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San Francisco Black Market Out of Control

Street Meat Sold in San Francisco Ends up in Restaurants, Frustrated Police Caught on Camera Confronting Black Market Regulars
The City by the Bay has a reputation for shopping and dining, but what the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit found for sale at the corner of Seventh Street and Market in San Francisco gives new meaning to "steal of a deal."

Store owners and retail crime investigators say shoplifters are growing more aggressive and brazen, putting public health and safety at risk. Despite a daily police presence, our hidden cameras captured buyers and sellers doing brisk business.

Within moments of arriving at the black market in front of the Carl's Jr. on Market, sellers approached an undercover NBC Bay Area producer to ask what he wanted to buy. The hot spot is just half a block from the Orpheum theater showing "Hamilton," and if you stopped to observe, you would quickly see sellers offering deep discounts on everything from detergent and deodorant to New York steaks, oxtail and frozen ground turkey.

Another seller enthusiastically offered a package of tri-tip tucked under his armpit, hidden inside his leather jacket, "This [expletive] is Kentucky bourbon tri-tip. Come on man. You [expletive] marinate it in Kentucky bourbon. This is as good as it gets right here."  

One man hawked canned seafood from Safeway from a plastic garbage bag, "Crab meat bruh. They’re like $5 a can, I want $1 a can. Just $1. I got Spam too." He sold his box of frozen Safeway Select chocolate eclairs just a few minutes later to another black market regular, who opened the box, sharing the delicate desserts with other regulars on the corner.

The makeshift market even has a nickname, “496 Market” because 496 is the California penal code for receiving stolen goods.

"It’s really a low risk, high reward crime," loss prevention investigator Joe LaRocca said. The former vice president of the National Retail Federation has spent more than 20 years advising major companies, including Disney, on how to combat organized retail crime.

LaRocca said he's seen many instances of food sold on the street that ended back up on store shelves and even in restaurants, served to unsuspecting customers. nbcbayarea.com



Register for Agilence's May 16th Webinar:
Improving Pharmacy Operations with 20/20 Rx

Join Agilence for "Improving Pharmacy Operations with 20/20 Rx." During this webinar, they'll be unveiling 20/20 Rx - a new product specifically designed to support the needs of retail pharmacies and grocers with pharmacy departments.

Learn how Agilence and one of the largest drugstore chain's in the U.S. partnered to develop a data analytics solution designed to ensure regulatory compliance, identify & prevent drug diversion and reduce labor, chargebacks, and fines. Register here!

NRF Protect Breakout Session Tuesday, June 27th in D.C.
An Interrogator's Perspective on Netflix's "Making a Murderer"
Hear Dassey's Attorney Dissect the Explosive Case

It was the documentary television series that many of us binge-watched in late 2015-the story of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey as they travel through the many layers of the criminal justice system. Join Dassey's attorney, Laura Nirider, as well as investigator and professional interrogator Dave Thompson, CFI as they dissect Netflix's "Making a Murderer," including a discussion on interrogation techniques, the issue of involuntary confessions, and alleged corruption in the criminal justice system. nrf.com

Signet Resolves EEOC Case on Pay and Promotions
The Company Will Take Steps to Continue Fulfilling Commitment to Equal Opportunity;
No Findings in Litigation of Liability or Wrongdoing

Signet Jewelers Limited ("Signet") (NYSE:SIG), the world's largest retailer of diamond jewelry, announced today that it had reached an agreement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to resolve all claims related to the pay and promotion of female retail sales employees at the company in EEOC v. Sterling Jewelers Inc. The Consent Decree states there were "no findings of liability or wrongdoing," and does not require the company to pay a monetary award.

"We are pleased to have resolved this matter with the EEOC," said Lynn Dennison, Signet Chief Legal, Risk and Corporate Affairs Officer. "Signet has a sound framework of policies and practices designed to ensure equal opportunity for women and we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. The additional steps agreed to as part of the Consent Decree with the EEOC are consistent with our commitment to continuous review and improvement."

Last month, Signet announced several actions to ensure company policies and practices are functioning as intended and to identify areas where the company can further improve. Those actions included the formation of a new Board Committee focused on programs and policies to promote respect in the workplace. Last week, the Committee appointed former U.S. District Court Judge Barbara S. Jones to serve as an independent consultant. businesswire.com

New York City records safest April in history as major crimes plummet
Last month was the safest April on record in New York City, putting 2017 "on pace for a record year in lows for shootings and homicides," Mayor de Blasio said Thursday.

The NYPD said there were 540 fewer serious crimes last month than during April a year earlier, when 7,917 such crimes were reported, a nearly 7% decline. For the entire year to date, serious crime in the city is down by 5% for the year, according to the NYPD's CompStat system.

"The continued reduction of crime in New York City is the result of the great work being done by the men and women of the NYPD," O'Neill said, crediting the reduction to "precision policing" in which investigators focus on people who have shown a pattern of committing crimes.

Instead of focusing stop and frisks overwhelmingly on people in minority neighborhoods - a widely criticized tactic used by cops under former Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly - police are targeting street crews and recidivists who can become one-person crime sprees.

"We continue to focus on the few responsible for most of our violence," O'Neill said. "(We are also) strengthening our relationships with every community, building trust that is critical to further reducing crime."  nydailynews.com

97% of Cashiers Could Be Gone - That's 8M Jobs
Coming to C-Stores & Specialty Stores SOON!

The Silicon Valley and other tech centers, the intention is to wipe out the cashier first with automation. Amazon, despite technical glitches and a delayed opening, is still pushing ahead to open a cashier-less convenience store in Seattle. Walmart, Kroger and other retailers are trying out technology whereby shoppers, not cashiers, do the scanning: roaming stores with their phones or handheld devices to tag barcodes as they go.

As minimum wages rise nationally, fast-food chains such as Wendy's and McDonald's keep rolling out thousands of self-order kiosks. Starbucks said it plans to test a store at its headquarters that accepts only mobile orders and payments. On lists of likely-to-be-automated positions, cashiers regularly rank near the top. In one widely cited 2013 paper, University of Oxford researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne assigned a 97 percent probability that cashier jobs could be automated within the coming decades.

Just this automation alone could put unemployment - quickly - at levels we haven't begun to wrestle with. Cashiers and retail salespeople represent the two most-common jobs in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than 8 million people work in those roles. And while it's not a high-paying job (the median hourly pay for cashiers nationally is $9.70 per hour), it's an accessible one. People of all ages, skill levels and educational backgrounds can get hired to do the work, often without multiple interviews or even a drug test. And unlike some occupations, cashier positions can be found across the U.S., not clustered in big cities or on the coasts.

In other words, cashiers are everywhere today. But they may soon be nowhere. Are cashiers ready for that? Is the economy?

Amazon Go model will become the norm across retail, allowing customers to grab an item and leave, with payment billed automatically.

NCR, the company best known for its ubiquitous cash registers and self-serve kiosks, is working on computer-vision and image-recognition technology that, combined with shelf sensors, would allow other retailers to create stores similar in concept.

"All the components exist," he said. "The time for that technology to be live in production in this type of store is relatively short. We're not talking years."

He declined to mention specific retailers NCR may be working with, citing nondisclosure agreements. But a product is set to be released later this year. He said it's likely that the technology would first be applied at convenience stores and specialty shops, both of which have fewer products on their shelves than grocery chains.

The question isn't whether the change is going to happen, but how fast and how damaging it's going to be. linkedin.com

Canada is Feeling it too!
Struggling Sobey's & Safeway Grocery Stores - Restructures to Save $500M over 3 yrs.
Eliminating Regional Management Hubs

The restructuring will see Empire Co. take "significant" one-time costs and make an unspecified number of layoffs, the company said Thursday, and comes after two years of trying to fix its troubled Western Canadian operation.  It will make broad changes to how the company is run, eliminating its regional management hubs into a centralized national structure.

The company, whose sales and earnings have suffered in the wake of acquiring Safeway in 2013, needs to operate with a leaner structure.

Running the business from a national office rather than through regional hubs will "simplify the way the company conducts business and will result in a reduced workforce," the company said. The layoffs will eliminate regional duplication and affect office staff only, with front-line store employees and distribution centres remaining intact.  financialpost.com

Study ranks America's favorite grocery stores
Wegmans and Publix Super Markets are America's favorite grocery retailers

Tying for first place in a consumer study of more than 12,700 shoppers conducted by Market Force Information (Market Force). Trader Joe's is a very close second and H-E-B ranks third. This is the second consecutive year that Wegmans has held the top spot in the annual study, after unseating long-running favorite Trader Joe's in 2016.

The use of click-and-collect has more than doubled since 2016, with 9% of consumers having tried it, compared to 4% in 2016, according to the report. Of those, 78% were satisfied or very satisfied with the experience. Most click-and-collect shoppers use the service at Walmart, followed by Kroger, Sam's Club and Harris Teeter. Twenty-six percent are frequent users, taking advantage of click-and-collect at least monthly.

Home delivery services are also growing in popularity - 18% of respondents said they used grocery home delivery, compared to 15% in 2016. Most are using the service through general online retailers such as Amazon and Jet. However, one-fifth were less than satisfied with the experience, leaving ample room for improvement. chainstoreage.com

$1B A Year Stolen by Armed Gangs
Mexican Soldiers, Alleged Fuel Thieves Killed in Shootouts

Clashes between soldiers and alleged fuel thieves left 10 people dead and nearly a dozen more injured in central Mexico, the military and state officials said Thursday.

Four soldiers and six civilians died in the two clashes Wednesday night in Palmarito, a town in Puebla state that straddles the expressway linking Mexico City and the port of Veracruz, about 110 miles southeast of the Mexican capital. Ten soldiers and a civilian were wounded and at least a dozen people, including two minors, were arrested.

The first clash occurred shortly after sunset Wednesday when soldiers responding to a report of a pipeline tap were ambushed by gunmen who used women and children as human shields, the defense ministry said in a statement. Two soldiers were killed but the troops withdrew without returning fire to avoid harming the civilians, the ministry said.

Hundreds of soldiers and federal police returned to Palmarito a few hours later, engaging gunmen in a clash that left two more soldiers and six suspected gunmen dead, officials said. Security forces recovered armored vehicles, several rifles and other weapons.

Palmarito lies within the so-called Red Triangle, which officials have cited as one of the primary areas for theft from fuel pipelines that link refineries to central Mexico. Townspeople on Thursday blockaded the expressway with burning tires, demanding that many of those detained be released. They accused soldiers of starting the violence and called for security forces to leave.

The stolen fuel costs Pemex more than $1 billion a year, according to some industry analysts. wsj.com

Y-T-D retail job losses hit 50,133, up 36% from the 36,977 in Q1 '16

Will retailers get cut out by consumers in the future economy?

Gymboree to Liquidate Up to 350 Stores - File Chapter 11

Bebe Dodges Bankruptcy With Closing All 180 Stores

Merger talks between Saks and Neiman Marcus hits roadblock

Look for remaining Sears and Kmart stores to get smaller

Central Grocers to Close 14 Stores & Sell Remaining 22

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Del Taco Q1 comp's up 4.2%, sales up 8.2%
Ruth's Hospitality Q1 comp's up 0.7%, sales up 3.6%
Diversified Restaurants (Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee) Q1 comp's down 0.3%, sales up 2.8%
Ingles Markets Q2 comp's down 0.3%, sales up 2.4%
Shake Shack Q1 comp's down 2.5%, sales up 41.7%


2017 LP Conference Offers Exceptional Educational Sessions
July 20-24 - Orlando, FL

The 2017 Loss Prevention Conference takes place July 21 at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, a key part of the larger Sunshine EXPO(r) extravaganza, the premier conference and trade show for retailing in the State of Florida.

2017 LP Conference Topics:
* How to Survive a Riot...Can my Business be Spared?
* Preparing - Investigating - Prosecuting...ORC. How to Assist in Achieving a Successful Prosecution
* Social Media for Investigators
* Leadership for a Lifetime: How the Past Prepares us for the Future"
* What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity Today and What the Future May Hold
* Scamming of Skimming...a Look to the Future, How to Detect and Investigate Scamming Devices
* Internal Theft: Detection and Prevention
* Building Successful Private/Public Partnerships
* Shoppers Need to Feel Safe: an Update on Violence

For more information including registration, sponsor sign ups, exhibitor registration and room reservations visit sunshineexpo.com!

We hope you will join us in Kissimmee, Florida, at the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort, July 20-24 for our 2017 Sunshine EXPO(r), powered by the Florida Retail Federation.

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USS Foundation Annual Charity Golf Event Secures Record Sponsorship Levels

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (May 3rd, 2017) - The USS Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged youth and their families, has secured record sponsorship levels for its upcoming 9th Annual Charity Golf Tournament, scheduled for Sunday, June 25, 2017 at the National Golf Club at Tantallon in Fort Washington, MD.

In addition to several well-known retailers and security solution providers, loss prevention industry major player Stanley Security will support this year's event as the presenting level sponsor, a first for the tournament.

USS Foundation Founder Adel Sayegh voiced his excitement for the event and expressed his gratitude for the unprecedented support from the retail loss prevention community.

"In the eight years we have been blessed with the opportunity to host our tournament, I have never witnessed such an outpouring of eager generosity from our LP family," he said.

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to our sponsors," Sayegh continued. "As the participation and support for this fantastic event grows, so with it grows our ability to reach more kids and more families in even more locations; with a record level of sponsorship for this year's tournament, we look forward to expanding the USS Foundations scope and reach to new and exciting heights."

In the spirit of giving, The USS Foundation has also partnered with The First Tee, an organization that brings the game of golf and its inherent values to youth across the nation, to sponsor several local youth to participate in this year's tournament.

Tournament sponsorship opportunities are still available. Participants interested in sponsoring the tournament and/or youth golfers can obtain more information by visiting the USS Foundation's Golf Tournament Sponsorship information page.

All proceeds generated from the event will be used expand the USS Foundation's impact.

About The USS Foundation:

The USS Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to helping less fortunate children to have the tools, skills and knowledge to build a better life with a hope for a brighter tomorrow. Visit the USS Foundation at http://ussinnovate.com/uss_foundation/

Tyco Retail to Showcase Innovative IoT-enabled RFID Inventory Solutions at RFID Journal LIVE! 2017
Tyco Retail Solutions (www.tycoretailsolutions.com) will showcase its portfolio of IoT-enabled RFID solutions, providing real-time in-store visibility and inventory insights at RFID Journal LIVE! in Phoenix, Arizona, from May 9-11, 2017. Tyco Retail's leading-edge RFID technology products help retailers transform store operations with real-time visibility into available inventory throughout the store and across the supply chain for success in today's connected always-on, always-open world of unified commerce. tycoretailsolutions.com

Q1 Cybercrime Fraud Attacks Up 23% - 130M Attacks
Europe Pumps Out 50% More Cybercrime Attacks Than US
Where From & What Types

Cyberattacks originating from Europe were substantially higher than nefarious activity launched from the US during the first quarter.

Cybercrime attacks launched from Europe reached more than 50 million in the first quarter, double the volume coming out of the US, according to the ThreatMetrix Q1 Cybercrime Report released today.

And within Europe, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK accounted for half of all attacks originating out of the region, with the UK and Germany contributing the lion's share.

Europe's open borders that allow for residents of the European Union to freely travel among the member states and engage in such activities as opening bank accounts outside of one's home state make it easier than the US in committing cybercrime, says Alisdair Faulkner, ThreatMetrix's chief products officer.

Europe's UK, Germany, France, and Italy -- along with the US -- focus their cyberattacks on the UK and the US, which were both listed among the top five attack destination for each of these countries in the report.

The research report also found that a total of 130 million cybercrime-related fraud attacks were detected in the first quarter, which was approximately 23% higher than the more than 100 million attacks detected and stopped by ThreatMetrix during the first quarter last year.

But when comparing this year's first quarter growth of this type of fraud - which includes account-creation fraud using pilfered identities to create new bogus accounts to payments fraud with stolen payment credentials via man-in-the-middle attacks and through malware - fraud attacks were 50% higher given the growth rate in the number of transactions during the same year-over-year period.

Faulkner says it's not surprising that the growth rate in fraud attacks is moving at a pace faster than the growth rate in transactions, such as mobile payments to online payments.

Get the report Threatmetrix Q1 Cybercrime Report darkreading.com

Cybersecurity Has a Metrics Problem - Here's What You Can Do About It
Is your metrics program coordinated with decision-making?
The security industry has a metrics problem - and not just with counting breached records. If you add in disparate definitions of "security incidents," numbers of "vulnerabilities," "threats" or even what's included under "cybersecurity," you will see that different organizations use different terms, accounting and approaches, making apples-to-apples comparisons very hard.

What About Enterprise Security Metrics?

Often, easy-to-find items like "spam emails blocked" or "viruses detected and eliminated" are the only things counted, since network and security tools easily capture these cyberalerts. But is this practice acceptable?

Digging deeper, is your security health report truly measuring risk and evaluating future investments in people, process and technology? No doubt, reporting big numbers to managers (often measured in the millions of hostile data elements removed) looks impressive on management reports, but has anyone asked tough questions about these reports lately?

Have you ever matched the metrics you're collecting to management decision-making? Are the relevant definitions clear and consistent? Is the threat intelligence data reliable? What is the process for creating security action items and priority levels? Who is (truly) looking at the captured data in a timely manner? Where can leadership turn for answers during an incident?

Maintaining Impactful Metrics

Here are three steps you can take to strengthen cybersecurity metrics, communicate risk levels, and recommended actions to the right people up and down the management chain.

Know your enterprise security data, collection capabilities, policies and current reports. Who is doing what regarding your organization's metrics collection processes now? Review risk assessments and security operation capabilities that are already in place from an end-to-end perspective. Ask what reports are really being read and used, and by whom.

Talk to top executives, financial staff, external partners and your internal team about "must have," "nice to have" and "wasteful" metrics. What compliance reports are required by auditors? How can internal and external partners help? What risk-measuring results are expected? Consider if cyberinsurance checklists and processes can help document risk-reducing steps that lower premium costs.

Build (and use) a meaningful security dashboard for executives. Make sure the detail behind the metrics are real. As you build your future metrics model, examine best practices and talk with industry peers to understand what is working in your business sector. A few years back, the National Governors Association's Resource Center for State Cybersecurity helped to build a template that can be used for government security dashboards. These templates are a helpful start. The Center for Internet Security consensus metrics are also valuable.

Building security metrics, measuring risk and improving cyberincident communications aren't "one and done" processes. Seek to constantly improve and refine cybersecurity metrics, while maintaining your historical data and capturing trends. govtech.com

Modeling Is Helping Better Understand Cyber Risks
The lack of a market standard in how cyber risks are assessed is making it difficult for insurers to expand their levels of cybersecurity coverage, but advances in cyber risk modeling are improving the ability of insurers to more accurately sell cyber policies. These same modeling advancements also are helping to make chief information security officers more knowledgeable about the policies they are buying, said Matt Mosher, chief operating officer of A.M. Best, a ratings agency for insurance. "With the evolution of cyber models, which have started to establish individual standards on assessing cyber risk, insureds are becoming more comfortable with their own management of the risk," said Mr. Mosher. "Additionally, insurance companies are becoming more comfortable with their management of the risk they are taking on through specific cyber coverage."  wsj.com

"BEC" Hacked J.F. Nut Co. - Pecan Distributor - On Hook For Hack-Misdirected $1.5M Payments to Manufacturer
A Mexico-based nut distributor says a Texas-based pecan wholesaler owes it more than $1.5 million in damages for allegedly continuing to accept product shipments and wire payments to a third-party hacker who broke into the distributor's account and changed the wiring instructions, according to a Wednesday complaint in Texas federal court.

Hacker allegedly hacked J.F. Nut's primary business email account and sent San Saba new instructions for where to wire the shipment payments. law360.com

2nd Circ. Won't Revive Michaels Data Breach Suit
Credit card holder who brought the suit lacks standing to proceed with her claims because she hadn't incurred any actual charges on her card or any other concrete injuries. law360.com

Massive phishing attack targets millions of Gmail users


'Live in NYC 2017'
at the NRF Big Show

Closing Remarks

First, we'd like to thank you for watching the D&D Daily's "Live in NYC" 2017 series. If you missed any episodes, you can catch them all here. As our 7th season comes to a close, Gus Downing, Publisher and Editor of the D&D Daily and LPNN, shares a few thoughts.

The retail industry is being turned upside down with the online world now firmly in control and dictating the future. Technology will continue to redefine every aspect of retail, our jobs, and our lives. So the real question is how do you respond, how does the retail LP industry respond, and how do you not only survive it but thrive in it and develop with it?

The answer - it's all up to you.

Being successful is about always learning, always being open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, always adding value to your retailer, your team and to the LP industry, and always being committed to making a difference.

We at the Daily are committed to helping you learn and stay informed and we certainly hope to earn your readership. But the rest is up to you. So good luck. And remember, until next time - Let's keep them all safe out there.

Stay tuned for our next LIVE broadcast this June in Washington D.C. at NRF Protect!


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Bad bots on the rise - what risks do you face?
The bad bot problem has become so rampant it has earned its first piece of US federal legislation. In an attempt to make the use of ticket scraping bots illegal, the US Congress passed the Better Online Ticket Sales Act. Similarly, governments in the UK and Canada are also looking at introducing new laws to stop automated ticket purchasing by bots. While legislation is a welcome deterrent, it's difficult to legislate against those you can't identify. Bad bots continue to exist under the radar and they are looking to stay.

What does the data say?

1. Bigger site? Bigger target
Bad bots don't sleep - they're everywhere, at all times. But even though bad bots are active on all sites, the larger sites were hit the hardest in 2016. Bad bots accounted for 21.83 per cent of large website web traffic, which saw an increase of 36.43 per cent since last year.

2. Bad bots lie
Bad bots must lie about who they are to avoid detection. They do this by reporting their user agent as a web browser or mobile device.

3. If you build it, bots will come
When it comes to the attractiveness of a website, bad bots have a type. There are four key website features bad bots look for:

· Proprietary content and/or pricing information
· A login section
· Web forms
· Payment processors

4. The weaponisation of the data centre
Data centres were the weapon of choice for bad bots in 2016, with 60.1 per cent coming from the cloud. Amazon AWS was the top originating ISP for the third year in a row with 16.37 per cent of all bad bot traffic - four times more than the next ISP.

5. Out of date? Out of luck
One in every ten of bad bots said they were using browser versions released before 2013 - some were reporting browser versions released as far back as 1999.

6. The continuing rise of advanced persistent bots
Today's advanced persistent bots are more sophisticated as they can load JavaScript, hold onto cookies and load up external resources - this makes them more effective in their attacks. Similarly, bots can carry out obfuscation techniques to randomise the IP address, headers, and user agents associated with their activity.

7. Is the USA the bot superpower?
The US has topped the list of bad bot originating countries for the third year in a row. In fact, the US had a larger amount of total bad bot traffic (55.4 per cent) than all other countries combined. itproportal.com

Attacks Of Cybercrime MUCH Less Likely On Mobile Devices
82% of fraudulent online accounts originated from desktop machines compared with 18% from mobile platforms, according to fresh findings from security research firm DataVisor.

Consistent with previous research, the report also notes that Android remains the preferred mobile platform for cyber criminals. In, fact, an account on an Android platform is eight times more likely to be fraudulent than an account on an iOS device, DataVisor finds. mediapost.com

The Online Marketplace That's a Portal to the Future of Capitalism
Services like Wish - through which American consumers can mainline goods directly from the manufacturing chaos of China - are harbingers of the end of retail as we know it. nytimes.com

Twin Cities ORC Association Hosting One-Day
Forensic Accounting Seminar on May 23

The Twin Cities Organized Retail Crime Association, along with Mall of America Security, is proud to offer a one-day Forensic Accounting seminar presented by Eide Bailly on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 from 7:30am-4:30pm.

The session will cover a wide range of topics, including conducting fraud investigations, the ORC & financial fraud connection, and interviewing techniques.

What are you waiting for? Register now!

Mesa, AZ: Man responsible for North Phoenix robberies arrested for thefts of over $30,000 from The Home Depot and Lowes

A man arrested for committing armed robberies of four north Phoenix businesses in March has now been charged with 21 thefts of Home Depot stores in Mesa, Chandler, and Queen Creek since March of 2016. Mesa police report that 30-year-old Kipper Ray Myers ran a theft ring with two others who stole power tool equipment worth over $30,000, in 21 thefts from six Home Depot stores and one Lowe's. Police say, in most cases, Myers and his accomplices would place power tools between two sheets of plywood, walk back to the lumber section and then run out the emergency exit to an awaiting car. abc15.com

Shoplifting plagues Portland retailers
Shoplifting is a constant problem for Portland retailers, but police don't have the resources to crack down on many of the thefts.

In 2016, Portland Police had 3,741 shoplifting cases. Detectives say those numbers don't truly reflect the problem -- it's much greater because most retail thefts go unreported.

Unlike other police agencies, the Portland Police Bureau does not have a detective dedicated to shoplifting or a retail theft task force.

The Boise Police Department started a pilot program in 2005 with one full-time officer dedicated to retail theft. The results were immediate. In 18 months, the department arrested 550 suspects for shoplifting, resulting in 1,054 felony charges.

Since then, Boise police has expanded its organized retail crime program to two sworn officers, along with a non-sworn crime prevention supervisor.

The program has been and continues to be very effective," said Ed Fritz, crime prevention supervisor with Boise police.

In 2011, the agency looked at shoplifting losses, also known as 'shrink,' for three national retailers with locations in Boise. The shrink percentage was 41 percent lower in Boise than similar-sized cities. The retailers avoided an estimated $5.5 million in losses, Fritz said.

Scott Chapman, director of asset protection for Albertsons and Safeway said over the past few years, incidents of shoplifting have remained steady, although the value of products stolen has increased.

The website "OfferUp" has dozens of ads based in Portland offering to sell Tide detergent. There is no way to verify if those items were stolen.

We're seeing everyone -- from the homeless population who are looking to fulfill needs, to organized boosters selling on ecommerce sites or their neighbors in apartment buildings," Chapman said. 

To combat this crime, Albertsons and Safeway hired an outside agency to catch shoplifters. It also has an organized retail theft team that goes after bigger operations and organized crime rings. kgw.com

Pasco, WA: Suspects seen stealing, returning over $1200 in items from Walmart
Police are investigating several Walmart thefts after staff noticed three suspects stealing, but then returning unpurchased items. Pasco Police went to the Walmart on Wednesday around 7:07 p.m. after reports were made about shoplifters leaving the parking lot in a red minivan. The store loss prevention officer said staff had been tracking the two suspects in the van and another suspect in the past month, saying the suspects were witnessed at least seven times since April 14, stealing and returning the previously stolen items. keprtv.com

Barrington, RI: Shoplifter swipes 6 air conditioners in 4 days
Barrington police hope someone can help them identify a woman who's been stealing air conditioners from a supermarket. Police released a surveillance image of the woman walking out the store with an air conditioner in her shopping cart. They said she stole at least six air conditioners in four days. Police said the thefts happened on or about April 27 at the Shaw's supermarket on County Road. turnto10.com

Broken Arrow, OK: Facebook post of Liquor Store thieves gets a great deal of local attention
D&J Liquors in Broken Arrow posted video to its Facebook page after a man shoved a box of Crown Royal whiskey in his jacket while another distracted the employee. The men came back hours later but ran after the owner called police. Other stores said in the comments that they recognize the suspect from incidents at their stores. Broken Arrow police are working to confirm the suspect's ties to the crimes. fox23.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Greensboro, NC: Second shooting death at Four Seasons Mall in 3 months
Police are investigating a deadly shooting outside of Four Seasons Mall. Greensboro Police said security officials at Four Seasons Town Centre alerted authorities of the shooting on Thursday. According to police, the shooting started as a dispute. The victim was leaving the mall when he got into an argument with one or more people. Witnesses reported hearing multiple shots fired from a car, with one round hitting a man walking outside the mall at an entrance to a store. The victim was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. This is the second homicide at the Four Seasons Mall parking lot in three months. 33-year-old Westley Tyler Tugman of Lenoir was shot to death as he walked out of the mall on February 18. wfmynews2.com

Philadelphia Beer Store Owner Charged in Shooting of Teen
Hanglong Ing, 26 was arrested Tuesday, charged with aggravated assault and related gun charges. Police say the 16-year-old and another teen walked into the store just before midnight Monday. The store owner said the 2 teems were attempting purchase beer. The teens became angry when Ing asked for identification. Ing told police the teens started throwing items around in the store and then went outside and started throwing trash. Police say Ing fired one shot, hitting the 16-year-old in both hands. mcall.com

Oklahoma City, OK: Double shooting at Circle K puts two people in the hospital

Robberies & Thefts

Update: Ashville, NC: $1 Million of Loose Diamonds stolen in 60 seconds
"It was the longest 60 seconds of my life," said Elliott Spicer, co-owner of the store with his wife, Eva-Michelle, who had left the store a few hours before the robbery. No customers were in the store. No personal customer jewelry was taken, which is often dropped off by customers to be cleaned, repaired or appraised.

Spicer said the three robbers took "more than $1 million" worth of loose diamonds out of one case, a collection he dubbed "the largest collection of loose diamonds in the Carolinas." Surveillance footage shows two motorbikes ride up to the front of the store about 4:15 Wednesday afternoon.

Three people get off the bikes and walk inside with their helmets on or faces covered. At least two of them pulled out handguns, forcing seven employees into one side of the store. Two of the robbers then smashed the front glass of the case containing the loose diamonds and pulled out everything inside.

"They had a countdown. They were counting down from 60 seconds every 15 seconds, so when they walked in they yelled 60, then they yelled 45, 30, 15. When it got down, they yelled 'get out,' got on their motorbikes and left," Spicer said." wlos.com

Reading, PA: Homeless man notches 22nd burglary conviction after spree in Reading

Miami, FL: Police searching for serial Armed Robber; struck 6 businesses

Kay Outlet in the San Francisco Premium Outlets, Livermore, CA reported an Armed Robbery on 5/4, items valued at nearly $70,000


UK Manchester, England: Police seize nearly $10 Million worth of fake goods during dramatic overnight raids in Manchester
Fake designer clothes, sunglasses and perfume - along with more than £270,000 in cash - were discovered at businesses and homes in Manchester. Police launched a crackdown on counterfeit goods at homes, firms and storage units in the early hours of Wednesday, May 3, and Thursday, May 4. mirror.co.uk

Credit Card Fraud

Nashville, TN: Man arrested for using a re-encoded card chip at various TN Walmarts
Yesterday Hendersonville Police were dispatched to Walmart at 204 N. Anderson Lane to investigate suspicious credit card activity. The investigation led to the arrest of 24 year old David Reinaldo Lopez Rios of Hialeah, FL. David was found to be in possession of an altered debit card which police found had stolen credit card information re-encoded on the EMV chip. The suspect was also able to execute the same scheme at a Walmart in Gallatin and Lebanon before coming to Hendersonville. David has been charged with Criminal Simulation, Theft of Property Under $1000, and twelve twelve counts of Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card. fox17.com


New Orleans, LA: Fire reported at Riverwalk mall in downtown New Orleans


Bartlett Prescription Shop - Bartlett, TN - Armed Robbery
C-Store- Eufaula, AL - Burglary
Circle K - Mt Vernon, IL - Armed Robbery
CitiTrends - Little Rock, AR - Robbery
CVS - Serra Mesa, CA - Robbery
Food Mart - Akron, OH - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Mount Prospect, IL - Armed Robbery
Handy Mart - Brookhaven, MS - Robbery
• Kay Jewelers Outlet - Livermore, CA - Armed Robbery
Kwik Stop - Pompano Beach, FL - Armed Robbery
Little Caesars - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Mobile - Framingham, MA - Robbery
QuikTrip - Canton, GA - Armed Robbery
Schnucks Grocery - Evansville, IN - Robbery
7-Eleven - San Gabriel, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Norfolk, VA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
15 robberies
0 shootings
0 killed

Weekly Totals:
84 robberies
19 burglaries
2 shootings
2 killed

None to report.

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Sr. Analyst, Asset Protection
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Primary Purpose - Analyze and audit financial reports as it relates to: Travel Expense, Corporate credit cards, and the P-Card Program (for compliance to company policy), looking for unusual items that may require further follow-up with the ultimate goal of safeguarding company assets. Additionally, review APIS reports and POS for any unusual patterns of theft, fraud or loss (whether external persons or employees) and follow-up with AP team for further action and/or investigation to reduce risk and loss...

Asset Protection Program Sr Manager
Nashville, TN
Manages programs and initiatives as it relates to physical security and shrink improvement that advance company financials. Sources new technologies and vendors, implements effective tests, plans optimal company rollouts, and makes recommendations for future strategies. Provides training and support for field personnel on all applicable programs and initiatives..

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