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Ken Boremi was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for Brookstone. Ken began his retail career more than 25 years ago at KB Toys. He started as a District Loss Prevention Manager at Brookstone in 2000. In his most recent role as Assistant Director of Loss Prevention, Ken has been responsible for implementing loss prevention and awareness strategies for the retail chain, the wholesale division, and the e-Commerce channel. Ken is a Certified Forensic Interviewer and was part of the inaugural class of Loss Prevention Certified professionals where he also contributed to the course development. Ken also works with the NRF (National Retail Federation) as a regular presenter on Advanced Retail Loss Prevention Technologies.  Ken earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Massachusetts.  Congratulations Ken!

Cyril Williams was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention at Katz Group Canada Ltd./ Rexal Pharma Plus.  Cyril has been with Katz Group Canada for three years, and prior to that worked in different positions such as Director for Triton, and District Manager for Walmart. Congratulations Cyril!

Big Data meets H.R. - a new discipline - "Work-force Science" - Data shows an applicants work history is not a good predictor of future results  These are some of the startling findings of an emerging field called work-force science. It adds a large dose of data analysis, a k a Big Data, to the field of human resource management, which has traditionally relied heavily on gut feel and established practice to guide hiring, promotion and career planning. In the past, studies of worker behavior were typically based on observing a few hundred people at most. Today, studies can include thousands or hundreds of thousands of workers, an exponential leap ahead. Big companies like I.B.M., Oracle and SAP are pursuing the business opportunity. This is a must read as the HR world is being totally redefined! (Source

Polo Ralph Lauren settles with DOJ and SEC on Argentine bribery case and pays $1.6M  Federal authorities say Monday the New York-based apparel company promptly reported the violations from 2005 to 2009 after discovering them in 2010, terminated culpable employees and a third-party agent, and shut down operations in Argentina. The company won't be prosecuted under agreements involving worldwide risk assessment and training employees about the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which it was accused of violating. (Source Associated Press)

New York City promoters look to tighten security at events
New York City remains on guard. Officials who manage large public spaces, as well as organizers responsible for the protection of tens of thousands of people attending races, parades and festivals in the Big Apple, are re-evaluating plans and procedures—often with expectations of higher financial costs. Some companies hosting outdoor festivals expect to tack on $50,000 or more to hire security firms to supplement efforts by the New York Police Department. (

Nike pulling ‘Boston Massacre’ shirts from stores  We're a nation of hypersensitive, easily-offended crybabies, but even the most rock-ribbed among us can agree that a T-shirt with the words "Boston Massacre" might not be in the best taste these days. Certainly, we can debate the propriety (or dubious cleverness) of a shirt that says "Boston Massacre" — the historical reference is to a 1770 incident in which British soldiers killed five civilians and wounded six others, but now apparently refers to the Yankees stomping the Red Sox, or something. But what's clear is that in the wake of last week's tragic Boston Marathon events, these shirts now bring to mind the bombings in a way that Nike certainly never intended. (Source

Boston Lockdown: Business Continuity - Focusing on the Effect, Not Event, Key to Contingency Planning  The hunt for a Boston Marathon bombing suspect that locked down the city caused massive disruption to business operations, but enterprises that had business continuity plans in place hardly missed a beat. In this audio report, business continuity and disaster recovery experts: Explain that no matter what's the cause of a disaster, the same planning should help mitigate problems businesses and governments face when employees can't get to work; Discuss how new technologies, such as social media, have an impact on business continuity planning; Assess how Boston enterprises with solid business continuity plans weathered the lockdown of the city and some surrounding communities. Hear two experts -(Source

Boston retailers hopefully recoup 90% of lost revenue with 75% happening in first week  With most retailers re-opening on Saturday the retail industry in Boston begins to heal. Now "Until we find out more about the motive and if there was a broader thing going on with more associates, it’s not clear whether it’s over in a sense.” Beyond the physical damage caused by a terrorist attack, there are more subtle factors that can be more impactful, such as consumers’ risk perception and how competent officials were. (Source

Social-media privacy legislation introduced or underway in 35 states since the start of 2013  Legislation often includes narrow language that allows employers to conduct legitimate checks, such as during a formal investigation into alleged misconduct by an employee. And now the SEC is worried that the raft of new laws aimed at protecting employees' privacy puts investors at risk. (Source

What your zip code reveals about you
Every time you mindlessly give a sales clerk your zip code at checkout, you're giving data companies and retailers the ability to track everything from your body type to your bad habits. Data privacy experts are concerned about the level at which consumers are being tracked without their knowledge -- and what would happen if that data got into the wrong hands. (Source

UK's "most prolific sellers" of $40M of counterfeit electronics gets 2 1/2 yrs. in prison  Fake headphone trader Michael Reeder has been sentenced to 30 months imprisonment, following his recent conviction on 13 counts of selling counterfeit goods. The sentence is one of the heaviest ever given for trading in counterfeit goods in the UK. The Portsmouth Trading Standards raids on Reeder involved the seizure of over 4000 items worth a total of $400,000. However, those 4000 items are believed to be just 1% of the items in Reeder's possession at the time. (Source

Here's a new one - Cambridgeshire, UK, police personally delivering post cards to prolific shoplifters homes saying "We're watching You"  Prolific shoplifters in Cambridgeshire are receiving hand-delivered postcards from the police, warning "we're watching you". It is part of a county-wide crackdown to deter repeat offenders and warn them of the consequences of theft. The reverse of the card reads: "Last year we arrested more than 1,500 of you." A spokesman said: "Our message is, 'You're being watched so don't risk a trip to custody by shoplifting'." In the past year there were 4,357 reported shoplifting incidents in Cambridgeshire - a slight rise on the year before when there were 4,319. (Source

Suspect in custody after 6 armed robberies between 2:30 a.m. and 6:50 a.m. this morning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa  Hitting 3 Casey's General Stores, a Hometown Inn, a Kum and Go, and a Kiwik Shop police finally apprehended him. (Source

Victoria’s Secret Manager injured attempting to stop 3 shoplifters in Puyallup, Washington.  The manager of the Victoria’s Secret store at South Hill Mall was injured Saturday morning when she attempted to stop three women stealing brassieres. According to Puyallup police, three women entered the lingerie shop at approximately 11:30 a.m., scooped up about 150 bras worth an estimated $8,000 and made for the door. The store manager followed the robbers and attempted to stop them just outside the store’s main entrance. All three of the women attacked the manager, McDonald said. Two of them punched her in the face, he said. One sprayed her with an unknown substance initially thought to be pepper spray. According to witnesses, the robbers ran to the parking lot, loaded the bras into a blue SUV and drove away. (Source

Former Kmart store in Cape Coral, Florida used to train responding Police and Fire units.  The Cape Coral Fire Department hosted a multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency training exercise Friday inside the former Kmart at the Coralwood Mall. Cape firefighters were joined by members of the police department, Fort Myers Police Department, Lee County Sheriff's Office, the Florida National Guard's 48th Civil Support Team and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. CCFD Battalion Chief John Spicuzza explained that the mock exercise had been scheduled for about a year. When the department began planning it six months ago, they realized the different units were not working together. (Source

Roots store clerk yells at two robbers and they flee the store. 
Two unarmed suspects entered the Roots store in the Mayfair Shopping Center in Victoria. One suspect attempted to open the register, but the store clerk began to yell at him to get away from the register. He suspect complied but still demanded cash. The clerk continued yelling at the two suspects till they fled the store. (Source

A second mall security guard is charged in the Aeropostale Store robbery in San Antonio.  Four men, two wearing mall security uniforms broke into the Aeropostale store in the North Star Mall. Video cameras captured the event at 2:40am, seeing the men grabbing items from the shelves and placing them into trash bags. (Source

Parking Lot Manager Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Steal Approximately $1.4 Million in Parking Fees from Smithsonian Museum.  Abeselom Hailemariam, 33, of Alexandria, Virginia, plead guilty today for his participation in a conspiracy to steal approximately $1.4 million of visitor parking fees when he was employed by Parking Management Inc., (PMI), the company contracted to manage parking services at the Smithsonian Institution’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. (Source

Drug transaction ends in a deadly police crash starting at the Dayton Mall.  Miami Township Police attempted to catch up to the suspect as he fled at high speed away from the parking lot of the Dayton Mall. Dash cam video has now been released showing the devastating aftermath of the fleeing suspects. A head on collision with another vehicle claimed the life of two of the suspects; a third suspect and the innocent driver of the other car were injured. (Source

Is it time for a national Active-shooter, Workplace Violence certification program for all retail associates?
  As the events continue to mound and the retail Loss Prevention industry continues to show how we can make an impact. From hurricanes, tornados, floods, explosions, bomb threats, workplace violence, and yes active shooters, is it time for the retailers or for us as an industry to stand up and say we can help train and standardize a program that gives all of our employees at least the basic knowledge of what to do, how to respond, and where to get help.

Last week's most popular news article --

Looting appears to be seen in wake of Boston Marathon blasts  For all of the heroism shown in the wake of Monday's Boston Marathon bombings, at least one scene was, at best, an example of unfortunate timing and, at worst, a despicable display of greed. Video footage purportedly shot in the moments after the two blasts shows people taking official marathon jackets from a tent vacated by race staffers. "Looters stealing marathon jackets," a YouTube user who posted the footage wrote, "while others are just feet away critically injured." (Source




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April 25 StopORC Webinar to Feature
“Investigations and Prosecution of ORC Cases with
Private/Public Partnerships”
with Assistant Illinois State Attorney David Williams

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – April 18, 2013 – has announced David Williams, Assistant Illinois State Attorney Special Prosecution Bureau, will present “Investigations and Prosecution of ORC Cases with Private/Public Partnerships” at their April 25 webinar at 12 pm PDT. Qualified professionals involved in combating ORC can register for the webinar at

A major source of information, education and collaboration in combating organized retail crime (ORC), is sponsored by Universal Surveillance Systems LLC (USS) and holds free monthly webinars featuring subject matter experts who cover current topics such as ORC trends, methods, prevention, investigations, legislation and working with law enforcement

Rod Holm, USS ambassador to StopORC, said “It’s critical that everyone involved in fighting ORC understands how to partner with prosecutors so that more cases can be brought to successful resolution and ORC rings can be broken up. David is a seasoned veteran in prosecuting ORC cases and knows the critical requirements to make solid cases that will stand. I think everyone who participates in this webinar will come away with an enhanced understanding of prosecutorial needs and procedures to develop greater collaboration and partnership for successful case outcomes.”

Williams is the deputy supervisor of the Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney in the Special Prosecutions Bureau. His career includes investigating, prosecuting and litigating street gang, human rights and national security crimes at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in their Financial Crimes and Public Corruption Unit and their Special Prosecutions Bureau.

StopORC webinars are open only to those engaged in combating ORC including loss prevention professionals, law enforcement officials, legislators, prosecutors, judges and security experts.

To register for the upcoming April 25 StopORC webinar by David Williams, visit or call 1-800-488-9097.

For more information, contact:

Scott Richardson
Corporate Communications Manager



ORC organizations nationwide are helping in more ways than one
Certainly given the intent of the ORC models, to increase collaboration between the public law enforcement community and the Loss Prevention community, the retail industry is certainly benefiting from all the efforts in more ways than just fighting ORC. This increased public awareness and collaborative effort with law enforcement develops and strengthens the relationships between the two groups and therefore benefits the nations retailers in times of need and heightens the sensitivity on the part of the public law enforcement community to our issues and incidents. Whether it be an active shooter, a pepper-spraying shoplifter, a bomb threat, or workplace violence, having established relationships with these public first-responders is a necessity in today's world. The ORC models, quite frankly, have done more to help develop those relationships than anything this industry has ever done. Everyone involved should be applauded because of this national development, this collaborative trend, of ORC organizations.  While it may be about stopping ORC it's also about saving lives and keeping our stores safe for our customers and our employees.

Couple stole baby formula full-time; suspect said he made $90,000 in six months
A couple who were caught trying to steal $2,388 worth of baby formula from a Palm Springs Wal-Mart store brought their 9-month-old son along on the early-morning shoplifting spree, according to a Palm Springs police arrest report. Both Barbour and Martin said they have been stealing baby formula for months and have been selling it for thousands of dollars, according to the arrest report. Both admitted they have pain pill addictions: Martin spends up to $125 a day on the addiction, while Barbour spends up to $90. The case appears to be another in what retail loss prevention experts have said is a growing problem: organized retail theft. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said last week that large-scale, coordinated retail theft is a "big problem for our businesses" because it drives up costs. (Source

Two teens arrested for shoplifting $6800 in merchandise from the Danbury Fair mall.  Mall security had several reports of shoplifting, finally catching up to the two suspects after they stole sunglasses from a display at Sunglass Hut. The two suspects were apprehended, following a search police found more than 25 pairs of sunglasses and watches. Merchandise was recovered from Fossil, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lens Crafters and Sunglass Hut, the total value of the items to $6,823. (Source

Armed Man steals Apple products from Walmart in Santa Fe store.  Santa Fe police are looking for a man who allegedly brandished a gun while leaving a store after stealing more than $13,500 worth of iPads and other Apple products. Police say the man broke a display case in a Wal-Mart store to steal the 32 items early Friday morning. According to police, the man displayed a gun when a store employee tried to stop him from leaving the store. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Case of the Month: Price Check!

By Catherine Penizotto

A cashier was identified by the Agilence Analyst Services Group using price checks as a means to conduct fraud. The cashier passed hundreds of dollars in product over the belt without scanning and often used the price check key as a decoy to make it appear items were actually being rung into the register. This cashier moved so quickly that on several occasion, items she intended to pass, actually scanned and she took the care to go back and void the item so as not to charge her patron. The analyst group at Agilence identified 12 transactions over the course of 10 days in which this cashier passed $1200 to a family member. She was investigated; subsequently admitting to her bad deeds, and was walked, with her head bowed and hands in cuffs out the front door.

  Total Number of Incidents: 12

  Validated Losses: $1,104.23

  Total Value to Client: $13,250.80

Riddle me this:

When is a price check, not a price check...

When it’s used as a decoy for theft.

When is an employee not really an employee

When from you, your profits, she divests


Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
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Ken Boremi was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for Brookstone.
Cyril Williams was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention at Katz Group Canada Ltd./ Rexal Pharma Plus.
Jeremy Larkins was named District Loss Prevention Manager for the Phoenix/Tucson market for National Stores Inc.
James Blakley was named District Loss Prevention Manager, Houston Market for National Stores Inc.
Herman Laskey was named Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager, Sugarland TX for National Stores Inc.
Ryan Shedd was named Regional Asset Protection Investigator for Spartan Stores.

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What's Your Mission?
In this interview with President and CEO of Red Hat, tricks of the trade are revealed with the big one being if you want to be a great leader, you have to set out a clearly defined mission.  Make sure your employees know that what they are doing is vital in that they are helping to create something larger than themselves alone. (Make them believe)

3 Phrases That Will Get You Noticed
Leaders are not simply born overnight; initially someone is recognized as being a potential leader, and then that person can be further developed.  What deems someone worthy of the title "leader"?  If you use these three key phrases, then (you are leader material!)

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8 Ways to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance  We all wish we could have equal amounts of time for work and life, but realistically that's not going to happen. In a 24 hour day, we spend a third sleeping (if we're lucky), a third at work, and the other third catching up on work at home or otherwise.  Help balance your life at the office, and at home so you can feel satisfied with both. (Find your balance)

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