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Director of Loss Prevention position posted for Ollie's Outlet in Harrisburg, PA
The Director of Loss Prevention assesses and mitigates both external and internal security related risks for the organization through the development and management of policies, procedures, programs, systems, and to conduct internal investigations into, fraud, abuse, or other misconduct. Additional responsibilities include directing and creating safety policies to create a company that is passionate about safety.

Ollie's Bargain Outlet is one of America's largest retailers of closeouts, excess inventory, and salvage merchandise. Our 204 "semi-lovely" stores sell merchandise of all descriptions and some beyond description. With over 204 stores in 17 states and two distribution centers Ollie's went public on July 16, 2015. ollies.us

Terrorism doesn't affect tourism for very long
According to a study from the World Travel and Tourism Council, it takes about 13 months for tourism to recover from a terrorist attack. The London-based industry trade group also found that by comparison, tourism takes longer to bounce back from disease (21 months), an environmental disaster (24 months), and political unrest (27 months). Of the four crises categories studied, terrorist incidents had the lowest impact in terms of both total lost arrivals and recovery time.

"The tourism industry is a very resilient industry and people have fairly short memories. And so as long as the attacks are one-off, the impact tends to be small. This is what we have seen in the past." foxnews.com

Cargo Theft was Top Supply Chain Risk in 2015
Last year supply chains across the world faced a number of challenges. One of the largest issues was damages caused by cargo theft that amounted to $22.6 billion, according to BSI's Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network.

Other issues included:
● Increased number of terrorism incidents which contributed to billions of dollars in losses to global shipping companies.
● An influx of migrants in Europe affected harmed supply chain integrity across the continent.
● Economic downturns in Argentina, Brazil, and China put pressure on the global supply chain as did political transparency that drove social unrest in Africa and Central America.
● Extreme weather events, including many attributed to the El Nino phenomenon, caused supply chain disruptions and threatened business continuity in multiple regions.
● There were also several industries that were plagued by poor enforcement of labor regulations, allowing for significant rates of child or forced labor in Argentina and India, among other nations.

"Companies are facing an increasingly wide range of challenges to their supply chain, from human rights issues to acts of violent theft and natural disasters," explained Jim Yarbrough, Global Intelligence Program Manager at BSI. Formed in 1901, BSI was the world's first National Standards Body and a founding member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)."

Looking more closely at the nearly $23 billion that was lost due to cargo theft worldwide in 2015 from a variety of supply chain threats, the risk was predominantly driven by security concerns. South Africa has seen a 30% increase in cargo truck hijackings over the last year, with thieves using high levels of violence and switching from targeting only high value goods to also targeting lower value items.

Daring vehicle shipment thefts have become increasingly commonplace in China, with a recent series of in-transit vehicle thefts occurring along the busy G45 highway. More sophisticated attacks were observed in India throughout 2015, where criminal gangs masterminded new techniques to steal goods without breaking customs seals in order to avoid detection - a major risk for companies participating in international supply chain security programs.

In Europe, disruptions in trade caused by the ISIS terrorist group clearly highlighted the link between terrorism and the supply chain. Border controls in France following the November attacks in Paris are estimated to have cost the Belgian shipping industry $3.5 million. Terrorist-linked smuggling rings were also identified to be colluding between Spain and the Middle East, the groups illegally transporting shipments of stolen electronics, drugs, weapons and other contraband. Elsewhere, the Jordanian trucking industry suffered $754 million in lost revenue since conflict began in the Middle East in 2011.

The biggest threats to the global supply chain in 2016 include:
1. Global cargo theft cost estimated to grow by a further $1 billion in 2016. Increased concerns in China, Germany, India, Mexico, South Africa, and United States. mhinews.com

U.S. Companies Must Confirm, Not Certify White-Collar Compliance
The process by which companies confirm to the U.S. Justice Department that they provided all information under the department's latest memorandum putting a focus on holding individuals accountable for white-collar crime will be something less binding than a legal certification, department officials said recently.

At an anti-corruption conference last month Fraud Section Chief Andrew Weissmann specified that the form such an assurance would take is still being discussed, but it wouldn't rise to the legal certification level.

The actual form in which that will take place has not been decided on, but to the extent that anyone's thinking that's going to take the forum of a Sarbanes-Oxley type certification, that is not going to happen," he said, describing the affirmation as part of a "collegial" settlement process. wsj.com

Amazon Business Division Impacting Office Depot & Staples Merger
Not a Good Week for the FTC - In this writer's opinion

As is the case with every retailer nowadays Amazon's ability to develop businesses that disrupt retail sectors literally has even judges questioning how long will it be before they can really compete and maybe even dominate in the office supplies sector.

This week's testimony of Amazon Business's VP, who was an FTC witness appearing against the merger, was the prime focus of the judge in the FTC fight over the Office Depot and Staples merger. As Amazon Business, their rather new office supplies business, is just developing and really doesn't offer any of the services and invoicing that the mature Office Depot and Staples models offer. But the judge questioned how long will it be before they do and even asked FTC supporting witnesses if Amazon Business did develop their model would they be considered in the procurement process. Not surprisingly most agreed that once Amazon Business did develop their model that they would probably be included in the bidding process.

Then the shoe dropped, with the judge finding that the FTC had possibly omitted Amazon Business testimony and even possibly withheld information from the court. But once the dust settled it appeared that Amazon Business may in fact be building their model to the point that within two years they may be in a position to offer those services the larger businesses need to expect.

Not a good week for the FTC. But it was surprising to see the number of retailers supporting the FTC's blocking of the merger. Regardless however from a layman's perspective it looks like the FTC's case may not be as strong as once thought. Just a thought.  law360.com

Williams-Sonoma Sued For Collecting Customer ZIP Codes in Mass.
Judith Monteferrante claims that Williams-Sonoma uses customers' ZIP codes to identify their addresses through commercial databases to send unwanted junk mail directly to their homes without their permission, according to the complaint. As a sophisticated multinational corporation, Williams-Sonoma is fully aware that collecting ZIP codes from customers using credit cards violates Massachusetts state law, Monteferrante said in the complaint. law360.com

DOT Issues 'Reverse Logistics' Hazardous Materials Rule
Federal transportation officials on Friday adopted new regulations for "reverse logistics," or the returning of shipments of certain hazardous materials from retail stores to manufacturing or distribution facilities via highway. law360.com

ICE arrests more than 1,100 in operation targeting gangs
A five-week operation, dubbed Project Shadowfire, netted 1,133 arrests, including more than 900 transnational criminal gang members and others associated with transnational criminal activity, like drug trafficking, human smuggling and sex trafficking, murder and racketeering. The operation was led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and concluded March 21.

The majority of arrestees were affiliated with gangs like MS-13, Sureños, Norteños, Bloods and several prison-based gangs. Enforcement actions occurred around the country, with the greatest activity taking place in the Los Angeles, San Juan, Atlanta, San Francisco, Houston, and El Paso areas.  ice.gov

Livermore, CA: Razor Blades found inside Easter Grass bags from Dollar Tree
A woman said she found razor blades inside of Easter grass packages she bought from the Dollar Tree in Livermore. Melissa Myhre said that she bought a few bags from the store and when she dumped out the bag of pink Easter grass, two small razor blades fell out. She said the bag was not torn or ripped in any way before she opened it. Officers took a report after she called police, but never went further because they don't believe this is a criminal matter. Instead, they told her to contact the Dollar Tree, which would then be responsible for getting a hold of the manufacturer. Employees at the store told reporters they've removed all the pink Easter grass from the shelves, but are still selling the yellow version. They also inspected the bags and none appear to have any blades inside. abc7news.com

California Nears Deal to Adopt a $15 State Minimum Wage by 2022
If approved, California would become the first state to adopt a $15 an hour minimum wage. A measure to impose a $15 statewide minimum wage in New York is under negotiation in Albany. nytimes.com

Honoring the Trailblazers - New Column Devoted to Those Who Blazed the Trail
Starting in April, the Daily will be honoring those executives who are retiring from the industry. Open to all and applauding those who dedicated their careers to the retailers and teams they were a part of, this is a column for the people and by the people, calling out those who are fortunate enough to make it to the end and retire out.

If you're retiring or have a team member who's retiring send us an email and starting April 1st we'll have a link to simply submit your fellow colleagues. We'll do the rest with an interview and picture and we'll even send them a plaque. Those who dedicated their careers to Retail America and fought the shrink battle deserve a special congratulations for the whole industry to recognize. It isn't an easy battle and quite frankly not many make it to retirement and the Daily merely wants to recognize it and share the accomplishment.

Last week's #1 articles --

New Listing - VP of Loss Prevention Posted on Fashion Career Expo WWD Website
SBH Fashion (view profile) Search Firm

VP of Loss Prevention Reports to: Chief Executive Officer The Company is seeking a motivated, flexible self-starter to play a vital role leading the loss prevention function. He/She will ensure the protection of the Company's assets and employees through the professional implementation of Loss Prevention and Safety Programs. Manage a loss prevention team that strategically controls internal/external theft, facility security and employee safety and well being. Bachelor's Degree or greater in criminal justice. MS Degree and LPC, LPQ or PCI certifications preferred.  fashioncareerexpo.com

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Verizon's anti-hacking task force hacked
Hacker sells data stolen from 1.5M Verizon's enterprise customers

The hacker infiltrated was Verizon Enterprise Solutions, a division that provides services to clients from the business and government sectors. Coincidentally, it's also the task force of sorts Fortune 500 companies call in when their systems get infiltrated. A well-known member of a cybercrime forum recently posted a thread selling info on 1.5 million enterprise customers for $100,000. He also offered to share the vulnerabilities he found on Verizon's website for a price.

The company confirmed to Krebs that it discovered and fixed a vulnerability on its enterprise portal, but not before an attacker got through and stole basic contact information.

"Verizon recently discovered and remediated a security vulnerability on our enterprise client portal. Our investigation to date found an attacker obtained basic contact information on a number of our enterprise customers. No customer proprietary network information (CPNI) or other data was accessed or accessible," Verizon said in an emailed statement. cbs4indy.com engadget.com

$77 billion in budget - $445 billion in losses
How to justify your cybersecurity budget

AT&T report says worldwide information security spending would reach nearly $77 billion in 2015. As early as 2014, the overall cost of cyberattacks to the world economy already totaled approximately $445 billion, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

A recent article at CSOonline.com provides information and guidance that can help you make a strong case for adequate security funding. As the article explains, the process of justifying a cybersecurity budget begins by calculating the Annual Loss Expectancy or ALE. The ALE is a simple formula in which the number of expected incidents per year is multiplied by the potential average loss per incident.

Estimating these two variables is both an art and a science, but your IT security experts should already have a handle on the frequency and nature of attacks already directed at the company. Beyond estimated financial losses, you can add other likely impacts when justifying a security budget increase. Negative publicity following a successful cyberattack, for example, can tarnish corporate reputations and alienate customers, resulting in long-term consequences that far surpass any initial financial damages.

In making the funding case, however, you still need to deliver a well-researched and documented ROI analysis to justify each security expense, including the security-breach cost avoidance each expense will deliver. csoonliine.com

6 Months into EMV & Breaches, Fraud & Skimming is as bad as it ever was
Only a third of POS machines have been updated

Small to medium sized businesses are slower to switch, and particularly vulnerable. Based on the fact that EMV technology adoption is not a mandate, SMBs are methodically assessing the risk versus the reward its adoption. Hacking continues to make headlines, and now that card networks have introduced rules that merchants are responsible for fraud losses, SMBs are at greater risk than they were before. According to Brian Engle, executive director of Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center, many SMBs are going to accept risks of not adopting the EMV technology and move at a rate that's more appropriate for the size of their organization, from a transactional volume perspective.

In a recent Visa survey, seven out of 10 Americans now have at least one chip card in their wallet. However, a recent survey from Harbortouch shared that the majority of consumers thought swipe cards were more convenient and quicker-revealing that more people were worried about speedy processing times than chip card security or availability of EMV terminals, which could steer smaller retailers away.  

Because there have been so many merchants waiting until the last minute to switch, manufacturers of EMV equipment are unable to keep up with the demand. paymentssource.com

Study: Retailers behind in EMV, does it matter?
Many retailers are lagging in their EMV adoption efforts, and many consumers may not care that much.

In February 2016, credit card comparison website CardHub conducted an online survey of 1,000 consumers, and also surveyed 55 major retailers by phone in February-March 2016. Looking at the retailer survey, 42% of respondents have not updated terminals in any of their stores. Somewhat surprisingly, this figure is essentially the same (43%) among retailers who have experienced data breaches in the last five years.

Sixty percent of retail respondents who previously said they would complete equipment upgrades by the Oct. 1, 2015 EMV deadline had done so at the time of the survey.

Of the retailers surveyed, 16 (29%) were 100% EMV-compliant as of March 2016: Wal-Mart, Target, The Home Depot. Walgreens, CVS/Caremark, Best Buy, Macy's, Rite Aid, H-E-B (expected by June).

Kohl's. Dollar General, Gap, Nordstrom, Menards, Trader Joe's. and Michael's. Target, The Home Depot, CVS/Caremark, and Michael's have experienced a data breach in the last five years.

Another 23 (42%) were 0% EMV-compliant: Publix, Kmart, Ahold USA/Royal Ahold, TJX, Albertson's, Food Lion, Pizza Hut, Meijer, Wakefern/Shoprite, BJ's Wholesale Club, Whole Foods Market, J.C. Penney, 7-Eleven, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Aldi, Ace Hardware, Family Dollar Stores, Bi-Lo, Wendy's, Staples, Burger King, BeBe, and Neiman Marcus. Kmart, Albertsons, Staples, BeBe and Neiman Marcus have experienced a breach in the past five years, while Wendy's is investigating a potential incident.

However, results of the consumer survey showed 56% of respondents don't care if a retailer's payment terminal is chip-enabled. Another 42% say it is not a deciding factor. Only 2% of consumers won't shop at a retailer if they lack chip-enabled payment terminals. chainstoreage.com




THOROFARE, N.J. - Checkpoint Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced that more than 3,000 retail stores are now protecting P&G Gillette razor blades with its innovative iS AutoPeg Tag.

The iS AutoPeg Tag was designed for razor blades and other high-risk items displayed on peg hooks. It snaps quickly and safely on single- or double-hole packaging and can be easily removed at point of sale for reuse.

The iS Autopeg Tag ensures that Gillette razor blades are in stock with customer-friendly availability so shoppers don't find empty shelves or need to ask store associates to help them make a purchase. In addition, because they are easy to remove at POS, shoppers experience a faster checkout. Moreover, iS Autopeg Tags are very space efficient, visually easy to examine for compliance, enable customers to easily read and touch the packaging, and offer an improved overall look and feel for the category.

According to Shawn Evans, Shave On Shelf Availability Leader, North America, for Procter & Gamble, "We worked with our retailers and Checkpoint to develop iS Autopeg Tags, which can be customized to fit on razor blade packaging so that blades are available and easily accessible to our customers in open displays. The iS AutoPeg Tag has proven to be highly effective at increasing on shelf availability and we are looking to expand to 7,000 - 10,000 retail stores by June 2016."

"We're excited to work with P&G and its retailers to ensure the on-shelf availability of their products, and simplify operational processes in stores," said Per Levin, President of Merchandise Availability Solutions, Checkpoint Systems. "The iS AutoPeg Tag is an innovative product protection solution, which is helping retailers sell more, lose less and simplify store operations."

Read more here.



5 Things to Check Out at the
2016 Retail Asset Protection Conference

Next month, 1,000+ of the biggest names, brightest minds and most innovative thinkers from inside and outside the industry will gather in Dallas for the 2016 Retail Asset Protection Conference.

With more than 70 speakers on board and retail registration on pace to break attendance records, here are five things to look forward at the 2016 event:


● André Hawaux, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, DICK'S Sporting Goods
● Jon Grander, Vice President, Asset & Revenue Management, Caleres, Inc.
● Michael Silveria, Vice President, Loss Prevention, CVS Health
● Blue Montez, Vice President, Asset Protection, American Apparel
● David Lund, Vice President, Loss Prevention, DICK's Sporting Goods
● Joan Manson, Vice President, Corporate Loss Prevention, The Container Store
● Shawn Blankenship, Vice President, Asset Protection, The Home Depot
● Bob Oberosler, Group Vice President, Asset Protection, Rite Aid
● Tim Gorman, Vice President, Asset Protection Solutions, Walgreen Co.
● Dave Roberts, Director, Investigations, Lowe's
● Nelson Harrah, Director, Organized Retail Crime, Gap
● Chance Bowlin, Manager, Corporate Loss Prevention, Petco Animal Supplies


The retail AP landscape never stops evolving, so why should your AP strategies? At the AP Conference, breakout tracks are refined and a new one has been added to ensure the program covers changing priorities and challenges. 2016 breakout tracks include:


● Technology & Innovation
● Leadership & Development
● Operational Loss
● Crimes Against Business
● Workplace Safety
● Business Intelligence & Analytics  NEW

Read more on what's happening this year at RILA's AP Conference here

Reserve your spot here


Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

LP's Digital Fast-Break Conference

USS is the largest privately held loss prevention and security company in the U.S. They've long been known for their innovative EAS tags and systems and have earned a strong reputation as a leading integrator of video surveillance and access control systems. Last year, USS launched the highly successful NDVision platform, which simplifies the process of migrating from analog video to IP. With many retailers feeling tremendous pressure to stay current and drive higher performance, Steve Sell, Chief Marketing Officer for USS, tells us how USS is responding to the changes that keep their customers up at night.

LPNN Quick Take #11

Joe LaRocca is joined by Jim Shepherd, National Accounts Manager for Protection 1, in this LPNN Quick Take. Jim talks about the impact of Protection 1's recent acquisition by parent company Apollo, as well as what goes into managing and securing retail networks.

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

Same Day Delivery: Hidden Pitfalls for Retailers?
By 2018, CNP fraud will be 400% greater than point-of-sale fraud

The value of merchandise ordered via same-day delivery was projected to grow 520% from 2014 to 2015, rising from $100 million to $620 million, and will exceed $4 billion within the next three years.

Traditional stores who go big with online sales trade away their customized face-to-face service and compete strictly against price and inventory. The online shopper is loyal only to Google search results, reviews and reputation.

Retailers who follow the consumer demand and venture into the online market need to be aware of another growing liability: a corresponding increase in chargebacks and fraud.

Experts have cautioned that America's transition to EMV technology - making card-present sales swindles harder to pull off - will drive more fraud to the card-not-present (CNP) online market. One study forecasts that by 2018, CNP fraud will be 400% greater than point-of-sale fraud.

Retailers need to be on the lookout not just for criminals using stolen credit card data, but also for customers perpetrating "friendly fraud" by filing illegitimate chargebacks to obtain merchandise for free. They can minimize both types of fraud losses with an effective risk management strategy that combines both advanced technology and human expertise, but first they have to be aware that the problem exists and that their banked profits may be less than first posted. edgl.com

Target's Scarcity Strategy Can Be a Boon to Online Sellers
Despite a public relations backlash after last year's "Lilly Pulitzer" sale, Target is going ahead with another limited edition collaboration, this one with Finnish design house Marimekko. And the sale that kicks off on April 17th is likely to draw online sellers eager to cash in by buying items at retail and then selling at a markup after the event.

Last year, Target launched "Lilly Pulitzer for Target," a collection of 250 items, but Target found its website overwhelmed with traffic, and shoppers were disappointed when the website and retail stores quickly sold out of the items. A month after the sale, resellers reported they were banned from purchasing from Target. The retailer told EcommerceBytes it established a new policy in order to ensure it had enough product for its customers.

If history repeats itself and demand exceeds supply, Target won't be apologetic, according to Forbes, which said scarcity is the whole point of Target's collaborations. But while resellers scooped up last year's goods, there was no guarantee they sold the items at the high markups they were seeking. A search for Lilly Pulitzer brought back 26,816 listings on eBay on March 24, 2016. A search for Marimekko brought back 2,886 listings. As always, resellers beware. ecommercebytes.com

Apple Pay Reportedly Coming Soon to Web Sites

Five Elements Of - And Fixes For - Checkout Abandonment

Bitcoin Payments Go NFC



Wyomissing, PA: Dunkin Donuts Employee stealing credit card info,
part of $14,500 Operation Gucci
A Berks County judge told a Reading woman that if she put as much energy into lawful activities as she put into a credit-card skimming operation, she would have never ended up in jail. Anabel L. Sanchez-Marquez, 27, admitted in court Thursday that she was involved in an operation to make fake credit cards from information stolen from customers at a Dunkin' Donuts in Wyomissing. Police later connected the scam to the wide-sweeping Operation Gucci investigation. Barrett sentenced her to nine months to five years in state prison, followed by five years of probation. ADA Jason Glessner said the scam lasted from May 2014 until March 10, 2015. Glessner said they would then sell the fake cards to others for money and other items. The fake cards were used to take more than $14,500. readingeagle.com

Cuban Skimming Gang Trio Busted Buying Merchandise at Patton Creek Shopping Center, Hoover, AL
According to police, a trio of suspects on Monday were allegedly making multiple purchases with stolen credit cards at the Patton Creek Shopping Center. A corporate security team for Regions Bank alerted police of the alleged activity and officers were able to locate the suspects' vehicle on Galleria Boulevard. The three men inside the vehicle were identified as the suspects accused of using stolen cards, police said, and 32 stolen and/or cloned credit cards were recovered.

Authorities say the cards contained the identities of 32 different victims, 15 of whom have been located. The victims' credit card information was stolen through the use of a skimming device on a gas pump at the Kangaroo station on Cahaba Valley Road in Pelham, police said.  abc3340.com

Amarillo, TX: Two arrested at Walmart, Ticket Switching, Concealing
and using stolen credit card
even thieves are looking to save. Amarillo Police responded to a the Walmart on 2 subjects removing and replacing price tags on merchandise. The subjects reportedly concealed electronics inside other boxes. Officers observed as the subjects left the store without paying for the concealed merchandise. While being detained it was also discover they had purchased some of the other merchandise with a possible stole credit card. The theft of the items concealed or changed is valued at over $500. myhighplains.com

Vernon, CT: Connecticut Troopers Solve $6,600 Theft With Vernon Traffic Stop
State police said they seized about $6,600 in stolen merchandise, and the 37 fake credit cards apparently used to buy it, after a traffic stop Wednesday night. The search also turned up "a large amount of gift cards, merchandise and a fake identification card. courant.com

Booster Busted Hitting Polo store at Philadelphia Premium Outlets Friday
Lawrence Enos, a 38-year-old Philadelphia man arrested using two booster bags at Polo-brand clothing store at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets Friday afternoon. Limerick Ofc. Kevin McGuigan was credited with finding Enos, and the department indicated a "subsequent investigation led to the discovery of two booster bags and stolen merchandise." Enos has previously been arrested for retail theft, police added. He was taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. limerickpost.net

Richland, MS: Police officer and K-9 almost struck by alleged shoplifter
Police had been investigating after two people had been accused of shoplifting from a retail store several times in a week, authorities said. Officers were able to corner the duo Friday morning, investigators said. Surveillance video shows an officer getting out of his vehicle with his police dog and approaching another vehicle. As he does, the car's passenger jumps into the driver's seat and takes off, leaving his companion behind. The open car door hit the officer and spun him around, and the car narrowly missed the officer and the K-9. The officer regained his balance and took the other suspect into custody, police said. The driver was arrested on Highway 49 after what police said was a short chase. wapt.com

Vacaville, CA: Suspects crash car near I-80 after Home Depot robbery, chase
Two men were arrested after stealing from a Vacaville Home Depot and leading police on a chase on Interstate 80 to Vallejo, officers said. Loss prevention agents at the Home Depot noticed the two men stealing tools just after 3:30 p.m. Thursday. When the men were confronted about the thefts, one pulled out a knife he had taken from the store and threatened to harm the agents, according to Vacaville police. The men got away in a vehicle, and a description of the car was given to police. Officers spotted the vehicle going west on Interstate 80 and tried to pull over the driver, but the suspects continued into Vallejo, police said. The vehicle exited at the off-ramp, but was going too fast through the curve, causing it to hit the concrete barrier and flip over. kcra.com

Manteca, CA: Three suspects arrested after stealing $650 of merchandise
from Kmart, Police chase and crash
Three burglary suspects who allegedly took some $650 in merchandise from Manteca's K-Mart store led police on a high speed pursuit about 7 p.m. Sunday in a stolen car that ended up rolling over on westbound Highway 120 Bypass just west of Airport Way as they were fleeing. The trio , two men and a woman from Ceres, ran from the store out a fire exit. mantecabulletin.com

Bellefontaine, OH: Two face $1,800 Walmart Theft, drug charges
Two people were charged with multiple offenses Friday after they tried to steal shopping carts full of merchandise valued at more than $1,800. examiner.org

Muskegon County, MI., Joshua Allen Bullers, 32, of Holland, one year jail, 20 months probation for organized retail crime, habitual offender fourth, $1,098 fees/costs, must complete the Exit program

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community,
which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!


Columbus, GA: Suspect named in deadly Peachtree Mall shooting that left one dead
Columbus Police have named a suspect in the deadly shooting in the food court of Peachtree Mall that happened Saturday night. Police have issued a warrant for Xzavaien Jones in connection with the murder of Anthony Meredith. Police are identifying Jones, 18, as the shooter in the second shooting at Peachtree Mall in the month of March. Police say the investigation is ongoing, and more warrants could be issued soon. wrbl.com

Redlands, CA: Woman clings to life, Suspect Killed in Office Depot Hostage Situation
A man who was shot and killed by SWAT officers while he held his ex-girlfriend captive for two hours after shooting someone at an Office Depot in Redlands has been identified. Officers moved in after the man, later identified as 29-year-old Andrew Mike of Downey, shot his ex-girlfriend in the torso. The incident started around 2 p.m. Thursday when Andrew Mike walked into the Office Depot and began having an argument with his recently estranged girlfriend, who was an employee of the store. Warning: graphic video! abc7.com

Spanway, WA: Store owner fatally shoots shoplifter
A 21-year-old man was shot and killed late Friday at a convenience store and deli in Spanaway, the same store where a clerk was shot during a robbery last month. Pierce County Sheriff's Department spokesman said the husband of the clerk who was shot last month was working at the store late Friday. Deputies believe there was a confrontation between him and men in the parking lot. The clerk asked the men to leave. khq.com

Charlotte, NC: Officer cleared in shooting of suspect on Christmas Eve
at Northlake Mall
An off-duty police officer who shot and killed an 18-year-old firing a gun at a Charlotte mall on Christmas Eve will not be charged with a crime. The Mecklenburg County district attorney's office said in a news release Thursday that Officer T.E. Ferguson saw the teen fire a shot into the Journeys store at Northlake Mall after being called to a fight. Prosecutors say Ferguson shot 18-year-old Daquan Westbrook four times and he died shortly after. wncn.com

Los Angeles, CA: Murder over hot dog and a beer: 7-Eleven couple fight shoplifter, husband dead, wife critical
A married couple working at a Valley Village 7-Eleven were stabbed Friday, the husband fatally, as they fought with a shoplifter trying to get away with a beer and a hot dog, police said. The woman was hospitalized in critical condition and her husband was killed trying to protect her. The shoplifter was later captured by law enforcement officers. Police have arrested the suspect. According to police, the suspect, believed to be a transient, walked into the store and picked up a beer and a hot dog and tried to leave without paying, but the female clerk chased after him. The suspect stabbed the woman multiple times, prompting her husband to intervene, but the suspect stabbed him as well, police said. mynewsla.com

Robberies & Thefts

Springfield, OR: Kohl's shoplifter Carjacks a women and her baby, orders her to drive away
The man, with loss prevention staff on his trail, hopped over fences and entered a home while trying to get away. He quickly left the home after the homeowner confronted him. The man kept running, Police said. That's when he ran in front of the woman's car on the street, climbed into the passenger seat, and ordered her to drive. Her 1-year-old son was in the back seat at the time. Police said she had to slam on her brakes to avoid hitting the man, and when he first got into her car, she refused to drive him and threatened to call the police. But the woman ultimately complied with the man's demands. She and the man do not know each other. Soon, police stopped her car. The man ran, but was quickly apprehended by police. The suspect in being charged with second-degree kidnapping, first-degree criminal trespass, heroin and oxycodone possession, unlawful entry into a motor vehicle, third-degree escape, third-degree theft, interfering with police and has additional warrants outstanding for first degree theft. oregonlive.com

Kansas City, MO: Two men Face Federal Charges connected to 21 Armed Robberies in MO and KS
Two men were charged in federal court Thursday for the armed robbery of a Walgreens in Blue Springs, Mo., which resulted in a third suspect being fatally shot by law enforcement officers. The criminal complaint charges both men with the armed robbery of a Walgreens in Blue Springs. According to an affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint, law enforcement officers were conducting surveillance on the 2 men as part of an investigation into a series of 21 armed robberies of businesses in Independence, Mo., Raytown, Mo., North Kansas City, Mo., Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., since Jan. 2, 2016. In all of these robberies, including shooting one victim at the Conoco in Kansas City, MO. hayspost.com

McIntosh Co, GA: Serious crash following liquor store shoplifting
The GSP and McIntosh County Sheriff's Office are investigating a serious crash after a suspect fled the scene of a shoplifting incident around 6 p.m. on Saturday night. Sheriff deputies were dispatched to a local liquor store for an alleged shoplifter. Upon arrival, the suspect had already fled the scene, but investigators were later notified of a crash involving a car matching the description of the car involved. wtoc.com

New York, NY: Shoplifter who escaped police custody takes plea deal
A pregnancy-faking shoplifter who went barhopping after she slipped out of police custody in August took a plea deal Tuesday in Manhattan court. Tiffany Neumann, 23, copped to escape and possession of stolen property in exchange for 1 to 3 years in prison. Neumann's crime spree started when she skipped out on a check at a bar and grill on the Upper West Side. Later that night, she was arrested at clothing boutique Purdy Girl where employees caught her trying to steal a gray shirt by hiding it under her dress. Police took her to New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan hospital because she claimed-falsely- that she was pregnant. The Houdini hoodlum managed to slip out of her handcuffs, which were attached to her bed, and strolled out of the hospital. nypost.com

Tulsa, OK: Two women arrested in connection with string of robberies

Denver, CO: Police Search For Men Wanted In Nordstrom Rack Robbery

Danville, PA: Nun caught shoplifting

News of Shoplifter offered job at Tesco (UK) goes viral all over the world

Credit Card Fraud

Connecticut State Police arrest Brooklyn man with 37 fake credit cards in I-84 traffic stop

Two arrested in New Albany credit card scam hitting three pawn shops

Cuban man jailed, under suspicion of cloning credit cards in Mesa County, Colorado

New York - New Jersey credit card fraud crew of 8 women busted in Henrico, VA

Six Washington men arrested for using cloned cards in Bloomington, Minn., making large purchases

Conn. Parolee found with dozens of cloned cards and thousands in merchandise

Three Cuban Nationals busted in Hoover, Ala., with 32 credit cards cloned from gas pump skimmers

Macon, GA: Three New Yorkers arrested in Macon Credit Card Fraud Investigation

Grand Junction, CO: Mesa Co Sheriff's Office offering $1,000 reward in Credit Card case

A.D.L. Jewelers -Queens, NY - Armed Robbery
AT & T - West Point, MS - Robbery
All Stop - Gresham, OR - Burglary
Auto Zone - Jackson, MS - Armed Robbery
CVS - St Johns, Co, FL - Armed Robbery
CVS - Tulsa, OK - Robbery
Dollar General - Wilmington, NC - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Daly City, CA - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Sebring, FL - Armed Robbery
Domino's - Burlington, VT - Armed Robbery
Dunkin' Donuts - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Peoria, IL - Armed Robbery
First State Pharmacy - Wilmington, DE - Armed Robbery
Kwik Shop - Davenport, IA - Armed Robbery
La Sinaloense - Greenville, NC - Armed Robbery
Mother Hubbard's - Davenport, IA - Armed Robbery
O'Reily's Auto Parts - Durant, OK - Armed Robbery
Payless Shoe - Cleveland, TX - Robbery
Rite Aid - Gray, ME - Robbery
Rite Aid - Buffalo, NY - Armed Robbery
Rosales Store - Buda, TX - Armed Robbery
Shore Stop - Dover, DE - Armed Robbery
Subway - Tulsa, OK - Robbery
Subway - Baldwin, NY - Armed Robbery
Subway - Knoxville, TN - Robbery/ 2 different stores
Sunrise Express - Coffee Co, GA - Armed Robbery
Target - Denver, Co - Robbery
Thomas Food Mart - Cleveland, OH - Burglary/ ATM
Walgreens - Blue Springs, MO - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Marana, AZ - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Los Angeles, CA - Armed Robber/ 1 dead , 1 injured
7-Eleven - Martinsburg, MD - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Dallas, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - York Co, VA - Robbery



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Director of Loss Prevention
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Vice President of Loss Prevention
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Aritzia is searching for our new Vice President, Loss Prevention who will maximize profit by minimizing loss while respecting People, Brand and Operations. The Vice President, Loss Prevention is responsible for developing Aritzia's Loss Prevention strategy and tactics for Merchandise, Finance, People, Property, and Information...
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The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...
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The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...

Loss Prevention Supervisor
Riverside, CA
Provides detailed reports regarding events related to safety and loss prevention related activities to various staff and support departments. Works with LP Management to act as a liaison by participating in various meetings, providing written documentation and providing analytical analysis and research related to DC incidents...

Loss Prevention Officer
Riverside, CA
The DC Loss Prevention Officer has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. loss prevention, security and life safety procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft. Responds to and proactively addresses life safety, security, and operational issues...

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Cap Index, Inc. Research Analyst
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Successful Movements All Have 3 Acts
Leaders of change persuade people to follow them into the unknown, push them to get over their fears and challenge them to accomplish great things. This process follows 3 acts, similar to the structure of any story: they have a beginning, middle and an end. Here is how you can use this 3 act structure to inspire people to follow you. First, be a torchbearer

8 Signs You're on the Path to Becoming a Real Leader  It's natural to wonder what's next in our lives, what awaits for us on the next rung on the professional ladder. While there may not be verbal cues, here are some signs that you're growing and on the way to leadership. Weird jobs

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The Antidote for Overwhelm is Asking for What You Need  With the demands, piles of work, and never-ending emails, feeling overwhelmed at work can cause quite a strain on your productivity. They key to solving this problem is to establish different expectations inside the workplace in order for you to get what you need so that you are able to help everyone else. Fighting fires

10 Action Verbs that Define a Great Leader  Great leaders understand that actions are the best way to make an impact. These power words define what makes a great leader. They are easy to remember and act on because they all start with the same letter. Remember the 10 R's

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Why are we so risk averse? Forbes explains that, usually, we overestimate the possibility of something going wrong. We think about the losses more than the potential gains. Usually, however, the risk of something not going well is not as high as we think it is, and the odds of something going well are actually higher. Similarly, we often exaggerate the consequences of what may occur if something does go wrong. We always think about the worst-case scenario. In reality, if something does go wrong, we will take action to correct it-not sit idly by as our lives crumble around us. We have to remind ourselves that we are able to handle the consequences of risk. You can face that challenge, no matter what it is, so long as you believe you can.

To overcome this hurdle, ask yourself three questions: What would I do if I were being more courageous? How will inaction cost me a year from now if I do nothing? Where is my fear of failure causing me to overestimate the size of risk, underestimate myself and holding me back from taking risks that could serve me?

Anyway even if you lose, it may be worth it, because you never really grow without until you learn how to lose.

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