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 April 14, 2014


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David Neisen was promoted to Director of HR- Store Ops/Services for PetSmart.  David was the previous Director of Loss Prevention and Safety Operations before receiving this new position. He has been with PetSmart since 2009 and has been involved in their loss prevention and safety departments as a Senior Regional LP/Safety Manager and a Regional Safety Manager. David also gained his experience from his time as a District Assets Protection Team Leader for Target. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from City University of Seattle and then acquired his Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and is currently going for his Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership Studies from Northeastern University! Congratulations David!

Cybercriminals targeting companies' HR departments to file fraudulent tax returns - more than half-dozen companies hit - fake returns filed on nearly every employee  Many companies believe that if they protect their intellectual property and customers’ information, they’ve done a decent job of safeguarding their crown jewels from attackers. But in an increasingly common scheme, cybercriminals are targeting the Human Resources departments at compromised organizations and rapidly filing fraudulent federal tax returns on all employees. The scammers in charge of this scheme have hacked more than a half-dozen U.S. companies, filing fake tax returns on nearly every employee. At last count, this particular scam appears to stretch back to the beginning of this year’s tax filing season, and includes fraudulent returns filed on behalf of thousands of people — totaling more than $1 million in bogus returns. (Source

NSA Reportedly Exploited Heartbleed Bug for Intelligence for Years
The U.S. National Security Agency knew for at least two years about a flaw in the way that many websites send sensitive information, now dubbed the Heartbleed bug, and regularly used it to gather critical intelligence, two people familiar with the matter said. The agency’s reported decision to keep the bug secret in pursuit of national security interests threatens to renew the rancorous debate over the role of the government’s top computer experts. The NSA, after declining to comment on the report, subsequently denied that it was aware of Heartbleed until the vulnerability was made public by a private security report earlier this month. (Source

UK retailer Marks & Spencer wins 'Best RFID Implementation Award' at RFID Journal LIVE conference  At the RFID Journal Live! 2014 conference in Orlando, Florida, RFID Journal announced that Marks & Spencer has won the Best RFID Implementation Award for its use of item-level RFID to improve on-shelf availability at all of its stores. As the winner of a Best RFID Implementation Award, Marks & Spencer demonstrated the best use of RFID technology in improving its supply chain and retail operations. (Source

Study: U.S. retail sales hit $4.53 trillion in 2013; e-commerce at $264 billion
Total U.S. retail sales during 2013 reportedly reached $4.53 trillion, a 4.2% increase from$4.35 billion in 2012. According to new data from EMarketer, e-commerce sales of $263.3 billion, up 16.9% from $225.3 billion the prior year, helped drive overall retail sales growth. Non-e-commerce sales totaled about $4.27 billion, a 3.5% increase from $4.12 billion in 2012. In 2014, EMarketer predicts that e-commerce sales in rhe U.S. will grow 15.5% to total $304.1 billion, or 6.4% of total retail sales of $4.73 billion. (Source

Reminder: NRF's 2014 ORC Survey Closes This Friday
This year’s Organized Retail Crime Survey marks the 10th year the NRF has conducted this important survey. We thank you for any time you may have spent these past 10 years helping build this survey to what it is now: an invaluable tool for our retail and vendor communities and law enforcement partners, as well as NRF’s legislative efforts, and media awareness campaigns. Additionally, the NRF will recognize the 10th anniversary with a specially produced report, dedicated content in June’s STORES Magazine, and other communications and promotional efforts. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this year's survey. Your answers will be kept confidential. The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, April 18th. If you or your company did not receive the survey, please contact Afia Sakyi at

Toys 'R' Us struggles with debt
Debt at the toy chain is about eight times its cash flow. The retail industry average is about three times, according to a Bloomberg analysis. Last month, Toys “R” Us announced a $1 billion loss for fiscal 2013, its worst performance since at least 1987, Bloomberg data show. Sales at stores open at least a year fell 5 percent at U.S. locations and dropped 3.3 percent internationally. (Source

Tesco brings F&F clothing business to US
Tesco is bringing its F&F clothing business to the US, just seven months after selling its loss-making US supermarket division Fresh & Easy. The UK retailer announced it would open seven stores on the east coast this year with US franchise partner Retail Group of America. The group will start in Boston before opening four stores in New York in May and others in Philadelphia and Newport, Virginia. Tesco will compete against value-priced clothing such as Target, J.C. Penney and Gap Inc's Old Navy. F&F, which was launched in the UK and Ireland in 2001, currently operates in 21 countries. (Source

Amazon offers workers $5,000 to quit, but it’s not crazy
On first hearing, it sounds almost insane – every year, Amazon offers workers in its distribution warehouses up to $5,000 to quit. Why would a company ask employees to quit and why in the world would it pay them to do so? But like many of the unusual practices adopted under Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the pay-to-quit policy is grounded in data. The goal of the offer is to encourage unmotivated and disaffected employees to leave on their own, while making employees who reject the offer feel more dedicated to the job. Delivered with the headline “Please Don’t Take This Offer,” the pay-to-quit offers start at $2,000 for an employee’s first year and rise by $1,000 a year up to a maximum of $5,000. (Source

Cyber coverage for retailers shrinks by $100 million - blame the data breaches
The rapidly growing cyber market is facing a certain amount of cooling in some areas. Thanks to a string of high-profile data breaches in the retail industry—including the December Target breach that affected 40 million consumers—insurers have started to reassess their previously generous limits and rates. According to a report from Business Credentialing Services, retailers were able to purchase roughly $350 million in cyber risk insurance capacity before the Target breach. In today’s risk environment, that figure is closer to $250 million—a loss of approximately $100 million in coverage limits. (Source

Arrests at 68 airports in 32 countries made for airline ticket fraud

CEO of Massmart, South African Walmart subsidiary, resigns

Swiss contemplate $25 minimum wage - would be world's highest
NRF: Consumers to Spend $15.9 Billion This Easter

Coldwater Creek files bankruptcy - will close 343 stores, 36 factory outlets and 7 spas 

Fashion house Versace sells stake to Blackstone to fund growth

Kurt Geiger Separates from The Jones Group

Staples testing 3D printing in New York and L.A. stores

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Slideshow: Top 10 retailers likely to close stores in 2014  A number of retailers have gone by the wayside — many of them leaving sizable chunks of vacant real estate in their wake. Still other retail companies have announced plans to either close underperforming stores or certain store sites that are deemed “non-strategic.” Online resource National Real Estate Investor has compiled a list of what it describes as the 10 retailers “most likely to leave your center in 2014.” The companies likely to close stores were identified based on lagging same-store sales results, debt loads and other factors. View their Top 10 list here. (Source

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Retailers Face Inconsistent Product Data in E-Commerce Efforts
Retailers building up their e-commerce businesses require more detailed product data from suppliers in order to improve their websites and satisfy Web-savvy customers. But sharing that data in a standardized way is still a work in progress, with retailers sometimes providing inconsistent information about the same product online. That lack of standardization can damage a retailer’s budding e-commerce efforts. When a shopper has a hard time finding a product in a brick-and-mortar store, it can breed frustration and result in lost revenue for a merchant. That frustration can also manifest itself online, when store websites or third-party retailers show multiple results for the exact same product, all with completely different descriptions. One standards organization, GS1, is working to help businesses obtain valid and accurate Global Trade Item Numbers, the sequence of numbers within the barcodes found on product labels. Ensuring these numbers are correctly assigned to products will improve the online shopping experience for customers while helping retailers manage inventory and develop a consistent presence across the Web, GS1 says. (Source

Security breaches undermine consumer confidence in retailers
When a business lets customers’ personal information falls into the hands of criminals, customers are hardly forgiving. The majority of consumers, 86.55% in a recent poll, say they are not at all likely or not very likely to do business with a company that has experienced a data breach that resulted in the loss of payment card data. In a survey, 2,000 consumers in the United Kingdom in March were asked whether they’d do business with companies that they knew had experienced various types of data breaches. Breaches involving payment card data had the highest level of “not likely” responses. Then came, in descending order, breaches involving other personal information: 82.95% said they weren’t likely to do business with a company that had suffered a breach resulting in the loss of consumers’ home addresses, 80.10% the loss of telephone numbers and 76.0% the loss of e-mail addresses. (Source

Beware Virtual Currency’s Criminal Appeal Warns AG Holder
Speaking before a Congressional panel last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told the assembled that bitcoin, and other virtual currencies like it, represent new risks when it comes to money laundering and other criminal pastimes. “Virtual currencies can pose challenges for law enforcement given the appeal they have among those seeking to conceal illegal activity,” Holder announced. Holder went on to note that the Justice Department and financial regulators are working together to ensure that virtual currency complies with know-your-customer and anti-money laundering laws. (Source

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




‘Frazzled’ on the Job: More Than 80 Percent of American Workers Are Stressed Out  The third Annual Work Stress Survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Everest College found that more work and less pay are the top contributors to job stress in America, with 10 percent more workers claiming to be stressed out in 2013 than in 2012. The U.S. unemployment rate may be falling, but stress levels continue to rise among workers as more than eight in 10 employed Americans said they are stressed out on the job amid heavier workloads and low pay. The telephone survey of 1,019 employed adults found that 83 percent of Americans are stressed by at least one thing at work and paltry paychecks were a top stressor with 14 percent of adults ranking low wages as the most stressful aspect of work. (Source

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: Value-Added Safety
For safety professionals, the best path to ending the war between safety and productivity is not victory, but making peace. Safety professionals willing and able to engage their organizations as partners with productivity have an excellent chance of ending the age-old war between them. But, like the leaders of the quality movement did, safety leaders need a catalyst to demystify the value-added nature of occupational safety and health. The slogan "Safety First" has its merits, but to truly be transformational and sustainable, workplace safety needs to first be value-added. Leveraging the power of process-improvement approaches such as lean enterprise thinking, safety professionals can build bridges with production and quality leaders though joint problem-solving and organizational advancement. Through integrated process-improvement approaches, trade-offs between productivity, quality and safety no longer have to be accepted as the norm. Safety professionals can end the “war” by waging peace with productivity. (Source



East Hollywood fatal officer-involved shooting investigation underway; Theft/Robbery at 99 Cents Only store  A knife-wielding suspect was fatally shot by police in East Hollywood Sunday, according to LAPD. The incident occurred outside a 99 Cents Only Store at the intersection of Sunset and Hobart boulevards around 3:45 p.m. According to police, employees inside the discount store called 911 after an armed suspect began breaking items inside the store. When officers arrived at the scene, an altercation between police and the suspect ensued. Officials say they told the suspect to drop a bag of ice which he allegedly stole from the store. Information on exactly what led up to the shooting has not been released, but two officers then opened fire on the suspect. (Source

Boscov’s Loss prevention officer stabbed in Lancaster, PA
A Loss Prevention officer for the Boscov's department store in the Park City Center in Lancaster was stabbed while handling an attempted theft from the store earlier Friday, according to city police. The suspect was arrested but had not been named. (Source

Jewelry Store Owner shot and killed during robbery in Anitioch, CA
An Antioch jewelry store owner shot and killed an armed robber Friday afternoon and police said a customer was also shot during the heist, police said. The robbery at the Hardy Nix Jewelry store shut down a major street as authorities swarmed the surrounding area looking for a second suspect who escaped the store after the 4:27 p.m. robbery. The female customer who was shot was taken to a hospital with a non-life threatening wound. (Source

North Carolina man opens fire in Walmart parking lot after botched robbery attempt: police  Two people at the Walmart store in Belmont were taken into custody as of 7 p.m Friday evening, one suspect is said to be still at large by the Belmont police department. It wasn't immediately known if anyone was hit in the gunfire. (Source

Credit card numbers stolen in Target data breach used in Denver
A credit card fraud case could be the first linked to the massive Target stores data breach that happened last year. The suspect has been caught on surveillance cameras in Lakewood where police say the man has been using at least 16 credit card numbers that belong to other people at places like Walgreen’s, Target, Best Buy and 7-Eleven. Investigators say he has run up almost $9,000 in fraudulent purchases. (Source

Olympia, WA Police respond to armed robbery at Toys R Us
Olympia police are searching for the suspect in an armed robbery that took place Saturday afternoon at Toys R Us. Police were called at 2:53 p.m. to the store at 1000 Cooper Point Road. According to police, an armed suspect with a mask entered the store, displayed a handgun and took an undisclosed amount of money from cash registers at the service desk. Police attempted to track the suspect with K-9 units, and an officer at the scene said the suspect had fled toward Capital Mall. (Source

Big Five Sporting Goods robbery/ assault suspect arrested in Porterville, CA  Porterville police say they've caught the man responsible for an assault this week and a robbery of the Big Five Sporting Goods store in the city earlier this month. Kurt Sanchez, 41, was arrested Thursday, a day after the assault outside city limits. Porterville police and Tulare County sheriff's detectives worked together on that case after a man was found Wednesday night in Porterville unconscious with head wounds. Detectives identified Sanchez as the suspect. He was already suspected of the April 2 robbery at Big Five and had additional arrest warrants for unrelated charges. Porterville detectives found Sanchez midday Thursday. Sanchez assaulted a detective and was caught after a chase. He was booked into Tulare County Jail for charges including attempted murder, robbery and assault on a peace officer. (Source

Thief Steals $60K Worth Of Items From a NYC Upper East Side Jewelry Store With Celebrity Clientele  As CBS 2′s Jennifer McLogan reported, a 53-year-old manager at the Margo Manhattan jewelry store was choked, assaulted, thrown to the ground, and tied up while a thug posing as a customer ransacked the place around 1:50 p.m. Friday. “He grabbed her in a headhold and pushed her down,” the owner said. “He tied her hands behind her back.” (Source

Cincinnati Police take a crash course in handling ‘Flash Mob’ robberies; two incidents in the last month  In both instances, a mob of persons entered the store, picked up thousands of dollars worth of Louis Vuitton purses and ran off. Surveillance images from the March 9 incident show three women and two men walk into the downtown store. Then, while a few of them acted as decoys, the others stole $10,000 worth of high-end purses from a display near the front door. Images from the March 24 incident show suspects attempting to use the same approach. But this time Cincinnati police says Saks’ security personnel were ready and waiting. (Source

Sunglass Hut ‘Flash Mob’ that gets away with $20,000 video released on ABC News Late last week  8 women entered a Sunglass Hut in Valencia, CA and walked out with over $20,000 in merchandise. The associate contact Police but the 8 suspects got away. (Source

Kim's Watchmakers & Jewelers' in Herndon, VA robbed of cash Thursday, no injuries reported

Kay Jewelers in the Beaver Valley Mall, Monaca, PA hit with a $ 2,249.00 Grab and Run of a 22” Figaro gold chain

Man sentenced to life for fatal shooting of a Commerce City, CO jewelry store Owner 

Corpus Christi Man Arrested for Assaulting Woman, Robbing Jared Jewelry Store 


Big Apple – Buckfield, ME – Burglary – 2 stores hit in the area
Bulls Gap Pharmacy – Bulls Gap, TN - Armed Robbery
Champlain Farms – Fairlee, VT – Burglary – 2 stores in the area hit
Chevron – Russellville, AL - Armed Robbery/ Assault – suspects in custody
County Farms – Wilmington, DE – Armed Robbery
CVS – Huntington Beach, CA – Armed Robbery
CVS – Richmond, VA – Armed Robbery - possible ties to recent 48 Hour Food robbery
CVS – Portland, ME – Robbery/ Suspicious Device – Police make arrest
Dollar General – Mt Vernon, IL – Armed Robbery
Duebbers Carry Out – Cincinnati, OH – Smash and Grab
Jamacha Produce Market – San Diego, CA – Armed Robbery – suspect arrested
Kum & Go – Springfield, MO – Armed Robbery
Little General – Beckley WV – Armed Robbery – suspect arrested
LoanMax – Portmouth, VA – Armed Robbery
Papa John’s – Ogden, NC – Armed Robbery
Pop n Snack – Fairfield, AL – Armed Robbery – suspect arrested
Racing Mart – Springfield, MA - Armed Robbery – employee beaten w/ shotgun
Shell – Milford, NH – Armed Robbery
St Marks Pharmacy – Palm Harbor, FL – Armed Robbery
Whistle Stop Grocery – Tenino, WA - Armed Robbery – suspect arrested
Value Center Pharmacy – Eau Claire, WI – Armed Robbery – sentenced to 3 ½ yrs
4000 Louisa St. – New Orleans, LA – Armed Robbery/ Shots fired – no injuries
7-Eleven – Turtle Creek, PA – Armed Robbery – Store hit twice in one day




UPDATE: Polk County Sheriff's Office Press Release and Press Conference 
From Wednesday, April 9th through Thursday, April 10th, 2014, detectives assigned to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Unit arrested 37 suspects for various retail theft charges after conducting surveillance at a number of Polk County retail stores during “Operation Sticky Hands.” Detectives worked closely with multiple loss prevention staff at the following retailers in Polk County during the two day operation: Marshalls & T.J.Maxx, Target, Bealls & Bealls Outlets, Walmart, Publix, Home Depot, Belk, and Walgreens. 4 others were arrested on other (non-theft) charges. “Retail theft is a persistent problem for our retailers—shoplifting drives up the cost of goods we all buy. We don’t put up with it in Polk County. If we catch you stealing from a local store, we are going to arrest you and do everything we can to let people know you are a thief. Remember: We give free rides (in the back of a patrol car) if you get caught shoplifting in Polk County.” —Grady Judd, Sheriff (Source

Police bust alleged migrant theft ring in Fort Pierce, FL
Migrants from Eastern Europe are behind bars in Fort Pierce for allegedly stealing nearly $3,000 worth of iPads from Walmart. Fort Pierce police arrested three men and took them to the St. Lucie County Jail. Also, U.S. Border Patrol agents took two women and a man to their office in Riviera Beach because their immigration status was in question. Investigators said the suspects had passports from the country of Georgia. Police would not elaborate on exactly how they stole the iPads and if they worked at Walmart. (Source

Several arrested after cops bust huge theft ring in Independence, MO  A pretty big take down in Independence early Friday. As Jackson County deputies executed a search warrant. They were looking for stolen property. Jackson County deputies stormed a house off Salisbury Rd. in Independence to retrieve stolen property, including a washer and a dryer. The investigation is ongoing involving undercover operations. The sheriff’s office said they were there to retrieve stolen property. “There were tools and maybe car parts and it was probably like 100 things,” said Parven of the items deputies confiscated. The Jackson County Sheriff’s department says it’s still too early to talk about specifics in this investigation. (Source

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VP of Loss Prevention Dunkin Donuts Canton, MA Dunkin Donuts
LP Director BevMo United States BevMo!
Business Development Mgr Intelligent Loss Prevention Rockford, IL Intelligent Loss Prevention
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Stores Boston, MA L Brands
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Stores New York, NY L Brands
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears San Francisco, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Sacramento, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Los Angeles Valley, CA Sears Holdings Corp
Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
Market (District) AP Manager Sam's Club Fayetteville, AR Walmart
Regional LP Manager Michaels Denver, CO Michaels
Regional LP Manager Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Regional LP Manager Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential Philadelphia, PA Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential New York City, NY Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential Boston, MA Downing & Downing

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Montgomery, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Houston, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Belen, NM Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Jacksonville, FL Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Acworth, GA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart South Bend, IN Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Maple Grove, MN Walmart
LP Manager Kmart Ellenton, FL Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Massapequa, NY Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Merrillville, IN Sears Holdings Corp
AP Manager BJs Wholesale Club Coral Springs, FL BJs Wholesale Club
LP Manager Shopko Green Bay, WI Shopko



David Neisen was promoted to Director of HR- Store Ops/Services for PetSmart.
Brent Kleinfelder was named Loss Prevention Manager for Lowe's.
Lenny Lara was promoted to Manager Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation; Food Distribution Center for Target.
Aman C was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager (Western Canada) for L Brands.

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9 Resume Mistakes that Might Cost You a Job  Don't let your resume cost you that dream job you've been going after for months. Little things like typos or grammatical errors can get your resume tossed in the "NO" pile in no time. Other errors, while you may not think of it or may not mean to do it, are just as critical. Make sure you're not making these costly mistakes. (Cookie-cutter resumes)

10 Things Great Leaders Say Every Week  If you want to lead your team to a goal, it's vital that they know how their daily work is connected to that goal and the objectives. In order to help make that happen, have a meeting every week. Bring your team together and give them the big picture. Use this checklist for help. (Congratulations)

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