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Security Industry Adding Thousands of Jobs Amid Pandemic

With over 250,000 stores temporarily closed and businesses shutdown nationwide, Corporate America is staffing up guards to watch and monitor with physical presence

Allied Universal Increases Workforce; Seeks to Hire 30,000 Security Professionals Nationwide Over the Next Two Months
Allied Universal, a leading security and facility services company in North America, is seeking to hire more than 30,000 security professionals and administrative staff to fill positions located throughout the nation over the next two months. In spite of the uncertainty that COVID-19 has caused, there are still many industries, such as security services, that are currently hiring to fill essential roles.

Allied Universal is offering regular and temporary, full-time and part-time opportunities, and these open positions include security professionals, client and account managers, site supervisors, and other functional roles within human resources, sales, finance and IT. aus.com

Securitas to Expand its California Workforce by 1,000
Securitas Security Services USA is adding nearly 1,000 new jobs across the state in key areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, Central Valley and the Inland Empire. Its current California workforce includes 15,000 security professionals.

"It is becoming increasingly common for our clients to request our assistance in supporting their own emergency management efforts, such as guarding hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics and grocery stores," says Kimberly Carson, Pacific Region Vice President of Human Resources. "These organizations need security services assistance from our first responder security officers. For public and private safety reasons the nation needs the support of the security services industry." securitymagazine.com


How Protos Security Has Responded to the Pandemic
"Protos Security, being a Managed Service Provider, has been able to zig while Coronavirus has zagged," said Patrick Henderson, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Protos. "This meaning that as several of our routine largest clients have ramped down services due to the nature of retail, others like our grocery chain clients have ramped up significantly. Our model allows us to scale down and up simultaneously to meet the needs of our clients."

In Case You Missed It...
Read Protos Security's recent 'Spotlight on Leadership' article:

How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Impacting the Security Industry
As we all adjust to this chaotic and concerning time we have found that most of our clients are doing their best to implement a plan on how best to handle the Coronavirus Pandemic. However, because of all of the of uncertainties they also find themselves in a "wait and see" situation before key decisions are made. Because of this, we at Protos have found that shifts, number of guards, hours they work are all a bit chaotic at the moment.

We have also found that the security guard in these times is playing an even for more critical roll at our clients locations. Read More Here

CONTROLTEK Launches COVID-19 Response Center
CONTROLTEK a leader in retail asset protection and tamper-evident packaging launches a COVID-19 Response Center with information and resources for retail and financial institution partners to stay abreast of the latest regarding the Coronavirus situation.

"Now more than ever, the power of community, trust and quality information is so important," said CONTROLTEK CEO, Rod Diplock. "As a business owner navigating this extreme situation, the most valuable resources have been shared to me by peers and business professionals. I want to do whatever I can to pass that along to our industry partners and customers to help them during this challenging time."

The CONTROLTEK COVID-19 Response Center offers news updates, articles pertinent for LP professionals, cybersecurity technology tips, available business essentials and PPE equipment and helpful tools from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). controltekusa.com

ALL-TAG, a Critical Supplier to Food and Pharmacy Product Manufacturers, is Open for Business, Shipping Orders, and Fully Staffed During the COVID-19 Pandemic
ALL-TAG, an American manufacturer of RF Labels, and a leading supplier of AM Labels, RF & AM Security Tags, and other loss prevention products, is designated a critical supplier to food and pharmaceutical product manufacturers. The company is committed to remaining fully staffed during the COVID-19 pandemic. ALL-TAG is open and shipping orders of any product to any location around the world.

"We understand that many of our source tagging customers are supplying their goods to various essential grocery and pharmacy retailers, and those goods still need to be tagged" commented ALL-TAG's Vice President of Sales, Andy Gilbert. "We will continue to deliver our RF and AM Labels to these customers in a timely fashion so that they can maintain their shipping schedules of food and pharmacy products". prweb.com

LPRC Webinar - COVID-19: How Retail Offenders Take Advantage of Crisis Situations
The LPRC's recent webinar "COVID-19: How Retail Offenders Take Advantage of Crisis Situations" and the webinar slide deck are now available on the LPRC COVID-19 Resources page. The LPRC explores how criminals take advantage of these situations and what you can do to protect your organization and your customers from fraud during this trying time. Learn more here.

Coronavirus Update: April 14

US: Over 603K Cases - 25K Dead - 38K Recovered

Worldwide: Over 1.9M Cases - 125K Dead - 465K Recovered

143 Security Officers Say They've Gone Without PPE During Virus Outbreak
In a recent survey of Private Officer International members and social media followers, 143 security employees currently working on the frontline said that they have not been issued PPE during the COVID-19.

Of those who responded, 27 percent were working in retail big box and specialty stores such as pharmacies, 14 percent were assigned to medical facilities including hospitals, Urgent Cares and clinics, 8 percent were working in industrial or commercial environments but still came in contact with the public, 6 percent were assigned to watching businesses that were currently closed because of local stay at home orders and the remainder of respondents stated that they worked at apartments, on patrol, general assignments and in camera surveillance positions.

More than 750 security officers have now contracted the COVID-19 virus including 309 TSA employees. As of Tuesday afternoon, 51 Security officers have died from complications of the virus and six others are currently hospitalized and listed as critical.

New York City had the highest confirmed deaths: 18. Other states reporting security officer deaths include Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, This information continues to be fluid with many areas not including the names or professions of the deceased. privateofficer.org

Grocery union asks VP Pence to help protect workers
The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union have sent a letter asking Vice President Mike Pence to have the government provide its members with personal protective equipment (PPE). The union said that 30 of its members have died after contracting COVID-19 and that 3,000 others are currently not working as a result of being ill or having come in contact with someone who had the novel coronavirus. retailwire.com

NYPD loses 20th member to coronavirus
A New York Police Department traffic enforcement agent died as a result of Covid-19, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Sunday, bringing the number of virus-related deaths on the force to 20. The department, along with the city, has been hit hard by the coronavirus. On Saturday, 6,743 uniformed members, or more than 18% of the workforce, were out sick, the NYPD said in its daily report. Some 2,318 uniformed members and 471 civilian members had tested positive for the coronavirus, the report said. cnn.com

What Happens When Employers Violate Shelter-in-Place Orders?
Officials in some states, including California, Georgia and New York, are asking people to report businesses that are violating shelter-in-place orders.

Are You An 'Essential' Worker In the Pandemic?
Businesses are seizing on vague definitions and lax enforcement to stay open during shutdowns.

Coronavirus cases in New York top 200,000 as the outbreak appears to slow

Cuomo says New York employers must provide face masks to workers

Undercover sting targets NYC pharmacist allegedly hoarding coronavirus masks

Alabama: As COVID-19 projections decline, retailers ask for easing of restrictions

Nine U.S. States Plan Reopening of Economies After Coronavirus Shutdown

Retail's COVID-19 drive-through testing is not going according to plan

Retailers are starting to open drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites
to the public for the first time. Are they ready?

On March 13, the CEOs of Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens joined President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden to reveal they would be hosting drive-thru testing in their parking lots. Only five have opened so far - three by CVS, two from Walmart and one by Rite Aid. The slow start reflects the nation's challenges when it comes to providing testing access.

Insufficient supplies of testing components such as nasal swabs has hampered testing at hospitals, according to a late-March survey of health providers from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). With outside labs overwhelmed, test results are often delayed by a week or more.

In most cases, the testing sites opened by retailers have been reserved for first responders due to the test shortages. As a result, coronavirus testing has remained largely unavailable to the masses. retailwire.com

Walmart says it will be running more than 20 coronavirus test sites in 10 states by the end of April

Rapid-Results COVID-19 Testing Is Coming to CVS and Walgreens - But There Are Still Restrictions

Rite Aid to Open Additional COVID-19 On-Site Testing Locations in Coming Weeks

Furloughs Surpass 1 Million With T.J. Maxx Adding to Retail Toll
Employee furloughs in the retail industry are now well over 1 million after the owner of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, one of America's biggest clothing store chains, suspended its store workers. TJX Companies Inc. said last week that it would furlough the majority of its U.S. workforce at stores and distribution centers. It employs about 286,000 people worldwide, with most based in the U.S.

Retailers across the country stopped issuing paychecks en masse over the past two weeks after shutting down their stores in March due to the coronavirus outbreak. Several of America's largest retail employers, including Macy's Inc., Kohl's Corp., Gap Inc., Ross Stores Inc. and Victoria's Secret owner L Brands Inc., have made the move to save on labor costs and conserve cash while stores remain closed.

More than 200,000 stores have temporarily closed, according to research firm GlobalData Retail, as Americans obey stay-at-home orders to curb the spread of the virus. Re-opening dates have been pushed back as the outbreak worsened. bloomberg.com

New Retail Layoffs & Furloughs:

At Home furloughs 30% of corporate staff

Burlington furloughs 'most' store & distribution center employees

H&M furloughs "some members" of U.S. workforce

Purple furloughs 35% of its permanent workforce

Ulta furloughs "many" of its store & salon associates

Global Trade Sputters, Leaving Too Much Here, Too Little There
The spread of the coronavirus has disrupted global supply chains, leading to shortages and price increases that are cascading from factories to ports to retail stores to consumers. While factories in China have been slowly restarting as the country's epidemic fades, many manufacturers in India, the United States and Europe are powering down, or running at partial capacity.

These disruptions in global trade could grow more noticeable in the months to come, as consumers hoard products and countries clamp down on exports of medical supplies and even food. Shoppers may see more shortages of unexpected products, including laptops, toilet paper and medicines. Some companies could find themselves lacking raw materials and components, a recipe for further financial trouble.

In the longer run, supply chain experts say, the crisis may lead to restructuring - where apparel, electronics and pharmaceutical companies rethink their supply chains to make sure they are globally diversified, and less dependent solely on one location, like China.

"Right now, companies are trying to figure out if they're going to be in business in the next couple months," said Jon Gold, vice president for supply chain and customs policy at the National Retail Federation. "They are completely re-evaluating how supply chains are going to work, what consumer confidence is going to be and what consumers are buying." nytimes.com

Retail sales expected to plunge amid coronavirus pandemic
March retail sales data released Wednesday morning will peel back the curtain on the health of the U.S. consumer amid the coronavirus pandemic. Consensus expectations are for a steep drop during the month due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. Headline retail sales are expected to have plunged 8% during the month, down from a 0.5% decline in February, according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg. Core retail sales, excluding the volatile autos and gas components, are estimated to have fallen 5.2%, down from a 0.2% dip in February.

Within core components, it is expected that spending online and at grocery stores will largely offset the steep decline in spending at other retailers such as malls and furniture, sporting goods and electronics stores. finance.yahoo.com

COVID-19 will both complicate and accelerate retail bankruptcies
Some retail Chapter 11s are on pause, with store liquidations effectively impossible.
But a "wave" of bankruptcies is coming, experts say.

True Religion Files For Bankruptcy - Again - As Coronavirus Hobbles Retail Industry

U.S. Restaurant Transaction Declines May Have Bottomed Out At -41% in Week Ending April 5

Hotels and retailers not paying rent due to the coronavirus pandemic spikes in April

Amazon hires 100K, opens 75K additional roles as COVID-19 surges demand

Burlington Stores exec team slashes pay 50 percent; CEO taking no salary

Discarded gloves, crowded aisles: Major grocery worker union urges US shoppers to wear masks, change how they shop during the pandemic

Menards no longer allowing kids under 16, pets inside its stores due to COVID-19

Southeastern Grocers surprises thousands of frontline heroes with a $0 grocery total


McDonald's faces class action over 'pervasive sexual harassment'
McDonald's Corp has been hit with a class action lawsuit accusing it of subjecting female employees in its corporate-owned fast-food restaurants in Florida to widespread sexual harassment.

The lawsuit, filed on Friday in federal court in Chicago, says the company fostered a climate of "severe or pervasive sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, including groping, physical assaults, and sexually-charged verbal comments."

McDonald's said in a statement that it was committed to ensuring workers were not subject to sexual harassment. "The plaintiffs' allegations of harassment and retaliation were investigated as soon as they were brought to our attention, and we will likewise investigate the new allegations that they have raised in their complaint," it said.

The plaintiffs, McDonald's employee Jamelia Fairley and former employee Ashley Reddick, are seeking to represent a class of female employees of Florida's more than 100 corporate-owned, non-franchise McDonald's locations. They are asking for $500 million in compensatory damages and additional punitive damages. reuters.com

Will the open office die following COVID-19 pandemic?
The new normal of work exiting the COVID-19 pandemic may mean the much ballyhooed open office won't be up to snuff. Here are 4 reasons why COVID-19 may nix the open office:

1. Your company may be over offices (and not just the open ones). The great work from home experiment scaled dramatically in the COVID-19 pandemic. Guess what's better than the cost per square foot in an open office? Not having an office at all. CFOs are already pondering what percentage of employees could work from home on a more permanent basis.

2. Open floorplans may not seem safe in the new normal. Those bullpen desks mean you're about two feet from about four people. You may miss your coworkers, but you're not going to want to be too close in a post-COVID-19 world.

3. Collaboration depends more on technology than proximity. Yes, some teams benefit from open office floor plans, but many did just as well without one. The productivity returns on open offices are spotty at best. There's a much easier business case for video conferencing systems.

4. Open offices kept human resources too busy. I can't necessarily quantify this, but there is anecdotal evidence that open office floorplans led to more politics, middle school-ish behavior, and annoyances. If you caught an HR person in a weak moment, they may note that complaints fell as soon as employees evacuated from open offices. zdnet.com

LiveView Technologies Announced as Newest Loss Prevention Foundation Partner
The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announced that LiveView Technologies is supporting the LPF by becoming the most recent Bachelor level partner. The Bachelor level partnership secures LPC and LPQ certification course scholarships and complimentary LPF memberships for LiveView to distribute to those in the loss prevention industry. Headquartered in Orem, UT, LiveView Technologies is an Enterprise Cloud Software vendor providing a Platform-as-a-Service Cloud solution for remote video and analytic data gathering, processing, and delivery. LiveView Technologies turns video and data into intelligence that enables the customer to make informed decisions. yourlpf.org

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These robot-powered warehouses could save grocers,
But first they need to survive the coronavirus pandemic

British online supermarket Ocado built a buzzy business around helping supermarkets survive online. The COVID-19 crisis has become its trial by fire.

The robots are mesmerizing. Inside a warehouse in Erith, on the outskirts of East London, more than a thousand of them glide across a vast steel and aluminum grid. Each is the size and shape of an office copy machine, topped with stubby antennae and a shining neon-green LED.

This warehouse, or customer fulfillment center (CFC), as logistics pros call it, is one of the most sophisticated and automated on the planet, one that can handle many tens of thousands of orders a week. It belongs to Ocado, a pioneering British online grocer that is positioning itself as a white knight for the beleaguered grocery sector - and possibly other industries too - offering to help supermarket chains compete in an automated age.

Ocado's robot-powered warehouses thrum with activity on ordinary days; since the coronavirus crisis erupted, they've been in roaring overdrive. The pandemic has given the company a chance to prove it can keep an online grocery business humming, even when its human workforce faces unprecedented strain. fortune.com

Over 500,000 Zoom accounts sold on hacker forums, the dark web
Hacked Zoom accounts have become merchandise that's sold en masse on the dark web and through hacker forums, a new report claims. According to BleepingComputer, which spoke to cybersecurity company Cyble, there are currently over 500,000 Zoom account credentials being sold, and while most of them seem to stem from earlier, unrelated hacks, some of them are genuine.
Cyble's experts noticed the influx of Zoom accounts for sale on April 1, and were able to purchase 530,000 of them at a bulk price of $0.002 per account. Some accounts, the report claims, are even being shared for free.

These credentials include a Zoom user's email address, password, personal meeting URL, and their host key - a six-digit pin tied to the owner's Zoom account, which is used to claim host controls for a meeting. And some of these account details belong to high-profile companies including Chase and Citybank, according to Cyble, which checked the veracity of the accounts belonging to some of their clients and confirmed they were valid. mashable.com

Network Data Shows Spikes, Vulnerability of Work-at-Home Shift
As social-distancing mandates forced employees to work from home, bandwidth consumption and potential security weaknesses have risen, according to data from network providers and network-intelligence firms.

Traffic on the public Internet jumped by half since the beginning of the year, as employees moved to remote work, with videoconferencing seeing the greatest increase - 500% - according to Kentik, a provider of machine-learning-based network operations. Overall, the week-to-week growth in bandwidth consumption matched the month-to-month growth seen last year, says Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik. darkreading.com

71% of Security Pros See Threats Jump Since COVID-19 Outbreak
Phishing is the top threat, followed by websites offering false information about the pandemic, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Biometrics analyst says outbreak marks death of most of touch-based fingerprint reader market

Cybercrime May Be the World's Third-Largest Economy by 2021




Ensuring Good VPN Security Hygiene

Companies commonly use an enterprise virtual private network (VPN) solution to connect remote employees to their organization's IT network. An increase in vulnerabilities are being found and targeted by malicious cyber actors during the current Coronavirus situation. It is vital to keep VPNs, network infrastructure devices, and devices being used to connect into work environments up-to-date with the latest software patches and cybersecurity configurations. Ensure you have good VPN security hygiene with these helpful articles from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA): Understanding Patches and Securing Network Infrastructure Devices.




ORC's Public Partnership:
The Importance of Public-Private Partnerships & Their Impact

Lieutenant Jim Ostojic, Captain Bill Williams, Detective Joe Hopkins

Filmed in June 2014 at the Daily's 'Live in Ft. Lauderdale at NRF PROTECT 2014' show

Joe LaRocca, Senior Advisor, Loss Prevention, RetaiLPartners, moderates this session on the importance of public-private partnerships in fighting ORC. Captain III Bill Williams and Detective III Joe Hopkins of the LAPD, and Lieutenant Jim Ostojic of the Polk County Sheriff's Office, tell us about the industry-leading models taking shape across the country that are helping retailers and law enforcement share real-time information like never before. Learn about the commercial crimes division of the LAPD, the expansion of associations like LAAORCA and the new ORC training programs for law enforcement.

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Rampant shipping delays and limited stock amid the coronavirus outbreak reveal why e-commerce hasn't defeated physical stores just yet
Increased demand for e-commerce during the coronavirus, particularly grocery delivery, is pushing many retailers to the brink, highlighting the infrastructural challenges of a world without brick-and-mortar stores.

Experts said that delays and limited availability for essential items at retailers like Walmart and Amazon show how even the biggest e-commerce companies in the world weren't prepared for a cataclysmic event like the coronavirus.

The pitfalls show how e-commerce hasn't supplanted physical stores just yet.

"I'm confident that by the time stores are allowed to reopen, brands will appreciate the limitations of the e-commerce funnel and pay renewed attention to refining their brick and mortar strategy," Philippe Lanier, principal at the retail real estate firm EastBanc Development, told Business Insider. businessinsider.com

Walmart Grocery Surpassed Amazon in App Downloads Last Week
Walmart Grocery surged past Amazon in app downloads on Sunday, suggesting a newly competitive phase for online grocery shopping amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Downloads of shopping apps overall have surged during the pandemic, with downloads reaching 106 million globally between March 29 and April 4, and 14.4 million in the U.S., according to mobile data and analytics firm App Annie. thestreet.com

Facebook Publishes Guide on How to Maintain Connection With Audiences Amid COVID-19

How Ecommerce Is Transforming FedEx's Logistics and Last-Mile Delivery

Amazon attracts newly unemployed from all walks of life




'Top 10 ORC Cases of 2015-2020' - Countdown

#5 (from January 5, 2015)
$25M Hack: 16 different retailers hacked by one cybercriminal group, according to report 
A sophisticated group of cybercriminals has stolen over $25 million by hacking into the infrastructure of numerous financial institutions in Russia and former Soviet Union countries, as well as into point-of-sale systems belonging to U.S. and European retailers. Researchers from Russian cybercrime investigations firm Group-IB and Dutch security firm Fox-IT have dubbed the cybercriminal group Anunak, after the primary malware program in its toolset. Starting in the second quarter of 2014, the Anunak group targeted retailers in the U.S., Australia and Europe with the goal of infecting point-of-sale (POS) terminals with malware that can steal payment card data during transactions. At least 16 possible breaches have been identified at retail organizations - 12 of them in the U.S. - and theft of credit card data was confirmed in three of those cases, the researchers said in their report. According to sources, retailers said to have been hit by Anunak include Staples, Sheplers, Bebe and undisclosed others. networkworld.com forbes.com

Click here to follow along as we count down the Top 10 ORC Cases from 2015-2020.

Middlebury, IN: Gas Station Employee charged in $100K+ theft of lottery tickets; estimated winnings of $75,000
A Shipshewana woman is accused of stealing more than $100,000 worth of lottery tickets from a Middlebury gas station where she worked over the past year. JoeHanna Marchand, 33, is charged with two Level 5 felony counts of theft. An investigation by Middlebury police and the Hoosier Lottery began in February when Marchand was accused of taking tickets from a BP CornerMart. Security video at the business showed Marchand activating a pack of scratch-off tickets and putting them on paperwork before going into an office and then hiding the pack in her sweatshirt, police said in a probable cause affidavit. When police interviewed Marchand, she said she's not supposed to purchase tickets at the gas station. She got around it, she said, by activating the packs and then returning later to purchase them. But she couldn't provide receipts for the sales, the affidavit shows. A Hoosier Lottery investigator dug into records and found 145 lottery ticket packs were opened at the CornerMart between May 2019 and Feb. 2 at times when Marchand worked. While the business had purchased the tickets from the lottery, they were never sold as intended, the affidavit shows. The missing packs amounted to a loss of $104,850 for the gas station. The lottery investigator also estimated winning tickets from those packs added up to $75,010. goshennews.com

Boardman, OH: Investigators tracked $50,000 of stolen furniture to America's Wholesale Outlet in Boardman
Boardman police are helping detectives from a pair of Cleveland suburbs recover what authorities say was stolen merchandise. Investigators said two truckloads of furniture were taken earlier this month in Walton Hills and Brooklyn. They tracked some of the furniture to America's Wholesale Outlet on South Avenue in Boardman. Monday morning, police went to the store with a search warrant to find the merchandise and load it onto a tractor trailer. So far, no one has been arrested. An attorney for America's Wholesale Outlet released the following statement: America's Wholesale Outlet is a victim of crime here. The company has NOTHING to do with any stolen furniture besides [the] fact that it purchased what was represented as discarded and used furniture for $24,700... all of which we paid for and showed the police department copies of the checks that we paid with. That is the company's business: buying used and scratch-and-dent goods of all kinds. wkbn.com

Winchester, KY: Three charged in Rural King theft
Two Mount Sterling men were charged with engaging in organized crime for allegedly helping a third person steal items from Rural King. According to court records, Winchester Police officers were called to the business on Bypass Road Saturday night for a shoplifting complaint involving two men and a woman. When officers arrived, store employees said the woman had left, but police found her lying down in the back seat of a vehicle in the parking lot. Officers also found $356 in merchandise in the vehicle, which was returned to the store. winchestersun.com

Update: Summit Township, PA: Pennsylvania State Police Look to Identify Suspect in $900 Theft of Electronics from Target

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Shootings & Deaths

Houston, TX: Violent night across Houston, six shootings that ended
with four people dead
A man was killed after meeting with a group of people at a Food Mart in northwest Harris County. Deputies say the victim was shot outside of a store on West Road and Easton Commons. The last deadly shooting took place in the Second Ward. A hispanic man was shot and killed near a gas station on Lockwood near Harrisburg around 6 p.m. Deputies say they are getting conflicting information about exactly what happened. abc13.com



Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Akron, OH: Walgreens robbery suspect returns to store to shoplift, gets arrested
Jeffrey Crimaldi, 55, was taken to the Summit County Jail on charges of robbery and theft. Officers were first called to the Walgreens on East Exchange Street at 1 p.m. Saturday. A worker in the pharmacy department told police the male suspect, who was wearing a black waist-length coat, black hat, glasses, and a medical mask, said he was robbing the store and demanded Xanax. The male left the store with an unknown amount of medication. Officers were called back to the Walgreens at 6:40 p.m. Sunday when a worker told police a person in the store resembled the suspected from the robbery the day before. Police say they arrested the suspect, identified as Crimaldi, when they saw him take unpaid items out of his pockets. Crimaldi admitted to Saturday's robbery. cleveland.com

Houston, TX: Suspect struggles with rifle during gas station robbery
Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect who tried to rob a gas station with a rifle earlier this month. This happened on April 1 around 2:30 a.m. at the Gulf gas station. Houston police released surveillance of the incident. Investigators said the male suspect walked into the store with a bag, pulled a rifle out of it, and demanded the money from the cash register. khou.com

Cherryvale, KS: ATF helps in arrests after burglary of Kansas Gun store

Plattsburgh, NY: New York State Police arrest armed Walmart Shoplifter

Vallejo, CA: Police seek help in find woman who coughed in faces of store workers





C-Store - Morris, IL - Burglary
C-Store - Kennewick, WA - Robbery
C-Store - Oklahoma City, OK - Robbery
CBD - Burlington, VT - Burglary
Gas Station - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - St Joseph, MO - Robbery
Grocery - Portland, OR - Burglary
Hardware - St Joseph, MO - Burglary
Pharmacy - St Louis Park, MN - Robbery
Restaurant - Peoria, IL - Burglary (Dunkin)
Restaurant - Eugene, OR - Burglary
Restaurant - Seattle, WA - Burglary
Walgreens - Akron, OH - Robbery
Walmart - Tulsa, OK - Robbery (bank inside)
7-Eleven - Bala Cynwyd, PA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 8 robberies
• 7 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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Dave Lanier promoted to Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager
for Ross Stores
Juan Estevez promoted to Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager
for Ross Stores
Tara Nutley named Multi-District Asset Protection Leader
for CVS Health
Matthew Webb, LPQ named Regional Asset Protection Manager
for Rite Aid
Adam Cooper named Business Unit Loss Prevention Manager
for Circle K
Matthew Workman named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Harbor Freight Tools
Eric Cormier promoted to Market Total Loss Manager
for Walmart Canada
Nic Horst LPC promoted to Regional Asset Protection Director for Lowe's Companies
Ellis Clark, LPC promoted to Regional Asset Protection Safety Director for Lowe's Companies
Kerondo Dolberry named Area Loss Prevention Manager
for Ross Stores
Francis Florio promoted to Coordinator - Safety & Loss Prevention
for Domino's

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District Loss Prevention Manager
Roanoke, VA
The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 8 to 10 store locations...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Knoxville, TN
Investigate reports of asset losses, injuries, or harassment to determine proper facts and execute proper disciplinary actions. Conduct physical security checks to minimize asset loss and maintain CCTV and Alarm systems. Train new associates in the areas of Asset Protection and safety. Create and recommend ideas for increased shortage control and fewer accidents...
Area Loss Prevention Manager - Central Valley
Fresno, CA

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...

VP of Product
Ontario, CA
Solink is looking for a dynamic leader to define and ensure the entire company is aligned on our product strategy. There are many facets to this role, but most importantly, you will manage and inspire the development team towards building a product that will continue to revolutionize the way our customers use video by creating opportunity through data....

Physical Security Leader
Corte Madera, CA
Responsible for leading and execution of the Protection and Prevention tiers of the Profit Protection strategy for all RH locations including our Corporate Campus in Corte Madera, CA - PROTECTION - Access Control | Alarms | CCTV | Guards - PREVENTION - Awareness | Audits | P&P | Training...

Loss Prevention Manager
Las Vegas, NV
Demonstrate management leadership skill to achieve the goals of the Company. Experienced with and has knowledge of regulatory agencies to include: TSA, DOT and OSHA. Establishes and communicates a risk business plan consistent with the objectives of the Company that pro-actively identifies and corrects poor behaviors...

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