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IAFCI Annual One Day Fraud Training
May 3

2017 CNP Expo
May 22-25

Utah ORC Association Impact ORC Conference
May 23

Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit: Chicago
June 20-21

Twin Cities ORC Association Annual Conference & Training
Aug. 15-16

ISCPO 2017 Conference
Sept. 12-13

ASIS International
63rd Annual Seminar

Sept. 25-28

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Why Elite Training Day Actually Works

The industry's only conference dedicated to the science of interviewing didn't disappoint. The 2017 Elite Training Day at McDonald's Headquarters in Oak Brook, IL hosted more than 150 professional interviewers and investigators from around the globe. Invaluable educational and networking opportunities highlighted the day and a half value-packed agenda. A diverse group of attendees from many backgrounds and professions included Vice Presidents, Directors, Regional and District Managers from the private sector, as well as law enforcement personnel from the public sector.

Much Anticipated 'CFI of the Year' Award Winner Revealed
Each year, all of the Certified Forensic Interviewers (CFI) select a recipient for the 'CFI of the Year' award. All nominees for this award are nominated by his or her peers. Winners of this award are revealed annually at the Elite Training Day event. This year's winner is Andy Heimkreiter, CFI, an Area Investigator for The Gap. Andy was recognized for going above and beyond the Certified Forensic Interviewer values. See our CFI values here.

CFI Scholarship Winners Announced

Fred Wilson Memorial Private Sector Scholarship Winner
Hezekiah Cuffy, Central Region LP Investigator, Army & Air Force Exchange Service

Public Sector Scholarship Winner
Bradford Bartels, Senior U.S. Probation Officer, U.S. Probation

International Scholarship Winner
Robert Atilano, Operations Manager-Latin/South America, R.L. Oatman & Associates, Inc.

Congratulations to these well-deserving candidates. To apply for 2018 CFI Scholarship, visit certifiedinterviewer.com.

Check out some pictures from the event, and read the full recap here

Attendees posed for a group picture

Over 150 professional interviewers and
investigators were in attendance

Finalists for CFI of the Year Award


Where America's Retail Sales Have Gone
Amazon Q1 North America Retail Up 23.5%
Amazon Q1 revenue $35.7B UP 22.6%

Amazon's giant retailing unit is gaining market share as big department stores shut their doors and internet commerce goes increasingly global.

Retail sales in North America were slightly stronger, up 23.5% in Q1 to $20.99 billion from $17.00 billion a year ago. cnbc.com digitalcommerce360.com yahoo.com

Amazon Results: More Evidence that Retailers Can't Rest Easy
Amazon's relentless rise has made it a source of fear and a topic of conversation in retail boardrooms. Based on the results Amazon reported on Thursday, those retail conversations are only going to grow more pressing.

By themselves, the gains are impressive, but it's the fact that sales moved sharply higher in tandem with strong profit growth that should grab retailers' attention.

For years, Amazon was criticized for boosting sales at the cost of profit, potentially a long-term vulnerability that could threaten its spending flow. It has proved skeptics wrong. Amazon on Thursday posted its eighth straight quarter of profit.

"Amazon is putting a lot of pressure on everyone to raise the game," said Marc-Alexandre Risch, chief retail officer for beauty giant L'Oréal USA, at a WWD Retail 20/20 conference in late March. In fact, at the event, pretty much all of the speakers mentioned the disruptive force of Amazon.

It's not just Amazon's disruptive impact on their business that's being felt. One speaker asked the roomful of about 200 mostly beauty and fashion industry attendees to raise their hands if their household has a Prime membership. All but a few put their hands up.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, or CIRP, in a report earlier this week, estimated Amazon Prime, a key feature for keeping users engaged in its ecosystem, had 80 million US members as of March 31, up from 58 million a year earlier. CIRP estimated that Prime customers spend on average $1,300 a year, compared to about $700 for non-member customers. emarketer.com
The New 'Wild West' of Retail Fraud
Call Centers Are Weakest Link in Security
Only 17% of fraud in U.S. is domestic, majority originated outside the U.S.

Criminals are increasingly spoofing caller ID using VoIP apps including Skype or Google Voice to hide their identity and location, according to a report released today by Pindrop Labs.

Call center fraud is rising at an astronomical rate, as technical weakness becomes one of the three key contributors to its rapid rise, according to the 2017 Call Center Fraud Report released today by Pindrop Labs.

Based on a review of more than 500 million calls last year, Pindrop found fraud rates soared 113% over the previous year. That has resulted in a fraud rate of 1 in 937 calls in 2016, compared to 1 in 2,000 calls in the previous year. And this problem has morphed from being a responsibility of the call center operations to one of IT security.

When we first started the company [Pindrop]..., it was a call center operations headache. As the attacks have increased, losses continue to increase, and the phone is being used as part of a multichannel attack, the CISO is becoming more and more involved," says David Dewey, director of Pindrop Labs.

Smooth Talking Hackers Conning Your Operators

One of the catalysts for this growth comes from attackers' enhanced skill in social engineering to coax information, or inadvertent nefarious action, out of call center employees, as well as the discovery of new spoofing and voice distortion technologies to give criminals more options when using the phone, according to the report.

"Reaching a call center and speaking with an agent provides the fraudster with an upper hand. A call center agent's job is to provide quality customer service and not stop fraud," he added.

"Caller ID Spoofing coincided with the advent and popularity of VoIP in the mid-2000s. We are seeing more and more fraudsters discover how easy this is to do and we expect this to continue to grow. Heck, there's even an Android app out there that will spoof calls for you," Dewey says.

While every industry in the study is seeing increased fraudulent activity, the retail industry has an unusually high incidence rate: last year, one in nearly 500 retail call center calls was fraudulent, up from one in 1,000 in 2014.

Against the backdrop of EMV card rollouts, improved online payment security and retailers' traditionally less sophisticated call-center security measures against their financial industry counterparts, fraud rings have now moved to exploit retailers' call centers, the study found.

"The call center has become the weakest link from a security perspective," said Dewey. "This is catching retailers by surprise. At the call center, your No. 1 priority is giving good customer service and resolving problems quickly, not on detecting and preventing fraud. darkreading.com

Illinois "Second Theft-Enabling Bill, HB 3856" - Raising Felony Threshold to $2,500
The Illinois State Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform has proposed that stealing under $2,000 from retail stores should not be a felony and has led to the introduction of HB 3337. A second theft-enabling bill, HB 3856, would go farther increasing that threshold to $2,500, threatening the safety and well-being of our businesses and communities. All of this is based on the myth that retail theft is not that bad and will save the state money.

Proponents argue that stealing from stores is a crime of need and that increasing the threshold will keep first time offenders out of prison. But 80 percent of retail thieves have the money in their pocket to pay for the item(s) they were attempting to steal. Further, based on the items most frequently stolen, which include high-end vacuum cleaners, GPS devices, liquor and designer clothing, shoplifting is not based on need at all.

According to the FBI, retail theft is increasing, a claim that contradicts the report by the commission, which used larceny instead of the more accurate retail theft numbers. Over the last five years, stealing from merchants has increased 17 percent, and the value of stolen items has increased 30 percent. For states that have increased the felony threshold, the rate of theft from stores is even higher. In Los Angeles alone, store theft increased 25 percent the year California raised its threshold. These numbers become even more concerning when you take into account that it's just based on recorded thefts, and the average thief steals 48 times before they are caught.

Allowing thieves to steal more by increasing the felony threshold will bring about many losers, including our local businesses and our communities. There is only one group that would win: thieves who would receive the green light to steal more. Most importantly, the facts don't support the proposal. herald-review.com

Wells Fargo Account Scam Targeted Undocumented Immigrants, Lawsuit Claims
Wells Fargo employees were instructed to "round up" immigrants in the country illegally, corral them into a branch office, and cajole them into opening bank accounts, new court filings claim. Wells Fargo employees from multiple states say they were ordered to target undocumented workers at construction sites, factories, and a 7-Eleven. nbcnews.com

Big Lots to Pay $3.5M for Illegal Hazardous Waste Dumping in California
Big Lots Stores Inc. has been ordered to pay more than $3.5 million following settlement of a lawsuit alleging illegal hazardous waste disposal at 206 California stores and a Rancho Cucamonga-based distribution center set for relocation to Apple Valley. vvdailypress.com
NYPD Rolls-Out 1,200 Court Ordered Pilot - Body Cameras
The New York Police Department - on a mission to put body cameras on all 23,000 of its patrol officers in two years - is poised to join one of the biggest experiments in modern policing. Yesterday, it began a court-ordered pilot program that will set the stage for the larger rollout. Mayor Bill de Blasio has promised to expand the program to all patrol officers by 2019 if he is re-elected in November.

The pilot program is designed to answer a persistent question about a novel technology that has been adopted by thousands of police agencies around the country: What effect do body cameras have on policing?

From big cities like Los Angeles to small towns like Hamden, Conn., New York lags other municipalities in equipping officers with body cameras. Still, the experiment in America's largest Police Department is likely to resonate across the country, especially in jurisdictions still weighing whether to use the cameras or to tweak existing programs.

Police officials in New York say the program is designed to be the most rigorous scientific study of the effects of body cameras so far. About 1,200 officers working the evening shift in 20 precincts will be given the cameras as part of a study that will compare them with roughly the same number of officers in 20 similar precincts who will not wear the cameras. After a year, officials hope to report whether the cameras made a difference areas like officer performance, civilian complaints, crime levels and prosecutions.

The 34th Precinct in Upper Manhattan's Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods will be the first to wear the cameras. Washington Heights and Inwood, both Dominican enclaves, were once epicenters of the city's violent drug epidemic. Bifurcated by Broadway, the area was considered so dangerous that the city created a new precinct - the 33rd - to help combat crime there. nytimes.com

Wholesaler/Retailer IT Director Convicted Of $5M Fraud Sceme
Bought Merchandise - Sold it on the side

The Department of Justice said Justin Pennington, 30, created a fraudulent company called 3 Kings, LLC while working as an information technology director at the Wholesale House, an Ohio-based company with offices in Jacksonville.

Pennington and his alleged co-conspirators, using the 3 Kings company, purchased products from the Wholesale House at or near cost, then resold those products to consumers and retailers, illegally competing with the Wholesale House's customers, the DOJ said.

The DOJ said Pennington and his co-conspirators spent tens of thousands of dollars, while Pennington incurred credit card balances of up to $100,000 a month, while owing his employer millions of dollars.

The Wholesale House owners also testified during the trial that they infused more than $7 million into the company to ensure its survival and to protect the jobs of the company's more-than 60 employees.
The mastermind of the scheme sentencing hearing Aug. 2. news4jax.com

Two NOPD Pled Guilty to Cigarette Smuggling in Fed. court
A pair of New Orleans police officers pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday, admitting they were paid thousands of dollars to haul more than 13,000 cartons of contraband smokes on two trips early last year to North Carolina. Paid $4k for each trip.

Also pleading guilty Wednesday was Anwar "Tony" Abdelmajid-Ahmad, 29, an employee of Louisa Xpress in New Orleans who was accused of purchasing the illegal smokes - Seneca and Marlboro cigarettes and Natural Goodies and Swisher Sweets cigars - from a confidential FBI source. theadvocate.com
Across the Pond
UK Retailers Feeling the Same Pain

Full time jobs in the sector fell 3.9 per cent year-on-year last quarter.

The recent losses add to the estimated 84,000 jobs slashed in the final quarter of 2016, when the BRC's figures showed the number of jobs fell by three per cent. The first three months of the year have been particularly tough for UK retail, with several high street names falling into administration (Chapter 11 in the U.S.). And, experts have predicted many more recognisable retailers will be folding throughout the year. cityam.com

Ahold Delhaize Announce New 'Decentralized' Brand Structure
Now a $40B, Nearly 2,000 Store East Coast Grocery Giant

The "brand-centric" structure, announced by the company in February, would allow for the local brands of Ahold Delhaize - Stop & Shop, Giant-Carlisle (which the company now calls Giant/Martin's), Giant-Landover (now called Giant Food), Hannaford, Food Lion and Peapod, brought together in last year's merger of parents Ahold and Delhaize - to develop distinctive commercial strategies in their market areas with dedicated teams devoted to category merchandising, assortment, pricing, promotions, marketing and format.

Those brands will share sourcing and other scale-advantaged services through a central hub called Retail Business Services that was established late last year. supermarketnews.com
Does the Petty Crime Exception in Visa Applications for U.S. Entry Apply to Retail Fraud Convictions?
Retail Fraud is considered to be a crime of moral turpitude (CIMT). A conviction for retail fraud may or may not disqualify you for a visa in the United States. The issue becomes whether or not the conviction is classified as a petty offense pursuant to INA section 212(a)(2)(A)(ii)(II).

As laws vary by state, most retail fraud offenses are petty offenses in virtually all states as long as the person does not already have a conviction for a CIMT. A jail sentence that includes suspended period of incarceration would constitute a CIMT if the length of the suspended sentence was greater than 6 months. Also, in cases where a person is sentenced to more than 6 months in jail but serves under 6 months due to jail overcrowding, good time credit, or jail programs that suspend time for completion of the program would still be considered to have committed a CIMT.

It is important to note that advisory convictions/sentences are still considered convictions for United States immigration matters. Diversion programs that do not require a guilty plea generally are not considered to be convictions.

When submitting an application the government official who is charged with reviewing your visa application may request that you provide a certified copy of your conviction from the sentencing court and a copy of the statute (the applicable law concerning your conviction) and the penalty allowable by law.

Deportation can occur when the maximum possible penalty for your conviction is 1 year or more in most cases where you are convicted and are seeking a visa. michigancriminalattorneysblog.com

FTC Approves Dollar General Buying 323 Dollar Express Stores

Weis Markets to open 7 new stores, remodel 14, 2 fuel centers, expand DC

Midwest Wholesale Distributors Owner & Counterfeit 5-Hour Energy Ringleader Gets 7 Yrs & Has to Pay $20M
Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Domino's Q1 domestic company owned comp's up 14.1%, domestic franchise comp's up 9.8%,
International comp's up 4.3%, sales up 13.2%
Starbucks Q2 comp's up 3%, revenue up 6%
Sears Canada Q4 comp's up 1.3%, sales down 16.2%, full yr comp's down 4.3%, sales down 19.3%
Arby's Q1 U.S. comp's up 1.6%
Tractor Supply Q1 comp's down 2.2%, sales up 6.1%
Carter's Q1 U.S. retail comp's down 3.5%, consolidated sales up 1%

IAFCI One Day Training Event On-Line
Registration is Open!

The IAFCI Southern California Chapter is pleased to announce that On-Line Registration is now available for the Annual IAFCI One Day Training Event scheduled for May 3, 2017 at the Rio Hondo Event Center/Golf Club located in Downey, California. Please visit the IAFCI website at www.iafci.org.

For IAFCI Members, please log-in using your IAFCI Username and Password;
you will find the registration link under "Upcoming Events and Webinars." For guests and Non-IAFCI Members, please visit our home page and click on the moving scroll, under Training Events and Webinars, "5/3/2017 Southern California Chapter One Day Training."

The IAFCI Southern California Chapter is excited to partner with Capital One Financial and offer a number of current topics concerning financial and cyber-related crimes!

More information, including registration and payment methods can be found here

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All-Tag: The Only American Manufacturer of EAS
Labels & Tags

Source Tagging Benefits

Source Tagging is a very efficient, cost-saving process where product manufacturers and packagers strategically position Radio-Frequency (RF) or Acousto-Magnetic (AM) security labels on products before shipping them to retail stores. Both retailers and product manufacturers benefit from source tagging in many ways.

  ● Retailers eliminate high labor costs associated with in-store tagging
  ● Retail employees have more time to spend on the sales floor
  ● Uniform tag placement
  ● Products can be moved to the sales floor immediately
  ● Products can be more openly displayed

Source Tagging with ALL-TAG

ALL-TAG has been manufacturing RF labels since 1992, and is the currently the second largest global manufacturer of anti-theft labels. We offer many different label roll sizes, glue types, and top papers based on the requirements for the high-speed automated application process performed by the retail merchandise manufacturers and packagers.

As source tagging experts, ALL-TAG works closely with manufacturers and packagers to determine the RF or AM label position that ensures excellent detection by an EAS system, invisibility and tamper resistance, and deactivation convenience at the checkout counter. As a complimentary service, ALL-TAG will provide a certification in writing that guarantees that the label position meets these requirements.

The small yet powerful ALL-TAG SuperLabels® allow more products to be tagged. For example, the detection performance of our ALL-TAG 31x32 mm (1.2x1.3 inch) SuperLabel is comparable to standard Checkpoint 40x40 mm (1.5x1.5 inch) RF labels. ALL-TAG's patented Black Static Line (BSL) technology ensures that any static from the auto-mated label application process will not affect the quality or reliability of our labels in any way. Other RF Label suppliers may offer some type of anti-static solution, but ALL-TAG's BSL technology is the most effective solution for eliminating static, and the only one that is guaranteed to protect your labels.

ALL-TAG offers labels and special source tagging services for both RF and AM label applications.

1,935 Breaches - 15% Hit Retail
The Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report
Cyberespionage & Ransomware Attacks Increasing

Cyberespionage is now the most common type of attack seen in manufacturing, the public sector and now education, warns the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report. Nearly 2,000 breaches were analyzed in this year's report and more than 300 were espionage-related, many of which started life as phishing emails.

In addition, organized criminal groups escalated their use of ransomware to extort money from victims: this year's report sees a 50 percent increase in ransomware attacks compared to last year. Despite this increase many organizations still rely on out-of-date security solutions and aren't investing in security precautions. In essence, they're opting to pay a ransom demand rather than to invest in security services that could mitigate against a cyberattack.

Major findings include:

Malware is big business: Fifty-one (51) percent of data breaches analyzed involved malware.

Phishing is still a go-to technique: In the 2016 DBIR, Verizon flagged the growing use of phishing techniques linked to software installation on a user's device. In this year's report, 95 percent of phishing attacks follow this process. Forty-three percent of data breaches utilized phishing, and the method is used in both cyber-espionage and financially motivated attacks.

Pretexting is on the rise: Pretexting is another tactic on the increase, and the 2017 DBIR showed that it is predominantly targeted at financial department employees - the ones who hold the keys to money transfers. Email was the top communication vector, accounting for 88 percent of financial pretexting incidents, with phone communications in second place with just under 10 percent.

Smaller organizations are also a target:
Sixty-one (61) percent of victims analyzed were businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees.

"Cyber-attacks targeting the human factor are still a major issue," says Bryan Sartin, executive director, Global Security Services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. "Cybercriminals concentrate on four key drivers of human behavior to encourage individuals to disclose information: eagerness, distraction, curiosity and uncertainty. And as our report shows, it is working, with a significant increase in both phishing and pretexting this year."

75% were perpetrated by outsiders and featured hacking. 15% targeted retailers and accommodations and were malware installed via malicious email attachments.

Gas pump skimmers more than TRIPLED.

Point of sale (POS) environments continue to provide rich pickings for the bad guys, with nearly 98% of all recorded POS attacks resulting in a confirmed data breach. The focus of attacks has shifted from hotel chains to restaurants and small businesses.

Retailers face Denial of Service attacks, skimming theft, and web application attacks account for 81% of all incidents. verizon.com

Verizon DBIR Shows Attack Patterns Vary Widely By Industry
Point-of-sale breaches affected organizations in the accommodations and food service space disproportionately more so than retail organizations.

The data provides further evidence that organizations can benefit from having a better understanding of the threats that are specific to their industries and sectors.

What the breach data shows is that every organization should mitigate its own risks, he said. "It's very easy to look at the newest attacks. But if it is not one of your risks, you need to prioritize the things that are," and apply the appropriate controls and mitigations, Bassett says. darkreading.com

Appearing This Week: The Five Profiles on the Insider Threat
Profiling The Insider Threat - Breaking Down a Complex Security Term -
Part Five

From a disgruntled employee looking to destroy IP, or an opportunist looking to make money by selling data, all the way to a security-naïve worker that might unwittingly let criminals into your network without knowing it, there are dozens of factors that can influence the kind of insider threat you may well face.

Understanding the threat is one of the most difficult parts of managing and mitigating the risk, so I've identified five insider threat profiles to show the complexity of the problem.

Fraudster Frank

Frank is a customer rep, and he has had enough. Day in, day out he is blamed in his position for every issue a customer has faced while on the phone, and he doesn't make enough money to justify it. HoweverHow he's been monitoring some nefarious websites, and thinks he has come up with a plan to make his working life just that little more tolerable.

By collecting the information from the customers that he speaks to, there is a lucrative trade in selling this personally identifiable information (PPII) on the dark web as a CSV file. Frank may well have always had this plan in mind, or been turned to doing this through circumstance. Regardless, he isn't particularly difficult to detect, as long as you have the right technology in place.

Dealing with a fraudster will almost certainly require outside help. If someone in your organization has stolen and sold customer PII, they are a criminal, so your best bet is to let the authorities handle the situation once you've provided them with adequate proof.

It's vital to follow procedure and act swiftly in these situations, as the best-case scenario is that data is being sold on the black market - the worst is that you could face a class-action suit for data mismanagement.

The insider threat is complex

Through all of these profiles, it's clear that the insider threat poses significant risk to organizations and is very complex. If you are going to adequately protect against this, you need to have a robust understanding of the different types of threats you are going to face, and the motivations and situations that give rise to these.

With this understanding, and the right tools in place, your business stands a far greater chance of mitigating these threats and keeping your business-critical data safe. infosecurity-magazine.com

Security-as-a-service model gains traction
With mid-market companies feeling an increasing need to devote time and resources to network security, the security-as-a-service model is gaining traction, according to new research released by 451 Research.

"The security challenge for mid-tier businesses is multi-dimensional," Daniel Cummins, analyst at 451 Research, said in a statement. "For these businesses, everything seems to be increasing - attack frequency, compliance requirements, complexity, costs and the number of security products that need to be managed. Cloud-based security-as-a-service offers potentially significant advantages in terms of simplicity and access to security that may prove to be less complex and expensive than traditional approaches."

Eighty-two percent of study respondents said they spend 20 to 60 hours a week of in-house staff resources to procure, implement and manage security products. Nearly 75 percent of respondents said they dedicate three to five full-time employees to manage their security. The financial hit to these businesses averaged $178,000 annually just for network security, representing 39 percent of an organization's total IT budget. csoonline.com



Organized Retail Crime - Local & National Update
Millie Kresevich, Luxottica; Chris DeSantis, Macy's; TJ Flynn, JCPenney; Lt. Tarik Sheppard, NYPD

Quick Take #21

The Future is Now & The Next 60 Days: Surviving Rapid Change?
Mark Robinson & Steve Mick, Toys R Us

Quick Take #22

Coming Next:

The NRF's Cyber Security Efforts & Legislative Update
Tom Litchford & Paul Martino, NRF

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Research for Action:
2017 Loss Prevention Research Council Focus

Read Hayes, PhD, Research Scientist at University of Florida, and Director, LPRC
Tom Meehan, Director, Technology & Investigations, Bloomingdale's
Chad McIntosh, VP, LP & Risk Management, Bloomingdale's

The Loss Prevention Research Council studies virtually every aspect of LP - from strategy, analytics, manpower, and technology, to the various forms of loss, theft, fraud, robbery, and violence. In this interview, Read Hayes, PhD, Research Scientist at the University of Florida, and Director of LPRC, Chad McIntosh, VP, LP & Risk Management, and Tom Meehan, Director, Technology & Investigations, for Bloomingdale's, discuss the LPRC's collaborative research process, the value it offers retailers, and the latest projects and initiatives coming out of the Innovation Lab.

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Quick Take #23

Joe catches up with our friends at Se-Kure Controls. John Mangiameli, Executive Vice President, and Greg Saputo, Director of Sales - Southeast, talk about the latest security innovations they're bringing to the retail market, as Se-Kure Controls continues to respond to the customers' changing needs for over 50 years and running now.

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The true story of fake goods being sold online
Online marketplaces fertile ground for fraudsters selling fakes at knockdown prices

Nowhere are the authorities less effective than in policing online marketplaces, which connect buyers with sellers in a quick, convenient setting. Sellers are, on the whole, small businesses and private individuals enjoying exposure to large audiences.

But among them lurk people who peddle counterfeit products. These are criminals who pretend to sell popular brands at discount prices, but are really offering low-quality fakes.

There is no way to authenticate a product from an ad on eBay, Amazon Marketplace, ASOS or Alibaba, so it's easy to become a victim of a scam if you don't know what to look for.

Derek O'Carroll, chief executive of Brightpearl, says online sales of fake consumer goods increased 15 per cent last year, not far off the growth rate of legitimate e-commerce transactions. He says marketplaces are a factor behind this figure.

"Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have become vulnerable incubators for fraudsters looking to harness their global reach to sell their phoney products," he says.

"These individuals look to exploit every possible piece of digital marketing technology to disguise themselves as well-known brands and lure unsuspecting users into paying for products that will never arrive.

Mr Smith says the main legal responses to fraud - 2013 EU Customer Regulation, 1994 Trade Markets Act and 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, as well as search and seizure orders under civil law - can't combat the problem fast enough.

Clearly, proactive measures protecting brands and consumers are required. These can only come from a collaborative effort of brands, marketplaces, regulators and consumers. The latter group can play a part by reporting forgeries and not turning a blind eye because of the rock-bottom prices.

On the whole, marketplaces need to work harder to counter the damage done by fakes. Brands have the power to penalise those who fail to act by withdrawing genuine products from listings, while governments also have the power to fine companies that indirectly facilitate fraud. raconteur.net

Privacy Concerns Hamper E-Commerce Globally: Report

E-commerce pushes UPS package volume 2.3% higher in the US for Q1

Facebook ads work for online retailers - Return on ad spend up 31% in Q1

San Antonio, TX: Fencing Operation: Police bust $20,000 Theft Ring that peddled items from clothes to lawn equipment
Police arrested a man and charged him with organized retail theft after a police surveillance operation at a local flea market uncovered a theft ring. Ramon Rodriguez, 63, is accused of selling stolen goods at a flea market. Authorities confiscated a wide range of items from clothes to lawn equipment. Authorities said Rodriguez bought the stolen goods from boosters and sold them at the flea market. ksat.com

Queens, NY: Career Thief purchases Airline ticket to hit stores inside JFK Airport; $14K in merchandise stolen
A with 49 prior arrests remains jailed in Queens on felonies for allegedly stealing dozens of bottles of high line perfume and cologne, including Chanel, Hugo Boss and Gucci, and FitBit digital fitness trackers from two stores at John F. Kennedy Airport. Port Authority Police detectives nabbed Eric Love on Tuesday after he was spotted in a terminal at the busy airport. Airport police say Love stole 52 brand name perfumes and colognes on Jan. 23 and then again on April 2 and April 14 from the Duty Free store at Terminal 4. He is also accused of pilfering 18 Fitbit devices valued at nearly $4,000 from the Hudson News store on April 14. He would stash the stolen goods in a rolling carry-on luggage.

"He took advantage of the crowds at the airport, the time of day, and the volume of passengers that moved through the airport," said Joseph Pentangelo, a Port Authority spokesman. Love was able to gain access to the stores he stole from in the restricted passenger or so called "sterile areas" by buying airline tickets and going through security checkpoint, Pentangelo said. He would sometimes use the airline tickets to fly to his destination. Pentangelo said. the stolen goods had not been recovered and that detectives are looking into if Love may have committed similar crimes at the Los Angeles International Airport since he flew there a lot. timesunion.com

Martinsburg, WV: Macy's employee arrested for of stealing $8K in merchandise from Fullfillment Center
A woman was charged Thursday in connection with the theft of more than $8,800 in merchandise from the Macy's Fulfillment Center near Martinsburg. Renee Lynn Willis, 33, was charged with one felony count of embezzlement. The crime allegedly occurred between December and Thursday. The defendant only admitted to stealing some of the 16 items that the company alleged were taken by her, which included several pieces of jewelry. Police said the defendant admitted to posting some of the stolen items on a Facebook page for Morgan County yard sales. heraldmailmedia.com

Raleigh, NC: Woman busted at Crabtree Mall; nearly $4K stolen items from 5 different stores
Daphne Shonay Duncan. stole merchandise from two stores at Crabtree Valley Mall, had stolen merchandise from three others and was trespassing by being in the mall on Wednesday, according to police. The charges accuse Duncan of taking $335 worth of items from Zumiez and $268 worth of women's clothing and other articles from Pacsun. Mall Police accused Duncan of having merchandise from $206 in merchandise from Charlotte Russe, $1,597 worth of merchandise from Victoria's Secret and $1,301 worth of goods taken from Bath & Body Works. newsobserver.com

West Bend, WI: Police break car window to Arrest Pick n' Save Baby Formula Thieves
Police responded to a Pick n' Save for a report of a woman who entered the store and concealed a large amount of baby formula in a shoulder bag and fled with the merchandise. According to employees, she fled in a vehicle with a man. Officers stopped the vehicle and the two suspects locked the doors, closed the windows, and refused to comply with officers directions. An officer broke the window to take the suspects into custody. Both individuals were identified as being involved in multiple retail theft incidents in West Bend and other jurisdictions throughout southeastern Wisconsin. cbs58.com

Lowell, MA: CVS employee busted for using stolen credit card numbers
for online purchases

A Lowell man has been arrested after committing 20 acts of identity fraud. Bounhange Tang, 22, was working as a pharmacy tech at the drive through window of the CVS in Nashua when he allegedly took pictures of credit cards from 20 different customers. Police said Tang would then look up the customers' addresses in the CVS computer system and use the credit card numbers to order items online and resell them. The alleged theft happened between June 2016 and December 2016, while Tang was a student at UMass Lowell working at the CVS. Tang is now facing 20 counts of identity fraud; each count carries up to 15 years in prison. fox25boston.com

Houston, TX: Brothers arrested, charged with organized theft after stealing power tools from Home Depot
Two brothers were among four suspects accused of stealing power tools from a Home Depot store on Wednesday. Ellis Lee Crossley, 47, and Chayne Gerard Crossley, 42, were charged with organized retail theft. Their alleged accomplice, Salvador Delgado, 50, was also charged with the same offense. Two suspects entered the Home Depot, took several items, then left the store without paying. Deputy constables set up a rolling perimeter and intercepted the getaway vehicle. All four suspects (including a female/ not charged) were taken into custody and several stolen power tools, valued at $1,100, were recovered from the van. Investigators were also able to connect the same four suspects to a similar theft at the Home Depot store in Porter, Texas earlier that day. cw39.com

Mount Pleasant, WI: Armed Robbery - Over $30,000 worth of cell phones stolen from AT&T store

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Shootings & Deaths

Jefferson Park, CA: Fatal Shooting victim found outside Smart & Final store
Los Angeles police are seeking a suspect in the shooting death of an unidentified individual in Jefferson Park. According to the LAPD, the person was shot and killed at the Smart & Final grocery store at 29th and Crenshaw. Police received the 911 call around 4 p.m. Homicide investigators were dispatched to the scene. Police described the suspect as a black male 30 to 35 years old. abc7.com

SPRING HILL, TN: Police Officer assaulted at shopping center; shot fired
Thursday evening at 6:25 p.m. near the Target in The Crossings of Spring Hill an Officers pulled over an SUV that matched the description of a vehicle that was driving recklessly. The officer reportedly got into an altercation with the driver. In the process, a round was fired from the officer's service weapon. The bullet hit the building of a GNC store, but no one was hit. It was not immediately clear who fired the round. The officer was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries to his shoulders, lacerations to the face, and a broken nose. He is listed in stable condition. The suspect was booked for aggravated assault and resisting arrest. wkrn.com

Update: Bakersfield, CA: Market Owner Arrested for Shooting a Shoplifter
A market owner was arrested Thursday for allegedly shooting a man he might have thought was stealing from him. Elias Aguilar, who owns Azteca Market, was arrested on a charge of assault with a firearm. A month ago, David Carrillo gave Aguilar a Walmart gift card before running out of the market with about $11 worth of items. The Sheriff's Office said that's when Aguilar shot twice through the store's window, striking Carrillo in the back. Carrillo took off with someone else in a car. The wounded man was later found in the car. The Sheriff's Office said it submitted two cases to the District Attorney's Office -- one recommending a charge against Aguilar for the shooting, and another recommending a misdemeanor shoplifting charge against Carrillo. The District Attorney's Office chose to only charge Aguilar. bakersfieldnow.com

Robberies & Thefts

Corbin, KY: Shoplifter Attacks Walmart LP Agent; caught on tape
Deputies say on April 26, a man and woman were reportedly seen by Walmart's LP Officers shoplifting in the store near Corbin. Investigators say a flashlight, makeup and fingernail clippers were among the items the couple reportedly shoplifted. One of the men on the Loss Prevention team approached the couple and while talking to the woman, was jumped from behind by the man who started punching him. The couple then fled the scene. The Agent suffered serious injuries and went to the hospital for treatment. wtvq.com

Bakersfield, CA: Police looking for man who allegedly threatened Walmart worker with a gun
Police are looking for a man who allegedly threatened a Walmart worker before leading officers on a high-speed car chase. Officers were called April 11 to the Walmart on Rosedale Highway about a man who was escorted from the store by Walmart security. Once outside the store, the man allegedly displayed what appeared to be a gun. Police released surveillance photos of the man Thursday. bakersfieldnow.com

Update: Attleboro, MA: Two employees get probation in theft scheme
from Appliance store

Two former employees at a family-owned appliance store in Attleboro admitted Thursday to charges related to the theft of upwards of $50,000 through fraudulent sales. Thomas Glynn, 35, and his sister, Kathryn Glynn, 33, admitted to selling appliances and keeping the cash while working at Lambco Appliances. Before being terminated in 2015 when the scheme was uncovered, they were longtime employees of the store. thesunchronicle.com

Madison, WI: Dick's Sporting Goods window smashed, teen arrested for stealing $1800 in guns


Norton, OH: Thieves make off with hundreds of dollars by placing skimming devices in gas pumps

Hammond, LA: Police warn of skimming devices on area gas pumps

Texas Pair indicted for using card-skimming machines on ATMs

Lexington, NE: Skimmer device found on gas pump

Bomb Threat

Shrewsbury, PA: Woman arrested after bomb threat evacuates Wal-Mart

Credit Card Fraud

Racine, WI: Wendy's employee used drive-thru customer's credit card to make fraudulent purchases

Cargo Theft

UK: Denmark: Fans camp outside store to buy Kanye West's Adidas shoes; 4 Containers stolen during shipment
The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 trainers (valued at $195) will go on sale at about 9am on Saturday morning in approximately 25 stores in the UK. Danish Police are reportedly searching for a group of thieves who robbed a truck as it delivered the coveted trainers. The theft took place on Wednesday during an attempt to deliver shoes to the Rezet store in Copenhagen, with an estimated four containers of Yeezys stolen. theguardian.co.uk


UK: Jonathan Kahn handed 2 year Suspended Sentence for role in one of UK's Biggest Counterfeit - Trading Standards' Cases
The director of a firm that imported, sold and stored more than $1 million worth of counterfeit toys has been given a two-year jail term, suspended for two years. He must also do 300 hours of unpaid work - the maximum under the law. Company Amazing Savings Ltd and its director Jonathan Kahn, 64, of London, had denied peddling tens of thousands of fake Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and other branded toys to major high-street shops. Counterfeit Spiderman toys were seized by Trading Standards. Mr Kahn and his firm were found guilty of a string of 34 trademark offences It is thought by authorities to be one of the biggest Trading Standards cases in the United Kingdom. The court heard that Khan's company sold thousands of fake toys, including 14,096 counterfeit turtle figures in 2015 and 42,996 fake Spiderman Triple Attack figures between 2014 and 2015. thejc.com

Jamaica: Deadly Fake Goods - $1.9 Billion In Counterfeit Products Includes Rum, Shoes, Appliances
Rum is among the latest items being counterfeited by criminals in Jamaica. The bulk of the $1.9 billion worth of fake goods seized by the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime (C-TOC) Branch last year is being linked to criminals. The seized items were put on display by the C-TOC's top security officers during a special press conference in downtown Kingston, yesterday. They included boxes of handbags, shoes, skin-bleaching products, T-shirts, computers and other appliances, clothing, and CDs and DVDs. jamaica-gleaner.com

Ireland: Over 44 million cigarettes worth$26M seized by Revenue in 2016


Advanced Firearms - Gresham, OR - Burglary
AT&T - Mount Pleasant, WI - Armed Robbery
Boost Mobile - Madison, WI - Burglary
Boston Market - Allen Park, MI - Burglary
BP - Belleview, FL - Armed Robbery
Dick's Sporting Goods - Madison, WI - Burglary
Dollar General - Columbia, SC - Armed Robbery
Dunkin Donuts - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Leno's Liquor - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
Mobile - Syracuse, NY - Armed Robbery
Payless Shoe - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Mount Pleasant, TN - Armed Robbery
Sally Beauty Supply - Appleton, WI - Armed Robbery
Sam's Emporium - Akron, OH - Armed Robbery/ Clerk shot & Wounded
Speedway - Riverview, MI - Armed Robbery
Speedy Food Mart - Silver Springs, FL - Armed Robbery
Sunoco - Belleview, FL - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Brentwood, TN - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Elk Grove, CA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Henderson, NV - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
16 robberies
4 burglaries
1 shootings
0 killed

Weekly Totals:
76 robberies
4 shootings
1 killed

Brian Rachford, CFI
named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Dollar General.

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Senior Account Liaison
Grand Rapids, MI
The Senior Account Liaison is an onsite representative, (located within a client's corporate facility) who has daily interaction with elevated level customer contacts (Director or VP of LP). SAL develops positive relationships with the customer and adds value that positively impacts our clients' businesses and results in retention and growth...

Director, Loss Prevention
Toronto Ontario Canada

Reporting directly to the Vice President of National Operations, the incumbent develops, directs and implements all loss prevention initiatives nationally to protect all company assets while complying with corporate standards, policies and procedures. The incumbent directs, guides and monitors all loss prevention personnel across the country and is responsible for achieving national total loss goals, managing to the national outside and inside security budgets and managing the national loss prevention capex budgets...

Director, Safety, Security and Loss Prevention
Farmington, MI

The Director of Safety, Security and Loss Prevention is responsible for developing and managing a robust internal loss prevention program to ensure regulatory compliance with all federal, state, local food safety laws within our distribution centers across North America. This role will also conduct facility assessments of all centers and develop needs assessments to identify areas of exposure and risk from a security and safety perspective...



Manager Organized Retail Crime
Bolingbrook, IL
The Manager, Organized Retail Crime is responsible for the development, implementation and management of external loss protection programs and investigations while driving profitability through shrink improvement. This position will be responsible for managing various data points and analytics of individual store losses, markets and across the enterprise to identify ORC activity, investigate accordingly and recommend action steps... 

National Loss Prevention Manager
Concord, Ontario, Canada
The role focuses on the protection of all team members, customers, visitors and assets of Toys"R"Us as it relates to loss prevention, asset management, reduction of shrink, security, product recall and fire prevention. The National Loss Prevention Manager is accountable for taking a proactive approach in developing loss prevention strategies that protect the assets of the Company by directing, establishing, implementing and monitoring programs for the retail business to prevent and reduce merchandise loss using procedures and systems designed to safeguard assets...

Sr. Analyst, Asset Protection
New York, NY

Primary Purpose - Analyze and audit financial reports as it relates to: Travel Expense, Corporate credit cards, and the P-Card Program (for compliance to company policy), looking for unusual items that may require further follow-up with the ultimate goal of safeguarding company assets. Additionally, review APIS reports and POS for any unusual patterns of theft, fraud or loss (whether external persons or employees) and follow-up with AP team for further action and/or investigation to reduce risk and loss...

Asset Protection Program Sr Manager
Nashville, TN
Manages programs and initiatives as it relates to physical security and shrink improvement that advance company financials. Sources new technologies and vendors, implements effective tests, plans optimal company rollouts, and makes recommendations for future strategies. Provides training and support for field personnel on all applicable programs and initiatives..

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