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Omni Loss Prevention 
Art Silva

Partnerships Between Shopping Center Leaders and Retailers  
Malachy Kavanagh and
Joe LaRocca

The Ultimate High-End Retail Loss Prevention
Scott Barefoot

State of the Industry and NRF Protect Update
Bob Moraca and
Joe LaRocca

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Ean Bressack was named Vice President of Loss Prevention for David Yurman.
Ean was previously the Director of Security and Crisis Management for Gucci for two years. He was also the Director of Loss Prevention for Chanel for more than four years and the Assistant VP of Loss Prevention for BJ's Wholesale Club from 2007-2008. Ean earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University. Congratulations, Ean!
  Brad King was named Senior Director of Loss Prevention
for New York & Company.

Brad was previously the Vice President of Loss Prevention for BCBG Max Azria for over six years. He was also the Corporate Director of Loss Prevention for bebe for four years and the Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Hollywood Video in 2004. Congratulations, Brad!
  Ted Dulles was named Director of Internal Audit
for Crate & Barrel. 

Ted was previously the Director of Security Systems Integration for Universal Surveillance Systems (USS) in 2015. Prior to that, he spent three years as the Senior National Account Manager for Stanley Convergent Security Solution and over a year as the Senior Director of Loss Prevention and Internal Audit for Bally Total Fitness. Ted earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Congratulations, Ted!

CONNECT with Law Enforcement & Restaurant Practitioners

RLPSA CONNECT is a one-day power workshop on June 2nd for LP, Security & Safety teams focused on crime activity against Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), casual dining restaurants and other food service providers. RLPSA CONNECT Chicago is a FREE event for our RLPSA members.

Attend RLPSA's FREE one-day workshop June 2 using this code: RLPSAdaily. Check out the list of speakers and value-packed agenda covering labor, crime, terrorism and more here: http://www.rlpsaannualconference.com/rlpsa-connect/
Seating is limited, register today.

Limited seating (75 available seats) so register today by emailing your name, title, company and email address to Executive Director, Amber Bradley, at amber.bradley@rlpsa.com.

Twelve Senior LP jobs eliminated in eleven months
With Barnes & Noble eliminating two senior LP roles yesterday, with one remaining, that makes it twelve in the last eleven months. One a month regretfully.

This includes Saks Fifth Ave, Vitamin Shoppe, Talbot's, three Divisional Directors at Lowe's, one Director at 7-Eleven, one Director position at Compass Group, The Bon Ton, Cracker Barrel, and now two at Barnes & Noble.

Priceline Proves Value of Anonymous Employee Hot Line
President Loses $13 million From Tip Line Call

The news last week that Priceline Group Inc. Chief Executive Darren Huston was forced to resign after an internal company investigation instigated by a whistleblower tip showed he was having an improper sexual relationship with an employee proves the value of companies having ways for workers to report unethical behavior in an anonymous way, said an executive at a company that provides such hotlines to businesses. Mr. Huston, a married man, won't receive any severance payments and agreed to forfeit $13 million in equity awards as part of his dismissal.

An anonymous hotline, as far as we're concerned, is the epitome of best practices for protecting a company against fraud," said Kenneth H. Springer, executive vice president of Corporate Resolutions. "It sets the tone for the [company] culture; if something is going on, employees are encouraged to say something. Anonymity is the key."

Companies with hotlines or other anonymous ways of reporting potential bad behavior, such as online portals, are much more likely to detect fraud through employee tips (47.3%) versus those that don't have these reporting mechanisms (28.2%), according to a survey earlier this year from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Related story last week and the Daily's #1 article last week - Priceline C.E.O. Resigns Over Relationship With Employee wsj.com

AlliedBarton Security Services and Universal Services of America to Merge to Create Leading Security Company in North America
Named AlliedUniversal, Will Provide Localized Response & National Support With Approx. 140,000 Security Officers

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA and SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwired - May 3, 2016) -  AlliedBarton Security Services and Universal Services of America today announced that they have agreed to merge, creating the leading security company in North America. 

The combined company, which will operate under the AlliedUniversal brand following the close of the transaction, will offer its clients localized response and national support with industry-leading technology solutions and approximately 140,000 highly-trained officers. It is expected to have total annual revenues of approximately $4.5 billion. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2016, subject to customary regulatory approvals. marketwired.com

E-commerce is Chipping Away at Brick and Mortar Sales
Earnings has declined by up to 25% due to shift from in-store to online sales

The finding was revealed today as part of Karabus' latest retail industry study, which found that operating earnings as a percent of sales has declined by up to 25% due to a shift from in-store to online sales, combined with e-commerce and omni-channel investments and the high cost of fulfilling e-commerce transactions.

"Retailers haven't yet figured out how to grow and maintain brick and mortar profitability while trying to keep up with the likes of Amazon in today's increasingly digital environment." businesswire.com
New Metrics for a New Retail Industry
Thought Leader Says Same Store Sales # is Old School
Lets Go Omni With Our Numbers Too

Sales and sales growth have been and will remain key metrics in retail, but only within a context of cash flow and market capitalization. And, not entirely surprising, it might be time to cut same store sales loose as a key performance metric. You get what you measure, and attributing sales to particular channels only drives channel conflict. It also has nothing to do with an omnichannel shopper experience.

Sales-per-shopper is the most salient selling metric, and it's available across all channels. Plus, while average transaction value (ATV) is still useful, sales per customer across all channels is more reflective of omnichannel effectiveness.

Other key operational metrics include customer acquisition costs and lifetime customer value calculations, and shopper experience requires analysis into shopper engagement and shoppers' transitions through their often widely varying purchase cycles. It's about brand awareness, recognition, retention and loyalty. And, for retailers, it's about maximizing each and every opportunity to connect with, interact, listen and engage.

Editor's Note: The customer who's been shopping at your local store buys online - and store doesn't get credit. But didn't they help develop that customer and aren't they your bill board. If we're truly moving to an Omni experience and influence then its time to rethink our metrics. After all having the stores separate from online only facilitates an internal us them culture. therobinreport.com

Measurement Must Change As Retail Change Continues
In today's e-commerce, services-driven retail environment, sales per square foot simply isn't a relevant metric anymore. Editor's Note: Two articles on this in one day means there's a move afoot and the "C's" must be looking at it. wsj.com

Protecting employees against workplace violence
How can employees protect themselves, particularly in situations where the perpetrator is another employee? The OSHA suggests that employees learn how to recognize, avoid, or diffuse potentially violent situations by attending personal safety training programs. Supervisors should also be alerted to any concerns about safety or security and report all incidents immediately in writing. If the employer does not respond to a complaint, the employee should document and log all incidents and threats of workplace violence.

Victims have the right to come forward and report incidents of harassment or abuse. Unfortunately, many victims may choose to remain silent in order not to "rock the boat" or because of fear that the perpetrator will retaliate and they would lose their jobs.  oshatoday.com

Aeropostale Preparing to File for Bankruptcy This Week
Plans to close more than 100 stores

New York-based Aéropostale plans to seek chapter 11 protection in the next few days before May rent payments are due, the people said. The retailer would close more than 100 of its roughly 800 stores soon after filing and potentially more later, the people said.

Clothing manufacturer MGF Sourcing started demanding payment upfront for merchandise, and is owned by Aéropostale lender Sycamore Partners, a private-equity firm that focuses on retail and consumer investments. Aeropostale signed a loan deal with Sycamore for $150M in 2014. Sycamore owns Talbots, Belk, Dollar Express (which is looking for their first Dir. of LP positon), Hot Topic, and a number of others.

Some 55% of U.S. retailers that filed for bankruptcy since 2005 ended up going out of business, versus 5% in other industries, according to an October study by consulting firm AlixPartners LLP.  wsj.com
Catching a Flight? Budget Hours, Not Minutes, for Security This Summer
Public Service Announcement

Security lines at airports are getting longer - much longer - and wait times could reach epidemic levels when air travel peaks this summer, according to airlines, airports and federal officials.

A combination of fewer Transportation Security Administration screeners, tighter budgets, new checkpoint procedures and growing numbers of passengers is already creating a mess at airports around the country. While federal security officials say they are hiring and training hundreds of additional screening officers, matters are not expected to improve anytime soon.

"This is going to be a rough summer; there is no doubt about it," said Gary Rasicot, T.S.A.'s chief of operations. nytimes.com

With David Yurman filled, that opens up Gucci - stay tuned

Build-A-Bear Workshop exploring strategic alternatives

Sheetz, 500 convenience stores, to hire 8,000 employees companywide

Party City begins 80 store expansion - in Mexico

Grocer Fairway Group Files For Bankruptcy
Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Texas Roadhouse Q1 co.-owned comp's up 4.6%, sales up 12%
CVS Health Q1 comp's up 4.2%, pharmacy comp's up 5.5%, front-end comp's up 0.7%, net sales up 18.9 Del Taco Restaurants Q1 comp's up 3.2%, sales up 3.2%
West Marine Q1 comp's up 2.7%, sales up 2.6%, online sales up 31.4% - 11.9% of total sales
Build-A-Bear Q1 comp's up 2.2%, sales up 2.6%

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FBI Issues New Ransomware Warning
Backs off of Last Years 'Pay It' Advice

The FBI has been forced to issue a new ransomware alert, warning internet users that the number of infections is only going to rise again in 2016.

Reports had circulated last year that the Feds were advising organizations to pay up if infected with ransomware, in order to get their files back.

However, in the latest official update the focus was on education, prevention and having in place a solid business continuity plan in case of attack.

Cyber Division assistant director, James Trainor, warned that paying the ransom doesn't guarantee that an organization will get its data back.

"Paying a ransom not only emboldens current cyber-criminals to target more organizations, it also offers an incentive for other criminals to get involved in this type of illegal activity. And finally, by paying a ransom, an organization might inadvertently be funding other illicit activity associated with criminals.

The FBI also warned firms that ransomware isn't just an email-based problem, but is now turning up in drive-by attacks where legitimate websites are seeded with the malicious code. infosecurity-magazine.com

Third-Party Risk Escalates, But C-Suiters Aren't Paying Attention
In business, third-party vendors and partners can open the door to significantly increased risk of cyberattacks-as evidenced most famously by the Target breach, where hackers entered using HVAC contractor credentials. But the aftermath can be a company-killer: Ponemon Institute researchers found that in the past 12 months, organizations spent an average of $10 million to respond to a security incident as a result of negligent or malicious third parties.

The firm's latest report also found that third-party risk is only increasing with the growth in disruptive technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and cloud security-70% of respondents acknowledged it as a ballooning issue. However, only 8% of respondents say improvement of their organizations' relationship with business partners is a top risk management objective. So the risk associated with third parties is growing, but the C-Suite and Board level are not prioritizing this issue.  infosecurity-magazine.com

Hacker-For-Hire Pioneer Ordered to Pay $7 Million
The creator of one of the world's first pieces of banking malware has been forced to pay nearly $7 million after being sentenced to time served of 37 months in a Manhattan court on Monday. infosecurity-magazine.com

Special Report: Mobile Payments Rising
Which payment technologies are going to change the way your company interacts with customers?

Six Months After EMV: Still Putting the Pieces Together
EMV has caused more problems than it has solved. Why has the adoption of EMV in the U.S. been so hard? Big-box retailers with virtually unlimited influence and resources had little problem getting set up by October 1, while everyone else was left with an uphill battle.

The certification process alone takes months, and to make things more difficult, mid-way through the EMV certification process, several processors jumped the gun in adding new requirements.

For example, Visa suggested a policy - after the October liability shift date - that merchants who want to process EMV should also be equipped to accept NFC (near-field-communication) by 2018. The processors heard this and took it as "do it now!" This meant that the independent software vendors and device manufacturers who were in the middle of their EMV certifications had to add more than a dozen additional use cases to their coding before they could move forward with the certification process.

The card brands have expected too much too soon from EMV. The priority should have been to first get it out in the wild, and then fill in the cracks with new features and updates. Instead, millions of EMV terminals are going unused by merchants who are stuck waiting while this conversion plays out.

EMV, needs to be approached as a single component in your overall payment security strategy. A best practice is to use EMV with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization solutions. This constitutes the payment security trifecta. retailingtoday.com



Free Whitepaper: Social Media Opens New Avenues for Theft

Placing greater focus on loss prevention across the retail sector has been a priority for decades. During that time, the types of threats facing merchants have changed substantially, pushing business leaders to get more creative in their efforts toward deterring theft. In recent years, social media has emerged as one of the greatest threats facing the retail industry.  See more here.



Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

The LPM Profile of the Future & The Importance of Community Relations

Kevin Colman, Group VP of AP, Macy's

As Omni retailing continues to evolve, so does the role of the single-unit Loss Prevention Manager. With the internet and technology driving massive change in today's connected store, the LPM is more connected now than ever before and plays a vital role in community relations. Kevin Colman, Group VP of Asset Protection, Macy's, tells us what the profile of an LPM may look like in the future, as the job evolves from adrenaline-based shoplifter takedowns to a larger emphasis on investigations and protecting the company brand.

Episode Sponsored By:

LPNN Quick Take #24

Joe and Amber meet up with Tarik Sheppard, NYPD Lt. Deputy Commissioner of Public Information. Learn about the early success of New York's ORC Association and its recent expansion into a more regional crime-fighting partnership.

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Online transaction fraud to more than double to $25 billion by 2020,
finds Juniper Research

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the value of online fraudulent transactions is expected to reach $25.6 billion by 2020, up from $10.7 billion last year. This means that by the end of the decade, $4 in every $1,000 of online payments will be fraudulent.

The study, 'Online Payment Fraud: Key Vertical Strategies & Management 2016-2020' found that the implementation of CHIP and PIN services at POS (Point of Sale) locations in the US is likely to be a key factor driving activity in the online fraud space. It argued that the greater security afforded by CHIP and PIN would persuade fraudsters to switch their attention from the in-store environment to the CNP (Card Not Present) space.

The research highlighted two key areas for fraud within eRetail: 1.'buy-online, pay in-store' and, 2.Electronic gift cards.

It argued that the continuing migration to online and mobile shopping, of both digital and physical goods [reaching over $1.7 trillion in 2015] will provide a further incentive for fraudsters to focus their attention on these channels. cpifinancial.net

Amazon sues to root out fraud - sellers and manufacturers that commission
fake reviews

Amazon.com Inc. is waging a sustained battle to root out and ban from Amazon.com the reviewers who write fake reviews for money and the groups that commission those reviews.

Last month Amazon filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court in Seattle that named owners of companies that market their ability to produce and post fake reviews for violations including trademark infringement, cybersquatting and unfair and deceptive acts. It is the latest in a series of suits the e-retailer, No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide, has brought since early 2015 to address abuses of product reviews. The latest suit asks the court to force the defendants to stop facilitating the fake reviews and to provide information to identify all paid reviews, who bought them and who wrote them.

Lawsuits target AmazonVerifiedReviews.com, PaidBookReviews.org, along with AmazonReviewsStar.com, BuyAmazonReviews.info and ReviewConnections.com.

Policing fakes is important because consumers use reviews to help direct their purchases. Research from Bazaarvoice, a vendor of product review technology, shows a direct link between the number of online reviews a product has and its sales. Having one review results in a 10% increase in orders; when there are at least 30 reviews orders jump 30%. The research also finds that consumers who interact with reviews convert at a 58% higher rate compared to those who do not. internetretailer.com

Amazon accounts for 60% of U.S. online sales growth in 2015
Forrester also estimates that U.S. online retailer sales will grow to more than $530 billion by 2020, nearly a 60% increase from 2015. internetretailer.com



Palm Harbor, FL: Two men arrested in connection with $1,500 Baby Formula heist at East Lake Walmart
Two men are accused of pilfering more than 100 cans of baby formula from a Walmart neighborhood market in the last few weeks. Surveillance video from the store at 3400 East Lake Road captured William Kelly, 65, and Purvis Sealy, 26, pushing carts containing the cans, worth $15.97 each, out to the parking lot. The thefts occurred in late March and throughout April. Arrest reports state that Kelly "has a history involving theft of infant formula and is known to sell it in Tampa to local merchants." tampabay.com

Bethesda, MD: Thieves steal $6.7K bathtub from MD hardware store
Two men stole a $6,700 bathtub from a Bethesda hardware store by using a fraudulent credit card, Montgomery County police say. Police released a surveillance photograph Monday of one of the suspects, both of whom are still at large. On April 26 around 1:30 p.m., the suspect entered Union Hardware to purchase a $13,000 bathtub that was on sale for $6,700, according to police. While purchasing the bathtub, police say the suspect provided a credit card as payment, However, that card was initially declined. To fix the problem, the suspect said he would call his bank on his cell phone, according to police. After placing the phone call, the suspect allegedly gave his phone to the hardware store employee, saying he would receive instructions on how to process the charge. After receiving instructions over the phone, police say the employee followed those directions and a receipt for the bathtub printed out. wusa9.com

Santa Fe, NM: Peace officer stabbed in Target robbery; 3 arrested, $870 of merchandise recovered
Santa Fe police say a suspected shoplifter stabbed a state Department of Public Safety officer in the back Friday as she and two friends tried to escape with hundreds of dollars in merchandise from Target. The Special Investigations Unit agent, who happened to be at the store, stepped in to stop the suspected shoplifters after they pulled knives on store staff. Staff called 911 at about 8:30 p.m. Friday to report a trio of shoppers - two women and a man - who appeared to be hiding clothes, jewelry and other items in a purse and backpack. A member of the store's staff attempted to stop the women as they walked out the front door, but both drew knives on the man. The agent, Annabelle Gasca, saw the exchange and flashed her badge, ordering the women to stop. As they tried to run past her, Gasca grabbed Alexandria Lucero, 23, by the jacket and wrestled her to the ground. Witnesses told police that Denae Lopez, 22, then ran up behind the agent as she struggled with Lucero and stabbed her in the back with a pocket knife. santafenewmexican.com

Dalphine, AL: Man steals $550 TV from Walmart, Police Involved In High Speed Chase

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, which might fuel even more jobs and funding. Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!!


Arlington, TX: Domestic Violence situation with Walgreen's employee ends in a Fatal shooting
The Walgreens store in southeast Arlington is back open for business again Tuesday after a deadly shooting in the location's parking lot. It happened just before noon leaving one man dead and a woman injured. The suspect has been identified as 22-year-old Ricci Bradden, and he is now in police custody. Authorities said that Bradden's 22-year-old wife worked at the Walgreens store. Bradden confronted her just outside of the store's front doors, shooting her in the leg. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and is expected to be just fine. However, a retired Marine witnessed the alleged domestic violence shooting and tried to intervene. Police said that T.J. Antell was fatally shot by Bradden in the Walgreens parking lot. Bradden was attempting to flee from the scene in his vehicle when Antell stepped in with a gun of his own, pointing his firearm at the suspect in hopes of getting the man to stop.

Reading, PA: Fatal shooting outside Dollar General store
A gun battle outside a Dollar General store on Buttonwood Street in Reading left one man dead Monday. Authorities said the second man who may have been involved was in custody and being interviewed Monday night by police. Reading Police Capt. Kelly Kerr said the incident began about 7 p.m., when the victim pulled up in a car at the store. A man on foot approached the car and a verbal altercation ensued, leading to the two men exchanging gunfire.

Rowley, MA: Teen shot at Shopping Center in broad daylight; Police said the shooting does not appear to be random
Police are investigating a Sunday afternoon shooting behind a shopping center in Rowley that injured an 18-year-old. Around 5:15 p.m., authorities arrived behind a shopping plaza at 225 Newburyport Turnpike after receiving reports of gunshots. While at the scene, police were approached by an 18-year-old man who told authorities that he been shot in the leg, WCVB added. The victim was treated and later released from an area hospital. Police said the shooting does not appear to be random. Though police have not made any arrests, they have identified a person of interest in connection to the incident.

Man Protesting Target's Transgender Policy Mistaken for Active Shooter - The Protesting Begins with Confusion
A man who entered a Target department store in Bradley, Illinois, to protest the company's transgender bathroom policy was arrested on Monday.

Michael Merichko was mistaken for an active shooter because he caused a scene by screaming, prompting a lockdown of the strip mall where the store is located, and triggering a massive response from multiple police agencies, reports Chicago TV station, WMAQ. Police told the TV station that the man's actions caused "panic among store employees and customers." The 911 call, which came around 1 p.m., mentioned there was an active shooter in the store.

Bradley Police Lt. Mike Johnston said investigators reported that Merichko "made no threats of shooting anyone in the store." The police said they were not sure why the 911 call reporting the incident mentioned an active shooter. Merichko was "confronted outside the store and taken into custody without incident," Johnston told WMAQ. There were no shots fired and no weapon was discovered at the store.

Robberies & Thefts

Columbus, GA: Police looking for suspects in Armed Robbery
outside of Best Buy

The Columbus Police Department is looking for two suspects they said were a part of an armed robbery on Saturday.
Police say that on April 30 around 12:35 p.m., an armed robbery occurred at Best Buy, located at 2925 Manchester Expressway. Surveillance cameras show who police are describing as "a white male and a heavy set white female" entering the store. Several moments later they can be seen attempting to leave the store with several stolen items. Store employees attempted to stop the suspects, but the male suspect displayed a firearm and verbally threatened the store employee. wtvm.com

Rocklin, CA: Over 100 guns stolen in brazen Rocklin store burglary
At least a hundred new guns are in the hands of criminals after a brazen burglary at a Rocklin gun store. Around 4 a.m. Sunday, a stolen car smashed through the front door and security gate at Nor Cal Gun Vault. The thieves got out and crawled through a hole at the bottom of the gate created by the impact, officers said. Once inside, they stole roughly 100 guns, where about 90 of them were handguns. The thieves were in and out in less than five minutes before officers arrived.

Richmond, VA: Gun shop security not required by law
After a string of gun shop break ins around the Richmond area; can gun shop owners do more to keep their merchandise safe? Many business owners take huge steps to enhance security, but it's not mandated by law. But not every gun shop follows the same procedure, because it's not mandated by federal, state or local law. The ATF does provide recommendations for business owners to prevent theft. It includes: securing the building, having an alarm system and even 'removing all firearms from display cases and racks' and placing it in a vault. But none of it is required.

Winchester, VA: NAPA store burglary, thousands of dollars worth of cash & merchandise missing Employees at NAPA in Winchester arrived at work Monday morning to find that a forced entry was made into the store, and the safe was broken into. Police say the burglary happened on the 2600 block of Valley Avenue sometime between 6:30 pm on Sunday, and 7:30 am Monday morning. Employees say several thousand dollars of cash and merchandise was missing from the business. your4state.com

Muskegon, MI: Shoplifter who dragged Mall Security Guard with car gets prison
A Grand Rapids woman with a mental-health history is headed to state prison for a shoplifting that ended with her dragging a Lakes Mall security guard with her car. Jalin Shcoria Smith-Walker, 20, was sentenced Monday, May 2, to prison for a minimum of 20 months and a maximum of 15 years for unarmed robbery. With credit for 392 days already served in county jails, she could be free by December. Smith-Walker and Minnie Andrea Jackson of Grand Rapids were suspected of shoplifting jeans from Buckle, a denim store in the mall.

UK: Moment shop assistant is confronted by gun in 'joke' robbery caught on camera
A shop assistant in Bromley Cross was left shaken and sweating when a customer pointed a gun at him - for a joke. The shop assistant was working behind the counter of Bargain Booze Plus in Darwen Road when he was confronted by a man with a BB gun. The customer, who had being buying a bottle of Vimto at the time, demanded the assistant open the till before declaring the "hold-up" to be a joke and starting laughing. The customer paid for his drink and walked out, leaving the teenager in shock.

Italian court rules food theft 'not a crime' if hungry
Stealing small amounts of food to stave off hunger is not a crime, Italy's highest court of appeal has ruled. Judges overturned a theft conviction against Roman Ostriakov after he stole cheese and sausages worth $4.50 from a supermarket. Mr Ostriakov, a homeless man of Ukrainian background, had taken the food "in the face of the immediate and essential need for nourishment", the court of cassation decided. Therefore it was not a crime, it said.

Grand Junction, CO: Walmart Loss Prevention stop leads to 2 suspected Meth Dealers

Ashland, KY: Police report a $1,400 theft at Belk, $650 theft at Walmart

Charles County, MD: $1K reward offered in Victoria's Secret grab and run robbery

Trenton, NJ: Man broke into store so he could see jailed brother

Tuscaloosa, AL: Police arrest suspect in string of hotel, convenience store robberies

Piercing Pagoda, Staten Island, NY reported a Grab & Run on 4/30, merchandise valued at $2,299, suspect has been arrested

Counterfeit Goods

Michael Kors Responds to Alibaba's Inclusion in the IACC by Dropping Out According to the IACC, "what began with a handful of companies seeking intellectual property protection has grown to a membership base of over 250 in the past three decades. The IACC is a member-driven organization that is comprised of a cross-section of business and industry. As of this past week, the IACC has one less member: Michael Kors, and the New York-based fashion giant is not alone. Paris-based accessories brand, Longchamp, is also openly unhappy with Alibaba's membership status, in addition to rising reluctance among some of the IACC 250+ other members. Barbara Kolsun, former general counsel for Stuart Weitzman, who served as the Chairman of the Board of the IACC for a number of years, told the Wall Street Journal this past week: "Roughly two dozen brands and other IACC members have privately expressed support in emails and phone calls for Michael Kors' position but are reluctant to be named because they are working with Alibaba on removing counterfeits." thefashionlaw.com

Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud Suspect Arrested in Tysons Corner Center
A suspect was arrested for credit card fraud in the 7900 block of Tysons Corner Center on May 1, 2016, according to the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD). Police say officers responded at about 1:15 p.m. to a report of credit card fraud. Upon arrival, they observed a man who matched the description of the suspect. Officers detained the suspect and further investigation revealed he was in possession of stolen property and fraudulent credit cards. Terrence Herman Pringle, 34, of North Carolina, was taken to jail and charged with larceny by false pretense, two counts of credit card theft, and three counts of credit card fraud, according to the FCPD. patch.com

Man gets 14 years in case that started with credit card theft
A man whose arrest for stealing wallets from purses at a home in the Buena Vista Estates tract led to multiple charges against him and a woman received a 14-year state prison sentence in a plea agreement. His codefendant received a 3-year, 8-month sentence for a similar agreement. James Warren, 37, pleaded no contest to possession of stolen property, burglary and drug and weapons charges on Friday and in exchange eight other counts, including four felonies, were dismissed. Brittney Tucker, 27, entered no contest pleas to burglary and possession of ammunition by a person prohibited from possessing a firearm. Warren and Tucker were arrested on April 3 by Kern County Sheriff's deputies as they left the Tejon Outlets Mall after unsuccessfully attempting to use credit cards stolen a short time earlier in the theft on Odyssey Way in the housing tract next to Buena Vista Golf Course. The pair had gone to an open house for a home there hosted by two female real estate agents. taftmidwaydriller.com

Skimming Reports

Va. ATM Skimming Scheme May be Spreading - Fairfax County to Leesburg

Clinton, Conn., PD warns consumers about skimmers & cloning cc's after Stop & Shop incident

Skimmer found at Seminole Area Convenience Store

AT&T - Merrick, NY - Armed Robbery
Barry's - Meriden, CT - Armed Robbery
CVS - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Beaumont, TX - Armed Robbery / turns himself in
Dollar General - Moss Point, MS - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Rock Island, OK - Armed Robbery
East Berlin Pharmacy - York County, PA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Lancaster, PA - Armed Robbery
Friendly Choice Food - Shamokin, PA - Armed Robbery
G3 Wireless - Tempe, AZ - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Kangaroo - Hope Mills, NC - Robbery/Assault
Mega Beauty - Stafford County, VA - Robbery
NAPA - Winchester, VA - Burglary
Nor Cal Gun Vault - Rocklin, CA - Burglary - 100 weapons stolen
North Texas Street - Fairfield, CA - Shooting / 2 injured
Quick Mart - Virginia Beach, VA - Armed Robbery/ Assault
Piggly Wiggly - Camden, SC - Burglary
Ray's Mart - Gastonia, NC - Armed Robbery
Romantix - Gary, IN - Robbery
Subway - Bennington, VT - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - San Angelo, TX - Armed Robbery




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Vice President of Loss Prevention
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Aritzia is searching for our new Vice President, Loss Prevention who will maximize profit by minimizing loss while respecting People, Brand and Operations. The Vice President, Loss Prevention is responsible for developing Aritzia's Loss Prevention strategy and tactics for Merchandise, Finance, People, Property, and Information...
Loss Prevention Manager
Calgary, AB, Canada

Responsible for communicating and implementing Loss Prevention strategies and creating a localized strategy within assigned location. Responsible for hiring, training, developing and supervising of 5-15 Loss Prevention agents...
National Sales Manager
Franklin Park, IL

Se-Kure Controls is one of the leading manufacturers of Anti-Shoplifting systems in the USA. We are seeking an experienced sales professional to serve as a National Sales Manager. Qualified applicants must be able to manage a sales team, offer creative solutions and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
Director of Sales
Southwest Region

The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...

Loss Prevention Officer
Greencastle, IN
The Loss Prevention Officer has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

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SBH Fashion Vice President of Loss Prevention
New York, NY
Ollie's Outlet Director of Loss Prevention
Harrisburg, PA
Sears Holdings Corporation Director Asset & Profit Protection, Automotive
Hoffman Estates, IL
Dollar General Director Loss Prevention
Charlotte, NC
Dollar Express Director of Loss Prevention
Charlotte, NC
Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc Director, Loss Prevention & Security
Seattle, WA
Mattress Firm Director of Field Loss Prevention
Houston, TX
Barnes & Noble Regional Loss Prevention Director - Based in Mid Atlantic
New York, NY
Helzberg Diamonds Director of Loss Prevention
North Kansas City, MO
Goodwill Industries of San Antonio Director of Loss Prevention & Risk Management
Commerce Downtown
Wireless Vision  Director of Loss Prevention
Greater Detroit Area 
Home Depot Corporate Director Loss Prevention
Atlanta, GA
Home Depot  Divisional Manager of Asset Protection
Toronto, Canada

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Ean Bressack was named Vice President of Loss Prevention for David Yurman.
Brad King was named Senior Director of Loss Prevention for New York & Company.
Ted Dulles was named Director of Internal Audit for Crate & Barrel.
Marc Abramson, CFI was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager for ULTA Beauty.
  Wally Crosno was promoted to Sr. Manager Investigations for Kohls.

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Managing your career upwards is a difficult task because it requires absolute commitment in every situation and environment. You have to stay focused on what's in front of you and make sure your attitude matches your actions. And remember always be West Point. There's a reason every single U.S. citizen respects graduates of West Point. It's almost a universal code so to speak. Clean, crisp, sharp, alert, intelligent, and always a gentleman or gentlewoman.

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