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RILA's New Asset Protection Leader

Garth Gasse, CFI, Director - Asset Protection

Educate - Innovate - Advocate

By Gus Downing
Publisher & Editor

With 26 years of retail Asset Protection experience and a BS degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Carolina, Garth Gasse joined the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) this past January as their new Director of Asset Protection. Having super-store, specialty store, drug store, and department store experience in his background provides Garth with a keen understanding of the various retail sectors and the needs and challenges that the retail industry is facing.

Having worked with a number of the industry's senior thought leaders; Walter Palmer, Bob Serenson, Chris McDonald and Chris Gillen, Garth has acquired a deep breadth of knowledge and experience. Coupled with the fact that he delivered consistently positive shrink results throughout his career proves that he has the intuitive ability to build the relationships that allows him to deliver best in class solutions and best in class results.

With years of successful field experience, Garth understands the components of a successful proactive AP program and is deeply rooted in the fundamental principles of teaching - training - and coaching. Participating in the evolution of the retail industry and the rapid-paced change processes we're all experiencing, Garth realizes the challenges we all face and is dedicated to helping develop and drive the educational programs that the industry needs to successfully face these challenges.

Being a member of the Continuing Education Committee since 2006 for the International Association of Interviewers and having been a member of the LP Foundation's Coursework Committee for 3 years, Garth has shown that he's driven by the belief in the necessity for ongoing education, and that he's well prepared to help lead the effort for RILA members and the Asset Protection industry.

Having worked with a number of solution providers in his prior roles, Garth appreciates the important role solution providers and all service providers play in helping retailers solve their complex issues. And while we may be considered two different groups, in his view we're all on one team and united by one goal. With that in mind Garth is committed to engaging solution providers and ensuring that they have a "Best in Class" venue in which to showcase their products and services, and that they have the ability to make an impact and unite with RILA's member retailers.

Given the speed and immensity of change the retail industry is facing, Garth is passionate about how RILA's focus and programs on emerging technologies can be a game changer. Their commitment to helping facilitate the innovation wave by providing the support structure necessary to bring the latest technology faster and quicker to the AP industry via their AP Horizons Committee is the first of its kind.

Over the last few years RILA has certainly had an impressive group of executives leading their Asset Protection efforts. From Paul Jones, the current Head of Global Asset Protection for eBay, to more recently Lisa LaBruno, whose promotion to Senior Vice President for Retail Operations for RILA opened the way for Garth to join them as their new Director of Retail Operations, Asset Protection. However, this is the first time RILA has had, in effect, two executives committed to representing the AP industry with a level of subject matter expertise that should drive value well beyond expectations.

It's an exciting time for RILA's Asset Protection effort right now as they're positioned, with these two executives and the programs they have, to truly make a positive impact and help this industry navigate the sea of change we're facing. We're certain that they're upcoming conference will be extremely worthwhile and will enable you to take back a wealth of information to use in your company, and to use for your own career. And we'd like to challenge those of you questioning the value to take a fresh look and embrace the educational value and the value of coming together as an industry and making sure you're up to date with emerging technologies, the trends, the programs, and just as important the people.

Lastly, we'd like to wish Garth the best of success and we firmly believe he'll represent this industry well.

Good Luck,
From all us at the Daily


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Jim Passarella was promoted to Director Asset Protection, East Operations for 7-Eleven Inc. Jim has over 22 years experience in Asset Protection. Prior to joining 7-Eleven in 2010, Jim was the Director of Loss Prevention and Inventory Control for Urban Outfitters Inc. Prior to his time at UOI Jim was the Director of Loss Prevention for Jones Apparel Group and has held leadership roles with multiple retail companies. Jim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and graduated Cum Laude from West Chester University, West Chester Pennsylvania. Congrats Jim!
Mike Suppe was promoted to Director Asset Protection, West Operations for 7-Eleven Inc. Mike has worked in the Asset Protection field for over 20 years. Prior to joining 7-Eleven in 2004, Mike was a Regional Director for Logistics with K-Mart stores and has held multiple leadership roles with national retailers. Prior to his career in Asset Protection, Mike worked as a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles County for 10 years. Mike earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Sonoma State University in California. Congrats Mike!

Penney's CEO Ron Johnson out - Ullman back - Guess it wasn't like comparing Apples to Apples  Seventeen months of change; going through a CFO and a CMO in 6 months, changing the sales promotion model, taking on Lundgren at Macy's, losing the coffee shop deal, and 25% sales decreases, it all finally took its toll. With the board yesterday voting to end Johnson's reign. Last week the one activist board member who recruited him over, William Ackman seemed to withdraw his support and obviously that is all it took. So Myron Ullman, the CEO Johnson had replaced was called Saturday and asked if he'd return, to which he responded "absolutely". (Source

Tyco: No proof Lilly thieves used security report 
A security company being sued over the theft of $60 million worth of pharmaceuticals from an Eli Lilly and Co. warehouse in Connecticut in 2010 insists there is no proof the thieves used a report it prepared detailing the building's security weaknesses. Attorneys for Tyco Integrated Systems LLC denied the allegations Thursday in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed in federal court in Hartford by Eli Lilly's insurer, National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh. In fact the lawsuit did not state or show the proof of the claim. "Instead of backing its grave allegations with factual support, National Union merely assumes that, because burglars circumvented and disabled a TycoIS alarm system ... they necessarily must have had confidential information about the facility's security system and that TycoIS must have failed to safeguard this information," Hartford attorney Amy Markim wrote in the motion. (Source

A smartphone-sized shopping mall debuts 
Tinyview, a mobile site and iPhone app that features 50 retailers under one mobile roof. Tinyview essentially is a user interface that sits atop the collected m-commerce sites of the 50 retailers, which include Inc.,, Target Corp., Forever 21 Apparel, AccessoriesOnline, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s Inc., Nordstrom Inc. and Urban Outfitters Inc. A consumer selects a merchant from the Stores section and that retailer’s m-commerce site appears within the Tinyview interface. (Source

Retail Employment Slumps Most in Year as Stores Cut Back 
Employment by retailers slumped the most in more than a year last month, hurting growth in the U.S. job market, as higher payroll taxes and concern fiscal policies will reduce consumer spending prompt companies to trim costs. Retail employment declined by 24,000 in March, the most since February 2012. (Source

Retail stores becoming Online Fulfillment Centers 
"Retailers must first evolve into primarily an online retailer with their brick and mortar locations becoming the showroom and pick-up locations.” (Source

Office Max and Office Depot merger moves one step further with appointment of selection committee  OfficeMax and Office Depot have announced the committee members tasked with overseeing the process to select a CEO for the combined company and selection of the executives who will help to manage the integration planning process. (Source

Mobile Attacks Top the 2013 Security Threats List - More like "Tap & Pray" than "Tap and Pay"  Predictions are calling for mobility malware to become a major threat this year and in the years to come, thanks to the BYOD phenomenon and some highly motivated attackers. Here's a "Security and Mobile Device Management" guide for the serious student who wants to truly learn about this threat. (Source

The cloud: Storms on the horizon 
The cloud is really just shorthand for shared resources. There are very real legal concerns lurking inside this brave new world of resource sharing. What happens when your co-mingled data ends up under a government investigation? And, beyond the global cloud, what is the real-world impact of a third-party subpoena showing up on your doorstep? (Source

Loss Prevention Analyst - the toughest job to fill in the industry 
Still being a relatively new position in the LP industry, with only the first generation analyst appearing about 15 years ago, this position is the most difficult to fill for any retailer. Most are finding executives in the finance pyramid to come over to Loss Prevention for short commitments. However, we are finally starting to see some growth of a number of executives that have become true subject matter experts. The problem is that with the continued growth and use of analytics, we'll continue to see a shortage of executives long term that actually corresponds with the shortage in IT security executives as well. There is no easy answer other than to increase and emphasize it in your college recruiting efforts, continue to screen your current ranks of LP associates and store associates for those with tech experience, education, or interest, and to continue to look within the finance ranks for those willing to jump over and add value.

Shoplifting suspect dies after possible use of excessive force  Walmart shoplifting suspect George Golden, who suffered possible police excessive force after an officer shot him during a scuffle March 27, has died in Memphis, Tenn. Mr. Golden died Friday. He was 42. Memphis police say the cause of death is under investigation. Video of Mr. Golden being kicked by a police officer after the shooting was captured by a bystander. They confirmed Mr. Golden is the suspect in the video. Police also say Officer Leon Dickson shot Mr. Golden. Kimberly Houston is the off-duty officer who may have used excessive force. She was working security at Wal-Mart when Mr. Golden shoplifted. The suspect punched the police officer in the face and resisted arrest multiple times and fought with all three officers in the parking lot. The suspect them reached inside his waistband as if he was concealing a weapon, made a sudden move towards the officers, and officer Dickson shot him. (Source

Walmart employee's Facebook post - "I love my job" with a pic. of him holding up stolen money  Video footage allegedly showed Ogbonna routinely palming $20 bills each day, stealing hundreds a day for a total of $3,180. A person who was "friends" with Ogbonna on Facebook said he was bragging on line about the thefts and posted photos of himself and the stolen money. Ogbonna allegedly refused to cooperate with loss prevention or police. He was arrested for theft by taking from the Alpharetta. Ga., Wal-Mart. (Source

Senator reintroduces the Protecting America’s Workers Act (PAWA): increasing OSHA penalties.  The bill first introduced by the late Senator Ted Kennedy will enhance the penalties available to OSHA and prosecutors in the case of certain infractions: Felony charges would be available for an employer’s repeat and willful violations of OSHA regulations that result in a worker’s death or serious injury (right now the maximum penalty is a misdemeanor), and the minimum OSHA penalty for a worker’s death caused by a willful violation would be $50,000. (Source

Operation "Forged Dreams" in San Juan nets $136,000 in counterfeit goods 
During the operation, HSI special agents and partner law enforcement officers targeted five retailers of counterfeit and pirated goods at locations in the Puerto Rican municipalities of Caguas, Toa Alta, Mayaguez and San Juan. They seized 1,587 CDs, 4,238 DVDs, 1,650 contact lenses, 492 T-shirts, 98 pairs of tennis shoes and 72 hats infringing on the trademark of Freshlook Hollywood contact lenses, Nike, Adidas, Gucci, NBA and Asics. The total manufacturer's suggested retail value of the seized goods is approximately $136,000. (Source

Indiana County Wal-Mart cashier pleads guilty in $255,000 coupon-for-cash scam
The cashier was responsible for balancing the day's sales involving coupons. State police in Indiana said an investigation began after a clearance house that pays Wal-Mart for coupons reported a discrepancy of about $75,000 over a few months. Store auditors and police examined videos and store records to calculate the amount stolen since 2010. (Source

Man accused of stealing a tractor trailer containing $75,000 worth of Soup in Florida.  A 51-year-old Orlando man was arrested on charges that he stole a tractor trailer containing $75,000 worth of soup. Eusebio Diaz Acosta, 51, faces charges of grand theft of cargo worth $50,000 or more and grand theft of a motor vehicle following his arrest early Sunday on the Florida’s Turnpike. Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley called the facts of the case “very unusual.” “This is the first time the court’s ever seen $75,000 worth of soup stolen,” Hurley said Monday, as he set Diaz Acosta’s bond at $25,000. Diaz Acosta told the troopers that he met the passenger, Pepe, a week beforehand, and that Pepe paid him to drive the tractor trailer and he knows nothing else. (Source

Central German transport hub - hotbed of organized crime for processed food 
Over the weekend 5 metric tons of Nutella -chocolate-hazelnut spread stolen from a tractor trailer. Last month five tons of coffee and this past August 34,000 cans of Red Bull energy drink were stolen from the same hub. The black market is alive and well in Germany. (Source

Canada, US Advance Truck Cargo Inspection Pilot Project.  
Vic Toews, Canada’s minister of public safety, and Janet Napolitano, U.S. secretary of homeland security, have signed a memorandum of understanding that paves the way for a U.S. Customs and Border Protection truck cargo pre-inspection pilot project in Canada. The deal was signed in Washington at their biannual meeting. It is a commitment made as part of the Beyond the Border Action Plan. Canadian and U.S. officials will work together to finalize the details to implement the pilot. It will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will test the concept of conducting Customs primary cargo inspection in Canada, and the second phase will further test how pre-inspection could enhance border efficiency and reduce wait times to facilitate trade. (Source

Walmart shoplifting suspect killed in traffic crash in Pennsylvania during Police chase. State police say a shoplifting suspect was killed when his car crashed after he was chased from a Wal-Mart in northwestern Pennsylvania, where troopers say he was stealing DVDs. State Police have now identified the man as Jeremy Guzowski of Findley Lake, N.Y. who died in the crash about 2:30 p.m. Monday in Harborcreek Township, near Erie. Sgt. Mark Zaleski says an off-duty trooper spotted the man leaving the store after loss-prevention workers confronted him. When the man ran away, Zaleski says on-duty troopers gave chase but eventually backed off because the suspect was driving so fast. Zaleski says the man was killed when his car hit a tree and he was thrown from the vehicle. (Source

Round Rock, TX Police investigate jewelry store robbery; thieves flee when employee shoots at them.  This was the second attempted robbery of the store in Round Rock, Texas in the past two months. Investigators said the men walked into the store, displayed guns and announced the robbery, but the store owner apparently fired his own gun at the robbers, and they ran from the store. Police quickly locked down a large part of the neighborhood, including apartments and businesses. They searched the area for about two hours, but were unable to find the men. It does not appear that anyone was hurt. (Source

AutoZone in Biloxi robbed at gunpoint on Sunday.  Biloxi police said the AutoZone in Biloxi was robbed Sunday around 8:30 p.m. Police are looking for two suspects caught on surveillance cameras. Two men showed store employees their semi-automatic hand guns, and then ordered them to head to a back room. The suspects allegedly took all the money from the store and fled the scene on foot. No one was reported injured during the robbery. (Source

Three arrested in Tennessee for pulling off an ‘inside job’ grocery store robbery. The Assistant Night Manager set up the crime when she called her friend to hold up the store. One of the two cashiers on duty was also in on the fake robbery; the other had no knowledge of the plot. Now the 19, 20 and 22 year old suspects all face charges. (Source

Thought Challenge

Announcing the 2012 Thought Challenge Awards
Second Place Winner!
Jon Grander

Life Lesson

By Jon Grander
Vice President, Asset Management
Brown Shoe Company

as published on November 26, 2012

On November 5th, 2012, I lost one of the most important and influential people in my life, my Dad. His name was Lloyd George Grander and he had a great 82 years, and I was able to enjoy my life by being part of his. As my sister and our families met with the Pastors to prepare for his Funeral, we naturally migrated to all of his accomplishments. Whether it was his Masters degree from Rutgers University, his 30 plus years of being treasurer of the local Rotary Club or being a principal and educator for over 40 years, we were proud of what he did. When we had exhausted everything we could about his career, memberships, and other accomplishments, the Pastor asked two simple questions:

1. What do you remember most about your dad, in other words, what are you going to miss the most?
2. What makes you smile when you think of him?

Those two questions had a profound impact on me and my thoughts shifted. Two things came to mind when I thought about the first question. First was his faith. My parents were both very active in our church throughout their lives. This was more than just attending Sunday service. They were involved in making our place of worship a better place. He did whatever it took, and sometimes, just whatever my mom wanted. He was service oriented and even though he touched so many lives, he was always very humble. Second was his love. My parents were married for 56 years. They truly were that couple that still held hands every day. Although years had put wrinkles on their faces and skin, they still looked at one another like it was the first time. The love they had for one another was beyond something I could put into words. His love for my sister and I, as well as our spouses and children was something I’m not sure everyone gets to experience, but wish we all could. The love that he had was also shared with the relationships he had with people he came into contact with. As we were telling people about my dad’s passing, I had the opportunity to contact his college roommate, (My dad graduated college over 60 years ago but maintained this relationship). Of course his roommate was sad about the news, but shared some memorable stories I had never heard before.

As I thought about the second question, it was obvious that my dad’s sense of humor was the thing that made me smile. He had a very funny sense of humor and would use it to tease people. While some things he said may be considered unfiltered, people that were receiving the teasing loved it because it came from dad. Not sure how he got away with some of the things he said, but I came to realize that they knew how much my dad cared for them, so it was never taken as offensive or in a manner that made people feel badly. Back when he was a Principal, his students would go out of their way to pass my dad in the hall so they could get teased. It made them feel special and connected with him. At my dad’s funeral one of the nurses at the Assisted Care Center he resided stated that my dad always asked how she was doing. She acknowledged being teased relentlessly by my dad, but followed up by saying that each time he asked her a question like how she was doing, he meant it in the most genuine manner. I also found out after his death he was known to give his treasured flashlight collection, generously to night shift nurses so they’d be safe going to their cars at night.

Like many of you, I have read countless books and articles on leadership, management, and personal development. Sometimes the most meaningful things in life don’t come from books but from experiences and people that you interact with day to day. When I think of my dad’s life, he lived the life I aspire to live. He had faith, love, integrity and purpose. He valued people and genuinely cared about the people he interacted with.

Imagine how differently we would conduct our day to day business with questions similar to the ones the pastor’s asked me... what do you enjoy most about the people you work with everyday? Do you ever tell them that or would you wait to eulogize them when clearly it’s too late? What makes you happy about your job and life? Do those two things compliment or conflict one other?

My dad was a great man, and I will miss him greatly. As he was a teacher in his career, he also taught me some of the most important things about life. To pay his life forward, it’s an honor to share some of his memories with you and our LP Community. My thought challenge for you is to reflect on the two questions above as it relates to you. How do you want people to remember you and what do you want them to smile about when thinking of you? What’s your life lesson?

Be on the lookout for first place winner announced tomorrow!


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Additional arrests being made in Colorado $1.3M stolen merchandise ORC investigation  More arrests have been made in the undercover investigation that yielded thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise back in March. It was March 22 when five people were arrested violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Act. Now, an additional man, Timothy Rupp, was charged under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act for Theft and Money Laundering, police said. Detectives first learned of stolen property being sold in a business back in Nov. 2012. The business, Just Computers, located near Platte Avenue and Circle Drive, was selling shoplifted items, police said. It was also selling property stolen from vehicles, homes and businesses, police added. From where was the merchandise coming? Police said it was being stolen from retail outlets by crews of shoplifters. Specifics of the shoplifting are still under investigation. Many more arrests are expected, police said. (Source

Accused female shoplifters suspected in Russian ORC 'retail theft ring" hit Saks in Boca Raton  Four women, all New York residents, arrested after failed $32,000 heist at Saks Fifth Avenue. Four women who are believed to be part of an organized Russian retail-theft ring were arrested Saturday after trying to steal $32,000 worth of clothes from the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Boca Raton, police said. The women told police they were visiting Florida from New York, but they couldn't say why and claimed to not speak English, according to Boca Raton Police arrest reports. (Source

Four people busted stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothing from the Dillards at Lakeline Mall, Austin, TX Jeremy Robertson, Michelle Smallwood, Chante Rolla and Marc Morris are charged with organized retail theft, a felony. The incident took place Thursday. The store manager said Smallwood and Rolla distracted a sales associate while Robertson and Morris stuffed clothing into a shopping bag and left the store without paying. (Source

Philadelphia Wal-Mart cashier-husband, ringleaders scam $60,000 from store  
Jatmarie Merced and her husband David Burgos are accused of stealing $60,000 worth of merchandise, with the help of at least three other employees. Police say the wife, who worked at the Bethlehem Township Walmart, would check out a large order of merchandise, but would only ring up a very inexpensive item and let the rest go unpaid. (Source

Atlanta man sentenced to seven years for eBay fraud. 
Robert A. Hill pled guilty back in December and yesterday was sentenced to seven years in federal prison. Hill pled guilty to selling $9 million dollars worth of stolen property through his eBay store and shipping the goods across state lines to customers in a case dating back to March 2010 when a Cherokee County resident reported credit cards had been established under his or her name without the person’s consent. Hill will serve a minimum of seven years and pay $740,466 in restitution. (Source

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community
which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow

Vendor Spotlight

AXIS Camera Companion 2.0 Features New GUI, Free Site File Sharing Service, Digital Zoom and Support for 360° and Panoramic Views

v2.0 upgrade of the award-winning IP video surveillance solution for small systems follows more than 60,000 downloads of the free edge recording software

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – ISC West Booth #14057 – April 8, 2013 Axis Communications, the market leader in network video surveillance, unveils version 2.0 of the popular AXIS Camera Companion digital surveillance solution for 16 cameras or less at ISC West (booth #14057). The latest upgrade of the edge recording solution includes a revamped graphical user interface (GUI), support for digital zoom in live and recorded video, compatibility with panoramic views from Axis’ 360° fixed dome cameras, and an automated site sharing configuration file downloadable from a free cloud-based service for easier camera access via multiple devices.

Additional features of AXIS Camera Companion 2.0 include:
•    Easy and secure export of video and snapshots from single or multiple cameras
Support for 64 GB SDXC cards in all Axis products with an SD card slot
Third-party apps for viewing live and recorded video on leading smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad and Android
Integration with Public View Monitors (PVMs) for retail loss prevention
Drag and drop capability to change the order of cameras
Administrator, operator and viewer user access levels
Support for motion detection, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and one-way audio
Ability to link software registration to a user’s myAxis account for automatic updates

See the AXIS Camera Companion 2.0 installation and user tutorial videos for more information.

With AXIS Camera Companion all video is recorded onto a standard SD memory card in each network camera or video encoder. Therefore, unlike analog surveillance installations prevalent in small security systems around the world, AXIS Camera Companion does not require a central recording device – such as a digital video recorder (DVR) – or even a computer to operate. This dramatically decreases the cost of an IP video surveillance solution for small systems.

Since AXIS Camera Companion creates a self-contained video surveillance solution connected by a simple switch or router, the cameras will continue to record even in an event of a network failure. Additionally, since the devices can be powered over the network, the need for separate power cables is eliminated, which reduces cost, simplifies installation and makes the system more robust with no single point of failure. Lastly, for users of working CCTV cameras who want to protect their existing investment, these analog devices can be digitized and integrated into an AXIS Camera Companion IP video system using video encoders.

“As of April 2013 we have registered more than 60,000 downloads of the free software client [since March 2012],” said Peter Friberg, Axis’ director of system and services. “This indicates that users really appreciate the simplicity offered by AXIS Camera Companion and the superb HDTV image quality [when migrating from analog to IP video].”

AXIS Camera Companion allows business owners who need a small camera count surveillance system to install an affordable IP video solution that can use HDTV- and megapixel-quality network cameras to clearly identify intruders, shoplifters and other incidents. Video can be viewed live and recordings played back onsite or remotely over the Internet.

In 2012, AXIS Camera Companion won ASIS Accolades’ Security’s Best Award and the ESX Maximum Impact Award as the Best Video Surveillance System in the U.S., as well as the Futurshop 2012 Awards for Best Security Product in Spain.

AXIS Camera Companion 2.0 software is available for free download today at The majority of Axis network cameras and video encoders with firmware 5.40 or later support AXIS Camera Companion and are available for purchase via Axis’ security system integration partners.

For a complete list of the supported products, please see

For photos and more, please visit

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.

Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.




Hundreds May Be Victims Of Tulsa Identity Theft Ring 
After shots were fired during a burglary on April 4, the suspect's vehicle was pulled over the next day with four people inside along with drugs and counterfeit or stolen checks. One of the suspects came clean and told deputies about a current identity theft operation. Police went to the house and motel room she described and found computers, scanners, printers and more than 600 pieces of evidence. The suspects would steal names and addresses of victims all over Oklahoma, as well as in other states, and then make official looking requests for documents such as social security cards. The other three suspects have been arrested and charged. After finding meth in the car, investigators believe that the money from the operation was used to purchase illegal substances. They're urging anyone who has been burglarized recently or thinks they've been ripped off, to call investigators at 918-596-5690. (Source

Eleven Identity Theft cases linked to Wilmette Treasure Island grocery store in Wilmette, ILL.  The Wilmette Police Department is investigating 11 cases of identity theft, with the local grocery store as the suspected point of theft in all 11 incidents. The incidents occurred between March 1 and April 2, the report states. Out of the 11 cases, six reported that their card numbers had been fraudulently used in Texas. This is an ongoing investigation. (Source

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Director FLD LP CVS Caremark California CVS Caremark
Senior Director, LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
West LP Director Gap San Francisco, CA Gap Inc.
Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Mgr, LP Systems & Awareness Programs OfficeMax Naperville, IL OfficeMax
Director of Security/LP Price Chopper Schenectady, NY Price Chopper
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Global Supply Chain Security Mgr Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Director of LP - East Zone Express New York, NY Express
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express
Director of Safety Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
Corp Safety Manager Confidential Mid-Atlantic Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

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Philadelphia, PA

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Downing & Downing

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Downing & Downing



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LP Manager Sears Phoenix, AZ Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Gaithersburg, MD Sears Holdings Corp
Manager, Shrink Operations Sears Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
District Manager, AP Ralph Lauren New York, NY Ralph Lauren
LP Manager Macy's Stamford, CT Macy's
LP Manager Macy's Denton, TX Macy's
AP Manager Sam's Club Chandler, AZ Wal-mart
AP Manager Sam's Club Wausau, WI Wal-mart
AP Manager Sam's Club Madison, WI Wal-mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Northampton, MA Wal-mart
Regional LP Manager Eddie Bauer Newark, NJ Eddie Bauer
LP Manager Herberger's Bismarck, ND Bon Ton Stores
LP Manager Bergner's Champaign, IL Bon Ton Stores

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Jim Passarella was promoted to Director Asset Protection, East Operations for 7-Eleven Inc.
Mike Suppe was promoted to Director Asset Protection, West Operations for 7-Eleven Inc.
Curtis Leininger was promoted to Division Loss Prevention and Safety Director for Lowes.
Daniel Reeves
was named Organized Retail Crime Investigator for TJX Companies.

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Why the Most Successful Leaders Are Givers  Everyone knows someone in their circle who expects something in return after performing a nice gesture, or someone who is after anything he or she can get, but are these people really successful? Learn how Adam Grant, author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, and professor, explains how you can be a better leader if you give. (Pay it forward)

12 Signs of Cowardly Leadership  Everyone thinks that they have what it takes to be a real leader, but being a leader is much more than taking a stand or being a hero.  Real courage is a way of being, an outlook that has to be represented daily.  Don't fall under these 12 signs. Become the kind of leader who takes action, earns trust, and builds relationships. (If I only had the nerve)

Margaret Thatcher Showed What True Leadership Is  Even though this empowering female figure has gone from our world, her legacy will forever remain. Leadership is so much more than just being successful or having a powerful presence, Margaret Thatcher had an "authentic leadership," one produced by honesty. Follow her ways and be an "authentic leader" yourself. (Show you're a leader, don't just say it)

3 Ways Great Leaders Make Every Day Count  Don't pass up opportunities to make a difference.  We are not always given emergencies to fix, but we are granted small opportunities daily to help someone else.  Seldom do we take that chance.  Center your thoughts, make a good first impression, and balance your workload, so you can make a difference.  (Time's a ticking)

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It always boils down to the people – the team. No matter how sophisticated we become or how fast and efficient our systems are, it's always the people that make it work or not work for that matter. So many hide so much behind the technology that I wonder if we the people are losing ground at times. It's easy to sit back, get work done, shuffle our emails and feel like we accomplished a lot. But at the end of the day have we really?

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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