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 April 1, 2014


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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Jenny Ley was named Director, Corporate Security for Target.
Jenny also worked with the FBI for a number of years as their Deputy Assistant Director, Counterterrorism Division, Unit Chief, Intelligence Analyst and Intelligence Briefer to FBI Director and US Attorney General. Congratulations Jenny!

Mitigating Retail Shrink with Better Monitoring at Century 21  in the Jersey Gardens outlet center in Elizabeth, NJ, the opening of a new Century 21 retail store gave the enterprise’s loss prevention team the chance to test out an IP surveillance system. Century 21 was averse to delays in camera control that would affect their ability to track and monitor situations in their stores in real time. The camera system they chose, from American Dynamics, moves to position as fast as 512-degrees per second, allowing for active surveillance and efficient tracking of suspicious behavior. We have very proactive LP policies in place to protect our inventory and guest experience so we needed the lowest latency and best quality picture from these domes as possible,” says James Betesh, Vice President Loss Prevention, Century 21 Department Stores. Century 21 chose 10 IP pan-tilt-zoom dome cameras, along with an additional 34 HD IP mini-dome cameras. The retailer also employed a new, unified video management system to condense video clips for faster investigations (loss prevention manager Tyrese Williams reported that video that used to take as long as four hours to watch can be condensed to just 25 minutes), and security personnel can access video on an iPad or iPhone, leaving them free to respond to situations while away from their desktop. Using the system’s analytic capabilities, Betesh says the surveillance can be tied into the POS system and used by fraud analysts to detect issues at the cash registers. (Source

Winter caused 450+ lost days on average per national retailer - climate change is here to stay & crisis management programs  January and February were absolutely terrible months regardless of all news about consumer confidence and the housing market. In talking with a number of national retailers the averages are slightly over 450 lost days due to weather related store closings. And now the U.N. sends out a warning about climate change and how the new norms will be the severe weather we've recently experienced. How's this going to impact the retailers worldwide? One thing is certain; store closings due to weather and potential crisis management due to storms will be the new norm as well if everything they're saying is right. Just a thought. (Source

Venezuelan tourist cleared of Macy's shoplifting arrest - part of last years pre-holiday racial profiling news  A judge cleared Maria Paez, who said she was just carrying items around the store when she put them in a Macy's bag during a Sept. 12 trip. She soon found herself handcuffed, held in a store detention cell for hours, and pressed to sign a confession and pay $500, while her 12-year-old son waited in the store uninformed of where she was, according to her attorney, Daniel Hochheiser. Court records weren't immediately available Monday evening, and Manhattan district attorney's office representatives had no immediate information on the case. Paez faced misdemeanor charges that carried the potential for up to three months in jail. Paez, whose family owns real estate and a pet-food company in Venezuela, maintains that Macy's security guards targeted her because she spoke Spanish and had words with an impolite fitting-room attendant. "She stuck up for herself, and they didn't appreciate that a foreigner was actually going to talk back to them, and they were going to teach her a lesson," Hochheiser said. A Macy's spokeswoman had no immediate comment. Paez and her attorneys drew attention to her case at a news conference in November, when a series of complaints by black shoppers had spotlighted long-simmering questions about security practices and profiling at Macy's and other major retailers in the city. (Source

U.S. Retail Sales Rose 2.7% First Four Weeks of Mar From Feb

Sally Beauty follows Target’s lead
It looks like one year of free credit monitoring has become the new industry standard for retailers looking to placate customers potentially affected by a data breach. (Source

Banks Withdraw Claim Against Target Over Break-in
Two banks that took legal action against Target over its recent data breach have withdrawn their claims, apparently due to an erroneous allegation against a security vendor also named in the suit. Green Bank of Houston filed a notice of dismissal Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, effectively saying it will no longer pursue the claim. Trustmark National Bank of New York made a similar filing Monday. Green Bank and Trustmark complained in the suit that U.S. banks have already spent US$172 million replacing compromised payment cards. The lawsuit asked for unspecified compensatory and statutory damages. However, on Saturday Trustwave CEO Robert J. McCullen wrote in a letter that Target had not outsourced its data security or its IT obligations to Trustwave. "Trustwave did not monitor Target's network, nor did Trustwave process cardholder data for Target," he wrote. (Source

DOJ seeks to expand reach into suspected criminals' computers in multiple jurisdictions without warrants  Under a proposal (.pdf) sent to the federal judiciary's Advisory Committee on Rules of Criminal Procedure, federal agents would be allowed to remotely access computers they suspect were used in crimes – even if the computers are located in a different judicial district than the one granting the warrant. The advisory committee, which oversees the general rules for criminal case procedures and evidence, placed the proposed rule on the agenda for its upcoming April meeting in New Orleans. Earlier this month, a subcommittee approved the proposal for publication and decided to seek public comment. For more download the Committee agenda. (Source

71% of respondents said they are either “not confident” in their security or “not at all prepared” to manage a potential security breach

Florida Identity Theft bill toughens penalties and sends money to 3 counties in South Florida for beefed-up law enforcement

Tyco Retail releases TrueVue 5.0
Tyco Retail Solutions has released TrueVue 5.0, the latest version of its flagship retail software suite and an extension of its TrueVue Retail Platform. With this new release, customers can now receive mobile reports via iOS devices to monitor key store performance metrics anywhere, anytime. Available in the Apple App Store, the TrueVue app provides access to Tyco Retail Solutions’ loss prevention, traffic and inventory metrics from any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. By arming retail field and store level associates with key data metrics on demand, they are empowered to make better decisions, fueling operational improvements. (Source

Loss Prevention Research Council Announces New 'Innovation Lab' for Anti-Crime Research, Meetings and Planning  The LPRC staff and board of advisors announces the LPRC Innovation Lab is slated to open in the University of Florida’s Innovation Square area May 1st. The lab will be used to conduct basic anti-crime R&D, as well as host LPRC members as they conduct internal or group meetings and project planning. The lab is conveniently located to interact with multiple UF researchers, and over 25 LPRC member retailers’ innovation stores. LPRC invites retailers and solution partners interested in visiting and/or using the innovation lab to contact Omar Harris or Corrie Tallman at

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"The Impact of Information Technology Monitoring on Employee Theft and Productivity" Sponsored by WG Security Products and featuring Lamar Pierce, Co-Author and Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

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A 50-year-old American man, and his British partner, 38, were arrested in Algeciras, Cadiz, for allegedly fraud and credit card forgery. The investigation began following a complaint from an international internet payment company which had been affected by an alleged fraud. One of their users, whose full name they provided, had used credit cards copied and stolen in the US to obtain cash which he then sent to his own accounts. The investigation, carried out in Estepona, Manilva, Guadiaro and Algeciras, led authorities to a couple living in the province.

They were located in Algeciras and their home was searched, resulting in four laptop computers, five external hard drives, six mobile phones, 19 credit cards and 4,500 GBP in cash being seized. The detainee had accounts with payment management sites in the USA, the UK and Spain. He had started the fraud with the accounts he used in the US to buy and sell products, which were linked to a US company owned by his partner. He used the stolen and forged cards to supposedly purchase items from the company, sending the money, amounting to more than 348,372USD to his accounts in the UK and Spain.

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"Taking an AP Team & Program to the Next Level"

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Jim Connolly, SVP Asset Protection for Burlington Coat Factory, talks about the keys to establishing a successful LP program – and how you take that program “to the next level” once it has matured. In 2010, Jim successfully engineered the biggest re-organization of Burlington’s LP program in the history of the company. Here, he offers tips on how to retain, challenge and develop team members, while keeping it fresh and exciting for the executives. Watch the interview here.


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New Video Illustrates the Benefits of the Zellman E-Fraud Solution

Zellman Fraudnet

With EMV fast approaching and fraudsters forced to make their move online, Zellman Fraudnet offers a solution to Omni-channel retailers with risk reduction in the Card Not Present environment via their customized fraud case management.

Zellman Fraudnet is feature rich in technology. With advanced analytics, you have greater insight to detect, identify, and stop fraud before it starts. Removing the threat of online fraud allows retailers to focus on growing revenue through higher conversion rates and other initiatives, like adding new products or international expansion.

Click on the video and see how Zellman Fraudnet can:

Reduce false-positives and ensure your good customers remain happy
Lower your chargeback rate by rejecting fraudulent purchases
Lower your decline rate by stopping fraudulent purchases before credit card processing
Improve your on-line reputation by providing a safer shopping environment

Prepaid Cards' Role in Fraud
Fraudsters are increasingly turning to prepaid cards for the movement of money to perpetrate fraud, says payments fraud expert Tom Wills. Today, human money-movers known as mules are being replaced with prepaid cards, he says. Plastic is less risky and less expensive, says Wills, director of Ontrack Advisory, a consulting firm focused on payments innovation. Using compromised online banking accounts, fraudsters can quickly and easily buy a prepaid card under a stolen account, load it with cash and then launder funds through it, Wills says. Listen to the whole interview here. (Source

SEC Is Focusing On Cybersecurity — And So Should You
Add the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to the growing list of federal authorities stepping up their regulation of cybersecurity. There has been considerable discussion on Capitol Hill recently about whether, or to what extent, government agencies should regulate the data security practices of business entities. Indeed, the first three months of 2014 have seen an increasing attentiveness to cybersecurity, with congressional hearings, proposed legislation, and front-page media stories bringing the debate about who should be responsible for keeping our data safe to the forefront of the nation’s psyche. While the wrangling continues about whether, or to what extent, additional government regulation is needed, the SEC recently announced that it will host a roundtable to discuss cybersecurity issues affecting public companies and “market participants,” i.e., brokers, dealers, registered investment advisers, registered investment companies, transfer agents, exchanges and clearing agencies. The roundtable has been scheduled for March 26. The SEC’s roundtable announcement follows close on the heels of the SEC’s announcement that it will be flexing its already existing authority to examine cybersecurity compliance by registered advisers. And in recent weeks, market participants have been receiving lengthy, detailed questionnaires, called cybersecurity sweep letters, from the SEC, asking for information about firms’ cybersecurity practices. (Source

Kohl’s hiring 640 for e-commerce Distribution Center in Monroe, OH


"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




IAI’s Top Three Ways to Stay Relevant
at the RILA Conference

Checkview, General Dynamics and InstaKey to give CFI scholarships, Elite Training Day registrations and International Association of Interviewer’s memberships

CHICAGO, April 1, 2014 – The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) has teamed up with elite solution providers, Checkview, General Dynamics and InstaKey, to provide the top three educational opportunities for RILA attendees to stay relevant.
Stop by Checkview’s booth 303, General Dynamics’ booth 507 and InstaKey’s booth 724 for a chance at:

1. A Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) Scholarship
2. An Elite Training Day registration
3. An IAI membership

Elite Training Day is geared toward elite interview and interrogators from all disciplines. The educational content is based in truly advanced techniques of interviewing and interrogation. The agenda includes a session entitled, “Top 10 Things You Need to Know When Investigating High Level Executives” and a detailed workshop on using data analytics as effective tools to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.

IAI memberships are valuable tools for those dedicated to the art of investigation. IAI is the governing body and member association for the CFI designation. Its mission is to provide relevant and valuable education and training to support those practicing the art of interviewing and interrogation. The association’s web content contains educational resources including a rationalization matrix, interview mapping, legal updates, podcasts, book reviews, blogs and much more.

“IAI is fortunate to have solution provider partners that are sincerely committed to advancing the industry as well as the educational goals of the loss prevention and safety professional,” said Wayne Hoover, CFI, Executive Director for IAI.

About the International Association of Interviewers
The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is the only association specifically for CFI designees as well as all those dedicated to the art of interviewing and interrogation. The IAI mission is to provide educational, business and networking opportunities to interviewers from all disciplines through valuable resources such as instructive events, useful Web content, exclusive Webinars and much more. To learn more about IAI membership and existing educational resources visit



Murder caps teens' crime spree in Charlotte - 7 victims - 5 incidents 
Police in Charlotte say the shooting death of a man last weekend capped an eight-hour crime spree by some teens. Ronald Glenn Gullette, 44, of Charlotte was shot in a robbery attempt as he sat in his car in front of his home around 10 a.m. Sunday. Maj. Mike Smathers said the teens pulled up beside random victims at traffic signals or stopped them on the street starting around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Police say there were seven victims in five separate incidents. Two teens have been taken into custody. Police are looking for at least two other suspects. (Source

Publix Supermarket in DeLand targeted by robbers; 2 armed masked men demand cash from manager  It's the third Publix robbery in March. Robbers have also targeted the Publix in Winter Park on Aloma Avenue and most recently a Publix in the Dr. Phillips area on Sand Lake Road. Two more Publix stores were robbed in Altamonte Springs and Lake Mary. The robbers tend to come around closing time and then demand a manager to a back office to fill up a bag of cash. (Source

3 charged with robbing pharmacies in 3 counties
Police have made three arrests in connection with the robbery of several pharmacies in Philadelphia, Delaware and Bucks Counties. The robberies occurred between the months of February 2013 and April 2013, during which several types of prescription drugs as well as varying amounts of money were taken. (Source

Smash and grab robbery attempt in north Houston caught on camera  It happened at the Texaco gas station on Berry near Fulton. Surveillance video shows men using a pickup to smash into the building earlier this morning. The owner says the would-be thieves didn't get away with anything. The owner says the would-be thieves got away with nothing, but they certainly left an expensive mess behind. (Source

Two Arrested for Theft from Peebles in Philadelphia: adding charges of fleeing, public drunkenness and DUI  Susan Kershner, 45, of Smithsburg, Md., was charged with retail theft, fleeing and eluding, and two counts of DUI for the incident Saturday afternoon, according to Washington Township police. Her passenger, 57-year-old Barry Edington, was charged with retail theft and public drunkenness. The stolen merchandise totaled nearly $680. (Source

Bose Outlet Burglary Suspect Arrested In Petaluma, CA
Petaluma police arrested a Santa Rosa area man for an alleged burglary at the Bose outlet store on Sunday. Nathan Verrill, 38, around 6:20 p.m., allegedly took merchandise from the stereo and electronics store at the Petaluma Village Premium Outlets. He allegedly tried to flee with the items. Store employees chased after Verrill and recovered the merchandise. California Highway Patrol helicopter was in the area and assisted with the arrest. (Source

DuPage County Sheriff's Manhunt Monday: Man wanted for forgery, identity theft

Kiosk owner at Boca’s Town Center mall accused of selling counterfeit jewelry

ETX employee busted by alert loss prevention officer in Lufkin, TX

American Express Gift Card fraudsters hit 11 stores in Richmond, Pa. area busted by alert store clerk

Traffic stop leads to arrests of 3 NYC men for using fake credit cards

NY man hits Westlake, Oh., Apple store with counterfeit gift cards - hit other Apple stores as well

Frederick, MD man sentenced to 15 yrs for armed robberies in 2011 and 2012

Peoria, AZ Police asks for public help after two pharmacies are robbed

Distraction Team hits Kay Jewelers in the Garden State Plaza (NJ) for a $24,000 2 CT Diamond engagement ring




Three arrested two more on the loose - multi-state ID theft scam in Waxhaw, N.C.  Selling advertising placements in magazines to companies on the phone the ring leader would send his family members and girlfriend out spending money at retailers - The ring leader is wanted in several states. (Source

Two Alton, Il men charged with felony retail theft at Walmart
On Friday, March 28, at approximately 6 p.m., the Madison County Sheriff’s Office responded to Walmart in reference to a retail theft. A Walmart employee reportedly observed a man push a shopping cart, containing about $600 in merchandise, out of the store without paying. The man pushed the cart to a vehicle on the parking lot. An occupant of the vehicle helped the unknown subject load the items into the parked vehicle. After loading the stolen merchandise into the vehicle, the subject fled the parking lot. (Source

Two Grand Theft Suspects Sought In Retail Theft In Madeira Beach, Florida  Pinellas County detectives are seeking the public’s assistance in locating two grand theft suspects who stole clothing and other items from a retail store in Madeira Beach. On Friday, February 28, 2014 at approximately 4:50 p.m. the two suspects entered the Palm Palms store located at 12913 Village Blvd. in Madeira Beach. Suspect #1 was observed distracting the cashier while suspect#2 stuffed clothing into a shopping bag she brought into the store. The two suspects were then observed leaving the store. The females returned to the store later that day and took more clothing items before leaving again. (Source

Family of 6 hit Bath and Body Works in the King of Prussia Mall
On the morning of March 26, an employee of Bath and Body Works stated that a family of six entered the store, split up and were causing a commotion. One subject broke a glass bottle on the floor and while the employee was cleaning it up saw one of the actors leave the store with a large tote bag. The actor took 24 bottles of body spray. (Source

Two suspected shoplifters arrested at Salem, NH mall; $1000 in merchandise recovered  Two women face multiple charges after loss prevention officers found them with nearly $1,000 worth of clothes Friday evening at the Mall at Rockingham Park. Store loss prevention workers stopped the women when they were leaving the store and found clothing worth $939 in bags. The women were accompanied by a small child in a stroller. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

C-Store Chain Sold on March Networks Video Surveillance

Rock Solid Reliability, Ease of Use, Backward Compatibility a Winning Combination

Digital video was still in its infancy when Quik-E Foods of Lynchburg, Virginia, began equipping its 12 convenience stores and five car washes with March Networks 3108 video recorders a decade ago.

“Over the years, we replaced some of our original recorders with March Networks 4208 and 8516 recorders, but I still have four 3108s,” said Todd Burgess, Quik-E Foods Vice President. “They’ve been up and running 365 days a year all this time.”

Quik-E Foods' experience is consistent with March Networks’ reputation for rock solid reliability. “The thing that most impresses me about March Networks technology is that it’s a piece of equipment that I never have to fool with,” remarked Burgess.

Equally important, the C-store chain’s collection of 3108, 4208 and 8516 recorders illustrates March Networks’ commitment to backward compatibility. There was never a reason for Quik-E Foods to replace its perfectly functioning 10-year-old recorders to take advantage of software upgrades or other enhancements in video surveillance technology. When Burgess powers up his iPad and goes to the Cloud to review live or archived video from his 12 stores, for example, it makes no difference if it’s a 3108 recorder or a brand new 8000 Series NVR.

Burgess also likes March Networks’ user-friendly interface. “Our managers use the Live Viewer, Evidence Manager and Investigator software on a daily basis,” he said. “They all know how to use them as well as I do and they’re all self-taught.”

Several years ago, March Networks worked with Quik-E Foods to integrate its video surveillance and point-of-sale systems, allowing Burgess and the company’s store managers to review recorded video with text overlay. “It’s invaluable to be able to pull up a camera and see what’s being rung up overlaid on top of the video,” said Burgess.

Quik-E Foods is now in the process of upgrading to March Networks’ Searchlight application. “Before, with text overlay, I could only search for voided or canceled transactions by logging in at each recorder locally,” explained Burgess. “With Searchlight, all the transaction data is stored at corporate on a server, so I can go in and ask to see all voided transactions at all locations in a specified time range.”

Better still, Searchlight will automatically deliver a daily emailed report identifying suspect transactions with links to the corresponding video.

While the system is primarily used for loss prevention, Todd’s father and Quik-E Foods founder Wilton Burgess also takes advantage of its live viewing capability for operational oversight. Physically inspecting all 12 stores would take him two or three days. With the March Networks system, he can sit in front of his computer and accomplish the same thing in 20 minutes or less.

Learn more about March Networks here.


Job Opening




VP of Loss Prevention Dunkin Donuts Canton, MA Dunkin Donuts
LP Director BevMo United States BevMo!
Director of Security/LP Price Chopper Schenectady, NY Price Chopper
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Stores New York, NY L Brands
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears San Francisco, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Sacramento, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Los Angeles Valley, CA Sears Holdings Corp
Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
Market (District) AP Manager Sam's Club Fayetteville, AR Walmart
Regional LP Manager Michaels Denver, CO Michaels
Regional LP Manager Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Regional LP Manager Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential Philadelphia, PA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential New York City, NY Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential Boston, MA Downing & Downing

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Logan, UT Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Waveland, MS Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Sherwood, OR Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Modesto, CA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Patterson, CA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Fresno, CA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Tigard, OR Walmart
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Rockledge, FL Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Woodbridge, VA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Fort Myers, FL Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Simi Valley, CA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Naples, FL Lowe's
Reg Dir AP and Ops Home Depot Dallas, TX Home Depot
LP Manager Macy's Fayetteville, NC Macy's
LP Manager Macy's Victor, NY Macy's
LP Manager Macy's North Olmsted, OH Macy's
LP Manager Macy's Erie, PA Macy's
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Stores Boston, MA L Brands



Jenny Ley was named Director, Corporate Security for Target.

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How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills  We have a constant need to make decisions, whether hard or simple, every day. At work or at home, we need to decide what sort of food to eat, or who is the best person for a promotion. Most of these decisions are based on reason and what we feel to be the best choice, or rational thinking. But try using these tips to boost your ability to make decisions. (Use a TRICK)

How to Create a Workplace People Love Coming to  If you have great benefits, and an incredible pay that's awesome, but it doesn't mean much if your employees don't enjoy being there! A challenging environment yet one in which everyone is appreciated is a must have! Try incorporating these traits from some of the best places to work and see how your employees respond! (Hear, don't just listen)

Looking to Motivate Someone to Change? Try Motivational Interviewing  You can't force anyone to change, but you can influence whether or not they are willing to try to do something different. Whether it's a habit, or new business approach, try using your interviewing skills in a new way to help ease the hesitation. Use these five principles of motivational interviewing as your guide! (Pros and cons)

The Art of Having a Productive Argument  Arguments in the workplace aren't necessarily a bad thing, if done correctly. Having some friction and creating a little bit of noise, as Steve Jobs puts it, can polish the ideas that are being bounced around, as well as the people discussing them. Use your arguments to move ideas forward, not put things at a stand still. (Seven ways to make arguments work for you)

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