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Brett L. Ward, CFI promoted to Divisional Vice President of Business Development and Client Relations for Wicklander-Zulawski
Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc. (WZ), is proud to announce that Brett L. Ward, CFI, has stepped into a new role with the company as Divisional Vice President of Business Development and Client Relations.

"After almost two decades at WZ as a speaker, consultant and private sector seminar sales director, we felt it was time to harness Brett's strengths and long term relationships in the field and expand his role in growing the business," said Shane Sturman, CFI, Chief Executive Office of WZ. Read more here

2017 National Retail Security Survey data collection underway
Your responses benefit the entire retail LP industry

The 2017 National Retail Security Survey data collection is underway. If you have received a link to the survey, please complete it and send it back as soon as possible. Remember that your responses are confidential and provide an important benefit to the entire retail LP industry.


The NRSS is sponsored by the National Retail Federation in conjunction with the University of Florida. Results from the survey will be released at NRF Protect in June.

Stay tuned for a link to the survey in an upcoming Daily. You can read last year's NRSS here.

Walmart To Host IOBSE Conference at Home Office
IOBSE Spring Conference 2017 - April 26th and 27th

The International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) is dedicated to providing quality security and management focused educational programs. These programs are designed to serve members at all career levels from students to practitioners to senior executives.

This is a reminder that the IOBSE Spring Conference 2017 is just a month away. Both the early bird registration discount deadline (March 31) and negotiated hotel rate discount deadline (April 4 and April 11) are fast approaching.

The IOBSE Executive Officers and Board of Directors would like to invite you to the 2017 IOBSE Spring Conference. As the leading organization for minority security professionals, one of our key goals is to provide high quality education and training to keep practitioners and students abreast of current trends in security operations and technology.

See the attached program for more information and click here to register. iobse.org

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Encounter Bloomingdale's "B-Tag"

A Bloomingdale's security tag made a special appearance on the Bravo TV show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", when two characters noticed a black plastic tag hanging off a recently purchased dress. "What is hanging out of your dress, Kim?" Kyle asked. "Oh no, that comes right off, you just twist it," Kim said as she yanked on the security tag and it popped apart.

The special "B-Tag," as they are called, are attached to visible places like the front bottom hemline to make them difficult to hide when the item is worn. Once the black plastic tag is removed, the garment cannot be returned. Bloomingdale's has been using the tags to help crack down on a practice so common it has its own name: wardrobing. That's when someone purchases a clothing item, wears it out once or twice - like to a party - and then returns it to the store. bravotv.com

Organized Retail Crime Bill Headed to Gov.'s Desk in Tenn.
The bill expands the definition of theft to include evading alarm systems or store cameras, and also sets a $300 minimum fine for a conviction. The bill passed the House on a 93-0 vote on March 6, and was approved in the Senate with a 30-0 vote on Thursday.

Zachary and Briggs have also introduced a separated "Organized Retail Crime Prevention Act," that would crack down on people who sell gift cards for a profit by punishing these crimes as theft. "Most people don't realize that Knoxville is the number one city in the nation for gift card theft and abuse," Zachary said.

The retail crime bill has been "placed behind the budget" in the House, which means lawmakers will consider it after the state's spending priorities have been set. wbir.com

Rittenhouse Apple Store Racially Profiles Black Customers, Says Former Employee
Philly resident Cori Fisher worked at the Philadelphia Apple Store from 2010 to 2016, first as an Apple Store "expert" and later as a "specialist," as Apple classifies their employees. In a lawsuit just filed in federal court in Philadelphia the Apple Store racially profiled black customers.

Fisher claims that he witnessed a store manager asking a cop to get some black teenagers out of the store, and he says that the Apple Store told its employees to "closely monitor" black customers in general. The lawsuit describes the store's actions as "racist.

Fisher says that he complained of one incident in particular that occurred in December 2015 and was told that Apple Store management told him that they would investigate. He claims that in February 2016, he expressed his concern that the Apple Store was treating black customers differently than white customers.

In the end, Fisher says he was fired in April 2016 in retaliation for speaking up about the alleged discrimination.  phillymag.com

Attention NY State Retailers: AO5231
A New York State Assembly Bill, AO5231, was introduced on February 7, 2017 to amend NY General Law §349-F. This bill would require including a large statement in all communications to a subject concerning an attempt to settle the civil penalty under General Obligations Law.
This bill has been sent to the NY Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection for review. The bill will not be heard this session.   However, there are several opportunities this year for it to come before the committee. If this bill becomes law, you stand to lose valuable recovery funds which support your loss prevention programs. You can access the bill here.

'Codfather' Pleads Guilty To Mislabeling In Overfishing Plot
A fishing industry titan known as the "Codfather" pled guilty Thursday in Boston federal court to mislabeling thousands of pounds of fish to avoid strict environmental requirements.

Carlos Rafael, who runs one of the largest commercial fishing businesses in the country out of New Bedford, Massachusetts, admitted to U.S. District Judge William Young that he evaded taxes, conspired to commit offenses against the United States, falsified federal records, falsely labeled fish and smuggled cash to Portugal.

"He did all of this to hide his overfishing," Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling told Judge Young at Rafael's guilty plea hearing.

Rafael's way of getting around those requirements was straightforward, as he explained it to two Internal Revenue Service agents posing as Russian mobsters: He lied about what his vessels had caught. And he didn't have to worry about the numbers from the catch not matching the numbers from the sales, because he owned the vessels and the distributor. 

"We call them something else," Rafael said of the fish in a recorded conversation with the undercover agents. "It's simple."

As part of the scheme, hundreds of thousands of pounds of grey sole, American plaice and yellowtail, all subject to relatively strict fishing limits, turned into cheaper and abundant haddock when the government was watching. Once off the docks, Rafael sold it in bulk to a wholesaler in New York City who would pay for it with bags of cash, prosecutors said. law360.com

Walgreen sets deadline for $9.7B merger with Rite Aid
Walgreen has made a risky move to win regulatory approval for its $9.7 billion merger with Rite Aid - and it looks like a wager on Trump's pick to head the Federal Trade Commission.

Fed up with delays on getting a nod for the controversial deal, Walgreen has set a deadline of roughly three months for the FTC to either block the merger or let it go forward, two sources told The Post. nypost.com

O'Reilly Loses 9th Circ. Rehearing Bid In Expenses Suit
Mileage for Bank Deposits

The company argued the decision also erred by accepting as true without analysis that allowing class members to self-certify that they used a personal vehicle to make a bank deposit for O'Reilly without being reimbursed is appropriate. Upholding certification of a California class of store managers and assistant managers who allege they weren't properly reimbursed for business expenses. law360.com

AutoNation Hit With Unpaid Wages Class Action
A proposed class of salespeople hit AutoNation Inc. with a wage and hour suit on Wednesday, telling a California state court that the auto dealer paid them on commission while overworking them and not paying overtime.

Led by Tarek Abu-Hajar, a former AutoNation salesman, the proposed class claims that the retailer didn't provide its sales staff with rest breaks, pay them overtime, or pay all required wages when they left the company. AutoNation is also accused of violating the California Unfair Competition Law.

Abu-Hajar is seeking to represent a class comprising any current or former California residents who sold vehicles for AutoNation at any point starting four years ago Wednesday. During the class period, AutoNation based its salespeople's pay on sales commissions, which Abu-Hajar said failed to compensate them for breaks and violated other labor laws. law360.com

Stage Stores to acquire 50 Gordmans with option for 57 others
Based on the agreement, a subsidiary of Stage Stores will acquire a minimum of 50 Gordmans store leases. It also has the rights to assume leases for an additional seven stores and a distribution center; all of Gordmans' inventory, furniture, fixtures, equipment and other assets at the 57 store locations; and the chain's trademarks and other intellectual property. chainstoreage.com

NEC integrates facial biometrics technology
into its unified communication platforms

NEC Corporation of America has integrated its facial biometrics technology into its UNIVERGE Communication platforms, which includes NeoFace Welcome and NeoFace Watch.

The company's facial recognition software NeoFace Welcome recognizes registered individuals by comparing their face against stored images. If a match is found, the system greets the person by name and dynamic dialog paths based on the person's profile while unregistered visitors will also be greeted appropriately based on programmed parameters and identifiers.

NeoFace Watch leverages facial recognition technology to improve business performance through the identification of individuals in a crowd for public safety, retail loss prevention, crowd flow management, dwell-time analysis, and dual authentication access control. biometricupdate.com

Bosch Security Systems Introduces Cloud-Based In-Store Analytics
Bosch Security Systems introduces In-Store Analytics, a solution to provide retailers with valuable insights on store traffic for improving operations, customer engagement and sales. This cloud-based service uses position data generated by intelligent Bosch IP cameras to provide detailed information on how shoppers move throughout a store and interact with the displays.

As part of the solution, Bosch IP panoramic cameras are installed to provide high visibility of the retail floor. The cameras use on-board Intelligent Video Analytics to create position data of shoppers' movements. This data is then sent direct to the Bosch Security cloud where it is further processed without video streams ever leaving the retailer's premise. securityinfowatch.com

Gander Mountain - Gordon Brothers & Hilco Bid on Assets

Gap Inc., Old Navy, Gap and Athleta, has closed 113 stores worldwide since November, while opening 30 others

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
J.Jill Q4 comp's up 10.8%, net sales up 14.8%, full yr comp's up 11.2%, net sales up 13.7%
Canada's Dollarrama Q4 comp's up 5.8%, sales up 11.5%, full yr comp's up 5.8%, sales up 11.8%


 Zellman Group Celebrating 20 Years By Giving Away 20 LPC Scholarships!

The Zellman Group is entering into its twentieth year of business. To celebrate this accomplishment, we wanted to give back to the LP community. Over the last twenty years the Zellman team has realized how important education is to the growth of an LP professional.

If you or someone you know is looking to grow in the LP field, we are running a LPC Scholarship Essay Contest. We are giving away 20 LPC Scholarships for essays that best answer the question:

How will a LPC change your career path?

If you are interested, email a 400-word essay response to marketing@zellmangroup.com by April 1, 2017. Learn more at www.zellmangroup.com/essaycontest/

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The Rising Dangers Of Botnets
Category 6 - Hurricane IoT is Coming
Attacks on the Scale Never Seen Before Are Coming

At the click of a button, hundreds of thousands of unsecured devices could be hijacked and turned toward illegal activities like credit card fraud, denial of service attacks, and market manipulation.

Attacks like these are made possible by botnets, which are networks of devices controlled by a central machine or machines. Typically, these work in one of two ways: peer-to-peer communication where every infected device both receives and distributes commands to other infected machines or client-server communication where a central machine distributes commands to other machines, which are then executed on those machines. It should be noted that not all botnets are illegal or malicious. Some are created out of self-owned hardware for ethical academic or commercial uses. However, botnets that infect others' devices and use their system resources without the knowledge and consent of the owner of the hardware are illegal.

On a small scale, botnets are commonly used to engage in click fraud.

A primary driver behind fake news is the utilization of botnets to promote articles until they pick up traction for their decidedly inflammatory titles and content. These fake news articles can earn over $10,000 per month in advertising revenue. If all it takes is a few thousand bots to manipulate public opinion; hundreds of thousands can do significantly more damage.

The size of these denial of service attacks has gotten larger over the past several years. Last year, the well-known cyber-security blog, krebsonsecurity.com was hit with a record breaking 665 Gbps denial of service attack. Fortunately, the attack failed due to the efforts of Akamai Technology, the company contracted by krebsonsecurity.com to prevent these types of attacks from succeeding. Still, this attack has raised significant concern among cyber-security experts about the abundance of poorly protected and often difficult-to-update devices that make up the Internet of Things, such as IP Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, and more. Using these devices as an entry point, hackers can launch attacks on a scale that has never been seen before.

As the Internet of Things expands to include more devices, the relative power of individual's, corporation's, and government's presence on the internet will be diminished, and they will be unable to keep pace with the scale of attacks made possible by these unprotected devices. As hackers become more brazen and their capabilities become stronger, global economic and government institutions face increasingly dangerous threats to their stability. thehoya.com

Marketer Says Insurers Must Pay $6M For Gift Card Hack
Insurance Providers Lowballed Damages- Delayed Payment

Sales and marketing company Maritz Holdings Thursday asked a Missouri federal court to find its insurers owed it more than $6 million for gift cards for Target, Amazon and other retailers stolen by computer hackers.

Insurer Travelers Casualty and Surety and excess insurer Federal Insurance Co. both severely lowballed its damages from the 2016 hack and unnecessarily delayed the payment they did make for more than six months.

While the breach was discovered and gift card operations were temporarily halted March 11, Maritz claimed approximately $11.1 million in cards were fraudulently redeemed. It claimed that it was also forced to issue close to $450,000 in new gift cards to consumers who had received cards with zero or incorrect balances due to the hack.

Maritz claimed its primary policy Travelers' Insurance and its excess policy Federal Insurance entitled it to approximately $6.6 million in coverage for its losses, but that the companies ultimately only paid $650,000. law360.com

Mastercard acquires behavioral biometrics security firm NuData
to boost IoT protections

Mastercard has agreed to acquire NuData Security, a company that leverages session and biometric indicators to help fight mobile and online fraud as payment capabilities rapidly expand to Internet of Things devices.

Identifies authentic users from potential fraudsters based on behavioral biometric indicators displayed during their online, mobile app and smartphone interactions, flagging those that represent the highest risk. The technology assesses, scores and learns from each online or mobile transaction to enable merchants and issuers to make near real-time authorization decisions. retaildive.com

LinkedIn Trolls
Hackers bypass company defenses through social media sites

LinkedIn and other social networks are becoming targets for threat actors since they know it's a great way to bypass company's defenses. These attacks are becoming more common because it's easy and inexpensive. Companies have placed a lot of money in their perimeter security and purchased products to find sites with poor reputations scores. LinkedIn circumvents both of these layers. LinkedIn is typically a site that is not blocked by network filters to allow HR departments the capability to find new employees. LinkedIn is also a reputable site, so these reputation-based security products will allow any employee to access the site. Cylance has created some tips to help fend off these attacks.

Beware of fake user profiles
Be careful about accepting 'Friend Requests' from people you don't know. Scammers may set up fake profiles specifically tailored to catch your attention - for example, by creating profiles made to look like recruiters from top companies in your industry, by using an attractive profile picture (which may be a stock photo), and by attempting to connect with others on our team or within your company so that their profile looks more reputable. csoonline.com

49% of Organizations Don't Know if They've Experienced Insider Attacks


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Andy Gilbert

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Building Effective &
Inclusive LP Teams

Kevin Colman, Group VP of AP, Macy's

In today's challenging times, building and retaining teams is a critical component in running a successful LP program and driving results. Being able to identify, recruit, attract and successfully hire the right people is a challenge for everyone, especially given the labor shortage and the retail climate. Kevin Colman, Group Vice President of Asset Protection for Macy's, shares how to attract and develop top talent, while building culturally diverse teams that reflect the communities they serve.

Episode Sponsored By:

Quick Take #15

Joe and Amber are joined by special guest Jim Passarella, Director of Asset Protection for 7-Eleven, who shares why he'd start out in the Operations side of the retail business first, if he were to go back in time.

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Delaware has the highest rate of e-commerce fraud attempts
Miami, a port city where a lot of international commerce is conducted, is home to both the riskiest billing and shipping ZIP codes when it comes to e-commerce fraud, a new study finds.

At the state level, Delaware, Oregon, and Florida-in that order-were the riskiest based on the ZIP code of the purchaser and the address to which online orders were sent, according to Experian Information Solutions Inc.

Among major cities, Miami had the highest concentration of fraudulent e-commerce activity, with eight of the top 20 riskiest billing ZIP codes and eight of the top 20 riskiest shipping ZIP codes falling within its city limits, the study finds. Experian has said this is because a of the city's high volume of international shipping and commerce which potentially allows "criminals to move stolen goods more effectively."

Data from Experian shows that the average e-commerce fraud attack rate for the U.S. increased by 33% in 2016 compared with 2015. digitalcommerce360.com

Fraud Costs Foreign E-Commerce Retailers 22% More Than U.S. Brands
Non-U.S. retailers are particularly vulnerable, according to a study from LexisNexis. Non-U.S. retailers with an e-Commerce operation have the highest fraud-related costs as a percentage of annual revenue, with charges that are 22% higher than U.S. retailers, according to a study from LexisNexis. These merchants' overall fraud costs are 85% higher than their brick-and-mortar-only counterparts.

Retailers must contend with numerous types of fraud online to ensure that they aren't losing money during transactions, including:

• Losses attributed to friendly fraud chargebacks (30%);
• Lost or stolen merchandise (30%);
• Identity theft (22%); and
• Fraudulent requests for return/refund (17%). retailtouchpoints.com

UK E-commerce Fraud Jumps 18% in 2016
E-commerce payment fraud soared by 18% from 2015 to 2016, while online banking fraud dropped as cyber-criminals changed tactics to target users directly, according to Financial Fraud Action UK.

The payments industry body revealed e-commerce fraud for 2016 stood at nearly £309 million, although this should be put in context of card spending also increasing by 18% over the period to £248 billion.

FFA UK put the rise in fraud down to an increase in breached data being made available on the darknet and the success of phishing and SMSishing scams designed to trick users into giving up their details. infosecurity-magazine.com

ORC Leader Denny Dansak

Retiring After 7+ Years As Kroger's Sr. Corporate Manager of ORC

When Denny Dansak first joined Kroger seven and a half years ago to oversee the Organized Retail Crime Unit for all of Kroger's companies, it consisted of two other ORC investigators. Today, that unit is comprised of over 20 professional ORC investigators in most metropolitan areas in the country, plus a Financial Crime Unit.

Prior to joining Kroger, Dansak was a Supervisory Special Agent supervising multi-jurisdictional and multi-state task forces working with the FBI, DEA, ATF and local law enforcement agencies focused on organized crime, counter-terrorism and narcotics.
When hired by Kroger, Dansak had the firm belief that in order to combat ORC and reduce shrink, investigators needed a criminal investigative background since ORC investigations would result in criminal cases for law enforcement. Dansak believed there was a dire need to educate law enforcement to differentiate between shoplifting and ORC. His plan and vision was fully supported by the company's senior Leadership.

During Dansak's time with Kroger, his beliefs came to fruition. Over the past seven years, Kroger's ORC cases have led to over 2,600 arrests and federal indictments by law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Additionally, those ORC investigations netted seizures in excess of $50 million of assets for law enforcement and stolen product for Kroger. Over two dozen investigations detailed direct links that funded organizations overseas with either stolen product and/or cash. This fact illustrated stolen product not only transcends state lines, but travels well internationally.

Dansak also used his law enforcement experience and expertise to initiate partnerships with law enforcement which resulted in the formation of numerous law enforcement ORC task forces across the country from San Diego and Los Angeles in California to Richmond, Virginia. It not only worked, but it was extremely successful.

This success has led to Kroger's ORC Unit gaining "Best in Class" recognition from both retailers and law enforcement agencies. But Denny would be the first to say that his peers helped make this success possible. Over the years, he has learned a great deal working with his colleagues and building retail partnerships.

As Denny's career winds down with his retirement at the end of this month, Kroger's ORC Unit continues to move forward under the succession plan he initiated one and a half years ago. Denny believes the ORC Unit will continue on a great path of success for Kroger and the unit will continue to drive ORC investigations that will reduce the company's shrink.

"The ORC Unit is in good shape and timing is everything," Denny said. "Buyouts are a good thing."

We at the D&D Daily thank Denny for his many years of service to the industry and wish him very best in the next chapter of his life.

Ventura County, CA:
Alleged members of the Rainbow Crew theft ring plead Not Guilty

Members of a statewide theft ring pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges stemming from Thousand Oaks burglaries. Of the four suspected to be in the so-called Rainbow Crew, the Ventura County District Attorney's Office filed the most charges against Damon Hooker, 21, and Kyrie Grayson, 23. Each was charged with four counts of commercial burglary and one count of felony conspiracy to commit a crime. Two other females also pleaded not guilty to one count each of commercial burglary and conspiracy.


All four suspected to be in the Rainbow Crew, an organized retail theft ring, were arrested Tuesday after the chase, authorities said. The crew is responsible for stealing more than $100,000 in merchandise from Los Angeles and Ventura County stores and more than $1 million in merchandise across California. vcstar.com

Fort Mill, SC: Crossbow among $2.3K in merchandise stolen from Cabela's
Authorities responded Wednesday to the Cabela's location at 1000 Cabela's Drive in Fort Mill in reference to a theft that happened on March 22, according to a York County Sheriff's report.

The report states that the shoplifter stole a Mafar Bulldog Crossbow 400 valued at $1,199, a Helix 9 SI Sonar Humminbird worth $999, a $130 jacket, and a $30 Yeti tumbler. Authorities say a store employee was able to provide security video of the person who stole the items. A suspect has been identified, the report says, but no charges have been filed.  heraldonline.com

Richland, WA: Family Busted for Facebook Retail Theft Ring
The Richland police report calls it 'organized retail theft.' We call it part of a growing problem. Richland police reported Thursday a family is in jail for running an organized retail sales ring on Facebook, but using stolen merchandise. Renae Montelongo, along with her father Richard, and Mother Billy Jo are accused of a series of retail thefts in both Spokane and Tri-Cities, then putting the items on sale in the Facebook Marketplace. No mention was made yet about the dollar amount total of the stolen merchandise. newstalk870.com

Traffic stop leads to biggest seizure of untaxed tobacco products in MN history;
over $74,000 in tobacco taxes

The Minnesota Dept. of Revenue announced that the County Attorney recently charged Mohammad A.M. Abdul Majid and Iman Gencehan Ugurlu, with one count each of felony aiding and abetting possession of untaxed tobacco products and one count each of felony aiding and abetting aggravated forgery. A Minnesota state trooper on I-94 stopped a rental truck occupied by Majid and Ugurlu for bypassing an open weigh station and not wearing seatbelts. The trooper seized the vehicle and its contents until it could be thoroughly investigated. Dept. of Revenue staff assisted in removing and itemizing the tobacco products. Investigator determined that the retail value of the tobacco products seized was over $78,000, which indicated that more than $74,000 in tobacco taxes should have been paid. This is the largest known seizure of untaxed tobacco products in Minnesota history. dl-online.com

Arlington Heights, IL:
Police seeking female suspect in Rogaine and Crest Whitestrip thefts

Police are investigating another report involving theft of over-the-counter medication at a retailer, this time, at a Target store in the village. The latest over-the-counter-medication theft happened around 6 p.m. March 20 at the Target store, 1700 E. Rand Road, where a woman reportedly entered the store and removed several items that were valued at $335, including Rogaine, Alli weight-loss pills and Crest Whitestrips. chicagotribune.com

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Visit the ORC Resource Center

Shootings & Stabbings

Scottsdale, AZ: Owner of a vape store allegedly shoots employee in the face
On March 23, police were called to Pro Source Vapes, after receiving reports about a shooting inside. It was discovered that the owner, 28-year-old Taylor William Eberle, had left the store to take the 22-year-old victim to a nearby hospital. Eberle and several of his employees were at his store that night "engaging in reckless behavior - waiving and pointing their guns at each other," Scottsdale police said.

After combing through video surveillance, police saw the suspect carrying a rifle without a magazine in it. He pointed the rifle at two men who also pointed their pistols back at him on at least two occasions. During the incident, the victim is seen cleaning a counter top. Eberle loaded a rifle with a magazine and pointed the firearm at the victim. The rifle discharged and the victim was struck the man in the right side of his face. By the time officers arrived, both the suspect and the victim were already gone. However, they did find blood, body tissue, broken teeth and a loaded rifle on the floor of the business. Eberle told investigators he accidentally fired a shot.  abc15.com

Cecil County, MD: State Police Arrest Walmart Shoplifter who attempted to Stab Loss Prevention agent
Maryland State Police have arrested a man accused of trying to stab a Walmart employee in Cecil County. Troopers responded to the store around 4 p.m. Wednesday for reports of the attempted stabbing. Police eventually found the suspect and pursued him on foot. The suspect, identified as 30-year old John Fox Jr, was eventually caught and arrested. He is being charged with 1st Degree Assault, 2nd Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, Theft, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Carrying a Concealed Dangerous Weapon, and Carrying a Dangerous Weapon with the Intent to Injure. The victim told police that he attempted to stop Fox for shoplifting merchandise valued at just over $300. That's when he says Fox pulled out a black object from his pocket and made a slashing motion at the victim. He then dropped the stolen property and fled the scene. baltimore.cbslocal.com

Robberies & Thefts

UK: Kent, England: Gang jailed after smashing into Bluewater jewellery shop as part of Multimillion Burglary plot
Gang members who stole watches worth over $300,000 from a jewelry store in Bluewater have been jailed. They targeted Bluewater last June - causing more than $75,000 worth of damage - as well as a further 10 locations across the UK in a plot to steal goods more than $3.8 Million.  kentonline.co.uk

Sunrise, FL: Armed Robber smash and grabs jewelry at Sam's Club
Armed robbers smashed jewelry cases at a Sam's Club, Friday morning, and fled with merchandise. Police said the Sam's Club, was held up by an unidentified male. An employee was walking into work when they were followed by the armed robber. Police said the man smashed the jewelry cases and stole items before fleeing the store. No injuries were suffered by the employee and those inside the Sam's Club, and police have yet to confirm the identity of the robber. The suspected male remains at large. wsvn.com

San Antonio, TX: Woman accused of putting Target Loss Prevention agent in a Chokehold during robbery
Police say they are searching for a man and woman who attacked a loss prevention employee at a Target store. Police say the couple was at Target when the man stole a set of headphones. As a loss prevention worker was in the process of detaining him, a woman came up behind the employee and put him in a chokehold, hurting him. The couple left with the headphones. foxsanantonio.com

Whitehall, OH: Police arrest 18 in effort to curb Retail Theft
Whitehall Police say they have arrested 18 people after a "retail theft blitz" on Wednesday, March 29. Officers cooperated with staff at locations including Walmart, Target, and Town & Country Shopping Center, according to a press release. Police were looking for shoplifters, people stealing from vehicles, and other criminals. Approximately 20 officers were dedicated to the investigation. Police say they arrested a serial thief who has reportedly stolen from multiple Target locations across central Ohio. nbc4i.com

New Zealand: Calls for spot-fines for shoplifters
The police should have power to impose spot-fines on shoplifters to save time and money, Retail NZ says. In its Facing Retail Crime report, released yesterday, the organization outlined a "three-point action plan" for dealing with retail crime, which it estimated was costing about $1 billion a year. It proposes establishing a national retail crime task force within the police, introducing a social-change program, and implementing an infringement notice penalty regime for petty offences. nzherald.com

Leader of ring that robbed cell phone stores gets 57 yrs
A Forest Park man was sentenced to 57 years in prison Thursday for leading a crew of armed robbers that targeted suburban cell phone stores. Eric Curtis, 32, recruited people to join the crew and supplied them with guns to carry out robberies, according to the U.S. Attorney's office.

During Curtis' trial, evidence revealed the crew carried out a series of takeover-style robberies in 2013 at cell phone stores in Addison, Norridge, Deerfield and Woodridge, according to the U.S. Attorney's office. The crew entered stores displaying guns, and ordered employees and customers to the back before taking as many cell phones as they could carry in duffle bags, federal prosecutors said. suntimes.com

Nationwide robbery 'crew' implicated in Kansas City, Kan., phone store holdup
Alleged members of a nationwide robbery gang have been charged with the $53,000 hold-up of a Kansas City, Kan., phone store last September.

Five men were charged Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kan., where court documents allege they were part of a group involved in "dozens of similar robberies" throughout the United States.

Mario Lambert, Sir T. Love, Sharod Pitts, Domonique V. Walker and Terry D. Curtis were charged Wednesday with robbery and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence. kansascity.com

Portland, OR: 'Bandage Bandit' wanted in three Bank Robberies inside Fred Meyer stores

Columbus, OH: Woman shot inside PINK store at Easton Square; female suspect in custody

Kailua-Kona, HI: Suspect in a C-store parking lot attempted to run down a customer with a car; Police fired 2 shots at the fleeing suspect

Linden, NJ: Man faces 30 years in prison for Payless Shoe armed robbery; tying up workers

Update: Dayton, OH: A 57 year old woman indicted on 3 counts of Robbery; used a nail file to stab employees at People's Market

Cargo Theft

Pharmacy Cargo Thefts Under-reported in Europe; Problem could be 3 to 5 times larger than reported
The under-reporting of pharmaceutical cargo theft in Europe is "contributing to misinformation and a sense of false security within the industry," and the industry must act quickly or risk an increase in crime from these "sophisticated" groups. This is according to a new report commissioned by supply chain firm Sensitech and written by Marv Shepherd, a professor emeritus and former director of the Center for Pharmacoeconomic Studies at the College of Pharmacy, University of Texas at Austin, and president of lobby group Partnership for Safe Medicines.

The report, a web-based survey from last year, saw a total of 49 respondents complete all or some portions of the questionnaire, with three-quarters from pharma manufacturers and supply chain logistics executives. The data showed that extensive under-reporting of pharmaceutical cargo crime in Europe is a "serious and prevalent problem," with over a third of the respondents saying that the number of unreported thefts was most likely "three to five times greater" than what is reported, with a minority believing it may be up to ten times higher. securingindustry.com

Skimming Theft

Rochelle Park, NJ: Police arrest two in wide scale skimming operation in NY and NJ; stole Hundreds of Thousands of dollars
Notified that someone attached the device to the ATM at a West Passaic Street bank on March 12, detectives and patrol officers collected area surveillance video and identified a pair of suspects, Lt. Dean Pinto said. They also released surveillance images to the public. Police then watched Teck W. Gim, 28, and Wendy Gim, 39, for three weeks, learning that they "lived in Bloomfield and frequented an apartment in Astoria, Queens, taking the investigation into New York City," Pinto said. Search warrants executed early Thursday produced their arrests, along with the discovery of "a large amount of U.S. currency and several items of evidence" that linked the pair to the crimes, he said. Authorities also seized a 2016 Porsche Cayenne and a 2015 Ford Explorer for forfeiture.  myveronanj.com

Am/ PM - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
A&N Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
Beech Grove Fuel Market - Craven County, SC - Armed Robbery
Coronor Liquor - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
CVS - Lyndhurst, OH - Robbery
Dollar General - Shreveport, LA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Arcadia, LA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Warren, OH - Armed Robbery
Get n Go - Des Moines, IA - Robbery
IHOP - Kyle, TX - Armed Robbery
McDonald's - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
Mobil - Deerfield Beach, FL - Armed Robbery
Nadeau's Sub - Goffstown, NH - Burglary
Sam's Club - Sunrise, FL - Armed Robbery
Smoothie King - St Louis, MO - Burglary
University Liquors - Normal, IL - Armed Robbery
Verizon - Troy, OH - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Newington, CT - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Newport News, VA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
 17 robberies
 2 burglaries
  0 shootings
  0 killed

Weekly Totals:
 88 robberies
 23 burglaries
  6 shootings
  1 killed

None to report.

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