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Justin Karim was named Director, Global Security for Apollo Group.  Mr. Karim began his career in security at Target Corporation. After 8 years of leading security programs in various high risk locations throughout Texas, he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to lead general operations for the Musical Instrument Museum as the Director of Operations and Public Programs. During this time Mr. Karim accepted the position of President of Arizona Infragard, a 1,500 member organization dedicated to promoting intelligence sharing between private-sector critical infrastructure, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. After leading the creation of a sustainable footprint at the Musical Instrument Museum, he accepted his current position at Apollo Group as the Director of Global Security where he oversees security for higher education campuses located around the world. Throughout his career Mr. Karim has been involved in various long-term volunteer positions and has consulted for a variety of non-profit causes including those dedicated to education and awareness, and international child trafficking. Justin earned his degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Houston. Congratulations Justin!

Stanley Convergent Security Systems partners with U.S. Security Associates 
"We envision several million dollars in ancillary business as the result of the opportunities we will bring to each other," said Ray Dean, VP of key accounts for Stanley Security Solutions, parent company of Stanley CSS. The partnership will begin with pilot programs in Dallas, Atlanta and Miami. “We will take leaders in those areas and tie key salespeople together. They will go and see each others’ clients, make the visits together,” Dean explained. Dean said that many of his clients either need guard services or may be unhappy with their current guard provider. The partnership will enable Stanley to recommend U.S. Security Associates and introduce clients to a contact at the company. Likewise, Dooling said, the partnership with Stanley gives U.S. Security Associates “a whole toolbox of solutions” to offer its customers. (Source

What We've Learned About Communicating with Employees in an Emergency 
First, email isn't the best way to get in touch with people in an emergency. Second, make sure it's a system multiple people can activate, from any location. Third, when the crisis is over, ask what you could have done better. But finally, the companies that got this right realized it wasn't only a technological challenge, but a management challenge. It's so essential to have a plan for these sorts of emergencies ahead of time: to cover the fact that, in the moment, you probably won't be thinking clearly. (Source

Boston's dead bombing suspect's mother fled the U.S. last year facing felony theft charges filed by Lord and Taylor - What a small world.  In June, Tsarnaeva was accused of trying to steal seven designer dresses, valued at $1,600, from a Lord & Taylor department store in suburban Natick. She skipped bail, returned to Russia and, in October, a court issued a warrant for her arrest. And last week it was the Lord & Taylor outside cameras that helped identify her son. (Source

Newtown, Conn. Police Chief featured speaker at The Electronic Security Expo in Nashville June 18th  "I’m glad to participate in the Industry IceBreaker Luncheon at ESX this June,” Chief Kehoe said in the statement. “It’s important that we in the public and private safety sectors continue to find new ways to work together to help secure and protect our communities.” During the luncheon, Kehoe plans to discuss how the public and private safety sectors can work together, along with how best to equip public safety officials to respond to disasters. (Source

yberSource 2013 Online Fraud Report shows North America's estimated 2012 fraud loss was approx. $3.5B - $100M more than 2011.  Although the fraud rate by revenue has gone down, the fraud rate by order increased from 0.6% in 2011 to 0.8% in 2012. The average ticket value for a fraudulent order was $200, approximately 1/3 higher than a valid order ($149). (Source

Former Office Depot COO charged with insider trading and pays $30,000 settlement  A Monday report by Forbes said that former Office Depot COO Mark Begelman has been charged with profiting off confidential information. The SEC leveed insider trading charges against Begelman for allegedly using confidential information for his own gain, concerning the upcoming acquisition of Bluegreen Corp. by BFC Financial Corp. Begelman had agreed to settle the charges, without admitting any wrongdoing, by disgorging the gains and paying a civil penalty in the amount of his gains. (Source

Pilot Flying J truck stops - 5 Step corporate response to Fed's/IRS raid over fraudulent rebates scandal - creating a Chief Compliance Officer role  1) Immediately, we are bringing our field audit team to Knoxville to review all 3,300 contracts with our trucking company customers, 2) Yesterday, we placed on administrative leave several members of our diesel fuel sales team and, on an interim basis, we are restructuring that team pending further investigation to get control of that operation and restore confidence to our customers. 3) I have directed that all of our diesel fuel customers be converted to electronic calculation and payment eliminating future risks of any abuse that might be enabled by manual calculation and payment. 4) have asked our outside counsel to help us create and staff a position of Chief Compliance Officer to report to the company’s general counsel to deal with any similar questions or issues that might come up in the future. 5) Lastly but very important, our board, in a special meeting yesterday, voted to hire an Independent Special Investigator to oversee and validate all of our internal inquiries related to the federal investigation. Remember this is a private $28B retail business with 650 locations and no Sarbanes Oxley regulations. (Source

Wal-Mart includes compliance objectives in its cash incentive benefit program for top executives  While incentives for senior executives will still be based on financial and growth targets, there will be compliance goals that executives will have to meet as part of the new plan. Executives who do not meet these goals could see their annual cash incentives reduced or eliminated, according to the regulatory filing. Also, its board's audit committee were paid more for the latest year because of the extra work they had to take on to handle an ongoing investigation into alleged foreign bribery. Members of the audit committee were paid an additional $60,000 fee, while the committee's chairman, Christopher Williams, received an $85,000 fee, the company said. (Source (Source

The Man Who Made the Cash Register Obsolete - Square Card Reader - Jack Dorsey  Square's plan was to use technology to allow anyone, anywhere to take credit card payments. Today, more than three million merchants are using the Card Reader to process $12 billion a year in transactions. The reader, which is free to order on the Square site, connects to Square Register, a souped-up point-of-sale app that replaces the traditional cash register, allowing customers to pay with cash or swipe a credit or debit card and sign on the screen with a finger. An interesting read for the retail student. (Source

U.S. Senate 74-20 vote to take up the legislation for debate and amendment on taxing internet sales  Legislation to help states force online retailers to collect sales taxes easily cleared its first procedural hurdle on Monday evening. Now opponents look to the House for a last stand. Under the bill, online retailers would collect an estimated $22 billion to $24 billion that now goes uncollected. This would certainly help the states make up the short falls they've been experiencing. (Source

After Delhaize Group grocery stores closes 126 stores last year and 54 this year in U.S. their fiscal 1st Q shows improvement  Delhaize cited favorable volume trends sales at repositioned Food Lion stores as well as improved performance at its Hannaford and Bottom Dollar stores. The LP industry lost a number of positions in the shake up earlier this year. But with better results (comp store sales up 1.9% and profit margin up 4.2%) hopefully the bleeding has stopped. (Source

"Counterfeits are the narcotics of the marketplace," Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce platform, commits "as many resources necessary" to stop sale of counterfeit goods on Taobao - which exceeded $161.7B last year.  "Counterfeits are the narcotics of the marketplace," said Alibaba founder and Chairman Jack Ma. The company said its incoming chief executive would join a task force to combat piracy on its platforms. Alibaba has been clamping down on the sale of fake goods, but users of Alibaba's Taobao Marketplace, which is similar to's marketplace, can still find knockoff Chanel bags or Vera Wang dresses. (Source

Verizon's annual data breach report shows financially motivated breaches, that targets usually include retail organizations & One in five data breaches are the result of cyberespionage, Verizon says and don't think your retailer is immune.  Retailers and restaurants account for 24% of all data breaches. In over 95 percent of cases the cyberespionage attacks originated from China, said Jay Jacobs, a senior analyst with the Verizon RISK team. A surprising finding was the almost fifty-fifty split between the number of large organizations and small organizations that experienced breaches related to cyberespionage. "When we looked at the espionage cases, those industries suddenly dropped down to the bottom of the list and we saw mostly targets with a large amount of intellectual property like organizations from the manufacturing and professional services industries, computer and engineering consultancies, and so on." (Source

47 armed confrontations involving gunfire and private security officers occurred during the past week  Three security officers were injured and 1 officer suffered a fatal wound. While the majority of confrontations involved firearms, six others involved knives and four involved assaults with other weapons. (Source

Little Rock Kmart pharmacy customers may be at risk; unencrypted data stolen during robbery.  The Kmart store was recently robbed by an armed individual who demanded all money and other valuables stored in a locked safe last week. Among the valuables stolen were electronic media that backed up the pharmacy's computer system and contained confidential information relating to 788 prior customer prescriptions including their names, addresses and medications prescribed. Last week, the pharmacy sent customers letters via U.S. mail to notify them of the security breach. (Source

Oakland Mall Security Director in police custody in Michigan. Troy police confirm that the director was arrested Monday, accused of breaking into stores. He works for Prudential Security, which has offices in Taylor and Southfield. The company’s attorney said the man has an extensive security background with the US Army and General Motors -- with no criminal history. Oakland Mall has not comment on the situation. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Rent-A-Center 1Q down 4.3% with U.S. revenue down 8%
Radio Shack 1Q down 5.7% with revenue with revenue down 7%




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Funeral for a Friend

We are deeply saddened to announce that Angelo Longo Jr. of Blacklick Ohio recently passed away while away on business. A lifelong loss prevention professional and loving father will be laid to rest on:

Thursday, April 25, 2013 from 5:00 p.m. – midnight in Miami, FL. There will be a religious service at 8:30 p.m. and it will take place at:

Funeraria Memorial Plan Westchester
9800 SW 24th Street/Coral Way
Miami, FL 33165

Here are samplings of what friends of Angelo have expressed;

For my Loss Prevention friends/family.
We lost someone who for 15 years was a right hand man to me but more importantly a friend. I found out Angelo Longo (a proud Miami Cuban) died in his hotel while traveling on business. Those that knew Angelo know he was an LP guy from the age of 18 and a self taught techie guy. He was an expert in data mining, supply chain loss prevention and vendor relations. In our years working together he served many roles with me. The most important was the role of friend. Angelo was a proud son, husband to Lourdes and father to "Sammy". Angelo was 44 years young and I am sure our lord has a special place for him in heaven.
Paul Jones/eBay Inc.

It has been a great pleasure working with Angelo for the last 10 years. Over this time he has been a valuable member of the Limited Brands Loss Prevention Family. The LP Industry has lost a true professional and I have lost a good friend. His business tenacity, LP expertise and sense of humor will be greatly missed.
John Talamo/Limited Brands

I had the pleasure of working with Angelo while I was at Limited Brands. He was the type of guy that would run through walls for you. We formed a friendship and even though I moved on in my career we still kept in touch. Every time I talked to him, you could always hear the excitement in his voice when he talked about his daughter “Sammy” and how quickly she was growing up. Hearing the tragic news was a very sad day for me. I can you tell that he will be greatly missed and my thoughts and prayers go out to Angelo and his family.
Dave Alves /Galaxy Golf

I am Angelo's friend and forever will be grateful for being a part of his life. He made me understand why life is worth fighting for. He never came up against a situation he felt he could not win. He was relentless and determined and yet was the kindest person in the world. He never said no to anyone who asked for his help. His drive and compassion made him who he was, a great friend, leader, father and husband. You will be missed and remembered by those you touched May you rest in peace Angelo and thank you for allowing me to be part of your life.
Ivan Valenzuela /Target

I was deeply saddened to hear of Angelo's passing. Those of us who knew him, know that he was truly unique and that the loss prevention profession has lost a good man with a kind heart and a gentle soul.
John J Selevitch/ LP Magazine

The loss of Angelo has made many of us profoundly sad. He was such a personality it’s just unbelievable that he is really gone. Angelo, the first of my contemporaries to pass, has enlightened me to what is important. Few will remember your rank or position in society- you will be remembered for the things you did and didn’t do and the people you touched along the way. Angelo Longo was a great person, one of the good eggs and I will miss him. Despedida de mi amigo.
Dave DiSilva/eBay Inc.

For those that wish to express condolences a guest book will available Tuesday afternoon at this link.
Search Angelo Longo Jr.



Vector Security® Announces
2013 Loss Prevention Foundation
Scholarship Winners

$18,500 in support to loss prevention professionals in U.S. and Canada

Pittsburgh – April 22, 2013: Vector Security® recently announced the winners of its Loss
Prevention Foundation (LPF) scholarships, which provide financial support to loss prevention professionals in the U.S. and Canada seeking to obtain LPQ and LPC certifications. The company began awarding the scholarships five years ago to support career development and continuing education for professionals in this rapidly-growing industry.

The 2013 winners are:

LPQ Scholarship Recipients

Aleksandra Alfonso, Staples, Inc.
Jamie Bailey, Claires, Inc.
Joshua M. Blakely, Lowes Companies, Inc.
Eric Bosko, Richland County Sheriff’s Office
Christopher L. Kilgallon, Neiman Marcus
Jean-Henri Laprime, Sears Holding Corp.
Phillip Lawless, Rite Aid Corp.
Pradeep Sengupta, Garda Canada Security Corp.
Elizabeth Darby Tichenor, Lenscrafters
Tom Zimmerman, DSW, Inc.

LPC Scholarship Recipients

Larry Borden, Lowes Companies, Inc.
Dustin Brown, Spartan Stores, Inc.
William D’Narvarte, CVS Pharmacy
Jacob Gillette, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc.
Deborah Giordano, Deb Shops
Kevin Martin, Staples, Inc.
Eric Rode, LP Innovations, Inc.
Rui Rodrigues, Staples Canada, Inc.
Tonya Sjolin, Sur La Table
Kevin M. Turnbull, AAFES – Army and Air Force Exchange Services

"While the awardees represent a variety of professional backgrounds, they each express the highest level of desire for the opportunity,” said Michael Grady, Executive Vice President of Vector Security. “In addition, they all possess a positive outlook as to how they will use this program to enhance the value they bring to their respective employers. We are pleased to help them advance their career aspirations.”

Debbie Fisher,
Marketing Online Specialist




Crackdown on gangs jetting in for crime sprees in Eastern Europe  Eastern European gangs are launching short-term crime sprees in Dublin and other EU capital cities before returning home with suitcases full of stolen booty. The gangs are involved mainly in street thefts and shoplifting during the day and then focusing on customers in nightclubs and pubs at night. Gardai have smashed one gang from Romania after raiding a flat on the North Circular Road in Dublin. Gardai believe 14 suspects are involved in this gang. No arrests were made at the flat but gardai said last night that these were "imminent". Based on intelligence collected about the activities of one gang, comprised of Romanians, gardai swooped on the flat and found 4,500 euros worth of clothing, which had been shoplifted from several high-street stores, along with phones worth 2,000 euros. (Source

Five arrested in Treasure Coast ORC shoplifting ring with links to thefts from Brevard to Martin counties in Florida.  Port St. Lucie police said the suspects were caught as they left a Wal-Mart with more than $1,800 worth of stolen merchandise. The group was positively identified from photos taken by Walmart surveillance cameras. Police said the suspects have been shoplifting from stores like Walmart, Winn-Dixie and Publix in Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin counties. (Source (Source

Ringleader awaits sentencing and pleads guilty to what turns out to be Mobile’s biggest Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act prosecution in the last 20 years.  A Federal Judge in Atlanta sentenced three people to 6 months or less plus restitution for their role in stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from retailers and credit card companies. The defendants had sold stolen and fraudulently acquired merchandise over eBay, but with the help of eBay PROACT were busted. Jason Spellen, the ringleader is awaiting sentencing in Mobile, Alabama. Members of the group used the stolen information to open up over 200 credit cards and store cards that they used to make purchases. Restitution for one a the accused is $64,421.32 to Walmart, $7,912.80 to Target, $22,968.85 to Discover, $3,440.43 to USSA and $6,414.70 to Chase credit card division. (Source

The Granny Gang - Wheelchair-bound granny, son accused of massive retail theft scheme- 83 yr. old and 61 yr. old theft ring having unique garage sales  Police now say it was all the result of this mother-son shoplifting ring. Larry allegedly pushed his mom in the wheelchair through a slew of Valley stores, grabbing items and packing them in bags hanging off the chair. The pair eventually walked away with more than $130,000 worth of products from retail stores. They allegedly often targeted and stole from stores with merchandise out front. Gilbert police say Ruthenburg and his mother allegedly were involved in 32 thefts over a five-day span from 19 retailers. Detectives say they had several potted plants in their loot from stores like Lowe's and The Home Depot. Officers discovered the pair partly through what they did next: hosting rather unique garage sales and allegedly selling off their stolen goods, still in original packaging. (Source

ORC? Man busted stealing 102 bottles of nail polish from CVS in Connecticut 
A CVS loss prevention officer contacted authorities when they discovered Gonzalez stuffing his clothing with numerous bottles of nail polish. When confronted, the man admitted shoplifting the 102 bottles of nail polish, and that he had no intention of paying for them. He did not explain whether he planned to use or sell the polish. (Source

ORC habitual offender sentenced to 20 to 90 months in Michigan court 
The incident occurred March 18 at the Niles Wal-Mart. She and two co-defendants stole several items from the store to pay off a $1,000 debt to a cocaine dealer. Arivett was on parole at the time so received no credit for time already served. Her prison term is consecutive to any prison term for violating her parole from a 2009 first-degree retail fraud conviction. She received an 18-month prison term for that sentence and was released from prison in March 2011. Arivett's record includes six prior felony convictions and seven prior misdemeanor convictions. (Source

NY woman attempted to use fake ID to buy $4,000 of electronics at Sears in Milford, Connecticut.  Bianca Mallard, 22, of Brooklyn was charged with attempted third-degree larceny, interfering with police and identity theft and held on a $1,000 bond after her arrest. Mallard had attempted to purchase five Samsung Galaxy tablets, two Nikon cameras and two HP laptop computers. Mallard also struggled with officers attempting to take her into custody. (Source

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DVP Loss Prevention Helzberg Diamonds North Kansas City, MO Helzberg Diamonds
Dir, Security Risk Info & Analysis Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Head of Safety & Loss Confidential London Linkedin
Director FLD LP CVS Caremark California CVS Caremark
Senior Director, LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
West LP Director Gap San Francisco, CA Gap Inc.
Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone Express New York, NY Express
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express
Director of Safety Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
Corp Safety Manager Confidential Mid-Atlantic Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Central Midwest

Downing & Downing

National Acct Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing



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ETL in Training AP Target Little Rock, AR Target
ETL Assets Protection Target Southfield, MI Target
ETL Asset Protection Target Saginaw, MI Target
Exec Team Leader AP Target Oklahoma City, OK Target
Exec Team Leader AP Target Albany, CA Target
Exec Team Leader AP Target Southern CT Target
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Sandy, UT Macy's
District Investigator Home Depot Salt Lake City, UT Home Depot
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Lake Elsinore, CA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Frankfort, KY Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Spartanburg, SC Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Kingston, NY Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Flower Mound, TX Lowe's
Regional LP Mgr Rent-A-Center New York, NY Rent-A-Center
Dist Loss Prevention Mgr Nike Portland, OR Nike

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Justin Karim was named Director, Global Security for Apollo Group.

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