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Terry Nichols was promoted to Vice President, Loss Prevention/Safety for Office Depot. Terry has been with Office Depot for over 25 years as their Senior Director of Loss Prevention/Safety.  Prior to working at Office Depot, Terry worked as the District Loss Prevention Manager at Marshall's for 12 years. Congratulations Terry!

Walt Hall was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention and Safety-North American Retail for Office Depot.
  Walt has worked at Office Depot for 17 years, as their Regional Loss Prevention Manager.  Prior to working with Office Depot, Walt held the District Loss Prevention Manager position at two other stores: Service Merchandise where he worked for 7 years, and Wal-mart where he worked for three years. Walt earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business from Auburn University at Montgomery. Congratulations Walt!

Protesters march at Gap Inc. headquarters yesterday with banners "No More Death Traps"  Protestors chant as they march around the Gap Inc. headquarters during a demonstration on April 25, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Dozens of protesters staged a demonstration outside of the Gap Inc. headquarters demanding that the retail clothing giant improve working conditions in their manufacturing. Garment workers who sew clothes for Western brands clashed with Bangladeshi police Friday at a mass rally over the death of nearly 300 colleagues in a collapsed building as rescuers raced against time to find survivors. Police meanwhile made a series of raids to hunt down the factory and building owners after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to track them down and bring them to justice. (Source (Source

Time to check your POS terminals if they're Digi International or Lantronix terminal servers - hackers can gain access over an internet connection  A recent study by the security firm Rapid7 found more than 114,000 terminal servers, mostly from Digi International or Lantronix, configured to let anyone gain access to the underlying systems. A terminals server, also called a network access server, makes any equipment with a serial port accessible through the Internet. The systems found vulnerable to tampering included industrial control equipment, traffic signal monitors, fuel pumps, retail point-of-sale terminals. The problem largely stems from companies failing to set up strong authentication measures. Rather than requiring a strong password, the equipment is left using the manufacturer's default password -- or no authentication at all. (Source

E-Mail Privacy Bill Clears Senate Panel
A bill aimed at strengthening e-mail privacy protections cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. S. 607 would not prohibit criminal and civil investigators who obtain subpoenas from gaining access to non-content information such as routing data, customer names and session records. The bill would allow federal agencies to compel service providers, pending issuance of a court order, to prevent users who are targets of criminal and civil investigations from deleting their e-mails. Besides requiring a warrant to access e-mails, the bill, if enacted, would prohibit providers such as Facebook, Gmail and Twitter, from voluntarily disclosing the contents of customers' e-mails or other communications. The measure also would require law-enforcement agencies, in most instances, to notify within 10 days individuals that their e-mails are being search. (Source

U.S. e-commerce sales could top $434 billion in 2017
2013 will reach $258.9B and see 14% annual growth over the next four years, with consumer electronics and apparel helping drive the growth. (Source

Amazon continues to grow with 1st Q sales increase of 22%
The company has been investing a lot of its income in enhancing its distribution network, its shopping website and its Kindle business as part of a long-term growth plan. If you see an LP job opportunity with Amazon don't pass go and collect $200, just jump on and hang tight as you just might have a ride for the rest of your life. (Source Associated Press)

Texas executes 29 yr. old male for abduction & killing in convenience store robbery  A Texas inmate was executed Thursday evening for fatally shooting one of three people he and a partner abducted during a convenience store robbery nearly 11 years ago. Richard Cobb, 29, didn’t deny using a 20-gauge shotgun to kill Kenneth Vandever in an East Texas field where two women also were shot and one was raped. He was convicted of capital murder. (Source

Dayton Mall, in Dayton, Ohio, is a focal point for drug activity and cops are cracking down  The Dayton Mall area has been a focal point of late,” said Sgt. Mike Brem, head of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the RANGE task force on Wednesday. In the past month, federal authorities and regional drug task forces have arrested seven people on heroin, cocaine and other drug charges around the mall. Everyday more than 26,000 drivers pass the mall’s main intersection, Springboro Pike and Ohio 725, just east of Interstate 75, according to traffic counts. More than 2,000 work in the mall itself, according to mall officials. “It makes me very nervous and very concerned especially for my children. I don’t want them growing up in that type of atmosphere,” Littrell said. “I’m relieved that some people have been caught, but I know there’s a lot more out there. (Source

5 smash-and-grabs using trucks in one week in Houston - Crime Spree
In the past four days, we've seen pickup trucks plow through five businesses across the Houston area. One store was hit around 4am Thursday and another store was hit down the street. We have surveillance video of all the incidents and now police just need your help to catch the suspects. (Source

Columbus Robbery suspect fleeing police runs into Sears in Eastland Mall to try to escape.  Police said at least three people were under arrest Thursday afternoon after a foot chase at Eastland Mall. The suspects were allegedly wanted for robbery. Two were arrested immediately but one suspect tried to avoid police by running into a mall around 1:45 p.m. Authorities followed the person into a Sears store and he was taken into custody. A Franklin County K9 unit bit that suspect who was transported to the hospital. (Source

Four arrested for shoplifting at Louis Vuitton in the Natick Mall.
Four New Hampshire residents, including one juvenile, were arrested Tuesday at the Natick Mall. The group allegedly stole about $1,300 worth of merchandise from the Louis Vuitton store. William Rhadame Mejia-Delisle, 20, was charged with larceny over $250 and conspiracy. Amel S. Divanefendic, 18, was charged with conspiracy. Mahir Mehic, 19,, was charged with conspiracy and furnishing a false name/Social Security number. The juvenile, 15, of Manchester, N.H., was charged with larceny over $250 and conspiracy. (Source

Herrin, Illinois woman accused of stealing from Paducah Sam's Club. Veronica S. Stout, 42, of Herrin was arrested on a Paducah Police Department warrant charging her with felony theft.  She is suspected of stealing more than $4,000 from the Paducah Sam’s Club earlier this month. Stout is charged with stealing pet supplies and computer equipment April 15. She has also been identified as a suspect in more than 10 similar thefts at Sam’s Club and Walmart locations in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. Total amount of the thefts just since October 2012 is estimated at $15,000. Herrin police and Williamson County Sheriff’s Department investigators assisted in a search of her home. There authorities seized stolen merchandise, computers and a Hyundai car. (Source

Beauty Salon in Colorado Springs hit for thousands in overnight burglary.  The national trend of hitting beauty supply stores has continued, and State Beauty Supply in Colorado Springs is the latest victim. Wednesday night, a burglar threw a rock through the glass door and got inside the store. The thief grabbed beauty products and supplies, leaving empty shelves, getting away with over $6000 of products. (Source

Salina Police turn to Social Media and YouTube to catch a suspected shoplifter.  Lt. Scott Siemsen of the Salina Police Department said Manuel Maldonado, 45, was arrested Tuesday morning after he returned to Sam's Club and was recognized by employees. He said Maldonado left the store, but police apprehended him a short time later. Siemsen said Maldonado is accused of having broken into a cellphone kiosk at Sam's Club on April 18 and taking six iPhone 5s, four iPhone 4s, a Samsung Galaxy S3 and three Samsung Note tablet computers. Maldonado allegedly put the items in a black Swiss Gear backpack that he also took. Total loss and damage was estimated at $10,241. (Source

Port Charlotte, Florida Kohl’s supervisor accused of $1500 in refund theft.  Loss Prevention noticed a trail of shortages and began digging deeper into refund transactions; it didn’t take long to narrow it down to one suspected thief. Kohl’s supervisor Rachel Eastman is suspected of conducting 20 fraudulent refunds and crediting her Kohl’s credit card totaling over $1500. (Source

Be on the look out for the biggest LP growth story in the retail Loss Prevention industry next week!  Exclusively on the Daily we'll bring you the whole story and how you can get involved!

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Starbucks Q2 U.S. up 7% with revenue up 11%
Nash Finch Q1 down 0.5% with sales up 2.3%




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Canadian e-retailers falling short of customer expectations & "Canadian retailers should be shaking in their boots," a Forrester analyst says.  The report highlights four areas in which Canadian e-retailers are falling short of customer expectations: shipping costs, product assortments, prices and a lack of omnichannel shopping capabilities—that is, tying together web, mobile and stores. Overall, 25% of all Canadian e-commerce spending going to foreign businesses, the report says. Sheldon predicts that Canadian online shoppers will change their expectations even more dramatically within the next 18 months as large U.S. retailers including J. Crew Group Inc., Nordstrom Inc. and Target Corp. expand into the country both online and through stores. Editors note: The massive retail growth in the U.S. over the last twenty years went unnoticed and almost untouched up north, with really only Sears, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot expanding there. Everyone else ignored them until the recession hit and everyone realized the states where over-stored and saturated, then the American invasion became the popular push and adrenaline injection. The problem is that Canada's retail market will reach saturation very quickly. The real exciting thing right now, at least for the consumer, is Express promising to deliver U.S. pricing now. That could be a real game changer over the next couple of years. (Source

One U.S. retailer levels the shopping field for Canadian customers and guarantees prices match U.S.  U.S.-based specialty retail apparel chain Express has completed its move to parity pricing, in an effort to grow its customer base in the Canadian market. Online shoppers will also be able to take advantage of the parities, including an $8 shipping fee, as well as free shipping on all orders totaling more than $125. It currently operates 11 dual-gender store locations across Canada and plans to open 50 additional locations over the course of the next several years. This is a big development and may start a trend that would benefit Canadian consumers and drive business for those willing to match it. (Source

Quick Responses by Security Professionals Praised by Canadian at Bomb Site 
In the aftermath of the Boston bombing there is some relief to know the security measures taken by professionals were appropriate and done so in a timely and efficient manner.  Mike Jagger, CEO and President of Provident Security Services witnessed the horrific events in a nearby hotel lobby, while in Boston to see his brother's race. “We were eventually able to get out to get some fresh air later on and it was kind of incredible how the streets transitioned from a marathon to...a massive parking lot [for police vehicles],” says Jagger. This event should not be taken lightly, and citizens worldwide should realize that this kind of terror can happen anywhere at any time. (Source

Joe Fresh items made in Bangladesh factory that collapsed, killing more than 300
Joe Fresh parent company Loblaw released a statement Thursday saying some Joe Fresh items were made in the factory and offered its condolences to the victims and their families. The company said it requires vendors to ensure products are being manufactured in a socially responsible way, prohibiting child harassment, abuse and forced labour, as well as ensuring fair pay, benefits and health and safety standards. (Source

Gang-related hits occurring throughout Metro Vancouver in recent months with one man shot dead at Morgan Crossing Mall Wed. evening  The mixed-use commercial and residential centre has close to 60 stores and was filled with shoppers during the shooting. Surrey has had more than 11 murders in 2013, the majority of them gang-related, according to police. (Source

Four face charges of Cargo theft in Mississauga; $2 Million dollars of merchandise recovered.  Thefts of liquor from numerous locations within Peel in April have been recovered following the execution of search warrants served in Brampton, Mississauga and Kitchener. Along with the recovery of the cargo, $130,000 of illegal drugs was also recovered. (Source

Update: Police in Edmonton release details on two suspects in the Londonderry Mall homicide.  On Tuesday a 26 year old man was shot and killed in the parking area of the Londonderry Mall, police are now releasing a description of the two suspects wanted in this case. (Source

50-Year-Old Bottle of Scotch, One of Only 50 Around the World, Stolen- Whoever Gets to Enjoy it is a Lucky, Lucky Man!  The bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt, displayed in a locked cabinet, was valued at $26,000, but that didn't stop a wanting thief.  A man bought and paid for a bottle of wine at Queens Quay liquor store earlier this month, and later became the suspect in this pricey pilfering.  The alcohol ran so high in price because whiskeys that old are so rare, and become product for black markets. Police released an image of the perpetrator from surveillance cameras and ask if anyone has any additional information, please call Crimestoppers. Thanks George Currie for sending us this story. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Case Study: The Impact of Cloud Security at The Jones Group

Cloud-Based System Secures Multiple Retail Locations

The Jones Group looks to Brivo’s cloud solutions to establish one system and one management interface for all facilities globally.

The Situation
The Jones Group Inc. (NYSE: JNY) or “Jones”, is a leading designer, marketer and wholesaler of branded apparel, footwear and accessories. Some of its more recognizable brands include Jones New York, Nine West, Stuart Weitzman, Anne Klein, among others. The company maintains production, distribution, and retail facilities worldwide.

The Challenge
“We wanted a remote, web-based system that would enable us to control multiple locations at once. One of our goals is to unite all of our brands by creating a strong and secure global badge, a consistent form of identification throughout the company,” explained Brian David, Security Manager for The Jones Group. “Unlike a proprietary system, the technology in Brivo’s web-based system allows us to minimize the number of personnel we need devoted to security, and in turn enables us to be a more efficient and secure company.”

The Solution

Jones began installing Brivo ACS WebService® in 2008 and now has cloud-based access control installed in six of its New York City facilities, a facility in Pennsylvania, and another in California, among others. Jones utilizes Brivo to manage approximately 225 doors, a number which will increase substantially as other buildings are brought online. In New York City alone, the company relies on Brivo to secure 25 floors in several different buildings. The company has plans to expand the Brivo access control management system to include its office facility in White Plains, NY as well as several distribution centers.

The Highlights
Currently, The Jones Group utilizes Brivo ACS WebService to manage access for 225 doors, with plans to scale that numbd-ddailer to as many as the company needs to unify all employees in all locations under one credential.  
“The Brivo system is extremely convenient and makes constant access possible,” David commented. “I recommend Brivo’s technology and service. Our goal is one system and one screen, and with Brivo we will be able to accomplish that.”
Installation of Brivo technology has resulted in substantial savings by minimizing the number of personnel devoted to security, while enabling Jones to be a more efficient and secure company.
Brivo provides The Jones Group the ability to run multiple reports to view all
activity in the company’s facilities, and to look for patterns which may suggest
that something is amiss.
Jones’ staff utilizes the system’s alert feature to notify them about temperature fluctuations, power failures, and other critical events for which they want immediate information.
Soon, Jones will begin integrating video surveillance into their Brivo system.

The Product
ASC WebService® Cloud-based access control solution that provides reliable, real time control of your facilities. Leverages the power and versatility of the cloud to provide powerful, scalable, secure solutions.

Brivo - 4330 East West Hwy, Suite 250 Bethesda, MD - 301.664.5242 - 866.692.7486 -



South Carolina looks to toughen ORC shoplifting penalties  Legislators are now responding to an increase in professional shoplifting rings by carving out more comprehensive theft laws and penalties. Part of the problem is South Carolina has some of the most lenient felony theft thresholds in the southeast. Under a proposed Senate bill, prosecutors would be able to charge multiple shoplifting acts in different counties into one count, raising the possible prison sentence to a maximum of 10 years. It's a step towards dismantling shoplifting rings that are drawn into South Carolina because of our lenient theft penalties. The Walgreens representative for four counties in Upstate said her chain loses up to $30,000 a month to organized retail crime. And it's similar with big box stores," said Retailers Association representative Jack West. A companion bill passed the State House last week with no opposition. (Source

Southern Nevada retailers and Las Vegas Police team up on Organized Retail Crime.  Loss Prevention and Las Vegas Police are teaming up to focus on ORC crimes which are believed to be a million dollar crime in the area. Three suspects recently arrested had nearly $40,000 worth of stolen inventory, everything from sunglasses to baby formula. Increasing string operations to focus on the fencing operators is seen as one way to take the profit out of shoplifting. (Source

Chandler, AZ., ORC gang of three busted hitting Wal-Mart stores for more than $230,000 in electronics  Three people are in custody and three others are wanted in connection with the thefts of more than $230,000 in electronics from Valley-wide Walmart stores, police said. The thefts began last year in mid-July and continued until mid-April. Investigators are still seeking a fourth male suspect, Jorge Luis Sotelo, Jr., 19. He is described as Hispanic. He is 6' tall and weighs around 235 pounds. Police suspect that the suspects broke into display cases, put items in a cart and left the store through the garden department to an awaiting vehicle. (Source

Colorado Spring Police are looking for a phony gift card scammer.   While Colorado Springs police officers were executing a search warrant at Just Computers, Amber Smidt arrived on scene wanting to sell gift cards to the store. Investigation revealed the gift cards were from stolen merchandise returned at J.C. Penny's. Further investigation revealed she also sold $400 in fraudulent cards to a victim who is a quadriplegic. The cards were invalid and never activated. Amber Smidt is currently wanted for Money Laundering, Theft by Receiving and Theft from an At Risk Adult. (Source

Well dressed man steals over $5000 in merchandise from Walgreen’s in Colorado.  Authorities in Colorado are looking for a well-groomed man suspected of stealing more than $2,600 worth of teeth-whitening strips, weight-loss pills, probiotics, condoms, Rogaine and other hair-growth products from several Walgreens stores. Jefferson County sheriff's officials said Thursday that the thefts happened April 11. The same man also is suspected of stealing from Walgreens stores in Arvada and Golden a day earlier. Investigators say the man, wearing a sweater, tie, slacks and a neatly groomed mustache and beard, apparently used a coat that he was carrying to conceal the stolen goods. Investigators say it appears he would buy a DVD before leaving the store as a possible cover for the door alarm activating. (Source

$1,000 reward offered for tips on Briarwood Mall serial shoplifter, MI.  Inch has existing warrants for retail fraud, driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest and obstruction, said Troy Macon, Crime Stoppers' Washtenaw County director. Inch is suspected in numerous retail frauds at Sears within Briarwood Mall and is wanted by Ann Arbor police. (Source

Two shoplifters in Pennsylvania are on the run after eluding police.
Police said a pair suspected of retail theft at the Oxford Valley Mall on Thursday scuffed up a police car with their GMC Yukon Denali before getting away. Police got the address associated with the Denali's license plate and forwarded the information to Philadelphia police. According to Middletown police, the female driver and male passenger are suspected of stealing from several stores in the mall Thursday afternoon. Police said they attempted to pull over the car, the suspects seemed to cooperate, but then made a U-turn, hit the patrol car and fled. Police said they didn't pursue the SUV because of the amount of traffic and safety policies. (Source

Jacksonville Police arrest 5 suspects in $100,000 shoplifting ring.  Police made five arrests after a gang of shoplifters stole merchandise from more than 19 Walmarts and Targets. The suspects have made more than $100,000 from thefts across five different counties over a six month period. The group was focused as working as a team and focused on high end electronics. Now suspects Arkeen Woods, Samaria Gay, Antonio Calhoun, Jaron Scott, and Wesley Walker have been charged with grand theft. (Source

ORC thieves turn themselves in in Plattsburgh, NY  Police say surveillance cameras captured the pair walking out of the Wal-Mart store in Plattsburgh with about $8,000 in electronic merchandise that they didn't pay for. Police released the photos to the public and that led the two suspects to turn themselves in. The suspects led police to $20,000 more in stolen merchandise. (Source


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Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Rancho Cucamo, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District Asset Coordinator Sears Rochester, NY Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Rio Grande, NJ Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Boynton Beach, FL Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Largo, FL Lowe's
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District LP Manager Kohl's Fresno, CA Kohl's

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Terry Nichols was promoted to Vice President, Loss Prevention/Safety for Office Depot.
Walt Hall
was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention and Safety-North American Retail for Office Depot.

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5 Leadership Lessons From a Hollywood Pope  Hollywood pope, Pope Kiril, played by Anthony Quinn, exemplifies leadership traits, that are not only similar to those qualities found in our current Pope, but that every leader can afford to learn.
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3 Unusual Ways to Help Employees Make Good Decisions  It's not always about the money at work-the impact a leader can have on someone can be life-changing, and should be carefully considered.  Try impacting your employee's day at work and their positive behavior by doing these three things, if you don't already. (Give them the tools to better their own lives)

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The main event of every industry and a time when everyone comes together and plants the seeds of growth. Where life long relationships are born, developed, and strengthened. Where industry social dynamics play out like the scenes in a soap opera. For the most part, many attendees don't even give a second thought to the effort, the time, the blood-sweat & tears the vendors invest to pull off a good show. The countless hours, the dozens of meetings, the hopes and aspirations of each person standing at those booths hoping for even the slightest recognition from a passer-by. From first time attendees to the seasoned executive every "solution provider" spends months preparing and rehearsing.

From the vendor in the back corner to the big boys upfront, they all stand there waiting and hoping to share their story, their product, their service with the industry leaders and their teams. It's the biggest investment of the year for all of them and a lot of them have planned all year for this small piece of time to spend with the leaders. Thousands of hours have been invested and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, all in the name of retail Loss Prevention.

Quite frankly it's an impressive display and all the men and women who've brought their passion, their energy, and their commitment to adding value to this industry deserve credit for just being there and trying to make a difference. Much has been written about how LP executives should manage themselves and how to get the most out of a show, but very little has been written about what the solution providers go through and how much these shows mean to their company and to them individually. As each one has the same hopes and dreams that every retail LP executive has: to be successful, to add value to the industry, to make a difference, and to be recognized as an industry colleague, dedicated to helping this industry grow.

So when you're walking those long isles next week and in June, remember that executive standing in that booth and try to take the time to thank them for being there, because you never know.

Just a thought,
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