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 April 22, 2014


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John Sullivan was recently named Vice President Corporate Security and Investigations for Starbucks.
  John came from Dunkin Donuts and served as their Director of Corporate Security and Loss Prevention. He served in the US Marine Corps and was a Special Agent in the USG. John studied at Curry College where he earned his Bachelor's of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology and then got his Master of Arts degree in Government from Harvard University. Congratulations John!

The Internal Threat - Nike corporate manager had "large operation" stealing & selling thousands of one-off sneakers - more arrests expected  A federal investigation is underway after an employee at Nike was caught stealing prototype sneakers and selling the one-offs online for thousands of dollars. Nike employee Tung Ho was ordering and then stealing one-of-a-kind sample shoes. With yesterdays article saying that Ho was a promotion product manager and therefore being in a position of being able to order any shoe he wanted - just getting samples. He had another former Nike employee Kyle Yamaguchi acting as a middleman, the documents allege, and then sold the shoes to buyer Jason Keating. Selling the sneakers for months at prices ranging from $1k to $20k per pair the group sold thousands of pairs taking in tens of thousands of dollars. Police said that it was a large operation and there may be more arrests coming as a confidential source has said there may be other Nike employees involved. When police raided Ho's home they found 1,900 pairs of sneakers and a large amount of cash. The investigation is ongoing. Nothing like samples. (Source

One year after building collapse - Two groups battling for a safer Bangladesh - 5,000+ apparel factories - 12 factories to be shut down  Since last year's April 24th Rana Plaza collapse killing 1,129 garment workers, two groups emerged that are committed to helping correct the safety problems throughout the garment industry in Bangladesh. Reacting to public outrage, Western retailers and apparel brands began a major push to improve safety at the Bangladeshi factories they do business with. It involves a sprint to inspect hundreds of plants each month and a commitment to help correct any safety problems found — all with an eye to preventing another catastrophic collapse or fire. But instead of joining forces, the Western brands have divided into two sometimes feuding camps — a result, some say, that detracts from the overall effort, which has otherwise won praise. One group — the Bangladesh Accord for Fire and Building Safety — has more than 150 members, including many European brands like H&M, Carrefour and Mango, as well as 14 American companies. The other group — the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety — includes 26 companies, all of them American or Canadian, among them Walmart, Gap, Target and Kohl’s. Some members of the American-dominated alliance say that their side has performed more inspections than the European-dominated accord, while some accord members assert that the alliance’s inspections are less rigorous. Despite these tensions, Dara O’Rourke, an expert on workplace monitoring at the University of California, Berkeley, called the efforts in Bangladesh unprecedented. “The accord and the alliance are taking on the lowest end of a low-road industry,” he said. “They’re trying to bring up the worst garment conditions in the world. What they’re doing is really, really hard.” The alliance has inspected 400 factories so far, and the European-dominated accord, 300. The alliance has set a goal of inspecting all of its members’ 630 Bangladeshi factories by July 10; the accord’s goal is to inspect its 1,500 factories by late October. As a result of the accord’s inspections, four factory buildings have been ordered temporarily closed for fear of collapse, while the accord has asked a government committee to close four others. The alliance, said that it had asked the Bangladeshi government to order four more factories closed because of serious structural problems. That's 12 in total being shut down in one year. How many lives have they saved? (Source

NEC launches face-recognition protection for PCs - NeoFace Monitor - an alternative to passwords - 20 years in the making  NEC has launched a biometric security program that uses face recognition to unlock access to PCs. (Source

Retail had 148 data breaches in 2013 with Point-of-sale intrusions, cyber espionage and web application attacks among top IT security threats  According to Verizon's latest annual report on data breach investigations, the leakiest industry by far, in terms of confirmed incidents where data was exposed, was finance with 465 breaches. But the public sector suffered 175 such incidents, retail had 148 and accommodation dealt with 137 breaches. (Source

"The Bad Guys Are Winning" Report: Most data security incidents follow nine basic patterns - Big Data analytics can combat cybercrime  Nine basic attack patterns that vary from industry to industry are the source of 92% of the 100,000 security incidents analyzed by Verizon since 2004. In the retail sector, the majority attacks are tied to DDoS (33%), which are attacks intended to compromise the availability of networks and systems so that, for example, a website is rendered useless, followed by point-of-sale (POS) intrusions (31%). Retail POS attacks continue to trend downward, exhibiting the same trend since 2011. Industries commonly hit by POS intrusions are restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other brick-and-mortar retailers, where intruders attempt to capture payment card data. (Source

Russia battles with U.S. over J.C. Penney & 7-Eleven hacker imprisoned in the Netherlands since 2012  The United States and Russia have each filed competing extradition requests aimed at a hacker that targeted a slew of companies including payment processor Heartland Payment Systems, Visa and JetBlue Airways, as well as retailers 7-Eleven and J.C. Penney among others. While it's not clear why Russia is seeking Drinkman's extradition, a minister of justice will decide which country he'll ultimately end up in. (Source

Rent-A-Center to consolidate 150 U.S. stores into existing stores

Kroger walked away from Safeway purchase in 11th hour due to cost of selling stores over antitrust risk

EPA honors NRF
The National Retail Federation (NRF) was recognized on Earth Day, April 22, by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with its 2014 SmartWay Affiliate Challenge award. The EPA recognized NRF for supporting policies and practices that reduce truck emissions and enhance freight efficiency. NRF held a session titled “The Smart Way to Carbon Accounting in the Supply Chain” at its 2013 Global Supply Chain Summit. The session focused on the benefits of the SmartWay program and how businesses can reduce their overall supply chain carbon footprint. (Source

Dollar General Senior Director of Loss Prevention position posted on corporate web site

D&D Daily's LP Newswire Reaches Milestone - Over 300 Industry Press Releases Published
  Since its launch last October, LP Newswire has helped readers of the Daily stay up-to-date with news from solution providers throughout the retail Loss Prevention industry. This month, LP Newswire published its 300th press release - nearly 200 of which have been published in the first four months of 2014 alone! As your #1 digital LP news source, we at the D&D Daily will continue to deliver this popular new industry tool. Solution Providers: Submit your press release for this Thursday's LP Newswire publication.

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Rent-A-Center Q1 down 0.8% with total revenues up 1.8%
McDonald's U.S. Q1 down 1.7% with global sales up 0.5%
bebe Q3 down 5.7% with net sales down 17.2%

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Recent Breaches Appear To Be Hitting Home With Consumers
About one in five online consumers has had valuable personal information stolen, and about the same percentage have had an email of social-networking account compromised, new research suggests. In a survey of online adults Princeton Survey Research Associates International conducted for Pew Research Center in January, 18 percent of participants said they have had their Social Security number, credit card or bank account information stolen, up from 11 percent who said so in a similar survey in June 2013. Recent data breaches, including the one at Target that began a string of others, including at Neiman Marcus, plus the recently announced Heartbleed OpenSSL bug that affected two-thirds of active Internet sites, have made consumers especially vulnerable and increasingly aware of the extent to which their personal information is not necessarily safe, both from a perception and actual basis, Pew’s data suggests.  (Source

What’s Next for Cyber Insurance?
Cyber-related data breach incidents increased in frequency and severity in 2013, driving cyber insurance buying by double digits last year. The trend is accelerating, according to early signs in 2014 and a Marsh Risk Management Research briefing titled, “Benchmarking Trends: Interest in Cyber Insurance Continues to Climb.” The future of cyber insurance will move beyond data breaches and privacy concerns. In effect, experts say, the future of cyber coverage will mean going back to basics. (Source

Gap prioritizes responsive Web as part of $300M digital investment

Staples - biggest retail chain in e-commerce Top 500 Guide with $10.4B in sales online

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




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TQL Wins the CargoNet “Best in Security” Award

Total Quality Logistics (TQL), one of the nation’s largest freight brokerage firms, has been awarded the CargoNet “Best in Cargo Security” award for its cargo theft prevention efforts in 2013.

Cincinnati, Ohio - April 22, 2014 - Total Quality Logistics (TQL), one of the nation’s largest freight brokerage firms, with more than $1.6 billion in annual revenues, has been awarded the CargoNet “Best in Cargo Security” award for its cargo theft prevention efforts in 2013. CargoNet is a division of Verisk Crime Analytics, a Verisk Analytics company.

CargoNet helps transportation companies, shippers, and other supply chain stakeholders prevent cargo theft and improve recovery rates through secure and controlled information sharing among theft victims, their business partners, and law enforcement.

“We thank TQL for using the CargoNet program the way it was designed to be used. We can provide intelligence, tips, best practices, training, and analytics, but we can’t force our business partners to apply them. In TQL’s case, its team has embraced the program and assisted in its development,” said Anthony Canale, general manager, CargoNet.

TQL is one of the largest freight brokerage firms in the nation, connecting shippers who have truckload freight that needs to be moved with quality carriers who have the capacity to move it. In 2013, TQL moved more than 815,000 loads of freight.

“Cargo theft is a serious problem across the country, and it’s critically important that we do everything in our power to protect our customers’ freight. We’re proud that our team’s efforts have been recognized with this award,” said TQL Executive Vice President Kerry Byrne.

TQL also recently wrote an article with tips that shippers and receivers can use to steer clear of would-be produce thieves.

About Total Quality Logistics
TQL is one of the largest freight brokerage firms in the nation, connecting shippers who have truckload freight that needs to be moved with quality carriers who have the capacity to move it. TQL works with more than 50,000 carriers across North America, giving the company access to millions of trucks to help its customers move freight efficiently and economically. TQL identifies the right trucks for particular freight loads, negotiates rates, and satisfies its customers’ delivery requirements. The company’s insistence on honest, straightforward communications and 24/7/365 operations minimizes missed shipments, delays, and product shortages on store shelves.

About CargoNet
A division of Verisk Crime Analytics, a Verisk Analytics company, CargoNet helps prevent cargo theft and improve recovery rates through secure and controlled information sharing among theft victims, their business partners, and law enforcement. CargoNet is centered on a national database and information-sharing system managed by crime analysts and subject-matter experts. By applying a synchronized, layered approach, CargoNet exploits the weakness of cargo thieves at multiple points. CargoNet offers integrated databases, a theft alert system, task force and investigations support, and a tractor/trailer theft deterrence program. CargoNet also provides driver education and incentives, secondary-market monitoring and interdictions, crime trend analysis and loss control services, and training. More information on CargoNet can be found at



UK: Hollister employee sentence to 10 months in prison from $100,000 internal theft  A Hollister employee from Eltham has been jailed after stealing more than 60,000 pounds from the designer Bluewater store. Erika Martins was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court last week to 10 months in prison after admitting theft by an employee and acquiring criminal property. The 21-year-old swiped the cash from the store in Greenhithe between January and November 2012. (Source

AntiCounterfeiting Coalition pointing out phony deals
A featured speaker at last week’s International Conference on Transnational Organized Crime &Terrorism at the Red Rock Resort, Barchiesi spent an hour putting the damage in perspective before a gathering of more than 300 law enforcement experts. The conference was closed to the public. Barchiesi is the president of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition, a nonprofit trade organization devoted to protecting intellectual property and deterring counterfeiting. Barchiesi’s anecdote about the criminal group that marketed dirt-cheap contact lenses via the Internet. Canadian authorities eventually caught the traffickers, but only after customers started going blind and complained that the lenses kept sticking to their eyes. (Source

DeLand, FL Police release surveillance video of Publix Armed Robbery  On the first clip, the men, both with their faces covered, storm into the store on March 30, a Sunday night, just before closing. The video shows one of the men pulling out his gun and pointing it as he entered the store. Police said staff and customers were ordered not to move. In the next clip, the suspects are shown leaving the store after forcing the manager into the office and making off with cash, police said. Publix stores in Orlando and Winter Park were robbed in a similar way prior to the DeLand armed robbery. Investigators said they think it's likely that the crimes are connected. (Source

Employee foils armed robbery at NJ coin shop - slammed suspect with a door - man still at-large  An employee foiled an armed robbery at a rare coin shop, but the gunman ran away and is still at large, authorities said. At about 2:37 p.m. Thursday, a man attempted to follow an employee into the Central Jersey Rare Coin Shop after the employee was "buzzed" into the shop by the owner. On his way into the store, the employee was confronted by a man who brandished a hand gun and pointed it at the employee, directing him to enter the business. As he entered the store, the employee slammed the door on the man, causing him to fall to the ground. Once the man regained his footing, he ran out of the store. (Source

Elif Jewelers burglarized overnight in Buckhead, GA  Authorities are searching for two bandits that robbed a Buckhead jewelry store, overnight. The robbery happened just before 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning at the Elif Fine jewelry store on West Paces Ferry Place in NW Atlanta. Authorities say the bandits smashed right through the front window and stole about $5000 worth of silver pieces. According to store representatives, the "pricey" pieces were locked in a safe off-site during the robbery. (Source

Burglar steals thousands in jewelry from a Waterloo Kmart
Police are investigating a break-in at Kmart that netted thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. The burglary happened while the store at 3810 University Ave. was closed around 11 p.m. Thursday. According to police, the intruder entered through the store’s back door, broke display cases in the jewelry section and took 17 rings and wedding bands, two diamond pendants and a pair of diamond earrings. The thief then fled through the back door. Officers responding to an alarm at the store arrived a short time later and noticed the back door was ajar. (Source

Police release surveillance video of Target store robbery in NE Philadelphia  Philadelphia Police released surveillance video Tuesday of a daring robbery of a Target store in which 3 suspects got away with up to $30,000. It happened Saturday night just after closing time at the Target in the 11000 block of Roosevelt Boulevard in Somerton. The surveillance video shows each male suspect entering the store separately, each talking on a cell phone as he enters. The video then shows the armed suspects emerging from the men's bathroom after the 10:00 p.m. closing time and instructing a store employee to open multiple cash registers. The suspects then methodically empty each register of cash before walking out of the store with hoods pulled up over their heads. Investigators say the thieves made off with between $10,000 and $30,000 in cash. (Source

Clovis Police seek 2 Burglary suspects who ‘shopped’ a Sears store that was closed for Easter  Clovis police are asking for the public's help in identifying and locating two burglary suspects. The crime was caught on camera. A man and a woman were spotted inside the Sears department store at Sierra Vista Mall on Sunday while the store was closed for Easter. Investigators say the suspects took clothing from the store. When confronted by store personnel they reportedly claimed to have a gun. No weapon was shown. The suspects drove away in a red Chevy Cavalier. (Source

Fatal Shooting at a Love’s Truck Stop Going to Grand Jury in Dayton; Security Guard killed a truck driver

Three New York male suspects busted hitting CVS with fake credit cards & buying gift cards in Stafford County, Va.

Sweetwater, Fla., Detective found guilty of 12 counts of credit card fraud in series of scandals in city west of Miami-Dade

Skimming operation in Hazelton, PA., results in cards being used at two Kmart stores - in search of male suspect

Philadelphia TV news show video leads to arrest of $18k jewelry theft in Lambertville, N.J.

Dubuque, IA Pharmacy burglarized of $5,500 in prescription medications

First of four defendants sentenced in '09 armed robbery of MO jewelry store

Family helps Santa Cruz police capture Safeway shoplifter

Folsom man gets 25 years for armed robbery of tobacco store

Zales in Elizabeth, KY hit with a $5339.00 Distraction Team theft

Adams Market – Winston-Salem, NC – Armed Robbery
Circle K - Los Banos, CA - Armed Robbery
Concordia Pawn – Vidalia, MS - Burglary – 2 suspects arrested
County Fair – Erie, Pa – Armed Robbery – Police seek 2nd suspect
Cubby's - Sioux Falls, SD - Armed Robbery - 3 teenage suspects
Family Dollar - Panama City, FL - Armed Robbery - man charged
Medicine Shoppe – St Johns, NF, CN – 2nd Pharmacy robbery in the area
Publix - DeLand, FL - Armed Robbery - surveillance video released
Ridley's Pharmacy – Jerome, ID – Robbery
Stop n Go – Webster Co.. IA – Armed Robbery – suspect sentenced to 25 yrs.
Village Pantry - Indianapolis, IN - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Wilmington, NC - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Pasadena, TX - Armed Robbery - 2 arrested
20/20 – Dillon, NC – Shooting/ Armed Robbery – clerk killed
7- Eleven – Grand Rapids, MI – Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Bethlehem, PA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Fremont, CA - 2 Armed Robberies - occurred within 15 min. of each other
7-Eleven - Portsmouth, VA - Armed Robbery




Three busted in $1M counterfeit cell phone scheme in Chula Vista, CA.
The three bought counterfeit cell phones and accessories from China and sold them in their stores in Mexico. Having the goods shipped to the U.S. and banking the money in the U.S. as well. (Source

80 new Cadillac wheels and tires stolen in one night, cars left on blocks; East Texas dealership burglary linked to statewide auto theft ring  A professional team is believed to be behind the massive theft of wheels and tires at Wagner Cadillac over the weekend. The car dealer was hit sometime Saturday night. The tires and wheels of 20 vehicles were stolen, and the vehicles were all left on blocks. "We have never seen a theft of this magnitude in Tyler, but this is quite common around the state and country," Tyler Police Detective Gary King said this morning. King, who is assigned to the East Texas Auto Theft Task Force, was on scene at Wagner gathering information this morning from the dealership in hopes to recover the property. He said more than likely the wheels and tires, some valued at more that $1,000 per wheel, have already been moved to a large city. (Source

Lancaster, PA., police issue warrant for Home Depot ORC thief who's been hitting stores along the east coast - previous theft history

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Director of LP Dollar General United States Dollar General
VP of Operations Checkview Chanhassen, MN Checkview
VP of Loss Prevention Dunkin Donuts Canton, MA Dunkin Donuts
District LP Manager Sears Los Angeles, CA Sears Holdings Corp
Business Development Mgr Intelligent Loss Prevention Rockford, IL Intelligent Loss Prevention
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Stores Boston, MA L Brands
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Stores New York, NY L Brands
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears San Francisco, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Los Angeles Valley, CA Sears Holdings Corp
Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
Regional LP Manager Michaels Denver, CO Michaels
National Account Mgr Confidential Dallas, TX Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential Phoenix, AZ Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

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Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Douglas, AZ Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Sandusky, OH Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Eastland, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Mansura, LA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Winnsboro, LA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Monroeville, AL Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Carrollton, KY Walmart
Regional AP Manager Walmart Stevenson Ranch, CA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Hot Springs, AR Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart El Dorado, AR Walmart
LP Manager Sears Anchorage, AK Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Louisville, KY Lowe's
District Ops Manager Home Depot Seabrook, NH Home Depot
Regional AP Manager BJs Wholesale Club Albany, NY BJs Wholesale Club
LP Manager Macy's Auburn, MA Macy's



John Sullivan was named Vice President Corporate Security and Investigations for Starbucks.
Dennis Douress
was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Payless ShoeSource.

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One Powerful Way to Control Your Leadership Reputation  Your reputation as a leader is your most valuable asset; it is what makes it easier to earn respect from those you work with and it allows you to advance your career goals. It's important to keep this reputation in tact, because it can be so easily lost. Fortunately there are ways to fix that. (Manage your personal brand)

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Empowered Employees: Five Tips for Giving Your Staff a Sense of Purpose  When you now what you are working for, you feel inspired and put in that extra effort to get the job done correctly. Employees should feel the same about their work too, and that feeling should be inspired by the leader. Use these tips to make them feel powerful. (Great expectations)

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