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RILA 2016 Wrap-Up in 8 Seconds?

By Amber Bradley, Calibration Group, LLC

Despite weather-related travel delays for many attendees, the Lone Star State hosted the 2016 Retail Industry Leaders Association's (RILA) Asset Protection conference this week in Dallas. Retail loss prevention and safety professionals converged for the annual networking and educational event, and they weren't disappointed. From the kickoff session on engraining Loss Prevention into the entire business, to a very telling closing session on Microexpressions, attendees left the conference more than satisfied.

The day-two keynote with Michael Tchong, Founder of Social Revolution LLC, taught us that peoples' attention span has decreased from a measly 12 seconds to 8 seconds in just the last few years. Michael even taught us the newest millennial email acronym that undoubtedly supports this attention-reducing fact: TLDR (Too Long, Didn't Read). In the interest of applying this new information, here is an attempt to recap this conference within the confines of an 8-second attention span:

#PartOfTheTeam: Dick's VP of LP David Lund delivered the 2016 opening keynote, "LP - Making it Matter," where he gave insight into how LP can successfully be fully engrained in all aspects of the business.

#PoliticalInsanity: With the White House race heating up, Amy Walter, National Editor, The Cook Political Report, shared the politics of policy, Washington's dysfunction, and the people and strategy behind the things happening today in Congress and the White House.

#TakeAcloserLookAtTheGuySittingNextToYou: FBI Profiler Joe Narvarro showed attendees how to identify the 4 most common "dangerous personalities."

#DeterringAnAttack: Michael Balboni of RedLand Strategies gave unprecedented insight into the current threat landscape, and shared ways retailers can mitigate these risks.

#CyberShareTHIS!: Wendy Nather of the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) and Steve Hunter of Walmart brought to light retail-specific threat intelligence updates that helped enrich attendees' detection and prevention strategies.

#OperatingOnTheExhibitFloor: Most entertaining booth award goes to Protos Security for the life-size Operation game.

#RetailersWorkingTogether: In a session entitled, "Organizing and Innovating at the Speed of Organized Retail Crime", Joe LaRocca, Founder & President of RetaiLPartners, moderated a panel of top ORC investigators as RILA's highly engaged attendees asked pertinent questions on this persistent retail plague.

Dr. David Matsumoto of Humintel helped attendees refine their skills in detecting truthfulness and deception, and debunked myths about deceitful cues.

#SeeYaNextYear: 2017 RILA comes to the big easy, New Orleans!

#WhyDidMillennialsStartCallingTheNumberSignAhashtag?: Hello? You still there?



ORC Panel: Dave Roberts (Lowe's), Joe LaRocca (RetaiLPartners), Nelson Harrah (Gap), Chance Bowlin (PetCo)


Protos Security had some fun at their booth with a life-size version of the game Operation.



Profitect Takes Top Prize at 2016 Retail AP Innovation Awards
​​​​In a ceremony at the Retail Asset Protection Conference in Dallas, Texas yesterday, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) honored Profitect as first place winner of the 2016 Retail AP Innovation Awards. The Awards recognize the most visionary and influential solution providers and serve as a showcase for exciting new technologies in major areas of asset protection.

First Place went to Profitect, which presented a prescriptive analytics solution that provides descriptive insights with actionable outputs to retailers and asset protection professionals. Second and third place were awarded to ClickIt Inc. and Prism Skylabs, respectively. The first, second, and third place winners were selected by a panel of top executives from a group 11 finalists, announced last week. Profitect was also the recipient of the Retailers' Choice Award, which was voted on by conference attendees throughout the week. rila.org

A Recipe for Effective Organizational Change
Identified three important insights on implementing large-scale organizational change that can help avoid some common and costly missteps: Get buy-in from the board: Your board must understand and endorse the vision you have for the future of the organization. Devise a strategic plan that can actually work: Before you challenge your organization to achieve new common goals, you need to create a plan that everyone in your organization can understand and follow as a "North Star." Develop a vision for the culture you want to create: We knew that without the proper investment, commitment and conviction, we couldn't transform NRF into the modern organization required to support a modern, dynamic retail industry.

Editor's Note:  Great story on how the NRF reorganized and reinvented themselves, which can be used in any organization, department, or even a smaller group in a single store. linkedin.com

One million UK workers to get terror response training
One million people who work in crowded places in the UK are to be trained over the next 12 months in how to deal with a possible terrorist attack. The plan, to be announced by the National Police Chiefs Council, will see staff pass on police terror training and advice to colleagues. The initiative will extend an existing scheme, which currently sees police train around 100,000 workers a year. Police said they need "everyone to play a part in keeping the public alert".

Det Ch Supt Scott Wilson, the national counter-terrorism co-ordinator, will announce an extension to Project Griffin to allow existing trainers at companies to pass on police training and advice to colleagues. Public limited companies based in busy city centres - as well as those in the entertainment, sports and retail sectors - will be targeted. "We need everyone to play a part in keeping the public alert, not alarmed," Det Ch Supt Wilson added.

Project Griffin was initially set up by the City of London and Metropolitan police forces in 2004 to advise and train managers and security officers of large organisations on how to deal with security and counter-terrorism issues - it has since been rolled out to other forces across the UK. bbc.com

PayPal Used Fraud Alert As Guise For Credit Phone Calls, Suit Alleges
PayPal Inc. lured a customer into confirming his phone number with an email about phony suspicious conduct on his account, then called him several times to offer credit services he didn't want, according to a proposed class action filed Monday in California federal court. PayPal user Scott Wiederhold accused the company of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act with its unwanted calls to his cellphone saying Wiederhold could lower his credit card rate, according to his suit. PayPal has left at least two prerecorded messages on his phone, he said.

The company had initially reached out to him with a purportedly urgent message about "resolving an issue" with his account, saying it would limit his activity until the problem was solved, according to Wiederhold. But after he went through all the steps, it turns out there was no trouble with his account at all, he said.

Wiederhold is seeking to represent a class of consumers who received unwanted, nonemergency text messages or phone calls from PayPal over the last four years, according to the suit. law360.com

Injured truck driver awarded $925,000 verdict from Dollar General -
load improperly packed
A Kentucky truck driver, injured while attempting to open a door on a trailer to unload Dollar General merchandise, has been awarded $925,000 in compensatory damages. Court officials said the judgment was one of the largest ever issued in Lauderdale County. Luttrell has been a truck driver for Warner Transportation, which hauls freight trailers for Dollar General, for more than seven years. Luttrell was injured when "totes" containing 50 pounds each, fell 11 feet out of the trailer on him when he opened the door. He said the trailers are packed with metal containers called rolltainers and some plastic totes are placed on top of them. The trailer was "improperly" packed by Dollar General employees at the company's distribution center in Scottsville, Kentucky, where Luttrell picked up the trailer. timesdaily.com

Green Dot relaunches MoneyPak service in stores,
following security improvements
Green Dot Corp. has relaunched MoneyPak, a service that allows consumers to reload prepaid cards with cash at retailers. The product started rolling out to Green Dot's network of retail locations this month, beginning with Rite Aid and Kroger stores, and will continue to roll out at additional retailers throughout the year. The company had temporarily suspended MoneyPak to improve the security of the service.

"Consumer demand for MoneyPak was always strong as it was one of our best selling products prior to its sales being suspended while we designed a new system for mitigating the potential for misuse of the product," Green Dot Chairman and Chief Executive Steve Streit said in a statement. "With that new system now in place, our goal is to fulfill the same consumer demand that fueled the product's original popularity, but in a way that's better controlled and monitored." bizjournals.com

Target says transgender people can use bathroom, fitting room that aligns with their identity
Target Corp. made it clear Tuesday that transgender people who visit its stores are welcome to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. The statement by the Minneapolis-based retailer comes amid debates in many state legislatures over restricting public restroom use to the sex listed on a person's birth certificate. Target's position also extends to its fitting rooms. startribune.com

Report: Bass Pro Shops preparing bid to buy Cabela's

Judge hears closing arguments in Staples/Office Depot merger case

Report: Aeropostale launching strategic review as struggles continue

Meijer CEO talks expansion plans in Midwest

Stop & Shop to convert inedible food into energy


Participate in the 2016 National Retail Security Survey


The National Retail Security Study serves as the industry benchmark for calculating inventory shrink. The University of Florida and the NRF have partnered together for over a decade to conduct this research. NRSS is an invaluable tool for the retail and vendor communities and law enforcement partners, as well as legislative efforts and media awareness campaigns.

Complete the survey by the deadline to be entered into a random drawing for one full retailer pass (valued at ~$1250) to the 2016 NRF Protect Conference and Expo in Philadelphia this June.

The deadline to participate is EOD Friday, April 22.  Take the NRSS here!

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Retailers now leading cyber-attack target, eclipsing financial sector
Don't Let EMV Fool You - The attacks are still here big time

Retailers now experience the most cyber attacks of any industry sector-three times as many as the previous top target, the financial industry-according to information and communications technology firm NTT Group's 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report.

With many attacks against retailers using spear phishing (i.e., email that appears to be from a known individual or business). Some 65% of attacks originated from U.S. IP addresses, up from 49% in 2013 and 56% in 2014, though hackers themselves could be operating anywhere in the world, the report states.

Among the most alarming findings in the NTT Group report: Many business vulnerabilities were sitting on corporate IT systems for years, just waiting to be exploited. Nearly 21% of vulnerabilities were more than three years old, more than 12% were over 5 years old, over 5% were more than 10 years old, and some date back as far as 16 years, the report found.

While the NTT data was largely collected before the U.S. switched to EMV chip-enabled cards and point-of-sale systems, the report covers cyber hacks worldwide, including markets where EMV use is commonplace. Regardless, savvy retailers and their IT departments already know (though it may be worth repeating) that the switch to EMV is an extremely limited solution given the realities of today's cybersecurity risk. retaildive.com

Visa: Some merchants see 18.3% dip in fraud thanks to chip cards
The new chip-enabled cards flowing into the U.S. marketplace have already made a dent in fraud, with some of the biggest merchants seeing a dip of more than 18% in counterfeit transactions, according to Visa.

Among the 25 merchants who were suffering the most instances of counterfeit fraud at the end of 2014, five that began processing credit and debit cards equipped with the new EMV technology saw those infractions fall 18.3% as of the final quarter of 2015, says Stephanie Ericksen, vice president of risk products at Visa. Meanwhile, five of those merchants who were not yet equipped to handle chip-enabled cards saw an increase in fraudulent transactions of 11.4%.

"We're seeing EMV is having a positive impact on counterfeit fraud,'' Ericksen says. "Merchants who implement chip, their counterfeit fraud is going down, while those still finalizing plans, their counterfeit fraud is going up.'' usatoday.com

Tennessee Has Enacted the Toughest Data Breach Law Yet
- First state to abolish 'encryption safe harbor'
If your company gets hit with a data breach, you only have to notify customers if the exposed data was unencrypted. But this rule, known as the "encryption safe harbor," is being abolished in Tennessee and other states may follow. Some data privacy lawyers say the new law puts an unfair burden on businesses.

On March 24, Tennessee's governor signed into law a revised version of the Tennessee Identity Theft Deterrence Act of 1999. Under the amended law, which goes into effect on July 1, notice of a data breach has to be given to affected individuals within 45 days, unless law enforcement needs more time to investigate. Notably, the statute requires notice within the required time even if the data was encrypted.

Once the amendments go into effect, Tennessee will have the strictest data breach notification in the country. Only a handful of states require notice within a defined period of time. And Tennessee will be the first state to abolish the encryption safe harbor. corpcounsel.com

Court Affirms Use of CGL Policies to Cover Cyber Breach Litigation Costs
A recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit affirmed the right of a company to use its commercial general liability coverage to pay for legal fees arising from class-action lawsuits following data breaches. Insurance companies have argued commercial general liability policies are not intended to cover actions caused by data breaches, instead wanting companies to buy cyberinsurance policies to cover such litigation costs, said Richard DeNatale, a partner in the insurance group at Jones Day. The court's decision "opens a whole new avenue of coverage for those victims of data breaches," he said. The ruling is important because CGL policies generally have no limit to how much a company can recoup in legal fees, while litigation costs count against the amount of coverage purchased under cyber policies, said Mr. DeNatale. wsj.com

Stolen laptop puts data of CVS customers in Alabama at risk
The personal information of an undisclosed number of CVS customers at a branch in Calera, Ala., is at risk after a laptop was stolen from one of its vendors, according to AL.com. The computer was password-protected, but the vendor - which has not been named - did not encrypt the patient data, which included patient names, addresses, telephone numbers, prescription names, numbers and dispensing dates. This failure is a violation of the vendor's obligations to CVS, according to a statement from CVS. No financial information was stored on the laptop and only customer details from the Calera location was on the laptop, which was stolen on March 16 and reported to the police. scmagazine.com

'Multigrain' variant of POS malware crops up; uses DNS tunneling to steal data
A variant of the NewPosThings POS malware family, dubbed Multigrain, has introduced a interesting wrinkle - exfiltrating stolen payment card data from POS systems via the Domain Name System (DNS), as opposed to via HTTP or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), FireEye explained in its threat research blog on Tuesday. scmagazine.com

Walmart looking for Director, Information Security - based in Bentonville corp. office

These CISOs explain why they got fired



Verisk Analytics Named a Best Employer by Forbes Magazine for 2016

JERSEY CITY, N.J. - Verisk Analytics, a leading data analytics provider, announced today its inclusion on the Forbes America's Best Employers 2016 list.

In 2015, Verisk was included on the Forbes World's Most Innovative Companies list. Verisk is one of only 15 out of 500 companies to appear on both lists.

Forbes chose the top 500 employers based on the results of an independent survey conducted among 30,000 American employees working at large companies and institutions (headcount of 5,000 or more). Employees were contacted anonymously online without the involvement of their employer. Respondents represented the U.S. workforce by gender, age, region, education, and ethnicity.

"Employees are in the best position to say which companies and organizations are offering the strongest opportunities," according to Forbes. "Working with online statistics provider Statista, we asked more than 30,000 U.S. workers employed by companies with more than 5,000 staff members to determine, on a scale of zero to 10, how likely they were to recommend their employer to someone else."

"We're honored to be recognized by Forbes for our commitment to our employees," said Scott Stephenson, president and chief executive officer of Verisk Analytics. "Acknowledgment as a 'best employer' is a testament to the Verisk team around the world. We remain focused on fulfilling our vision to be the world's most effective and responsible data analytics company in pursuit of our customers' most strategic opportunities."

Verisk Analytics is a leading data analytics provider serving customers in insurance, natural resources, healthcare, financial services, government, and risk management. Using advanced technologies to collect and analyze billions of records, Verisk Analytics draws on unique data assets and deep domain expertise to provide first-to-market innovations that are integrated into customer workflows. Verisk offers predictive analytics and decision support solutions to customers in rating, underwriting, claims, catastrophe and weather risk, global risk analytics, natural resources intelligence, economic forecasting, and many other fields.

Read more here.



Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

Driving Value Beyond
Loss Prevention

Paul Paglia, VP of LP & Retail Operations, DKNY

Learning how to drive value beyond your job description and becoming a full business partner is key to not only career development but also to surviving in today's retail environment. In joining DKNY in 2009, Paul Paglia obtained operational responsibilities in addition to his LP function. As VP of LP & Retail Operations, Paul shares how you can go from being viewed as "just the LP person" within your organization to eventually being looked at as "the solution person". Hear his step-by-step guide on how to make yourself indispensable.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #20

Karl Langhorst, Corp. Sr. Director, Loss Prevention, The Kroger Co., shares some insights on "Millennials" in this Quick Take with Joe and Amber. Learn what Kroger is doing to connect with and engage the mysterious Generation Y.

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

Besting the bad bots: how advanced persistent bots are attacking sites,
and what to do about them
Nearly half of all Web traffic (46%) now originates from bots, with 18% from bad bots. And despite an overall decrease in bad bots, advanced persistent bot (APB) activity is on the rise, according to our third annual Bad Bot Landscape Report, which identifies statistically significant data on global bot traffic. A majority of all bad bot traffic (88%) has one or more characteristics of an APB, the report finds, and 53% of bad bots are now able to load external resources such as JavaScript. That means these bots will end up falsely attributed as humans in Google analytics and other tools. In the area of ecommerce, it's not just a matter of price scraping anymore; new risks include account takeover and credit card fraud. information-age.com

'Faster Pay' Will Increase Fraud Risk, But There's Hope
Banks gearing up for this major change in the U.S., which goes into effect in September, can learn a lot from the U.K.'s "Faster Payments" system. Launched in 2008, Faster Payments propelled the U.K. to the forefront of payments technology globally and allowed banks to clear payments in hours instead of the three days previously required for BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Services) payments.

This new system, however, also attracted the attention of fraudsters who quickly saw an opportunity to steal and get away with money before they were detected. The years following the adoption of faster payments saw a surge in online banking fraud. Digital fraud quickly migrated from other types of fraud such as phone fraud and check fraud simply because fraudsters saw that they could cash out much faster, and at the same time, avoid being caught.

Here are 5 lessons we can learn from the U.K.'s faster payments migration:

Faster Payments = Faster (and larger) Fraud: When payments are faster, the time for cash out becomes faster for fraudsters, driving an increase in fraud.

Automation is Key: Technologies such as behavioral biometrics allow banks to authenticate the user based solely on the interaction data - without requiring the user to actively participate in the process.

Streamline the "recouping" process: The short timeframe that will come into play in September will not allow the current longwinded recouping process to remain effective. Banks must work together to streamline the current reporting and approval processes for recouping stolen funds.

Expect a jump in Remote Access (RAT) fraud: Remote Access attacks are currently the #1 fraud attack in the UK. Banks need to introduce innovative technologies to detect remote access attacks as well as other evolving threats.

Share data: The need for better fraud detection that comes with faster payments should result in additional bank consortium data sharing initiatives. paymentssource.com

Droids not drones are the future of e-commerce deliveries

eBay Enterprise merges to become Radial; DSW among first clients

CVS to offer curbside pick-up service at stores for digital purchases

Ralph Lauren brings e-commerce and fraud detection hub to Dublin - creates 10 new jobs



Rock Hill, SC: Best Buy Shoplifter said he was checking security flaws
A man was charged with shoplifting at a Rock Hill electronics store after he told police he was opening the merchandise cases to advise store management of security flaws. Craig Michael Kieffer, 37, was charged with shoplifting Friday after he was observed opening security cases at the Best Buy store. Police were called to the store around 9 p.m. Friday to a report of a man acting suspicious who was observed on the store security cameras. He was picking up items that were locked in the security cases and "messing with the items and walking back and forth," the report said. Officers confronted Kieffer, who told them he had a magnetic tool to open the cases but was "only opening them to advise management of a flaw in security." He told police that he did not work for a security company, but that he worked independently. At the request of police, Kieffer removed a device from his hoodie and showed officers "what looked to be a homemade magnetic theft device," the report said. Kieffer agreed to let officers search his vehicle and they found several new brand-name electronic devices in the truck of his car, including an Apple TV. Officers did not take the items, and they locked the vehicle back up. Kieffer was taken to the Rock Hill city jail for booking. heraldonline.com

UPDATE Aspen, CO: Judge OKs man's theft, fraud charges;
bounced a check for $196,000 for 8 Rolex Watches
Jared Mastroianni, 30, will face felony charges of both securities fraud and theft of between $100,000 and $1 million, according to the ruling made by District Judge Chris Seldin after a preliminary hearing Tuesday. Mastroianni also faces other felony counts of securities fraud, theft of between $20,000 and $100,000 and forgery related to the same cases. In January 2015, Mastroianni told the owner of Meridian Jewelers, 525 E. Cooper Ave., he wanted to buy eight Rolex watches for his "top employees," according to court documents. He ended up taking possession of five of the watches valued at $196,250 after writing a check that later bounced. In the securities fraud case, an Aspen-area couple gave Mastroianni $60,000 because they thought he was a financial adviser who worked for a company called "Strategic Point," according to court documents. The couple later became suspicious that Mastroianni wasn't who he said he was and discovered he had no affiliation to the company. aspentimes.com

Evans, GA: Two women were arrested in $5,000 theft from AT&T
Police were called to the AT&T store after a store clerk said he witnessed two females on surveillance video shoplifting a mini drone, phone cases and other items and placing them in bags before leaving. Deputies quickly tracked down the get-a-way car. The driver was identified as Antoinnette Norris and the passenger was identified as Lillian Dawkins. The search uncovered a mini drone still in the packaging sitting on the backseat along with three pairs of sunglasses in the center console and three pairs of sunglasses in the glove box. In addition, two black trashbags were found on the rear floorboards and contained numerous Otter Box phone cases, cellphone cords, a bluetooth speaker, jewelry, and clothing. About half of the merchandise still had prices still attached to them, totaling $5,368.14. augusta.com

Jonesboro, AR: Cell Phone thieves targeting Walmart
According to the Jonesboro police report, two men stole several cell phones. According to JPD, they cut the phones out of their boxes, separating them from the locking device that keeps it on the rack. A couple of minutes later, they were seen on video stuffing the empty boxes behind other shelved items in other parts of the store. The loss prevention at Walmart reported they took seven phones. kait8.com

Denver, CO: 388 Rings recovered from theft at Tanque Verde Swap Meet
Pima County Sheriff's Department arrested a man and woman for the theft of $3,000 to $4,000 of custom made jewelry. Police found the vehicle used in the get-a-way at a local motel, using information obtained from witnesses at the Flee Market. kvoa.com

Meridian, ID: Police seek women who stole more than $1K worth of merchandise at Village in Meridian
Deputy chief Tracy Basterrechea said the women were at the Pro Image on March 31 when they put clothes and jewelry in bags they had with them. They left the store without paying. kboi2.com

Gloucester, MA: Homeless man busted for $800 theft from Walgreens

Alpharetta, GA: 3 kids watch mother's arrest for felony shoplifting; $520 in stolen merchandise recovered

East Lampeter Twp, PA: Police seeking id on $550 Walmart thief

Watch Nedap Retail's recent LPNN interview:
Nedap's intelligent article surveillance solutions bridge the gap between high-performance loss prevention and a pleasant customer experience with smart features such as metal detectors, dashboarding, customer counting and much more. Hear from Wouter Ubbels, Director of Channel Sales Americas, and Pat O'Leary, VP and General Manager for Nedap North America.


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which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!

Atlanta, GA: Court hearing reveals details of deadly Walmart Loss Prevention Agent shooting, key evidence in case
New details were revealed in court Tuesday in the deadly Walmart shooting that claimed the life of a loss prevention manager. Boaz Fordyce, who is accused of killing Walmart employee JD Ferguson, sat emotionless in the Gwinnett County courtroom as the lead Lilburn detective overseeing the case laid out the evidence against him for the first time. "Two of the three witnesses positively identified Mr. Fordyce out of the lineup," testified Investigator Cody Belcher of the Lilburn Police Department.

On April 10th, investigators say Fordyce tried to steal three TVs from Walmart, worth about $1,000 but security was on to him and confronted him steps from the front door. "Mr. Fordyce appeared as if he was going to run once contacted by loss prevention so Mr. Ferguson is seen walking up behind Mr. Fordyce and placing his arms around Mr. Fordyce's waistline," Belcher recalled. Belcher stated the entire incident, including when Fordyce pulled a gun and shot Ferguson once in the chest, was caught on security camera. "All you can see is Mr. Boaz's right hand reach behind him like this and then you see Mr. Ferguson hit the ground and the occupants of Walmart begin to run," Belcher explained. Ferguson fell face down on the store floor and died on the way to the hospital. Investigators say Fordyce fled in a red Saturn which he tried to trade in the next day. They say he also got rid of the murder weapon at a Doraville pawn shop. wtvm.com

Robberies & Thefts

Las Vegas, NV: Gun pulled on Security Guard after Fashion Show Mall robbery
A security guard at Fashion Show mall had a gun pointed at him Tuesday night when he tried to stop a woman who'd stolen about $3,000 in merchandise. The robbery happened at Saks Fifth Avenue within the 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. South mall, when a black woman described as "heavyset" walked out of the store with the items about 8 p.m. The woman made her way to a gold Mercedes in the parking garage, where the security guard had followed and confronted her. At that point, a man who was driving the Mercedes pulled out a handgun and aimed it at the guard. "The vehicle was last seen driving through the parking garage," Police said. As of Tuesday night, neither suspect was in custody. reviewjournal.com

Turlock, CA: Armed Shoplifter apprehended at Raley's, pulled a knife during struggle with Loss Prevention
A Turlock man is facing criminal charges for a weapon offense and a robbery after he was caught allegedly trying to shoplift from a grocery store. Shawn Barajas allegedly entered the store and selected some merchandise that he concealed on his person before leaving the store without paying. He was confronted by the store's loss prevention agents about the stolen merchandise and began fighting with the agents. Barajas swung at the agents and made threats that he had a knife. The loss prevention agents were able to subdue Barajas and hold him in custody until police officers arrived. turlockjournal.com

Wilton, NY: Shoplifter deploys a Stun Gun on a Spencer Gifts employee
A 17-year-old Stillwater girl used a stun gun on a Wilton Mall store employee while she and her teen companion were stealing the shop's merchandise, Saratoga County sheriff's deputies said. Madison E. Gardiner and Rebecca K. Miller, also 17, who live at separate addresses on Hudson Street, allegedly took items from the Spencer Gifts store. Miller stopped and surrendered when approached, but Gardiner used the electronic stun gun on the store clerk, deputies said. timesunion.com

Los Angeles County, CA: Sheriff's seeking help in Puente Hills Mall
Armed Robbery case
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Industry Station detectives are asking for the public's help regarding an armed robbery that took place in February at the Puente Hills Mall, officials said in a statement. A man pulled a gun on a security guard who confronted him as he was leaving the Sears store at the mall, 1600 S. Azusa Ave., authorities said. The male suspect stole a pair of work boots just before 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 23, and as he was leaving the store, a female loss prevention officer tried to stop him, the statement said. He pulled out a handgun, pointed at her, pulled back the hammer and ordered the woman to get away. She backed off, putting her hands in the air. sgvtribune.com

College Station, TX: Walmart employee arrested on 3 Forgery Charges;
forged checks to herself
According to College Station police, officers were contacted by a loss prevention representative from the Walmart on Brothers Boulevard. The employee told police Roxanne James, 35, was under investigation by the store because they believed she had been writing herself checks under the company's name since May 2015, police reports state. James worked in the personnel department at Walmart and had the ability to issue severance checks to terminated employees. She is accused of writing checks to herself and cashing them, the reports state. When interviewed by police, James said she had written herself checks worth between $4,000 and $5,000. theeagle.com

North Little Rock, AR: Man leaves truck running at gas station, shoots at car thief as it's driving away...hitting nearby Hotel
Aaron Betts, who has a concealed carry permit and was carrying a gun at the time, came running out of the Shell Station firing his gun at the truck as the thief drove away, which ended with him charged with criminal mischief. He shot five bullets, one of which went through a hotel window more than two football fields away. thv11.com

Ex-Macy's employee at Hudson Valley Mall indicted by grand jury on $4,000 theft charge

Winsted, CT: Dunkin Donuts Employee arrested for stealing $1,300 from customer's forgotten wallet

Pittsburgh, PA: Man knocks down elderly woman while shoplifting women's underwear at Walmart

Ex-Florida Gator Deiondre Porter arrested in T-Mobile armed robbery

Garland, TX: Security Pillar Outside Gun Store Keeps Hundreds Of Guns From Being Stolen

Zales in the Coastal Grand Mall, Myrtle Beach, SC reported a Distraction Theft on 4/16, merchandise valued at $4,669

Kay Jewelers in the Coastal Grand Mall, Myrtle Beach, SC reported an ATTEMPTED Distraction Theft on 4/19, no loss occurred

UK: London: Louis Vuitton smash and grab gang stole $72,000 worth of handbags; 8 people charged

New Zealand: Store Clerk seriously beaten by 6 female thieves stealing cigarettes

Skimming Reports

Bossier City, LA: Skimming devices discovered on ATMs in Bossier City, Minden

Casey's General - Dubuque, IA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Lima, OH - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Lexington, KY - Burglary
Don and Ben's - New Braunfels, TX - Burglary
Farm Fresh - James City County, VA - Shooting/ customer killed
Foyil Express - Foyil, OK - Armed Robbery
Kwik Stop - North Platte, NE - Armed Robbery
Lee's Liquor - Las Vegas, NV - Armed Robbery / Pics Released
Metro PCS - Watsonville, CA - Burglary
Milan Pawn Shop - Milan, TN - Burglary
Northern Nevada Coin - Minden, NV - Burglary
Prince Jewelers - Arcadia, CA - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Paulsboro, NJ - Robbery
River Mart - Burlington, IA - Robbery
Shop n Go - Beaumont, TX - Armed Robbery/ clerk shot
T-Mobile - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Greenville County, SC - Armed Robbery
Wawa - Paulsboro, NJ - Robbery



Featured Job Alert Spotlights
Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

This is a retained search for the D&D Daily.
Vice President of Loss Prevention
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Aritzia is searching for our new Vice President, Loss Prevention who will maximize profit by minimizing loss while respecting People, Brand and Operations. The Vice President, Loss Prevention is responsible for developing Aritzia's Loss Prevention strategy and tactics for Merchandise, Finance, People, Property, and Information...
National Sales Manager
Franklin Park, IL

Se-Kure Controls is one of the leading manufacturers of Anti-Shoplifting systems in the USA. We are seeking an experienced sales professional to serve as a National Sales Manager. Qualified applicants must be able to manage a sales team, offer creative solutions and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
Director of Sales
Southwest Region

The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...
Director of Sales
Mid-Atlantic Region

The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...
Loss Prevention Supervisor
Riverside, CA
Provides detailed reports regarding events related to safety and loss prevention related activities to various staff and support departments. Works with LP Management to act as a liaison by participating in various meetings, providing written documentation and providing analytical analysis and research related to DC incidents...
Loss Prevention Officer
Greencastle, IN
The Loss Prevention Officer has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...
Loss Prevention Officer
Riverside, CA
The DC Loss Prevention Officer has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. loss prevention, security and life safety procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft. Responds to and proactively addresses life safety, security, and operational issues...

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North Kansas City, MO

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"Something just told me it was the wrong thing to do -- it didn't feel right -- I didn't have a good feeling about it." The subconscious is a very strong silent partner we all have and oftentimes it speaks to us in these phrases. The problem becomes when we over-think things and muffle the most powerful partner we have -- our own minds. Or we allow our closest confidant, our closest friend, or even at times our mentor to change or alter our true feelings. Coming to the right decision with any big issue is difficult and certainly we need the input of our trusted inner circle, and our spouse, but at the end of the day you're the one living with the consequence of your decision and you alone are responsible for it. When the bird on your shoulder is talking, make sure you listen because most mistakes are made when that voice has been muffled.

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