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More than 1M shoppers payment-card info stolen in Schnucks 79 grocery store POS attack The credit card and debit card information of 2.4 million Schnucks customers may have been compromised between December of last year and March 2013. Schnucks says just the card numbers and expiration dates were stolen, not the cardholder’s name, address or anything else. The company released a statement and also sent news outlets a timeline showing what happened and when. The company says it was told of an issue on March 15, formed a response team on March 19, contacted police on the 20, and began to identify the problem on the 28th, but didn’t communicate any concern to customers until March 30.  (Source (Source

Penney's in scrambling and draws $850M of its $1.85B revolving credit line while private equity firms circle above looking for a fire sale  Ullman, CEO, is trying to calm vendors and draws $850M to shore up its shaky finances. While the buyout giants, like KKR, have been in contact with Penney about a possible deal. But the board appears to be reluctant to sell an equity stake because the price would be at fire sale levels and they'd like to give Ullman a chance to turn the tide quickly and start bringing customers back. Their largest shareholder, Bill Ackman said at a New York luncheon that Ron Johnson, their former CEO released a week ago, was booted partly because the former Apple exec didn't spend enough time at the retailers headquarters in Plano, Texas. So much for long distance commuting. (Source (Source

With same day delivery rapidly taking hold both online and offline what does your army of third-party couriers look like and what's your risk factors?  One third-party provider is using the popular new technique called "crowd sourcing" to staff its driver workforce. Which means others will do the same thing. However at the core of Deliv's service is its heavily vetted crowdsourced driver workforce, which isn’t made up of pros but rather everyday folks. “These are not professional drivers. Most of them are college-educated with sales customer-service experience,” Deliv CEO Daphne Carmeli told me. Deliv’s extensive filtering process. Between background checks, a tough certification process, audits, and a ratings system, Deliv is doing a lot to ensure that its drivers are professional ones. “It’s a very white glove experience,” Carmeli said. What does your service do? A new frontier for LP to explore. (Source

E-Verify to expand and become mandatory when new immigration bill passes
The legislation, to be released within days and requires all employers to electronically verify all of their workers legal status. Which would be an expansion of an existing system called E-Verify that's currently voluntary for most employers, though it's mandatory in some states. (Source

Coach's "Operation Turnlock", their anticounterfeiting campaign, wins $8M award against customs brokerage firm  Coach proved in court that the brokerage firm that managed shipments between the importers and customs knowingly and willfully participated in a scheme to traffic counterfeit Coach goods. Coach’s victory is an important one, because as Nancy Axilrod, vice president and deputy general counsel for the accessories firm puts it, “lawsuits against customs brokers are almost nonexistent.” And Coach’s willingness to fight what some would call an impossible battle is just as symbolic. The middle man so to speak got caught. (Source

23% of employees admit to having accessed or taken confidential data from their workplace with 10% saying they do it regularly  The most accessed confidential data related to details of colleague salaries (38 percent) and details of colleague bonus schemes (23 percent). 94 percent of those who had accessed confidential information or stolen company data had never been caught. There is a clear gap between businesses’ internal security procedures and the harsh reality of employee behavior,” said Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director for international markets at LogRhythm, the company who conducted the survey. (Source

Albuquerque Journal post editorial urging state government to "take retail theft seriously and consider lowering felony limit" and take past theft arrests into account in sentencing  The felony limit is now $500 and The New Mexico Retail Association has tried unsuccessfully several times to have that threshold lowered. Increasingly, retail crime is an organized effort by bands of thieves who do it to make money, not use the stolen items. And, as Journal business writer Jessica Dyer reported in last week’s Business Outlook, they’re not targeting cheap stuff. They often steal iPads, phones and digital cameras — small but pricey items that can easily be turned into cash at flea markets or sold on the Internet. Even the press is starting to support the efforts. (Source

Arrest made in southern Idaho bomb threats last week that hit numerous retailers  Police say a 16 yr. old boy and a teenage male in Australia worked together via online chats to make the threats. Police say the Meridian teen provided phone numbers to the Australian teen who made the calls over the phone and through a computer network. They made more than a dozen bomb threats to high schools and retail stores across southern Idaho has been taken into custody. (Source

Over 100,000 counterfeit goods were seized in Chicago in 2012; estimated retail value of over $5 Million.  The city of Chicago is putting out the warning that they will not be a market for counterfeit goods like NYC and Los Angeles. Last year 12 vanloads of counterfeit Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Burberry goods were seized at a flee market in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Not all goods are trafficked through seedy back-channels; Luxury Garage Sale is seeing counterfeit Christian Louboutin shoes purchased from reputable stores that have been scammed. (Source

Rooftop burglary crew who stole millions cutting holes in bank rooftops in Southern California - busted  Their tools of choice were a powered cutting saw, hand-held radios and ladders. They walked away with millions of dollars in recent years by simply cutting through the rooftops of San Gabriel Valley banks under cover of darkness. They made holes in the roofs to access the money and slipped away with bags of cash unnoticed before dawn. For more than a year, sheriff's detectives searched for clues to identify the bandits and gathered DNA at the crime scenes. The evidence led detectives to arrest five Inland Empire men as suspects in the unique heists, Sheriff Lee Baca said. “It is one of the most elaborate crimes we have seen,” Baca said Wednesday. “This is something out of a movie script.” (Source

Fire at Men's Wearhouse clothing store in Keizer, Oregon causes $2M in damage.  Access issues prolonged firefighters' progress into the Men's Wearhouse store where a blaze ignited in a back room overnight. The initial alarm that sounded was a burglary alarm, which automatically triggered a police response. When Keizer officers arrived, they discovered a broken window, believed to be fire-related. When Fire crews arrived they attempted to enter through an outside door on the side of the building which turned out to be unusable, and completely welded shut. Once they got past the sealed door, firefighters then encountered temporary walls that covered the door from the inside, which they also had to cut through. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. (Source

Student charged in Va. mall shootings; 2 wounded.
An 18-year-old college student was charged Friday with shooting and wounding two women at a mall branch of a southwest Virginia community college before he was subdued, the city's police chief said. Neil Allan MacInnis, of Christiansburg, faces two counts each of malicious wounding and using a firearm in the commission of a felony stemming from the shooting at the satellite campus of New River Community College at New River Valley Mall. (Source

New Hampshire Man Steals and Swallows Engagement Ring.  Police say the X-rays don't lie: A man who tried to flee from a New Hampshire jewelry store with a diamond ring worth $3,200 swallowed it. Employees at Bellman's Jewelers in Manchester say Ronald Perley came in Thursday and was looking for an engagement ring. Police say the 52-year-old Perley picked up a ring and ran toward the door. Workers confronted him, saying they saw Perley put his hand to his mouth and swallow. He denied swallowing the ring. Police got a search warrant and brought him to Elliot Hospital, where X-rays showed the 14-karat white-gold ring with princess-cut diamonds inside him. Perley was arraigned on charges of theft and falsifying physical evidence. His $50,000 bail includes the ring's recovery. (Source

Shots fired by fleeing shoplifter from a JC Penney store in Montgomery, Alabama. Three suspects were approached by Loss Prevention in connection to shoplifting Friday afternoon, as the three fled into the parking lot, one suspect discharged a weapon into the ground. All three suspects were apprehended, no one was injured. (Source

Police in Smyrna, Tennessee are searching for Kmart robbery suspects.  Smyrna Police have asked for the public's help in locating two suspects wanted for an attempted robbery of the K-Mart. On April 5, Richard Jason Hartman and a juvenile female entered the store, placed several electric razors in a bag and attempted to leave the store without paying for the merchandise. When confronted by loss prevention Hartman assaulted the loss prevention officer, dropped the merchandise and both he and the female ran out of the store. Warrants have been obtained for Hartman’s arrest. (Source

Two shoplifters pepper spray a JC Penney agent in Dublin, California, run across the parking lot to lock themselves in a Safeway employee restroom.  Even after being pepper-sprayed, the agent never gave up the chase. The two shoplifters who were being stopped for concealing $120 in merchandise fled through the parking lot and ended up locking themselves in an employee restroom inside the Safeway store. The 18 and 21 year old suspects were arrested on charges of felony robbery. (Source

Three Armed Robbers Hit a high end Santa Monica Jewelry Store.  Sunday three armed robbers hit a jewelry store in Santa Monica and police are on the hunt for the last suspect. Three men walked into the Tala Jewelry, held up the store staff, used sledge hammers to get into display cases and then fled in a car. Police pursued the car and one suspect was taken into custody. Another was found hiding. Santa Monica Police are searching for the third suspect. (Source

Hamilton, Ohio clothing store owner shoots and kills robber.  
An armed robber entered the Urban Ware store in the small town of Hamilton, Ohio.  He demanded the cash from the register and the cashier complied. The store manager, who was in the backroom of the store, heard the commotion and came out with his gun. Shots were exchanged between the two; the robber was hit and killed. (Source

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Home Depot customer saws both arms down to the bone on the sales floor
Yesterday in a suburban Los Angeles store a male customer grabbed several saws and started cutting his arms down to the bone in front of customers. Passed out and near dead, in a pool of blood, paramedics used rope from the shelves to create makeshift tourniquets that saved his life. While the whole store was in chaos with blood all over the store. (Source


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Florida State Attorney General focuses on examples of ORC crimes: costing Florida $35 Million in sales tax revenue.  Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi is backed by both State Sen. Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) and Rep. Ross Spano (R-Riverview) in passing a new ORC bill which will mean that suspects found guilty of retail thefts totaling more than $50,000 would face stiffer sentences. Recent ORC cases at Nordstrom and Publix are used as examples of the impact small ORC rings can have on retails. (Source


Law Enforcement Retailer Alliance of NE (LERANE)
Organized Retail Theft Bulletin

Rochester, NH Police Department Launches Website to Share Shoplifting Information  A website launched this week allows retailers large and small to share information on shoplifting suspects and trends in retail theft, including organized theft and not paying for merchandise or bills.  The site,, is coordinated through the Police Department and is available to Rochester retailers at no charge. The goal of the website is to increase the number of shoplifting arrests, and to ultimately reduce the number of shoplifting offenses in the city, said Police Officer Tracy Hayes.  Through the sharing of information, retailers will be able to identify and be aware of suspects who have shoplifted in other local stores. In addition, the website will let retailers know about any trends in retail theft, in and around Rochester, to which local stores could fall victim.
Within the short term, Hayes expects to see higher closure rates for shoplifting incidents as a result of the website. Over the year 2012, the number of shoplifting incidents reported to police have increased by about 34 percent.

Retailers wishing to join the website are encouraged to contact Hayes at or call 603-330-7111

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Vendor Spotlight

Bass Security Names Paul Fisher
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

CLEVELAND, OH (April 2013) -- Bass Security Services, Inc., a leading provider of security systems, commercial doors, frames and architectural hardware, has announced the appointment of Paul R. Fisher as vice president of sales and marketing. The announcement was made by Dale Bass, president and CEO.

In this role, Fisher will be responsible for optimizing the day-to-day operations of the company's sales and marketing departments. Specific job functions include: strategic planning, identification of market growth opportunities, employee training, customer service, expansion of brand awareness, and management of pricing strategies.

"Paul is an ideal fit for our organization because of his 20+ years of experience in operations management, sales, business development and marketing," said Bass. "He has a strong track record for performance in the field and helping to grow market share in related industries, and we look forward to having him as a driving force within our organization."

“The Bass Security brand is known for excellent customer service and is well positioned in the retail market, delivering innovative solutions to our loss prevention, facilities and construction partners,” said Fisher. “The environment here is unmatched in the industry, as I see the company’s core values of accountability, continuous improvement and teamwork deeply rooted in every employee.”

Prior to joining Bass Security, Fisher spent the last 16 years with Diebold, Inc. in a variety of roles. Most recently, he served as the Sales Director for the northern region of Diebold's Electronic Security business. He also served in a sales management capacity with Diebold's Integrated Services, Global Outsourcing and ATM Channel Management Operations.

Fisher has an Executive MBA, a BS in industrial technology and an associate's degree in electrical/electronic engineering -- all from Kent State University. Professionally, he is also a Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) and is a member of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.

Eileen Petridis
Falls Communications
(216) 696-0229



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Head of Safety & Loss Confidential London Linkedin
Director FLD LP CVS Caremark California CVS Caremark
Senior Director, LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
West LP Director Gap San Francisco, CA Gap Inc.
Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone Express New York, NY Express
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express
Director of Safety Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
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Group AP Team Leader Target Burnaby, BC, Canada Workopolis
Retail LP Manager The Bon Ton Stores Lancaster, PA The Bon Ton Stores
LP Supervisor Bon-Ton Wyomissing, PA The Bon Ton Stores
Investigations Center Ops Lead Target Brooklyn Park, MN Target
Corp Security Mgr The Brick Group Edmonton, AB, Canada Workopolis
Sr Investigator ORC TJX Companies Fort Lauderdale, FL TJX Companies
Area AP Mgr Best Buy Jacksonville, FL Best Buy
Sr Ops Business Analyst Home Depot Atlanta, GA Home Depot
Tech Business Partner, AP Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Dir, Security Risk Info & Analysis Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Exec Team Leader AP Target San Angelo, TX Target
Regional LP Mgr rue21 Warrendale, PA rue21
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Yuba City, CA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Paduch, KY Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Ashland, KY Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Highland, CA Lowe's
Asset Protection Mgr Saks Fifth Ave Raleigh, NC Saks Fifth Ave
DC Mgr AP Mgr Home Depot Hagerstown, MD Home Depot
Regional LP Mgr Dollar General Detroit, MI Dollar General

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Brian Smitherman was named District Loss Prevention Manager for T.J. Maxx.
Karen Kanno was promoted to Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Abercrombie and Fitch.
Joel Gurley was promoted to Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Abercrombie and Fitch.

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5 Ways to Use Facebook to Get a Job
We all use the social media king, Facebook. We all post pictures of our animals, rant about politics and the goings-on in the world, but did you know Facebook can be the best way for you to find or change a job? Follow these five steps to help you land your next job! (Be Professional)

How Spring Cleaning Can Inspire a Career Move  Spring is here, and while you clean out the closets, and reorganize the wardrobes, don't forget to clean your career! By going through old boxes and taking the time to appreciate these long-forgotten treasures, you can gain a better understanding of skills that are worth exploring in your work. (What does your closet say about you?)

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12 Signs of Cowardly Leadership  Everyone thinks that they have what it takes to be a real leader, but being a leader is much more than taking a stand or being a hero.  Real courage is a way of being, an outlook that has to be represented daily.  Don't fall under these 12 signs. Become the kind of leader who takes action, earns trust, and builds relationships. (If I only had the nerve)

Change Your Life in 30 Minutes  Everyone has busy, hectic schedules so how do you find the time to de-stress and take care of yourself? This executive started jogging every day, for a half an hour, and watched her career take off. Find what works for you and get rid of stress in your life. (Run Forrest, Run)

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