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 April 29, 2014


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Rich Hasty was promoted Director of Loss Prevention West for GameStop.  Rich was the previous Regional Loss Prevention Manager before receiving this great promotion. He has been part of the GameStop team for over seven years. Before that, he had worked in loss prevention management for various retailers such as The Sports Authority as their Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Hollywood Entertainment as the Regional Loss Prevention Manager, and Target as the Loss Prevention Manager. Rich earned his Bachelor's of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Studies from St. Cloud State University. Congratulations Rich!

National Stores rolls-out LP program for 81 new stores in Northeast in two weeks with Conway - CW Price - AJ Wright Stores purchase  Chris Nichols, VP of LP for National Stores, a Los Angeles-based privately held discount retailer with over 210 stores predominately in the Southwest, recently accomplished a rare feat with building and rolling out an entire Loss Prevention program and department for their newly acquired Conway Stores in a little over 2 weeks. Purchased earlier this year Conway stores had over 80 stores which National Stores closed on March 16th and successfully re-opened 77 of the stores on April 1st. A major feat for any organization especially one with only 210 stores. Chris and his team staffed 6 District Loss Prevention Manager positions and a Regional Loss Prevention Director's position and managed all of the POS, CCTV, alarms, and other LP related equipment roll-outs in that short window - a job that took an incredible effort. And now National Stores just purchased 16 stores in Puerto Rico and plans on the same speed drill. Here's a retailer on fire and the LP team helping lead the way. Great Job to the entire LP team at National Stores.

Study: Corporate data breaches damage sales
Consumers avoid doing business with a breached organization at a high rate. According to a new study conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research. 33% of customers will shop elsewhere if their retailer of choice is breached. "A significant proportion of affected consumers discontinue or reduce their patronage post-breach," said Al Pascual, senior analyst of security, risk and fraud at Javelin Strategy & Research. "That's real money lost in customer churn and reduced sales, and certainly demonstrates how the reputation of the organization hits the bottom line.” (Source

Target taps heavy weight for new information chief amid continued security enhancements - still looking for CISO and CCO  DeRodes comes to Target with more than 40 years of experience. He has been a senior information technology adviser for the Center for CIO Leadership, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Secretary of Defense and the U.S. Department of Justice. In addition, DeRodes has provided independent advisory services to corporations, private equity firms and boards. DeRodes has also held top technology positions at a number of industry-leading, multinational companies including CitiBank, USAA Federal Savings Bank, First Data, Home Depot and Delta Air Lines. He also serves on the board of directors for NCR Corporation. Target has also deployed a new initiative as part of its accelerated transition to chip-and-PIN-enabled REDcards. Beginning in early 2015, the entire REDcard portfolio, including all Target-branded credit and debit cards, will be enabled with MasterCard’s chip-and-PIN solution. Existing co-branded cards will be reissued as MasterCard co-branded chip-and-PIN cards. Ultimately, through this initiative, all of Target’s REDcard products will be chip-and-PIN secured. (Source

Why Game Stop's closing over 120 stores - Co. changing direction - Going Digital - Will they have time? It's a race  The end of the physical video game is coming. GameStop has launched a plan to prepare for the digital future while refocusing its retail efforts on business segments likely to still require physical stores. GameStop CEO Paul Raines explained the initiative -- dubbed GameStop 3.0 -- at the company's annual investor day Thursday, where he announced plans to close 120 to 130 of its over 6,500 GameStop locations while adding stores focused on selling products that are still purchased in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. GameStop 3.0 is "a new phase of the company's lifespan that will see it aggressively expand its footprint into gaming-adjacent tech fields," Raines told the investor day audience. The new stores will include 200 to 250 of the company's Spring Mobile stores, which exclusively sell AT&T products. The company will also add 20 to 25 of its Simply Mac stores, which sell and service Apple products, and 100 to 150 locations dedicated to selling Cricket, a pre-paid wireless brand franchised by AT&T. According to Raines, GameStop is currently "the third-largest and fastest-growing AT&T retailer in the U.S." With over 6,500 stores dedicated to its current dying model, GameStop has to move quickly as the chain is clearly being cut out of the loop when it comes to video game sales. Moving heavily into digital and launching stores that sell products customers still want to handle before buying makes sense, but the company has to accelerate its pace as the death of the physical video game business is likely to accelerate as more people buy the new generation of consoles and become comfortable with the idea of not physically owning games. The end is coming. For GameStop it's a race to see if the company can get out of the business of buying and selling physical video games before that stops being a business at all. (Source

Deloitte Digital study - Digital interactions influence 36 cents of every dollar spent in the retail store, approximately $1.1 trillion

Sunoco's 5,000 c-stores to acquire c-store operator Susser Holdings 630 stores for $1.8 billion

Forever 21 to open new value-fashion retail concept

German Retail ‘Lidl’ postpones plan to open U.S. stores to 2018

UK crime survey shows fraud up 25% and shoplifting up 6%

Mother's Day spending expected to reach $20 billion

Brookstone Headed to Auction Block in June

To Address Global Cybersecurity Skills Crisis, ISACA Unveils Comprehensive Cybersecurity Nexus Program  A separate study by Cisco estimates that close to 1,000,000 positions for security professionals remain unfilled. These indicators of a massive talent shortage are compounded by a skills gap, with few cybersecurity programs emphasizing expertise in business strategy and communication, in addition to technology. To help address this growing worldwide skills crisis, global IT association ISACA today launched the Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) program at its North America CACS conference. CSX, developed in collaboration with chief information security officers and cybersecurity experts from leading companies around the world, fills an unmet need for a single, central location where security professionals and their enterprises can find cybersecurity research, guidance, certificates and certifications, education, mentoring and community. All CSX materials are designed to provide security-related information within the larger business context. The continued growth of cyberattacks comes with a steep price tag. A World Economic Forum/McKinsey report estimates that not changing current approaches to cybersecurity could cost the global economy US $3 trillion.2 (Source

DOJ asks Supreme Court to allow police searches of cell phone info immediately after arrest without warrant before suspect wipes it clean  DOJ Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr. argues that "if an officer does not search an unlocked cell phone as soon as she finds it, a significant risk exists that the police will never be able to recover evidence contained on the phone. He maintains that "wallets, diaries, letters, or address books—have long been held searchable by virtue of the arrest. No different rule is required for cell phones," that "searching an arrestee’s cell phone immediately upon arrest is often critical to protecting evidence against concealment in a locked or encrypted phone or remote destruction, " and that there have been documented instances when remote wiping was successfully employed to destroy evidence. (Source

DHS Says Stop Using Internet Explorer
The Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team is urging online users to avoid using Internet Explorer, versions 6 through 11, in light of a vulnerability that exposes the Web browser to a zero-day exploit involved in recent targeted attacks. DHS urges users and administrators to "consider employing an alternative Web browser until an official update is available." (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Michaels Stores Q4 up 4.6% with net sales up 2%
The Container Store Q4 up 1.4% with sales excluding 14th week up 5.6%
Coach North American down 21% with North American sales down 18%

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RILA's Horizons Committee

An Interview with Lisa LaBruno

In this two part series, Lisa LaBruno, SVP Retail Operations for RILA, talks about the Horizons Committee and its recent creation, the Technology Priorities Document, designed to help drive innovation and address emerging trends in technology in the retail sector. Lisa discusses how the Horizons Committee started, who is involved, and where they plan on going with their submissions, webinars, and the TPD in the near future. In Part 2, questions are answered from members of the Horizons Committee. Brand Elverston, Director of AP Strategic Initiatives for Walmart, talks about how the TPD is a driving force to him as a retailer and the progress he has seen since its launch. Orlaith Murphy, Senior Director of LP Operations for Gap Inc., also describes what her vision is for the future of the TPD and its impact on the retail industry.

RILA’s Horizons Committee which helps lead the development of innovative, next-generation solutions across all retail segments, is finalizing plans for the 2014 in-person meeting in early June at Gap headquarters.

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Nine Percent of Retailers Fail to Comply with SEC, Opportunity for Cybersecurity Providers: Report  The SEC has required disclosure of cybersecurity exposure since October 2011, yet 9 percent of retailers fail to mention the issue in their filings, according to a study released earlier this month. Fifty seven percent of retail companies characterize their risk as “significant,” “serious,” or “critical.” To comply with SEC regulations the 9 percent will have to report their exposure, but to avoid attracting negative analyst and investor attention, those companies need to implement protection. Retailers reported protections including “technical safeguards” by 49 percent and insurance by 9 percent, though the study authors suspect the latter is under reported. Privacy/loss of confidential data is cited as an area of exposure by the largest number of retailers at 74 percent, followed by reputation risk at 66 percent, liability at 61 percent and malicious acts at 55 percent. (Source

Why You Need Seamless Integration Through Each Retail Channel
Since the first online transaction occurred in 1994, ecommerce has continued a forward moving trajectory marked by steady and constant improvement. With a seemingly endless supply of emerging sales channels, retailers that limit themselves to a single point of sale are at a dire disadvantage and all but a precious few have recognized the importance of digital sales. Modern software tools allow brick and mortar businesses to transition online without introducing a new business that must be managed separately. Seamless data integration and order fulfillment bridge the gap between physical and virtual channels, allowing all orders to be processed from a singular platform that accesses inventory. Point-of-sale, ecommerce, and mcommerce no longer require unique knowledge or operational specialty for retailers to manage successfully — it has all merged under an umbrella known simply as “commerce.” (Source

Stuart Levine, CEO of The Zellman Group, speaking at NRF LP Conference  Stuart will be speaking with Johan Gerber, Group Head of Global Fraud for MasterCard International. The session is EMV Impact and an Omni channel Approach to Reducing Fraud. In this session you will gain a greater understanding of the 2015 shift in liability for in-store credit card transactions and see the impact that these changes had on documented fraud in other regions of the world. You will be exposed to the latest technology to protect your company from e-commerce fraud and find out what you can do to get your company ready for change. Don't miss this session on Wednesday June 11, 11:30-12:30pm in room 304-305.

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet




IAI’s Elite Training Day Event Comes to Nashville!

Leading interviewers and interrogators across the globe will attend Elite Training Day May 13 – 14 in Nashville for exclusive training and networking opportunities.

CHICAGO, April 15, 2014 – The only event focused on sharpening leading interviewers’ skills, Elite Training Day by the International Association of Interviewers (IAI), will be held May 13 – 14 in Nashville at the Lifeway Christian Bookstore headquarters. Elite Training Day features exclusive training and networking opportunities for interviewers and interrogators across multiple industries.

The Elite Training Day agenda features expert speakers from numerous specialties. The value-packed agenda features these sessions:

“Top 10 Things You Need to Know When Investigating High Level Executives” by Allison West, Esq., SPHR

“The Exception You’re Missing: Investigating Disbursement Fraud. How to Monitor Risk and Best Practices,” by John Brocar, CFE, CFI
“The Real Facts about Fact Finding Interviews” by Dave Zulawski, CFI, CFE

“Statement Analysis Interviewing Techniques: Learn to Analyze a Verbal and Written Statement to Detect Deception,” by Mark McClish

“We have assembled a stellar group of speakers,” said Wayne Hoover CFI, executive director of IAI. “Last year we received rave reviews from attendees and we look forward to another successful day and a half of truly elite training for those leading the field of interviewing and interrogation.”

Diamond IAI Sponsors of the event include Checkview Corporation and General Dynamics IT, as well as Silver level sponsor InstaKey Security Systems. The Elite Training Day event is sponsored by LP Innovations, Humintell, IntelliQ and Security Resources.

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One Dead, Six Injured in Shooting at FedEx Facility in Georgia - 19-year-old Baggage Handler Commits Suicide After Shooting Up Workplace  Police say the suspect in a shooting this morning at a FedEx Ground facility in Kennesaw, Georgia, has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. At least six people have been taken to the hospital, with three of them in critical condition. Witnesses say the 19-year-old suspect worked as a baggage handler for the company. The suspect's body was found in a loading bay. Police say he was armed with pistols and a shotgun. "He had bullets strapped across his chest like Rambo. I mean he looked like he was heading into war," FedEx employee Liza Aiken said of the suspect. The shooting occurred around 5:45 a.m. EST Tuesday. FedEx employees were being turned away as they tried to arrive at work. Those who were already at work were held in a warehouse on the property. (Source (Source

Furniture Plus Store Owner Shot During Robbery Attempt in New Haven, CT Authorities are investigating after a would-be robber shot a New Haven furniture store owner in the leg when the owner refused to pay up, police said. Police said that just before 5 p.m. Monday, a robbery suspect walked into Furniture Plus and demanded money. The store owner refused and the suspect shot at him. Police said he was shot once in the leg. His injuries are not life threatening. (Source

O’Reilly’s Auto Parts employee bound during Armed Robbery in Lawrenceburg, KY  The Lawrenceburg police department is searching for two suspects in an armed robbery on the night of April 29. Police say two men robbed O'Reilly's auto parts store on Glensboro Road and stole cash. Then, police say the men forced the employees to the back of the store and bound their hands and legs with heavy-duty tape. The Mercer County sheriff's department is helping out Lawrenceburg police with the investigation. (Source

Pembroke Pines Police released video of an Officer caught stealing when responding to a store burglary  Pembroke Pines Police released video Monday of an officer who they say was caught on camera stealing a watch when he responded to a jewelry store burglary. Police said the video shows Officer Kevin Burgs, who was arrested and charged with grand theft after he took a watch worth $795 from the Jared's Galleria of Jewelry back on Feb. 5. Police said two suspects cut a hole in the roof of the building and got away with $75,000 worth of merchandise and caused about $10,000 in damages. Burgs, a 9-year veteran of the department, was arrested and later released on bond. He has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation. (Source

Armed shoplifter runs from a Fred Meyer store in Portland, OR, returns for drugs  Police say employees of a Fred Meyer store in southeast Portland report that a man who was stopped by store security officers on suspicion of shoplifting pointed a handgun at them, ran out of the store, ran back in to retrieve a prescription, then fled. Police are searching the neighborhood Monday afternoon arrested a 23-year-old man. They also located a replica firearm believed used in the store. (Source

U.S. marshal's vehicle rammed, shots fired as gun store burglary suspect is arrested in Bremerton, WA  The suspected getaway driver in a gun store burglary was arrested Monday after the car he was in rammed a pursuing U.S. Marshals vehicle. Patrick W. Nelson Jr., 40, had been wanted for an April 9 burglary at Boerner Fire Arms in Gorst. The crash took place inside Forest Ridge Park on a dead end road. An unknown number of shots were fired by marshals after the crash. No gunshot wounds were reported. (Source

83 year old Prolific jewel thief Doris Marie Payne pleads guilty
Prolific jewel thief Doris Marie Payne pleaded guilty today to stealing a diamond ring from a Palm Desert jewelry store. The 83-year-old defendant admitted one felony count each of burglary and grand theft and was immediately sentenced to four years in custody. She will serve half of the time in jail and the other half under supervision, her attorney said. Payne, whose lengthy career as an international jewel thief was detailed in a documentary, swiped the 3.5-carat, $22,500 ring last Oct. 21 from El Paseo Jewelers. Payne had been out of prison for about three months, and was living in a Riverside motel, at the time of the ring theft. She was on probation for felony theft in a Los Angeles case when the crime in Palm Desert occurred. (Source

Trio charged with robbing over a dozen stores, gas stations in Chicagoland
The Chicagoans allegedly targeted businesses in the city, Arlington Heights, Berwyn, Glenview, Hometown, Lincolnwood, North Chicago, Skokie, and Wilmette between October and February. Williams even survived being shot by a security guard during the armed robbery of James and Williams Jewelers in Berwyn on Jan. 10, it’s alleged. In one of the most lucrative robberies, Pickett alone was charged with the Feb. 19 robbery of EZ Pawn store in Hometown, in which jewelry valued at around $73,000 was stolen. (Source

Two distribution center employees steal $300,000 worth of cigarettes in Largo Florida - selling them to local convenience stores

Two Rhode Island men arrested for using counterfeit credit cards at Staples in Westborough, Mass., and having dozens of others in vehicle

Florida man jailed, charged with felony after allegedly stealing Walmart doughnut

Suspect arrested in the Toys R Us Armed Robbery in Glen Burnie, MD, no injuries reported 

70 year old Chicago woman charged with $2600 Felony theft from Von Maur in St. Charlie, IL

Kay Jewelers in the Alamance Crossing, Burlington, NC hit with a $5999 diamond ring Grab and Run

Bridge Stop – Armed Robbery – Chippewa Falls, WI
Bronson Outpatient Pharmacy – Mattawan, MI – Burglary
Butterworth Party Store – Grand Rapids, MI – Armed Robbery – suspect in custody
CVS – San Clemente, Ca – Armed Robbery – suspect in custody
CVS – Odenton, MD – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Charleston Township, PA – Robbery
Dollar General - Harker Hts. TX – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Union, Co. SC - Armed Robbery – suspect in custody
Little Caesar’s – Altamonte Spr., FL - Armed Robbery – stun gun used on Manager
Rite Aid – Pullman, WA – Armed Robbery
Shell – Houston, TX – Shooting/ Armed Robbery – clerk shot once, expected to survive
803 W. Lee – Greensboro – Shooting / Armed Robbery – Police seeking 3 suspects

Thieves Cut Hole in Manhattan Deli, Steal Baby Formula  Police are looking for a couple of thieves who carved a hole in the wall of an upper Manhattan deli late last week and stole cash, a hard drive, baby formula and other merchandise from the store. The deli’s owner, Epi Ulerio, said that thieves cut a 2-by-4-foot hole in the side of his Inwood Deli late Friday from an empty building next door. Once inside the store, the burglars ransacked the place, destroying an ATM, tossing merchandise on the floor and swiping the hard drive that stored the store's surveillance footage before leaving with the cash and baby formula. (Source

Mount Airy, NC Police investigating a theft ring targeting cell phone store
Local businesses dealing in items such as cellular telephones and iPads could be targets for a theft ring that has already struck twice in Mount Airy, along with other areas. “It’s definitely not local,” Brad Quesinberry, a detective with the Mount Airy Police said of the regional national nature of the offenders, who also have broken into stores in Galax, Va., and elsewhere in Virginia and North Carolina. Their handiwork first surfaced in Mount Airy in late February, when a glass front door was broken at B&H Computers on Edgewood Drive. More than 60 individual items, taking up three pages on a police incident report, were listed as missing, including around 30 Apple iPhones along with Samsung Galaxy cell phones, data cards and other products. Later, on April 3, another break-in with the same earmarks was discovered at the U.S. Cellular store at 692 S. Andy Griffith Parkway in the Lowe’s shopping center. (Source

Former Kohl's worker, 2 others charged with stealing from Raritan Township, NJ store  A former Kohl's employee and two confederates were charged with stealing from the store, township police said. On Tuesday, April 22, at about 1:30 p.m. the Raritan Township Detective Bureau arrested and charged Michael J. Eliades, 26 ; Nicholas O. Gilman, 25; and Ronald Lis, 50, with theft after an investigation. Eliades, a former employee, was returning to the Raritan Township store on numerous occasions and allegedly taking merchandise. The detectives also learned during their investigation that Gilman and Lis were helping Eliades with several thefts. (Source

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Director of LP Dollar General United States Dollar General
VP of Operations Checkview Chanhassen, MN Checkview
VP of Loss Prevention Dunkin Donuts Canton, MA Dunkin Donuts
Central Investigator - ORC Home Depot Elmont, NY Home Depot
District LP Manager Sears Los Angeles, CA Sears Holdings Corp
Business Development Mgr Intelligent Loss Prevention Rockford, IL Intelligent Loss Prevention
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Stores Boston, MA L Brands
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Stores New York, NY L Brands
Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings
Regional LP Manager Michaels Denver, CO Michaels
National Account Mgr Confidential Dallas, TX Downing & Downing
District LP Manager Confidential Phoenix, AZ Downing & Downing

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

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Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

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AP Manager in Training Walmart Hagerstown, MD Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Barboursville, WV Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Whitehall, OH Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Coweta, OK Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Mishawaka, IN Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Saint Joseph, MO Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Vacaville, CA Walmart
LP Manager Sears Lawrenceville, NJ Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Hobbs, NM Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Bridgehampton, NY Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Dalton, GA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Highland Heights, KY Lowe's
AP Specialist Cabela's Hoffman Estates, IL Cabela's
District LP Leader JC Penney Langhorne, PA JC Penney
LP Manager Macy's The Woodlands, TX Macy's
LP Manager Macy's Danbury, CT Macy's
Senior Manager, AP Ralph Lauren Greensboro, NC Ralph Lauren


Rich Hasty was promoted Director of Loss Prevention West for GameStop.
Dave Shaffer, CFI was named District Loss Prevention Manager for National Stores Inc.

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Brain Science and 12 Steps to Employee Loyalty  Loyal employees are great to have around! They help your organization with business, and they help keep training costs down. Employee loyalty comes from a feeling of commitment mixed with connection. To keep them loyal, try these steps. (Be yourself)

3 Actions That Instantly Build Trust
How well as a leader or manager do you establish trust in your workplace? We are all busy throughout the day, but are you open as much as your door is? For your team members to come talk to you, they need to feel like you're open, and these simple actions can help! (Give your time and attention)

Why a Quarter of Americans Don't Trust Their Employers  In this survey from the APA, 70% of people were satisfied with their jobs, but when it comes to trust in the workplace, the numbers were lacking. A quarter of survey takers said they don't trust their employers! Use this advice to improve that trust. (Involve employees)

6 Ways to Foster More Happiness in the Workplace  Along with trust, there is another important factor to have at work: happiness. Happy employees are more productive and less likely to leave. It doesn't take much to create a fun environment at work, and the benefits are endless! (Celebrate)

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