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Quinby (Yost) Squire named Vice President, Head of Asset Analytics and Insights for CVS Health
Quinby was previously a Senior Manager of Strategy and Operations for Deloitte Consulting LLP. She's been a part of Deloitte's team since 2005 when she started as a Consulting Manager. She worked her way up the ladder to hold such positions as US Finance Transformation Chief of Staff, Manager - Business Valuation - Life Sciences and Senior Manager/Specialist Leader/US Finance Transformation Chief of Staff. She earned her BA in Mathematics from Boston College and went on to earn her MBA in General Management from University of Virginia. Congratulations Quinby!

Jim Faulds named Director of Asset Protection for Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd.

Jim was previously the Regional Asset Protection Manager - Prairies for Best Buy Canada and had been there since 2014. He's held a variety of loss prevention positions for Canadian retailers such as WIND Mobile as Regional LP manager, Future Shop as District LP Manager, Toys R Us as Regional LP Manager, Home Depot Canada as Regional LP Manager, Totem Building Supplies as Company LP Manager and Woodwards Stores as LP Supervisor. Congratulations Jim!

The retail apocalypse has officially descended on America
Thousands of mall-based stores are shutting down in what's fast becoming one of the biggest waves of retail closures in decades.

Some retailers are exiting the brick-and-mortar business altogether and trying to shift to an all-online model. For example, Bebe is reportedly closing all 170 of its stores to focus on growing online sales, according to a Bloomberg report. The Limited also recently shut down all 250 of its stores, while still selling merchandise online.

According to many analysts, the retail apocalypse has been a long time coming in the US, where stores per capita far outweigh any other country.

The US has 23.5 square feet of retail space per person, compared with 16.4 square feet in Canada and 11.1 square feet in Australia - the next two countries with the highest retail space per capita, according to a Morningstar report from October.  businessinsider.com
The End May Be Near
Sears issues dire warning about its ability to survive
Sears says there's 'substantial doubt' it can stay in business

Sears revealed "substantial doubt" about its ability to stay in business in an annual report filed late Tuesday.

"Our historical operating results indicate substantial doubt exists related to the company's ability to continue as a going concern," the company said in the report.

"Going concern" refers to a company's ability to stay in business. 

Sears said its efforts to generate cash by selling or licensing brands like Kenmore and Diehard, as well as selling valuable real estate, should mitigate that doubt and satisfy its estimated cash needs for the next 12 months.

But the company said it can't make any guarantees.

"However, we cannot predict, with certainty, the outcome of our actions to generate liquidity, including the availability of additional debt financing, or whether such actions would generate the expected liquidity as currently planned," the report said.

"Additionally, a failure to generate additional liquidity could negatively impact our access to inventory or services that are important to the operation of our business." businessinsider.com
US Leads in Skimming Related Losses
ATM Skimming Attacks Continue Worldwide
Skimming-related losses reported in 45 countries

The European ATM Security Team (EAST) published its latest European Fraud Update for 2017, based on country crime updates provided by representatives of 19 countries in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), and 5 non-SEPA countries, at the 41st EAST meeting held in Oslo, Norway on February 8, 2017.

Card skimming at ATMs was reported by 18 countries. The usage of M3 - Card Reader Internal Skimming devices continues, which is a type of device placed at various locations inside the motorized card reader behind the shutter. Five countries reported such attacks.

International skimming related losses were reported in 45 countries and territories outside of the SEPA and in 9 within SEPA. The top three locations where such losses were reported remain the United States, Indonesia and India.

Skimming attacks on other terminal types were reported by eight countries and four countries reported such attacks on unattended payment terminals (UPTs) at retail fueling stations. One country reported the use of an M3 - Card Reader Internal Skimming Device at a public transport ticket machine, the first time this has been seen.

One country reported a new form of crime, "Cash-in" or "Cash Deposit" fraud, where the criminals deposit fake banknotes into ATMs (where the cash deposit function is available) and then credit their cards or other accounts.

ATM malware and logical security attacks were reported by eight countries all involving the usage (or attempted usage) of black-box devices to allow the unauthorized dispensing of cash. EAST has recently published seven related ATM Fraud Alerts. To help counter such attacks, Europol published Guidance and Recommendations regarding Logical attacks on ATMs.

Ram raids and ATM burglary were reported by nine countries, and nine countries reported explosive gas attacks. The use of solid explosives continues to spread and seven countries reported such attacks. nacsonline.com
MasterCard, Visa Seek Transfer Of Chip Card Antitrust Suit
Colluded on Chargeback Liability?

Visa and MasterCard on Monday urged a California federal judge to shift an antitrust lawsuit against them by a group of merchants over to the Southern District of New York, where they say multidistrict litigation accusing them of wrongly passing on card liabilities to retailers already exists.

Just over a year ago, a slew of major credit card companies were slapped with an antitrust complaint by Florida-based B&R Supermarket Inc. and Grove Liquors LLC, among many others, claiming the card companies conspired to simultaneously shift fraud liability to merchants who were not ready by October 2015 to use the so-called EMV microchip cards, an alleged violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

Though the case in California consists of merchants that were allegedly forced to accept responsibility for certain fraudulent transaction "chargebacks" - as opposed to interchange fees - the California lawsuit still represents a subset of the broader card fee antitrust allegations in New York and thus should be moved, the card companies argued.

Patrick J. Coughlin of Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, a firm representing plaintiffs in both of the actions, told Law360 Tuesday that there are clear differences between claims in the New York case that Visa is using the card chip technology to further its monopoly of the debit card area, and the claims in California that all four major card companies - including Discover and American Express - colluded to implement their liability rule changes at the exact same time.  law360.com

ORC Epidemic is so bad even small retailers are banning together
Mom & Pops in Albuquerque form United Retailers Against Theft

In February, Annette Sterling, owner of ClothesHorse Carousel, a high-end consignment store, and Jasmine Baillo, owner of What Goes Around, began United Retailers Against Theft, a group of businesses that shares information to fight shoplifting. U-RAT has six to eight members that connect through phone and text to update each other on suspicious people, but their main weapon is their Facebook page. "We started with a Facebook group. It's a closed group, and only members are invited. We share still photos, videos and talk about different policies that we have." abqjournal.com

Quincy, IL: Local Law Enforcement Against large Hike in Retail Theft Threshold
A plan to increase the threshold for felony retail theft by at least $1,700 in Illinois is receiving some mixed reviews, including from local law enforcement. Two proposals in the General Assembly would increase the threshold of felony retail theft from $300 to either $2,000 or $2,500. Both remain in committee in the Illinois House.

Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley said $2,000 is too high, but he agrees it is time to tweak the threshold. "Surely it needs to go up from where it's at now, but I don't know whether it needs to be that big of a jump," Copley said. He would be fine with increasing the threshold to $1,000. "You have to increase due to inflation, but I just think ($2,000) is too big of an increase," Copley said. Most of the Quincy Police Department's felony retail theft cases arise when people with previous theft convictions are convicted again on the charge, not because the stolen items exceeded the $300 threshold. "If you have a prior theft conviction, and you get convicted of retail theft, it's a felony," Copley said. Although the Adams County Sheriff's Department handles few cases of retail theft, Sheriff Brian VonderHaar called a $2,000 threshold "awfully high." whig.com

New Ohio Law Allows Employees To Have Guns at Work
Employers can no longer forbid workers from bringing guns on company property if the weapons remain locked in vehicles under a new law that took effect Tuesday.

Since Ohio's concealed-carry law took effect in 2004, private business owners have had the ability to determine whether employees or customers could carry guns on the premises, including parking lots.

As part of the latest law relaxing restrictions on carrying guns in Ohio, public and private employers can no longer ban a person with a valid concealed-carry license from storing a gun in the person's vehicle. dispatch.com

Pharmacist Acquitted Of Murder, Convicted Of Racketeering, Fraud
The former co-owner of a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy was convicted Wednesday of racketeering and other charges in the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak that killed more than 60 people and sickened hundreds more nationwide.

A jury in federal court in Boston found Barry J. Cadden guilty of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, and more than 50 counts of mail fraud in the New England Compounding Center case, which was one of the worst public health crises in American history.

But the jury refused to hold him directly responsible for 25 deaths allegedly caused by the tainted medicine shipped by the facility. That difference could spare Cadden - who faced second-degree murder charges in the deaths - from a life sentence.

He was also acquitted of various other charges, including defrauding the US Food and Drug Administration, by a jury composed of nine women and three men after deliberations that lasted about 20 hours. bostonglobe.com
Former Gordmans CEO set to make offer for bankrupt retailer
Former Gordmans Chief Executive Jeff Gordman said Monday that he plans to submit a bid to operate a majority of the bankrupt department store's locations on an ongoing basis, while closing others.

Houston-based retailer Stage Stores Inc. also says it is seriously considering submitting an offer to Gordmans for the purchase of stores and assets so that it would operate at least some of the locations and one warehouse on an ongoing basis. omaha.com

Caribbean Fraud Conference 2017: Caribbean Agency to track crime proceeds
By July, Caricom Implementing Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) will have the capacity to hunt down regional criminals who profit in the proceeds of crimes. IMPACS will zero in on criminals by confiscating their assets to prevent the fuelling of further crimes. The assurance was given yesterday by Giselle Martin, legal advisory to Caricom IMPACS, as she addressed the media at the launch of the Caribbean Fraud Conference at Normandie Hotel, St Ann's. guardian.co.tt

Logan, NJ: Walgreens to cut 130 jobs at distribution center

Bebe Reportedly Planning To Close All Its 170 Stores, Focusing On Internet Sales

Payless reportedly eyes bankruptcy filing, up to 500 store closings

Assailant shot, at least a dozen injured in incident at UK parliament

Andy Puzder is stepping down as CEO of Carl's Jr. parent firm CKE

Harbor Freight Tools Director of LP Position taken down - job posting expired or has been filled

Restoration Hardware Corporate LP Operations and Project Leader position taken down from site, could be close to filling position
Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
J Crew Q4 comp's down 5%, revenue down 2%, full yr comp's down 7%, revenue down 3%
Guess Q4 North America comp's down 7%, total bet revenue up 3.2%, full yr N.A. comp's down 4.9%, total net revenue up 0.2% 

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Report: Women Underrepresented in Cybersecurity
Editor's Note: Women in Retail LP 24.5%, Law Enforcement 14.1%, Cyber Security 11%

A new report found women in cybersecurity continually fight obstacles to their career advancement. But organizations can help eliminate them, says the leader of a women's IT group.

Even as the tech industry grows, women continue to face significant challenges entering the cybersecurity workforce due to pay gaps, missed promotions, and discrimination.

While women comprise 43 percent of the global workforce, they only fill 11 percent of cybersecurity positions, according to the new 2017 Women in Cybersecurity Report from the Executive Women's Forum on Information Security, Risk Management and Privacy (EWF) and the Center for Cyber Safety and Education.

"The under-representation and under-utilization of female talent is both a critical business issue and a hindrance to the development of world class cybersecurity organizations and resilient companies, as well as the overall safety and protection of our country," EWF Executive Director Lynn Terwoerds said in a press release.

In addition, the report-based on a survey of 19,000 information security professionals by security association (ISC) -found men earn more money, are four times more likely to hold executive positions, and are nine times more likely to hold managerial roles, even though women tend to have higher levels of education and certification. associationsnow.com

Embrace the Machine & Other Goals for CISOs
Combatting real adversaries who are constantly testing our defenses. Here is my take on what the security community should resolve to accomplish or overcome as we move forward

1. Embrace the machine. The ability to almost instantaneously correlate all that information means that today's expert systems are doing things humans used to do but doing it much faster. Machines can calculate those correlations in near-real time, build information about what happened, and prioritize events for an analyst to review.

Taking it a step further, today we see machines good enough at making correlations that they instantly know the identified activity is malicious. The challenge is to let go and allow the machine itself to loop back into firewalls, endpoint security, and applications, and actively mitigate the threat.

Embracing AI in this way can reduce response times from months to milliseconds, produce logs that are more relevant, and create APIs that respond to inputs from the bigger systems.

2. Consume farm-to-table security data.
CISOs need to understand the difference between primary data and secondary data, and get as close to the source as possible when automating systems. The closer our data points are to the user, the less risk we run of bad modeling.

The key is to capture logs at the time of creation so, unless the event logging system itself is compromised, you're going to get unfiltered truth. If you go back to a machine after a bad guy has cleaned up his toolset and deleted the log, the tracks may be covered. darkreading.com


Innovative Solutions Through Necessity

By Kevin Trimble, Director of Loss Prevention Development, Blue Dot Safes

What do you get when you combine two frustrated loss prevention entrepreneurs with an increased frequency of armed robberies targeting the people and company in which they were tasked to protect?

You get a simplistic, innovative, and effective robbery deterrent solution called The Covert Fox!

Kevin Trimble, CFE and Ben Lockhart, CFE were original members of a well-known Fortune 500 wireless carrier's Loss Prevention team which started back in 2007. Like most loss prevention professionals, much of their time was spent assisting law enforcement with identifying and apprehending armed robbery suspects whom continued to target their corporate and franchised locations. In 2011, an unusual number of recurrent robberies took place at their company as well as many other wireless carriers. The fear was high, employee morale was low, and the losses were becoming substantial. Trimble, then the Director of Loss Prevention, and Lockhart, then the Sr. Manager of Retail Loss Prevention, met over a weekend in Chicago for a beer (or two) to discuss a mitigation response plan. Both bellied up to the bar with a napkin and pen in hand. The common denominator between the dozens of robbery events was one thing, cash, and lots of it. Lockhart said to Trimble, "without cheese, there's no mice". It was at that exact moment the light bulb went off. Trimble and Lockhart knew the only solution was to minimize and reduce the amount of cash visible within a safe when or if an armed robbery was to occur. The idea wasn't just to protect the company's large sums of cash, it was primarily to change the psychology of the amateur and or repeat criminals looking for a profitable target.

Within three days, the two entrepreneurs had designed and constructed multiple prototypes. Some of the samples were good, some were not so good! The goal was to develop a secondary level of asset protection within an existing commercial grade safe. They knew from the start that their "game changing" device had to magnetically mount to the ceiling or side walls of a safe while closely matching the interior color and texture of the safe. They also had to be sure the product was durable, magnetically strong, simple to install, and able to hold different amounts of cash and other valuables.

Read more here.


'It's very frustrating': Hundreds of shopping carts stolen every year in Barrie
If you're seeing more stores charging for the use of shopping carts it's because of thieves. Joe Corsaro, owner of the No Frills on Wellington Street, says nearly half of his carts were stolen last year. It's a growing concern among business owners.

The carts cost about $175 each. Most usually end up in the back of apartment buildings and ditches. Some stores send employees out on a weekly basis looking for their carts.

It points to coin carts that require a deposit as an example, but that hasn't stopped people from stealing them. Some businesses, like Shoppers Drug Mart, use a wheel lock system. As soon as a cart is taken off the property the wheels lock up. Since this system was brought in, no stolen carts, but it can cost upwards of $100,000 ctvnews.com

Kitchener council wants a shopping cart bylaw
Kitchener city council is asking city staff to draft a bylaw that would ask local retailers to make plans to manage wayward shopping carts - especially if those retailers are the subject of complaints to the city. "This is just basically giving enforcement staff some teeth to deal with the retailers that are non-responsive when we do contact them and don't have any plan in place when their carts are causing a nuisance."

A report to council recommended that retailers who struggle to keep carts on their property would have to make a cart management plan and submit it to the bylaw enforcement office. Those plans would include designating a store contact person, an outline of cart management systems - if any exist - a plan to retrieve carts, and regular cart pickup.

The city is also asking that shops reply within 24 hours to calls from bylaw enforcement officers and that retailers respond immediately for calls about carts that cause unsafe conditions, such as impeding traffic.

Retailers who fail to comply with the Kitchener bylaw could face a fine of up to $10,000. cbc.ca

Quebec, CA: One dead, another injured after planes collide over Montreal mall
Two planes collided midair above a busy Montreal-area shopping mall, resulting in the death of one pilot and serious injuries to the other. One of the planes crashed into the parking lot, just steps away from one of the entrances to the Promenades Saint-Bruno in Saint-Bruno-de- Montarville, Que. while the other crashed on top of one of the stores.

The mall was evacuated shortly after the crash when officers noticed fuel from the plane leaking through the roof of the mall.

Canadians are now becoming more fraud-savvy
The study found that in 2016, fully 91 per cent of Canadians have taken a concrete step in protecting their personal data, including double-checking card/bank statements, shredding vital documents, updating passwords, installing security software, and using social media less.

Meanwhile, 81 per cent of the surveyed Canadians have implemented two or more of the aforementioned security measures, the Kingston Herald reported.  mortgagebrokernews.ca

eTail Canada Launches eCommerce Benchmark Report
eTail Canada has released an important benchmark report, as well as an infographic, ahead of its conference to be held in Toronto on May 16-18 of this year. The report finds that Canadian retailers who invest in omnichannel are seeing increased success, while those that aren't are being left behind. In its report called 'Edging Out the Competition in Canadian Retail', eTail Canada explores the critical business and technology investments that leading Canadian retailers are making today. retail-insider.com

Canada Retail Sales Surged in January on Auto Sales

Sears Canada Launching Off-price Division - 40k sq.-ft. in all 94 stores

Nearly half of online purchases in Canada made at foreign retail sites

Nationwide computer crash hampers business at Shoppers Drug Mart

Memramcook, NB: Man arrested in connection with $5 million multi-province cargo theft ring
A Memramcook man wanted in connection with a multi-million-dollar cargo theft ring has been arrested. Quebec provincial police detained 53-year-old Ralph Leblanc Thursday after he turned himself in to the RCMP in Shediac.

Leblanc is alleged to have been part of a ring that stole more than $5 million in various goods - including tractors, luxury cars and food products - in almost 80 thefts in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. So far, more than $3 million in goods have been recovered.

A Canada-wide warrant was issued for Leblanc and two Quebec men last week following six police raids, including one in Memramcook. Police first became aware of the theft ring last July when $1 million worth of frozen lobster meat was stolen from a trailer in Grande-Anse. A second New Brunswick man, 40-year-old Ghilain LeBlanc of Cap-Bateau faces charges in that theft. cbc.ca

Canada-wide warrants issued for two suspects wanted in $30,000 credit-card fraud investigation
Canada-wide warrants have been issued for two suspects arrested earlier this month in connection to a large-scale credit-card scam, Edmonton police said Friday. In October 2016, a police agency in Ontario told local police two suspects wanted in an investigation may be in Edmonton.

Investigators executed a search warrant on two downtown residences on March 5 and 6, seizing more than $20,000 worth of computer tablets and accessories, more than 10,000 credit card applications, identity documents that were in the process of being altered and evidence that seven mailboxes around Alberta were being used to commit fraud.

Moncton, NB: 12-year-old boy robs local convenience store at knifepoint
A 12-year-old Moncton boy has admitted to robbing a local convenience store at knifepoint while wearing a mask, paying someone $20 to be his getaway driver and then burning his clothing to conceal his crime.

The boy, who cannot be named under provisions of the federal Youth Criminal Justice Act, appeared in youth court wearing handcuffs and shackles, following a 30-day psychiatric assessment. He was declared fit to stand trial and criminally responsible for his actions, the courtroom heard. cbc.ca

'Fraud tourism': Quebec group allegedly operated sophisticated card-skimming scheme in Winnipeg
A Quebec foursome with alleged ties to organized crime has been arrested in Winnipeg over an alleged fly-by-night credit-card fraud operation targeting local businesses.

The alleged scheme involves showing up to a business near closing time and replacing the card-payment pin-pad terminal with a dummy version while staff aren't looking. The real pin pad is then modified overnight to capture credit card data and personal identification numbers, and reinstalled when the business re-opens the next morning. winnipegfreepress.com

Guelph, ON: Shoplifting incident turns violent for mall security 

Woman made purchases with forged credit cards, 42 cards seized

Suspects wanted for string of night time car burglaries, credit card fraud

Update: 5 charged after armed robbery leads to police pursuit in Oshawa

$1,000 left in envelope at Alberta store returned to rightful owner, RCMP say

Robberies and Burglaries

Crossfield Pharmacy - Crossfield, AB - Armed Robbery
Papa John's Pizza - Kamloops, BC - Robbery
Petro-Canada - Esquimalt, BC - Robbery
Sandstone Pharmacy - Airdrie, AB - Armed Robbery
Subway - St. John's, NL - Armed Robbery
Undisclosed convenience store - Bishop's Falls, NL - Armed Robbery

Undisclosed convenience store - Moncton, NB - Armed Robbery (12-year-old boy)

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US Payments Forum Provides Guidance on Card-Not-Present Fraud with Perspectives on Experiences Around the World
With card-not-present (CNP) fraud a global concern, many countries have deployed various fraud prevention tools to help curb fraud in both online and mobile channels. The U.S. Payments Forum reviews experiences from countries around the world to assist the U.S. payments industry in mitigating CNP fraud in a white paper released today.

The white paper, "Card-Not-Present Fraud around the World," can be downloaded at http://www.uspaymentsforum.org/cnp-fraud-around-the-world/.

"While many attribute the rise in CNP fraud seen in other countries to the implementation of EMV chip technology, there are other factors, such as the rapid growth of online sales and the fact that fraud prevention tools have not been fully adopted and implemented by all stakeholders, that have contributed to the increase," said Randy Vanderhoof, director of the U.S. Payments Forum. "This white paper looks at the experiences and lessons learned from other countries that have a similar landscape to the U.S. to provide a foundation for the U.S. payments industry to build out layered, effective and systematic mitigation strategies to reduce CNP fraud." globenewswire.com

Read Full Press Release

A $2.8 Trillion Market - A Global View
The Online Counterfeit Economy - Dangers of the Digital Age

"The internet has just completely changed the face of the problem, made it more complicated and more pervasive... whole industries now have been attacked, not from the street, but from the internet."

- John Morton, assistant secretary in charge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

By definition, tracking the size of an illicit industry like counterfeiting is a challenge. That said:

In 1982, the global counterfeit market was estimated at $5.5 billion, grew to $1.1 trillion in 2013, and is expected to exceed $2.8 trillion by 2020.
On average, one in six products bought online today is a fake.
Online, mobile, and social channels offer fraudsters easy, low-cost, and immediate access to a global customer base, as well as almost unbreakable anonymity.

The economic damage from online counterfeiting is jaw-dropping. Counterfeit sales slash business revenues and harm employment while increasing the need for welfare payments. The earnings the fake products generate are diverted to organized crime, necessitating more spending on policing. legalbusinessonline.com

Amazon to expand counterfeit removal program in overture to sellers
Amazon.com is expanding a program to remove counterfeit goods from its website this spring as part of a broader push to assure brand owners that the online retailer is an ally rather than a threat.

Any brand can register its logo and intellectual property with Amazon so the e-commerce company can take down listings and potentially seller accounts when counterfeits are flagged.

 The so-called brand registry, which had been in a test phase, will be widely available for free in North America. cnbc.com

Williams-Sonoma's online sales grow 4.4% in 2016 while store sales slip

Online sales grow 3.2% for Guess in fiscal 2017 as store sales slide

San Francisco, CA: FBI Busts High-End Craigslist Theft Ring
A A $90,000 Cartier watch, a $14,000 Rolex watch, and a $19,000 engagement ring - high end items that you wouldn't ordinarily associate with the online classifieds site Craigslist. But those items were all listed, and the FBI reports that they were stolen by a sophisticated theft ring operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Here's how it worked - a thief posing as a buyer would contact the seller, fly them into town and have a limo waiting. "The individual would think they were going to the jewelry store to meet with the actual buyer," said Special Agent Darin Heideman, "when in fact, a co-conspirator would take them to a predetermined location, assault them, and then basically rob them of all their items." The robbers are estimated to have stolen more than $500,000 in jewelry from victims who traveled from more than six states between November 2012 and December 2013. Five men were charged in 2014 in connection with the robberies. patch.com

Maryland: Charles County Man Sentenced to Over Six Years in Prison for Credit Card Fraud
A U.S. District Judge Peter sentenced Travis Lee, 31, on March 21, 2017, to 75 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release. According to his plea agreement, Lee traveled with Kenneth Williamson to a shopping mall area in Chevy Chase, MD, and taught Williamson how to make fraudulent purchases at department stores using the unauthorized debit, credit and gift cards Lee manufactured using stolen credit and debit information. Williamson purchased approximately $1,155 in merchandise at a store in Chevy Chase using two Visa gift card, which Lee had encoded with stolen account information. Lee and Williamson then proceeded to a store in Washington D.C., again purchasing $1,155. Law enforcement arrested Lee a few months later and recovered at least 185 gift cards from Lee. smnews.net

Palmer Township, PA: Four NY men arrested with fake credit cards, Reader and Laptop; $800 in McDonald's and Wing Stop gift cards
After authorities in Northampton County arrested a quartet of Brooklyn men for allegedly using phony credit cards to buy real gift guards, police found a fake credit card in one suspect's underwear and seven secreted away in another's shoe. Township police were initially dispatched shortly after 5:30 p.m. to a Dollar Tree off Route 248 for a report of three men trying to use credit cards that staff believed were stolen, according to court records. A manager said one of the men tried to use a credit card that was declined to purchase a gift card, according to records. When the manager asked to see one of the declined cards, the user refused and left the store. Police said the men successfully used other credit cards to purchase $800 worth of gift cards from a nearby Wing Stop and McDonald's. wfmz.com

TRAVELING CREW: Garden City, ID: Three men arrested from FL, GA, AL in traveling Credit Card Fraud Ring
The arrests came when officers responded to a bank in Garden City for an attempt of fraudulent activities. Upon arrival, police the 3 suspects fled at a high rate of speed. Garden City detectives believe the men are responsible for multiple fraudulent transactions throughout the Boise Valley. All three men were booked into the Ada County Jail on suspicion of grand theft. idahostatesman.com

Green Bay, WI: 7 arrests makes woman face of Shoplifting Summit
A Green Bay woman inadvertently became the face of a Tuesday retail theft summit hosted by the city's police department. On Monday - the same day the department sent out a news release about meeting with local retailers to discuss ways of deterring shoplifting - Donna M. Ledesma, 55, was arrested at Pick N' Save on suspicion of trying to steal more than $350 worth of groceries. She was arrested by an off-duty police Captain who recognized her from surveillance images of a retail theft reported by the same store just three days earlier. It was Ledesma's 7th shoplifting offense. When she was taken into custody, she had 11 outstanding warrants, totaling almost $14,000.

During the police department's retail theft summit Tuesday, Captain Andrew Smith said police and retailers are challenged by repeat offenders. He used Ledesma's arrest as an example. "It's like with our fishing," he said. "Catch and release. You don't ever deplete the number of fish you have, so we keep arresting the same people over and over again." greenbaypressgazette.com

Fort Worth, TX: High Speed chase video released of Mail Thieves in action
Dramatic dash camera video from Fort Worth police shows a high-speed, pedal-to-the-metal chase that ended up with two North Texans in federal custody. Windell Briggs and DeShea Thornton were arrested in January. But only this week did Fort Worth police release video from a 20 mile long pursuit that shows Briggs and Thornton dangerously weaving in and out of traffic while blowing through red lights. The two suspects were observed using a "fishing device" to illegally steal mail from a post office site in north Fort Worth. Postal inspectors had the location under observation as part of a sting. wfaa.com

Brighton, MI: Man Arraigned in Home Depot $2,000 theft that led
to Police Chase & Lockdowns

A A suspect has been arraigned in connection with a retail fraud incident yesterday and subsequent search that prompted a lockdown of several schools in Brighton. Webb and another male suspect, who remains at large, entered the Home Depot store around 9am Monday and loaded up a cart with generator panel switches and nail guns, valued at over $2,000, and attempted to leave the store. LP officers, who were aware of the two, stopped them outside the store. The suspects refused to go back inside and left the merchandise and fled. whmi.com

Falmouth, MA: Falmouth Police reported: Two charged with Organized Retail Theft

Livingston County, MI: Livingston County Circuit Court: Two plead guilty to ORC

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Shootings, Fight and Deaths

Napa police identify 2 officers involved in fatal shooting at Home Depot
The Napa Police Department has identified two officers who fatally shot a man armed with a knife outside a store. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the department identified the officers Monday as Sgt. Ryan Cole, a 22-year veteran, and Officer Jack Thomson, a 25-year veteran who works as a crisis negotiator for the department. Napa police say the officers shot 23-year-old Noel Russell, of Napa, in self-defense. Officials say numerous people called 911 the evening of March 13 saying a man was walking around with a knife in his hand and acting "high" or "crazy." The officers were responding to the calls when they encountered the man and fired their guns at him. pressdemocrat.com

Wilmington, NC: One person dead after shooting, two others wounded outside Goodwill Store
One person died after a shooting in the Monkey Junction area early Wednesday morning. The shooting took place at around 1 a.m next to the Goodwill Store. According to Lt. Brewer with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office, a man died from an apparent gunshot wound. Another male victim suffered a gunshot wound and a stab wound and was taken to the hospital. A third man was physically assaulted and also taken to the hospital. wect.com

Woodhaven, MI: Meijer shoplifter arrested after crashing carjacked SUV into 6 cars, cart corral
The man kicked a woman out of her car in the parking lot of a Meijer in Woodhaven. Police said he drove the stolen Yukon through the shopping cart corral and into six vehicles. "Almost like a demolition derby," a witness said. The carjacker then stopped the vehicle and plowed through a small opening between cars, hitting more cars and slamming into a van. Police said the stolen Yukon was immobilized by a shopping cart that got stuck underneath it. The man got out of the SUV and ran back into Meijer, where loss prevention officers were waiting for him. He was taken into custody. There were no injuries, but six vehicles were badly damaged, police said. clickondetroit.com

Santee, CA: Man who shot 2 Walmart managers with a BB Gun and pulled a hatchet on a Best Buy LP Officer turns himself in
A A 22-year-old man suspected of carrying out three East County commercial robberies during which he threatened one employee with a hatchet and shot a BB gun at several others turned himself in Tuesday. Randall Lee surrendered at the sheriff's Santee Station about 3 p.m., less than six hours after authorities released a wanted poster bearing photos of the armed bandit responsible for the crimes. Lee pulled a hatchet on a LP officer on Feb. 28 and fled after shoplifting a camera from a Best Buy in La Mesa. Shortly after midnight on March 12, the suspect allegedly fired a BB pistol at a manager at a Walmart in El Cajon while trying to steal two BB guns. Lee fired a BB gun toward an assistant manager at a Walmart in Santee the same day, striking another employee in the shoulder. fox5sandiego.com

Okmulgee, OK: DA rules Justified - Undercover buy at Walmart turns to high-speed pursuit and Police shooting
The Okmulgee chief of police shot a woman in the face during a chase. The district attorney deemed that shooting justifiable after reviewing an OSBI report. The woman is still recovering. Officers said they were pursuing Sanchez during an investigation in which they said he was selling things illegally. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says that, after reviewing video and talking to those involved, they believe Prentice performed a justifiable use of deadly force. fox23.com

Robberies & Thefts

San Jose, CA: Suspects sought in Valley Fair Mall jewelry store robbery
Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man and a woman who robbed a Valley Fair Mall jewelry store of a diamond just days before Christmas. The robbery was reported at about 7:45 p.m. on Dec. 20 at the Ben Bridge Jeweler in the shopping center. Police said a man entered the store and asked to see a diamond, which he reached over the counter and grabbed. He then ran from the store with a woman who was with him. mercurynews.com

Taunton, MA: Silver Springs Galleria $50,000 diamond theft suspect skips out on bail

Robbinsdale, MN: CVS worker faces 25 felony charges in prescription pill theft

Modena, Italy: Operation Wine and Cheese: Gang behind luxury food thefts worth $250,000 busted by Italian police

Perth, AU: 130 Guns stolen from firearms shop, valued at $650,000 on black market


UK: $1 Million in Counterfeit goods seized at the East Midlands Airport
More than $1 Million worth of counterfeit goods including Christian Louboutin shoes, Nike trainers and Urban Decay make-up were seized at East Midlands Airport in just three days. Border Force officers staged the operation earlier this month and found 8,100 items. loughboroughecho.net

Bomb Threats

Springfield, TN: McDonald's evacuated due to bomb threats

Cobb County, GA: Wal-Mart evacuated due to bomb threat


Halethorpe, MD: Police search for arson suspect after several small fires set inside Walmart store 

Skimming Thefts

Greenfield, IN: Two men arrested after credit card skimmer, 28 cards found in traffic stop

Big Bear, CA: Law enforcement investigating card skimming reports

C-Store - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery/ Shooting, clerk wounded
Derby Liquors - Waukegan, IL - Armed Robbery
Git N Go - Des Moines, IA - Armed Robbery
H.O.P.E Store - Lyndonville, VT - Burglary
Lamborghini Dealership - McKinney, TX - Burglary
Mae's - Ville Platte, LA - Burglary
McDonald's - Hermitage, PA - Armed Robbery
McDonald's Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
Mount Herman Pharmacy - Washington parish, LA - Burglary
Mr. E's Food Mart - Kennewick, WA - Robbery
Rock & Smoke Shop - Worchester, MA - Robbery
The Cooper Shop - Kekoshee, WI - Burglary (employee arrested)
T- Mobile - Salisbury, NC - Burglary
Village General Store - Manomet, MA - Burglary
7-Eleven - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
8 robberies
7 burglaries
1 shootings
0 killed

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