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Michael Ness was promoted to Director, Corporate Security & Business Continuity for Sprint.
Michael was previously the Asset Protection Manager for the retailer and has been a part of their team since 2005. He has also worked in security for the First National Bank of Omaha as a Security Manager, and at Tractor Supply Company as a Regional Manager, Auditing and Security. Michael earned his Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Wayland Baptist University and went on to acquire his MBA in Business Administration & Management from Baker University. Congratulations Michael!

Michael Suppe was named Territory Loss Prevention Director for Territory 1, West for Burlington Stores.
Prior to joining Burlington Stores, Mike was most recently Director of Asset Protection, Western Operations, 7-Eleven Stores Inc. Before his time at 7-Eleven Mike held Asset Protection Management positons with West Marine, Kmart Stores, Michaels Stores and Wal-Mart. Michael began his career as a Deputy Sheriff, County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles CA. Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sonoma State University. Congratulations Michael!
Justin Henkenberns, CFI was named National Loss Prevention Investigations Leader for Restoration Hardware.
Justin was previously the National Manager of Asset & Profit Protection Learning & Development for Sears Holdings Management Corporation and had been on their team since 2014. He has also held other loss prevention roles such as Corporate Director of Loss Prevention, District LP Manager and Multi-Store LP Manager for Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Region Loss Prevention Manager for PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc. Justin earned his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice/Safety Studies from Metropolitan State College of Denver. Congratulations Justin!



2016's GLPS's - Group LP Selfie's
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time



Members of the LPRC, CVS Health, Walgreens
and Rite Aid LP Teams at the
Anti-Robbery Research Planning Summit

Pictured from left to right: Jim Berry (CVS Health), Kevin Plante (CVS Health), Tim Gorman (Walgreens), Read Hayes (LPRC), Hal Friend (Walgreens), Tim Mueller (Walgreens), Robert Stano (Rite Aid), Stephanie Lin (LPRC), Steve Middleton (Rite Aid) and Robert Oberosler (Rite Aid)

Red Nose campaign brings the drug store and loss prevention industry together
Walgreens challenges Coca Cola, Wrigley to get 'Seriously Silly'
Walgreens' on Wednesday challenged fellow Chicago native Wrigley Co. and Atlanta's very own Coca Cola Co. to a "Red Nose Rumble." The two iconic brands were called to the comedy carpet to get "seriously silly" April 6 on their respective social media outlets in support of eliminating children's poverty.

Some of the drug store industry's own Loss Prevention professionals, with members of the LPRC, joined in the cause and took their own picture with red noses to share their support:

"Personally, I didn't know about the Red Nose campaign until visiting their Corporate center and stores near Chicago to meet with the LPRC, Rite Aid and Walgreens. On the last day of our meeting, Hal brought in red noses for each of us and we all agreed to have a photo taken. We were all there working collaboratively to find ways to help combat drug store robberies and this moment in time was to support our nations' impoverished children. Both problems are issues we are all facing and we showed our passion this week to fix them! The group of people are all top notch professionals and I certainly enjoyed the conversations and look forward to continuing our collaboration."
-Kevin Plante, Dir. of LP Reporting & Analytics, CVS Health

LP teams, send in your selfie and win!
3 Pizza Parties and one person gets to go to NRF Protect 2017!
Show your LP Team Pride!

Submit your GLPS here
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Former Wal-Mart Executive Tom Coughlin Was Sam Walton's Protégé: 1949-2016
Executive vice chairman left company amid accusations of misappropriated funds
From LP Director to vice chairman - Died Friday at 66

Thomas M. Coughlin, a former vice chairman of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and close friend of the retailer's founder, died Friday, according to the company. He was 66.

The 6-foot-4 Mr. Coughlin was a Wal-Mart legend -- a protégé and old hunting buddy of founder Sam Walton and for five years was the second-highest ranking executive. He started at the company in 1978 as director of loss prevention, and later was an integral part of the executive team that made Wal-Mart the largest retailer in the world.

But he is perhaps best known for the scandal that erupted around him as he retired as executive vice chairman in 2005. He left the company amid accusations he misappropriated as much as $500,000 from Wal-Mart through fraudulent reimbursements and improper uses of gift cards. After pleading guilty to wire fraud and tax-evasion charges, he was sentenced to 27 months of home confinement in 2006.

The judge spared him jail time in part because his doctor at the time described him as "57 going on 87," saying he had coronary disease, diabetes and other ailments.

He started his career with Macy's, in San Francisco, and was working in security for Cook United Inc., the now-defunct Cleveland-based chain that included the Cook's and Uncle Bill's stores, when Walton recruited him for Walmart in 1978. Gus Downing senior, the vice president of security for Cook United in the 70's, actually hired Tom Coughlin at Cook United.

Coughlin started in the company's security division, became vice president of loss prevention and eventually climbed to executive vice president and vice chairman of Walmart Stores Inc. He retired in 2005, citing health concerns. wsj.com reuters.com cleveland.com

Crime Spike in St. Louis Traced to Cheap Heroin and Mexican Cartels
Increased Heroin Sales Increases ORC Cases - Spikes Nationwide

Mexican traffickers have inundated the St. Louis area with a new, potent form of heroin, drastically reducing prices for the drug and increasing its strength to attract suburban users. The dispersal of the cheap heroin has led to a surge in overdoses, addiction and violence in cities across the country.

Besides St. Louis - where the problem is particularly acute - Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Philadelphia have attributed recent spikes in homicides in part to an increase in the trafficking of low-cost heroin by Mexican cartels working with local gangs.

"The gangs have to have a lot of customers because the heroin is so cheap," said Gary Tuggle, the Drug Enforcement Administration's chief in Philadelphia, who observed the same phenomenon while overseeing the agency's Baltimore office. "What we are seeing is these crews becoming more violent as they look to expand their turf."

Editor's Note: With the direct link between heroin and ORC suspects we can see in this article alone that the national increase is sales of cheaper heroin being pushed by the Mexican cartels is creating more addicts which in turn creates more ORC cases. As retail has become Heroin's Silent Victim.  nytimes.com

Anti-Fraud Pays - Making the Case for Anti-Fraud Controls
A report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that while the average organization loses about 5% of revenue to fraud every year, the losses are less severe at those that employ anti-fraud controls. At organizations that use proactive data monitoring and analysis, fraud schemes resulted in a median loss of $92,000, compared with $200,000 at organizations that didn't monitor and analyze data.

Organizations with fewer than 100 employees were most likely targets, representing about 30% of the total, and suffered a median loss of around $150,000-about the same amount as incurred by organizations with 1,000 to 10,000 employees and those with 10,000 or more workers. "Small organizations are particularly vulnerable to fraud because they have fewer resources to withstand losses," the report said. "Small organizations also are much less likely to have anti-fraud controls in place than larger organizations." wsj.com

BBB: 'Card skimming' on the rise
The Better Business Bureau reports "card skimming" is making a comeback across the country. Dixon said the scam has seen a resurgence because of the new "chip" credit cards, which are immune to skimming. "The thief knows that they have a limited amount of time to skim as many of the old style credit cards as possible," Dixon said.  kboi2.com

Florida Governor Signs Bill Cracking Down on Skimmers
$100,000 Loss & 100 Victims Pre-Skimming Device

Requires gas-station owners to use additional security measures on self-service pumps. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services may also prohibit the use of fuel pumps until such security measures are installed.

More than 190 skimmers have been found statewide since the beginning of 2015. Approximately 100 consumers are victimized by each skimmer, resulting in $1,000 stolen from each victim on average." "Each skimmer represents an estimated $100,000 threat to consumers."

"Increasing the penalties against individuals involved in the theft of fuel and requiring gasoline pumps to install advance security measures will assist in deterring this criminal activity that raises costs for all consumers," Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, said in a prepared statement. news4jax.com

Tight Fisted Tourist & Light Holiday Hiring blamed on retail job loss in NYC
It's tourists becoming tightfisted. International visitors continue to flock to New York, but they are not spending nearly as much as they used to, especially on shopping. ● It's weakness in holiday hiring. We know retailers slashed their normal seasonal hiring last fall.

At some point, online shopping will reduce the number of stores, but neither the IBO nor I could find any way to show this statistically. So for now, let's blame the tourists. Just ask Tiffany or Macy's, both of whom have attributed their worrisome sales declines to the drop in tourist spending. crainsnewyork.com

All Roads Lead to Amazon's Impact - even in merger world
Staples Blocks FTC's Amazon Evidence In Merger Row

Staples Inc. convinced a D.C. federal judge to bar the Federal Trade Commission from unfairly springing evidence on them about Amazon Business' capabilities Friday, while continuing to fight the agency's allegations that Staples' merger with Office Depot Inc. would harm competition for business office supplies. U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan agreed, excluding the FTC's expert witness analysis of Amazon's likely inability to compete after the merger, as well as recently produced evidence about large companies' purchases through Amazon.com. law360.com

UK: Crime Report from the Association of Convenience Stores, Internal theft costs $27 Million per year
The tragic events in Glasgow last week that resulted in the untimely death of newsagent Asad Shah only go to show why many independent retailers feel they are on the frontline as far as crime is concerned. Thousands of shop owners each year have to put up with shoplifting, theft by their own staff, abuse and anti-social behavior and violent customers. Down the years, some of this violence has led, as in the sad case of Asad Shah, to the deaths of innocent shopkeepers. It is little wonder that trade bodies have put the fight against retail crime at the top of their agendas. The recently published Association of Convenience Stores' Crime Report 2016 said, not surprisingly, that violence against shop owners and staff members was the number one concern in the trade. There has been a slight decline in violent attacks in recent years, but the report said there were still 11,000 incidents of violence resulting in injury. Weapons, including real or imitation firearms, knives, hammers and axes, were used in 1,800 incidents. Read the editor's comments here  talkingretail.com

Director of Loss Prevention posted today for Dollar Express Stores
in Charlotte, N.C. 
Family Dollar Spin Off Stores Starting LP Department
Dollar Express is the newest entrant in retail's dollar store segment, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our stores are currently bannered as Family Dollar stores and will be converted to become Dollar Express stores. We're a start-up in the sense in that the corporate support function and all of the associated infrastructure needs to be developed, but we begin our journey with 330 store locations coast-to-coast in 36 states. Dollar Express is backed by Sycamore Partners, a leading private equity firm that specializes in retail and consumer investments.

We have an immediate need for a Director of Loss Prevention at our Charlotte-based Store Support Center or in another major East coast city.  Reporting to the SVP of Operations, this position is responsible for taking a proactive approach in developing loss prevention policies that protect the assets of the Company by directing, establishing, implementing and monitoring programs that will minimize loss.  linkedin.com

It's official: California hiking minimum wage to $15; New York looks to follow

Preparing For The Proposed New Overtime Rule

Last week's #1 article --

Cellphone gun helps open carry get more concealed
A Minnesota company is making national headlines for a gun that's not even on the market yet. The start-up Monticello company, called Ideal Conceal, is getting a lot of attention for its double-barrel .380-caliber handgun. The reason why? The gun is designed to look just like a cell phone. CEO Kirk Kjellberg said he got the idea for the gun at a restaurant, after getting his permit to carry -- and quickly realizing he'd like to be more concealed. click2houston.com


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US and Canadian Governments issue Ransomware Warnings
The US and Canadian Governments have issued a joint alert about ransomware infections in the wake of more hospital infections.

After the FBI issued a statement where it recommended victims do not pay the ransom and backup files, the US Department of Homeland Security and the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Center joint statement highlighted "its main characteristics, its prevalence, variants that may be proliferating, and how users can prevent and mitigate against ransomware." govinfosecurity-magazine.com

Payment breaches to continue despite US EMV liability shift
Now, with the adoption of EMV technology in full swing, two questions remain top of mind for payment sector executives, retailers and customers alike - will the transition to chip and PIN make credit cards and transactions more secure from attacks? What impact will this change have on other payment methods? 

Experian believes that it is not a silver bullet against attacks and predicts that the payment industry will continue to face breaches despite the migration.  Only half of executives in the payment sector believe chip and PIN will decrease the risk of a breach. In fact, 64 percent believe that it is more challenging to secure payment card information than any other identifiable information.

This trend is driven by the fact that payment data remains one of the most valuable types of information to cyber criminals and they will continue to look for new ways to steal and use it for fraud.  retailcustomerexperience.com

EMV Not Ready for Prime Time
Restaurants See Significant Uptick in Chargebacks From EMV Liability

Dave Matthews, executive vice president and general counsel of the National Restaurant Association, which represents more than 500,000 restaurants throughout the country, says the group questions whether EMV is really ready for "prime time." And Matthews alleges that the significant increase in chargebacks is unfair, given the current state of EMV and the questions about whether all the transactions cited for chargebacks are actually fraudulent.

"Only half of the consumer public has chip-enabled cards at this point in time. There are still an awful lot of cards that need to be issued. And secondly, there's a huge backlog of certification of [EMV-ready] point-of-sale hardware and software that needs to get through EMVCo's pipeline before that equipment is readily available to most small merchants." Smaller restaurants are seeing massive amounts of chargebacks for magnetic-stripe transactions believed to be fraudulent.  govinfosecurity.com

Mergers and Acquisitions Put Orgs at Greater Risk of Attack
A company's security infrastructure is more vulnerable during the Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) process, according to new research from Digital Shadows.

In its report 'Cyber Threats Targeting Mergers and Acquisitions', the firm investigate the cyber risks or possible degradation to a company's security that can occur as a result of M&As. The research outlines the various stages that make up the M&A procedure, and more interestingly, how security threats develop and change as these steps progress. infosecurity-magazine.com

Moncler to Use High-Tech Chip in Anticounterfeit Battle
Starting from its spring collection, all Moncler products will include a revolutionary anticounterfeiting system, which makes use of the most recent Radio Frequency Identification technological developments. The tool has a distinct alphanumeric code and a QRcode, as well as a Near Field Communication tag in the shape of the brand's logo. The chip allows for the confirmation of the authenticity of the product and to offer a more interactive and effective verification procedure. This step can be taken by visiting the code.moncler.com Web site, or by reading the QR code or NFC code with specific apps that can be downloaded on a smartphone. wwd.com

BlackBerry Radar Tracking System for the Trucking Industry Can reduce theft

Flaw in VertX and Edge lines of popular door controllers allow hackers to easily unlock secure doors



StopLift Detects 1.5 MILLION Incidents of Unscanned Items at Checkouts Worldwide

StopLift Checkout Vision Systems has now detected more than 1.5 million incidents of scan-avoidance at both manned and self-checkouts at retailers around the world.

StopLift's Scan-It-All video recognition technology has confirmed more than 1.5 million-plus incidents, which include "sweethearting", when cashiers pretend to scan merchandise but deliberately bypass the scanner, thus not charging the customer for the merchandise. The customer is often a friend, family member or fellow employee working in tandem with the cashier. Many scan avoidance incidents are also caused by customers using self-checkout.

See real scan avoidance incidents - and a realtime incident counter at www.StopLift.com.

StopLift's patented Scan-It-All video analytics technology visually determines what occurs during each transaction to immediately distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behavior at the checkout. As soon as a scan avoidance incident occurs, StopLift, which constantly monitors 100% of the security video, flags the transaction as suspicious. It quickly reports the incident, identifying the cashier or customer and the date and time of the theft. This includes incidents which may be due to mistakes by the cashier or customer at self-checkout as well as items left in the shopping cart.

Retail chains can now receive realtime reporting on self-checkout theft and other scan avoidance, prevent false alerts and interventions, alert the attendant before the customer leaves the store, and improve customer service at the self-checkout with StopLift's new Self-Checkout Accelerator.

"Retailers always suspected that self-checkouts would be highly prone to scan-avoidance, and our technology has certainly found this to be the case," Kundu said. "Furthermore, using the incidents detected from their own stores, retailers are now able to train staff on the signals indicating when customers are either having problems using the self-checkout or are exhibiting suspicious behavior."

Dishonest associates are identified on the basis of video evidence the first time they conduct a fraudulent transaction, rather than months or even years down the road, significantly reducing inventory shrinkage, deterring future theft, and boosting profitability. Likewise, dishonest customers are identified at the self-checkout.

"The system never sleeps. It lets me sleep," said Piggly Wiggly owner Keith Holley of Alabama.

The technology eliminates costly, time-consuming human review of video, drastically reduces and deters fraud at the checkout, and significantly improves profitability, Kundu said. Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, StopLift develops targeted applications to address the specific needs of retailers from different sectors including general merchandise, grocery, and specialty retail.

Scan-It-All works with existing off-the-shelf overhead cameras. No special camera equipment needs to be purchased or installed, and no changes have to be made to the checkout.

The U.S. National Retail Federation states that retail shrink was $44 billion in 2014 and about $14 billion of that is due to scan-avoidance. Supermarkets, with their lower profit margins, are particularly vulnerable to scan-avoidance, which has accounted for an almost 35% profit loss industrywide.



Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

Introduction with Gus Downing

LP Leaders Kickoff

Gus Downing, Publisher and Editor of the D&D Daily and LPNN, introduces the LP Leaders portion of our "Live in NYC 2016 at the NRF Big Show" broadcast. Learn about the vision and mission behind retail LP's only digital fast-break conference. With interview topics including Omni LP, High-End Retail LP, Analytics, Organized Retail Crime, EMV, Cyber Security, Critical Incident Management, and a host of other subjects - these videos offer valuable insight and information from the leaders of the LP industry directly to you - live and on-demand. Stay tuned! 

LPNN Quick Take #15

Co-MC Amber Bradley gives a shoutout to all the sponsors who helped make our broadcast possible. She also previews what's to come. With surprise guests lined up throughout the afternoon, who knows who you might see, or what you might hear! When you're LIVE, anything can happen.

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

CNP Fraud
Fraudsters more organized - better prepared than card networks for EMV

Fraudsters, it appears, are more organized and better prepared than the card networks. They've been aware of the coming change for some time and they positioned themselves to get ahead of it. A recent Forrester report titled "Stop Billions in Fraud Losses with Machine Learning" indicated North American fraud losses would increase 55 percent by 2018. And it has already begun. Forrester indicated that fraud attacks increased by a substantial 163 percent just during the first three quarters of 2015.

Moreover, fraudsters don't give up and they don't want to risk their illicit income being stopped by a new kind of card - so the move online, even ahead of the EMV curve, is a logical one. Fraud is crucial to fraudsters' bottom lines, and they're individual, autonomous agents who don't have to worry about process and compliance the way retailers or card networks do.

They're also highly creative, they share information and techniques and they're part of a sophisticated underground ecosystem. They know there's money to be made out of CNP transactions. Online, mobile and phone orders are a highly tempting and potentially very lucrative target.

A fraudster's success is an online merchant's loss. The retailer takes the hit for a fraudulent transaction and all the associated costs - and with CNP fraud attacks on the rise, that means retailers without fraud prevention capable of meeting the challenges of modern e-commerce are facing huge potential loss.

Traditional fraud prevention has relied on rules and manual reviews. Until recently there was no viable alternative, but cutting-edge technology means that's no longer the case. Full automation, based on machine learning that learns and adapts with every single transaction, is now possible.  wwd.com

Report Finds Vulnerabilities in 90% of Mobile Applications
A recent report by Arxan - a company that specializes in software security and mobile application protection - has found that out of all the mobile apps tested 90% of the applications unveiled multiple vulnerabilities.

What this means to Bitcoin users is that less trust should be placed in mobile wallets especially thosethat keep your Bitcoins online. A Bitcoin hardware wallet seems to be a pretty foolproof way to secure large amounts of Bitcoins, check out this full comparison between bitcoin wallets.  themerkle.com

Clothing Tops eCommerce Spend List
According to data from comScore obtained by Re/code, clothing was the top-selling product category for three out of the four quarters in 2015. In Q1, Q2 and Q4, clothes accounted for $12.4 billion, $11.8 billion and $17.2 billion in sales, respectively. In July 2015, a Cowen report estimated that Amazon would surpass Macy's as the top seller of apparel in the U.S. by 2017 at the latest. pymnts.com

Online retailers stress location and career growth when recruiting
Filling an open e-commerce position can cost up to $50,000 depending on how a retailer does it. internetretailer.com

Online retail spending set to surpass 60bn pounds in UK and 180bn pounds in Europe in 2016



Participate in the LPRC's ORC Survey
Help Identify Retail's High-Theft Items

The LPRC's Organized Retail Crime and Product Protection Working Groups are collaborating together this year on a common research initiative: ORC High-Theft Items, otherwise known as "Hot Products List."

The LPRC would love to have several different retailers weigh in and help provide insights into this very important topic in the industry. What are your organizations' top high-theft items? The names and associations collected on this survey will be kept confidential; we also give you the option to include your organization's name.

The purpose of this survey is to provide retailers with knowledge of multi-industry common ORC/hot-product high-theft trends and to better prepare retailers for potential high-theft threats in any given year. The information you provide will be purely for research purposes. The information will be able to be accessed through the LPRC to interested members. The LPRC's goal is to have a list of these high-theft items representative across different industries.

Please help us in this research initiative by taking the survey below:

For more information, please contact Brittany at brittany@lpresearch.org.

Traveling Florida CC Fraud Duo Busted in Marlborough, Solomon Pond Mall, outside Boston
Police say two Florida men were caught using fake credit cards they bought from a Russian website to make purchases in Massachusetts. The men were arrested Thursday evening after using the cards at a mall in Marlborough, about 30 miles west of Boston. Police say Barrios told them he'd discovered a Russian website that sold counterfeit credit cards and bought 40 cards for $200. Police say the men flew to Massachusetts to make purchases and then exchange the items for gift cards. salemnews.com

New Orleans, LA: Man Faces 20 Years to Life in Prison on Charges He Stole Candy
A man is facing 20 years to life in prison after being accused of stealing $31 worth of candy bars from a New Orleans Dollar General store in December. Last Thursday, 34-year-old Jacobia Grimes appeared in court for an arraignment and pleaded not guilty to the charges. Judge Franz Zibilich mused out loud, "Isn't this a little over the top?," regarding the "multiple bill" threat that will leave little to the discretion of a judge. Orleans Parish DA Leon Cannizzaro's office decided to charge Grimes under a statute that makes the alleged candy theft a felony punishable by up to two years in prison. The statute is meant for people who have been convicted of "theft of goods" at least twice before. Grimes has five prior theft convictions, which categorizes him as a "quad" offender under the state's habitual-offender law, thus making him eligible for 20 years to life behind bars if convicted. "It's not even funny," the judge said. "Twenty years to life for a Snickers bar, or two or three or four." theroot.com

Brampton, ON, CN: Cellphone thieves cut through roof of electronics store; $200,000 of cellphones stolen overnight
Burglars made not one, not two but at least four attempts to cut through the roof of a Brampton electronics store overnight, before they found a good spot, got in, and made off with electronics worth more than $200,000. The thieves made off with at least 1,500 cellphones, most of them used iPhone 6s and Samsung S6s. Security alarms and monitors were also smashed and stolen. "It's upsetting me because we're not safe," said A1 Wireless owner Zahid Majeed, indicating one of the rectangular holes in the ceiling of his storeroom, through which sunshine streamed in. cbc.ca

UK: CCTV footage sees gang of men kick, punch and spit on a JB HI-FI security guard
Five men believed to be protecting their shoplifting friend have launched a violent attack on a number of JB HI-FI staff and a grey-haired security guard after he tried to stop a suspected thief. Police are searching for a group of up to five men, believed to be between the age of 18 and 25, after they became involved in a violent altercation with staff at JB HI-FI at Chadstone Shopping Centre, in a south-east suburb of Melbourne, at around 5.30pm on Sunday. The group were captured on security footage kicking, punching and spitting at a security guard who stopped one of the men after he allegedly put something in his bag as he tried to exit the store. dailymail.co.uk

Muskegon County, MI: Jacqueline Grace Jewett sentenced to 14 months to 10 years Michigan Department of Corrections for Organized Retail Crime, fourth-time habitual offender
Carl Edward Wells, 49, of Muskegon, one year jail for probation violation on 2014 convictions of organized retail crime and marijuana possession, habitual offender third. Tamara Delynn Yeargan, 46, of Ludington, 60 days jail, 18 months probation for attempted organized retail crime, third-time habitual offender. mlive.com

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community,
which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!


Person Injured, in Hospital After Shooting Near NorthPark Mall
One person has been injured and is in the hospital after a shooting outside NorthPark Center in North Dallas Sunday. Police said that two men began arguing on Central Expressway and pulled off the highway and into the Dillard's parking lot at the mall at about 3:30 p.m. The arguing escalated and at least one of the men pulled out a handgun and started firing, injuring the other. Officials said that one person was taken to the hospital. nbcdfw.com

Kansas City, MO: Police investigate fatal shooting near Price Chopper store
A homicide investigation is underway in a parking lot near the Price Chopper store at 63rd Street and Blue Ridge cutoff. The call came in about 8:30 p.m. Sunday after an off-duty officer heard gunshots and found a man dead outside his vehicle. Investigators said they believe a disturbance happened right before the shooting. The shooting happened just west of the Price Chopper between a Cash Advance and Dollar General store. kmbc.com

Robberies & Thefts

San Diego, CA: 2 arrested after attempted Jewelry Store robbery
at Fashion Valley Mall
Two attempted robbery suspects were booked into jail early Sunday, but three suspects remained at large after an attempted hold-up at a mall jewelry store in Mission Valley. Reginald Anthony Howard, 28, and Joey James Levy, 37, were taken into custody last night shortly after the attempted robbery of the Royal Maui Jewelers at the Fashion Valley Mall. Witnesses said five men wearing masks entered the store at about 8 p.m. with at least three of them armed with handguns. The store's armed security guard fired off a shot after one of the suspects attempted to rush him. No one was hit by gunfire. The five suspects ran off through the mall after the gunfire, but two of them were captured by officers and one gun was recovered nearby. fox5sandiego.com

Orlando, FL: 4 Armed men rob Orange County Sam's Club
Deputies are investigating an armed robbery at a Sam's Club on Sunday. According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, four men entered the store around 12:20 p.m. and grabbed bottles of alcohol. Deputies said an employee confronted the thieves, but one of them revealed he was carrying a gun. The men left the area in a silver four-door car. Deputies said no injuries were reported. clickorlando.com

Grand Junction, CO: Man robbed City Market 15 minutes after release from jail Police responded to the City Market in Grand Junction for a robbery in progress just before 8 a.m. Saturday. Initial reports indicated that a man entered the store approached the service counter, and asked for a paper and pen. He wrote a note saying he was robbing the store and demanded money. He handed it to the clerk. When officers arrived the suspect, identified as Terry Betts, 39, was arrested without incident. Investigators say Betts had been released from the Mesa County Jail just 15 minutes prior to committing the robbery. He stated that he wanted to go back to jail, where he feels "safe and stable." 9news.com

Detroit, MI: Five employees tied up, robbed at Walgreens on east side
Saturday morning, three armed suspects wearing dark clothing and black face masks entered the Walgreens on Jefferson near Mt. Elliot at about 8:10 a.m. The suspects pointed their guns at three employees, while another suspects forced two employees to the back of the store and ordered them to open the safe. Before leaving the drugstore with about $3,000, the suspects tied up all five employees. No injuries were reported. fox2detroit.com

Los Angeles, CA: Whole Food Security Guard's quick action saved elderly man
A security guard tackled and pepper-sprayed a transient accused of attacking a man and leaving him bleeding on the sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles. Waltay Simmons said he came upon the chaotic scene at the Whole Foods, Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Cellphone video taken by a witness showed a man, described as elderly, in a pool of blood on the ground. Police described the attack as unprovoked and did not have details regarding a possible motive. nbclosangeles.com

Jonesboro, AR: Kum & Go employee busted for theft of $4,464 in Cigarettes, Food and Lottery...also has 9 warrants


Oklahoma City, OK: Search for Family Dollar arson suspect continues
The three alarm fire was put out within minutes, and before neighboring businesses were hit. "You can imagine there were a lot of things that were burning inside, " said Fire Chief Benny Fulkerson, "The chemicals and the clothing and just all the things that they sell just gives you an idea as to what we were up against." Eye witnesses say at least two customers were in the store when the fire started. However police are still lacking a description as to who may have caused the potentially deadly fire. Thankfully no one was hurt. okcfox.com

Credit Card Fraud

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office Deputies searching for 4 in credit card fraud

Brooklyn, OH: Man has $3,233 fraudulently charged on his Sam's Club account

Skimming Reports

San Diego ATM Skimmer Stole $500K - Sent Money to Jordan & Other foreign countries

Credit card 'skimmer' scam hits Akron, OH., gas stations - 25 found in Ohio since October

Bart's Coins and Collectibles -Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery/ Owner Killed
Boost Mobile - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
City Market - Grand Junction, CO - Robbery
Cricket Wireless - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
CVS - Noblesville, IN - Robbery
CVS - Floral Park, NY - Robbery
CVS - Taunton, RI - Armed Robbery
CVS - Staten Island, NY - Theft/ Robbery/ Assault
Dollar General - Vicksburg, MS - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Hinesville, GA - Burglary
Dollar Tree - Syracuse, NY - Burglary
East Laurel Liquor - Salinas, CA - Armed Robbery
Eclectics Art Gallery - Eldorado, NM - Burglary/ Smash
Family Dollar - Waukegan, IL - Armed Robbery / Twice in 2 days
Family Dollar - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery
Fantasy Smoke Shop - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery/ employee shot
Grab & Go - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery/ bystander - Murder
Metro PCS - Tempe, AZ - Armed Robbery
Mobile - Madison, WI - Robbery
Rite Aid - Salem, NJ - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Cleveland, OH - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Newark, DE - Armed Robbery
Royal Maui Jewelers - San Diego, CA - Armed Robbery
Sam's Club - Orlando, FL - Armed Robbery
Thornton's - Indianapolis, IN - Robbery
Tia's Grocery Market - Dover, DE - Armed Robbery
Tobacco Market - Hartsville, SC - Burglary
Uncle Jack's - Gillett, PA - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Cleveland, OH - Burglary/ ATM
Walgreens - Detroit, MI - Armed Robbery/ Assault
Zenzel Plaza - Tulsa, OK - Shooting
7-Eleven - Blacksville, WV - Armed Robbery



Featured Job Alert Spotlights
Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

This is a retained search for the D&D Daily.
Vice President of Loss Prevention
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Aritzia is searching for our new Vice President, Loss Prevention who will maximize profit by minimizing loss while respecting People, Brand and Operations. The Vice President, Loss Prevention is responsible for developing Aritzia's Loss Prevention strategy and tactics for Merchandise, Finance, People, Property, and Information...
Director of Sales
Southwest Region

The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...
Director of Sales
Mid-Atlantic Region

The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...

Loss Prevention Supervisor
Riverside, CA
Provides detailed reports regarding events related to safety and loss prevention related activities to various staff and support departments. Works with LP Management to act as a liaison by participating in various meetings, providing written documentation and providing analytical analysis and research related to DC incidents...

Loss Prevention Officer
Riverside, CA
The DC Loss Prevention Officer has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. loss prevention, security and life safety procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft. Responds to and proactively addresses life safety, security, and operational issues...

Featured Job Alerts

David Yurman Vice President of Loss Prevention
New York, NY
Wireless Vision Director Loss Prevention
Bloomfield, MI
Starbucks Director, Partner & Asset Protection
Seattle, WA
SBH Fashion Vice President of Loss Prevention
New York, NY
Ollie's Outlet Director of Loss Prevention
Harrisburg, PA
Sears Holdings Corporation Director Asset & Profit Protection, Automotive
Hoffman Estates, IL
Dollar General Director Loss Prevention
Dollar Express
Director of Loss Prevention
Charlotte, NC

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Michael Ness was promoted to Director, Corporate Security & Business Continuity for Sprint.

Michael Suppe was named Territory Loss Prevention Director for Territory 1, West for Burlington Stores.

Justin Henkenberns, CFI was named National Loss Prevention Investigations Leader for Restoration Hardware.

William Connors was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Giant Eagle.

Bianca C was named Market Asset Protection Manager for Walmart.


Sheila Martinez was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Region 2, San Francisco, CA for Burlington Stores.

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Everyday you've got to work and you've got to ask yourself what value are you adding to the company, to the industry and to your career. While this may seem rather ominous at first, try reducing it to your daily tasks and just make sure that with every effort you make there is value you deliver to someone, to some store or to some project. If you can merely focus on the word "value" and ask yourself am I delivering it everyday, you're then one step closer to advancing your career. Because if you can build the field they will come and play.

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