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Little Caesar Announces Three Promotions and Retirement of LP Leader

Brad Piros promoted to National Director of Loss Prevention for Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

Brad was previously the Director of Safety, Security and Loss Prevention for Little Caesar's for over four years before earning this promotion. He's also held various positions for the Jackson County Sheriff's Office including Captain, Lieutenant, Director of Emergency Management, Director of 911 Emergency Dispatch and Deputy Sheriff. Brad earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Siena Heights University and went on to acquire his Masters degree in Adminstration from Central Michigan University. Congratulations Brad!

Paul Isaacson promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Director - Midwest for Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

Paul was previously the Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Little Caesar's for over 18 years. Paul earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections from Adrian College. Congratulations Paul!

Syd Workman promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Director - Southwest for Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

Syd was previously the Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Little Caesar's for over ten years before earning this promotion. Congratulations Syd!

Tommy Moore, Acting National Director of Loss Prevention, retiring in May of 2017 after an incredible Loss Prevention Career of over 35 years
Tommy served in the United States Army. He is a Vietnam, two-tour veteran. Tommy obtained his degree in Criminal Justice from Eastern Michigan University.

Tommy began his investigations/loss prevention career in 1979 with World Investigations and Security Engineers. In 1980, Moore joined Meijer Inc. were he served as a Senior Regional Investigator for 24 years. After his venture at Meijer, Inc., Moore spent the next 13 years at Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. serving as Manager of Investigations, Regional Loss Prevention Director - Midwest, and as Acting National Director of Loss Prevention.

Moore's inspiration, integrity and mentoring has made a lasting impact on everyone he came in contact with.

In his new venture, Tommy plans on sleeping in, traveling/riding his cycle with his wife Chris, spending time with his family - 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren, and teaching his 2 dogs how to walk on a leash.

We are certain to see him with phone/tablet in hand - catching Pokèmon, while enjoying a gentleman jack and a cigar. Congratulations Tommy! 


Ron Kornblum, CFI named Director Corporate Security for Loblaw Companies Limited

Ron was previously a part of Walmart Canada's Global Ethics department. Ron has over twenty years of loss prevention experience, holding a variety of loss prevention leadership positions including Director of Loss Prevention and Corporate Security and Market Loss Prevention Manager for Wal-Mart Canada, National Loss Prevention Manager for Old Navy, Regional Director of Loss Prevention, Central and Eastern Canada for Indigo, and Loss Prevention Manager for HBC. Congratulations Ron!

The Zellman Group, LLC Announces Premiere Open Source Intelligence
and ORC Investigations Program

The National Retail Federation's 2017 Loss Prevention Survey reported, for first time ever, 100% of companies participating in the survey reported being a victim of Organized Retail Crime. Retailers reported major losses in products with high resell values. The emergence over the last 10 years of e-Commerce, social media and market place seller sites has had considerable impact on the way goods are bought and sold, as well as, the significant associated fraud. Open Source ORC Investigations are the best way to combat this problem at its root.

Open Source ORC Investigations consist of online research to gather information from e-commerce communities, classifieds, social networks, Dark Web and criminal data to identify the core of ORC rings. The Zellman Group offers the only end-to-end solution for your ORC investigations. The Zellman Group offers a balanced and consistent approach to investigating ORC that accommodates the independent needs of each client. The Zellman Group's approach to ORC Investigations combines cutting edge forensic Open Source research with proven investigative techniques and financial recovery solutions. Read more here.

Q1 Robberies Up 33% Since 2015
Q1 Robbery & Burglary Data

In the first quarter of 2017, the number of publicly reported robberies and burglaries climbed to 1,459 incidents. That's a staggering 27% increase over the first quarter of last year (1,151 incidents) and a 33% percent jump in the number of reported incidents (1,101) in Q1 of 2015, as the graph shows.

In a report to be featured in the Daily next week, we will dig deeper into these numbers and report which cities, states, and retailers saw the most reported robbery and burglary incidents in Q1. Starting in the second quarter, we will continue to evolve and expand our reporting in this area by examining other variables surrounding these crimes - date, number of suspects, gender, armed/unarmed, and so on.

While this data only represents what is reported publicly and may be incomplete to some degree, it still gives the industry an important snapshot of how these crimes are becoming more frequent with each passing year.

See our 2016 Robbery Report here.

CSI: Walmart
Some of the best digital-forensics labs don't belong to the police-they're run by banks, tech companies, and retailers.

A highly secured digital-forensics laboratory sits tucked inside an enormous complex of low, boxy buildings in Bentonville, Arkansas. To get in, analysts have to scan their hands and enter a unique password. Inside, they comb through video-surveillance records and spirit data out of devices that have seen better days, like a hard drive that had been crushed with a hammer and dropped from a third-story window.

Despite the sensitive nature of their jobs, these investigators aren't high-level FBI agents or foreign spies. They're Walmart employees.

Walmart is one of six companies in the United States that run digital-forensics laboratories accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. American Express has an accredited lab; Target has two of them.

Those companies-and many others that operate labs without formal accreditation-have built up digital-forensics capabilities once limited to law enforcement. They have the tools and the know-how to investigate corporate theft and online fraud, or track a data breach to its source. That might involve extracting information from a locked, encrypted smartphone, or a damaged computer hard drive. Or it could entail analyzing network activity to figure out which employee, for example, is siphoning off sensitive data to sell on the black market.

In many cases, private companies can do this much faster than the police. "A lot of law enforcement-based digital-forensics labs are just swamped," said Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, a professor of computer science at Purdue University. "Almost every type of crime-whether it's homicide, arson, or a computer crime-is going to have some sort of digital evidence associated with it." As a result, she says, the backlog of devices and data awaiting analysis at police labs can stretch from months to years.

So businesses have taken digital forensics into their own hands. Labs have popped up in big companies across industries, said John Dayton, a forensic researcher at Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute. From retailers to banks, utilities, and technology firms, large companies have taken up forensics work on their own. Read full article here

LPRC Membership Event
Webinar: Tactical to Practical: Parking Lot Crime Survey
Wed, Apr 5, 2017 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

In order to better understand retailer practices and perceptions related to violent crime, the Florida Survey Research Center (FSRC) at the University of Florida and the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) research team implemented a survey of retailers. The purpose of the retailer survey was to better understand risk and vulnerability estimation measures, including environmental factors companies use to determine store crime risk, as well as crime prevention countermeasures currently used in stores. Surveys were completed with senior personnel from 35 major U.S. retailers during July 2016. The results of these surveys will be presented in this webinar to provide a foundation for better understanding the issues retailers face in dealing with violent crime. For more information, please contact operations@lpresearch.org

Access Control Made Easy
Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips

STOCKHOLM (AP) -- The syringe slides in between the thumb and index finger. Then, with a click, a microchip is injected in the employee's hand. Another "cyborg" is created.

What could pass for a dystopian vision of the workplace is almost routine at the Swedish startup hub Epicenter. The company offers to implant its workers and startup members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers, or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.

The injections have become so popular that workers at Epicenter hold parties for those willing to get implanted.

The small implants use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the same as in contactless credit cards or mobile payments. When activated by a reader a few centimeters (inches) away, a small amount of data flows between the two devices via electromagnetic waves. The implants are "passive," meaning they contain information that other devices can read, but cannot read information themselves. yahoo.com

Amazon Warehouse Workers' Wage Claims For Security Checks Won't Be Revived
The Sixth Circuit on Friday refused to revive a Kentucky Wages and Hours Act suit that's part of multidistrict litigation alleging Amazon's warehouse workers deserve pay for time spent passing through security checks, saying a lower court was right to rule that time spent waiting in line isn't payable work.

The workers claimed it took 20 to 30 minutes to pass through the anti-theft screening at the end of each workday. The security process also interrupted their 30-minute meal breaks as they had to be screened before they were able to take their breaks, they complained.

The workers allege they should have been paid under state law for time they spent in security screenings.

The lawsuits in the MDL made claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as state laws, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in December 2014 that time spent undergoing security is not compensable under the FLSA.  law360.com
Visa, MC 'Playing Games' In Chip Antitrust Row, Shops Say
Visa and MasterCard are "playing games" in their bid to transfer an antitrust lawsuit against them away from California, but the dispute over a shift to a new security chip system is distinct from New York litigation involving interchange fees, retailers who brought the suit said Monday.

The credit card companies have asked for a stay or transfer of the suit to the Eastern District of New York, which is overseeing long-running multidistrict litigation over the interchange fees, but the suit over so-called EMV chip technology is focused on the shift in liability from the credit card companies to merchants, which is a separate issue, the retailers said. law360.com
Wells Fargo Whistle-Blower Wins $5.4 Million and His Job Back
A federal regulator on Monday ordered Wells Fargo to pay $5.4 million to a former manager who said he was fired in 2010 after reporting to his supervisors and to a bank ethics hotline what he suspected was fraudulent behavior.

He worked in the Los Angeles area and had received good job performance reviews but was "abruptly dismissed" after he reported "separate incidents of suspected bank, mail and wire fraud by two bankers under his supervision," the agency said in a news release.

The bank must also rehire him, the Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration said.

The $5.4 million, intended to cover back pay, compensatory damages and legal fees, is the largest individual award ever ordered through OSHA's whistle-blower protection program, according to Barbara Goto, the agency's regional administrator in San Francisco. nytimes.com

Retail is coming off a tough first quarter
First quarter earnings for publicly traded companies in the retail industry are expected to show a 6.8 percent decline, according to Retail Metrics. If the numbers prove correct, the quarter would represent the industry's biggest drop in earnings since the fourth quarter of 2013.

Revenues are also expected to be their weakest since the fiscal 2013 fourth quarter.

Yet Retail Metrics' data shows the industry's pain isn't limited to distressed chains. Only three segments of the industry are expected to post year-over-year earnings growth: home improvement, office supplies and auto parts. Teen apparel and department stores are seen turning in the worst performance.

Perkins attributed the industry's pain to more than a dozen factors weighing on its sales and profits. They include the rapid growth of Amazon, a declining middle class, promotions and lower mall traffic. These trends have caused retailers from Macy's to Crocs to shrink their store fleets.

Despite the struggles of traditional retailers, the industry as a whole continues to grow. The National Retail Federation expects sales to increase between 3.7 and 4.2 percent this year, after turning in 4 percent growth over the holidays. Online shopping is driving much of that growth, according to Commerce Department data.  cnbc.com

The Shape of Things To Come? In the U.S.
This is what keep U.S. Grocers Awake at Night
Lidl and Aldi achieve record high shares of UK grocery market

The figures from Kantar Worldpanel reveal that Lidl and Aldi now account collectively for 11.7% of the market. Lidl was the fastest growing retailer following sales growth of 15% which increased its market share to 4.9%. Meanwhile, Aldi upped its sales by 14.3% to take its share to 6.8%.  theretailbulletin.com

IAI Sponsor Protos Security Donates CFI Scholarship
The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is pleased to announce their long-time sponsor, Protos Security, is donating a certified forensic interviewer (CFI) scholarship to Eric Williams, Loss Prevention Manager at City Gear Store Support Center.

"We are grateful to our sponsors because they help drive value to our IAI membership," said Wayne Hoover, CFI, IAI Executive Director. "Eric Williams is a well-deserving recipient of this CFI scholarship."

To find out more about IAI's CFI scholarship program, visit certifiedinterviewer.com/cfi-scholarship.

To see who wins the 2017 'CFI of the Year' award, attend Elite Training Day 2017 in Chicago. For registration details visit certifiedinterviewer.com/elite-training-day.

Follow all the live action via twitter with #ETD2017 today through April 5!

Elite Training Day is the main event of the year in the interview and interrogation community where leading experts from across the globe gather for exclusive training and networking opportunities. Developed by IAI, this is the only event with a dedicated focus on honing the skills of the interviewer.

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Contact Gus Downing Direct or visit

Staples Explores Sale After Failed Office Depot Deal

Dollar General scooping up 323 former Family Dollar stores

Sales surge to continue for convenience stores

Ralph Lauren to close Polo Flagship store in NYC - More closures to come

Safety groups to Congress: Maintain funding for OSHA, NIOSH


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Agilence and Island Pacific Announce Strategic Partnership

New partnership highlights how data analytics is changing the retail sector.

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ - April 4, 2017 - Agilence, Inc., the leader in cloud-based data analytics for store operations and loss prevention, has established a strategic partnership with Island Pacific, the leader in retail merchandising and store operations software solutions. By making it easier for retailers to pinpoint incidents of preventable loss and quickly remediate operational problems, Agilence and Island Pacific are helping retailers across the country increase profitability and deepen customer relationships.

"We're excited to expand and grow our partnerships initiative with Agilence," said Richard Gaetano, Chief Operations Officer for Island Pacific. "We are constantly looking to ensure that we offer end-to-end solutions to our customers, which help provide a rapid ROI and answer real life retail problems. This partnership with Agilence allows us to complement the Island Pacific SmartSuite with a best-of-breed solution that provides retailers powerful tools to proactively address loss prevention in their stores."

"Survival in today's retail market requires a two-fold strategy: optimize in-store efficiency and eliminate 'ugly' costs like inventory shrink," said Russ Hawkins, President and Chief Executive Officer at Agilence. "Specialty retailers are continually pressured to uplift sales and reduce expenses, so it's incredibly important that they align themselves with customer-centric vendors. Because both Agilence and Island Pacific are deeply rooted in providing high-levels of customer service, a strategic partnership was a perfect fit. Now, we both can help solve retailers operational and loss prevention woes alongside a partner that is invested in the overall success of the specialty retail sector."

Together, Agilence and Island Pacific are co-innovating around the impact data has on the retail industry and will focus their partnership on driving awareness through co-marketing activities.

For more information about Agilence and Island Pacific, please visit www.agilenceinc.com or www.islandpacific.com.

About Agilence
Agilence, Inc. is the industry leader in cloud-based data analytics and reporting solutions for retail organizations. Agilence develops the 20/20 Data Analytics™ family of highly flexible and powerful, cloud-based reporting solutions to provide organizations with a complete view of their business; empowering them to make informed decisions faster, to increase efficiency and improve profit margins across the enterprise. Agilence, Inc. is headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ. To learn more about Agilence, please email sales@agilenceinc.com or call 856-366-1200.

Largest RFID Deployment of its Kind
Avery Dennison RFID Announces Partnership with Target

Avery Dennison has announced a global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) partnership agreement with Target Corporation, as part of Target's deployment of RFID technology to more than 1,600 stores to help maximize inventory availability and deliver an enhanced guest experience. This deployment is the largest of its kind.

Target is leveraging Avery Dennison's broad UHF RFID portfolio for a variety of category and performance needs, including apparel and a number of home products. In addition, Avery Dennison RFID tags have been seamlessly integrated with current trim products to optimize the branding of the garments being tagged. businesswire.com

Discounter in big RFID deployment
Target Corp. is stepping up its inventory management

The discount retailer is partnering with Avery Dennison to deploy radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to more than 1,600 stores. The deployment, described by the technology provider as the largest of its kind, will help Target  maximize inventory availability and deliver an enhanced shopper experience. 

The undertaking will leverage Avery Denison's broad UHF RFID portfolio.  Target is applying the solution to a variety of categories, including apparel and a number of home products.  The tags have been seamlessly integrated with current trim products to optimize the branding of the garments being tagged.

RFID technology will benefit Target as it continues to partner with designers on its high-profile line launches.

"In the apparel industry, having an accurate picture of stock availability is an important driver for retailers to deliver an optimized omnichannel experience," said Bill Toney, VP for RFID market development at Avery Dennison.  The RFID project could get a boost from Target's new machine learning initiative, which uses sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI). The retailer's machine learning platform siphons through increasing levels of unstructured digital information, and continuously learns from previous computations, improving the level of data analysis.

Machine learning is already giving Target executives insight into customer demand and helping the chain optimize its supply chainchainstoreage.com  
When Does Data Breach Liability Extend To The Boardroom?
Thus far, however, these suits have been uniformly unsuccessful, failing to move past the motion-to-dismiss stage. Nevertheless, despite a continued reluctance on the part of courts to permit these cases to move forward, plaintiffs persist in pursuing such claims. Given the high bar for liability that courts have set, however, it is unclear whether any of their most recent efforts will gain traction.

Courts Have Made Clear That Plaintiffs Seeking to Impose Liability on Directors and Officers for Cybersecurity Failures Face an "Incredibly High" Hurdle. law360.com

Job-stealing robots are steadily taking over America
Number of robots sold in U.S. to jump 300% in 9 yrs

More robots means fewer jobs. For every new industrial robot introduced into the workforce, six jobs were eliminated, a study published last week from the National Economic Research Bureau found. recode.com

Half of Security Pros Ignore Some Important Alerts
Short-staffed, more than half of organizations admit they ignore alerts that should be investigated because they lack resources to handle the overflow.

Strained by the cybersecurity skills shortage, 54 percent of respondents to a new survey say they are forced to ignore security alerts worthy of further investigation, because they don't have the staff and expertise to handle them. darkreading.com

Excerpts from Prove 'Em Innocent:
The Art & Science of Workplace Investigations

by John A. Velke III

Part Six

One of the most important competencies of a retail loss prevention / asset protection professional is to be capable of conducting a fair, unbiased investigation thoroughly, confidentially, and with absolute professionalism. Velke's book provides new and experienced investigators an opportunity to build on their investigative expertise using real-life examples and exercises derived from more than 40 years of investigative experience.

Sixth in a series of bi-monthly excerpts: The Concept of the Status Quo Skills from Chapter 3.

The concept of the status quo defines two risk factors important to investigators. The first is resistance to change in policy or procedure. For example, suppose your company is considering implementing a change requiring additional approval of all invoices exceeding a thousand dollars. During this discussion a manager who routinely gives final approval for invoices up to ten thousand dollars voices passionate objection to this change. He claims it is a waste of his time to get additional approval, that it will delay payments to vendors, and that the new policy will undermine his authority. Although the objections may be true and the manager may be simply protecting the efficiency of his office there could also be another possibility. What if the manager is perpetrating a fraud and realizes that the proposed extra approval will necessitate reducing his thefts to amounts less than a thousand dollars or subject him to a higher risk level of having his frauds detected?

Change is a fact of business life, and resistance to change is a common human emotion. The challenge for investigators is to evaluate an individual's resistance to change in each situation. They can then compare it to the individual's normal behavior and the behavior of other individuals in similar circumstances. Considering what other motive the person may have for resisting the suggested change is also important. The investigator should ask this question, "Will this change make it more difficult for someone to steal?" If the answer is yes and the person resisting the change is uncharacteristically or unreasonably passionate in their objection it may be worthwhile to take a closer look at the exposure the change is intended to address. Before implementing a change that forces a thief to change their tactic, it would be sensible to determine that your company has not already been the victim of theft or fraud.

Read today's full excerpt and other parts from John's book here

Copies of Velke's book are available on
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Prove 'Em Innocent websites.


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Joe Coll, VP AP Op's & Administration, and Steve Boarman, Dir of LP Administration, Macy's

As retailers continue to evolve and build the Omni model at their stores, most LP departments are stuck in the '90s with technology that leaves a lot to be desired. Joe Coll, VP Asset Protection Operations & Administration, and Steve Boarman, Director of LP Administration, for Macy's, share their thoughts on retail technology's rapid advancement, how LP can leverage existing technologies while still investing in the future, and what the AP Team of the Future looks like.

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Jim Shepherd, National Accounts Manager for Protection 1, meets up with Co-MC Joe LaRocca to discuss the retail business, where Protection 1 is headed, and the tried-and-true advice he'd give to young LP executives today.

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Alibaba anti-counterfeit efforts lead to 880 arrests
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba assisted police in busting more than 1,400 counterfeit production sites, leading to the arrest of 880 suspects last year, according to a report issued Friday.

The cases involved more than 3 billion yuan ($435 million), double the amount in 2015, said the report.

As of last year, Alibaba was cooperating with more than 18,000 international brands on the anti-counterfeit initiative.

Counterfeiting in cross-border trade has become a new front for the initiative, as approximately 30,000 cross-border sellers were purged by Alibaba from its platforms with the help of big data technology from February 2016 to the end of last month.

"Traditionally, counterfeiters produce in China and sell overseas, but now they are apt to produce abroad and sell domestically," said Zheng Junfang, chief platform governance officer of Alibaba.

One typical case, in which lubricating oil labeled under famous brand names, such as Shell, was bottled in Malaysia and sold in China, was solved with the intervention of the Malaysian government. chinadaily.com.cn

EMV Pushes eCommerce Fraud Spike
The good news about EMV is that it has drastically dropped the instance for cloned-card fraud that was far more endemic in the mag stripe era. The not as good news is that fraudsters were not discouraged - they simply switched their focus to card-not-present fraud online, according to Experian.

Experian's data also noted that similar increases were seen in the U.K., France, Australia and Canada during their initial EMV rollout.

"We suspect that the EMV liability switch and increased adoption by merchants of chip- and PIN-enabled terminals have had a profound impact on driving up eCommerce attacks," said the firm.

And fraudsters are getting more proactive - 2016 was a banner year for eCommerce fraud, powered by 1,093 breaches, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, that made personal data and card information easier to get access to than ever. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the percentage of consumers who reported that their stolen data was used for credit card fraud basically doubled year on year from 16 percent in 2015 to more than 32 percent in 2016. pymnts.com

Home storage retailer improves online experience, security
The Container Store has embarked on an initiative to optimize Web performance, the online shopper experience, and strengthen its Web security.

Looking to significantly increase revenue from desktop, tablet, and mobile channels following a responsive web design launch, the company tapped Yottaa, selecting its online platform following a rigorous evaluation of multiple Web acceleration offerings, including in-depth performance benchmark testing. 

During the evaluation, Yottaa was able to improve both page load speeds across all of The Container Store's webpages, as well as increase conversion rates on those pages. 

Armed with the Yottaa platform, the chain now has tools that help mitigate security threats and, the solution's extensive reporting and analytics capabilities give the retailer greater visibility into the traffic on its site. chainstoreage.com

Coach Triumphs in Defamation Lawsuit Filed by Alleged Counterfeit Seller
Coach, Inc. came out on top this past week in a defamation lawsuit filed against it by an online retailer of allegedly authentic designer bags. In her lawsuit against Coach, which was filed in April 2016 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio Western Division, Brenda Buschle - owner of e-commerce site Designer Handbags Rescue - claimed that Coach defamed her by naming her in a "baseless" lawsuit of its own, allegedly charging her with selling counterfeit goods and then wrongfully seizing control of the operations of her website. thefashionlaw.com

Fort Morgan, CO: $1,000 Power tool theft ends in a fiery crash
A theft of about $1000 worth of goods from Murdoch's in Fort Morgan, resulted in a high-speed chase which ended with a head-on crash on I-76 east of Roggen, injuring a Denver-area couple.

An off-duty MCSO investigator saw a man with an armload of power tools leaving the Murdoch's Home and Ranch Store shortly before 6 p.m. The man drove off in a pickup and the investigator followed him while calling 911. Colorado State Patrol troopers observed the pickup merging onto westbound I-76 . The pickup hit an oncoming car head-on. The female passenger was seriously injured and trapped in the car until cut out by firefighters.

The suspect's pickup flipped several yards off the road and immediately caught fire. The driver, and sole occupant, was unconscious and trapped in the pickup. After a short time, MCSO Sgt. Chris LaPorte was able to pull the driver from the burning truck. LaPorte and other officers carried him up to the roadway to safety. The suspect had serious burns over about half of his body, and was in critical condition. fortmorgantimes.com

Camden County, NJ: Couple admits stealing $322K in goods from employer, selling the items on eBay
A couple pleaded guilty this week to stealing $322,000 of audio-visual equipment from their employer and selling it on eBay. Gustavo A. Gomez and his wife, Donna admitted selling the stolen goods in more than 100 online auctions from 2006 to 2014 from their Moorestown employer. Under a plea deal, Gustavo Gomez will receive five years in prison and his wife will receive five years probation and community service. nj.com

Staten Island, NY: Man sought in theft of Rogaine, Whitestrips from Target
The NYPD has asked for the public's help to identify a man sought for questioning in the theft of over $1,200 in merchandise from the Target store at 2873 Richmond Ave. between 2:16 and 2:26 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4, according to a statement from the NYPD. silive.com

Williamson County, IL: Woman to spend 3 years in prison for retail theft
for $330 theft

A Herrin, IL woman will spend the next three years in prison after pleading guilty to a charge of retail theft. According to State's Attorney Brandon Zanotti, Kelly Sealy, 49, admitted to stealing more than $300 in merchandise from Perfectly Posh Boutique in Marion in August 2016. A judge sentenced Sealy to the maximum of three years in the Illinois Department of Corrections and ordered that she pay the boutique $330.38 in restitution. kfvs12.com

Columbus, OH: Three females flee Abercrombie & Fitch at Polaris with nearly $2,000 in cologne

Columbus, OH: Walmart thief selected 2 TV's valued at over $1,000 and crashed a Fire Exit door to an awaiting get-a-way car

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Wilmington, NC: Marshals arrest woman wanted in slaying at Independence Mall
The woman charged in the shooting death of another woman Saturday in the parking lot of Independence Mall was apprehended Monday night by U.S. Marshals along with a man also wanted in connection with the murder. Traneta Campbell, 19, and Darius Nelson, 26, both of Wilmington were arrested about 8:15 p.m. Campbell and Nelson were found in a shed behind a home and were taken into custody without incident. WPD detectives on Sunday obtained a first-degree murder warrant for Campbell in the shooting death of Catherine Ballard, 24. Nelson was charged Monday by detectives with being an accessory after the fact. starnewsonline.com

Robberies & Thefts

Fort Myers, FL: Man with gun, machete caught stealing at Walmart
Security personnel watched Phillip Joseph as he moved through the aisles and stuffed items into his bag. The employees also said he had what appeared to be a machete. Officers were waiting for Joseph as he left the store just before 4 a.m. Police say Joseph took off his headphones and dropped the plastic bags. But he didn't get on the ground - instead he started going into his backpack. Officers tackled him, and struggled with him for a short time. Police confirmed Joseph had a machete and a .380 handgun. nbc-2.com

Oahu, HI: Jewelry Retailers on High Alert following string of brazen robberies
A recent string of jewelry heists have Oahu shopkeepers on edge. At least five crimes occurred in the last five weeks. hawaiinewsnow.com

North Charleston, SC: Community upset over the treatment of a Shoplifter by Middle Eastern Store employees
James Johnson of the National Action Network stood flanked by relatives of a shoplifting suspect Monday, then pointed behind him toward a convenience store and told reporters the business's employees need to "go back to their country." The civil rights leader's comments came during a news conference he organized to address a cellphone video from Andrew's Discount Market. The recording shows its employees hitting the suspect with a sword and pushing him around the store. postandcourier.com

Jacksonville, FL: Dunkin Donuts employee made up Robbery to hide employee theft
Police said a Dunkin' Donuts employee in Jacksonville admitted to reporting a fake robbery in an attempt to cover up the fact that she stole money from the business. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office responded to the Dunkin' Donuts location on University Boulevard on April 1 after a reported robbery. Emily Hipps, 26, told police that a man came into the business and threatened to rape her if she did not give him money. Police spoke with another employee, who said he did not see a robbery while working with Hipps. The general manager told investigators that $372 had been stolen from the cash register and office safe. Police said surveillance video from inside the store shows Hipp accessing the safe twice. Hipps confessed that no robbery occurred and that no one threatened to rape her, JSO said. krmg.com

Melbourne, AU: Tenth Armed Jewel heist in eight months, second time in Elsternwick
Five armed men in balaclavas have robbed a jewellery store in Elsternwick. It is the 10th jewellery store robbery in Melbourne in eight months. The male offenders are often in groups of four or five, and are armed with hammers, bats or guns. They smash the stores' glass cabinets to steal jewels in lightening-quick raids before driving away. Witnesses said the Elsternwick raid at H&H Jewellery store was over in 20 seconds. theage.com

Newark, NY: Trio arrested after attempted theft at Walmart; led Police on High Speed chase

Orange City, FL: Kohl's Shoplifter escapes Orange City Police Department through bathroom ceiling

North Charleston, SC: Councilman accuses Best Buy employee of racial profiling

Kay Jewelers in the Oakpoint Mall, Effingham, IL reported a Grab & Run on 4/2, items valued at $10,698

Littman Jewelers in the Boynton Beach Mall, Boynton Beach, FL reported a Grab & Run on 4/2, item valued at $1,899

Piercing Pagoda in the Altamonte Springs Mall, Altamonte Springs, FL reported a Grab & Run on 4/3, item valued at $299


Trump takes on Counterfeiting with Executive Order
President Trump has signed an executive order that includes a provision to implement strategies to address the influx of illegal counterfeit goods into the country. The order states that the secretary of homeland security, John Kelly, will "develop and implement a strategy and plan for combating violations of US trade and custom laws". This includes ensuring the "timely and efficient enforcement of laws protecting intellectual property rights holders from the importation of counterfeit goods". Specifically, it requires Kelly to "take all appropriate steps" to ensure that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can share with rights holders: "Any information necessary to determine whether there has been an IP rights infringement or violation; and any information regarding merchandise voluntarily abandoned ... before seizure, if the commissioner of CBP reasonably believes that the successful importation of the merchandise would have violated US trade laws." ipprotheinternetnews.com

Annie's Market - Sidney, ME - Burglary
C-Store - Bronx, NY - Armed Robbery
Cellphone - Chicago, IL - Robbery/ Assault
Cowboy Liquor - Carson City, NV - Burglary
Coyote Gas - Beaver Dam, WI - Robbery
CVS - Butler County, OH - Robbery
Fairway One - Burlington, NC - Armed Robbery
Lupe's Mini Market - Los Angeles, CA - Burglary (3rd in 7 months)
Murdoch's - Fort Morgan, CO - Robbery
On Target Firearms - Parma, OH - Burglary
Roadside Mini-Mart - Garrett, PA - Burglary
7-Eleven - Haverhill, MA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
 7 robberies
 5 burglaries
  0 shootings
  0 killed

Mike Weyrich
named National Account Manager for Protection 1 Security Solutions

Mark Zibel
promoted to Regional Director Loss Prevention for New Jersey, New York and New England at Bob's Discount Furniture.

Joseph Ramer
named Asset Protection Specialist for Kmart

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Director Loss Prevention & Safety - East
Dallas, TX
The Regional Director, Loss Prevention & Safety will create and implement Loss Prevention and Safety programs for corporate owned and managed gyms. This role will drive strategies that reduce company shrink, and improve bottom line profitability. The Regional Director, Loss Prevention & Safety will provide sound and consistent leadership to field operations and gym teams in the management of critical incidents...


Asset Protection Program Sr Manager
Nashville, TN
Manages programs and initiatives as it relates to physical security and shrink improvement that advance company financials. Sources new technologies and vendors, implements effective tests, plans optimal company rollouts, and makes recommendations for future strategies. Provides training and support for field personnel on all applicable programs and initiatives... 

Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager
Redlands, CA

Under the supervision of the Director of Loss Prevention, the Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager implements and enforces measures to ensure safety, security and prevent loss within all Distribution Center facilities...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Wichita, Kansas

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Sr Manager, Region Asset Protection (Miami Region)
Miami & South Florida
The Sr manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...

Sr Manager, Region Asset Protection (Jacksonville, FL)
Jacksonville & North Florida

The Sr manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...


Loss Prevention Area Investigator
Southeast US

Gap Inc is seeking an experienced Loss Prevention Investigator to support the company's shortage reduction efforts. Investigators are primarily responsible for detecting the existence of internal fraud through exception reporting, store research, networking, general loss interviews and response to COBC hot lines. All conclusions are based upon associate interviews and/or factual findings derived from various company and vendor resources...


Store Detective - Multi-Unit
St Paul, MN

As a Market Investigator, you will directly assist in thesafety and protection of CVS Health retail assets within assigned stores, including customers, employees, merchandise, and store property. In this role, you will become familiar with CVS Health policy, local criminal law, covert surveillance principles, overt customer service methods, and digital and traditional VCR tape video surveillance systems...

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