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Critical Incident Management
Mark Stinde, Art Lazo & Jim Passarella, 7-Eleven

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Delivering LP Services in Different Brands
Mark Stinde, 7-Eleven

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The Changing Faces of Violence
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Diana Long Cafritz named Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President for CarMax
Will Lead HR and Loss Prevention Areas

Used-car retailer CarMax announced Tuesday it had promoted Diane Long Cafritz to the newly created position of chief human resources officer and senior vice president. Cafrtiz will lead the human resources and loss prevention areas. Cafritz joined CarMax in 2003 as assistant general counsel, managing commercial and consumer litigation. She was promoted to vice president in 2014. Prior to joining CarMax, she was employed by McDermott, Will & Emery in Washington, D.C., in the litigation department. Cafritz earned her bachelor's in Economics and International Relations at Tufts University and received her law degree from the University of Virginia. Congratulations Diana! virginiabusiness.com


From the CFO World
Memo to Hurting Retailers: Redo Comp Plans ASAP

As retailers navigate difficult operating conditions, they need to ensure their compensation programs are flexible and supportive.

If a retailer is in a turnaround or a restructuring, preparing the reward and benefit programs early can reduce administrative costs in the bankruptcy proceeding, speed adoption by the creditor committee and the bankruptcy court, and help retain employees in pivotal roles needed to drive the restructuring and emergence.

Ensuring that reward programs align with remedial actions some retailers now face requires difficult but necessary steps.

If a balance sheet restructuring or bankruptcy filing is on the horizon, certain immediate changes to the retailer's incentive plans should be considered to motivate and retain key talent.

Annual incentive programs should be modified to incorporate performance metrics commonly utilized in bankruptcy and acceptable to the creditors. Thus, such plans can be transitioned into a Key Employee Incentive Plan (KEIP), to reduce disruption, in the event of a filing.

In the event of a bankruptcy filing, the range of changes to the compensation plans will be influenced by the time anticipated to perform a restructuring or emergence from bankruptcy.

Companies under financial stress want to retain key executives to help ensure continued operational success.

Retail companies in an unhealthy financial condition, regardless whether a bankruptcy filing is anticipated, are especially challenged with retaining and motivating key employees. Well-thought-out and implemented incentive programs can help bridge the compensation gap between the onset of financial ills and a healthy go-forward restructuring.  cfo.com
Survey: Cross-channel commerce errors costing retailers millions
About 45% of merchants and suppliers have lost more than $1 million in revenue due to inability to understand the value of cross-channel capabilities, and 13% have lost more than $3 million, according to a new survey released by product content network 1WorldSync.

About 53% of respondents admitted they have experienced a knowledge gap within their organization when it comes to understanding cross-channel requirements. The study further stated that 51% of merchants can't support mobile commerce, and 80% don't integrate product information management across web, mobile applications and physical stores.

"Merchants and suppliers are facing significant issues capitalizing on the opportunities within different channels and geographies. As the space has evolved, there are more regulations to comply with, more channels to be present on and more partners to trade with than ever before," said Nihat Arkan, CEO of 1WorldSync. "Before both sides of the retail equation can truly master omnichannel commerce, they have to ensure their digital investments address their current challenges." retaildive.com
Nationally recognized jeweler selects Intellicheck's Retail ID Mobile to curb fraud and enhance customer experience
Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (NYSE MKT:IDN), an industry leader in delivering real-time threat identification and identification authentication that provides the antivirus to the epidemic of counterfeit IDs, today announced that a nationally recognized jeweler with 80 retail locations in 11 states, signed a contract to implement Retail ID Mobile™ to mitigate fraud and increase credit card and loyalty program enrollments. The retailer began rolling out Intellicheck's Retail ID Mobile advanced technology solution to their retail locations after a successful pilot in several of their stores.  cuinsight.com

North Carolina House Bill 384 Creates New Felonies For retail Theft
Retailers with Stores in NC Should Communicate Their Support

House Bill 384 would create felonies for people caught exchanging stolen items for cash, gift card, or other compensation: using false identification to exchange stolen property for money; stealing more than $20,000 total merchandise during a 90 day period and planning to sell the items; and leading a retail theft enterprise.

The bill passed the state House on Monday by unanimous vote among legislators present- 113-0. Now it goes to the Senate.

Rep. Harry Warren, R-Salisbury, one of three primary sponsors, said the retail theft bill aims at organized crime rings and makes it easier for law enforcement to prosecute organized theft cases.

Warren feels very good about the bills chances of passing through the Senate. The N.C. Retail Merchants Association supports HB 384. salisburypost.com

Dollar General Loses 2 Defenses In EEOC Background Check Race Bias Suit for Prospective Hires
An Illinois federal judge dealt Dollar General a setback on Monday in a suit by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over allegedly racially biased background checks for prospective hires, saying two of the discount chain's defenses can't be used.

The suit, filed in 2013, claims that Dollar General's criminal background checks on conditional hires unequally affect black applicants, causing a "gross disparity" in job opportunities. Only 7 percent of nonblack candidates are disqualified by Dollar General's carefully chosen criteria, but the same criteria eliminate 10 percent of black candidates, the EEOC says.

The EEOC asked in January 2016 for partial summary judgment on two of Dollar General's defenses: that the EEOC charges overreached, and that the agency's termination of presuit talks meant it failed to check all necessary boxes before suing. U.S. District Judge Andrea Wood said Monday that both of those defenses miss the mark.

"Any violations that the EEOC ascertains in the course of a reasonable investigation of the charging party's complaint are actionable. The charge incites the investigation, but if the investigation turns up additional violations the commission can add them to its suit." law360.com

Consumers Say Kirkland's Receipts Violated FACTA
Hit with a proposed class action lawsuit in Pennsylvania federal court Monday that accuses the home decor company of "recklessly" printing more than the last five digits of their debit and credit cards on receipts in violation of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act.

The lawsuit brought by Pennsylvania residents Ashley Gennock and Jordan Budai accuses the retailer of running afoul of FACTA, putting its customers at risk of identity theft, credit card fraud and financial ruin. Kirkland's operates 396 stores in 36 states, according to the retailer's website.

Gennock claims that the receipt she received at a Pennsylvania Kirkland's store showed the first six digits and the last four digits of her credit card, in violation of FACTA. law360.com

Forget E-Commerce - Bricks & Mortar - or Even Omnichannel
Augmented Reality is Where Retail Will End Up

The new retail era is one anchored in "augmented retail," a blend of the digital and physical allowing a shopper to shift seamlessly between the two realms.

No one can really guess what the future will look like. But those who are using technology and data to create bespoke shopping experiences that recognize every person is different, and with different needs, are more likely to come out on top."

"Stores cannot just be row after row of product rail anymore," he added. . "To survive, they have to tell stories - rooted in a sense of community and entertainment - and have points of view that makes the owner stand out." nytimes.com

The Future of Department Stores
A Conversation with Jeff Gennette, CEO of Macy's

Do you believe in the future of the retail department store, maybe without the "departments?"

Absolutely. But there will be a lot of changes strategically and structurally. We're in a transitional time. Department stores will be re-imagined, services and experiences will be ramped up. Square footage will be condensed. A lot of our competitors have too many store units and that will have to be rationalized over time.

So what is the path forward?

I think omnichannel retailing will continue to evolve. In the short-term, developing differentiated, well-valued assortments, and reducing shopper friction, are two of the most critical elements of success for an omnichannel department store brand. However, the focus is shifting to the individual customer and how we can develop a deeper relationship with her by anticipating her needs, solving her problems, and using our data to personalize our messaging and offers to address her specific interests. We have to commit to winning before the store as much as in the store. Store visits are now mission-based, so we need to make store experiences easier, fun and educational. therobinreport.com
Wal-Mart is cutting hundreds of jobs to slash costs
Wal-Mart is eliminating hundreds of jobs in its latest attempt to cut costs as it invests in online.

The layoffs span the company's international, technology and Sam's Club divisions. They follow Wal-Mart's decision to eliminate some 1,000 corporate positions earlier this year, including 200 in its e-commerce division.

A spokesman for the retailer confirmed the job cuts to CNBC, which had originally been reported by Dow Jones.

"It's really a continuation of what we said back in January," Wal-Mart spokesman Randy Hargrove told CNBC. "It's all part of managing our costs and our capital."

Indeed, the company said earlier this year that it was looking at its corporate head count for ways to operate more efficiently. That round of layoffs came a few months after Wal-Mart's investor day, when the retailer said it would invest more of its dollars into digital and slow its physical store growth. cnbc.com
Walmart has cut roughly 18,000 jobs since early last year
In total, Wal-Mart has eliminated roughly 18,000 jobs since early last year, Hargrove confirmed. However, many of the affected employees have been reassigned, he said.

Roughly 6,000 of the 7,000 employees who had their back-office positions eliminated were reassigned, Hargrove said. Nearly 65 percent of the 10,000 of the store employees who lost their jobs due to last year's store closures were also retained, Hargrove said. And the company will hire 10,000 workers through new store openings, he said. cnbc.com

Corporate Loss Prevention Manager posted for Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores in Hoffman Est., IL
The Corporate Loss Prevention Manager will support the established goals and objectives by being responsible for and holding the team accountable for actionable results. Responsible for assisting the Director of Loss Prevention in building and developing programs and initiatives to reduce shrink and safety expense along with supporting the field. ultipro.com

Gymboree Corp.'s 1,300 stores preparing for bankruptcy

Cato reorganizes real estate department lays off 9

Ross Stores reposts Director of LP Initiatives posting

Quarterly Same Store Sales Report

Toys R Us Q4 consolidated comp's down 3%, domestic comp's down 2.3%, consolidated net sales down 4.3%
Toys R Us full yr consolidated comp's down 1.4%, domestic comp's down 1.3%, consolidated net sales down 2.2%



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Crime Accountability Partnership Program Saves Communities $30M and Changes Lives 

Crime Accountability Partnership Program:
Saves Resources and Changes Lives

Created by Turning Point Justice (TPJ) (http://turningpointjustice.com) and the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) (http://www.shopliftingprevention.org), the Crime Accountability Partnership Program allowed retailers to reduce calls to law enforcement between 40% and 60% thus, saving communities more than $30 million in resources in 2016; the program is on track to save an additional $60 million in resources for 2017. Moreover, the program has effectively educated and held accountable more than 14,000 shoplifting offenders, saving them from a self-destructive criminal future.

Offered free to retailers and their law enforcement partners, the Crime Accountability Partnership Program significantly reduces the drain on police resources in responding to petty shoplifting, helps reduce court case backlogs and frees up valuable public and private resources, enabling police and loss prevention personnel to focus on more significant issues.

Read more here

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Card Skimming Attacks at Fuel Pumps & ATMs

Best Practices to Reduce Your Risk and Protect Your Customer's Information

With the increase in card skimming attacks in recent years, fuel stations and convenience stores alike are scrambling to find ways to alert, identify and prevent skimming attempts to protect their assets, their brands' reputation and their customers' financial data.

Click here for foundational tactics for businesses looking to get started in bolstering their fraud detection and prevention programs.



Click to learn more


Top 10 Litigation Risks For Retailers In 2017
FBI Director Robert Mueller said it best: "There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be."[1] The risk of a data breach - and how the company will respond in the event of breach - keeps many retailers on edge.

According to the Breach Level Index, the retail industry was the 4th most popular target of hackers in the first half of 2016, an increase of over 90 percent from the same period just three years earlier. [2]

In addition, we have seen the number of cyber-ransom cases increase dramatically over the last year. In a cyber-ransom attack, hackers break into a company's network, hijack critical data and threaten to destroy it if a hefty ransom is not paid within a short period of time.

Increasingly, data breach lawsuits come with a steep price tag. According to the Ponemon Institute's 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, on average, data breaches cost each affected U.S. company $7.01 million.[3] On March 17, 2017, Neiman Marcus agreed to pay $1.6 million to settle a data breach class action over exposed credit card information of approximately 350,000 customers.

On March 14, 2017, Home Depot agreed to pay over $25 million to settle data breach claims brought by a proposed class of financial institutions in the wake of a 2014 breach that affected approximately 56 million customers. (This settlement is tacked on to the $140 million Home Depot already paid to settle claims brought by credit card issuers, and another $13 million to settle consumers' claims last year.) Similarly, Target agreed to pay $39 million to settle data breach claims after over 40 million of its customers' cards were compromised.

Although many federal consumer class actions have been stymied by Article III standing challenges, the plaintiff banks in both the Home Depot and Target litigations survived Article III scrutiny. Given that these financial institution plaintiffs have survived motions to dismiss and have exacted outsized settlements, we expect that more financial institutions will pursue lawsuits against retailers in the wake of future data breaches.

Do Now: Consider conducting a data privacy and security audit to identify areas of vulnerability and to understand how your company collects, stores, uses, shares and disposes of personal information about your customers and employees.

You should also ensure that you have a data privacy and information security policy that you actually update and enforce, ensure that your company uses industry standard security protocols, and regularly review contracts with service providers or business partners who process or have access to your company's data.

Finally, ensure that you have a negotiated, tailored cyber-insurance policy in place. Insurance carriers may tell you that their "off-the-shelf" policies are not negotiable, but the reality is that almost everything is negotiable. law360.com

Detecting insider threats is easier than you think
Security experts weigh in on stopping the danger from your own employees.

Enterprises need to adapt their policies and procedures to prevent threats by securing corporate end-point equipment and the right tools that protect and allow users to do their work," said Matias Brutti, a hacker at Okta. "Work environments are constantly changing, so monitoring is difficult on a corporate level."

Much of the technology has changed, but the constraints are the same, and companies have to continue to be proactive about stopping malicious attacks, he said. "They must understand their threats and adapting their technologies to serve them. More than ever, hiring the right team and building the right technologies is key to success."

Steve Mancini, senior director of information security at Cylance, said not all insider threats are the same. "How we deter those that emanate from the careless or negligent will perhaps differ from those that emanate from the intentionally malicious. The proverbial 'carrot and the stick' are principles that apply as much in this area of human behavior as they do in others."

He added that deterrence of insider threats would need to map to the type of risk you are seeking to mitigate. The question is answered based upon environmental factors about company culture, the status of the organization (healthy, failing, layoffs, etc.), and how you treat/monitor/legally manage contractors. csoonline.com

How Dollarama became the retail king of knockoffs
CFO Says They Don't Have A 'Setting Up Schemes' Department
Just Good Lawyers

While Dollarama has always created knock-offs, it is now selling spitting images of brand name products. While some brands are brandishing their swords and taking the store to court, critics say Dollarama is mostly getting away with mimicry.

"I think they have good lawyers working for them," says David Lipkus, a lawyer specializing in anti-counterfeit in Montreal, who has helped clients sue Dollarama. "Often [the company] makes mistakes and end up selling fakes." Many lawsuits are settled privately, but the store has been sued by Nike, for selling counterfeit footwear emblazoned with Nike's iconic basketball player silhouette, and by Umbra, a home decoration company, for selling a style of waste basket. In February 2017, Dixon Ticonderoga launched a suit against the dollar store chain for a pencil it's been selling since 2002.

Dollarama, which began in Montreal in 1992, has long been associated with selling nameless miscellany. Dollarama still sells some knock-offs that wouldn't confuse consumers.

However, the knock-offs are taking off. The store sells a toy that looks identical to Lego, with blocks that fit interchangeably with the authentic stuff.

"There are differences," argues Michael Ross, chief financial officer for Dollarama. "We're not trying to trick the customers," he says. "It's not that we have a department in setting ups schemes." The store sources its products from countries ranging from Turkey to Thailand to Saudi Arabia, and Ross says the house products give consumers more choice. "If we were confusing or frustrating customers then we'd be shooting ourselves on the foot," he says. "Then they [wouldn't] come back for Dollarama anymore."

So why sell pharmaceuticals with the same-coloured packaging as Advil or dog treats called "Mr. Bone?" Ross says, "we're putting it in a format so they know what it is."

The company keeps prices low by minimizing overhead costs, with no advertising and stores without frills. However, the company can make a higher profit margin off look-a-like versions of products-which some customers actually prefer. macleans.ca

Mac's Crime Prevention Success in Canada
Part 1 of an Interview with Sean Sportun, Mac's Security & LP Manager

Mac's Convenience Stores in central Canada is well known for having a multi-faceted approach to fighting crime and maintaining store security. Convenience Store Decisions spoke with Sean Sportun, ICPS manager, security & loss prevention for Mac's Convenience Stores, about the many initiatives the chain is using to combat crime, and how a Harvard Business Study is assisting its efforts.

Convenience Store Decisions (CSD): Mac's is known for its partnership with the Crime Stoppers program - including using social media to identify robbery suspects. When did you first begin the partnership and what results have you seen?

Sean Sportun (SS): Our partnership with Crime Stoppers across Canada spans almost 10 years and has helped significantly as part of our crime prevention strategy. The introduction of the MacsCrimeBusters social media initiative in 2012, where we work with the police and Crime Stoppers to identify suspects who have victimized our stores, has definitely enhanced our partnership. Since inception, we have posted 499 suspect images, resulting in 419 suspects being arrested- that's an 84% clearance rate!

CSD: What type of technological equipment does Mac's use to curb criminal activity?

SS: Out of our Toronto office, we have a 24/7 Security Monitoring Room that has the ability to remotely dial into all our stores in Ontario and western Canada to view live real-time video and recover video when investigations develop.

Read part 2 of the interview in next week's Canadian Push

C-Store Robbery Murder Still Impacting Workers
B.C. convenience workers stage sit-ins for reinstatement of workplace safety protections

Employees are staging overnight sit-ins at Vancouver and Victoria convenience stores Saturday night, demanding the reinstatement of workplace safety protections that were removed from legislation in 2012.

In its fifth year, the sit-in has been hosted annually by members of the Young Workers' Committee of the BC Federation of Labour.

Before 2012, the legislation commonly known as Grant's Law required employers to schedule two staff during graveyard shifts (around 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.).

The new rules were implemented after 24-year-old Grant De Patie was killed in a gas-n-dash incident in Maple Ridge in 2005.

But in 2012, WorkSafeBC announced amendments, claiming it wasn't "practicable," or feasible, for retailers to hire additional workers or erect protective barriers.

Now, instead of having two people on shift, convenience stores can follow other safety procedures, including time-lock safes that can't be opened during late night hours, video surveillance, as well as keeping limited amounts of cash and lottery tickets at hand.

The intention of Saturday's sit-in is to raise awareness of the dangers workers face when working alone, said the committee's chairperson Caitlin Davison King in a press release.

Both events start at 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., at the Mac's Convenience store on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, and on Douglas Street in Victoria. thenownewspaper.com

Ontario Needs A Strategy To Prevent Consumer Racial Profiling
I have been a retail employee, a security guard and now as founder of Prevent CRP (Consumer Racial Profiling), a community-based organization mandated to address consumer racial profiling, I am looking for a light at the end of the aisle. This light is where consumer racial profiling is no longer part of the daily shopping experiences of many racialized and indigenous consumers in Ontario.

To clarify, CRP occurs when a person is targeted as "suspicious," or perceived as "a threat" based on assumptions, and informed by biases held by employees or security. These unconscious or conscious biases usually draw on stereotypes about the targeted person's race, ethnicity, skin colour, place of origin and other factors (including gender, age, and perceived socio-economic status).

Through my work at Prevent CRP, I have listened to community members share their consumer racial profiling stories. In some cases, the person recalls being followed too closely or being treated rudely by staff or security. In other cases, people share their experiences of being "stopped and searched" by plain clothed loss prevention employees in front of other customers.

Continue reading: huffingtonpost.ca

A new concept, new strategy, new target for Sears
Amid declining sales and fears its U.S. counterpart will cease operating, Sears Canada is taking cues from other retailers as it looks to modernize.

The retailer is now putting some marketing weight behind its newest initiatives - including an off-price line and changes to its private labels - aimed at turning its declining sales around.

Centred on the hashtag "#wevechanged," the brand has launched a marketing campaign and opened a pop-up in Toronto designed to bring attention to its new product lines, which are aimed largely at a younger demographic. strategyonline.ca

Holt Renfrew shakes things up amid increased competition
As it confronts Saks, Nordstrom in a marketplace it owned alone for 180 years

Holt Renfrew has also scaled back on employee hours and made changes in the senior ranks as it adjusts to competition from Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, powerhouse U.S. luxury retailers that have opened slick outposts in Canada, each with two new locations in the GTA.

Earlier this year Holt Renfrew announced that it will close its two hr2 discount stores.

Removing the barber chairs and shoe shine services will allow the store to invest more in brand presentation.

But foreign retailers are now taking a big bite out of a pie that used to belong almost exclusively to Holt Renfrew, part of the Weston family empire that includes Loblaws, Shopper's Drug Mart and Joe Fresh.

The Canadian luxury retail market has seen unprecedented growth in the last five years.

Smerdon pointed out that much of the competition among luxury brands happens behind the scenes, before the stores even open: they compete for the best locations, the best talent, the best brands and brand exclusives.

He said the saturation point is hard to discern. thestar.com

Toronto pot shop raids: Huge success or costly attack?

Sunrise Records reveals plans to operate 80 stores in Canada

Walmart grocery pickup coming to Calgary

Saskatoon, SK: Store owner beaten with club after confronting alleged shoplifter
Steve Sarich, the owner of Schmatta in Saskatoon, was driving across the Broadway Bridge Thursday evening when he spotted a teenager who he says he witnessed stealing two sweatshirts, worth about $40, from his store earlier in the day.

Sarich had been unable to catch the thief earlier, so when he saw the teen showing off what Sarich says was a stolen hoodie, he pulled over to confront him.

"He goes down to open up his backpack and pulls out a sweatshirt and billy [club] and proceeds to beat me with it," Sarich said.

Sarich said he's confronted people he's caught stealing from his store before. Usually, the would-be thieves fork over the goods and are often apologetic. That's why he says this attack was completely unexpected.

Police advise clerks and store owners to report shoplifters and track them at a distance after calling 911. cbc.ca 

Brampton, ON: Police use GPS to track stolen Brampton truck, $300,000 in electronics
Two Mississauga residents were arrested in Pickering and $300,000 in electronics recovered after police used GPS technology to track down a tractor-trailer stolen in Brampton overnight Saturday, April 8.

Durham Regional Police say they traced the stolen truck to a commercial area on Clements Road in Pickering around 8:30 a.m. Sunday, April 9. They used the trucks' GPS system to find the vehicle, and found two suspects at the scene. Police said they arrested the driver of the truck, and after a brief foot chase, arrested the passenger. bramptonguardian.com

Toronto, ON: Police use helicopter, thermal imaging & canine unit to capture 3 teens who stole from a candy store
Police released video of the arrest on Saturday night. It shows a police dog with officers approaching the three teens under some trees and the trio surrendering peacefully as the helicopter hovers nearby. Police were told it was a theft and breaking and entering in progress, involving masked men. Police did not initially know the age of the suspects.

The York Regional Police helicopter, Air2, which was nearby, arrived and hovered over the scene in the park's south end. With the help of a thermal imaging camera that can detect heat sources, officers in the air directed canine-unit officers to the area where the suspects were hiding. The teens were arrested but released into the custody of their parents with a stern warning. cbc.ca

Surrey, BC, CN: Mounties shut down large Retail Fencing Operation

Chatham, ON: Store thief arrested again 2 hours after being released from custody

Update: Windsor, ON: Police nab suspect two months after jewelry store theft

Update: Man turns himself in for last week's Sweet Convenience store robbery

Toronto police release images of armed suspect in retail robberies

Alliston, ON: Walmart closed following suspected arson; 15-year-old girl charged

Robberies and Burglaries

East End Variety - Stratford, ON - Armed Robbery
Esso Gas station - Orillia, ON - Armed Robbery
The Corner Store - Ajax, ON - Armed Robbery
Undisclosed grocer store - Mulhurst Bay, AB - Robbery

Undisclosed pizza shop - Mississauga, ON - Armed Robbery


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The Changing Faces
of Violence

David Johnston, Sr. Dir, LP & Corp Security, Dunkin' Brands
Van Carney, National Dir, Safety & LP, Domino's Pizza

David Johnston, Sr. Director, Loss Prevention & Corporate Security for Dunkin' Brands, and Van Carney, National Director, Safety & Loss Prevention for Domino's Pizza, together represent over 30,000 locations worldwide. Their organizations are directly impacted by global events of destruction and terrorism we hear about in the news every day. In this LPNN interview, David and Van discuss how global issues impact retailers domestically and how their companies are responding to the increase in domestic violence and robberies.

Episode Sponsored By:

Quick Take #19

Hilbert Dijkstra, Product Manager for Nedap, chats with Joe and Amber about why LP folks should care about RFID.




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Russia's Biggest E-Commerce Player
Ulmart Exploring Blockchain Tech. to Fight Counterfeiting

Mr. Kean, Ulmart's CIO, said the goal was to explore whether the blockchain technology can help fight the flood of counterfeit products. "Consumers complain to us about this issue and ask us to do something. The blockchain will let us join forces with major manufacturers and anyone can then merely point a bar-code or QR-code and follow the entire history of the product from production line to Ulmart's fulfillment center," explained Mr. Kean.

Can the blockchain technology end counterfeiting by shining a light on illegal manufacturers and retailers selling the goods? Will the blockchain protect consumers from mistakenly buying fake iPhones? Russia's leading e-commerce platform, Ulmart, believes it can and the company will work tirelessly with major manufacturers to end the blight that is the counterfeit market.

"It's a unique idea and speaks to the potential and excitement that blockchain brings to the world. Everything will eventually become linked in through the blockchain," commented Angie Bernstein, local Munich entrepreneur and bitcoin trader. prnewswire.com

Dior Seeking Millions From 'Network' of Chinese Knock-Off Sites
The luxury house is hoping an Illinois court can crack down on a slippery group of Chinese web sites selling counterfeits, mainly in the U.S.

The luxury fashion house filed suit in Illinois late last week against a host of web sites based in China that allegedly peddle an array of knock-off merchandise, from apparel to jewelry, using symbols and designs trademarked by Christian Dior Couture SA.

Although a list of the specific web sites and their alleged operators is currently under seal, Dior alluded to the defendants being numerous and said they're based in China. Dior earlier this year filed a similar suit in Florida and named more than 400 sites as allegedly selling counterfeit goods.

"Defendants facilitate sales by designing the defendant Internet stores so that they appear to unknowing consumers to be authorized online retailers, outlet stores or wholesalers," Dior noted. "Many of the defendant Internet stores look sophisticated and accept payment in U.S. dollars via credit cards, Western Union and PayPal."

The company cited U.S. government data in claiming sites like those allegedly operated by defendants generate more than $100 billion in sales every year, creating lost jobs and tax revenue among other "economic damages." wwd.com

Wal-Mart offers online shoppers a discount on orders picked up in stores

Stockton, CA: 5 arrested in $2,900 Verizon "Mob Theft', high-speed pursuit
Five men suspected of a "mob theft" in Woodland were arrested after a high-speed pursuit Tuesday night. Woodland police officers responded to a report of a theft in progress at a Verizon store, 1999 Pacific Ave., about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. An employee told police that five or six men had entered the business and grabbed multiple electronic devices including phones and tablets, valued at $2,900, the Woodland Police Department reported. columbian.com

Yakima WA: Janitor working at Verizon steals 50 to 60 items
A Yakima man is facing theft charges after police reports say he stole nearly $2,800 of merchandise from a local Verizon Wireless store. Jeziel Navarro, 18, made his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon. Navarro had been doing janitorial work for Verizon for about a month and a half. During that time, management at Verizon noticed missing merchandise, eventually catching Navarro on surveillance. Navarro confessed to stealing between 50 and 60 items from the store and selling around 20 of them. kimatv.com

Harrison Township, MI: Cough Syrup Thief Strikes Macomb County CVS
The Macomb County Sheriff's Office is investigating the robbery of a CVS pharmacy on April 7 in Harrison Township. The man stole three bottles of cough syrup with codeine shortly before 9 p.m. Deputies said the man threatened a CVS pharmacist and implied that he had a gun while he searched for the bottles. He fled the scene, forcing the doors of the store open and fled. patch.com

Hesperia, CA: Suspected Shoplifters Run Over Stater Brothers Employees
Two women accused of shoplifting baby formula are now facing assault with a deadly weapon charges. On April 8th at about 1:00 p.m. two women were observed stealing baby formula from the Stater Brothers Market in Hesperia. Clauwaneshanae Jeter and Kenisha Smith placed baby formula in their purses and passed all points of payment, stated a Sheriff's spokesperson. vvng.com

Springfield, PA: Target Asset Protection Team nabs man with $700 in merchandise

Muskegon County, MI: Police Blotter: Jacob Michael Humphrey, 28, of Muskegon, to 3-20 years in prison for organized retail crime, habitual offender fourth, $648 court costs/fees 

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Shootings, Assault & Deaths

Chicago, IL: Independent Police Review Authority Video Shows Woman Fighting CVS Employees Before Police Shot Her
The Independent Police Review Authority has released audio and surveillance video showing a mentally ill woman's confrontation with employees at a North Center CVS before she was fatally shot by two Chicago Police officers outside the store earlier this year. Michele Robey, 55, threatened employees with a knife about 5:45 p.m. on Feb. 10 at the store at 3944 N. Western Ave. Family members said Robey battled bipolar schizoaffective disorder. Eight minutes after the first 911 call, a person driving past the intersection of Western Avenue and Irving Park Road called to report a suspicious woman sitting at a bus stop, screaming into the air. "And it looks like she's holding a knife, it could be a butter knife," the caller says. Soon after, the rattle of a stun gun can be heard on a police radio transmission. "I got a woman with a knife. Taser deployed, nothing happening," an officer says. "Shots fired! Shots fired!" he says about 20 seconds later. "Get an ambulance over here. Shots fired." They used the stun gun on Robey twice before shooting her, police said at the time. cbslocal.com

Woodlands, TX: Accidental Discharge of a Weapon inside a Walmart, No injuries Deputies are investigating after a man accidentally dropped his loaded gun inside a Woodlands-area Walmart store, firing a gunshot. There were no injuries. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says the man is reportedly a retired Houston police officer who has a Concealed Handgun License. khou.com

Berkeley, NJ: Man Arrested in McDonald's Assault over wrong order

Burien, WA: AM/PM Store - Shooting, 20 yr old man shot and killed in parking lot, possibly Gang related

Chicago, IL: Drive-by triple shooting outside C-store in Old Town; 3 wounded, gunman at large

Crystal City, VA: Man arrested for harassing woman on Twin City Mall parking lot

Robberies & Thefts

Former Walgreens Pharmacy Tech avoids prison
When police searched 23-year-old Kayla Brooke Arnold's home in May last year they found two empty medication bottles that originally contained 500 hydrocodone pills each, 787 hydrocodone pills, firearms and $5,100 in cash. Her boyfriend, James Tyler Posey, initially told police that all the drugs and other incriminating items belonged to Arnold. Arnold stole the drugs from her employer, Walgreens, where she worked as a pharmacy technician; the theft was reported to police on May 18, 2016. Arnold and Posey had netted $20,000 selling the drugs and had purchased a new car and several televisions. She could have been sentenced to 2 to 12 years/ $5,000 fine on the theft charge, 3 to 15 years / $100,000 fine for each of the drug charges and 2 to 12 years/ $5,000 for conspiracy. Arnold, however, entered a plea on just one count of theft with a sentence of 3 years. She was allowed to enter a diversion program and, if she stays out of legal trouble and does not violate the terms of probation, can avoid prison time and eventually have the record of her conviction cleared. t-g.com

Queensbury, NY: Marco's Pizza Manager sentenced to 3 years for $3,800 theft Zachary B. Bills, 25, pleaded guilty to felony grand larceny for the theft last year from Marco Polo's restaurant. Bills was arrested in October by the Warren County Sheriff's Office after the eatery's management discovered $3,829 was unaccounted for. Bills, who has a prior felony conviction that required he serve a state prison term with a subsequent felony, was sentenced to 1.5 to 3 years in state prison. poststar.com

Honolulu, HI: Oahu Jewelry store Robbery; 6th time in the last 6 weeks
Police are on the hunt for a pair of thieves who stole several necklaces from the Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry Store in Pearlridge around noon on Tuesday. No one was hurt in the heist, but it's the second time in recent weeks a store inside the mall has been hit. Police haven't released any additional information, but the five crimes have similarities: Three happened during midday. Three involved getaway vehicles that were later found abandoned. At least four of the crimes involved multiple men and in all five instances, no one was hurt. hawaiinewsnow.com

ATF Report: Number of stolen firearms rose in 2016
Firearms in the U.S. are going missing more and more from burglary, according to a new report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The report released Tuesday recorded that 18,394 firearms were reported lost or stolen from federal firearms licensees (FFLs) in 2016. Around half of those were lost due to burglary, larceny, or robbery. The number of lost or stolen firearms is up by 3,594 since 2015. washingtonexaminer.com


Apple Valley, CA: Four Arrested for Arson in CA Wal-Mart Fire
Three men and one woman have been arrested on suspicion of setting a fire in the Apple Valley Wal-Mart on April 2. The Apple Valley Wal-Mart, which reopened Sunday, is still conducting an internal investigation and the total loss and damages from the fire are unknown. firehouse.com

Skimming Thefts

Medford, NJ: Pair arrested after skimming device found at ATM

La Marque, TX: Thieves install skimmer on Valero gas pump

Bloom Dispensary - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
Computer Repair Doctor - Charleston, SC - Burglary
CVS - Harrison Township, MI - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Merrick, NY - Armed Robbery
Ma Madea's Sweet Treats - Jackson, TN - Burglary
Marathon - Saginaw Township, MI - Armed Robbery
The Barn - West Babylon, NY - Armed Robbery
Uni-Mart - Washington, PA - Robbery
Verizon - Stockton, CA - Robbery
Zipy - Natchez, MS - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Berryville, VA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Lehigh Acres, FL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
10 robberies
0 shootings
0 killed

None to report.

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Director of Safety
Roanoke, VA

The Director of Safety develops and directs the implementation of proactive safety programs for Advance Auto Parts (AAP) operations 75,000 plus Team Members in North America which conform to Company proactive safety philosophies, goals, & ensures regulatory compliance (US & Canadian federal, state, provinces); designs and leads the implementation of safety strategies which engage all associates to prevent, reduce, and/or avoid losses that impact Team Members , drivers, customers, third parties, and business continuity...

Director Internal Audit and Loss Prevention
Savannah, GA

With strong leadership and execution skills this individual will be responsible for directing, administering and delivering internal audit and loss prevention services for Citi Trends. The Director is responsible for the management and oversight of the review of internal controls over financial data to ensure compliance with Sarbanes Oxley. The Director is responsible for evaluating financial and reporting risks, creating annual audit plans and executing plans, as approved by the Board of Directors...

Associate Vice President, Loss Prevention
Toronto, Ontario

The Associate Vice President, Loss Prevention is accountable for managing and executing the Loss Prevention programs and will provide leadership to our Loss Prevention teams across Canada for the Mark's, PartSource and Petroleum divisions. This Senior Leader will play a key role in developing loss prevention strategies and implementing action plans to ensure that adequate measures are in place to minimize negative brand impacts and financial exposure...

Asset Protection Program Sr Manager
Nashville, TN
Manages programs and initiatives as it relates to physical security and shrink improvement that advance company financials. Sources new technologies and vendors, implements effective tests, plans optimal company rollouts, and makes recommendations for future strategies. Provides training and support for field personnel on all applicable programs and initiatives..

Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager
Redlands, CA

Under the supervision of the Director of Loss Prevention, the Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager implements and enforces measures to ensure safety, security and prevent loss within all Distribution Center facilities...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Wichita, Kansas

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Sr Manager, Region Asset Protection (Miami Region)
Miami & South Florida
The Sr manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...

Sr Manager, Region Asset Protection (Jacksonville, FL)
Jacksonville & North Florida

The Sr manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...


Loss Prevention Area Investigator
Southeast US

Gap Inc is seeking an experienced Loss Prevention Investigator to support the company's shortage reduction efforts. Investigators are primarily responsible for detecting the existence of internal fraud through exception reporting, store research, networking, general loss interviews and response to COBC hot lines. All conclusions are based upon associate interviews and/or factual findings derived from various company and vendor resources...


Store Detective - Multi-Unit
St Paul, MN

As a Market Investigator, you will directly assist in thesafety and protection of CVS Health retail assets within assigned stores, including customers, employees, merchandise, and store property. In this role, you will become familiar with CVS Health policy, local criminal law, covert surveillance principles, overt customer service methods, and digital and traditional VCR tape video surveillance systems...

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