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 May 5, 2014


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REI, Recreational Equipment, Inc. starts their Asset Protection journey
A little over a year ago REI hired their first true Loss Prevention senior executive, long term seasoned industry veteran Perry Resnick as their Director, Asset Protection. With their unique and nationally recognized outdoor athlete culture and started by a husband and wife team of dedicated mountain climbers back in the 30's, this 131 store, $2B chain is growing and only really started their LP effort about 5 years ago. Over the past year they've added two Regional AP Managers and are developing an integrated program that includes business continuity and e-commerce fraud. Earning a place on FORTUNE magazine's list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For" every year since the rankings began in 1998, and ranking number seven in the top 10 retailers to work for in Glassdoor’s 2013 Retail Report Card, REI is just an exceptional organization. And with the former CEO, Sally Jewell, named Secretary of the Interior by President Obama last year, it really is a unique and inspiring retailer.

NYC Racial Profiling? Saga Continues - Manhattan DA drops Oct. 26th Macy's shoplifting charges on Muslim woman - "can't prove beyond reasonable doubt' Pakistani shopper who said she was unfairly profiled and falsely accused of stealing jewelry at Macy's flagship store got the charges dismissed Wednesday, when prosecutors dropped a case that arose amid similar complaints about store security guards targeting minorities. Joweria Khalid had faced misdemeanor theft charges after a Macy's guard said she tried to take $193 worth of items on Oct. 26. Her lawyer said that she was simply planning to go to another cashier and that the security agent gave a misleading account of his observations of her trip to the store, made famous by the Christmas film "Miracle on 34th Street." Khalid ended up being detained by Macy's security for two hours, paying a $500 store fine and getting arrested, said her lawyer, Douglas Wigdor. Prosecutors couldn't prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Amy Hare told a judge Wednesday. The district attorney's office declined to elaborate on the case. The security guard said he started watching Khalid when she went into the jewelry department around 4 p.m. because she had two large bags and was avoiding customer service workers. He stopped her when she tried to leave the store without paying for four items, according to his write-up. He apprehended her on an escalator heading up to another floor where she planned to check prices and shop further, Wigdor said. The jewelry cashier had seemingly misunderstood Khalid's accented English, he said. But to Wigdor, Khalid's arrest is "another case in a pattern of Macy's stopping and detaining people based on the color of their skin and their national origin" and of police not asking enough questions of security guards. The New York Police Department referred questions about the matter to the district attorney's office. Khalid, who was eight weeks pregnant, lost her baby days after the ordeal. She states that the doctors believe she miscarried because of the stress she suffered. "So was Macy’s simply handling the incident the way they would any other case of shoplifting or did they target Khalid because of her appearance? Doug Wigdor, an attorney heading up a federal civil case with now more than a dozen plaintiffs, is quoted as saying the store was "Islamophobic." Macy's issued a statement saying "Macy's policies strictly prohibit any form of profiling and we have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind." (Source associated press) (Source

Breach Aftermath: Target CEO Steps Down
Gregg Steinhafel has resigned as Target Corp.'s chairman, president and CEO following the data breach late last year that exposed 40 million credit and debit card accounts, along with personal information on 70 million customers. "Today we are announcing that, after extensive discussions, the board and Gregg Steinhafel have decided that now is the right time for new leadership at Target," the company's board of directors said in a May 5 statement. "Most recently, [Steinhafel] led the response to Target's 2013 data breach. He held himself personally accountable and pledged that Target would emerge a better company. We are grateful to him for his tireless leadership and will always consider him a member of the Target family." Editors Note: In earlier articles posted in the Daily it was revealed that how Steinhafel responded to the breach was highly debated among the senior management team, with a number actually disagreeing with his approach to the extent that a number of journalists actually wrote that there were heated conversations and disagreements throughout the senior management team. We'll never know the actual story but a few things are obvious: IT security failed to call out a number of security flags that had in-fact popped up warning of the breach - Target's CEO had to deal with significant internal battles about exactly what Target was going to publically announce - The CIO lost her job - Allowing third party vendors to access your network regardless of the benefit opens your backdoor, a practice that will now halt nationwide - Federal data breach notification laws & rules will be coming sooner rather than later - the cost of the breach will exceed $1B and a CEO has lost his job. Couple this with Target's Canadian miss-step of losing over $740M in their first year of operation and you've got one of the premier North American retailers dealing with serious issues that will take years to over come. (Source

Push on for National Breach Notice Law
A White House working group exploring big data and privacy has proposed that Congress enact a national data breach notification law as well as legislation to define the government's role in cybersecurity. The panel recommends that a national data breach notification law should be based on legislation proposed by the administration three years ago (see Obama Offers Breach Notification Bill), which would impose reasonable time periods for notification, minimize interference with law enforcement investigations and potentially prioritize notification about large, damaging incidents over less significant ones. In the May 1 report - Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values - the working group, headed by presidential counselor John Podesta, also proposes a number legislative actions. As it relates to Big Data Podesta writing in a White House blog, says the big data revolution presents incredible opportunities in virtually every sector of the economy and every corner of society, but it also presents privacy and security challenges that must be addressed. (Source

"A “Kill Chain” Analysis of 2013 Target Data Breach" - Actual report prepared for U.S. Senate Committee - Commerce, Science, and Transportation  An absolute must reading for anyone involved in data breaches in a retail environment. While much of the information has been reported, this is a documented history of the chain of events. (Source

Duane Reade Drug Stores testing iBeacon technology - Tracking mobile customers in-store

J. Crew to launch new format for budget shoppers

Samsung ordered to pay Apple $119.6M for infringing two patents & Apple to pay Samsung $158,000 for infringement as well

Avon to pay $135 million to settle bribery charges + Avon spent $340M on Internal investigation & legal cost

Experian settles class action suit for $8 million

Doral, Florida Walmart Supercenter #1 grossing Walmart store in U.S.

Goodwill stores are booming nationwide and LP is right there helping

Reported cargo theft incidents down in 2013; cybercrime rises dramatically, CargoNet report says  CargoNet reports that, “physical cargo” theft decreased by 9%, but fictitious pickups increased by 36%, in 2013. The decline of theft happened mostly in the first part of the year and typically occurred during Thursdays and Fridays, when shippers are anxious to move their freight. Fictitious pickups are being blamed on “cybercrime” and are when “phony businesses and fake identifications” are created in order to steal cargo. According to the report, CargoNet recorded 1,090 incidents of cargo theft during the year, down from 1,197 incidents reported in 2012. Most of the year-over-year decline took place in the first half of 2013, CargoNet said. By contrast, CargoNet reported a 36-percent increase in so-called fictitious pickups, where criminals create phony businesses and use fake identifications to steal loads from unwitting shippers. These types of crimes are less risky and less physically demanding than stealing a trailer from a truck yard, the report said. In addition, cyberthieves are harder to catch and less likely to be arrested and prosecuted, according to the report. Fictitious pickups accounted for 9.3 percent of all reported cargo theft in 2013, the report said. Cargo theft in general has historically gone underreported because victims are loath to make the information public. The average value of cargo stolen in a fictitious pickup last year was $154,134, a 3-percent increase over 2012, the report said. Most of those incidents involved the pilferage of food and beverage shipments because they are relatively easy to fence, the report said. For a copy of the report - (Source

Cargo theft average value Q1 up 38.2%: FreightWatch

Georgia Cargo Theft Act law signed by Governor stiffens penalties

Mass casualty drill held at Chesterfield Mall in St. Louis 

April Same Store Sales Results

Walgreens front-end sales up 8.2% and pharmacy up 7.3% - total sales up 8.8%
Rite Aid up 5% - with front-end sales up 4.6% and pharmacy up 5.2% - total sales up 4.9%
Uniglo up 3.3%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Natural Grocers Q2 up 6.9% with net sales up 22.4%
Publix Q1 up 4% with sales up 4.1%
Ingles Markets Q2 up 2.5% with net sales up 2.9%
CVS Q1 up 1.4% and front end sales up down 3.8% and pharmacy up 3.8% retail revenues up 2.7%
Sally Beauty Q2 up 1% with net sales up 2.4%
Loblaw (Canada's largest retailer) Q1 up 0.9% with sales up 1.2%
Havertys Q1 down 0.9% with net sales down 2%

Last week's most popular news article --

Gap store calls cops on flash mob of ‘live mannequins’  It’s like a scene out of “The Twilight Zone” — mannequins living and breathing as shoppers walk around the store. A “mannequin mob” took over Gap’s flagship store in Midtown, prompting store security to call the cops. Prankster Charlie Todd, founder of Improv Everywhere, organized the freaky flash mob and had 40 participants dress in white morph suits and pose as living mannequins. The performers were instructed to suit up and freeze in place for five minutes just after 3:30 p.m. April 13. Todd, 35, said the funniest reactions were from customers who didn’t even notice the fake mannequins. (Source

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Can Wages Buy Honesty?

The Relationship Between Relative Wages and Employee Theft

With Harvard Professor Tatiana Sandino and
Jim O'Connor, VPLP, Bed Bath & Beyond

In this three-part interview, Tatiana Sandino, Associate Professor at the Harvard Business School, discusses her recent study, "Can Wages Buy Honesty: The Relationship Between Relative Wages and Employee Theft." She and her co-author wrote the study based on an interest in the challenges that can be faced when controlling employee theft in the retail sector, and how companies paying higher wages could affect employee theft.

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Darknet & Bitcoin: The Perfect Storm for Cybercriminals
The developers of the Tor anonymity network and the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto who created bitcoin probably didn't imagine that their products would be fuelling the burgeoning criminal underworld when law enforcement agencies are fighting a losing battle against ever more sophisticated and innovative cybercriminal. That however is the reality in 2014, where the darknet is a world where you can buy whatever you want from such as drugs and guns - all paid for anonymously with bitcoin or one of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. The developers of the Tor anonymity network and the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto who created bitcoin probably didn't imagine that their products would be fuelling the burgeoning criminal underworld when law enforcement agencies are fighting a losing battle against ever more sophisticated and innovative cybercriminal. That however is the reality in 2014, where the darknet is a world where you can buy whatever you want from such as drugs and guns - all paid for anonymously with bitcoin or one of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. The reason why they are so many criminals operating on the underground internet is simple: supply and demand. There is a huge demand for these type of markets which sell everything from Class A drugs to malware kits, stolen credit card numbers and Uzi sub-machine guns. (Source

Analysis: How can retailers stay ahead in the m-commerce race?
In fact, sales through mobile devices now account for about 30% of the total online retail market, and retailers expect that percentage to grow even more in the coming year. By 2015, every transaction will involve a mobile device at some point in the customer journey, claimed Shop Direct chief executive Alex Baldock, while John Lewis managing director Andy Street nailed his colours to the mobile mast by boldly announcing online sales will account for 40% of overall turnover by 2020. Among all the predictions about dramatic growth in mobile shopping, it’s the rise in click-and-collect shopping that retailers might want to heed the most, to the point that CACI research suggests that in certain centres, up to a quarter of shoppers are now only there to pick up online orders. “As m-commerce continues to grow, shoppers increasingly expect speed, convenience and choice as standard. To keep pace, retailers are being forced to take a fresh look at their operations. Adapting their fulfilment models should be top of the agenda. This will be a key differentiator as retailers do battle for online spend," says managing director for Europe and APAC at eBay Enterprise. Customers have also become harder to predict, with many finding shopping heaven sitting on the sofa, tablet in hand, or first thing in the morning, in bed, on a mobile long before the physical store has opened. Modern retailers have to factor these and many other types of shoppers into their models, along with the traditional in-store relationship, and get the fulfilment process right across all the channels. (Source

Forever 21: E-commerce center's work force could hit 600

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
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Montreal's Italian Mafia - US & Canadian authorities bust $30 million tobacco cross-border smuggling ring  Twenty-five individuals allegedly involved in a $30 million cross-border tobacco smuggling operation were arrested Wednesday following an investigation by Canadian authorities and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Montreal, Canada. Carlo Colapelle, an influential member of the Italian mafia in Montreal and alleged leader of the operation, was among those arrested. All of the arrests occurred in greater Montreal. According to the investigation, the mafia would allegedly purchase contraband tobacco in the United States and subsequently smuggle it into Canada through the St-Bernard-de-Lacolle border crossing or the Akwesasne Mohawk territory. The tobacco was then sold to three illicit factories located in Kahnawake. The Aboriginal organized crime allegedly assisted the mafia to import and sell the contraband. "Today's arrests effectively shut down a sophisticated transnational smuggling operation allegedly responsible for illegally exporting large quantities of tobacco, illicit cash, weapons and other contraband into Canada," said James Spero, special agent in charge HSI Buffalo. (Source

Homeland Security arrests over 600 gang suspects - largest gang crackdown - 179 cities  ICE agents, along with local authorities in 179 cities, arrested 638 suspected gang members over a month long period in March and April. More than 400 of those arrested had violent criminal histories, including seven people wanted on murder charges. ICE did not identify all those arrested or the charges they face. The latest crackdown, dubbed "Project Southbound," is part of a larger initiative started in 2005 to target street gangs with international ties. Since the effort, ICE says it has arrested more than 33,000 suspected gang members. (Source

Shooting at a Toronto HomeSense leaves one man dead  Dozens of police officers are combing the scene of a fatal shooting that occurred in the parking lot of a busy shopping plaza north of Toronto. The shooting happened late Sunday afternoon, outside a HomeSense store at Weston Road and Highway 7 in Woodbridge. York Regional Police say they were called to the scene at about 4:30 p.m. By the time first responders had reached the scene, the man wasn’t breathing and he had no pulse. The victim was transported to a Toronto hospital, where police say he succumbed to his injuries. On Sunday evening, Const. Andy Pattenden told reporters that the victim was a 40-year-old man, his name has not been released. Pattenden confirmed that multiple shots had been fired, but he was unable to provide reporters with a precise count. He said it is too soon to say whether or not the shooting was targeted. (Source

Man threatens Walgreens employees, arrested, accused of shooting at Oklahoma City police officer  A man accused of exchanging gunfire with an Oklahoma City police officer was arrested early Sunday. Jared Keith Gravitt, 25, was arrested about 5 a.m. and booked into Oklahoma County jail, police Capt. Dexter Nelson said. About 2 a.m., police responded to a disturbance call from a Walgreens, that an intoxicated man entered the store and threatened an employee with a knife. The man had left by the time officers arrived, Police saw the man walking and attempted to stop him, the man pulled a handgun from his waist and began shooting. The officer, returned gunfire and the man ran away. The officer was not injured. (Source

Dollar Tree Employees assaulted during Armed Robbery in Willoughby Hills, Ohio Two female employees were assaulted during a robbery at the Dollar Tree store on Saturday night. A man forced the two women into the store office at gunpoint and bound them with duct tape, assaulting them during the course of the robbery. Both women were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at the store. (Source

New Jersey burglar busted hitting warehouses in Clinton and Flemington in Hunterdon County for $400,000 in electronics  New Jersey State Police said a months-long investigation, spurred by reported thefts in November at warehouses in Sussex Borough and Lafayette, led them to the 50-year-old Parks. A former subcontractor for CenturyLink, he is alleged to have stolen more than $400,000 worth of electronics throughout the course of the thefts. (Source

West Windsor NJ Police seek public's help in identifying two suspects in attempted CVS armed robbery  Police are now seeking a second person in an attempted armed robbery of a CVS pharmacy last month, and are asking for the public’s help in identifying both men. On April 11 at 11:32 a.m., two men entered the store at the corner of Route 571 and Southfield Road. One of them approached the pharmacy counter and handed over a note indicating that he had a gun and would start shooting if the pharmacist did not give him oxycodone pills. (Source

Two Murphy's USA locations in Pearland, TX skimming devices in gas pumps

3 arrested in Gwinnett, Ga., counterfeit purse, jewelry bust at Bags & More store at Discover Mills

Over $1 Million Worth Of Counterfeit Guitars Seized In NJ mail facility ordered from

Police cleared scene of bomb threat at south Tulsa Walmart Friday morning

Jameis Winston reinstated to Florida State baseball team following shoplifting arrest 

Fruitland, Md. seeing 66% retail theft spike in Q1 - alarming rise has police chief concerned 

Petaluma, CA Police Stops 2 on Hwy 101 Suspected In Staples, Lumber Yard Burglaries 

Suspects sought in South Lake Tahoe jewelry store burglary

Owasso, OK Police Say Woman Used Two Kids To Help Her Shoplift at JC Penney

2 charged in killing of SC store clerk

Washington state woman and boyfriend charged in Bremerton, WA gun store burglary

Wrigley Field cashier charged with $1400 theft

Circle K – Bonita Springs, FL – Armed Robbery
Citgo – Piedmont, SC – Armed Robbery
Four Corners – Richmond, VA – Robbery
Henner’s Liquor – Rochester, NY - Shooting – one victim killed
Kwik Mart – Fort Meyers, FL – Burglary
Pantry 1 – Glendora, CA - Burglary – suspect arrested
PK Food – Macon, GA – Robbery
Stop & Save - Harvest, AL – Burglary
Subway – Lexington, KY – Robbery – suspect arrested
Sunoco – Norriton, PA – Shooting/ Robbery - clerk shot, Stable condition
Walmart – Queensbury, NJ – Theft/ Robbery – 2 arrested in TV theft
Walmart – Gainesville, FL - Shoplifting/ Robbery Assault – suspect arrested


ORC Group from Texas Arrested in Box-Stuffing Shoplifting Scheme in W.Va. - have they hit your stores?  Four people are facing charges, accused of shoplifting from Walmart in Spencer. Nichols says they would take a large item in a box, take the item out, then fill it with smaller items like DVDs and clothes. In Thursday's bust, the group tried to shoplift nearly $1,400 worth of merchandise. However, they believe it was only one stop along a much larger path. There were multiple receipts from multiple stores, multiple Walmarts," Nichols said. Police believe the group has been running this shoplifting scheme at Walmarts from Texas to West Virginia and they are continuing their investigation. They think the group might also have been exchanging items for gift cards. The four are facing charges of grand larceny, conspiracy to commit grand larceny, drug possession, altered drivers licenses and carrying a deadly weapon. Michael Anthony Gonzalez, 21, Catelynn L. Chapa, 19, Emmanuel Angel Jesus Zavala, Jr., 19, and a juvenile, all of San Antonio, Texas, were arrested Thursday. (Source

Fencing operation busted - Liquor Store Raided For Selling Stolen Merchandise in Nashville - Kroger ORC Team continues to make an impact  Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said Northwest Liquors was raided after an investigation revealed the store’s employees were allegedly dealing with stolen merchandise. Investigators confiscated the store’s entire stock in the raid. On ten separate occasions, detectives said staff at the store purchased a total of eleven gift cards, collectively valued at $5,000 from an undercover police officer in exchange for $260 cash and a small amount of cocaine. They also reportedly bought detergent and dishwashing soap valued at more than $400 dollars for about a fourth of its actual worth. The store’s owner and operator, 47-year-old Jenar Kader, along with another employee, 29-year-old Waldorf Coleman Jr., were expected to be charged in the incident. (Source

Montreal man pleads guilty to 56 offenses of credit card fraud - crown seeking 5 yr. prison sentence - organized crime gang involved  Nour-El-Dean Mouneimnen has been in custody since his March 7 arrest in Gander for the offenses, which occurred in Port Aux Basques, Bishop’s Falls, Grand Falls-Windsor, Corner Brook, and Gander over several weeks in February and March. The charges to which he pled guilty included 19 counts of possession of stolen credit card information, 18 counts of using stolen credit card information, 13 counts of impersonation, one count of conspiracy to commit fraud, one count of using a stolen credit card, one count of possessing a credit card writer for unlawful purposes, one count of laundering, and two counts of fraud. According to information presented in court, Mouneimnen obtained stolen credit card information from real people, mostly living in the United States, uploaded that information to blank cards, and then used those cards to buy prepaid credit cards, gift cards, as well as merchandise from businesses across the province. Crown prosecutor Karen O'Reilly told the court Thursday that Mouneimnen spent thousands of dollars using false and prepaid credit cards in stores across the province including grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, and jewelry stories. While in most cases, the stores and cardholders targeted were protected, four major credit card companies are out over $7,000 due to crimes committed by Mouneimnen. There were also packages sent between the accused and other parties during their period of activity, which O'Reilly said could point to an involvement in an organized crime group. (Source

$500,000 Theft ring targeting distracted shoppers in San Diego - using cards at stores  San Diego police detectives say the group has been targeting women at Whole Foods grocery stores in Hillcrest, La Jolla and Del Mar since 2011. According to police, the thieves have racked up bills of up to $500,000 from nearby banks and shopping plazas, like the Fashion Valley Mall. Police told 10News they're also targeting women who look like the thieves themselves to use their identities when cashing in their loot. "The third suspect most likely looks similar to the victim and that person is then taking the identification of the stolen credit cards to a bank or a department store," Mayer added. (Source

South Florida pair stole, tried to sell Wal-Mart truck with $376,000 in contents
Loaded with over $376,000 worth of Nestle products such as instant coffee and chocolate syrup, among others, the tractor-trailer was to be driven from the Atlanta area to a Walmart in Central Florida. Two South Florida men, Alien Moya and Reinaldo Llabona Jr., signed on to do the job but they didn't carry it out, prosecutors allege. Instead the two men are accused of driving the trailer down to West Palm Beach and trying to sell its contents — which also included 20,000 cans of infant formula — for $100,000. But the FBI, which had arrested two men in a related case, got some assistance from them in identifying Moya and Llabona as the suspects in the theft of the Walmart-bound cargo, court filings state. Now, Moya and Llabona are facing federal charges of theft of an interstate shipment, selling stolen property and theft of medical products. (Source

Husband, wife charged with shoplifting as a team at Walmart in Avon Park Sheriff’s deputies arrested a couple Thursday who allegedly attempted to leave the Avon Park Walmart with $946 in electronics. John Wayne Barton, 33, and his wife, Jennifer L. Barton, 29, of 604 Bill Heat St. in Avon Park were stopped by store personnel, detained, then arrested. The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office filed charges on each of larceny/retail theft of more than $300 by coordinating with others, a third-degree felony. (Source

ORC duo busted in Fort Walton Beach, Florida returning stolen merchandise at local department store  The woman, Eva Anna Layton of Fort Walton Beach, and the boy, Grayson Lance Kasper of Niceville, are accused of going into Kohl’s on Beal Parkway and loading up a shopping cart with 15 swimsuits, three wallets, a bracelet, a necklace, two pairs of sunglasses, and a purse. According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Layton went into the men’s fitting room and came out wearing the purse over her shoulder as if it belonged to her. The purse was allegedly filled with purloined merchandise. They trying to return items for cash. (Source

Shoplifting pair sought by police stealing teeth-whitening strips and skin care products in Vons grocery stores in Southern Calif.

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District LP Manager Kmart Baltimore, MD Sears Holdings Corp
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's New Carrollton, MD Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Wilkes-Barre, PA Lowe's
Store AP Manager Home Depot Hayward, CA Home Depot
Store AP Manager Home Depot Philadelphia, PA Home Depot
Safety & Security Manager IKEA Austin, TS IKEA
LP Manager Macy's Albuquerque, NM Macy's
LP Manager Macy's Brockton, MA Macy's
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Heather Beland was named Director of Marketing for LP Innovations.
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Tanya Jackson was named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Bed Bath & Beyond.
Polly Kessel was named National Account Sales Support Manager for Protection 1 Security Solutions.
Scott Prue was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Dick's Sporting Goods.

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We are all human, we're not perfect, and there will come a time when you will screw something up at work. It's not the end of the world, so don't freak out! The trick is knowing how to bounce back and learn from your mistakes. Use these six steps to help you survive from your latest screw up! (Just admit it)

The Power of Dignity in the Workplace
Dignity has more power than we give it credit for. It is fundamental to our well-being as a human and once it is taken away or altered in the workplace, it can be quite a blow to the organization. Leaders and employees alike need to know how to treat others with dignity. (Trust and respect)

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How well as a leader or manager do you establish trust in your workplace? We are all busy throughout the day, but are you open as much as your door is? For your team members to come talk to you, they need to feel like you're open, and these simple actions can help! (Give your time and attention)

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Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction as the old expression "Silence is Golden" is more applicable than most think. Especially in a situation where you're unfamiliar with the surroundings, the people, the cultural beliefs, or the boundaries. The key is having the self-discipline not to react or speak. It can help prevent you from going too far or showing anger and it just may keep you from destroying a relationship or your reputation. Reacting is easy – listening and bidding your time isn't.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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