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Building Effective & Inclusive LP Teams
Kevin Colman, Macy's

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Critical Incident Management
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Robert Sanchez Jr, CFI named Director of Loss Prevention
for DFASS Group

Robert was previously a PT Loss Prevention Consultant for HS Brands International, and before that he held a variety of loss prevention leadership positions, including Director of Loss Prevention and Field Operations for Amtel LLC, Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Carter's and Pacific Sunwear, Zone Loss Prevention Manager for Tuesday Morning, District LP Manager for Hastings Entertainment and LP Manager for Montgomery Ward. Robert earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science from University of Houston and acquired his MBA from University of Phoenix. Congratulations Robert!

Chadd Cranfill, CFI promoted to Zone Asset Protection Director for Dollar Tree Stores

Chadd was previously the Regional LP Manager for the retailer and has been a part of their team since 2015. Chadd has held a variety of loss prevention and asset protection managerial positions including Regional AP Manager for Advance Auto Parts, Area LP Manager for Bed Bath & Beyond, Regional LP Manager for Shoe Carnival, AP Team Leader for Target. Congratulations Chadd!

Axis Communications Honored with a Security Sales & Integration's Most Valuable Product (MVP) at ISC West 2017
Axis Communications, the global leader in network video, has been recognized by Security Sales & Integration for its AXIS P8804 Stereo Sensor Kit in the video surveillance category of the Most Valuable Product (MVP) Awards. Recognizing groundbreaking suppliers and manufacturers, Security Sales & Integration held the Most Valuable Product Awards ceremony in an evening ceremony at The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas during ISC West 2017.

The Most Valuable Product (MVP) Awards recognize products that make a substantial impact on integrators and were judged on innovation, functionality, competitive advantages, benefits to the installer or monitoring provider, and benefits to the end user. yahoo.com

Agilence and Island Pacific Announce Strategic Partnership
New partnership highlights how data analytics is changing the retail sector.
Agilence, Inc., the leader in cloud-based data analytics for store operations and loss prevention, has established a strategic partnership with Island Pacific, the leader in retail merchandising and store operations software solutions. By making it easier for retailers to pinpoint incidents of preventable loss and quickly remediate operational problems, Agilence and Island Pacific are helping retailers across the country increase profitability and deepen customer relationships. agilenceinc.com

Redefining Loss
Total Retail Loss Typology is a radical departure

The world of retail has relied on the word "shrinkage" for more than 100 years to describe the losses companies experience as they go about their business. Shrinkage, however, is almost a euphemistic term describing a simple contraction in the size of the stock held by a company, without offering any real sense of what the cause might be. 

In this way, the term is similar to "shoplifting" a rather benign term often used by the industry to describe people actively engaging in criminal acts of theft in stores. For comparison's sake, you rarely see burglars or robbers described as houselifters or purselifters.

Four buckets of loss tend to be included in survey descriptions of what shrinkage is: external theft, internal theft, administrative or process errors, and vendor fraud. The term "administrative error or process failures" is particularly vague; depending upon the type of retailer and the types of products sold, it can potentially cover an enormous array of types of loss, including damage, spoilage, product going out of date, and incorrect price adjustments. 

A retailer selling food and using a shrinkage definition that includes food spoilage will have a different level of loss compared to a retailer selling clothing or auto parts; yet, many shrinkage surveys continue to combine this data together to generate an overall figure for the industry.

To date, there is no consistent, detailed definition or typology of shrinkage. It is a term that is used throughout the industry, but interpreted in different ways depending on the retail environment and the prevailing organizational culture and practices.

There is a constant desire to understand what the root causes of shrinkage are: Is it mainly external thieves? Is it the staff employed by retailers helping themselves to the stock? Is it due to organizational inefficiencies? Or is it caused by retail suppliers wrongly delivering on purpose or through error?  Continue reading here asisonline.org

Corporate Payments Still Attracting Fraudsters
In the 13th Annual Payments Fraud and Control Survey by the Association for Financial Professionals seventy-four percent of finance professionals report that their companies were victims of payments fraud in 2016, according to the AFP. Last year the numbers reached their highest level in more than a decade.

As to the means of fraud, 75% of organizations experienced check fraud last year and 46% were targets of wire transfer fraud. Other payment methods commonly targeted were corporate and commercial credit card accounts (32%), ACH debits (30%), and ACH credits (11%).

One possible reason for the overall increase in fraud is that many attacks are originated via business-email compromise (BEC), which the Federal Bureau of Investigation describes as "a scam carried out by compromising legitimate business email accounts through social engineering or computer intrusion techniques to conduct unauthorized transfers of funds."

Of the 547 corporate practitioners responding to the AFP survey, 52% said payments fraud at their companies originated via BEC attacks. BEC was more prevalent among larger organizations with annual revenue of at least $1 billion and more than 100 payment accounts.

While BEC scams are an increasingly common source of fraud, check payments continue to be the payment method most often exposed to fraud activity, said the AFP. As with business email compromise, finance departments are using multiple methods for guarding against check fraud. Positive pay is the most popular (74% of organizations), but companies are also using segregation of accounts (69%) and daily reconciliations (64%). cfo.com

Honeymoon period over at self check-outs?
The man whose patented technology has probably detected more checkout fraud than any other recent invention was at the Retail Risk - London conference last week.

StopLift Checkout Vision Systems has detected more than two million incidents of scan-avoidance at both manned and self-checkouts at retailers around the world, the company's CEO and founder Malay Kundu was able to announce.

That number has been ticking up nicely in the past few years - in June 2015 StopLift announced it had detected 1.16 million incidents, and in March 2016, 1.5 million.

Initially designed to crack down on 'sweethearting', (when cashiers pretend to scan merchandise but bypass the scanner) Stoplift's solutions are increasingly catching scan avoidance at self-checkouts.

Self-checkout theft and other scan avoidance has been up to 5 times higher than at manned checkouts, Kundu told Retail Risk News.

"Retailers always suspected that self-checkouts would be highly prone to scan-avoidance, and our technology has certainly found this to be the case," he said.

"It turns out that self-checkouts are typically blind if you avoid the weight sensors. In general people can beat self check-outs fairly easily.

"Another reason self-checkouts are prone to theft is they give people a built-in excuse. If they walk out of the store with items they didn't scan they can always say 'I thought scanned!'" he added.

The U.S. National Retail Federation states that retail shrink was approximately $44 billion in 2015 and about $14 billion of that was due to scan-avoidance. Supermarkets, with their lower profit margins, are particularly vulnerable to scan-avoidance, which has accounted for an almost 35% profit loss industrywide.

StopLift's Scan-It-All video analytics technology monitors 100% of security video (from cameras already installed in stores) and can immediately distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent behaviours at check-outs, instantly flagging up suspicious transactions and beeping store assistants. retailrisk.com

Major retailers crack down on fraudulent returns
The National Retail Federation calls fraudulent returns a $9.1 billion problem, and it's a problem that's not going away anytime soon.

"That's a huge impact and detrimental to the company's bottom line, which ultimately gets passed onto the consumer in the form of higher shipping costs, or higher costs for goods," said Troy Police Officer John Julian. Troy, Michigan is home to two of the area's largest malls, and Troy police have officers dedicated full time to fighting fraud.

Now stores across the country are increasing security and changing their return policies. Policies that have changed lately include Kohl's, Target, and Macy's.

At one Kohl's in Ohio, they had proof of one guy working around those new policies by using a fake ID. "This guy altered his ID so he could do multiple returns, more than the regular person," said Lt. Shepard. "He altered the letters on his drivers' license." wxyz.com

EAS Jammers - Coming to a Store Near You
'Shoplifting Pro' Website Selling AM EAS Sensormatic Jammers

We came across these criminal websites boldly selling EAS Jammers for anywhere from $150 USD to $450 USD a pop, with "special camouflage masking" available upon request.

One ad for a "Smart AM EAS sensormatic jammer (for Anti-Jammer) 58kHz" claims the following:

"They can not be detected by anti-theft gates, equipped with the latest firmware "interference detection, anti-interference." It has the ability to suppress the gate, which include an alarm in normal operation interference. And so, the problem is solved "freezes, bugs" and other reactions are not adequate gate. The problem of inappropriate reactions of the gate is also solved." shopliftingpro.net


U.S. Q1 Comp Stores Performance
As reported yesterday by CNBC Retail is coming off a tough first quarter and here are the numbers. Certainly not an academic calculation but reflective none the less.

First quarter earnings for publicly traded companies in the retail industry are expected to show a 6.8 percent decline, according to Retail Metrics. If the numbers prove correct, the quarter would represent the industry's biggest drop in earnings since the fourth quarter of 2013.

Q1 2017 Comp Store Averages

Quarterly Comps and Sales Numbers reported in Q1
Average quarterly comps: Down 1.6%
Average quarterly sales: Up 1.8%

Best quarterly comps
Ulta Beauty up 16.6%
Domino's up 12.2%
J.Jill up 10.8% 

Worst quarterly comps
hhgregg down 22.2%
GameStop down 20.8%
The Buckle down 16.1%  

NYC businesses can't ask job applicants salary history
The City Council is slated to vote Wednesday on a bill to ban city employers from asking potential hires about their salary histories.

Championed by Public Advocate Letitia James, the bill would prohibit such inquiries in an attempt to level the playing field for women, whose pay lags that of men. It would allow conversations about salary expectations and negotiations based on those numbers, but forbid employers from basing offers on past salaries. crainsnewyork.com

Update: Dollar General to buy Dollar Express - 323 stores
Eliminating 100 Dollar Express Corporate Jobs

Walgreens confident Rite Deal will get done, but ready to certify compliance CEO says

Canada's 1,000 store chain Dollarama to open 700 stores

Panera Bread to Be Acquired by JAB Holding Co. owners of Krispy Kreme for $7.5 Billion Deal

Payless ShoeSource Files Chapter 11 bankruptcy - Closing 400 Now

Petco acquires PetCoach online service & mobile app.

Walmart to build new DC in hometown

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Hudson's Bay Co Q4 comp's at DSG up 0.6%, Saks 5A up 0.1%, HBC Europe down 2%, HBC Off Price down 5.9%, digital sales up 52.8%, sales up 2.5%,
Hudson's Bay C. full yr. comp's at DSG up 0.4%, Saks 5A down 2.8%, HBC Europe down 1.2%, HBC Off Price down 7.4%, digital sales up 69.6%, sales up 29.5%
Walgreens Boots Alliance Q2 U.S. retail comp's down 0.8%, U.S. pharmacy comp's up 4.2%, U.S. retail sales down 2.7%, overall comp's up 2.4%, overall U.S. sales up 1.5%
Conn's Q4 comp's down 9.3%, net sales down 5.5%


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Q1 Retail Violent Death Report
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The D&D Daily respects your time & doesn't filter retail's reality

The National Retail Federation's 2017 Loss Prevention Survey reported, for first time ever, 100% of companies participating in the survey reported being a victim of Organized Retail Crime. Retailers reported major losses in products with high resell values. The emergence over the last 10 years of e-Commerce, social media and market place seller sites has had considerable impact on the way goods are bought and sold, as well as, the significant associated fraud. Open Source ORC Investigations are the best way to combat this problem at its root.

Open Source ORC Investigations consist of online research to gather information from e-commerce communities, classifieds, social networks, Dark Web and criminal data to identify the core of ORC rings. The Zellman Group offers the only end-to-end solution for your ORC investigations. The Zellman Group offers a balanced and consistent approach to investigating ORC that accommodates the independent needs of each client. The Zellman Group's approach to ORC Investigations combines cutting edge forensic Open Source research with proven investigative techniques and financial recovery solutions.

Ben Dugan, who has over 10 years of ORC investigations experience recently joined The Zellman Group as the Director of ORC Field Investigations. Ben and Director of ORC Recovery, Bill Ramos, will be directing the Open Source Intelligence and ORC Investigations Program. CEO, Stuart Levine, VP of Operations, Lauren Bridgeo and Michael Ira Asen, Chief Counsel and criminal attorney will provide additional support and expertise. Each member of this team has more than 30 years of retail, e-Commerce and investigative experience.

In addition to having the right people, The Zellman Group has the resources to conduct or assist clients with ORC Investigations. Examples of how The Zellman Group will assist you with your ORC problem are:

   ● ORC Subject Vetting and Asset Search
   ● Social Media Covert Operations
   ● E-Commerce ORC Investigations
   ● Dark Web Investigations
   ● Victim Impact Statements
   ● ORC Recovery and Asset Search

Visit The Zellman Group's Open Source Intelligence and ORC Investigations team at 2017 RILA in New Orleans. The Zellman Group will be in booth 217

The Zellman Group, LLC, based in Greenvale, NY, is a loss prevention services and consulting company working in the retail, food service and hospitality industries. For more information, please visit us at our website: www.zellmangroup.com.

How to respond to device and software backdoors inserted or left by vendors
With IHS forecasting an influx of 30.7 billion IoT devices by 2020 and 75.4 billion by 2025, additional products that could house vendor backdoors will flood the enterprise, multiplying the risks of these kinds of security holes.

CSO looks at vendor backdoors, how they get into products, the challenges to finding these, mitigating the easily infected openings, and responding to this hardware, software, and IoT-based dilemma.

These kinds of backdoors can be flaws, known components or characteristics designed to permit entry and control, or some unknown entry point left on purpose, any of which an attacker can abuse.

Challenges to uncovering vendor backdoors in devices and software
"Most enterprises have a rudimentary product security program that relies on third-party databases, such as the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) that the U.S. Government hosts to discover potential backdoors in the products they use," explains Howard. The NVD can include backdoors that vendors purposely leave behind and those that a negligent programmer forgets to close if these create exposure to criminal hackers.

"This approach leaves a place for cyber thugs to enter these backdoors before the vulnerabilities appear in databases like the NVD. As a general rule, finding backdoors is difficult and most organizations are not equipped to discover or remediate them," says Howard.

How to mitigate the potential for these backdoors

An enterprise can undertake these four remaining steps, according to Munro. First, consider carefully whether the hardware or software product in question is necessary.

Second, says Munro, make good decisions about what vendors you can trust. Make sure they demonstrate insightfulness and expedience in fixing vulnerabilities.

Third, says Munro, train your SOC teams to detect backchannels and covert communications across the enterprise network; have them study alerts and events inside the network so they can recognize potentially malicious traffic.

Fourth, Munro concludes, use the right software and hardware tools to detect backdoor communications, including SIEM tools, secure web gateways, firewalls, UTMs, and other network monitoring solutions.

How to respond to known vendor backdoors

When an enterprise does discover a product in their production environment that has a backdoor, they should take it offline where possible until they or the vendor resolve the vulnerability or they should isolate the hardware to contain the risk while deploying additional monitoring and controls around it.

Backdoors in IoT
To deal with the potential for backdoors in IoT, an enterprise must first assign a stakeholder who is responsible for these devices. Then when the enterprise discovers a backdoor, they can ensure that the business and security owners remediate it together.

Vulnerability reports
If you can't test every product you use, keep close watch of evolving vulnerability reports. In addition to the NVD, CVE Details and the Trustwave Security Advisories regularly publish new vulnerabilities, including backdoors. Careful searches on https://wikileaks.org/ can identify products with backdoors.  csoonline.com

As Cloud Use Expands, So Do Security Blind Spots, Studies Show
Cloud usage continues to spread throughout some of the most critical parts of IT infrastructure, but even as the workloads grow in importance, the security practices are not necessarily improving at the same pace.

All evidence shows that there still remains a shocking lack of visibility into what enterprise data goes into the cloud, how it's used, and what controls are in place to keep it safe. Several new reports released in the last week shed more light on the issue, including one out from Bitglass today, which shows fewer than one in four organizations regularly monitor cloud infrastructure for security risks.  darkreading.com


Loblaw visits the LPRC Innovation Lab

Loblaw recently visited the Loss Prevention Research Countil Innovation Lab! Loblaw is the largest Canadian retail chain (food, pharmacy, clothing). Their team visited Gainesville to discuss LPRC initiatives, research projects, and how they can participate in each. LPRC is excited to extend membership to their friends to the North!

Learn more about LPRC here

Kim Dotcom's Canadian connection: Servers in Ontario could be key in case against alleged Internet pirate
As dawn broke over New Zealand's North Island in January 2012, an elite squad of anti-terrorist officers sprinted for the front door of a New Zealand mansion and busted through, trying to prevent Kim Dotcom, allegedly the world's top Internet pirate, from destroying evidence in the massive American racketeering case against him. The fear was that the Finnish/German hacker-turned-file-sharing-mogul had a "doomsday button," which would erase his servers around the world and leave prosecutors empty-handed.

As it happened, he did not. Dotcom, who changed his name from Kim Schmitz, fled from his bedroom into a secret staircase concealed in a closet, leading up to a safe room. It took 13 minutes for police to find him.

Dotcom flaunted his success but he never set foot in the United States, the country that decided to stop him, and asked its closest allies to help. With the evidence in hand, Canada applied for the court's permission to share the server contents with the FBI. Both Megaupload and the company that owned them agreed that the warrant was justified and carried out properly, but they objected to the proposal to simply hand over a mirror image of their contents.

Canada's preference was to let the FBI send a "clean team" of investigators with no involvement in the case without taking the servers out of the country. But in an appeal, Megaupload and Equinix argued it was unfair to hire FBI agents, "clean" or not, for such a delicate exercise, and the job should be done by an independent expert.

In its ruling Friday, the Ontario Court of Appeal agreed with Megaupload, so the case is back where it was four years ago, with a judicial order to share the relevant data on the servers, but nothing more.

Dotcom faces charges in the United States of racketeering, money laundering and criminal copyright infringement, and the U.S. has already moved to seize his assets. In February, a New Zealand judge approved his extradition, but he is appealing, and the case is not likely to conclude for many more months. nationalpost.com

Air Miles beefs up security for cash miles program after points stolen
Program will resume in-store cash miles program, after suspending it due to theft

The rewards program suspended in-store redemptions on March 23 after it discovered thieves had managed to steal cash miles from some collectors. The theft happened in a "small number" of cases when points were used to buy products in stores, said Air Miles at the time.

Starting Wednesday, collectors will face a daily spending limit of $50 per account. They will also no longer be able to use their points to get gift cards in stores.  cbc.ca

Samsung Announces Massive Toronto Flagship

Dollarama posts 17 percent rise in quarterly profits

How high will the price of legal pot in Canada be?

Toronto police raid four pot dispensaries

Eyewear Retailer Ollie Quinn Launches Canadian Operations with 9 Stores

Winnipeg, MB: Man stabbed in the head at 7-Eleven during middle-of-the-night assault
Singh said he was driving his taxi around 2 a.m. Friday when he made a pit stop at 7-Eleven. He said a customer inside who was blocking an aisle refused to move. When he asked the person to move, he would not and became aggressive.

Singh said the customer left with a handful of stolen items. When he tried to make a mad dash to his cab, the person confronted him with a knife, so he went back inside and asked a worker to call 9-1-1. Once he thought the suspect left, he tried to leave again, but the suspect was hiding behind the building.

After Singh struggled to pull the suspect into the store, he was stabbed with a large knife. The suspect ran away. Singh now has eight stitches, and most of his hair had to chopped off. Winnipeg police arrested a male youth a few hours after the incident. ctvnews.com

Brochet, MB: Possible arson destroys remote town's only grocery store
"Everything was exploding,"said one witness

A remote northern Manitoba community has lost its only grocery store to a fire that RCMP are investigating as a potential arson. The fire at the Northern Store in Brochet, Man., began around 4 a.m. CT Sunday and destroyed the building, which also housed the local post office and ATMs.

"The Northern Store was basically a lifeline to the community," one resident said in an interview. "Canada Post was there, and the ATMs; people not getting their band assistance, groceries. Major lifelines have been shut out from the community."

"While a definitive cause has not been determined, it is being investigated as arson at this time," police stated in a news release.

One witness said: "Everything was exploding like crazy, so we had to stay away ... just in case of the possibility of being shot by bullets." cbc.ca

Update: Grand Forks, BC: Police catch break in $100,000 jewelry heist case
Late December, the downtown jewelry store was broken into and over $100,000 in jewelry and valuables were stolen. At the time, RCMP indicated the store was accessed from a hole cut in the neighbouring vacant building's wall. Last month Grand Forks RCMP released a surveillance images taken from the store's security camera, showing a masked person wearing a balaclava with a skull print, jeans, and a black leather jacket.

In an update released Monday, Grand Forks RCMP note that because of a tip from the public, they located the "clothing and tools" used by the suspect on Miller Creek Forest Service Road on March 30. grandforksgazette.ca

Toronto, ON: Man walks into downtown restaurant with gunshot wound

Barrie, ON: Police looking for $500 razor blade theft suspect

Steinbach, MB: Police searching for St. Patrick's Day liquor thief

Port au Port West, NL: Historic hardware store destroyed by fire

Alberta: Woman wanted for credit-card scam a former bank employee

RCMP Investigating Online Fraud Involving Puppy Sales

Hamilton, ON, CN: 'Romaine calm,' say Police after $45,000-lettuce theft

Robberies and Burglaries

Delta Nine - Hamilton, ON - Armed Robbery
Sweet Convenience Store - Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL - Robbery

Undisclosed business - London, ON - Armed Robbery
Undisclosed convenience store - Windsor, ON - Robbery


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LP Technology's
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Joe Coll, VP AP Op's & Administration, and Steve Boarman, Dir of LP Administration, Macy's

As retailers continue to evolve and build the Omni model at their stores, most LP departments are stuck in the '90s with technology that leaves a lot to be desired. Joe Coll, VP Asset Protection Operations & Administration, and Steve Boarman, Director of LP Administration, for Macy's, share their thoughts on retail technology's rapid advancement, how LP can leverage existing technologies while still investing in the future, and what the AP Team of the Future looks like.

Episode Sponsored By:

Quick Take #16

Jim Shepherd, National Accounts Manager for Protection 1, meets up with Co-MC Joe LaRocca to discuss the retail business, where Protection 1 is headed, and the tried-and-true advice he'd give to young LP executives today.

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E-retailers' outlook is strong so far this year
84% to add products, 61% to hire new employees
Confidence among online retail professionals is strong, as a new report suggests that 94% of web merchants will grow and reinvest in their businesses in some way early this year.

The study, dubbed the Epic Report by site search technology firm SLI Systems, presents findings from a survey conducted in February of more than 200 e-commerce companies around the world about their confidence level and general outlook of e-commerce in the first quarter.

When asked about their first quarter plans, the most common answer from retailers-given by 84% of them-was plans to add products or product lines. 61% said they planned to purchase or implement new technology.

The survey found stark differences in retailers' desire to make acquisitions or expand globally depending on where those merchants are located. For instance, nearly 25% of U.S.-based respondents said their businesses planned to make acquisitions during the quarter, compared with just 9% of U.K. retailers.

Hiring plans were generally in sync among respondents. An average of 61% of those headquartered in each of the most represented regions in the study-the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand-planned to hire new employees for the period that ended March 31.

Retailers are optimistic about several key metrics that drive online sales, as 82% say they expected an increase in site traffic in the first quarter, followed by 80% who expected a boost in sales and profits. digitalcommerce360.com

Amazon, FTC End Appeals, Letting App Refunds Start Soon
The Federal Trade Commission and Amazon have agreed to drop their appeals in litigation accusing the online retailer of charging customers for unauthorized app purchases made by their children, opening the door for the refund process to move forward, the agency announced Tuesday.

More than $70 million in in-app charges made between November 2011 and May might be eligible for refunds. law360.com

Chanel accuses website of selling counterfeit items
Chanel alleges a website is selling counterfeit versions of its goods. Chanel Inc. filed a complaint on March 27 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida against Safebuyrepublica.ru alleging trademark infringement. According to the complaint, the plaintiff alleges that it has suffered injury to its business, reputation and profit as a result of defendant promoting, selling, offering for sale, and distributing goods bearing counterfeits and confusingly similar imitations of plaintiff's trademarks through a fully interactive commercial internet website. flarecord.com

Online Trust Alliance merges with Internet Society

San Antonio, TX: Former James Avery Jewelry employee busted
for $60,000 theft

A 34-year-old woman is facing felony theft charges after admitting to stealing James Avery jewelry valued at about $60,000. Ariel O. Cannon was a seasonal employee at James Avery Jewelry store. Management came to believe that was stealing jewelry when a video recording showed her pretending to move jewelry from the counter to a stock drawer, but was actually putting it in her pocket. After viewing the video, store management suspected her involvement in other thefts at the store since November of 2014. Investigators reviewed Cannon's pawn history and discovered she began pawning jewelry about a month after taking the job at the store. kens5.com

Anaheim, CA: $10,000 of Sunglasses stolen in Smash & Grab Burglary; 4th Burglary at this store in 3 months
This is the fourth break-in at this location since January and no arrests have been made. Five suspects smashed out the glass door and grab designer sunglasses, fleeing in just a few minutes. cbslocal.com

Laconia, NH: Three Arrested for Stealing Over $7,500 Worth of Retail
According to police, officers pulled over a motor vehicle for a minor violation on Tuesday night where they found the driver, Arturo Fabian Pineda-Otero, from Flushing, NY, operating the vehicle with a suspended license. His passengers Roger Bustos-Perez and Hernan Avendano-Martinez, also did not have licenses. They arrested Pineda-Otero and searched his person where they found several bags filled with what appeared to be marijuana. The vehicle was searched and a booster bag was found. After officers obtained a search warrant for the entire vehicle, they located several other bags in the trunk of the car filled with retail clothing, cologne, and perfume. Officers also found tools that appeared to be used to detach anti-theft devices. The total value of the stolen merchandise was over $7,500. All three were arrested and charged with organized retail crime enterprise, possession and possession of a theft detection shielding device. necn.com

Ocala, FL: Three suspects sought in $6,500 Burglary at Best Buy Mobile
Shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday, Ocala Police went to the Best Buy Mobile responding to an alarm. When officers arrived, they noticed the glass on the right side of the front door was shattered. The window to the right of the front door was also broken. Officers recovered two cinder blocks they believe were used to smash the glass. ocala.com

Clarksville, TN: Police catch woman inside store after hours with $2,700
of stolen merchandise

A woman has been arrested after allegedly hiding in a local business after closing and attempting to steal merchandise. A manager arrived to unlock the store and police found Jessica Brown of Clarksville inside the building. Officers also found a bag containing items with anti-theft devices removed, as well as a pair of pliers. Police believe Brown stayed inside the business after it had closed and tried to steal $2,700 worth of merchandise from the store. clarksvillenow.com

Osaka, Japan: Vietnamese men formed cosmetics theft ring to resell stolen items back home
A group of Vietnamese men were found to have formed theft rings in Japan, shoplifting a large volume of cosmetic items from drugstores and major discount chains at the direction of a woman living in Vietnam and recruiting returning students to take their spoils back to the country to resell them there. Osaka Prefectural Police arrested six Vietnamese students in their 20s, who made up two theft rings based in Tokyo and Osaka , as well as Dao The Quang of Tokyo, who acted as their leader, on suspicion of theft. Together, the seven men are believed to have repeated the thefts a total of 15 times, stealing approximately $12,000 worth of merchandise. mainichi.jp

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Shootings & Deaths

South Los Angeles, CA: Strip Mall shooting; 1 Juvenile killed, 2 in critical condition
The shooting happened at a strip mall near 60th Street and Vermont Avenue. Three teens were rushed to the hospital after about a dozen shots were fired into a crowd around 3:45 p.m. A male 16-year-old later died of his injuries and the other two victims, a 15-year-old male and a 17-year-old female, were listed in critical but stable condition. Police and witnesses say the shooter got out of a car, walked up and fired into a group of people at the strip mall and then fled the scene. The victims were students of Hawkins High School, located about a block away. abc7.com

UPDATE: Dekalb County, GA: Police release video of Walmart shooting: LP Agent wounded
Police release surveillance of a gunman that investigators consider armed and dangerous, after he allegedly shot a loss prevention officer in a DeKalb County Walmart. DeKalb Police said the ordeal happened Friday at the store off Fairington Road, as the suspect was seen on video swiping DVDs then trying to flee the store; police said the video captures loss prevention officer Donte Harris trying to stop the man, who pulls out a gun and shoots him in the foot. fox5atlanta.com

Update: Wilmington, NC: Murder suspect denied bond in connection to Independence Mall fatal shooting
Traneta Shanaia Campbell, 19, appeared in court Tuesday morning in connection to the murder of 24-year-old Catherine Ruth Ballard. The judge denied Campbell bond. Ballard was shot near the Ruby Tuesday restaurant at Independence Mall in Wilmington on Saturday afternoon. District Attorney Ben David said in court the entire crime was caught on video. He says Campbell shot four times at Ballard and missed, then took one last shot where it entered Ballard in the back of the head. wect.com

Las Vegas, NV: Crown Liquor - Shooting, 1 man shot and killed in store parking lot

Macon, GA: M&M Grocery - Shooting, 1 man killed in Parking lot argument

Mount Airy, NC: McDonalds - Shooting in parking lot, no injuries

Robberies & Thefts

Bradenton, FL: Police Officer fights for his life as Jewelry Store Burglar attacks
For more than two minutes a Bradenton Police officer gave everything he had to fight off a burglar trying to get his gun, and gouge his eyes out. Lt. William Weldon was responding to a burglar alarm at Joyeria Latina (Latin Jewelry) store on Sunday morning. Around 3:57 am, surveillance video shows the burglar break through the front glass door and start ransacking the business. Minutes later, video shows Weldon come through the front door, gun drawn. For more than 2 minutes the officer struggles. Hernandez, according to police was trying to go for Weldon's gun and gouge the officer's eyes out. Thankfully, Lt. Weldon is able to get the upper hand on the burglar pull out his gun and knock him to the ground. abcactionnews.com

St John's County, FL: FLASH MOB of 10 to 12 people Burglarize a Liquor store
It's being described as a 'professional' smash-and-grab burglary. The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office is investigating, after as many as a dozen suspects targeted a popular shopping center on County Road 210. We're told the group stole several thousand dollars' worth of merchandise from a liquor store in the Johns Creek shopping center. "About 12 guys, 10 to 12 guys, we think about 5 cars, totally ransacked the store in a couple of minutes," the employee says. It's estimated the burglars got away with at least $5,000 in stolen items. wokv.com

Albuquerque, NM: Serial thief indicted on 231 charges, including 55 counts of armed robbery, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence
In five months more than 50 businesses were allegedly robbed at gunpoint by one man. Police describe Paul Salas as wearing a hoodie and a bandanna covering most of his face when he would walk into stores to rob them. Salas is accused of stealing from restaurants, cellphone stores, and auto parts retailers. Police arrested Paul Salas in the middle of March. koat.com

Corpus Christi, TX: Bealls Shoplifter struck by vehicle attempting flee across a busy highway

Brimfield Township, OH: Shoplifting suspect trapped in Kohl's store after closing, calls 911 for help

Houston, TX: Teen Burglary suspect smashes into 18-wheeler during Police chase

Lehigh Valley, PA: Police arrest get-a-way driver linked to 5-county burglary spree

Columbus, OH: Surveillance photos of man who stole a $4,500 diamond ring from Macy's released

Sumner County, TN: Man at Walmart urinated on 50 pairs of kids' shoes; charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct

Crestview, FL: Woman refuses to leave Waffle House, asks to go to jail

Melbourne, AU: Insurance premiums jump for robbed Victorian jewelry stores

Cargo Theft

Update: Whitfield County, GA: Jury Convicts 3 Miami Men Of Stealing Tractor-Trailer Load Of Batteries
A Whitfield County jury on Tuesday convicted three men under Georgia's Cargo Theft statute. Code section 16-8-22 went into effect on July 1, 2014, to provide additional penalties for the growing problem of commercial cargo theft in Georgia and nationally.

District Attorney Bert Poston said the three men were involved in stealing an 18-wheeler at the Tunnel Hill exit along I-75 on Nov. 23, 2014. The trailer contained approximately $150,000 worth of batteries at the time of the theft. In coordination with the Miami-Dade Cargo Theft Task Force, the GBI Major Theft Unit identified stolen property connected to this case in Florida. chattanoogan.com

Washington Township, OH: Police searching for stolen Semitrailer carrying shipment of Beer


Guam: Man charged with trying to Blow Up a Ruby Tuesday's at Guam Premier Outlets

Skimming Thefts

Woburn, MA: Two Men From Italy, Romania Indicted in Card Skimming Ring
120 cards, $15,000 in cash found

Two men from Italy and Romania have been indicted on charges they ran an elaborate, large-scale credit-card skimming ring in several Middlesex towns along the Route 128 corridor.

Antonio Testone, 30, of Italy, and Bogdan Ionut Bujor, 28, of Romania, were each indicted on Tuesday on charges of violation of electronic transfers, larceny over $250, conspiracy and being a common and notorious thief after investigators found more than 120 fraudulent credit cards and $15,000 in cash as a result of a search warrant.

Police allege that the morning of October 27, 2016, several branches of a local-area bank reported incidents of fraudulent transactions. Bedford and Burlington Police Departments confirmed through the use of still photos and video images that the same suspects were responsible for the alleged thefts at all three banks. patch.com

Cottonwood Heights, UT: Jail release of 2 in card skimming bust angers police
Duo accused of stealing credit card info at gas pumps have likely fled state, police say. deseretnews.com

Champaign, IL: Skimming device found at Circle K gas stations

Lee County, FL: Suspect caught on camera installing skimming devices on ATM

All Care Pharmacy - Victorville, CA - Armed Robbery
Best Buy Mobile - Ocala, FL - Burglary
Chris' Pharmacy - Posey County, IN - Burglary
Don's Jewelry - Washington, IA - Robbery
DTOWN Cellular - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
J & N Carryout - Columbus, OH - Armed Robbery/ Shooting, 1 man wounded
Liquor Store - Jacksonville, FL - Burglary/ Smash & Grab Mob
Little Caesars - Buena Park, CA - Armed Robbery
Loves Truck Stop - Houston, TX - Burglary
Miller's Jewelry - Bozeman, MT - Burglary
Pantaneira Shoes - Framingham, MA - Robbery
Precision Vision Optometry - Anaheim, CA - Burglary
Safeway - Cottage Grove, OR - Armed Robbery
Shell - Jackson, MS - Armed Robbery/ Shots fired, no injuries
Tele-Mundo Communications - Bay Shore, NY - Armed Robbery
Tobacco Plus - Muncie, IN - Burglary
Twins Meat Market - Timberlake, NC - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - San Diego, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
11 robberies
7 burglaries
2 shootings
0 killed

Samuel Edge
named Regional Loss Prevention Director for Barnes & Noble

David Robbins
named Regional Asset Protection Manager for Advance Auto Parts

Mike Zamora
promoted to Assets Protection Business Partner for Target

Robert Seaser, CFI promoted to Manager of Brand Risk Investigations & Intelligence for PetSmart

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Asset Protection Program Sr Manager
Nashville, TN
Manages programs and initiatives as it relates to physical security and shrink improvement that advance company financials. Sources new technologies and vendors, implements effective tests, plans optimal company rollouts, and makes recommendations for future strategies. Provides training and support for field personnel on all applicable programs and initiatives..

Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager
Redlands, CA

Under the supervision of the Director of Loss Prevention, the Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager implements and enforces measures to ensure safety, security and prevent loss within all Distribution Center facilities...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Wichita, Kansas

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Sr Manager, Region Asset Protection (Miami Region)
Miami & South Florida
The Sr manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...

Sr Manager, Region Asset Protection (Jacksonville, FL)
Jacksonville & North Florida

The Sr manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...


Loss Prevention Area Investigator
Southeast US

Gap Inc is seeking an experienced Loss Prevention Investigator to support the company's shortage reduction efforts. Investigators are primarily responsible for detecting the existence of internal fraud through exception reporting, store research, networking, general loss interviews and response to COBC hot lines. All conclusions are based upon associate interviews and/or factual findings derived from various company and vendor resources...


Store Detective - Multi-Unit
St Paul, MN

As a Market Investigator, you will directly assist in thesafety and protection of CVS Health retail assets within assigned stores, including customers, employees, merchandise, and store property. In this role, you will become familiar with CVS Health policy, local criminal law, covert surveillance principles, overt customer service methods, and digital and traditional VCR tape video surveillance systems...

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