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Jerry Stockley was promoted last October to Senior Director, Asset Protection - Mid Atlantic Division for Walmart. 
Jerry previously held the position of Divisional Asset Protection Director for the retailer since 2014. He has also held other loss prevention managerial roles for such retailer as 7-Eleven as Zone Asset Protection Manager and Sears Holdings Corporation as Regional Loss Prevention Director and District Loss Prevention Manager. Jerry earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, IL.



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The Sears Holdings Field and Corporate Teams at our National Conference in Hoffman Estates, IL


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Wife of murdered Walmart Loss Prevention Manager speaks out
Jaseramie Dion Ferguson, a loss prevention officer is dead after being shot and killed while on the job at a Gwinnett County Walmart location overnight. "He loved his kids and his family and he was a Christian man," said Tiana Ferguson, the victim's wife. The incident happened just after 9 p.m. at the Walmart location on Lawrenceville Highway in Lilburn. Jaseramie Dion Ferguson, 25, was shot while trying to apprehend a shoplifting suspect who was allegedly attempting to leave the store with three flat screen televisions. He was taken to an area hospital where he died a short time later. "He wasn't a fearful person. He walked by faith," said Ferguson, although she admits she feared this could happen. Another security officer who was assisting Ferguson was not injured. cbs46.com

Video shows Suspected Walmart Murder suspect entering the store, prior to theft and shooting

Google buildings evacuated after threat Friday afternoon
Buildings were evacuated at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California, on Friday afternoon after a threat was made against the company. No one was injured and there was no damage to buildings, Mountain View police spokeswoman Katie Nelson said. The incident involved a few buildings, beginning around 3:30 p.m. and concluded shortly before 5 p.m. Both police and Google security responded.

Google didn't immediately have more information to provide. Police didn't comment on the nature of the threat and said they responded out of caution. While the campuses of Silicon Valley companies aren't normally considered terrorist targets on the scale of federal buildings or major sporting events, major companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook are prominent symbols of U.S. economic and cultural power. cio.com 

Walmart mystery shopper scam resurfaces
A mystery shopper scam targeting Walmart customers, which has been around since at least 2011, has resurfaced. Reports of the scam have started circulating on Facebook and other parts of the Web, from people who have gotten checks of up to $2,000 in the mail.

The scam starts with a legit-looking check, usually for an amount of up to $2,000, which is mailed to a consumer. The check is supposed to be used at Walmart to purchase items as part of their mystery shopper program, a program that pays random people to shop at their local store and rate their experience thought a survey.

A letter that comes with the check directs the reader to a registration website, which requires several items of personal information including name, address, phone number, Social Security Number, and in some cases a driver's license number.

The program is a scam, full stop - and the personal information collected will provide the scammer either everything they need to commit a number of crimes including identity theft or financial fraud. If you're curious, the checks themselves are worthless. csoonline.com

Mall ordered to reveal budgets for security probe in fatal carjacking
Inadequate Security at N.J.'s Short Hills Mall??

In her lawsuit over a fatal carjacking at The Mall at Short Hills, a widow won a court order this week for her expert to review the mall's budgets and analyze whether the shopping center was providing adequate security on the night when her husband was killed.

Superior Court Judge ordered the mall's owners, Michigan-based Taubman Centers, Inc., to provide full, itemized budgets. The mall had only provided redacted budgets that showed security expenses, but not other line items.

After reviewing the budgets, the judge said the budgets "could be useful" to the expert's analysis.

Friedland's attorney said the full budgets are needed to compare the security spending to other expenses at the upscale mall in Millburn, such as advertising and snow plowing.

In a related motion from Friedland, Rothschild on March 18 ordered Taubman Centers to turn over documents related to carjackings, car thefts, or attempted carjackings or car thefts at any Taubman-related mall in the country for five years prior to the incident at the Short Hills mall.

The issue of mall security is one of the central elements in Friedland's lawsuit over the Dec. 15, 2013 fatal shooting of her husband, Hoboken attorney Dustin Friedland, at the mall. In addition to Taubman Centers, the defendants include California-based Universal Protection Service, which has provided security services at the mall.

Nagel has alleged the security company and Taubman Centers provided inadequate security at the mall and could have prevented Dustin Friedland's killing. Nagel has noted there were no security cameras inside the parking deck where the incident occurred.

Stanley Fishman, an attorney for Taubman Centers, said at a July 31 hearing that the killing was a "random act of violence," and that the mall could not have prevented it. nj.com

The Tide is Changing
Getting Harder and Harder to Recruit for the Retail Industry

The scarcity of qualified retail candidates can be attributed to several trends that aren't expected to be resolved anytime soon.

One issue is that the industry's contraction has hurt the desirability of retail as a career path. Retailers generally are closing more stores than they are opening as more sales come from the Internet, thus reducing the need for store managers and cutting back the number of positions that would allow for that crucial climb to the top. Contraction instead of expansion in any industry can hurt the ability to attract talent.

"It's career suicide to go into retail," said Farla Efros, president of HRC Advisory. "Going to work for a company that may be going out of business or get acquired or has bad sales because of bad weather hurts your career instead of helps it."

Anthony Christodoulou, president of executive search firm Janou Pakter LLC, disagrees. "It's a perfect ground for smart, bright people."

Years ago, eager college graduates would enter a retailer's executive management training program and spend years climbing through the layers of store management. Eventually, candidates could work their way up the corporate ladder and get to the c-suite. This investment of time doesn't sit well with today's young executives.

Millennials, in general, tend to spend between one and three years maximum at a company," Efros said. "They have big ideas and a lot of demands and they don't have a lot of patience to do their time in order to progress through an organization. That's creating a lot of angst for a lot of companies.

When it comes to Millennial executives, "They want to be heard and listened to. They want to be part of the decision-making process a lot earlier in their careers than older generations. wwd.com

The Tyranny of the Noncompete Clause
Move Afoot - restrict them or eliminate them all together

In Massachusetts, as in 46 other states, it's possible for employers to enforce post-employment covenants not to compete -- aka noncompete clauses. In California it generally isn't.

Noncompete clauses usually ban employees from going to work for a competitor or starting a competing firm for some pre-determined period of time. Such agreements have been around since at least the 1400s, with proponents defending them as a way to encourage employers to develop new technologies and invest in worker training (because they have less reason to fear losing their secrets and their valuable employees to a competitor) and critics depicting them as an unfair restraint of trade that hurts workers.

Scholars have in recent years found that noncompetes reduce job mobility and entrepreneurship and cause brain drain from regions that enforce them. Some even argue that noncompetes are self-defeating for individual companies.

One recent study found that they do appear to stimulate investment in worker training. Overall, though, academic research since the 1990s has shone an increasingly unflattering light on noncompete clauses. Yet actual use of noncompete agreements has grown since 2000.

A bill being proposed in the U.S. Senate to ban noncompetes for low-wage workers. It hasn't gone anywhere, but there has been some action on noncompetes at the state level. The Idaho and Utah legislatures last month approved laws that restrict the duration of noncompete clauses (to 18 months in Idaho and one year in Utah). In Massachusetts, where lawmakers have repeatedly proposed bans on noncompetes in recent years but haven't been able to muster enough votes, a new bill that would stop short of banning but put some serious crimps in the practice appears to stand a better chance.

The U.S. Treasury Department, meanwhile, came out with a report last month that offers new research findings on noncompete clauses' effect on wages (they depress them), and proposes that firms be required to provide "consideration" to workers when a noncompete agreement keeps them from working.  bloombergview.com

Survey Roundup: Compliance Battles Culture of 'Profits Over Prevention'
A survey of 604 chief compliance officers in the U.S., Europe and Asia by law firm Hogan Lovells found 57% said sales culture is a major threat to their organizations' anti-bribery and anti-corruption programs, with 59% saying their organization promotes a culture of "profits over prevention."

The biggest challenge for multinational companies is to translate anti-bribery and corruption policies into effective guidance on the ground. "Businesses need to make sure they are doing everything that is legally expected of them in all of the jurisdictions where they operate, to provide evidence that they help people decide what is acceptable and what constitutes bribery and corruption." wsj.com

Retailers not meeting customer experience expectations
550 retailers receive 40% failing grade from consumers for customer satisfaction. Index measured customer satisfaction in the areas of consistency, content, context, and convenience. Consistency had the highest score, with 49% consumer satisfaction. Retailers are generally more effective at providing visibility into online product availability than in-store product availability, although retailers scored relatively poorly in both. chainstoreage.com

Staples Asks Calif. Appeals Court To Cut $16M Age Bias Loss
Staples urged a California appeals court Friday to slash a jury's $13 million punitive damages award to a 64-year-old manager who claims the retailer pushed out more higher-paid senior employees, calling it excessive and disproportionate to the jury's $3.2 million compensatory award.  law360.com

LPRC announces several new initiatives
LPRC is on the move! Over 40 retailers are now working with scientists and solution partners to improve crime and loss control.

LOGO Launch - Our team has been working with a local artist to design new logos for our organization. A new spin to the current design gives a cohesive feeling throughout.

IMPACT 2016 Registration - NOW OPEN! Visit www.lpresearch.org/impact to sign up and for further information on this MUST ATTEND event for LP/AP professionals.

LPRC Knowledge Center - Tired of the old "Basecamp?" Our new database and project management site is set to launch this week featuring a Google-style, user-friendly keyword search for all research reports and articles. Members will receive an email directly from the LPRC Knowledge Center prompting them to create a new log in. This site will serve as the hub for everything membership based, continuing to develop and become interactive over the next year with our Innovation Lab and other E-Learning initiatives.

Questions? Contact Operations@lpresearch.org

Home Depot says electronic outage slowed card purchases Saturday across U.S.

Aldi sets 10 more Southern California stores - 45 by end of '16

Kohl's ditching in-store cafes

Last week's #1 article --

Director of Loss Prevention posted for Dollar Express Stores in Charlotte, N.C. 
Family Dollar Spin Off Stores Starting LP Department
Dollar Express is the newest entrant in retail's dollar store segment, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our stores are currently bannered as Family Dollar stores and will be converted to become Dollar Express stores. We're a start-up in the sense in that the corporate support function and all of the associated infrastructure needs to be developed, but we begin our journey with 330 store locations coast-to-coast in 36 states. Dollar Express is backed by Sycamore Partners, a leading private equity firm that specializes in retail and consumer investments. linkedin.com

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70% of consumers have chip-enabled cards; retailer acceptance lags way behind
Still Waiting For Certification

While a recent study shows 70% of consumers have at least one chip-based card only 37% of retailers are ready to process smart chip card payments.

"Retailers tend to get the blame because consumers see the retailers and don't see what happens behind the scenes," said J. Craig Shearman, VP for government affairs and public relations for the National Retail Federation.

"If you walk through any mall in the country, you'll see chip readers at most cash registers," Shearman said. "Some are being used as chip readers, but most are still using swipes," because the new readers are still waiting to be "certified" for use.

Consumers will be able to use their EMV chip cards at about 50% of retailers by June 2016. EMV-readiness may not reach a 90% adoption threshold until 2017. chainstoreage.com

Consumers Prefer Old Swipe Cards
63% Would Rather Swipe Than Dip
Takes 16 Seconds to Dip

A survey of 300 consumers who use chip cards showed only 37% of the respondents reported preference for EMV cards over the swiping variety; 63% said they would rather swipe a card than insert a chip card.

Uneven adoption among retailers and slower processing times compared to the traditional swipe-and-sign system cited as top complaint regarding chip-enabled cards.

It takes shoppers 16 seconds to run chip cards. Interestingly, 43% of auditors said this was faster than expected, while 23% said it was longer.

Shoppers who acknowledge the added security of the chip card are more likely to have a positive attitude toward the new system. See Full Report  chainstoreage.com

5 questions every CEO should ask about IoT security
The rapid speed of adoption of the Internet of Things means that CEOs will have to contend with the nefarious attempts of cybercriminals probing for vulnerabilities as enterprises undergo this profound technological shift. Clearly, the security of an organization's connected devices should be a priority for every leader.

Here are five basic questions CEOs will need to ask of their security teams to ensure that their company's processes and infrastructure remain protected.

1. Is the infrastructure prepared? Is the corporate network properly configured.
2. What devices are connecting to your network?  Attackers can also focus on exploiting vulnerabilities in seemingly minor devices to gain the same access.
3. Are employees familiar with best IoT security practices? Make sure their employees comply with required security policies and follow necessary procedures regarding how IoT devices are used on enterprise networks.
4. Is your cloud IoT-ready? Is your organization's network able to scale with the significant addition of so many connected devices?
5. Are you using in-depth defense? a multilayered approach to security will help isolate IoT data and networks from existing IT systems in case of a breach. csoonline.com

CSO Threat Intelligence Survival Guide
Post Cyber threat intelligence is crucial for effective defense, not all threats are created equally, and not all threats would have the same impact on an organization if they were successful. "It's important for companies to be aware of all potential threats, but threat intelligence goes a step further and allows those companies to dedicate security resources to strengthen defenses where necessary to strengthen the security posture against the attacks that are most likely to actually occur." csoonline.com



Vector Security Now Accepting Applications
for 2016 LPF Scholarships

Intelligent security and home automation provider continues commitment to furthering loss prevention education

PITTSBURGH - Vector Security, Inc., the provider of intelligent security and home automation solutions tailored to the needs of customers, is accepting applications for its 2016 Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) scholarship program from now through April 30, 2016. Applications can be submitted via the Vector Security website at www.vectorsecurity.com/lpfscholarship.

The scholarships provide financial support to loss prevention professionals - or those who have an interest in loss prevention - seeking to obtain LPQ and LPC certifications. Vector Security began awarding the scholarships in 2009 in support of career development and continuing education for professionals in this important and rapidly-growing industry.

The scholarships cover all course and examination fees for retail loss prevention professionals who wish to obtain LPF's Loss Prevention Qualified (LPQ) or Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) certifications.

In 2012, the program was expanded into Canada and will continue this year as well. A total of 10 LPQ and 10 LPC scholarships will be awarded to U.S.-based professionals, while another five LPC scholarships will be awarded to Canadian-based professionals.

"We are pleased to collaborate with the Loss Prevention Foundation once again to support loss prevention education and certification," said Michael T. Grady, LPC, Executive Vice President, Vector Security. "We value the contributions loss prevention professionals make to this industry and our commitment to this profession remains strong."

He added, "Over the years, LPQ and LPC certifications have become immensely popular and well-respected. Through our scholarship program, we're honored to assist worthy individuals who otherwise may be hindered by the costs associated with obtaining this certification."

Anyone currently in the loss prevention industry, or has an interest in the industry, may apply for an LPQ scholarship. Those applying for the LPC scholarship must meet certain eligibility requirements. Detailed information can be found at www.vectorsecurity.com/lpfscholarship.

Vector Security has awarded 161 scholarships totaling almost $148,865 since the program began in 2009.




NDVision Named a 'Most Valuable Product' at ISC West

NDVision named MVP in 'DVR/NVR' category by Security Sales & Integration

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (April 7, 2016) - NDVision, an innovator in the field of open architecture security solutions, today was awarded the 2016 MVP @ ISC Award in the 'DVR/NVR' category at ISC West in Las Vegas. The award, presented annually by Security Sales & Integration, honors innovation and serves to illuminate how important products and technologies are to the success of security integration companies.

"Security integration is a products-driven business. However, security integrators are bombarded with an ever-increasing array of products all touted as the 'latest and greatest.' This has made it exceedingly challenging for integrators to separate the chaff from the wheat and make the best informed purchasing decisions," says SSI Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine "To solve this quandary and better serve the channel, SSI has stepped forward to launch the Most Valuable Product Awards."

A panel of experienced integrators judge each entrant based on product design, features and benefits, including the ability of the device to help integrators open up avenues to a potential new customer base, enable integrators to design and install systems faster and thus more profitably, or help integrators gain a profitable margin on the equipment itself.

"NDVision's recognition from SSI as a 'Most Valuable Product' validates the promise and effectiveness we and our customers see in the solution," said Gerald Becker, Chief Product Officer of NDVision. "NDVision, as the only true open analog-to-IP surveillance solution, is extremely valuable to integrators because of its ability to be vendor agnostic and paired with technologies that make the most sense for an individual company's business goals."

To learn more about NDVision, please visit www.ndvision.com.

About NDVision

NDVision is a Southern California-based technology-incubation group dedicated to creating innovative solutions and delivering advanced security technology. NDVision invented the world's first and only open-architecture platform for analog-to-IP conversion. For more information, visit www.ndvision.com.


Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

The Ultimate High-End Retail Loss Prevention

Scott Barefoot, AVP, Security, Health & Safety & E-Commerce Fraud Prevention, Richemont

Hear from Scott Barefoot, Assistant Vice President, Security, Health & Safety & e-Commerce Fraud Prevention at Richemont, an $11 billion worldwide retailer with over 19 high-end luxury brands from Cartier to Montblonc. From guarding against the infamous "Pink Panthers" gang to delivering jewels to Hollywood celebrities, this retailer protects the best of the best. Scott tells us how they do it and how they deliver LP services to the world's elite where the expectations are high and the risk even higher.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #17

Ed Wolfe, VP of Business Development for WG Security, joins Amber to talk about some of the exciting new things going on at WG. Learn how WG is putting smaller ninjas in stores - Ninja Tags, that is. Ed also reveals some of his outdated business vocabulary.

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Adidas, Reebok Sue 200 Retailers For Alleged Knockoffs
Adidas and Reebok on Friday continued their push to shut down companies allegedly selling knockoffs of their sports apparel and shoes online, filing a lawsuit in a Florida federal court that targets nearly 200 separate domains.  law360.com

25% of online ad impressions fraudulent
The $7.5 Billion Fraud in Online Advertising
"This is the biggest advertising story of the decade, and it's being buried"

So wrote Ad Contrarian Bob Hoffman, the retired CEO and chairman of Hoffman/Lewis Advertising, in June 2013 on a $7.5 billion scandal that has been developing under the digital radar in the advertising world for the past few years. The three main allegations, according to those who are making them: Agencies have been receiving kickbacks and indirect payments from ad networks under the guise of "volume discounts" for serving as the middlemen between the networks and the clients who were knowingly sold the fraudulent ad impressions. Ad networks knowingly sell bot traffic to publishers and publishers knowingly buy the bot traffic because the resulting ad impressions earn both of them money-at the expense of the clients who are paying for the impressions.

These charges have not seen much discussion within the online marketing community. But the allegations have the potential to affect everyone involved in online advertising-ad agencies, in-house departments, agency and in-house digital marketers, online publishers, media buyers, and ad networks. An entire industry-billions of dollars and thousands of jobs-is at stake. musicnewshq.com

Facebook cracking down on clothing ads that consumers say are scams
$200M Chinese e-commerce company selling knockoffs

Consumers are furious that ads they were seeing on Facebook were not selling the dresses they showed. The ads enticed consumers with attractively low prices. Consumers said they received shockingly horrific knockoffs. Several of these companies operated under a Chinese e-commerce company called ShenZhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Co., which made about $200 million in sales in 2014.

People had taken to Facebook in a variety of communities, such as Knockoff Nightmares and DressLily Victims - Ban DressLily, to post comparison photos of what they saw online in ads and what they actually got when the ordered the dresses. businessinsider.com

NFL Bans eBay and Amazon Sales
The NFL football league is banning the sale of its licensed goods on eBay, Amazon, and other third-party marketplaces. Online sellers received notice from their suppliers in March of the new prohibition effective April 1, 2016. The manufacturers explained that the NFL is banning them from selling to merchants who list on third-party marketplaces, otherwise, the NFL will cut them off - eBay, Amazon, and Buy were specifically mentioned.

"The NFL has announced that they are restricting all 3rd party online sales. As a licensee we will not be able to sell to anyone who sells our NFL products online through any 3rd party portal. All sales of our NFL products must occur through the retailer's own e-commerce site. These restrictions include, but are not limited to, sales on amazon.com, buy.com and ebay.com. To sell our NFL products online you, as our customer, must have ownership of the URL that the transaction occurs on. If you own a URL that redirects back to a 3rd Party URL for the ultimate transaction you cannot sell our NFL products." ecommercebytes.com


Watch The Zellman Group's recent LPNN interview:
From Analytics and Civil Recovery to eCommerce Fraud Detection and Operations, The Zellman Group's proven solutions can provide measureable results for companies of any size or segment. Hear Stuart Levine, CEO, and Stan Welch, VP of Business Development, talk about the latest investments the company has made in both people and technology.



2 Colombian men charged with credit card fraud in St. John's County, Fla.
Two Colombian men who were seen using several credit cards to withdraw large amounts of cash on Friday evening were arrested and charged with 43 counts of possession of counterfeit credit cards and grand theft, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Lt. Michael Strausbaugh was told by a citizen at the Racetrac store on State Road 16 just off Interstate 95 that he became suspicious because the two men were referring to a ledger that contained numbers of what appeared to be credit card numbers and dollar amounts.

Investigators said they found numerous credit and gift cards that were thrown into nearby bushes. In addition, a search of the rental car that the pair was using turned up 64 credit or gift cards. Of those 43 were later determined to have been re-encoded by the suspects using stolen bank account information, authorities said. 

Investigators said they also found $11,000 in U.S. currency, over $12,400 in money orders and $175 in unopened gift cards in the car. news4jax.com

Shoplifting On Social Media: #ShopliftingHaul Shows Off Stolen Items, Tips On Tumblr And Twitter
There are people on social media making news because they are showing off their shoplifting hauls and getting attention. As seen in the following Tumblr post from "bbgirllifter," whose tagline asks, "Why pay?" shoplifting is something to brag about on social media. Others are issuing warnings on social media, telling the shoplifters what a dangerous proposition their stealing habits can be. inquisitr.com

Bakersfield, CA: Three members of the Eastside Crips arrested of Burglary and Shoplifting charges
Three gang members accused of being part of an elaborate retail theft ring were convicted of burglary Friday in connection with a two-month crime spree, prosecutors said. Anthony Pinkins, 27, Jeriel Fite, 31, and Larry Davis III, 21, stole merchandise from 10 different stores throughout Bakersfield, prosecutors said. They then sold the items on the street. Pinkins faces 24 years in prison, Fite 11 years and Davis four years at their May 4 sentencing. bakersfield.com

Franklin, TN: Kroger Pharmacy employee accused of stealing 1n200 pills
Franklin Police reported 35-year-old Lori Murphy stole the 1,200 pills, valued at approximately $2,000, between Feb. 27 and April 1. Officers were dispatched to the Kroger, after security and management detained Murphy for the theft. Murphy was taken into custody and charged with felony theft and unlawful possession of a prescription medication. She is free on $5,000 bond and due in court April 21. wkrn.com

Franklin, TN: 2 women arrested in $1,000 shoplifting spree at Cool Springs Galleria with children
Franklin Police reported Simona Calin, 28, and Maria Bricebag, 23, were seen by Macy's security using a diaper bag, stroller and a shopping bag to conceal the merchandise. Two children were reportedly with Calin and Bricebag, both from Clarksville, at the time of the theft. Calin and Bricebag were taken into custody and charged with felony theft. wkrn.com

Killingly, CT: Target Shoplifting complaint leads to heroin arrests
Two Connecticut State Trooper responded at 7 p.m. Friday to a reported theft at Target in Dayville. According to police, the two men were reportedly in the process of cutting the store's security device off of a $250 Fit Bit bracelet. When police arrived, one of the men, had left the store and was sitting in a car in the store's parking lot while the other, was still inside Target where police found and detained him. As police searched the men, one had multiple bags of heroin and a narcotic prescription medication on his person. Troopers also found a black airsoft pistol and a stolen Samsung tablet underneath the driver's seat. The two are also suspect in a Brooklyn, CT shoplifting case. norwichbulletin.com

Tulsa, OK: Serial shoplifter arrested following assault of an 80 year woman at Walmart

Mentor, OH: Shoplifter asks Undercover Police Detective if the coast is clear; busted in $280 theft

River Forest, IL: Razor thief busted by Store Manager at Jewel Foods; $177 of merchandise recovered

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Lake Hallie, WI: Hatchet-Wielding Woman Fatally Shot In Walmart Has Been Identified
A hatchet-wielding woman was shot in a Wisconsin Walmart store on Friday evening. The woman was shot by an officer after she refused to drop the hatchet and "lunged" at the officer. The Walmart is located in Lake Hallie between Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls. The woman, who has been identified as 25-year-old Melissa Abbott, was shopping with two chaperones at the Walmart and reportedly became disruptive when it was time to leave the store. She then grabbed a hatchet from a shelf in the sporting goods department and began swinging it around, damaging items in the store. Police were called around 5 p.m The officer who shot the hatchet-wielding woman said she was ordered several times to drop it. Instead of dropping the hatchet, however, the woman "lunged" at him, and he shot her twice. inquisitr.com weau.com

Davenport, IA: Police investigate shots fired at Old Town Mall
Calls to police were made at 8:19 p.m. Saturday evening regarding shots being fired between two vehicles, including one that was described as a white passenger car. Witnesses told police at least five shots were fired. The vehicles had fled by the time police arrived on the scene, but officers found at least six shell casings plus some parts from one of the vehicles. A window at the business was struck. qctimes.com

Coralville, IA: Coral Ridge Mall shooting case update
Alexander Kozak will go to trial April 12 for allegedly shooting and killing 20-year-old Andrea Farrington in the Coral Ridge Mall last June. In the months that followed the shooting prosecutors have sought new evidence, the trial has been moved out of the county, and Kozak has switched defense attorneys. On June 12, 2015, Andrea Farrington, 20, was shot three times in the back at close range and killed around 7:30 p.m. while working at an Iowa Children's Museum information kiosk in Coral Ridge Mall. Alexander Kozak, 22, is arrested in Scott County at 8:30 p.m. after being stopped by authorities on Interstate 80. The Universal Protection Service, which employed Kozak as a security guard at the mall, says he resigned earlier in the day. press-citizen.com

Robberies & Thefts

Cincinnati, OH: Was a bomb threat used to hide a robbery
at Walmart in Eastgate?
An Eastgate Walmart was evacuated for several hours Thursday after a bomb threat was called in to authorities. Union Township Police issued a statement Friday stating a man and woman were identified as possible shoplifters at the time of the threat. "Detectives had reason to believe both suspects were also involved in the threat called in to the store," the statement said. Mark D. Whallen and Tabitha S. Fehrenbach, both 37, were located, interviewed and arrested shortly after the threat. They have each been charged with aggravated robbery. cincinnati.com

Coon Rapids, MN: Prank caller convinces Burger King employees to smash windows; To the frantic manager the choice was to act fast or face disaster
A Prank caller who said he was a fire department official said there was a gas leak in the building and that unless the windows were smashed, a gas buildup in the building would cause an explosion. So the manager and Burger King employees evacuated the restaurant and started smashing ground floor windows. Every single one. Problem was, it was a hoax. The caller was no firefighter. There was no gas. It seems the Coon Rapids prank isn't isolated. YouTube has at least a couple videos posted showing employees of other Burger Kings doing the same thing. Sites in Oklahoma City and Morro Bay, Calif., have also been hit by the hoax, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damage. duluthnewstribune.com

Wallingford, CT: Man Charged with Robbing CVS of More Than $10K Worth of Oxycodone Pills

Waukegan, IL: Man Stole Car Day After Being Paroled, Robbed 3 Stores

Lancaster, CA: Man Dressed as Woman Busted for Videoing inside Macy's Women's Bathroom

Fresno, CA: Downtown merchants focus on Fulton Street crime, security

Kay Jewelers in the Oak Court Mall, Memphis, TN reported a Grab & run on 4/9, merchandise valued at $2,398

Kay Jewelers in the Crossings Premium Outlets, Tannersville, PA reported a Grab & Run on 4/9, merchandise valued at $999

Zale's in the Burbank Town Center, Burbank, CA reported a Grab & Run on 4/9, merchandise valued at $7,779

Kay Jewelers in the Southcenter Mall, Tukwila, WA reported a Grab & Run on 4/10, merchandise valued at $2,599

Skimming Reports

Watch Multi-State Skimmer Install One in 1.30 Minutes - Back in 12 hrs to Get Info
ATM skimmer in Glendale likely tied to similar cases across St. Louis area

Across the country, skimmers are appearing at different locations, especially over the last several months. fox2.now.com

Sioux City, IA: Gas Retailers increasing vigilance for credit card skimmers
Skimmers have been found in three gas pumps in Sioux City in the past six weeks, most recently at the Cenex at 1800 Highway 75 North on Tuesday. Other skimmers were found in late February at Cubby's and Select Mart, in late March. Kum & Go, a West Des Moines-based company that operates more than 430 stores in 11 states, said the company in 2014 began placing security labels on gas pump panels housing the receipt printer and card reader. Workers check pumps daily to see if the labels or pumps show any signs of tampering. siouxcityjournal.com

Skimming device found on Columbus, IN Circle K gas pump

AT&T - Davie, FL - Robbery
AMPM - Bakersfield, CA - Shooting
BG Jr. Convenience - Vicksburg, MS - Armed Robbery
Bodie's Market - Georgetown, DE - Armed Robbery
CVS - Savannah, GA -Robbery
Dairy Store - Syracuse, NY - Robbery
Dillons - Wichita, KS - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Lexington, KY - Robbery
Dunkin Donuts - Massapequa, NY - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Tyler, TX - Armed Robbery
Firehouse Subs - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
Git-N-Go - Des Moines, IA - Armed Robbery
HyVee - Des Moines, IA - Armed Robbery / 2nd in a week
Indus Food - Laurel, MD - Burglary
Kangaroo - Vicksburg, MS - Armed Robbery
Kangaroo - Rock Spring, TN - Armed Robbery
KwikShop - Omaha, NE - Robbery
M&H - Grand Forks, ND - Robbery
Metro PCS - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery / Shooting
Nick's Express Auto - Stewart Manor, NY - Armed Robbery/ Assault
O'Reilly Auto - Paradise, CA - Armed Robbery
Pizza Hut - LaFayette, GA - Armed Robbery
Pizza Hut - Wichita, KS - Armed Robbery
Publix - Cape Coral, FL - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - Torrance, CA - Armed Robbery
United Dollar - DeKalb, GA - Armed Robbery
Verizon - Las Vegas, NV - Armed Robbery
Verizon - Bethlehem, GA - Burglary
Walmart - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery
Walnut Hill Eagle - Tallapoosa County, AL - Burglary
7-Eleven - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Henrico, VA - Armed Robbery



Featured Job Alert Spotlights
Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Vice President of Loss Prevention
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Aritzia is searching for our new Vice President, Loss Prevention who will maximize profit by minimizing loss while respecting People, Brand and Operations. The Vice President, Loss Prevention is responsible for developing Aritzia's Loss Prevention strategy and tactics for Merchandise, Finance, People, Property, and Information...
National Sales Manager
Franklin Park, IL

Se-Kure Controls is one of the leading manufacturers of Anti-Shoplifting systems in the USA. We are seeking an experienced sales professional to serve as a National Sales Manager. Qualified applicants must be able to manage a sales team, offer creative solutions and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
Director of Sales
Southwest Region

The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...
Director of Sales
Mid-Atlantic Region

The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...
Loss Prevention Supervisor
Riverside, CA
Provides detailed reports regarding events related to safety and loss prevention related activities to various staff and support departments. Works with LP Management to act as a liaison by participating in various meetings, providing written documentation and providing analytical analysis and research related to DC incidents...
Loss Prevention Officer
Riverside, CA
The DC Loss Prevention Officer has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. loss prevention, security and life safety procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft. Responds to and proactively addresses life safety, security, and operational issues...

Featured Job Alerts

Wireless Vision Director Loss Prevention
Bloomfield, MI
SBH Fashion Vice President of Loss Prevention
New York, NY
Ollie's Outlet Director of Loss Prevention
Harrisburg, PA
Sears Holdings Corporation Director Asset & Profit Protection, Automotive
Hoffman Estates, IL
Dollar General Director Loss Prevention
Charlotte, NC
Dollar Express Director of Loss Prevention
Charlotte, NC
US Foods Director Corporate Investigations
Chicago, IL

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Jerry Stockley was promoted to Senior Director, Asset Protection - Mid Atlantic Division for Walmart.


Danny Whaley was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Cititrends Clothing Store.

Jennifer Welch was promoted to District Asset Protection Manager for Saks Fifth Avenue.

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One of your primary objectives in any negotiation should be to show a positive, upbeat and an enthusiastic approach to the entire process regardless of the offer. Always wait for the details before accepting any offer because the devil may be in the details. Remember, the hardest thing to negotiate is the benefits because of precedent-setting company standards. If you prepared the employer before the offer with a written (emailed) list of your entire current package in detail, it can make it easier to discuss when it counts the most.

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