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What's Next? Thinking Outside the Box - Problem Solving Redefined
Chad McIntosh and Tom Meehan, Bloomingdale's

Quick Take #25

Closing Remarks

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2017 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Helping Build Team Pride

McDonald's Corporation Global Safety
and Security Team

"Protecting McDonald's Business,
Restaurants and Brand"


Featured in the picture: William Ball, John Barry, Pierre Binggeli, Melissa Bostick, Nuno Cabanas, Al Campeau, Gabriel Vega Castro, Cathy Choffin, Hugo Cortez, Stephen Cotman, Adrian Ditcher, Pedro Fernandez, Carsten Franck, Will Godoy, Chris Graves, Mark Hathaway, Daryl Hodges, Rob Holm, Octavio Jara, Steve Laughlin, Ryan Long, Federico Luchini, Erica Maddox, Mark T. McAndrew, Jim McHenry, Kelvin McLaurin, Jay Morales, Leif Mueller, Daniel Mueller, Kathy O'Toole, Cesar Augusto Saavedra Padilla, Michael Peaster, Jesse Perez, Dan Perout, Waldemar Petri, Joe Pietraszek, Dennis Quiles, Claudio Raggio, Mike Richards, Clair Riley, Yokasta Rodrigues, Daniel Rykala, Jennifer Schaefer, Karen Schneider, Sara Schwanke, Mike Slikas, Daniel Thomas, Cees Van Ingen, Johnny Webb, Jed Weinstein, Mark Whittle

Harold McIntyre, CFI promoted to Market Director - Asset Protection
for Bloomingdale's

Harold has worked for Bloomingdale's since 2013, when he was a Senior Executive of Asset Protection. He's held a variety of other loss prevention roles such as Loss Prevention Manager for Nordstrom, LP Training Specialist for TJX Companies, District Loss Prevention Manager for Abercrombie & Fitch and LP Detective for Big Y World Class Market. Harold earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Cyber Crimes from University of Phoenix. Congratulations Harold!

The Zellman Group Awards LPC Scholarship
to Norman Heyl, Regional LP Director, Bed Bath & Beyond

We wanted to thank everyone for who participated in our LPC Scholarship Essay Contest. We are thrilled with the number of submissions we received from the variety of LP Professionals. It was a challenge to narrow down all of the great submissions but we are excited to have made our selection. We wanted to highlight a select few of our winners over the next few weeks leading up to NRF.

This week we wanted to highlight Norman Heyl, Regional Loss Prevention Director in the Midwest-Detroit region of Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Norman graduated from Ohio University in 1993 with a Sociology/Criminology degree. He worked in various Loss Prevention positions with Kmart from 1993 until 2003, when he moved to Bed, Bath & Beyond. He has been at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for the last 14 years. Norman lives in Carmel Indiana and is married with three daughters. Congratulations Norman, we wish you all the best in your studies!

Acne Studios chooses Nedap's !D Cloud for stock accuracy and Omnichannel services
Successful rollout in 12 countries accomplished in 3 months

Nedap has signed a global agreement with Acne Studios, a Swedish high-end fashion brand, for the supply of its RFID software platform !D Cloud. The global rollout to Acne Studios' 45 stores in 12 countries was accomplished in only three months. Using !D Cloud, the retailer aims to raise the in-store stock accuracy in their stores and enable omnichannel services.

Mattias Magnusson, CEO at Acne Studios, explains: "Our main challenge is how to unify the online and in-store experience and service in order to gain and maintain the trust of our customers. The only way to master this is by having a nearly 100% stock accuracy. Therefore, automating our stock taking with RFID was the logical next step."

Fast RFID implementation plan
The pace of the RFID implementation at Acne Studios was extraordinarily high as it took only 3 months from the first proof-of-concept to the completion of the rollout. During this period, the ERP integration, staff training and RFID labelling of the merchandise was completed.

!D Cloud: Accurate stock data & omnichannel enablement
The !D Cloud software suite is specifically developed for retail applications to raise the retailer's stock accuracy and support store employees with processes like in-store replenishment. Detailed insights into the actual stock levels also make it possible to connect the stock of the physical stores with the retailer's online platforms. nedap-retail.com

Profitect Co-Presents with Customer on Prescriptive Analytics at Retail Business Technology Expo 2017 in London
Profitect Inc. CEO Guy Yehiav co-presented with customer Asda, a leading UK supermarket retailer, at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) 2017 on May 8. The session titled, "Prescriptive Analytics, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things," explored how deploying prescriptive analytics can improve profits and drive action-based, data-driven strategies across retail organizations.

Yehiav and Asda Insight Manager James Newton co-presented on the potential of prescriptive intelligence to identify profit-increasing opportunities, and notify the right people to take action in real-time. The session addressed how to identify patterns in data to combat shrink, report proliferation, and create actions for employees at various levels that yield immediate results for the business. profitect.com

Retail Violent Incidents Up 20% - Deaths Up 12% in Q1
Saturday - Sunday - Monday - Male - C-Store - Gas Station - Restaurant - Big Box - Shot - Outside

Q1 Retail Violent Death Report - That's the finding of the publicly reported violent deaths in the first three months of 2017.

With more victims killed (60 = 53.5%) than suspects (52 = 46.5%), it's an alarming change from our 2016 report, where suspects outnumbered victims, 211 = 56% vs. 163 = 43%. But what's most revealing was the number of homicides being 46.5% or 52 deaths. Driven by drug deals and arguments, homicides are more frequent than one would think.

However, the one fact that this industry has been dealing with for decades is that going outside the store increases violence, plain and simple, and for some reason men seem to keep going out there regardless of the training and warnings, and the deaths follow with 57% or 64 happening in the parking lots of retail America.

Fifty-seven percent happen in convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, and big box stores. Either the quick robbery or big shoplifting incident may be the two leading causes. The problem being that we didn't calculate that factor into the study - something we plan on in the future.

But, obviously, no one is going to risk a life in a simple shoplifting case and as for the quick robberies where the doors are right there for their exit, that's probably 99% of all the c-stores and gas station deaths.

One interesting finding was the lack of deaths in the drug store world where robberies have become so prevalent due to the opiate epidemic. But obviously they have to be deep in the store where the pharmacy is and there's no quick exit. So the suspect who wants cash goes to the c-stores and gas stations and the suspect who wants drugs isn't as willing to die for it, or is it that the pharmacies are better equipped, trained and guarded which keeps that one criminal element away - the suspect that's willing to shoot.

The days are obvious. Saturday is party time and suspects need money. Sunday they've spent it and Monday they're out of it and Friday, the lowest day, is pay day for the majority of people. So after they pay their bills, they run out, some quicker than others and some never had it. But the weekend is when you need it and Monday you've got to have it to survive the week. Just some thoughts, Gus Downing
Focused on Late-Night Retail & 24-Hour Locations
OSHA Provides Enforcement Guidance on Workplace Violence Response

The OSH Act's General Duty Clause requires employers to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees. The succinctly titled Directive Number CPL 02-01-058, "Enforcement Procedures and Scheduling for Occupational Exposure to Workplace Violence" -which became effective on January 10, 2017 - addresses when hazards created by people (i.e., violent coworker, customer, etc.) violate the General Duty Clause.

The Directive provides general enforcement guidance as to when OSHA officials should make a response to, and/or cite an employer for, a complaint or fatality arising out of an incident of workplace violence. It defines "workplace violence" broadly as "violent acts (including physical assaults and threats of assaults) directed towards persons at work or on duty.

The updated Directive appears to be based, in part, on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) about the 15,000 to 25,000 incidents of workplace violence reported each year. First, BLS says that two- thirds of the reported incidents resulting in missed work occurred in healthcare settings. Also, BLS reported that late-night retail workers, taxi drivers, and correctional officers have reported high numbers of incidents of workplace violence.

The Directive generally sets forth the steps OSHA is to follow to determine whether to initiate an inspection of a complaint or incident related to workplace violence. It also provides the basis for a citation under the General Duty Clause, the resources available to OSHA in conducting inspections and developing citations, and how Area Offices may assist employers in addressing workplace violence. lexology.com

Late-Night Retail Defined in Guidance

This category includes workplaces such as convenience stores, liquor stores and gas stations. Factors that put late-night retail employees at risk include the exchange of money, being located in a high-crime area, 24-hour operations (time-of-day should not be considered the only factor), solo work, isolated worksites, the sale of alcohol, and poorly-lit stores and parking areas.

Editor's Note: Our recent Q1 Retail Violent Death report showed 28% of Q1 deaths occurred in convenience stores and gas stations. osha.gov

Since Trump takeover, less public shaming for companies that put workers at risk
OSHA's Worker Fatality Page Not Updated Since January

Since President Trump took office, not a single worker killed on the job has been added to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's online death tally.

The last entry on OSHA's worker fatality page was for two men shot to death in an Indianapolis restaurant robbery in early January.

The backlog is unusual for OSHA, which in recent years has used its website to publicly shame companies over workplace deaths and injuries. The lack of death updates, coupled with a sharp decline in press releases announcing enforcement actions, makes tracking companies that put their workers at risk even more difficult for the public.

OSHA's Nancy Cleeland said, Rather, a clerical worker who handled a key step in the posting process retired, then the whole process came to a halt.

While the spokeswoman attributed the lack of death postings to staffing issues, she said the switchover from Obama to Trump has been the cause of OSHA's noticeable softening on press releases. oshatoday.com
Does LP Go Shared Services at newly merged Ahold Delhaize?
RBS, a newly created company, formed to drive synergies & best practices & provide industry-leading expertise, insights and analytics
To Ahold and Delhaize's U.S. brands

Nick Bertram, SVP of merchandising for Ahold USA, has taken on a special assignment leading the integration. He will work closely with the U.S. brand leadership teams, RBS leadership and the Integration Management Office to enable the planned launch in early 2018. Editor's Note: One would assume LP would be part of RBS and delivered in a shared services type model to their 2,000+ stores on the East Coast. No mention of it as of yet. theshelbyreport.com
Walgreens and Rite Aid Corp. have "certified substantial compliance"
Gives FTC 60 Day Ultimatum - See You in Court

Walgreens Boots Alliance has set in motion a mechanism that will result in the Federal Trade Commission having  60 days to either clear its $9.7 billion acquisition of Rite Aid or sue to block it. Under terms of the agreement, if the FTC approves the Walgreens-Rite Aid merger. Fred's Pharmacy will acquire at least 865 - and as many as 1,200 - divested Rite Aid stores.
Editor's Note:
Bet the Trump administration doesn't block this one. As three seats are open on the FTC and Trump appoints those seats. Doesn't seem likely they'd even try. chainstoreage.com

Total Retail's Top 100 Omnichannel Retailers
In its first ever ranking of 100 publicly traded retailers by their omnichannel capabilities, Total Retail, in conjunction with Radial, a leading omnichannel commerce technology and operations provider, offer a blueprint for brands on how to deliver the seamless, quick and enjoyable customer experiences that today's digitally savvy consumers demand.

This report serves as a supplement to Total Retail
's annual Top 100 Fastest-Growing Retailers list, which ranks the fastest-growing public retailers based on year-over-year sales. We've taken that list of fastest-growing retailers and scored them based on the omnichannel experiences they offer to their customers.

The report answers the question, "What is omnichannel retail?" by scoring the retailers on seven criteria - does it offer buy online, pick up in-store; does it offer the ability to search for in-store products on its website; does it offer a shared cart across channels (e.g., mobile to desktop); are loyalty points able to earned and redeemed across channels; are products able to be returned across channels (e.g., return online purchases in-store); does it offer customer service in three or more channels; and is product pricing consistent across channels.

DSW, UGG, Urban Outfitters, and Zumiez tied atop the rankings, each earning a maximum score of 100;

63% do not offer buy online, pick up in-store for their customers;

just 50% provide online shoppers visibility into inventory at their local brick-and-mortar location;

83% do have shared shopping carts across channels.

Consumers are Flocking to NYC Flea Markets
Looking For Those Deals

New York City's flea markets, holiday markets, farmers markets, night bazaars and art fairs, however, continue to draw big crowds. If it's sold from a stall or a folding table, it seems, shoppers can't get enough of it.

Eric Demby, co-founder of market empire Brooklyn Flea, says he's seeing higher demand for vendor slots, and attendance at food-market spinoff Smorgasburg in Prospect Park doubled from last year, to 15,000 each Sunday. Brooklyn markets have seen vendor numbers double and attendance triple.

Editor's Note: While I'm sure 99.9% are legitimate vendors one must wonder how much counterfeit, gray goods, and stolen goods are changing hands. To see those types of crowds to the point the Wall Street Journal writes about it, there's got to be some great deals there and as an LP executive, one just wonders. As street vendors in NYC are famous smugglers and there's got to be a few there. wsj.com

Hannaford Distribution System Recovering After South Portland, Maine Warehouse Fire
Hannaford was forced to reroute items from various distribution centers following an April 26 warehouse fire at its facility in South Portland, Maine. As a result, there were some delays in the delivery of fresh items to some stores.

The fire occurred in a refrigerated trailer that was backed up to a loading bay and spread to a portion of the warehouse before being extinguished. No one was injured in the blaze. Most of the South Portland warehouse was not damaged in the fire and is in operation. Bloom said Hannaford is working to bring the remainder of the facility back to full service. theshelbyreport.com
NY State Police: No Update Or New Info on Gap Fishkill, NY DC Fire 8-30-16
By Gordon Smith, The D&D Daily
New York State Police Public Information Officer, Trooper McMorris, stated today that the investigation into the Gap distribution center fire in Fishkill, New York is still ongoing in partnership with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives.

Trooper McMorris said that there is still a $15,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible.

We first reported on the Gap fire in the Aug. 30 Daily.

Managing Director, Fraud Investigations and P&AP posted for Starbucks U.S.
in Seattle, WA

This job contributes to Starbucks success by directing the development and execution of the Company's programs for fraud analytics and investigations, partner and asset protection and security business management.  Leads 3 subordinate teams; Point of Sale Investigations, Partner and Asset Protection and Business Management. Formulates and implements an enterprise-wide fraud management structure, aligned with business goals, with team serving as a 'center of knowledge' for fraud prevention and investigations across the company. Responsible for developing and managing fraud risk strategy and policy. Identifies and implements a metric reporting structure to track fraud risk effectiveness based upon increased revenues. Partners with functional leaders within Operations, Finance, Technology, Human Resources, and Legal to create a loss prevention program. Responsible for building a five-year roadmap for a fraud prevention program across the enterprise. The occupant of this position will also manage and direct the investigations team, fraud technology implementation, reporting, budgeting and deliverables along with achieving year over year fraud loss reductions and recoveries. Ensures that partners and assets are protected to the best capabilities of the Company through strategic leadership for partner safety, and loss prevention. Leads teams that investigate crimes and threats to partners, assets and brand within U.S. retail operations to mitigate litigation risk and preserve the Starbucks Brand.

Directs all security and investigative processes that provide partner and customer safety and asset protection, for Starbucks US retail operations, licensed stores, Seattle's Best Coffee and other licensees. Starbucks - Legal and Asset Protection. starbucks.taleo.net

Today, we are privileged to connect with millions of customers every day with exceptional products and more than 24,000 retail stores in 70 countries. starbucks.com

Gold's Gym removes job postings for Director of LP & Safety - East and West positions

Pharmaceutical Cargo Thefts on the Decline

Quarterly Same Store Sales
Office Depot Q1 North American Retail comp's down 5%, total sales down 7%
CST Brands Q1 U.S. merchandise & services down 2%, Canada comp's up 4%,
Fiesta Restaurants Q1 comp's down 6.7% at Pollo Tropical, down 4.5% at Taco Cabana, total revenues down 0.6%

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Investigator Spotlight: Monica Lundgren, Criminal Investigator

Monica Lundgren is a criminal investigator for eBay Inc.'s Global Asset Protection Team, supporting the prevention, detection, and mitigation of fraud and criminal activities in both their domestic and international operations. Monica joined the Global Asset Protection Team in January 2010, after receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Weber State University. She is currently leading and driving eBay's child safety initiative, focusing on threat assessment and policy enforcement efforts. Most recently, Monica is tackling on-line motors scams targeting the eBay brand. She is responsible for innovating new and effective ways to detect trends, implement technology and focus on policy enhancements. As a member of the eBay Women in Technology Steering Committee, Monica seeks to give back to those who have inspired, motivated and mentored her throughout her career. eBay Women in Technology strives to "create an innovative community to inspire and engage women to connect, grow and lead". Outside of work, between entertaining her four year old and helping him through his Lego crises, chauffeuring her 10 year old to his various sporting events and assisting her husband in coaching at the various sporting events, Monica might get the chance to enjoy a concert, try a new restaurant, pour a glass of wine or run a charitable 5k.

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com.

How to Sell Retail Customers on Predictive PoS Systems

More accurate sales predictions can lead to improved supply chain planning to ensure customers' shelves stay appropriately stocked

By Dave Bhattacharjee, Vice President, Data Analytics, for Stanley Security

For security integrators who deal in the retail vertical, point-of-sale (PoS) systems generate rich data, which is a resource being used by such customers for exception reporting.

This same data can support many other advanced analytic applications, as well. For instance, research within Stanley Security is underway using PoS data to predict whether promotions will be successful and result in sales lift of products.

In a recent experiment developed by the Stanley Security Insights team, PoS data was analyzed to determine the effects of promotions on sales, and, more accurately, forecast the effects of future promotions on sales and inventory.

A predictive model was created to forecast sales during promotions and price changes. In tests of the model, 77% of variance of sales was explained for a product. Thanks to improvements outlined below, that number is expected to increase even further.

During the exploration of the data, the ability to model price elasticity was discovered: this model has the potential to optimize price toward maximum sales. Potential next steps are optimizing price across products, and optimizing price to maximize margin.

In addition, interactive dashboards were created using a visualization tool that enabled the end user to filter data by customer, store, item as well as promotion. The visualization tool also has the ability to send notifications to an assigned user, so that quick action can be taken, such as inventory falling below a threshold level.

More accurate sales predictions can lead to improved supply chain planning to ensure customers' shelves stay appropriately stocked; and improved promotions planning is achieved through more accurate predictions.

Read more here

Article originally published by Security Sales & Integration

Staples names 1st CISO - Cyber Security
Staples named Brett Wahlin as its chief information security officer (CISO), responsible for global enterprise-wide information, product and data security. He will report to chief technology officer Faisal Masud, who leads Staples Digital Solutions, a new organization within the company that combines its traditional IT and digital organizations.

Wahlin's position will be key in the digital transformation of Staples' business. The chain remains mindful that as customer needs continue to adopt technology, especially with an acceleration into online and mobile, security threats will continue to increase. Wahlin's role expands beyond traditional cyber security into product development, connected devices, fraud and loss prevention.

Here, he was responsible for all aspects of information security, including security operations and intelligence, security architecture, cyber risk and governance, product lifecycle security, business security and transformation, industry next security and cyber service delivery. He built world-class, extensible security capabilities that protected HPE's assets and workforce, enabled and extended business capabilities, and showcased its security solutions at work. chainstoreage.com

Data Breach Lawsuits Continue
HD's $10B Cost - the Biggest Loss Yet
B&N Shoppers Say Schnuk Markets Breach Court Decision Doesn't Apply to Them

Barnes & Noble shoppers fought back against the retailer's claims that a recent decision tossing litigation against grocery chain Schnuck Markets Inc. bolsters the bookseller's efforts to shake their data breach suit, arguing Thursday that the other action doesn't apply because it was brought by financial institutions, not consumers.

Editor's Note: These suits will take years to travel through the courts with back and forths that cost millions and will ultimately define the parameters of liability and establish the duty of care. With possibly ending up in the Supreme Court, it's the insurance industry and banks that are fighting the retailers the most. As they try to avoid or minimize payouts due to a total lack of defined and established overarching industry standards or practices that any retailer was following at the time.

With no clear industry standards or laws established, how was the industry to respond? Everyone was making it up as they went. Learning on the breach, so to speak. And now the banks and insurance providers, all fighting to minimize their pay outs, are blaming an industry for not having safeguards they never knew they needed to that point. That is until the Russians showed us. And it was the Russians here, and the media isn't even mentioning that.

As reported last week, Home Depot's end-of-the-day $10B estimated cost of their breach is the largest quote to date and certainly the most alarming. However, if accurate, it should motivate every retailer to develop a prevention, detection, and response plan that matches, if not exceeds, their hurricane response programs and integrated in their emergency operations centers.

The only good thing that came out of all of this was EMV, and boy did we have to be dragged into that one, far behind our European colleagues. And now we have skimming, business email compromise, and ransomware headlining virtually every day. Two of which rely on human error and one relies on not having finished the EMV roll-out. Think we would have learned by now. Just some thoughts, Gus Downing law360.com

Why Cyber Attacks Will Continue until Prevention Becomes a Priority
Organizations must rethink their security measures. Focus on training, getting rid of old tech, and overcoming apathy.

It's time for organizations to rethink their approach to security. Keeping your organization safe must be a full-time commitment, not simply a passing concern following the latest report of a data breach.

Cut Ties with Outdated Tech
Cybersecurity is often described as an arms race between security professionals and skilled attackers, as both parties rush to gain the upper hand. While even cutting-edge defenses are inevitably thwarted by determined attackers, cybersecurity professionals are able to quickly react and nullify attacks.

But many businesses don't keep tabs on the front lines of cybersecurity development, leaving them several generations behind with regard to best practices and current threats.

Making matters worse, many organizations fail to follow best practices for maintaining and protecting their current environments, creating countless avenues of attack for even inexperienced attackers.

Business leaders need to listen to their IT departments and devote more time and resources to security best practices such as regular updates, security audits, and penetration testing, resisting the urge to focus solely on revenue-driving activities at the expense of loss prevention.

Invest in Security Training & Skills
Most organizations understand the importance of regular security training for employees, but IT professionals within the company are often overlooked. While your resident system administrator or network engineer are unlikely to fall for a phishing attempt, what about the rest of your employees? A single oversight is all it takes to undermine many other precautions. Regular, top-to-bottom training is crucial for any organization that wants to avoid becoming the victim of the next major attack.

Overcoming Security Apathy
Many businesses suffer from the delusion that they are immune to cybersecurity threats until it's too late. Whether relying on security through obscurity or simply disregarding consistent warnings as hyperbolic nonsense, organizations have shown that they're willing to risk massive losses and reputation damage rather than overhaul their approach to security. darkreading.com

The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) announced plans to evolve the PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) program to attract new cyber talent globally and ensure its sustainability and quality in a changing payment environment. The initiative will be rolled out in phases, beginning in 2017 with a dedicated industry task force focused on the development of an Associate QSA certification.  pcisecuritystandards.org

Finish Line no longer accepting applications for Manager, Cyber Security Operations job


High Theft Solutions

Checkpoint Systems is a global leader in EAS, High Theft and RFID solutions for the retail industry, encompassing loss prevention and inventory accuracy in a growing omni-channel environment. Stuart Rosenthal, VP of Sales for High-Theft Solutions (also known as Alpha) and Carl Rysdon, VP of Sales for Inventory Control Solutions, which comprises EAS and RFID solutions, tell us how Checkpoint's recent acquisition by CCL Industries will benefit their customers, how their brand has stayed relevant over the years, and what new innovations they're bringing to the LP industry.

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us


Retailers: Protect consumer data or lose the shopper
78% Shoppers Stop Using Hacked Online Retailers

Almost half (48%) of consumers say they are very likely-and 28% are somewhat likely-to stop using the service of a company, such as an online retailer, if the business was hacked and the shopper's credit card details were stolen and leaked online, according to a new study from the Centre for International Governance Innovation titled "Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust."

The study also found that if the online retailer had another data breach and shoppers' credit card data was stolen and leaked online for a second time, 58% of consumers say they are very likely to stop using the service and 22% say they are somewhat likely. However, one out of five consumers don't seem fazed by such a breach because 20% of consumers say there are not very likely or not likely at all to stop using the service.

Consumers, however, are sensitive to more than just their credit card details being stolen: 44% of consumers say they are very likely to using stop doing business with a company if their password and email address were leaked, 42% say they are very likely to stop using an online service if their password was leaked, 40% are very likely to stop using an online service if their profile information was leaked and 38% are very likely to stop if their email address was leaked. digitalcommerce360.com

Toys "R" Us makes e-commerce push to lure back lost consumers
Having fallen behind to establish its presence in the e-commerce sector, Toys "R" Us now plans to boost its e-commerce activity by revamping its website according to an article by CNBC.

According to the article, the revamp which is expected to roll out by early July, is a part of a US$100 million investment by Toys "R" Us over the last three years. This was made to boost its e-commerce experience. As such, the company is trying to make its website standout from the clutter as it faces stiff competition from online websites such as Amazon, and retailers such as Target and Walmart. marketing-interactive.com

E-commerce Plays Bigger Role in Home Improvement
Sales Near $11 Billion

Online sales of home improvement products that span everything from plumbing and hardware to storage and décor, have grown 41 percent in the 12 months ending March 2017, reports The NPD Group, a leading global information company. The e-commerce home improvement market reached $10.9 billion in sales for the year, according to NPD's receipt mining service, Checkout TrackingSM. prweb.com

With Wal-Mart's help, China's JD.com grows Q1 sales 40%

Ecommerce sees IoT, VR and new platforms as means of driving sales

Coalition of Law Enforcement & Retail (CLEAR) May Newsletter New Website Updates, Open Positions, Top ORC Cases & More
In their May newsletter, CLEAR outlines the latest organization news, including a new website that is under development, two positions added to the Board of Directors, a filled VP position, top ORC cases and much more.

CLEAR now has close to 3,000 members and continues to grow at a consistent pace. The group will be holding its annual conference from Oct. 16-19 in San Antonio, Texas, which you can learn more about here.

Read the full newsletter

Olive Branch, MS: 67 guns stolen from delivery truck
behind Academy Sports store

Thieves have stolen 67 guns from a delivery truck parked behind an Academy Sports store in Olive Branch, Mississippi. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the Olive Branch police are investigating the theft of some 61 handguns and six long guns. Police said the delivery truck driver parked behind the store and fell asleep on Sunday night before an early Monday morning delivery. When he woke up, he and Academy Sports employees found that the seals and locks had been cut off the truck, and the guns and a small amount of ammunition were gone. clarionledger.com

Update: High Point, NC: Four more charged in organized retail theft case
Four additional people are facing felony charges in connection with nearly $90,000 worth of stolen items police recovered last month. Police recovered more than $60,000 worth of property from a house in High Point on April 18. On April, 28, Police recovered additional property related to an organized retail theft case. The value of the newly recovered items is more than $27,876, police said in a news release. This brings the total value of recovered property to about $90,000. Charles Robert Hazelwood, 38, was arrested April 18 and charged with receiving stolen property, obtaining property by false pretense and organized retail theft. hpenews.com

Jonesboro, AR: Man drives Land Rover to Walmart to steal $2,000
in merchandise

Jonesboro police say a man drove a Land Rover to Walmart, then spent more than six hours in the store unpackaging and concealing nearly $2,000 worth of merchandise he intended to steal. Cody Caples while he was in the checkout lane, and asked to speak with him in a back office. Police advised Caples that Loss Prevention had watched him unpackage and conceal things in a backpack and Walmart bags since 5:30 that morning. Caples, who had warrants through the city of Jonesboro and Craighead County, was arrested on a felony theft charge. He was also cited for four non-payment of fines warrants. kait8.com

Framingham, MA: Woman busted with $1,000 of baby clothes stolen from Natick Mall
A Framingham woman hid more than $1,000 worth of clothing in a baby carriage in what police said was an attempt to steal it Sunday from a Natick Mall store. Police arrested Agamin Carrasquillo, 20, at Macy's. On Sunday, Carrasquillo in the children's clothing section pushing a baby carriage that contained her 6-week-old daughter . Carrasquillo was observed selecting multiple packages of Nike socks, multiples items from the intimate apparel and children's department. Carrasquillo put all the items in the bottom of her baby carriage and then left the store. wickedlocal.com

Fairfield, CT: Three Shoplifters busted attempting a $460 Diversion Theft
at Stop & Shop

A trio of would-be shoplifters, including a convicted felon with 32 prior arrests, was arrested Saturday when an attempt to create a diversion failed to stop security at a Villa Avenue supermarket from noticing a man leaving the store with a cart full of merchandise. Stop & Shop loss prevention officers called police to the store around 9 a.m. after they watched Dwayne Brown, pushing a cart filled with $460.78 worth of store items past the registers and out of the store, police said. At the same time, they also saw Vasiliki Zafiropoulos, push Hector Rodriguez into a display, knocking it over and creating a commotion. dailyvoice.com

Update: Dartmouth, MA: Viral Facebook posts help Dartmouth 'popo' nab retail thieves
With the help of a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post, the Dartmouth "popo" were able to identify three women who were caught on camera shoplifting at Target on Sunday. Detective Kyle Costa, police spokesman, said the department was "flooded with calls" as well as many private messages on Facebook. "We have identified them," Costa said. "We're just writing up a few small things and should have everything moving along shortly." Costa said the women are alleged to have committed larceny over $250, a potential felony charge, at Target. southcoasttoday.com

Reading, PA: Retail theft turns into high-speed chase; merchandise recovered from Children's Place, Charming Charlie and Express
Two women from Philly were arrested Sunday afternoon after allegedly stealing merchandise from 3 stores in Wyomissing and leading police on a high-speed chase. Police began a pursuit of the minivan that lasted 11 miles. The vehicle was finally brought to a stop using stop sticks, and the 2 were arrested. A total of $138 in items were stolen from The Children's Place. Police also discovered $841 in merchandise stolen from Charming Charlie jewelry and $358 in merchandise from the Express store in the Berkshire Mall. readingeagle.com

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Dayton, OH: Multiple Shots Fired outside Sears at the Dayton Mall, 1 wounded
A woman wounded a man in shooting in the parking lot outside the Sears located at Dayton Mall on Monday afternoon. According to Montgomery County Regional Dispatch, the report about the shooting came in about 4:45 p.m. on Monday. The woman fired 10 to 15 times during an argument with her boyfriend that turned physical, Miami Twp. police said. The male victim was struck at least once in his lower leg, and the woman had no visible injuries to the woman, police said. daytondailynews.com

Charlotte, NC: Suspect shoots himself after Robbing Kangaroo c-store
Police said a suspect shot himself after robbing a University City convenience store overnight. The robbery happened around 2:15 a.m. at the Kangaroo Express. The store clerk who called 911 said the suspect robbed the business but then accidentally shot himself. The clerk told investigators that the man ran out of the store after the gun went off. Police said he got away with some money, but they haven't been able to track him down. wsoctv.com

Robberies & Thefts

Danville, CA: Smash & Grab Robbery at Costco's Jewelry Department; 1 in custody, 2 being sought
There were some frightening moments for Costco shoppers when three men tried to smash their way into the store's jewelry case. The crime happened in Danville Monday night. One of the suspects is in custody. Police say one of the men used a hammer to smash a jewelry case. Store employees were able to hold down a suspect until police arrived. The search continues for the other two. abc7news.com

Dayton, OH: Feds charge 3 in wake of 26 pharmacy robberies
Federal and local law enforcement arrested three men in connection to 26 pharmacy robberies in a 7-month span, according to federal court documents. Of the 26 robberies or attempted robberies, 22 have been at CVS pharmacies, with the South Breiel Boulevard location in Middletown having been hit three times. Two robberies were at Walgreens and two more at Rite Aid stores. From Oct. 1, 2016 until April 30, 2017, a string of pharmacy robberies police said used the same "modus operandi" have happened in Dayton, Dublin, Beavercreek, Vandalia, Cincinnati, Fairfield, Middletown, Franklin, Hamilton, Westerville, Columbus, Trotwood and Kettering. Those arrested and facing Tuesday detention hearings include Eric L. Bates, 20, Yasar J. Burnett, 18, and Brandon Dawson, 18. They also have preliminary hearings scheduled for May 18. They were arrested May 4. daytondailynews.com

Wichita Falls, TX: Former Subway employee arrested for Felony Theft; Voids totaling over $2,500

Kay Jewelers in the Southtown Center, Anderson, IN reported a Grab & Run on 5/8, item valued at $8,399

Zales in the Westroads Mall, Omaha, NE reported a Grab & Run on 5/8, items valued at $16,668

Mappins Jewellers in the Fairview Mall, Willowdale, ON, CN reported a Grab & Run on 5/5, item valued at $1,629

Piercing Pagoda in the King Plaza Mall, Brooklyn, NY reported a Theft on 5/5, items valued at $1,400


"A historic bust of fake products"
Cambodia Authorities Net 70 Tons of Counterfeit Beauty Products

Fake products were labeled as Pantene, Head & Shoulders and Schwarzkopf
Nearly 70 tons of beauty products - including shampoos, skin-whitening creams and hair dye - were confiscated during two raids in March and April by the Cambodian authorities.

The nearly 70-ton haul came from raids carried out over the past two months. The first, on March 31 in Kandal province, netted 30 tons and led to the arrest of three Chinese nationals; another 38 tons were found on April 28 during a second raid within the capital, which resulted in the arrest of a Chinese woman and a Cambodian man. wwd.com


Wilson, NC: Wilson Mall fire under investigation
Firefighters are investigating a suspicious blaze in the vacant Wilson Mall that caused the evacuation of an adjoining store Monday evening. Crews responded to reports of smoke around 7 p.m. to find a fire in the center of the mall building near the main entrance. The Wilson Mall has been vacant for about four years. Its owner, Augusta, Georgia-based Hull Property Group. wilsontimes.com


Skimming Theft Update

Bulgarian Mobster Gets 7yrs for International Credit-Card Cash-Out Ring Operating in Chicago
Martov, 41, collected stolen debit and credit card numbers and PINs from accomplices overseas and passed them on to associates who encoded the numbers onto new cards and cashed them out at ATMs around Chicago. They passed the cash back to Martov after taking a cut, and Martov would then pay his suppliers.

Martov allegedly once bragged that he made $500,000 from Russian cards in one week. One of Martov's co-defendants also once said he was receiving $200,000 a week from Martov's fast-moving crew in 2011.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Edenfield called the whole thing "Mr. Martov's operation" and asked Guzman to send Martov away for nine to 11 years. suntimes.com

Martinsburg, WV: Attorney General warning the public of a skimming scam
West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is warning the public of a skimming scam that is taking place in West Virginia.

Morrisey says his office has heard reports from all across the state of people being ripped off by hundreds and even thousands of dollars from the skimmers. The Attorney General says he has written letters to gas stations asking for information and letting them know of what they can do to raise awareness. your4state.com

Delaware County, PA: Skimmers hit ATM's in Media and Glen Mills
Police are looking for the suspects who placed skimmers on ATMs, both at Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union. 6abc.com

Norton, OH: Man steals over $1,000 using skimming device at Circle K

Andrew County, MO: Two arrested after skimming device found in vehicle

Merrimack, NH: Skimmer found on gas pump by clerk after suspicious transaction

Milton, PA: Police investigating Skimming Device; credit card info tied to use at retailers in over 20 cities in Central PA

"Bluesnarfing" - Bluetooth Enabled Skimmers Used in Texas

San Diego, CA: Tips needed to identify 4S Ranch ATM skimming suspect

Fremont, NE: Skimmer found on ATM
Manitowoc, WI: Skimmer found at Shell station

Green County, VA: Authorities Warn of Skimmer Device at Mountain Valley Exxon 

New York, NY: ATM Skimming device discovered in Queens

Brooklyn, NY: Search On For Men Who Installed Skimming Device on Valley National Bank ATM on Brighton Beach

Manatee County, FL: Another card skimmer found at 7-Eleven gas station

Grand Rapids, MI: Credit card skimmer found at Mobil Gas station

New Columbia, PA: Skimmer installed on Sunoco gas pump


AT&T - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery
AT&T - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
Best Buy Drugs - Albuquerque, NM - Armed Robbery
Costco - Danville, CA - Robbery
Dick's Sporting Goods - Merriam, KS - Burglary
Enterprise Cleaners - Sterling, VA - Armed Robbery
E-Z Cuts - McAllen, TX - Burglary
Family Dollar - Beloit, WI - Armed Robbery
Kangaroo - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
LifeWay Christian Store - Hickory, NC - Robbery
Speedway - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
Sports Mart - Lyndon, KS - Burglary (guns)
7-Eleven - Virginia Beach, VA - Armed Robbery (Kellam Rd)
7-Eleven - Virginia Beach, VA - Armed Robbery (Indian River Rd)


Daily Totals:
11 robberies
0 shootings
0 killed

Andrew Trumbour
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Reporting to Chief Financial Officer, this position will be responsible for sustaining a proactive, company-wide risk management and EHS safety program to achieve annual goals and reduce accidents and associated costs. He/she will work with all departments on the development and implementation of safety and loss prevention programs. Partner with Accounting to support the analysis and tracking of inventory...

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Manages programs and initiatives as it relates to physical security and shrink improvement that advance company financials. Sources new technologies and vendors, implements effective tests, plans optimal company rollouts, and makes recommendations for future strategies. Provides training and support for field personnel on all applicable programs and initiatives..

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