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Wal-Mart to J.C. Penney join Bangladesh safety talks 
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and J.C. Penney Co. were among retailers sending representatives to a meeting near Frankfurt to discuss allying to improve worker safety in Bangladesh after that nation's biggest industrial disaster. The talks, organized by Germany's international cooperation service known as GIZ, were aimed at winning support from the companies, labor unions and non-governmental groups for Bangladesh's national action plan and for supplier assessments of fire and building risk, said Peter McAllister, a director of the Ethical Trading Initiative, who attended. A document covering the talks will be published May 15, he said. (Source

Shareholder law-suit tries to block Office Max Office Depot merger - with lots of sideline activity happening  An Office Max shareholder sued the directors of Office Max Thursday seeking to block the merger calling the offer "grossly inadequate". The merger, which seeks to help the two suppliers of office goods slash costs amid fierce competition from online competitors, has also been criticized for lacking details and comes at a time when Office Depot is under fire from an activist investor. So all is not going smooth with the planned merger. Meanwhile, analysts have claimed they'll have to close as many as 600 stores. And on the LP front, Depot promotes two senior LP exec's and Max loses one to REI, all within the same week, but totally unrelated. Watching this play out will be interesting. (Source

Protecting an Organization's Reputation - Credibility New Target for Cyber-Attacks  Reputation is a new target for cyber-attacks, says Steve Durbin of the Information Security Forum, offering strategies on how organizations can protect their credibility in the midst of an incident. Word of a cyber-attack spreads fast these days and that viral impact can be a major issue. To ensure they can respond effectively, organizations need to have clear ways of collaborating internally. Organizations also have an opportunity to get security and business departments together to get their arms around how they're going to deal with the issue of reputational risk, Durbin says, because "it's very real." Editors note: This is another extension of the ERM article yesterday where loss prevention executives need to expand their boundaries and get involved in these processes long term, as they will become more and more the focus in years to come. (Source

Sears Holding shifts focus to omni-channel 
Among the highlights of the first Sears Holdings shareholder meeting since Edward Lampert became chairman and CEO, were details on the company's progress in combining its brick-and-mortar and online businesses. Online sales increased by 25% in the fourth quarter and 17% in fiscal year 2012, the company said in February. From mobile apps to membership rewards programs, Sears is moving fast to the Omni-world. (Source

The LPRC Supply Chain Working Group is meeting at Sears' Atlanta-area DC May 30th  To set their R&D agenda- over a dozen leading retailers,including Home Depot, TJX, Sears/Kmart, AutoZone, Dick's, Best Buy, and Office Max, represented by incredible talent! The meeting will be held from 9am to 4pm at the Kmart Distribution Center, 60 Herring Rd., Newnan, GA 30265. The meeting agenda will include: 1. Identify Goals/ Desired Outcomes of the SCPWG and 2. Sub-Group Breakouts (Innovation, collaboration and evaluation priorities, and Identify quarterly research and development deliverables).

IP cameras & other Internet-connected devices used to launch large distributed denial of service attacks  With the increasing usage of IP cameras in the LP industry one needs to be aware of this possible exposure and make sure you're taking the extra steps to ensure the vulnerability is eliminated. Attackers are taking advantage of inherent vulnerabilities in some common network protocols used by these devices to turn them into malicious bots, security firm Prolexic warned in a report this week. (Source

Report Details Chaos During Ore. Mall Shooting where 2 died in December
According to a sheriff's report released Wednesday reflects the chaos of the scene amid the backdrop of a mall at peak Christmas shopping season. Deputies from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office found people outside the building "in a trance," Deputy Mark Nikolai wrote in an incident report. He and several other deputies separated into "hunting cells" and made their way through the mall. Nikolai walked past an empty AR-15 magazine and came upon Nicolas A. Meli, a bystander armed with a handgun. Meli told police after the shooting that he had a clear shot at Roberts, but was afraid he would miss and shoot someone else. Another witness told an officer that it didn't seem like the shooter was aiming at anyone in particular. The man who killed two people and wounded another at a suburban Oregon mall bought more than 100 rounds of ammunition and magazines to carry them in the days before the December attack. (Source

Woman sentenced in Phoenix $25M fake coupon ring 
A Phoenix woman who pleaded guilty to her involvement in a fake coupon ring was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison and may have to pay up to $5 million in restitution. Ramirez and two other women were arrested last July after an eight-week investigation by Phoenix police, who said they seized more than $25 million worth of fake coupons and $2 million in other assets from the women's Phoenix-area homes. (Source Associated Press)

This one takes the...RAT??? Chinese crime ring of 904 suspects sells $1M in rat meat as mutton - talk about counterfeit Chinese police have broken a crime ring that passed off more than $1 million in rat and small mammal meat as mutton, authorities said, in a food safety crackdown that coincides with a bird flu outbreak and other environmental pressures. Police confiscated more than 20,000 metric tons (22.046 tons) of fake or inferior meat products after breaking up illegal food plants during the nationwide operation, the ministry said. (Source

New Arden Fair Mall mobile Security Cameras Catch Car Thieves While They're Shopping  It’s modern technology at its finest, a suspect in a stolen vehicle goes from hanging out at Arden Fair Mall to getting handcuffed all because he simply drove through the mall’s parking lot. “Basically, our vehicles each have cameras based at 45 degree angles on each vehicle,” said Head of Mall Security Steve Reed. Security cars with cameras drive up and down the mall’s parking lot, scanning vehicles for stolen plates. “We will call it in confirm the plate is stolen and then we retrace our [closed-circuit television] footage,” said Reed. And if the driver is nowhere to be found there are nearly 200 cameras at the mall watching your every move. “Everyone who comes here when they get out of their car they leave a visual footprint and all we do when we get a stolen car we follow the footprint,” said Reed. As our latest suspect strolled through the mall, police waited at the bottom of the escalator before arresting him. The new $35,000 cameras and software has led to 3 arrests in the past 2 months at Arden Fair Mall. (Source

Dallas labeled “Petty Shoplifter’s Paradise" - Dallas PD taking the heat
Slate magazine has given Dallas a new not so flattering title: "Petty Shoplifters Paradise." Our story detailed how the new policy, put in place by Chief David Brown, had caused 75 percent reduction in such reports last year. It also explained how the net effect is that about a third of Dallas’ highly touted 11 percent drop in crime last year came about because police no longer respond to the shoplifting calls and retailers are reluctant to hassle with reporting the petty thefts. On the magazine’s crime blog, Justin Peters notes that police departments often use two strategies to cut crime: flood high-crime areas with cops or make it harder to report crimes. The Dallas, Texas police department chose the latter strategy last year when it announced that police officers would no longer respond in person to shoplifting incidents involving items worth $50 or less,” Peters writes. (Source

Wal-Mart shooting ends in one death in Tucson
Tucson Police say a 25-year-old man is dead, after an overnight shooting at a Wal-Mart. Widmer says someone called 9-1-1 shortly before 4 a.m. to report multiple shots heard at that location, and when officers arrived, they found Lomax dead in the doorway of the Wal-Mart. Widmer says they were able to determine that the victim was in some kind of fight with several other people near the front entrance. At least one of the people fired shots at Lomax, hitting him multiple times. At this time, there are no suspects in custody. (Source

Shallotte, North Carolina Police seeks suspects in computer thefts at Walmart. The suspects are believed to have stolen two laptops valued at nearly $700 on Wednesday morning. The female suspect, who appeared to be pregnant, is the one that actually pushed the cart of merchandise out of the store. (Source

Two men in Avon, Indiana suspected of theft, pushing merchandise out to an awaiting SUV.  Surveillance captured the two men entering the store together, each with a shopping cart. Both men are also capture on tape, leaving the store with large items which they failed to pay for. (Source

Man who robbed Harris Teeter being sought in Raleigh. Police said they hope someone can help them identify a man who they said robbed a Harris Teeter grocery store Tuesday night, approaching a cashier and implying that he had a weapon of some kind. The cashier turned over money and the suspect walked out of the store without incident. (Source

Blue shirt and khaki pants helps suspect steal a $1700 television from Walmart in Arkansas. A man enters the store with a similar outfit of a Walmart associate, finds an empty dolly and helps his accomplice with a $1700 70” inch television. As the two suspects get the television loaded on the cart, a real associate asks if they need any help; the fake tells the associate, its ok I work here. The real associate now confused walks away to find his supervisor. The two suspects walked out of the store, load the television into an SUV, the blue shirt suspect even return the dolly to the inside of the store, then flees in the SUV. (Source

Overnight Smash and grab at Best Buy in Kansas City; thieves focused on Apple equipment.  At 2:20am thieves broke into a Best Buy in the Kansas City area and stole the entire display of Apple iPads, iPhones, iPods and Mac computers. Three suspects were captured on video. (Source

April Same Store Sales Results
Walgreen front-end sales down 4.3% with pharmacy sales up 4.7%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Harris Teeter Supermarkets Q2 up 3.7% with sales up 4.3%




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How eBay Worked With The FBI To Put Its Top Affiliate Marketers In Prison - A must read story! Great Job eBay's e-crime unit 

In an online sting operation named "Trip Wire" eBay successfully apprehended two of their top affiliate marketers for fraud. Affiliate marketers place ads or links for eBay on their own networks, or on other people's sites, and they collect a cut of any sale the online auction company generates from them. eBay has about 26,000 of them, or more, at any one time, feeding traffic to its auctions. Since 2006, eBay has been working with the FBI to root out affiliate marketers whose success was a bit too good to be true. In doing so they identified one of their top affiliates who had been paid a staggering $28 million in affiliate marketing sales commissions over the years. The company had sued him, accusing him of fraud, and when the FBI served their search warrants the suspect told agents he had been expecting them. The sting also netted Brian Dunning, eBay's second biggest affiliate marketer. The company had paid Hogan and Dunning a combined $35 million in commissions over the years, court papers say. Both men have since pleaded guilty to wire fraud. A great story to read. Click here to read the full article.

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Loblaw CEO troubled by "deafening silence" from other apparel retailers that use Bangladeshi garment factory that collapsed  The chief executive of a Canadian company said Thursday he's troubled by the "deafening silence" of other apparel retailers that used a Bangladeshi garment factory that collapsed last week. Loblaw Inc. CEO Galen Weston said before the company's annual meeting that as many as 30 international apparel brands were having goods manufactured in this building yet only two have come forward to speak publicly. Products for Loblaw's Joe Fresh clothing line are made there. Britain's Primark has also acknowledged it was using a factory. The company previously announced it is setting up a relief fund to help victims and families of those killed in both the Bangladesh disaster. (Source Associated Press)

Loblaw vows to compensate families after Bangladesh factory collapse  
Canadian retailer Loblaw, which owns the Joe Fresh clothing line, pledged to financially compensate the families of its factory workers killed when an eight-storey building collapsed last week. The announcement comes after Canadian retailers and the Retail Council of Canada gathered in Toronto Monday for an urgent meeting to discuss what to do after 385 people were killed when a garment factory collapsed in Savor last week. Some customers in Canada have vowed to boycott Joe Fresh in the wake of the collapse. (Source

For supplier audits, Loblaw will now consider building safety
Loblaws says it will continue manufacturing Joe Fresh clothing in Bangladesh and also take new steps to ensure the structural integrity of the factories in the wake of the collapse of a building that housed one of its suppliers. (Source

Retail Council of Canada (RCC) and its members offer their sincere condolences to the victims and their families in Savar, Bangladesh.  
Following discussions with members of Retail Council of Canada, the RCC will take the following 3 steps. 1) Develop an updated set of responsible trade guidelines, best practices, educational material and resources for the industry. 2) RCC has joined a North-American coalition consisting of the following industry associations: American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), National Retail Federation (NRF), and Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA). Finally, 3) Working with global stakeholders such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), NGOs, international industry associations, the Bangladeshi government, the Bangladesh garments manufacturers association and local Bangladeshi civil society organizations to find common ground so that industry can align, in a meaningful way, with a plan to address safety standards in the Bangladesh garment industry. RCC is committed to working with its members and the international community to drive change in Bangladesh to help prevent similar incidents in the future. (Source

Bank of Canada unveiling new $5 and $10 polymer banknotes  
Counterfeiting is down, but not all Canadians like the new plastic money. They are more expensive to make, stick together and, some claim, can melt. But as the Bank of Canada prepares to unveil the designs for Canada's new $5 and $10 polymer banknotes today, it can point to progress in the fight against counterfeit currency. According to the RCMP, last year 44,975 counterfeit Canadian banknotes were discovered in circulation, down 92 per cent from the peak in 2004. Police also seized 14,882 counterfeit banknotes during investigations in 2012, the highest number since 2008. (Source

Canada’s e-commerce managers not feeling executive love - Does anyone know the term Omni-Channel up north? Canada is trailing behind other G20 countries when it comes to e-commerce because managers face significant challenges that are unique to this country, according to a new survey of 69 e-commerce managers. They feel they can’t compete with U.S. competitors. It cites cultural norms as a possible reason for less aggressive business strategies, as Canadian businesses are notoriously risk-adverse. It’s not about beating U.S competition,” said one manager in an interview with ePath. “It’s still about outperforming your Canadian competitor.” The traditional ‘bricks’ part of the business still determines the overall business strategy. More than 65 per cent of respondents said they felt their bricks-and-mortar businesses were not integrated enough with their online storefronts and 62% said they don't have a formal innovation process in place. Omni-channel is a long way off up north. (Source

Indigo named top Canadian retail employer brand by workers and job seekers
Indigo Books & Music Inc., Canada's largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer is delighted to be named the top Canadian retail employer brand, number 6 overall, by Randstad Canada. Unique to the Canadian market, the Randstad Award rewards and encourages best practices in building the best employer brands, and is the only employer award where winners are chosen entirely by workers and job seekers in search of employment opportunities within Canada's leading organizations, based on polling of 7 thousand job seekers conducted by ICMA International in February and March of 2013. (Source

“The Impact of Walmart Supercentre Conversion on Consumer Shopping Behaviours,“ - Here's the results  This is perhaps the first study to analyze what happens at both incumbent grocers and at Walmart when the latter is converted to a Supercentre. Their reactions can vary, from cutting prices, to diversifying selection, to doing nothing at all. Which works best? New research by marketing professors Minha Hwang, of McGill University, and Sungho Park, of Arizona State University, reveals what grocers should and shouldn’t do when Walmart comes their way. For the retail student. (Source

Midtown Toronto Jewelry store robbed Monday morning.  
Toronto Police confirming that Omni Jewelcrafters at Bathurst and Glencairn was robbed Monday morning. Police say two suspects, who were armed with some sort of weapon, broke in, pushed an employee into the vault and robbed the store. Officers couldn't say if they made off with cash or jewelry or a combination of both. (Source

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Police arrest 11 alleged members of Paterson, N.J.-based identity theft ring hitting retailers  Nearly a dozen members of a large identity theft ring that used stolen information to open up lines of credit at various department stores, authorities announced Thursday. Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said that since 2012, more than 70 North Jersey residents reported receiving letters in the mail from stores such as Macy's, Saks 5th Avenue, Victoria's Secret and Kohl's thanking them for opening credit accounts which they had never applied for. An investigation soon determined that the majority of the victims had recently contacted a Little Falls-based mortgage outfit, NJ Lenders Corporation, to refinance their mortgages, according to Molinelli. The company cooperated fully with detectives, and informed that they kept customer financial records at C. Marino Records, a warehouse in Paterson. They also informed them that Kyle Davis, a C. Marino employee, was responsible for picking the records up and placing them into storage. Eventually, they determined that Davis had been selling the victims' personal information to Paterson resident Shontera Jennings. Jennings then opened the accounts, and listed the names of acquaintances as "authorized buyers", Molinelli said. In total, the victims' losses totaled more than $150,000, according to Molinelli. (Source

Feds Probe Supermarket Customer ID Theft Incident
The investigation into identity theft at a supermarket in north suburban Wilmette, ILL., continues to expand. Wilmette Police Chief Brian King told WBBM Newsradio that detectives have collected information from more than 50 victims, all of whom used their credit cards at Treasure Island Foods’ Ridge Road store. The credit card information that was stolen has been used as far away as South Africa. (Source

Identity thieves work quickly to cash in on credit cards stolen from a gym in Columbia, Maryland.  Probably by the time the victims were finished working out, the thieves had already purchased $8,000 worth of gift cards at nearby CVS store. The suspects used multiple stolen cards to make the gift card purchases. (Source
Axonify. Read how Pep Boys reduced their shrink by 55% by overhauling their LP awareness program. Download.


22 more people arrested in organized retail crime ring in West York Borough, PA., now totaling 133 arrests  The West York Borough Police have charged twenty-two more people for their involvement in a major organized retail crime ring. The crimes were committed throughout York, Lancaster, Adams and Perry counties. James Giuffrida of West York was the ring-leader and was previously arrested. Officials say the number of arrests is now 133. On November 12, the West York Borough Police shut down James Giuffrida and the retail crime ring, which he operated out of his 'Power House Graphix' storefront at 1415 West Market Street. Here thieves could trade stolen merchandise in for gift cards. (Source (Source

$1.3M ORC female suspect arrested in Colorado Springs after asking for public's help last week & posted on the Daily April 26. The woman accused of selling fraudulent gift cards to a quadriplegic victim has been arrested, according to Colorado Springs police. Amber Smidt was wanted on charges in connection with the $1.3 million stolen merchandise investigation from earlier this year. Police said she arrived on the scene of the initial search warrant of the investigation wanting to sell gift cards to the store. Police said the gift cards were acquired through stolen merchandise at J.C. Penney's. According to police, Schaner conducted more than $1.3 million in Ebay sales in a four-year period. Schaner, police said, was the primary conduit for the stolen property. Other suspects were traveling from Castle Rock, Denver and Pueblo to conduct the sales, police said. From where was the merchandise coming? Police said it was being stolen from retail outlets by crews of shoplifters. Specifics of the shoplifting are still under investigation. Police said Schaner was working in conjunction with at least three others, including his son, Clinton. Police said tens of thousands of dollars in stolen property was recovered on Friday. Police are now working to return the property. According to police, an audit revealed nearly $120,000 in stolen property during the search warrant. More arrests are expected as the investigation continues, police said. (Source

ORC duo busted hitting Wal-Mart stores in Alabama  Traffic stop leads to arrest of two suspects with stolen merchandise from three Wal-Mart stores in Ocean Springs, Ala., Daphne, Ala., and Foley, Ala. Investigators also learned Lloyd has outstanding warrants out of Pensacola, Fla., and the Lamar County Sheriff's Department for other felony offenses. The two were charged with felony shoplifting for the thefts in Ocean Springs. (Source

Baby formula theft rings increasing in Milwaukee and across the country  A rash of recent thefts in the Milwaukee area and even across the country, appear to have escalated in terms of the boldness and brazenness — or maybe desperation — of the offenders. The most recent large-scale bust happened in April when police say Ebony Sims, 26, and Johnetta Webb, 23, both from Milwaukee, loaded 69 cans of formula into plastic totes they had grabbed off the shelves at Walmart in Greenfield and waltzed out of the store. Two days later, the same couple tried again, this time planning a “push out” of about 60 cans before ditching the cans when alerted by an accomplice that police were outside waiting for them. In Greenfield alone, police investigated 11 baby formula thefts totaling nearly 250 canisters worth more than $4,500 in the first four months of 2013. Over the last several months. Wauwatosa and Brookfield, two of Milwaukee's largest suburbs, also have been hit particularly hard. In November, two Milwaukee sisters, 12 and 14 years old, pushed out a cart with $500 in formula and diapers out Pick ‘n Save’s door. Just this week, authorities near Portland shut down a baby formula theft ring that had resulted in the theft of nearly $12,000 in formula. That pales in comparison to a theft ring that reportedly stole $2.5 million in baby formula from stores in California and Oregon until getting busted by police in December 2010. (Source

Organized retail theft on the rise in Durham
Organized retail theft is on the rise in Durham, N.C. Speaking at Northgate Mall to members of Durham Businesses Against Crime, Investigator Mark Feskanich of the Durham Police Department said he recently talked to a shoplifter who generated $91,000 in a seven-year period in Durham and surrounding counties. Police investigators have been stepping up efforts to put a dent in organized retail theft, and it’s paying off. People have been breaking into places like Kroger and Food Lion and stealing as many cartons of cigarettes as they can,” Feskanich said. Police recently arrested people suspected of fencing stolen goods, including owners of mini-marts, a towing business, tobacco store, tire store and apartment complex. Sgt. Rodney Hunter, an investigations supervisor, said the retail theft crackdown has been aided by citizen tips and cooperation from business owners. (Source

Cape Coral woman arrested in a major baby formula theft operation: stealing up to $1800 per day.  Cape Coral Police have arrested a woman in connection with theft of baby formula from several stores in Lee and Charlotte counties over the last two months.Jenny Fasching, 31, is charged with several counts of Grand Theft for allegedly stealing $13,000 worth of infant formula from area Publix and Walmart stores. From mid-March thru late April, Fasching would steal the infant formula, sometimes as much as $1,800 worth at a time, and sell it on internet sites such as Craigslist. (Source

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New theft affecting automobile service organizations.

By Greg Morand
VP of Loss Prevention, Safety & Audits
Kauffman Tire

We identified a new theft method for automobile service facilities. Employee contacts an extended warranty company with an actual customer's VIN and Policy # to submit a fraudulent quote. Employee then receives a one time use credit card number for the fraudulent quote, less the customer's co-pay. Employee then processes the sale through the credit card terminal. Within a minute the employees then credits the exact amount to their personal credit card. I discovered that the extended warranty companies do not challenge amount below $1,000.

"New theft affecting automobile service organizations.
We identified a new theft method for automobile service facilities. During our investigation and employee interviews we found that the employee had maintained a copy of customer’s, name, addresses, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) who have used aftermarket extended vehicle warranty providers.

With this information in hand he would contact one the corresponding customer’s providers and inform them he had their customer in the location requesting service. He would then submit a fraudulent quote for service and fax it to the provider. The provider will then call or fax a one-time use credit card number for the fraudulent quote, less the customer's co-pay amount (which is typically $100. The employee would then processes the sale through the credit card terminal. Within a minute, the employee would refund the exact amount to his personal credit card.

This was not challenged or verified, as most warranty companies do not challenge any amount below $1,000. No customer is contacted to verify any of the service information. All end of day reports balanced, as the credit card sale amount was equal to the refund amount. This was identified by a large amount of refunds going to one credit card number. "

Thanks Greg for providing us with this great information!

Lexington police release photos of six accused of fraudulent credit card use  Lexington police have released photos of six people thought to be involved in a "widespread" traveling network that uses fraudulent credit cards.  Detectives released surveillance footage Thursday with hopes that the public could help detectives identify the six. The photos were taken at grocery stores at Lexington and Louisville, Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said. Roberts said investigators started receiving reports from grocery stores that people were using fraudulent credit cards to buy large numbers of $50 and $100 gift cards. She said one person fled a Kroger when asked for identification. Police later found out that there had been similar cases of credit card fraud in Lexington, Frankfort, Versailles, Louisville, Cincinnati and "beyond," Roberts said. Anyone with information about the suspects should contact Lexington police at (859) 258-3600 or call local police, Roberts said. (Source


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AP Manager Sam's Club Odessa, TX Wal-Mart
LP Manager Store The Bon Ton Stores South Portland, ME The Bon Ton Stores
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5 Foolproof Ways to Get Through a Tough Task 
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Omni LP?

With the Omni-tidal wave moving the entire retail industry in a direction no one has quite yet figured out, it's going to be interesting to see how it evolves. One thing is sure, in 15 years, the retail industry will transform into something we've never seen before. Unlike previous decades, where we saw individual sectors battle for supremacy, literally annihilating dozens of regional players, and the super stores becoming firmly entrenched. We now have a world where the smartphone has become the consumer and the human merely its extension. Walk into any airport, Mall, public building, or anywhere for that matter and what you see is humans plugged into their smartphones and fighting for electrical plugs to keep us all addictively connected. Heaven forbid we lose power and become unconnected from the adult pacifier.

One thing is sure, even Wal-Mart is being shaken by this new Amazon age. The fact is the world is changing dramatically. Retail is turning upside down and even the big players now fear the phrase "eliminating the middleman." At the end of the day the age of the traditional retailer is over and they too will feel the impact of just being the middleman.

Where is it going and how does it impact our Loss Prevention industry? That's the question for all of us to answer. The problem is no one has the real answer yet, because it's still in the distance. But one thing does stand out, above all others, and Dan Faketty, the vice president for asset protection at Bi-Lo/Winne-Dixie, coined it in his recent NRF article and we're going to turn the volume up: Not only do you have to love technology - but you better master it and become the best student of it that you can be - or else it'll wipe you right out of your job.

Take it from a person who's been a middleman all of his career. If you don't reinvent yourself and help reinvent this industry, it's going to pass you by. Plain and simple.

The D-D Daily - the end result of one reinvention - Thanks for reading it and we're sure we'll have to reinvent it again. That's inevitable.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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