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May 3

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May 23

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June 20-21

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Aug. 14-16

Twin Cities ORC Association Annual Conference & Training
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63rd Annual Seminar

Sept. 25-28

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ATM Skimming: On the Rise or "Extremely Rare"?
FICO Study Shows Skimming Uptick - ATM Council Disagrees

FICO Study Suggests ATM Skimming Is On The Rise And Independent Deployers Are Main Targets
The number of payment cards compromised at U.S. ATMs and merchants monitored by FICO rose 70% in 2016 from the previous year. According to FICO, 2016 set a new high for its Card Alert Service, which monitors hundreds of thousands of ATMs and other readers in the U.S. These new data follow a 546% increase in compromised ATMs between 2014 and 2015.

As in 2015, the majority of compromises, about 60%, occurred at nonbank ATMs, deployed by independent operators, FICO claims; the remainder occurred at bank ATMs or on point-of-sale devices at retailers. These figures cover only card fraud occurring at physical devices, not online card fraud.

"As the last few years have proven, skimming technology and knowhow have improved and are more accessible to the general population, so we will continue to see increases in compromises and the speed at which they occur," said TJ Horan, FICO's vice-president of fraud solutions. "With some of the confusion we still have at various POS checkout locations, it's still important for consumers to be on alert."

Another reason for the jump in fraud, some experts note, is the steady adoption of EMV technology, which is much more difficult for criminals to penetrate. As thieves see their felonious window of opportunity closing, they are making the most of what time remains for the more vulnerable magstripe system. vendingtimes.com

National ATM Council Challenges FICO Skimming Survey
The National ATM Council Inc. said it has concerns regarding FICO's recent findings on card compromises at retail ATMs in the U.S. According to FICO, independently deployed ATMs showed an unusually high volume of illegal activity, compared with fewer at bank ATMs. NAC is questioning those findings that imply retail ATMs are less safe for consumers.

"Based on my many years in the ATM business and numerous discussions with ATM entrepreneurs throughout the nation, there is a clear consensus that card skimming is extremely rare at ATMs in retail locations," said NAC chairman George Sarantopoulos of New York City-based Access One ATM.

NAC also challenged similar findings from last year's annual FICO report, which ran directly counter to evidence received by the association from ATM operators throughout the U.S. Both FICO reports stand at odds with NAC's 2016 ATM Industry-wide Skimming Survey results, showing that nine in 10 retail ATM providers have never encountered a card data-skimming device on their ATM routes. vendingtimes.com 

Home Depot Liable for Regional Manager's Off-Duty Murder?
Companies often assume they are not responsible for interactions between employees that happen off-site after hours and that are unrelated to their jobs. However, if a supervisor and a subordinate are involved and the employer failed to take appropriate action regarding workplace issues between the two leading up to the "off-campus" event, then a different outcome may result.

Employee targeted by her supervisor
In an Illinois lawsuit, the mother of a murdered employee made the following accusations against her daughter's employer, Home Depot:

Brian Cooper worked as a regional manager for Home Depot in Illinois. Young female subordinates were often subjected by Cooper to sexual harassment. His treatment of Alisha Bromfield followed a then-familiar pattern. Cooper called her "his girlfriend," yelled obscenities at Alisha in the presence of customers and co-workers, and threw garden center items in anger.

On several occasions, Alisha complained to Home Depot managers and supervisors about Cooper's mistreatment of her. They acknowledged to Alisha they knew about Cooper's misbehavior. At one point, his supervisors directed Cooper to participate in an anger management program, but he did not complete the course, and no one followed up with him. Astonishingly, Home Depot allowed Cooper to remain Alisha's supervisor through all this.

This nightmare ended in a horrific tragedy at a Wisconsin hotel. At first, Alisha refused Cooper's persistent invitation that she go with him to his sister's upcoming wedding in Wisconsin. When he threatened to fire her or reduce her hours if she did not travel to the wedding with him, Alisha agreed to go. After the wedding, Cooper strangled Alisha to death in a hotel room he had rented for them.

The employer is targeted
As administrator of her estate, Alisha's mother sued Home Depot on the grounds that the employer was negligent in its oversight and retention of Cooper as her daughter's supervisor. Home Depot argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed because it was not legally responsible for criminal acts committed by Cooper off-duty and off-site. For a number of reasons, the court let the lawsuit stand, and a jury will ultimately decide whether Home Depot should be held liable for Cooper's murder of Alisha.

First, the court observed an employer has a legally recognized duty to fire or demote employees on the basis of inappropriate language or sexual misconduct. Next, although the murder did not occur on the employer's premises nor did it occur within the scope of Cooper's employment, he used his supervisory authority to carry out his misdeed. Finally, the court found that a jury could conclude the possibility of Cooper harming Alisha was foreseeable to Home Depot. Cooper's harassing and aggressive conduct towards female subordinates was known to management, and Cooper's misbehavior in the workplace did nothing but escalate.

What does this mean?
As an employer, do not assume that you are never responsible for events that occur between a supervisor and a subordinate, so long as it occurs after hours and off the employer's property. If you are aware of bad behavior occurring in the workplace but fail to take reasonable actions to solve that situation, you may nonetheless be held liable for events that spill over "off-campus" and after hours. employerlinc.com

79% of Security Execs Say They'd Screen Entire Workforce Daily
Lack of Post-Employment Checks Expose Companies

Most companies with 100 or more employees conduct pre-employment background checks on potential hires but most stop checking on workers after they are hired, opening up potential security and compliance risks for the organization, according to a report. While 98% of the 278 executives surveyed by insider threat-monitoring firm Endera said their organization checks people before offering them a job, fewer than 25% said they make such checks after someone joins the group. "Most post-hire employee screenings are conducted only after an incident is discovered," stated the survey report. "Companies are mostly blind to the external pressures on employees that contribute to their making bad decisions and causing harm to customers, colleagues and corporate assets."

The lack of post-employment monitoring remains prevalent despite the fact one in every 1,000 employees is arrested every month - and despite the fact 79% of security executives and 81% of operations executives who were asked in the survey said they would screen or consider screening their entire workforce every day if they could. While companies manage cybersecurity risks, they focus on insider threats such as data and device behavior, preventing data loss and managing access - and this leaves unknown all the things an employee does when not working, said Endera Chief Executive Raj Ananthanpillai. The typical employee spends one-third of their time inside the enterprise and two-thirds outside, but what they do outside of work can affect what they do when on the job, he said. "A lot of the time employers can reduce inside threats and risks but pressures employees face outside of work - criminal or civil [cases], financial [issues], domestic [problems]-directly correlate to what these employee may do on the inside," said Mr. Ananthanpillai. wsj.com

WEBINAR: The Science of Shoplifting and How Crime Prevention Begins Before Customers Enter a Retail Store
Tuesday, May 23 @ 2:00 PM EDT
When you think of retail theft, you might envision teenagers shoplifting candy bars. It's a much larger problem than that. Theft and fraud cost U.S. retailers billions in annual losses, as well as generating violence. Shoplifting also drives up prices for paying customers and filling the coffers of gangs and terrorist organizations. In cities around the United States, a growing number of violent drug store robberies are putting employees and customers at risk, while data breaches siphon off in minutes what would take years to steal from stores. Register here.

When Drones Hit Trucking - Teamsters Won't Go Quietly
When it comes to drones, more and more we're hearing that the trucking industry is going to be one of the first ones hit hard. With a self driving rig on the road in North California this step may just be skipped if the techies have anything to do with it. As all the news channels are now mentioning the trucking industry as one of the primary targets of the upcoming drone invasion and rightfully so when you look at switching to electric power, eliminating the labor cost and potential insurance savings. Although initially insurance will be expensive due to the unknown risk, history, and formulas.

Now the real issue that no one has brought up yet is the Teamsters. If anyone thinks they're going to go away quietly they've got a problem and the folks that may ultimately have to deal with it will be LP/AP.

Back in 1976 during President Carter's oil and Iran crisis, the Teamsters pulled a nationwide strike that basically froze the U.S. cargo industry. With bowling balls and rocks dropped off of bridges on wild cat driven rigs, wildcatters shot and trucks vandalized, with a few deaths and truckers picketing distribution centers around the country, it was a dangerous time and retailers were caught in the middle.

This writer knows first hand as a security guard at a DC and on the security detail to get 22 rigs out one morning in the middle of over a hundred teamsters, which never made it out by the way, it was a dangerous time and this inevitable development may initially have the same impact. Just a thought as you start to hear more and more from the transportation executives over the next five years. - Gus Downing

Update - San Jose, CA: 5-Hour Energy counterfeiter gets 7 years in Prison
Walid "Wally" Jamil, one of eight people convicted in connection with a scheme to counterfeit the dietary supplement 5-Hour Energy, was sentenced Wednesday to seven years in prison and ordered to pay more than $550,000 in restitution. Jamil, 66, of Troy, Mich., pleaded guilty in October to one count of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods and one count of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement and to introduce misbranded food into interstate commerce. The scheme started in 2009, when co-defendants Joseph and Adriana Shayota inked a deal with Living Essentials LLC, the owner of 5-Hour Energy, to distribute the dietary supplement in Mexico. Living Essentials provided the product and Spanish-language packaging. The Shayotas, who were convicted of the same charges in November, instead relabeled and repackaged more than 350,000 bottles of 5-Hour Energy and sold them in the United States at a price that was lower than what Living Essentials charged for the authentic product. mercurynew.scom

The 5 Biggest Lawsuits in Fashion & Retail
Although retail and fashion industries are facing fundamental changes - including massive store closures and shifting shopping habits - that hasn't stopped companies from launching cases that could have broad effects on everything from trademarks to financing packages. Here, some of 2017's biggest legal tussles in fashion and retail:

Cox vs. Macy's
Core Issue: Employee non-compete agreement

J. Crew vs. Wilmington Savings Fund
Core Issue: J. Crew wants the court's blessing for a new subsidiary that put a majority of its namesake brand out of the reach of lenders.

Puma vs. Forever 21
Core Issue: Forever 21 is allegedly selling copies of several shoes in Rihanna's Fenty collection for Puma.

Coachella Music Festival vs. Urban Outfitters
Core Issue: Urban Outfitters is selling several "Coachella"-themed garments through Free People, without the consent of the annual music festival.

Converse vs. International Trade Commission
Core Issue: The ITC refused to give Converse broader trade dress protection for its popular Chuck Taylor sneakers, and the company is looking for a reversal. wwd.com

Donald Trump Was Hurting Retailers Around Trump Tower
Now He Might Be Helping

For weeks after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, the luxury Fifth Avenue retailers that surround his New York City home complained about the hit their businesses were taking amid tight security and constant protests. But now that President Trump lives more than 200 miles away from Trump Tower in the White House, things have changed: He might actually be good for business.

As security has lessened since Trump decamped his iconic Manhattan skyscraper for Washington, business for some retailers on the street known for high-end shopping has started to rebound, according to Tom Cusick, president of the Fifth Avenue Business District. How much it has recovered will remain unclear until retailers report first-quarter earnings - which are expected in the coming weeks. (And most retailers don't release earnings for individual stores.) But Cusick and others credit increased foot traffic from tourists looking to catch a glimpse of where the future President lived - and where his wife and youngest child still live - for boosting business on the blocks surrounding Trump Tower. time.com

Retailers Brace for New York Real Estate Apocalypse
In Manhattan's prime retail districts, tourist traffic is down, rents are high, Trump is looming large and overstoring is about as bad as it is in Middle America. Something has got to give.

"There is a lot of space, but not a lot of takers," one New York City real estate broker said of 5th Avenue. There's a similar air downtown in Soho, where rents have skyrocketed and empty storefronts abound. Further west in the Meatpacking District, too, the situation is grim.

And yet, new retail projects keep emerging, targeting the city's wealthy elite, who increasingly live and work downtown. "Manhattan is essentially two cities." "The stores need to be where the wealthy are living."

Real estate insiders say Manhattan is as overstored - too many physical locations that result in decreased productivity at each location - as the rest of the United States, suggesting that, for most retailers, operating multiple locations - even in a place as densely populated as Manhattan - no longer makes sense. Especially if those locations are not serving locals, as an Apple store does, or else serving as convenient or necessary stop-offs for commuters.

To bring store productivity in line with historical averages, more than 10 percent - nearly a billion square feet - of retail space in the US will need to be closed, be converted into other things (such as restaurants or housing) or be made much cheaper to rent. businessoffashion.com

Consumer confidence slips in April
April's consumer confidence metric didn't live up to the new benchmark established in March, when consumer confidence reached a 16-year high. This month, the Index declined to 120.3 from 124.9 in March. "But still remains at strong levels." chainstoreage.com

Editor's Note: Seems like no one is paying attention to the retail industry's problems and 90,000 lost jobs. It's bound to catch up and make the new, but no one in the news media or in DC is even aware of it and with the potential of thousands of more stores closings and tens of thousands facing unemployment it seems like they would be talking about it and how it's going to impact the economy sooner or later. Because it will.

We have Malls emptying, stores closing, jobs lost, vendors not getting paid and bankruptcies piling up. Is online sales really covering it up to that degree where it's not going to impact the overall economy? I don't think so - this is like the tail on the dog that eventually gets bitten and then everyone is caught off guard and a recession is here. Somebody has to be addressing this. Just a thought

Meet the new Pelco
CEO Sharad Shekhar looks to regain company's former glory

Since taking over as CEO of Pelco by Schneider Electric in November of 2015, Sharad Shekhar has worked tirelessly to create a new identity for Pelco within the larger Schneider Electric organizational structure. With all the changes that have been going on at the company's headquarters and across its global operations, Pelco is on course to "regain our position as the leading supplier of security and surveillance solutions globally," Shekhar said. securitysystemsnews.com

NRF, RILA hail Trump's plan to cut corporate taxes

Canada's Kit and Ace to close U.S. stores

Stabucks to open massive four-story location in Chicago

There are a handful of remaining Blockbusters in the US - here's a look inside

LinkedIn passes the 500 million registered user mark

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Build-A-Bear Q1 comp's down 8.1%, sales down 4.6%
Carter's Q1 U.S. comp's down 10.4%, U.S. sales up 2.7%, global sales up 1.2%

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Security Devices for the Retail Industry

Detex offers the broadest line of life safety and security door hardware designed to meet the durability and performance requirements of the retail industry - without compromise. We offer solutions for every life safety and security door, with more options for specific applications. Whether your business is a group of big box stores or a single fashion outlet, life safety and security door hardware is a necessity. Not just for back doors, Detex door hardware is engineered precisely for certain retail situations, but also provides choices for a wide range of functions and costs. Our retail customers are often surprised to learn that we can supply most of their hardware needs.

Learn more at www.detex.com

INTERPOL Operation Sweeps Up Thousands of Cybercrime Servers Used for Ransomware, DDoS, Spam
An INTERPOL-led investigation in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region has led to the discovery of some 9,000 command-and-control servers, hundreds of infected websites, and the identification of several suspects running phishing websites.

The result: the discovery of some 270 infected websites including those of some government agencies, as well as the identification of several phishing website operators and some 8,800 C&C servers used to target financial institutions, and for spreading ransomware, spam and launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

The investigators say the operation is a first step in taking down various cybercriminal operations in that region of Asia. Law enforcement agencies from the ASEAN nations are still investigating the nabbed C&C servers and attempting to identify the bad guys behind them. darkreading.com

Appearing This Week: The Five Profiles on the Insider Threat
Profiling The Insider Threat - Breaking Down a Complex Security Term - Part Four
From a disgruntled employee looking to destroy IP, or an opportunist looking to make money by selling data, all the way to a security-naïve worker that might unwittingly let criminals into your network without knowing it, there are dozens of factors that can influence the kind of insider threat you may well face.

Understanding the threat is one of the most difficult parts of managing and mitigating the risk, so I've identified five insider threat profiles to show the complexity of the problem.

Quitting Quentin

Quentin is a security engineer, and a very popular one at that. He's proved capable dealing with multiple projects, keeping a large portfolio of clients happy, and handling huge amounts of data. Thing is, he's had his head turned. With a brand-new position secured (and a nice bump in salary), Quentin decides to copy his client information from the network into his personal cloud storage.

Everyone has a time in their career where they decide to make a change - and often this leads them to pastures new in a different organization. When faced with the impending loss of an employee, organizations need to be aware of those that have access to customer data, intellectual property and vulnerable technical data.

It's hard to detect when one of your best people are looking to jump ship but when they do, that is the time to act. No matter how much you trust and respect them, it's important to monitor their network behavior to make sure nothing important is leaving with them.

If you detect that something is amiss, you need to be able to revoke any privileges that Quentin has before any more damage can be caused. Deleting their accounts outright may well tip them off that you know something is amiss, but removing permissions on particular file repositories can help stem the bleeding before you approach them for further investigation.

Part Five Tomorrow: Fraudster Frank infosecurity-magazine.com

Leading the Pack of 200 Cybersecurity Law Firms
7 Firms Stand Out As Best At Cybersecurity, GCs Say

A survey of more than 300 corporate counsel in the 2017 Law Firms Best at Cybersecurity report conducted by The BTI Consulting Group Inc. (Wellesley, Mass.) identified seven law firms as "leading the charge on privacy and cybersecurity issues." law360.com

Key decision makers look to AI for ongoing success
Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly topping IT wish lists as a means of improving business decisions and providing personalization.

That's according to a new report from PwC, "Bot.Me: A Revolutionary Partnership." The study, surveyed consumers and business decision makers on AI's impact in the business world, the evolution of AI acceptance by consumers and AI's changing role in addressing socioeconomic issues. 

AI could also be the competitive edge that companies, including retailers, need for longevity. For example, 72% of business leaders believe AI will give them a competitive advantage in the future. Meanwhile, 55% of executives believe AI's potential to boost business productivity, inform strategy and generate growth outweighs the potential downside of employment concerns, the study said. chainstoreage.com

Shoppers' New Best Friend?
Robot 'dog' tests deliveries in Boston

A new four-legged friend is roaming Boston neighborhoods, and it can bring shoppers more than their newspaper or slippers. Spot, a four-legged, dog-like robot from Boston Dynamics, is programmed to deliver packages to consumers' front doors, according to ReCode.

While speaking at TED 2017, an event focused on technology, entertainment and design, Boston Dynamics founder and CEO Marc Raibert revealed on Tuesday, April 25, that its four-legged robot can strap a package to its back and deliver it to someone's front door.

The tests, which are currently limited to Boston Dynamics employees' homes, are meant to demonstrate how robots can work in more marketable ways, according to the report. chainstoreage.com

Hacker Is Able To Create Worm To Sniff Out, Infect IoT Devices

Study: 38% of Americans say they'd be willing to go cash-free

Excerpts from Prove 'Em Innocent:
The Art & Science of Workplace Investigations

by John A. Velke III

Part Seven

One of the most important competencies of a retail loss prevention / asset protection professional is to be capable of conducting a fair, unbiased investigation thoroughly, confidentially, and with absolute professionalism. Velke's book provides new and experienced investigators an opportunity to build on their investigative expertise using real-life examples and exercises derived from more than 40 years of investigative experience.

Seventh in a series of bi-monthly excerpts: The Concept of Chance Discovery from Chapter 3.

Some people mistakenly believe that stumbling across evidence of dishonesty is purely a matter of luck. Nothing could be further from the truth. The identification of dishonest behavior depends on more than being in the right place at the right time, it depends on being observant, interpreting observed behavior and data, and pursuing leads to a satisfactory conclusion. In other words, an investigation will not have anything to do with luck or chance discovery, but will have everything to do with being knowledgeable, observant, and thorough.

Earlier in this chapter I gave you an example about John who has a pattern of checking the rear doors of the buildings he visits before entering the front door. Some might suggest that he gets good results because he is lucky. I disagree. I would say that he gets good results because he puts himself at the right place at the right time and knows what to look for. His chance of seeing something unusual is greater than if he were not there at all.

Two quotes come to my mind on this matter. Louis Pasteur, a French scientist noted for multiple breakthroughs in the prevention of diseases, and inventor of the process of pasteurization, said, "In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind". Another French scientist, and recipient of the Noble Prize in medicine, Charles Jules Henry Nicolle, said this; "Chance favors only those who know how to court her". Both of these quotes were made in relation to scientific experiments that garnered unexpected results; however they share the same underlying message. To capitalize on an unexpected revelation the scientist (or in our case, the investigator) must have some basic knowledge and curiosity that leads them to embark on an investigation when faced with a so-called chance discovery.

Read today's full excerpt and other parts from John's book here

Copies of Velke's book are available on
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Prove 'Em Innocent websites.



Organized Retail Crime - Local & National Update
Millie Kresevich, Luxottica; Chris DeSantis, Macy's; TJ Flynn, JCPenney; Lt. Tarik Sheppard, NYPD

Quick Take #21

The Future is Now & The Next 60 Days: Surviving Rapid Change?
Mark Robinson & Steve Mick, Toys R Us

Quick Take #22

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The NRF's Cyber Security Efforts & Legislative Update
Tom Litchford & Paul Martino, NRF

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Research for Action:
2017 Loss Prevention Research Council Focus

Read Hayes, PhD, Research Scientist at University of Florida, and Director, LPRC
Tom Meehan, Director, Technology & Investigations, Bloomingdale's
Chad McIntosh, VP, LP & Risk Management, Bloomingdale's

The Loss Prevention Research Council studies virtually every aspect of LP - from strategy, analytics, manpower, and technology, to the various forms of loss, theft, fraud, robbery, and violence. In this interview, Read Hayes, PhD, Research Scientist at the University of Florida, and Director of LPRC, Chad McIntosh, VP, LP & Risk Management, and Tom Meehan, Director, Technology & Investigations, for Bloomingdale's, discuss the LPRC's collaborative research process, the value it offers retailers, and the latest projects and initiatives coming out of the Innovation Lab.

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Quick Take #23

Joe catches up with our friends at Se-Kure Controls. John Mangiameli, Executive Vice President, and Greg Saputo, Director of Sales - Southeast, talk about the latest security innovations they're bringing to the retail market, as Se-Kure Controls continues to respond to the customers' changing needs for over 50 years and running now.

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New Ad Fraud Campaign Uses Millions of Domain Names
to Bilk Advertising Networks

The digital advertising industry is getting socked with a new ad fraud campaign that's operating millions of fully qualified domain names (FQDN) and thousands of IPs to steal online ad revenue with shady ads and sham traffic-brokering.

In a report released today by digital threat management firm RiskIQ, researchers dug into the campaign run by a threat actor it calls NoTrove that demonstrates the lengths to which cybercriminals will go to steal from digital advertising networks - and the inherent weaknesses of the online ad ecosystem.

Unlike traditional malicious advertising, NoTrove isn't dropping malicious files on users' systems. Instead, it's making money by fraudulently redirecting clicks and in some cases downloading potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that perpetuate more scam traffic so that NoTrove perpetrators can broker in sham advertising traffic.

"NoTrove is literally everywhere," says William MacArthur, threat researcher for RiskIQ. "We've seen NoTrove burn through just under 2,000 domains and over 3,000 IPs. Combined with the 78 variations of campaign-specific middle word variants and randomized hostnames, we've seen NoTrove operate across millions of FQDNs."

Attackers go to extreme lengths like these because of the sheer amount of money at stake in online advertising fraud. According to eMarkter, digital ad spending is expected to hit $83 billion by the end of the year and $129 billion by 2021. It's a huge target of opportunity for fraudsters and has spawned a dizzying array of fraud campaigns like this one. darkreading.com

Alibaba steps up its outreach to US online sellers
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. founder Jack Ma promised Donald Trump in January that he would help create 1 million U.S. jobs. In June, he will make his pitch to U.S. companies, encouraging them to sell on Alibaba's marketplaces that dominate online shopping in China.

Ma will be a keynote speaker at Gateway '17, the first large-scale event Alibaba has organized in the United States to recruit companies to sell on its online marketplaces, notably Taobao and Tmall. Alibaba expects more than 1,000 businesses to attend the event June 20-21 at Cobo Center in Detroit. digitalcommerce360.com

How cannabis is growing online
Cannabis-related e-commerce websites are growing in the U.S., but online sales of marijuana remain out of reach for now. Online purchasing, payment, shipping and delivery of the plant is illegal, however many cannabis dispensaries are setting up shop online to allow shoppers to peruse inventory before coming into a store. digitalcommerce360.com

Google and PayPal Join Forces on Digital Payments

E-commerce firms turning to offline stores for customer connect

Clifton Park, NY: Two charged with Felony Burglary; repeat shoplifters caught at Boscov's
Two people were arrested on burglary charges Tuesday for allegedly shoplifting at a store from which they had been banned, police said. Marc Bastien, 34, and Kimberly I. Palso, 33, were arrested after they were caught shoplifting at Boscov's in Clifton Park, after having been banned from the store for prior shoplifting complaints. That resulted in Felony Burglary counts against both, and each was charged with felony criminal possession of a forged instrument after they were found to have fake driver's licensed. poststar.com

Natick, MA: Man charged in $1,600 sunglasses theft from Lord & Taylor
Security said they watched Roudenko take numerous pairs of women's sunglasses off the shelf and go into a changing room. Suspicious, one of the security guards followed Roudenko in and saw him cutting the security tags off the sunglasses and then hide them in his sleeves, pockets and socks and leave the dressing room. Before leaving the store, Roudenko grabbed two more pairs of sunglasses and put them in a bag and left the store before security stopped him. When questioned by police, Roudenko admitted to the theft. "Roudenko told me that he made a mistake and that he planned on giving the sunglasses to his friends," police wrote. In total, Roudenko stole 11 pairs of sunglasses ranging in price from $45 each to $165. The total value was $1,575. metrowestdailynews.com

La Verne, CA: Three Armed Robbery suspects flee Rite Aid with 35 bottles
of cough syrup

No one was injured and no shots were fired during the robbery Tuesday evening at the Rite Aid, Police Lt. Sam Gonzalez said. Three men approached the pharmacy counter around 9:40 p.m. One robber pointed a handgun at the clerk while the other two robbers jumped the counter and took 35 bottles of cough syrup. The trio then ran out the nearby emergency exit. Officers canvassed the area but didn't find the suspects. sgvtribune.com

Alpharetta, GA: Carter's employee Pepper sprayed trying to stop 3 shoplifters at North Point Mall
The incident occurred around 4:45 p.m. on Saturday inside Carter's, a clothing store for babies and children, according to police. Alpharetta police are still searching for three suspects - two who stole clothing from Carter's and the other who sprayed the employee. The police report says the three women entered the store and began stuffing merchandise into Carter's bags quickly and were looking around to see if they were being watched. An employee then started a conversation with one of the women and the two others ran out with two shopping bags full of Carter's merchandise. When the third woman started to leave, the employee grabbed her shopping bag and was then pepper sprayed by the woman, police said. Another employee tried to help the employee and was also contaminated. ajc.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Delaware State Trooper Killed In Shooting Outside Wawa
The Trooper was identified as 32-year-old Cpl./1 Stephen J. Ballard. Officials say he was an 8.5 year veteran of the Delaware State Police and was assigned to patrol at Troop 2, Glasgow. The shooting happened in Bear, Delaware. Police say the trooper noticed a suspicious vehicle with two suspects inside. Delaware State Police Superintendent says the trooper approached the suspects, and a struggle ensued. One of them got out of the vehicle, and shot the trooper multiple times.

"The trooper was treated at the scene by paramedics, and transported to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries," said McQueen. Police say one of the suspects was taken into custody without incident at the scene. The other suspect fled and police say is barricaded inside a home in the Brick Mill Farm Development. SWAT teams and police rushed to the subdivision where the suspect has been firing at police for hours. Police are hoping for a peaceful resolution. cbslocal.com

UPDATE: Police Kill Suspect in Fatal Shooting of State Tropper After Hourslong Standoff

St Louis, MO: 7-Eleven Clerk Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect While on Smoke Break
A convenience store clerk was hailed as a "she-ro" by fellow employees after police said she fatally shot a would-be robber during a smoke break. The wild confrontation unfolded after the 35-year-old worker, stepped outside for a smoke during her shift at a 7-Eleven in St. Louis just before 3:50 a.m. Monday, cops said. Suddenly, an armed man approached her and tried to rob her - but the woman, who was also armed, pulled out a pistol and shot the man in the chest, arm and thigh. The suspect, 30, later died. The clerk, who was shot twice in the leg during the gunfight, was listed in stable condition. nypost.com

Jackson County, GA: Deputy saved by bulletproof vest during Tanger Outlet shooting; Sketch of suspect released
Authorities released a sketch Thursday of a gunman suspected of shooting a Banks County sheriff's deputy in the chest at the Tanger Outlet mall in Commerce. The deputy was wearing a bulletproof vest and is expected to be OK, but the suspect ran into nearby woods, GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles said. Deputies initially responded to an armed robbery at about 4:10 p.m. Wednesday at the Atlanta Dragway, Miles said.

Soon after, the suspect stole a car and drove toward the outlet mall. When a deputy tried to pull the car over, the driver got out and fired multiple times at the deputy, who was still in his patrol car. The deputy was hit, but his bulletproof vest stopped the bullet. He was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition. Agencies throughout northeast Georgia including Hall County and Georgia State Patrol SWAT teams are searching for the suspect. ajc.com

Jacksonville, FL: Popeyes employee shot by customer
A customer on Wednesday evening shot an employee at a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in the Paxon neighborhood, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said. The shooting happened about 9 p.m. at the fast-food restaurant on North Edgewood Avenue. Police said a customer got into an altercation with one of the workers, and the man pulled out a gun and shot the employee in the groin area of the leg. The employee was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. At the time of the shooting, police said, there were four employees inside the Popeyes. news4jax.com

Robberies & Thefts

Joplin, MO: Dollar General Shoplifter's display of BB gun draws Robbery charges
An incident Saturday morning outside the Dollar General store at 807 W. Seventh St. has led to robbery charges being filed on a 45-year-old Joplin resident. Police Capt. Rusty Rives said Fredrick L. Billups displayed what appeared to be a 9 mm handgun to a female employee of the store, who confronted him after he allegedly walked out without paying for a bottle of body wash. Rives said Billups apparently decided against any further use of the gun and gave the body wash back to the employee. But employees followed him to an apartment a few blocks away and directed police there. Rives said the pistol proved to be a BB gun. Billups nevertheless was taken into custody and charged with first-degree attempted robbery and armed criminal action. joplinglobe.com

Towson, MD: Smash-And-Grab Burglaries this week an alarming trend
Three commercial burglaries appeared to be related in the Towson precinct since Saturday, April 15, according to police. Money and cigarettes were taken from the businesses, where authorities said front door or window glass was shattered to access the establishments. patch.com

Sunrise, FL: $5,000 Bicycle returned by theft suspect
A nearly $5,000 bike has been returned, Wednesday, after being stolen from a Sunrise bicycle shop over the weekend. The owners of Mega Cycle, Daniel Londono and Cy Maddox, said one of the subjects who was captured on surveillance video the day of the theft, Sunday, later called and lead them right to the stolen merchandise. The caller then instructed the staff to where the bike was. "'Walk out back; the bike is sitting by the palm tree,'" Londono said. wsvn.com

Leeds, England: 2nd Smash & Grab at Louis Vuitton Officers sealed off a stretch of Briggate last night around 9.40pm after thieves targeted the Louis Vuitton store. Three vehicles were used in the latest ram-raid. It came just 17 days after suspects repeatedly reversed a car into the front of the store, before stealing items on display inside. yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk

St Paul, MN: Security Instructor pepper sprays autistic man at Cub Foods for eating cookie sample tray

Zales in the Annapolis Mall, Annapolis, MD reported a Distraction Theft on 4/26, item valued at $1,259

Kay Jewelers in the Waterford Lakes Town Center, Orlando, FL reported a Grab & Run on 4/26, item valued at $3,599

Hong Kong, China: Police arrest man suspected of wielding axe in series of 7-Eleven store robberies

Fire & Arson

South Portland, ME: Hannaford Grocery Distribution Center Damaged, Semi- Truck destroyed in Fire
South Portland Fire Department spokesman Robb Couture said the warehouse at 54 Hemco Road is owned by the Hannaford supermarket chain. When crews arrived around 8:20 p.m., the truck was engulfed in flames and there was zero visibility as dense smoke came from the building. Couture said intense, fast-moving fire destroyed the truck and spread to a second trailer, as dozens of employees were evacuated from the building. The building sustained minor structural damage. Couture said there was a significant loss of food from the fire. Hannaford officials were at the scene and assessing damage. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. pressherald.com

East Point, GA: Men set 3 fires in Wal-Mart to distract from thefts
Two men set three fires inside a Wal-Mart before leaving with a shopping cart full of stolen goods, East Point police said. East Point police said the men entered the store about 8 p.m. Tuesday and set greeting cards, toilet tissue and paper towels on fire. "They spent about an hour and a half inside the store selecting merchandise and put everything inside suitcases," Det. Ebony Johnson said. Johnson told the news station that once people were running to the fire, the men ran out of the store with a cart carrying the two suitcases. The men were seen on camera placing the stolen goods in the lime green car. The fires caused more than $300,000 in damage to the store. ajc.com


Central Asia Carry Out - Towson, MD - Burglary
CVS - Harrison Township, OH - Robbery
CVS - Tulsa, OK - Robbery
Dollar General - Jacksonville, FL - Robbery
Dollar Tree - Suisun City, CA - Burglary
Eagan's Package Store - Taunton, MA - Armed Robbery / Clerk shot & wounded
Family Dollar - Lumberton, NC - Robbery/ Assault
Green Rush Smoke Shop - Hollister, CA - Burglary
Heavenly Bakery - Hollister, CA - Burglary
McCurdy's Liquor - Pine Bluffs, AR - Armed Robbery
Oak Lawn Coffee - Dallas, TX - Burglary / 4th since 2016
Rite Aid - La Verne, CA - Robbery
Sprint - Albuquerque, NM - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Pelham, AL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Smithfield, VA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
10 robberies
1 shootings
0 killed

None to report.

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