security and prevent loss within all Distribution Center facilities...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Wichita, Kansas

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Sr Manager, Region Asset Protection (Miami Region)
Miami & South Florida
The Sr manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...

Sr Manager, Region Asset Protection (Jacksonville, FL)
Jacksonville & North Florida

The Sr manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...


Loss Prevention Area Investigator
Southeast US

Gap Inc is seeking an experienced Loss Prevention Investigator to support the company's shortage reduction efforts. Investigators are primarily responsible for detecting the existence of internal fraud through exception reporting, store research, networking, general loss interviews and response to COBC hot lines. All conclusions are based upon associate interviews and/or factual findings derived from various company and vendor resources...


Store Detective - Multi-Unit
St Paul, MN

As a Market Investigator, you will directly assist in thesafety and protection of CVS Health retail assets within assigned stores, including customers, employees, merchandise, and store property. In this role, you will become familiar with CVS Health policy, local criminal law, covert surveillance principles, overt customer service methods, and digital and traditional VCR tape video surveillance systems...

Director of Loss Prevention Positions
Arkansas and Florida

Provides strategic loss prevention management for a division of 2,000+ stores with sales volumes totaling +/- $4B. Maximizes profits by developing and executing programs to reduce and prevent the loss of company inventory/assets and managing Regional Loss Prevention Managers within an assigned geographical area...

Director of Loss Prevention - Russellville, AR

Director of Loss Prevention - Tampa, FL

Director Loss Prevention Field - Northern California
Rocklin, CA

The Loss Prevention Director is responsible for all aspects of loss prevention fora specified market within CVS. In this role you will manage, develop, and recruit Region Loss Prevention Managers in the field. Developing loss prevention strategies and objectives designed to educate, enhance awareness among all levels of employees with the overall objective of controlling shrink and protecting the company's assets is a crucial part of this role...

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Tom Doyle
named Regional LP Manager for Goodwill of So. California. 

Donald Abba II
named Asset Protection Manager II for Macy's

Sam Ross
named Territory LP Manager for Claire's Inc.  

Richard Escandon named Area Loss Prevention Manager for ULTA Beauty 

Anthony Bruni, CFI named Regional Manager of Asset Protection for Luxottica 

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Being too close to the trees to see the forest is an expression that also fits not appreciating the role you play on your own team. With the needs of the day seemingly always taking priority, it's difficult for some to step back and truly see the value you can add to your own team. Realizing it and accepting the responsibility as a team member is half the battle. But doing something with it and truly adding value is what helps the team win the game. Every group, every department is in fact a team and every member plays a vital role towards the success and the survival of that team. That's why that old expression - One for all and all for one - took such a hold in literature. Because it is that simple. The hard part is taking responsibility for it.

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