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GLPS 'Where Are They Now?' Series

Find Your Old Friend & Colleagues - Where Have They Gone?
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Who are these team members?

Team Pictures Submitted in April & December 2015

Here's some hints:

Pic #15 (left): This team was known for going above... and beyond. 

Pic #16 (right): Gosh! Now THIS looks like a fun party.

Rules: 1st person to name all team members in a picture gets entered into the drawing. Once we reach 10 correct answers, we'll pick one winner for a GLPS team pizza party with drinks - delivered to your door by Domino's. All parties must be for retail LP or AP teams. Submit your answers here.

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Filmed in January 2015 at the Daily's 'Live in NYC at the NRF Big Show 2015' event

Celebrating its 50-year anniversary, Se-Kure Controls continues to develop and manufacture innovative asset protection systems that maximize return on investment for retailers. With over 800 products running the gamut from mechanical security to alarm modules, Se-Kure Controls offers customized solutions for any loss prevention need. In this interview, hear from Greg Saputo, Mike Campbell, and the late Roger Leyden, who talks about the evolution of the company and the biggest developments he's seen in the industry over the last half-century.

Note: On March 17th, 2020, Roger J. Leyden, a pioneer in the LP industry and the Founder & CEO of Se-Kure Controls passed away. Read our 'In Memoriam' column for Roger published in the Daily here.


Stay tuned as we continue to count down LPNN's All-Time Top 10 LP Leader
and Top 10 Solution Provider videos. See who's made the list so far here.






Intellicheck Offers Free Fraud Protection to Financial Institutions and Retailers as Online Fraud Soars During Nationwide Stay-At-Home
Intellicheck, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDN) is offering its leading fraud fighting technology solution Retail ID Web to banks, credit card issuers, payment providers and retailers at no cost for 90 days in response to the explosion in online fraud during the nationwide COVID-19 stay-at-home and limited reopening environment. Multiple financial institutions and retailers are using this tool to stop fraudulent account takeovers, new account openings and purchases in this increasingly person-not-present environment. Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight column below.

Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis Looks At COVID 19's Impact On Fraud
The COVID-19 pandemic is fueling rising incidents of person-not-present fraud impacting businesses and consumers. CEO Bryan Lewis joined the 'Big Biz' show to discuss today's fraud prevention landscape and what's to come. Watch Here


Genetec prioritizes digital initiatives for 2020 to help customers
and partners stay connected and informed

Genetec Inc., a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions today announced that it is significantly expanding its digital initiatives to make it easier for customers and partners to stay connected and informed over the coming months. Following the success of Genetec Connect'DX, the Genetec virtual trade show and conference, the company is planning a similar event in the fall. Genetec is also ramping up its education programs with the immediate online availability of its entire technical curriculum including instructor-led classes, bespoke training, and self-paced learning options.

Over 40 hours of content from Connect'DX is now available on demand from the registration page, for existing registrants, and the post show registration page for newcomers. genetec.com

Planning to Reopen Your Retail Store?
Stop the Spread of Germs at the POS Checkout

Retailers worldwide are fighting endlessly to protect their businesses, employees, customers and families. As retailers start to reopen, they need solutions that can protect the customer AND the cashier by reducing the spread of contagious, airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing.

Learn more about The Guardiant Shield from APG Cash Drawer.


Coronavirus Tracker: May 7

US: Nearly 1.3M Cases - 76K Dead - 214K Recovered
Worldwide: Over 3.8M Cases - 268K Dead - 1.3M Recovered

U.S. Law Enforcement Deaths | NYPD Deaths: 38
Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 89

Retail Workers Facing Unprecedented Violence

Dollar General is thriving. But workers say they pay the price.

Employees have been stabbed, fatally shot, held at gunpoint,
punched and pistol-whipped on the job.

While most American retailers have been tightening their belts over the past few years, Dollar General has become a $40 billion behemoth, opening around three stores every day - and rewarding its investors with handsome profits. Even in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, Dollar General is still growing. Its stock price reached a record high last month, as consumers lean on its stores to stock up on essential items. It announced it will hire 50,000 people to support the influx of shoppers.

But its explosive growth comes at what some say is a human cost.

Stores are open for business with rodent infestations, rotting food, exposed electrical wires and broken toilets, according to an NBC News review of health inspection reports and interviews with more than a dozen current and former Dollar General workers.

Employees say they have been stabbed, shot, held at gunpoint, punched and pistol-whipped on the job. Some have been made to work by flashlight during regional electrical blackouts. Some are left alone in stores for hours, working under a payroll system so tightly controlled that managers say they work overtime stocking shelves, a cost-cutting measure that has led to multiple class-action lawsuits against Dollar General.

In all, 27 workers and five customers were injured during violent robberies at Dollar General stores across the country from January 2019 to January 2020, according to 318 news reports analyzed by NBC News. During the incidents, four store associates and two customers were shot. Three store associates were stabbed.

"Dollar General is a company that has a business model based on essentially breaking the law and cutting corners when it comes to basic worker safety," said Debbie Berkowitz, head of the worker safety and health program at the National Employment Law Project, a worker advocacy group, who has studied workplace violence at convenience stores.

Dollar General declined to specify its security measures to NBC News. But it said such measures "take into account not only federal and state laws and requirements, but also reflect the highest levels of retail industry standards and law enforcement agency recommendations." nbcnews.com

Experts: Murder of Family Dollar security guard part of rising trend of aggression as coronavirus lockdowns are lifted

For minimum wage, retail workers put up with a lot. They work one of the highest risk jobs for workplace violence, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ranging from verbal abuse and harassment to physical attacks.

During the coronavirus pandemic, these essential workers are putting their own health at risk to serve customers, some of whom are returning the favor with aggression. Experts told Business Insider that acts of aggression are rising in the retail sector and may only get worse as more stores reopen under new health-conscious policies.

At a Family Dollar store in Flint, Mich., what started as verbal aggression quickly turned deadly for a security guard who refused to allow a customer into the store without a state-mandated face mask.

"In 30 plus years of studying retail and crisis situations, we have never seen a situation of customers being so rude to hourly employees," Larry Barton, a public safety and crisis management expert, wrote in an email to Business Insider. "It's demoralizing and, as we saw with the shooting of the security guard, a sometimes deadly environment."

Workers at convenience stores, gas stations and businesses that sell alcoholic beverages are at especially high risk, according to the CDC. Barton told Business Insider retailers need to train their employees to de-escalate hostile situations with customers before the trend grows any further. thehill.com

Oklahoma City, OK: 2 McDonald's employees shot after telling customer dining room was closed due to COVID-19, police say


Talk About Lending a Hand - Even The Bad Guys Are Doing It
El Chapo's Daughter Distributing Aid With Dad's Name & Image on Boxes

How terrorist groups and gangs are responding to the coronavirus crisis

It's not just governors and presidents who are leading the fight against coronavirus - drug dealers, mobsters and terrorists are also battling the bug.

In regions of the globe controlled by shadowy underworld organizations - from Central American narco-strongholds to remote Middle Eastern areas - deadly thugs are doing things like enforcing social distancing and making people wear hand sanitizer.

"A weak pandemic response from a formal government creates an opportunity for the violent group to earn legitimacy in the eyes of the public," University of Maryland political scientist Jori Breslawski wrote in The Conversation. "Violent groups often take actions to gain legitimacy in order to gain support from civilians living under their rule as well as potential supporters abroad."

They may have another, simpler motive, too - keeping their own families safe from the deadly contagion, Breslawski said.

MEXICAN DRUG LORDS - Iván Archivaldo Guzmán, 36, and Jesús Alfredo Guzmán, 37 - known as "Los Chapitos, or "Little Chapos" - have heavily armed henchmen roaming the streets of the state capital of Sinaloa to enforce a curfew, the paper says.

Their sister, Alejandrina, and several other cartels have also tried to win over despairing locals - shown in videos handing out coronavirus relief packages to the needy in an apparent PR campaign.

More Gangs & Terrorist Groups

The U.S. is Waking Up
Opening & Shutting Their Doors
Hope it isn't a little too early - Shutting down again won't be pretty!

Welcome Back to the Office. Your Every Move Will Be Watched

Employers plan new tools to measure office interactions & track workers' health

Many Americans heading back to the factory and the office as the coronavirus pandemic eases will soon begin to notice that their every move is being watched or recorded.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP said it is preparing to launch this month a phone app for employers that traces contacts by analyzing workers' interactions in the office. More than 50 clients have expressed interest, including some of the nation's biggest banks, manufacturers and energy companies.

Many office workers have become used to widespread security cameras and keycards that register entries and exits. After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, buildings installed enhanced security measures, including logging in visitors and X-raying briefcases.

The arrival of Covid-19 is taking surveillance to a higher level, with some employers planning to track movements and gather personal information like never before in Western democracies. It marks a new chapter in the debate over privacy, and the trade-offs people are willing to make for safety.

Some companies now see the measures as perhaps the only way to reopen offices without risking a new rise in infections, at least until a vaccine becomes available.

Tracking employees wsj.com

Employees Are Blowing the Whistle on Safety & PPE
Whistleblower Complaints Over Worker Safety Up 30% Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The number of whistleblower complaints filed with the federal agency OSHA is on the rise and as businesses try to reopen, the tension between employers and employees is expected to escalate.

Some workers are essential and more will be returning to their jobs as social distancing restrictions ease up.

Whistleblower complaints from employees across the country to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, are way up this year compared to last year, 2,293 filed from February through April this year versus 1,767 filed the same time last year, up 30%.

And 932 of those complaints from whistleblowers are directly related to COVID-19 concerns. wcvb.com

Public Opposed To COVID-19 Business Immunity, Poll Finds
64% of Americans are against giving reopened businesses blanket civil immunity for COVID-19 infections suffered by workers and consumers, according to a bipartisan survey commissioned by a plaintiffs attorney group published Wednesday.

In addition, 61% of respondents said granting corporate immunity would result in the spread of COVID-19 and cause more people to get sick, while 60% said if companies knew they couldn't get sued they would take fewer precautions to safeguard their employees and customers. law360.com

COVID-19: Companies With Changed Operations Face New Risk Exposures
A hotel is asked to lease its premises for the operation of a temporary medical facility to actively treat COVID-19 patients. A warehouse is asked to lease its premises to another organization to make temporary use of their facilities for the purpose of convalescing patients. A paper packaging company is required to manufacture protective face masks for medical staff. A gin manufacturer agrees to change distilling operations to produce much-needed hand sanitizer lotion.

The coronavirus outbreak means that many companies have been requested or are actively seeking to change the occupancy at premises to meet current market demand or to support community needs - even large automobile manufacturers are switching production in order to produce parts for crucial respirators. Although such changes are necessary and to be highly commended, this can also result in new risk exposures to a location that may not have been previously considered or evaluated.

When facilities or operations are changed, especially under temporary or hurried conditions, the risk of damages from hazards such as fires, inadequate maintenance of new equipment, or incorrect storage of combustible liquids and materials can increase. Changes in operations and property use can also represent a material change in risk and may require a reconsideration of controls and protection. propertycasualty360.com

Looks Like a Scene Out of The Walking Dead
Scenes From Galleria Dallas Mall in Dallas, Monday May 4th

(Not) Many Americans are getting their first taste of what pandemic shopping looks like at their local mall.

Simon Property Group, the nation's largest mall operator, reopened several dozen shopping centers across Texas, Georgia and roughly ten other states between Friday and Monday.

There, a new reality is on display: Play areas and water fountains are off limits. Employees wear masks and shopping in groups is banned. Shoppers can also get their temperature checked for free on the premises.

Among other changes: Every other urinal and sink is taped off, and there's ample space between seating in the food court. Simon also has technologies that will make sure occupancy will not exceed one person for every 50 feet (15 meters).

But despite all the safety measures, the question remains: Will anyone come?

"There are still a lot of people who are scared," said Jon Reily, global head of commerce strategy at Isobar Global, a global digital agency. "The tricky part for malls is finding that sweet spot. Yes, you can come here and yes, you can be safe."

So far, the early signs haven't been encouraging. apnews.com

Retail foot traffic ticks up 15% as states loosen rules
Foot traffic to U.S. retail locations ticked up last week as more states relaxed restrictions imposed to fight the spread of the coronavirus, according to cellphone tracking information provided by data firm Unacast.

The company estimated here there were an average of 192 million visits daily to retail locations for the week through Sunday, May 3, compared with 167 million the week before, a nearly 15% increase.

The number remains more than 40% below estimates of retail foot traffic from the year before. But it also appears to show a slow but steady rise in people's willingness to venture out as the patchwork of state-level restrictions on commerce gives way to a patchwork reopening. reuters.com

With nearly 60 malls reopened, Simon plots more

Kohl's: About 25% of stores open by next week

Ulta to reopen about 180 stores on May 11; some to offer hair services

California governor says retail stores in the state can begin to reopen Friday

Maryland could start first stage of reopening next week

No states meet criteria to reopen: Johns Hopkins researcher

Coronavirus Fallout Continues - Retail's 2nd Big Casualty
Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus files for bankruptcy
Neiman Marcus, saddled with debt and hit by the coronavirus pandemic, filed for bankruptcy on Thursday with a deal to hand its business over to its creditors. The luxury department store chain had been struggling with competition from online rivals and dwindling cash before the outbreak. The health crisis exacerbated its problems, forcing it to furlough most of its 14,000 workers and close its 43 Neiman Marcus stores.

It is now the second major retailer to declare bankruptcy during the pandemic, following J. Crew's filing earlier this week. It is likely not the last. J.C. Penney has also been exploring filing for bankruptcy. Many others are likewise forced to cope with sales that have been cut off and uncertainty over how people will shop in the future. cnbc.com

How J. Crew's bankruptcy sets the stage for a 'shakeout' in retail

Canadian Footwear Retailer ALDO Files for and Obtains Creditor Protection

Brookfield Aims to Spend $5 Billion to Shore Up Troubled Retailers

Firm with heavy mall presence looks to invest in companies hit by the coronavirus crisis

Mall owner Brookfield Asset Management Inc. plans to devote $5 billion to shoring up retailers hit by the coronavirus pandemic, a bet on a beaten-down sector that could also help keep its rent payments rolling in.

The initiative will be aimed at taking noncontrolling stakes in retail businesses with prepandemic revenue of $250 million or more whose sales have plummeted as stores have been forced to close and consumers have remained on lockdown.

The Canadian investment giant plans to finance the program using money from its balance sheet and existing funds and investment strategies. It may also raise additional institutional capital for the program. wsj.com

Gap Sued Over Unpaid Rent at Midtown Manhattan Store
In another sign of the stress faced by retailers whose stores are shuttered by the coronavirus outbreak, Gap Inc. is being sued for not paying rent for a store near New York City's Times Square. The landlord of the Gap store at 1212 Avenue of the Americas says the apparel giant failed to pay rent for April and May, along with water charges and snow removal, leaving the company with an unpaid bill of $530,334. bloomberg.com

Ross Stores Sued After Allegedly Skipping Out on $5.5 Million in Rent Payments
In a filing in Florida district court yesterday, Palm Springs Mile Associates Ltd. claimed that the off-price retailer owes $5.5 million in unpaid rent on three of its Florida stores. According to the complaint, Ross Stores skipped out on rent payments due May 1 and "has further advised that its non-payment of rent will continue, as a result of the circumstances related to COVID-19." footwearnews.com

Retailers Canceling Apparel Orders Amid Coronavirus Torments Clothes Makers
The current plummet in apparel demand, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, is ricocheting across the supply chain. Apparel factories often pay for labor and material costs out of pocket or with debt. "Big companies don't pay upfront. Disputes like these have exploded across the garment industry as payments are delayed and orders are canceled by retailers dealing with closed stores and plunging sales.

Factory owners in Bangladesh said they accepted the shift because they worried that if they didn't go along, a competitor from India or Latin America would. They also are reluctant to speak up or take legal action because they don't want to alienate buyers. But business relationships, made over many years, are fraying. wsj.com

Rite Aid Significantly Expands COVID-19 Testing, Adding 46 sites on May 11

'New Normal': CVS CEO says the pandemic will change customers' shopping, health-care habits

Kohl's CEO: Our real estate is an asset emerging from the coronavirus pandemic

Costco reports first monthly sales decline since 2009

NRF chief economist: Recovery likely to come in 'fits and starts'

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Intellicheck Offers Free Fraud Protection to Financial Institutions and Retailers as Online Fraud Soars During Nationwide Stay-At-Home

Intellicheck, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDN) is offering its leading fraud fighting technology solution Retail ID Web to banks, credit card issuers, payment providers and retailers at no cost for 90 days in response to the explosion in online fraud during the nationwide COVID-19 stay-at-home and limited reopening environment. Multiple financial institutions and retailers are using this tool to stop fraudulent account takeovers, new account openings and purchases in this increasingly person-not-present environment.

Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis said fraud is attacking the economic backbone of communities nationwide. "Criminals don't stop committing identity theft for a pandemic. With stores closed, they have just accelerated online fraud. Given social distancing and curbside pickup, we are seeing an increase in the use of stolen credit card numbers for buy online, pickup in store transactions. The CDC distancing guidelines also mean less bank visits and more calls to the bank call center - leading to more account takeover and account opening losses."
Lewis said the company is committed to making a difference. "Our technology, which requires no integration, just a log in to a website, puts a stop to it for the businesses who use Retail ID Web and their customers. We are honored to do our part by providing our powerful online fraud fighting weapon at no cost to protect the economic vitality of our communities."

With more than 99% accuracy, Retail ID Web quickly and seamlessly responds to business and consumer financial services and purchase requests, whether through call centers or online access. Retail ID Web deters losses associated with fraudulent account take-overs, new account applications and purchases. Information on terms of usage and how to obtain Retail ID Web at no cost can be obtained through Intellicheck's website on the contact page.

Read the full press release here.






Half of Companies Have Suffered a Cybersecurity Issue Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Double Whammy: Companies worried about being hacked, also cutting security budget

Social distancing and working from home may be helping to stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic but they aren't doing much good for enterprise cybersecurity.

According to the results of a new study, nearly half (46%) of global businesses have encountered at least one cybersecurity scare since shifting to a remote working model. And 49% of the survey respondents anticipate suffering a data breach or security incident in the next month as a result of moving employees to work-from-home.

The study, conducted by Barracuda, found that the increase in perceived risk has not been accompanied by an increase in security spending. Some 40% of companies surveyed said that their response to COVID-19 has included cutting their cybersecurity budget and 50% said that they would consider cutting staff if cybersecurity could be maintained. darkreading.com

COVID-19 Expected to Decrease Biometric Device Revenue by $2 Billion
According to global tech market advisory firm ABI Research, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to cause a significant pushback on biometric device shipments, creating a major revenue drop of $2 billion over the course of 2020. At the same time, the pandemic has given rise to new identification and surveillance Advertisementneeds, spurring further investments in biometric AI algorithm design, which will give a boost to the face recognition technologies market going forward.

Face and iris recognition have been brought into the spotlight as key technologies allowing authentication, identification and surveillance operations for users and citizens wearing protective headgear, face masks or, those with partially covered faces. These elements that were the bane of face recognition algorithms in the past have now been integrated into algorithm developers' value proposition followed by a further investment boost targeted at surveillance, video analytics and smart city applications. Temperature and fever detection technologies making use of infrared technologies have also been retrofitted in access and border control while biometric telemedicine applications are providing healthcare support to consumers and patients remotely.

These findings are from ABI Research's "Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Biometrics Market" application analysis report. This report is part of the company's digital security research service, which includes research, data and ABI Insights. securitymagazine.com

California Consumer Privacy Act 2.0?
Advocates Push Ahead With New Version Of Calif. Privacy Law
Californians for Consumer Privacy, the advocacy group founded by real estate developer Alastair Mactaggart, said late Monday that it had submitted more than 900,000 signatures to county election officials in support of the California Privacy Rights Act, which according to its backers would strengthen the California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, which took effect in January.

The new ballot initiative, sometimes referred to as "CCPA 2.0," has until June 25 to get at least 623,212 signatures from California residents verified by the state in order to be placed on the Nov. 3 general election ballot, state guidelines say.

The new measure would make several changes to the CCPA, including by creating the California Privacy Protection Agency, which would replace the state attorney general's office in enforcing the law. The new initiative would also triple the CCPA's fines for collecting and selling children's private data without consent and provide new rules for how companies can use consumers' precise geolocation data, its sponsors say. law360.com

Security Chiefs Band Together on Cyber Angel Investments

A syndicate of 46 current or former security heads makes its public debut

Silicon Valley CISO Investments, or SVCI, says it provides just that for new and early-stage cybersecurity startups. The syndicate made its first public investment on Tuesday, participating in a $20 million Series A round for Orca Security, a one-year-old startup that focuses on cloud security. Orca is SVCI's third investment, including prior funding for privacy specialist TonicAI Inc. and an unnamed security company, a spokesperson for SVCI said.

SCVI has 46 members, all of them former or current security chiefs who have held roles at companies ranging from tech giant Alphabet Inc., drugmaker Gilead Sciences Inc., hedge fund Bridgewater Associates to the British retailer Marks and Spencer Group PLC. Most of the members now work in San Francisco's Bay Area. wsj.com

South Korea and Hong Kong successfully relaxed pandemic restrictions without having another rise in cases by data sharing, using targeted testing and contact tracing

Zoom acquires security startup Keybase to offer end-to-end encryption

Facebook will allow most employees to work from home through end of 2020




Cannabis Drive-Thrus, Pick-Ups, and Deliveries: Temporary or Here to Stay?

Has the pandemic permanently changed how people get their cannabis?

COVID-19 has initiated many new changes to society. Similar to how dining in restaurants has been replaced with drive-thru or pick-up food deliveries, cannabis businesses have evolved to dispense cannabis without requiring in-store purchases. In most states, cannabis can now be "temporarily" ordered online for pick-up or through the drive-thru, just like ordering a cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant. But are these changes truly temporary or could they be here to stay?

Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado are considered "critical" retail businesses and were granted legal permission to stay open with minor restrictions. The most obvious restriction is that dispensaries can only offer medical cannabis or curbside delivery via phone or online purchases for recreational cannabis.

Nevada also has their own classification and restrictions for cannabis businesses. While dispensaries were considered essential, they enforced "stricter" regulations and prohibited access into these facilities by purchasers. As a result, the only way for dispensaries to continue operation was via delivery service. This minimizes person-to-person contact and meets the mandated requirement of direct delivery to purchasers only.

In Massachusetts, dispensaries have been offering a "temporary" curbside pickup program since March 27th. This program was launched by the Cannabis Control Commission as a way to help keep their 67,700 medical marijuana patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more here

How COVID-19 Is Changing Cannabis
While challenges persist, the last six weeks have represented a major leap forward for the sector that will help position it for long-term success in several ways.

An Essential Business
The cannabis industry immediately notched a significant victory when states announcing shutdowns almost unanimously declared medical cannabis businesses "essential" during the pandemic, allowing them to stay open.

And by declaring cannabis "essential" in certain states, regardless of whether for medical or adult-use sales, state and local authorities made an important statement on a number of levels. First, this designation helped blunt negative bias that has been associated with cannabis, including the legal variety, for a long time.

Second, it conceded that these products are necessities for the people who use them, especially for medicine, which is squarely at odds with the stigmas of criminality and vice that have plagued the industry.

New Regulatory Maturity - The Cash Problem - Looking Ahead: forbes.com

Cannabis Sales Through COVID-19: Rising or Falling?
According to Marijuana Business Daily, the cultivation and extraction side of the cannabis industry has not seen a significant disruption in the supply chain despite initial fears. Many of these companies have continued production as normal, although they have begun staggering shifts and limiting the number of employees on the clock at one time.

Overall, the cannabis industry will likely continue to see changes in sales and production as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses and the economy. With most states still enforcing lock downs, the future is unknown for the cannabis industry - but for now, sales appear to still be on the rise in the U.S. sapphirerisk.com




Europol's Global Operations Arrests 101 Suspects
Dismantling International Network of Stolen Art & Antiquities Traffickers

More than 19,000 archaeological artefacts and other artworks have been recovered as part of a global operation spanning 103 countries and focusing on the dismantlement of international networks of art and antiquities traffickers.

101 suspects have been arrested, and 300 investigations opened as part of this coordinated crackdown. The criminal networks handled archaeological goods and artwork looted from war-stricken countries, as well as works stolen from museums and archaeological sites.

Law enforcement officers paid particular attention to the monitoring of online market places and sales sites, as the Internet is an important part of the illicit trade of cultural goods.

"Organised crime has many faces. The trafficking of cultural goods is one of them: it is not a glamorous business run by flamboyant gentlemen forgers, but by international criminal networks. You cannot look at it separately from combating trafficking in drugs and weapons: we know that the same groups are engaged, because it generates big money. Given that this is a global phenomenon affecting every country on the planet - either as a source, transit or destination.

"The number of arrests and objects show the scale and global reach of the illicit trade in cultural artefacts, where every country with a rich heritage is a potential target." europa.eu

Returns Come Back To Haunt eCommerce Amid Pandemic
According to March 2020 data from Narvar and Forrester, 42 percent of retailers have already paused their pickup in-store and return in-store services. Some 40 percent of respondents said they have relaxed their return policies, while fewer (27 percent) said it's something they're considering. For online shopping the return policies range from Amazon (90 days) to Target (varied and depends on product). One thing is for sure: retailers should expect returns to increase dramatically as retail brick-and-mortar reopens.

The pandemic has added revenue and expense stress to the issues around returns. Larisa Summers, SVP of marketing and eCommerce at eCommerce shipping solution Optoro says that due to more relaxed returns policies (free shipping, no restocking fees, longer windows), store closures and supply chain disruptions, retailers are finding themselves with higher volumes of returns and excess inventory. In addition, many are strapped for cash: as revenues plummet, retailers are unable to cover their remaining costs.

On the flip side of the negative consequences, when returns are done properly, it can become a loyalty building experience. pymnts.com

E-commerce lessons from China for US retailers







D&D Daily Survey:
How will COVID-19 impact Loss Prevention & Organized Retail Crime at your stores as the nation prepares to reopen?

The industry values your input! The D&D Daily wants to hear your thoughts as retail prepares to reopen following mass closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the past seven weeks, we've all had a chance to think about what is going to happen as we reopen the doors, but are we prepared for the impact the pandemic will have on Loss Prevention and Organized Retail Crime?

What does ORC look like in the coming months? How are your stores preparing?

Click here to take a two-minute survey and share your thoughts!

New York City, NY: Crooks steals $30K worth of cash, liquor and electronics in Manhattan Restaurant Burglaries
NYPD is looking for a crook who stole thousands in cash, alcohol and electronics from restaurants across Manhattan. Authorities say that between April 21 and May 4, an unknown man broke into 18 restaurants and bars by cutting through vinyl door entrances or damaging glass front doors. Once inside, the suspect would take property from the location. Police say that the suspect, who wore a surgical mask and carried a large duffel bag, stole approximately $30,000 in cash, liquor and electronics.

On May 6, police released video of the suspect taken from Marlo Bistro Restaurant, located at 1018 Amsterdam Avenue. At 10 p.m. on April 21, the suspect broke into the location and stole $500 and two iPads. Police also released a photo of the suspect taken from Nisi Restaurant, located at 250 West 47th Street. At 3:55 a.m. on April 25, the suspect gained entry to the restaurant and took six tablets and three bottles of liquor before fleeing in an unknown direction. amny.com

West Des Moines, IA: Suspect in $12 Kay Jeweler theft, a burglary, and a grab & run released because of COVID-19, arrested again
A man charged with stealing thousands of dollars in jewelry, cars and credit cards was arrested again after being released in March because of concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mason Galvan, 21, allegedly stole a 14-carat bracelet, and three 14k gold chains from Kay Jewelers at Valley West Mall on Feb. 9,. The stolen property had a value of $11,298.98. On March 4, Galvan allegedly ran off with a rope chain worth $1,600 at a piercing business while trying the chain on. At 3:30 a.m. on March 6, Galvan allegedly broke a window with a brick at Morrissey Fine Jewelry and stole multiple high-end Obaku brand watches. Two days later Galvan allegedly tried to rob the store again around 11 p.m., but the owner was in the store and scared him off.

On March 7, Galvan allegedly stole a 2005 Buick from a parking lot in Des Moines. He was arrested around midnight on March 9 after allegedly parking the Buick in an alley behind his home. Galvan also allegedly posted photos of himself on social media wearing the chains and watches stolen from Kay Jewelers and Morrissey Fine Jewelry.

On March 26, Polk County Attorney John Sarcone asked a judge for Galvan to be released because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Galvan was released from jail March 27. On April 14, Galvan allegedly broke into a car and stole a cell phone worth $999.99 and a gift card and allegedly made $337.41 worth of purchases with the gift card, according to court records. Galvan also is accused of stealing credit cards from the car and purchasing $2,562.55 worth of goods from Walmart and Target and using the cards to withdraw cash from an ATM. On Tuesday afternoon, Galvan was arrested again, according to booking records.  msn.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Houston, TX: C-Store clerk shoots suspect to death during attempted robbery
A gas station clerk opened fire on a group of suspects, killing one of them in northeast Houston, police say. It happened around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday on Maxey near Wallisville. Investigators say one of four suspects forced open the convenience store's locked doors while the others ran inside. Two of the men wore hoodies, and at least one suspect was covering his face. The clerk told police he was in his plexiglass cage behind the register, but it was open at the time. Feeling threatened by the intruders, he said he opened fire four times. One suspect immediately ran out of the store. Another could be seen on security camera video stumbling as he made his way out of the store. Police say one of the suspects died at the scene while the other three ran off. abc13.com

Port Arthur, TX: Robbery suspect shot & killed on Pleasure Island was in stolen Opelousas, LA Police car
A robbery suspect shot and killed during an attempted robbery on Pleasure Island was in a stolen, unmarked police car taken during an undercover investigation in Opelousas, Louisiana. PAPD identifies the suspect killed as Leon Jones III, 25. Port Arthur Police say Jones was shot and killed minutes after he left a grocery store on Pleasure Island where he tried to commit a robbery. He was shot by a man from Beaumont who was crabbing with his wife. Police say he demanded money and other property from them and fired at them from his rifle. Police responded to a reported robbery at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Island Grocery on Pleasure Island. kfdm.com

Philadelphia, PA: Man dies after shooting in Acme Grocery store parking lot in Northern Liberties
A man has died after a shooting in a grocery store parking lot in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. It happened around 4:30 p.m. on N. 2nd Street and Girard Avenue on Wednesday. Police confirm a 24-year-old man was shot in the head on the second level of the garage outside of Acme. The victim was transported to an area hospital where he later died. It's unclear what sparked the gunfire. No arrests have been made. 6abc.com

San Antonio, TX: Woman killed, another stabbed at shopping center
Wednesday afternoon, San Antonio Police chief William McManus said officers were called to a barber shop shortly after noon for a reporting of a cutting. When they arrived, they found a woman in her 20s dead from a gunshot wound at Diesel barber shop at Bandera Oaks Shopping Center, and another woman in her 20s stabbed outside the Pei Wei in the same center. McManus said there was some sort of disturbance leading the suspect - a man in his mid-30s - to shoot the woman in the store. The chief said it was not a robbery and the barber shop was open with an appointment at the time. The man then stabbed the other woman multiple times. Her condition is not currently known. The police chief said the suspect is not currently in custody, but he said he expects an arrest will be made soon. ktsa.com


Philadelphia, PA: Clerk shot in head after argument inside West Kensington C- store
A store clerk is in "extremely critical condition" after a man shot him in the head at point-blank range following an argument, according to Philadelphia police. Investigators said the man shot the victim, 54, just before 10 p.m. Wednesday at the Vargas Mini Market, which is located at East Cambria and Kip streets in the city's West Kensington section. Witnesses told police it stemmed from an earlier argument that occurred 15 minutes prior to the shooting. Police said the shooter came back to kill. 6abc.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Fargo, ND: Machete wielding shoplifter arrested after street fight tobacco store
A man was arrested after a fight outside the Smoke 4 Less store on 45th Street South in Fargo. Police responded to multiple calls of the disturbance in the middle of the street around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Police say the suspect attempted a theft from the store and when confronted by an employee, pulled out a large machete and fought with the worker. The struggle continued outside into the middle of the street. He punched an officer in the face who was attempting to detain him. At that point, two citizens stepped in, grabbed the attacker, and held him until officers took control and arrested him. kfgo.com

Eau Claire, WI: 50 year old woman refuses to wear mask, punches Menards security employee; arrested for battery and disorderly conduct

Middleburg, PA: Man charged with Armed Robbery of Dollar General this past November

Livingston County, MI: Man Charged In Target Store Break-In


Cargo Theft

Santiago, Chile: Chilean Police arrest 9 over record US $15M heist
Chilean police have nabbed nine suspects involved in one of the country's biggest heists, the theft of US$15 million in cash from Santiago airport in March, the interior minister announced Tuesday. Gonzalo Blumel praised the police for "serious and professional work that allowed these people to be brought to justice in less than two months." Eight suspects were rounded up on Tuesday after one was arrested a few days ago, police said. Police also managed to recover around US$122,000 of the stolen money. nst.com.my






Daily Totals:
• 14 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 1 killed


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