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Charlie Miller was promoted to Senior Vice President of Asset Management for J. Crew. In this new position he will be responsible for Loss Prevention, Facilities, Office Services, Purchasing, Construction and Travel. Charlie joined J. Crew in 2004 as their VP Store Operations & Loss Prevention and over the years has had a number of various responsibilities throughout the organization.  Charlie spent over 20 years with Gap Inc on the Loss Prevention Team and helped build it to being one of the best Loss Prevention Teams in America. Congratulations Charlie!

Retailer's adding value well beyond the four walls of their stores - as surveillance video use skyrockets since 9/11 attacks & the impact on Boston's investigation.  As investigators in Boston zero in on retail surveillance cameras near the site of Monday’s bombing, law enforcement experts say the analysis of video from private surveillance systems has become a “routine” part of criminal investigations, even for things as commonplace as car crashes and shoplifting. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, making video surveillance a $3.2 billion market in the U.S. by the end of 2007, according to the Security Industry Association. IMS Research, a market research firm, estimated that more than 1.1 million security cameras were sold globally through retail channels in 2010. (Source

Growing confidence of apprehension soon in bombing suspect - using facial recognition & Lord and Taylor's video  They've got a clear picture of at least one potential suspect and the FBI's Operational Technology Division is sorting the hundreds of videos and pictures. Officials told ABC News Wednesday they found a potential suspect using surveillance footage from a Lord & Taylor along the parade route. They are also seeking a person of interest seen in the surveillance video. The special FBI team is likely using facial recognition software to try and match any suspicious individuals to information the government may have on file. (Source

Boston's continued impact - Security tightened for NYC's two marathons this weekend - and every retailers CCTV systems will be in action - Are you prepared at your stores in NYC?  Participants in this weekend's four-mile City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks will be greeted for the first time in the event's 34-year history by bomb-sniffing dogs, clear plastic bags for belongings and a greater number of police officers and other security personnel than ever before. On Tuesday, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the department would be "re-evaluating" the two running events taking place this weekend—the second one is the September 11 Memorial 5K Run/Walk. Have you reviewed your store's security program for this weekend in NYC? If they haven't caught those involved or if we regretfully have some copy-cats out there this could be another tragic event. (Source

Wrongful death claims kept open in Colo. theater shootings - landowner must guard against dangerous conditions  A federal judge on Wednesday declined to dismiss wrongful death and liability claims filed against the company that owns the Colorado movie theater where 12 people were shot to death last summer. Cinemark USA filed a motion in federal court in February arguing the lawsuits did not show the company was liable under the Colorado Premises Liability Act, which covers slip-and-fall lawsuits and other claims against landowners. But Judge R. Brooke Johnson ruled the claims filed under the act could move forward. "The landowner must guard against dangerous conditions on their property, and in this case the shooter is not the dangerous condition," said Habas, a former Denver judge. "The dangerous condition is an unlocked and unmonitored exit door. (Source Associated Press)

Women's Security Council hosted 2nd annual Women of the Year Awards last week at the ISC Show in Las Vegas  The program recognizes top female professionals and their contributions to the security industry. More than 100 people attended the program, which was hosted at Pinot Brassiere. The Women's Security Council is an organization dedicated to providing professional development, mentoring and networking opportunities for women employed in the physical security market. A few of these executives are very involved in the retail industry, with Pam Petrow, from Vector, Bodli Sonesson, from Axis, and Renae Leary, from Tyco. Congratulations to all of them for being recognized and for being just great leaders. (Source 
The awardees include:
     •  Mary Jo Cornell, president and CEO, Linstar
     •  Pamela Petrow, president and CEO, Vector Security
     •  Donna Kobzaruk, vice president of global security and investigations, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
     •  Bodil Sonesson, vice president of global sales, Axis Communications
     •  Karen Evans, President and CEO, Sielox
     •  Martha Entwistle, trade publication editor
     •  Volunteer of the Year: Renae Leary, Senior Director of Global Accounts, Tyco

Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, Best Buy, and Others Adopt Cloud Mobile Payments
Their mobile payments provider MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) has signed a deal with Gemalto to provide a cloud-based electronic payment system and support mobile-wallet apps that run on consumers' mobile devices. Once it is fully deployed the wallet will be accepted at all MCX members, which collectively operate more than 75,000 stores. MCX said consumers will have access to a "personalized payment experience integrated with merchant offers, promotions, loyalty and location-based services". A whole new world for LP. (Source

Ruling reversed on Penney's selling any Martha Stewart merchandise - $100M in inventory frozen  The Judge will be ruling today if Penney's can sell any of the merchandise another judge approved. (Source bizjournals)

Gap set to franchise Old Navy - its biggest brand, internationally next year
Chief executive Glenn Murphy: "Over the next five years, key to our continued success will be pushing the envelope further to make shopping seamless to customers through our digital strategy, while seizing the opportunity for Old Navy in many untapped international markets." To boost its online business, Gap will be expanding its "multi-channel" strategy by doing things like shipping clothes ordered online directly from its stores and allowing customers to reserve clothes in store for pickup. Another retailer joining the new movement of using the stores as distribution points for their online sales. (Source

Lenox Jewelers team kidnapped and robbed of $4M to $5M, largest heist in Fairfield, Conn. history  Four employees were kidnapped at an apartment and two of them were taken back to the store where a suspect emptied the safe, leaving the display cases alone, while the other suspect stayed at the apartment with the other two employees. After, the theft both suspects escaped. (Source

Two indicted for stealing tractor-trailer filled with $75,000 of electronics from lot PA. State Police were staking out  Talk about bad luck. The two suspects stole a tractor-trailer at midnight on Feb. 27th from a lot State Police had staked out and about two hours later they were busted in Readington, PA. (Source

Female counterfeiter gives kickbacks to cashiers taking her fake $100's at Wal-Mart  Secret Service agents said one woman is accused of passing off counterfeit cash at different central Florida Walmart locations and even giving kickbacks to cashiers she recruited in the Orlando area. Using fake $100's to buy cheap merchandise she recruited cashiers to help her pull off the crimes. The cashier they apprehended admitted to $3,500 in bogus bills. (Source

Orem, UT music store employee busted selling instruments on eBay for more than $25,000  Orem police say an employee of a music store has been arrested in connection with the theft of 31 instruments valued at more than $25,000 and selling them on eBay. Police were able to view one instrument she had listed and identified it as being the property of her employer, Summerhays Music. (Source

The UK takes hard stance on internal theft - 3 Morrison's warehouse employees sent to prison for stealing $156,000 in merchandise  The assistant night mgr. got 3 yrs & 4 months, and his two co-workers each received 2 years in prison. (Source

Not about LP but with almost 10 million views you've got to see Kmart's new "Ship My Pants" YouTube pun-heavy spot - it's going viral.  It's a first and it's from Kmart. WOW like the article actually said, "holy crap", and it's coming to TV soon. A must see if you want to laugh. (Source

Kentucky enacts tougher penalties on Cargo Theft.  Under the new law, maximum penalties for people convicted of truck theft jump from the current five years in prison to up to 20 years. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear worked with UPS, Louisville’s largest employer to push for enactment of House Bill 161.  (Source


Veterans Thrift store employee injured in Atlanta: box containing commercial grade fireworks ignited by static electricity.  Police believe a package containing toys, clothes and fireworks had been sitting in a thrift store for about two months before it ignited Tuesday afternoon. Officials say a man working in the store was burned on his hands and arms and was hospitalized with minor injuries. Campos says the contents of the box were set to be donated. (Source

Macy’s Jewelry Department robbed in Concord, California, report of a shot fired. Police are currently searching for three men who robbed the Jewelry department at Macy's at the Sunvalley Mall late Wednesday. Police were called around 9:05 p.m. to the department store for reports of shots fired. Three men, whose descriptions were not immediately available, walked in with jackets and hoods over their heads and went to the jewelry counter. One of the men jumped over the counter and broke open jewelry cases and the three then stole several pieces of jewelry. The total amount of jewelry stolen and its value is currently unknown. (Source

Boulder Police SWAT training exercise called off by Dillard's at the Twin Peak Mall. Dillard’s objected to the training of area SWAT officers at the Twin Peak Mall scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. Officers from SWAT , Bomb Squad and Negotiators were scheduled to begin the training, but were notified Tuesday of Dillard’s objections. NewMark Merrill, the mall's property management company said the training had been scheduled for weeks and was going to use an unoccupied space in the mall. (Source

Suspects saw through a wall to steal the safe from a Sears Hometown Store in Macon, Georgia.  The store has only been opened for a few months, but it seems that was long enough for the suspects to know the exact layout of the store. Three suspects are being sought for cutting through a wall of a vacant store that adjoined the Sear’s Hometown Store. Security camera footage showed three men dressed in black with their faces covered entering the office through the wall. (Source

Suspect arrested minutes after Dollar General robbery in Shreveport; positive identification made easy with tattoo.  When you tattoo the #59 between your eyes, people are probably going to notice. When the man was arrested following his robbing of a Dollar General, it was pretty easy to make that positive id. No one was injured in the incident. (Source

Baby formula theft turns into a robbery as a suspect struck an employee with a truck in Amarillo.  The female suspect suspected of stealing baby formula was stopped by a store employee outside a local market. The female’s accomplice struck the employee with his truck and the couple escaped. Later, Police arrested the couple in Amarillo. According to police the injured employee was treated for minor injuries and remained at work. (Source

Kansas City police are investigating a smash-and-grab at a pharmacy early Thursday morning.  Thieves rammed a stolen mini-van into the side of a pharmacy on the city’s old northeast side early this morning, getting away with undisclosed items. Spalitto’s pharmacy is a third generation business now run by Pete Spalitto. (Source




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Kirk Luke, former Director of Security and LP for Circle K, passed away last weekend. He worked at Circle K for about 15 years, previously with Kinkos and Broadway. Kirk is survived by wife Traci and son Jared in Temecula, CA. He was only 52 years old.

The funeral service will be this Friday April 19th at 10:00 am. at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Temecula, Ca. The address is 43940 Pacific Sunset Dr. Temecula, Ca 92592. The service is open to anyone who would like to attend.




Two member ORC gang hitting Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Meijer, and Glen's Market in Emmet CO. for over a year finally busted  Colleen White, 23, and George White, 42, of Alanson were arrested last week of felony charges of retail fraud and had been hitting the store for over a year. Sheriff Wallin said a new retail law went into effect on April 1 making organized retail fraud a 5 year felony. These types of complaints have certainly increased lately, but hopefully with the new retail laws, that went into effect April 1st about ORC, will stop some of this activity," said Sheriff Wallin. Wallin added that the Whites are also suspected of pulling similar scams at Glen’s Market, Meijer and the Dollar General Store in Alanson. (Source (Source

ORC? Maybe a tip of an iceberg? Three busted hitting Wal-Mart in Richland, PA. stealing merchandise & trying to obtain gift cards The event took place on March 30th and to have continued the investigation might be indicative of a larger problem existing. Three people were charged with retail theft Friday following an investigation into a theft at Walmart on March 30. Charged were Pamela J. George, 31, and Justin T. Burnett, 29, both of East Greenville, and Jason J. Zednik, 33, of Center Valley. (Source

Identity theft -Counterfeit check couple spent thousands busted hitting multiple retailers in Bossier City, LA.  After a two month investigation a Louisiana couple were busted using counterfeit checks they had created at multiple retailers. Both were arrested on warrant charges of racketeering and three counts of identity theft. (Source

Five arrested in connection to the multimillion Swiss Store robbery in Jamaica, now focused on similar robbery in the Cayman Islands.  Law-enforcement agents probing last week's heist of Rolex watches from Swiss Stores in downtown Kingston have now turned their eyes to the Cayman Islands, where a similar robbery took place and some of the expensive watches transported to Jamaica. Police investigators believe that the suspects behind the theft of the watches in Jamaica are members of a highly organized group. At least 24 watches were reported stolen in Cayman, a number of which ended up in Jamaica, and the police here are working with their counterparts in Cayman to dismantle the group and end the transnational crime.  (Source

Multi-Agency Investigation Brings Down Retail Theft Ring Totaling Nearly $100,000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Law enforcement officers with multiple agencies arrested eight people for their involvement in an organized retail theft ring totaling nearly $100,000. According to the multi-agency investigation, the ring targeted Walgreens Pharmacies, CVS Pharmacies, Publix Supermarkets, and Winn Dixie Supermarkets, stealing and then reselling over-the-counter medicines and high value health and beauty products. Items stolen by the theft ring included Abreva, Advil, Aleve, Align, Allegra, Claritin, Motrin, Mucinex, Oil of Olay, Pepcid, Prevacid, Prilosec, Releev, Rogaine, Senokot, Tylenol, Zantac, Zegerid, and Zyrtec.

“Organized retail theft is a $30 billion industry nationally, and it costs both businesses and consumers,” stated Attorney General Pam Bondi. “Thanks to the hard work of each agency involved in this investigation, the eight people involved in this ring will now be prosecuted by my Office of Statewide Prosecution and brought to justice.”

The investigation began in April 2012 after retailers noticed an increase in theft of over-the-counter medicines and other high value health and beauty products. Walgreens Organized Retail Crimes Investigations, CVS Organized Retail Crimes Investigations and Publix Organized retail Crimes Investigations provided substantial resources and assistance to investigators.

“This complex investigation required coordination between state and local law enforcement, along with corporate security, to bring this ring down,” said Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey. “I am proud of the dedication of investigators and analysts who aggressively pursued this case.”

A joint investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tampa and Miami Regional Operations Centers, Homeland Security Investigations, Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Aventura Police Department, Lauderhill Police Department, Sweetwater Police Department and Doral Police Department led to the arrest of the eight suspects who are all charged with organized retail theft.

The following suspects have been arrested:

Adriana Amanollahi, 43, dealing in stolen property (2 counts), conspiracy to deal in stolen property (1 count)

Jose Antonio Alvarez, 51, dealing in stolen property (2 counts), conspiracy to deal in stolen property (1 count), retail theft; more than one location in 48 hour period (2 counts), conspiracy to commit retail theft (2 counts), grand theft, over $300 but less than $5000 (1 count), conspiracy to commit grand theft (1 count)

Karen Ann Ramirez-Torres, 50, retail theft; more than one location in 48 hour period (1 count), conspiracy to commit retail theft (1 count)

Triana Edna Cockran, 23, retail theft; more than one location in 48 hour period (1 count), conspiracy to commit retail theft (1 count)

Judith Ann Wimbley, 50, grand theft, over $300 but less than $5000 (1 count), conspiracy to commit grand theft (1 count)

James Henry Chick, Jr., 27, retail theft; more than one location in 48 hour period (1 count)

Kimberly Nicole Chick, 24, retail theft; more than one location in 48 hour period (1 count)

Gary Wayne Sheerer, Jr., 31, retail theft; more than one location in 48 hour period (1 count)

Attorney General Bondi’s Office of Statewide Prosecution will prosecute the case. This legislative session, Attorney General Bondi is working with the Florida Legislature on a bill that would strengthen law enforcement’s and prosecutors’ ability to charge and prosecute cases of organized retail theft. Read more about the bill here.

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Vendor Spotlight

Axonify Springs into 2013 with Striking Momentum

Pilot Projects with World-Class Leaders Accompanied by Industry Wide Recognition
Generate Strong Momentum for the Next Generation eLearning Provider

WATERLOO, ON – April 16, 2013 - Axonify Inc. today announced substantial momentum heading into the year. After striking several high profile pilot projects with a number of world-class brands, the next generation eLearning solution provider added yet another notable industry recognition.

“The signing of pilot projects with leading brands such as Bayer CropScience, Bloomingdale’s, Capital BlueCross, Syngenta and Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company signifies not only the impact but also the variety of applications for our solution.” said Carol Leaman, President & CEO of Axonify. “Our platform provides a learning experience that is personalized, fun and rewarding for employees, and maximizes corporate investment in training, driving bottom line results and changing company culture.”

As leaders in their respective industries, each organization will be assessing the degree to which Axonify increases the retention and application of employee learning through the continuous delivery of personalized, bite-sized content.

In addition, Axonify has taken the corporate eLearning industry by storm, winning multiple awards for its unique platform, including the Impact99 HR Trailblazers Award, Fortune Magazine’s Startup Idol, Bersin By Deloitte’s WhatWorks® Delivering Innovation Award and most recently qualifying as a finalist in EdTech Digest’s Cool Tool Awards. Combining gamification with brain science, the platform is distinct in its ability to drive knowledge retention while combining:

Personalization: No other eLearning solution offers truly individualized training allowing each employee to follow his or her own path. Questions and content are automatically tailored to each individual, based on their role, learning style and knowledge. Axonify continually analyzes what every employee does and doesn’t remember, identifying and filling knowledge gaps. Questions are repeated in different ways until a high level of retention is achieved.

Fun & Rewards: Axonify uses game mechanics to deliver questions in interesting, fun and engaging ways. Our learning games not only increase participation, but also accelerate employee learning and initiative.

Measurability: Axonify is the only solution that is able to tie training success to specific financial outcomes. With deep analytics, we are able to correlate participation levels and question success by person, location, job title and other criteria. Results can also be tied to other key metrics, such as safety incidents, shrink and revenue.

Flexibility: With Axonify it is easy for organizations to update and manage content, allowing them to quickly respond and target immediate and evolving learning needs. The platform can also accommodate location or role specific content.

“With the launch of these pilots and growing industry recognition, we are well on our way to revolutionizing the way organizations think about and deliver corporate learning to their employees.” added Leaman.

For more information, please contact:

Laura Martin
Vice-President, Marketing, Axonify Inc.
+1 519 585-1200 ext. 203



Axonify. Read how Pep Boys reduced their shrink by 55% by overhauling their LP awareness program. Download.

Thought Challenge

Knowledge is Power – Data Knowledge Drives Success!

By Shelley Grant
LP Applications Manager
CVS Caremark

How confident are you presenting your company’s core metrics to Sr. Management? Do you know the applications and the data processes necessary to produce your most valued reports such as case productivity and store shrink? Or are you simply reporting counts, dollars and percentages with blind faith that they are accurate?

As technology continues to change and companies continue to evolve, many managers are realizing their reports and data collection methods have not evolved. Reports have been ‘band-aided’ and are not based off a single application, a single data feed or even a single process any longer. There are now several steps required to produce our critical reports and these steps include both manual and automated processes. Often the data is not analyzed until the final presentation with Sr. Management because the process to pull the data and create the report is so lengthy and convoluted. All too often we are creating reports because we’ve always created the report.

Take a moment to consider how many systems and applications your company uses. Now think about the vast amount of data these applications produce, all in different formats. Finally, picture your analyst obtaining hundreds of data feeds and manually manipulating the data to produce a high-level, visual representation of 1 data category or metric. Did your confidence in your Shrink Report just decline? Wondering if your Case Productivity is really doing that well? These are questions you should be asking yourself if you don’t know your data.

We know the more feeds, manipulations, and data formats the less accurate and consistent the data results. These processes should be consistently reviewed for accuracy, relevance and simplification. Without knowing and understanding your data sources, you don’t accurately know your results. Meaning - you do not have the ability to accurately answer questions or to provide valuable recommendations; you merely are stating numbers.

Take a moment to talk with your analyst and your IT manager about your data structure. Have them walk you through the data points needed to create the reports and get their opinion on the overall process. Finally, ensure there are periodic reviews of data flow process established throughout the year. My guess is one of the reviews will highlight an opportunity to streamline the process, improve a report and ultimately enhance your career path.

If you want to become a powerful, confident leader capable of making an impact, the key to success is data knowledge!

Submit your Thought Challenge today!

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Dir, Security Risk Info & Analysis Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Head of Safety & Loss Confidential London Linkedin
Director FLD LP CVS Caremark California CVS Caremark
Senior Director, LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
West LP Director Gap San Francisco, CA Gap Inc.
Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone Express New York, NY Express
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express
Director of Safety Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
Corp Safety Manager Confidential Mid-Atlantic Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Central Midwest

Downing & Downing

National Acct Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing



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Exec Team Leader AP Target Houston, TX Target
Exec Team Leader AP Target Chicago, IL Target
AP Investigator Target CT/PA/Western MA/ NY Target
Regional Mgr, LP Petco Houston, TX Petco
LP Shrinkage Specialist Nordstrom Broomfield, CO Nordstrom
Regional LP Mgr CarMax Los Angeles, CA CarMax
Loss Prevention Mgr International Paper Orange, TX International Paper
Loss Prevention Mgr NAPA South Plainfield, NJ Genuine Parts Company
District LP Specialist Quality Food Centers Bellevue, WA Kroger
Group AP Team Leader Target Montreal, QC, Canada Target
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Savannah, GA Macy's
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Dover, DE Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Cape May, NJ Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Hilliard, OH Lowe's

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Charlie Miller was promoted to Senior Vice President of Asset Management for J. Crew.

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Why Clearly Communicating Purpose is The Most Important Leadership Skill  Make sure the people you lead clearly understand what you believe in and what your big goals are, then they will be able to maximize their potential. Define yourself and your company so that everyone is on the same page. (Nobody's a mind reader)

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