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Filmed in June 2017 at the Daily's 'Live in D.C. at NRF PROTECT 2017' show

2017 was an incredible year for Gatekeeper Systems. It was big news within the industry when they announced their acquisition of Carttronics, who was a major competitor in the shopping cart containment and pushout theft prevention arena. Robert Harling, CEO of Gatekeeper Systems, explains how their patented locking-wheel technology in solutions like Purchek help prevent shoplifting without the need for employee intervention or violent confrontation.


Stay tuned as we continue to count down LPNN's All-Time Top 10 LP Leader
and Top 10 Solution Provider videos. See who's made the list so far here.





Home Décor Retailer Kirkland's Improves LP with Hanwha Smart Cameras
Kirkland's has chosen Hanwha security cameras in an effort to improve security and business operations across hundreds of stores in the U.S. After evaluating its security solutions, the company determined a need to upgrade the analog video surveillance systems in use at existing locations and plan for new stores.

According to Kirkland's, the analog video surveillance cameras that were in place were acceptable, but the retailer desired cameras with wider coverage and better resolution. The amount of time it took to investigate incidents for loss prevention (LP) and personal injury claims also frustrated the LP department.

Kirkland's sought an IP-based solution that could be accessed remotely that would make the LP investigation process more efficient, with a camera and analytics capability, and that provided a clear picture while minimizing bandwidth usage. Working with several systems integrators, Kirkland's chose to deploy an IP video surveillance solution consisting of Hanwha video surveillance cameras managed by Salient Enterprise Video Management Software (VMS). chainstoreage.com

Hanwha Security Cameras Help Protect the Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial Plaza

Coronavirus Tracker: May 13

US: Over 1.4M Cases - 84K Dead - 300K Recovered
Worldwide: Over 4.4M Cases - 296K Dead - 1.6M Recovered

U.S. Law Enforcement Deaths | NYPD Deaths: 41
Private Industry Security Guard Deaths: 102+


Not Even a COVID-19 Vaccine Will Make Some Consumers Feel Safe in Stores Again

Survey Finds 88% of Americans Now Using Face Masks, but a Surprising
29% Say They May Never be Comfortable Shopping in Stores Again

A new nationwide survey from Fast shows that the vast majority of Americans - 88% - are now using face masks, but 19% want to personally receive a COVID-19 vaccine before they feel safe shopping in stores again, while another 29% say they may never be comfortable buying in person again.

Even as additional businesses are starting to reopen around the country, Fast's survey found that 22% of Americans are shopping more online specifically to avoid wearing face masks in stores. Additional mask usage habits include:

58% wear masks in stores
● 51% wear them in crowds where they can't maintain 6-foot social distancing
● 41% wear masks when required by a business or government
● 35% wear them every time they go outside
● 24% wear masks at work
● 10% never wear a mask

Survey: Cleaning is key to making consumers more likely to visiting stores again
Consumers ranked frequent cleaning and sanitizing as the top (66%) measure that would make them more likely or more comfortable with visiting physical spaces in a survey conducted by the International Council of Shopping Centers. It was followed by having more hand sanitizer stations and/or disinfecting cloths available for shoppers (62%); seeing staff wear gloves and/or masks (49%); requiring staff/employee training on hygienic protocols (48%); implementing measures that facilitate in-store social distance (48%); and putting in place new occupancy limits (44%).

Other measures that consumers said would make them more likely to visit reopened stores were new stricter government regulations and health standards, including inspections (41%); having customers screened before they can enter, such as a temperature check (31%) and greater reliance on technology that reduces human-to-human interaction or having to touch things (31%). chainstoreage.com

Study: Shoppers Ready To Buy Apparel But Don't Feel Safe Trying It On As Stores Reopen

Study Finds 2 out of 3 Americans Say They are Not Comfortable Returning to the Workplace Right Now, and Nearly Half Believe We Will 'Never Get Back to Normal'

State AGs ask Amazon to provide data on worker deaths, coronavirus safety
A group of 13 attorneys general from U.S. states and territories are calling on Amazon to provide data on the number of workers who have tested positive or have died from the coronavirus.

The group, led by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on Tuesday requesting a state-by-state breakdown of workers who tested positive or died from the virus at companies' facilities.

So far, Amazon hasn't shared how many workers have died from the coronavirus nationwide. It has also declined to provide a total number of workers who have tested positive for the virus at its facilities.

There are four known cases of Amazon warehouse workers who have died from the virus, as well as reports of at least one Whole Foods employee who died from the disease. Amazon employees have attempted to keep an unofficial tally of confirmed and unconfirmed cases nationwide, with one employee Reddit group estimating at least 400 employees have contracted the coronavirus.

In the letter, the group acknowledges that Amazon has taken a wide range of steps to better protect workers at its facilities, but "such policies are only as effective as compliance with them" at individual sites. cnbc.com

As Trump urges reopening, thousands getting sick on the job

Top 15 infected U.S. counties per-capita all home to meatpacking plants and prisons

Even as President Donald Trump urges getting people back to work and reopening the economy, an Associated Press analysis shows thousands of people are getting sick from COVID-19 on the job.

Recent figures show a surge of infections in meatpacking and poultry-processing plants. There's been a spike of new cases among construction workers in Austin, Texas, where that sector recently returned to work. The developments underscore the high stakes for communities nationwide as they gradually loosen restrictions on business.

"The people who are getting sick right now are generally people who are working," Dr. Mark Escott, a regional health official, told Austin's city council. "That risk is going to increase the more people are working."

Austin's concerns will likely be mirrored in communities nationwide as the reopening of stores and factories creates new opportunities for the virus to spread.

Of the 15 U.S. counties with the highest per-capita infection rates between April 28 and May 5, all are homes to meatpacking and poultry-processing plants or state prisons, according to data compiled by the AP. apnews.com

Calif. Details Plan For Reopening Restaurants, Retail
California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday released guidelines for dine-in restaurants, malls and other establishments in counties that have cleared the state's coronavirus benchmarks to begin reopening.

The impacted establishments, which also include offices where workers can't telecommute and retail stores, can begin reopening if their county has contained the outbreak through testing, but the businesses will be required to follow a slew of state-implemented guidelines.

The businesses will be required to create workspace-specific plans for dealing with COVID-19, hold employee trainings, provide temperature and symptom screenings for workers, follow social distancing guidelines and enact specific cleaning protocols, Newsom said.

For retail locations, the state said shops must "implement measures to ensure physical distancing of at least six feet between workers and customers. This can include use of physical partitions or visual cues (e.g., floor markings, colored tape, or signs to indicate to where workers and/or employees should stand)." law360.com

California offices can open with modifications, malls can offer curbside pickup, governor says

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Says All Retail Will Be Allowed To Reopen For Curbside Pickup This Week

Retailers & Property Owners are Developing Frameworks for Reopening Safely
Retailers and developers are beginning to prepare to reopen their locations. A number of big players in the last few days have announced location reopening strategies.

Simons Property Group, which owns around 200 malls and outlet centers, announced plans to open half of its locations over the next week. Simon published a ten-page protocol about how it's tackling and strategizing its reopening. It provides definitions of key terms, as well as a list of potential vectors and exposure points. In terms of implementation, it approaches it via three prongs: what it, as a developer, is doing to provide a less risky environment, what retail stores must do and what customers must do.

The Washington D.C.-based developer Peterson Companies provides a similar framework, albeit less exhaustive, for reopening its shopping center locations. The developer did focus on one especially thorny issue: "Our Code of Conduct has been updated to reflect the new safety protocols and our security teams will be trained to diplomatically approach customers who are not complying with updated codes of conduct," the company wrote.

For most retailers, the way forward remains unknown. While some are pushing for locations to reopen, best practices have yet to be codified. Currently, the largest players are drafting documents to try and showcase they're proceeding with the utmost caution while. modernretail.co

Beyond the Call: How companies have stepped up during COVID-19

LinkedIn Lists Retailers Among 20 Firms Leading Through the Pandemic

The Kroger Co. - Cincinnati, Ohio
As many larger companies begin preparations to reopen safely, grocery store chain Kroger has had to figure out in real-time how to operate in the time of COVID-19. While many industries saw demand shrivel in March, grocery stores saw the opposite: Kroger's same-store sales soared 30%. In late April, CEO Rodney McMullen offered a blueprint for operation during the pandemic based on the company's experiences. Inside the 17-page blueprint are actions and lessons that Kroger has applied this spring to protect employees, customers and the communities it serves, from strategies for enforcing social distancing to modifying store hours to administering regular health checks. The plan also includes a round-up of lessons Kroger has learned from watching its Asian business partners reopen.

Starbucks - Seattle, Washington
While some types of work are well-suited to a remote approach, others are not. Take cafes and restaurants. Among large employers, Starbucks is just one example of a company that has taken significant steps to protect its workers. Through May 3, employees were given the option to stay home with pay, even if their location was open. Additionally, anyone exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19 could choose to stay home through the end of May, with pay. Starbucks also introduced service pay, an additional $3/hour for employees who chose to work their shifts through May 31. Employees can also apply for hardship grants through the company's CUP Fund, which supports employees. As stores re-open across the country, CEO Kevin Johnson has offered a strategy for how to do this safely; among other things, all employees are required to wear masks.

See the other 18 businesses here

Senators Say Safety Regs Must Precede COVID-19 Biz Immunity
Republican and Democratic senators agreed at a panel hearing Tuesday that the federal government needs to issue enforceable workplace standards before any federal law can be passed that would shield businesses from civil lawsuits in connection with worker and customer COVID-19 infections.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting to discuss a possible liability shield for businesses - a topic that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has said will be a top Republican priority for the next coronavirus relief bill - senators on both sides of the aisle expressed concerns that there is no de facto standard of care since safety guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are merely recommendations that are not enforceable. law360.com

Houston, TX: Grocer HEB Sued Over Shopper's COVID-19-Related Injury
Texas grocery giant HEB has been sued over a safety measure meant to protect its own employees from exposure to the coronavirus, as a customer alleges the shoddy installation of a protective screen is to blame for her serious foot injuries. HEB LP was named in the lawsuit filed in Harris County district court on Friday by shopper May Homsy, who is seeking as much as $1 million in damages for injuries stemming from the incident where the heavy-duty plastic screen fell on her left foot. law360.com

Calif. Retailer Sues Insurance Co. for Denied COVID-19 Biz Interruption Claims
San Francisco-based children's clothing boutique Mudpie Inc. has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of California-based retail stores against Travelers Casualty Insurance Company of America saying the small businesses were wrongfully denied coverage for losses resulting from government-mandated public health shutdowns related to COVID-19 despite having paid premiums for business interruption policies. insurancejournal.com

Expert Analysis: Reopening Businesses Face Thorny Customer-Facing ADA Issues
As businesses start to reopen in various parts of the country, they are implementing social distancing and other mitigation measures aimed to curb the spread of the virus among their employees and customers. Businesses need to consider how these new measures impact customers with disabilities and adjust them accordingly.

Screening Customers for Fever | Enforcing Social Distancing Guidelines | Face Masks and Lip Reading | Assisting Customers with Disabilities While Social Distancing | Accessible Seating | Accessible Digital Alternatives | chainstoreage.com


Former Ethics Officer Accuses Walmart of Wrongful Termination
Following Bribery Probe

A former in-house lawyer for Walmart Inc. has accused the retail giant of drumming up false claims of child abuse and inappropriate workplace conduct to undermine his work investigating bribery allegations in Mexico.

The claims by Shane Perry, a former Walmart ethics officer, are part of a wrongful termination lawsuit he filed last week in Arkansas state court. In the complaint, Mr. Perry says he was pressured to change a memo on his findings on allegations that Walmart had violated the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, an antibribery law, in its efforts to rapidly expand in Mexico.

Walmart, however, said the corporate lawyer was fired in 2017 for violating company policies.

Walmart last year agreed to pay $282 million to resolve a yearslong investigation by U.S. authorities into the bribery allegations, which became public as a result of a 2012 New York Times investigation. The probe into the company had later expanded to its operations in other countries, including Brazil, China and India. wsj.com

Neiman's & Saks Fifth Merged? Hedge Fund Pushing

Penney's Could File Chapter 11 Friday & Has Funding With Strings

Walmart to pay another $390M in worker bonuses, bringing total to $935M

Tailored Brands, parent of Men's Wearhouse, opening 300 stores by end of May

Publix joins prescription delivery trend as pandemic continues

REI to offer curbside pick-up as it starts reopening stores

Patagonia, Quick to Close, Could Be Last to Reopen

An Open Letter from the CEO of Restaurant Brands International: Reopening Dining Rooms Requires Both Confidence and Comfort

FMI Asks Congress for Sensible Liability Protection

Murfreesboro, TN: Kroger Manager Dies from COVID-19

Mentor, OH: Teen Fired From Meijer After Reporting Shoplifter's License Plate Number

Twitter Will Allow Employees To Work At Home Forever

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WEBINAR: The New Normal:
Using De-Escalation Tactics in the Retail Space

Friday, May 15 @ 1:00pm EST

Join the Loss Prevention Foundation as we partner with Axis Communications for a Free LPF Webinar to discuss The New Normal: Using de-escalation tactics in the retail space.

Understanding the root cause of aggression is the first step to responding to and attempting to de-escalate tension. Environment and circumstances have a high degree of influence over the likelihood of aggression and there is certainly no shortage of that as we try to maneuver our new normal during these dynamic times. Interested in hearing more on de-escalation tactics? Join our seminar and dive deeper into how de-escalation techniques could work on-site effectively for you and your team.

This workshop will cover the three basic areas of aggression (emotional, verbal, and physical) and three basic responses (supportive, assertive and defensive).

The format will cover:
● The legal and foundational aspects of aggression
● The operational aspect of de-escalation techniques
● Case study examples
● Technology uses for aggression detection

Meet Our Speaker:
Stephen O'Keefe is a 30 year veteran of the Retail Loss Prevention community having filled roles with Sears, Hudson's Bay, and most recently, Walmart where he served as Vice President of Loss Prevention and Risk Management. Stephen founded Bottom Line Matters, a consultancy specializing in maximizing retailer's bottom line profit. He is also completing a degree in Psychology and Sociology, combining the power of academics and experience to design solutions to most effectively combat the loss exposure that keeps retailers up at night. Stephen was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Retail Council of Canada in 2016, primarily for his work supporting industry peers and advocating for legislative change necessary to combat organized retail crime.






Building a Security Operations Program

Advice from Adam Hirsch, SVP of Information Security at PVH. Corp.

RH-ISAC recently sat down with Adam Hirsch, senior vice president of information security at PVH Corp., to discuss how he built his security program. When he started at PVH Corp. seven years ago, there were no formal security operations or risk functions. He had a five person security administration team spread across the U.S. and Hong Kong. Through his leadership, he's built a security operations program that supports a global organization with thousands of employees around the world. He restructured the entire department and is implementing a culture of transparency to have visibility into all the security controls and tools. He has successfully retained many of his top performers and has grown his staff to be highly specialized in the field. Also, he built a number of strategic relationships across the organization to ensure the effectiveness of his security program. His leadership changed the way PVH Corp. operates and made his company more secure through several initiatives.

What are the key influences on the structure and nature of your security operations program?

It took us seven years to grow the program to where it is now. As our company matured, so did our security structure and capabilities. This allowed PVH to develop a security program that includes oversight and governance across all our businesses and IT systems, resulting in a balanced security culture throughout the organization. The program's approach improved skills across the teams that support the security of our infrastructure and increased visibility across the organization.

Through our growth, we've been able to train our internal talent and develop skills to create a well-rounded and specialized team. In doing so, we've been able to add new cybersecurity capabilities while focusing on improving and refining the security operations program's processes by leveraging threat intelligence and automation.

What were/are the critical peer/partner affiliations essential to the success of your security program?

RH-ISAC is essential to growing, maturing or maintaining a security program. The RH-ISAC Summit is one of the best events at RH-ISAC because of the closed-door roundtables with other CISOs to discuss best practices.

Other partnerships that have been critical are local CISO events and conferences. These help to build relationships with local peers to reach out to when you have questions. I also think having a mentor can be extremely beneficial for the success of a security program. RH-ISAC has facilitated some of those relationships, including Jim Cameli, VP and global CISO at Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Colin Anderson, global CISO at Levi Strauss & Co. They have been great sounding boards for various issues and situations I have encountered over the years. My organization was able to sponsor a paid coaching program for me, as well.

Another tip for building a security program is to be comfortable asking questions of your peers, both inside and outside your organization - it's OK to be vulnerable and admit you don't know something. This will help you build trust with others and ultimately enable you to have open and honest conversations with them, knowing that they won't put you in a compromising position. Read the full Q&A here: rhisac.org

Upcoming RH-ISAC Webinars:

Cyber Thursday: Protecting Retailers From Advanced Threats Using EDR
Thu, May 28 | 11:00 AM EST

Cyber Thursday: Third-Party Risk: How Much Control is Enough? (Members only)
Thu, May 28 | 01:00 PM EST

RH-ISAC Virtual Regional Intelligence Workshop Hosted by Safelite Group
Thu, June 04 | 10:00 AM EST | For practitioners in Ohio and the greater midwest and northeast regions


"ShinyHunters" Selling 10 Companies' Data - 73M User Records
- On Dark Web Marketplace

The hackers are the same group who breached last week Tokopedia, Indonesia's largest online store. Hackers initially leaked 15 million user records online, for free, but later put the company's entire database of 91 million user records on sale for $5,000.

The listed databases total for 73.2 million user records, which the hacker is selling for around $18,000, with each database sold separately.

The authenticity of some of the listed databases cannot be verified at the moment; however, sources in the threat intel community such as Nightlion Security, Under the Breach, and ZeroFOX believe ShinyHunters is a legitimate threat actor.

Some believe the ShinyHunters group has ties to Gnosticplayers, a hacker group that was active last year, and who sold more than one billion user credentials on dark web marketplaces, as it operates on a nearly identical pattern. zdnet.com

8.4 Billion Records Exposed in Q1 2020; a 273% increase compared to Q1 2019
According to a new Risk Based Security report, the number of publicly reported breaches in Q1 2020 decreased by 58 percent compared to the same period last year. The decline in the number of disclosed breaches is attributed to two factors: reporting disruption brought on by COVID19 and the unusually high number of breaches reported in Q1 2019.

The increase in records compromised was driven largely by one breach, says the report: a misconfigured ElasticSearch cluster that exposed 5.1 billion records. Adjusting for this incident, the number of records still increased 48 percent compared to Q1 2019.

Approximately 70 percent of reported breaches for this quarter were due to unauthorized access to systems or services, while approximately 90 percent of the records exposed were attributable to exposing/publishing data online. Eleven breaches in this quarter exposed more than 100 million records each, and five breaches exposed between 10 and 99 million records. securitymagazine.com

Americans Split on Contact Tracing
In a best-case scenario, just half of Americans would participate in a voluntary coronavirus "contact tracing" program tracked with cell phones, according to the latest installment of the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index.

Why it matters: A strong contact tracing program - identifying people who have the virus and isolating those who have come into contact with them - is the key to letting other people get back to their lives, according to public health experts.

The findings underscore deep resistance to turning over sensitive health information, and mistrust about how it could be used. The only way to get even half of Americans to participate would be for public health officials to run the program, not the White House or tech or phone companies. axios.com




Canada Coronavirus Update:
May 13

71,100+ Cases, 5,100+ Deaths


Crime & Safety During COVID-19 Crisis

Domestic Violence Surging in Canada - Stores Rolling Out New Safety Measures

A 'Tsunami' of Domestic Violence in Canada? Abuse Calls Up 300%
Advocates Scramble to Help Victims as Calls Skyrocket During COVID-19

Advocacy groups are sounding the alarm on what is being described as an epidemic of domestic violence in Canada, as victims are confined to their homes with their abusers amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Battered Women's Support Services (BWSS), which provides educational and support services for victims of domestic violence across Canada, began scaling up their crisis support measures long before physical distancing measures were mandated in Canada, after MacDougall was warned by colleagues in China that a "tsunami" of abuse would become a side effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

As soon as we went 24/7, our calls steadily increased progressively - 50 per cent to a hundred per cent until the peak at 300 per cent," MacDougall said. Of the women who have called BSWW for support during the pandemic, an estimated 40 per cent are living in abusive situations, isolated with their abusers.

To make matters worse, many of these women have been stripped of their only respite from abuse, whether it be leaving the house to go to work, take the kids to school, or socialize. ctvnews.ca

Editor's Note: As we reported in the Daily last week, domestic violence isn't just exploding in Canada. It has become a 'global crime epidemic' during the COVID-19 crisis as the virus stifles the criminal justice system, changes law enforcement, and keeps people isolated with their abusers.  

Store Safety Measures for Canada's Reopening
Peregrine Launches Next Wave of Plexiglass Shields for Business Re-Openings
Vancouver-based Peregrine, a designer and manufacturer of high-end retail and restaurant environments from some of the world's best-known brands, has pivoted during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis and is now poised for the second wave of plexiglass shield production for businesses.

Brian French, the company's president, said Peregrine immediately pivoted to make plastic safety shields for various essential businesses and services which did not close during the crisis.

"We are seeing a second wave of demand from retailers, hotels, and restaurants that will be reopening with the easing of restrictions. Based on our research of other parts of the world that are ahead of us, we expect part of their reopening strategy will include plexiglass shields strategically placed to protect staff and customers," said French.

French said, British Columbian restaurant owners have been in consultation with the B.C. Health Authority on what is important to reopen, this included plexiglass shields. retail-insider.com

Private appointments, self checkouts and daily sanitizing: It won't be 'business as usual' when Toronto stores reopen

Tim Hortons lays out new dining room plans, hoping to reopen across Canada by next month

VIDEO: Safety advice for employers as Canada reopens


Coronavirus Crisis Sends Canadian Retail into the Abyss

It Will Never Be The Same
Retail in Canada to Change Forever Amid Restructuring, Bankruptcies and Permanent Store Closings

Many retailers in Canada are in turmoil amid store closures due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), and the situation isn't likely to get much better as stores start to open in parts of the country this spring. Many retailers are in a restructuring phase and some are now examining bankruptcy protection. Some retailers have already announced that they will shutter permanently.

Some retailers that do reopen will attempt to grow their brick-and-mortar business in the coming months leading up to the fall of 2020. However, it is expected that consumers will not spend like they once did for a variety of reasons.

Some people will hesitate to go out in public as much as they did before out of fear of catching the COVID-19 virus. At the same time, many Canadians have lost their jobs which is adding to financial strain. Wealth has been lost due to a declining stock market and incredibly low oil prices. Those that are working may continue to work from home, which means that there may be a decrease in fashion purchases in the coming months.

As with other recessions, there is expected to be increased frugality as well as a shift away from conspicuous consumption which could result in a significant hit to some high-end brands, especially those displaying prominent logos. retail-insider.com

Trudeau Government Announces Bridge Loans for Larger Retailers and Businesses in Canada to Keep Workers on Payroll

Canadian Footwear Retailer ALDO Files for and Obtains Creditor Protection

70% of Restaurants in Canada will have a Liquidity Crisis Within the Next 3 Months

COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerating Retail Trends in Canada: Expert

Retail Council says businesses turning away cash won't be the new norm

Click here to read the full 'Canadian Connections' column


Calgary, AB: $200K in merchandise stolen from downtown Lululemon store

Winnipeg police investigating apparent shooting outside Polo Park mall

Kitchener, ON: Over $700-worth of electric toothbrushes stolen from pharmacy: police

Click here to read the full 'Canadian Connections' column

How are we doing? We need your input & suggestions. Send to lpnews@d-ddaily.net

View Canadian Connections Archives




As E-Commerce Surges During Pandemic, Fraud Spikes Too

The surge in e-commerce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic means more payment card transactions - and more card fraud, says Jordan McKee of 451 Research.

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group, McKee discusses:

 The major ongoing shift to online transactions;
 The emerging use case for contactless payments;
 How the payment fraud landscape will evolve.

McKee leads the global coverage of the payments industry for 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. His research focuses on the major trends affecting payment networks, issuing and acquiring banks, payment processors, consumers and merchants. govinfosecurity.com

Online retail sales surge 49% during pandemic shutdown

Adobe's latest Digital Economy Index shows how the novel coronavirus pandemic is changing the way Americans shop online.

The novel coronavirus pandemic is changing the way Americans shop online, according to Adobe's latest Digital Economy Index. E-commerce sales surged 49% in April, led by online grocery and curbside pickup services and demand for comfy quarantine loungewear.

According to Adobe, Buy Online, Pick Up in Store, commonly referred to BOPIS, hit a new record in April with an increase of 208% year over year. Growth in this area is largely due to the fact that stores were forced to rapidly adopt curbside pickup when statewide shutdown orders banned non-essential retailers from opening to the public.

Meanwhile, daily online grocery sales spiked 110%. Sales of electronic climbed 58% and daily book sales doubled. Electronics also appear to be getting more expensive, with Adobe noting that computer prices rose by 3.1% in April. zdnet.com

Facebook to pay $52 million to content moderators suffering from PTSD
The settlement will cover more than 11,000 content moderators who developed depression, addictions and other mental health issues while they worked moderating content on the social media platform. techdcrunch.com

How E-Commerce is Adapting to the Coronavirus Pandemic







D&D Daily Survey:
How will COVID-19 impact Loss Prevention & Organized Retail Crime at your stores as the nation prepares to reopen?

The industry values your input! The D&D Daily wants to hear your thoughts as retail prepares to reopen following mass closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the past seven weeks, we've all had a chance to think about what is going to happen as we reopen the doors, but are we prepared for the impact the pandemic will have on Loss Prevention and Organized Retail Crime?

What does ORC look like in the coming months? How are your stores preparing?

Click here to share your thoughts!

Cobb County, GA: Home Depot loses $85,000 in statewide theft scheme
The Home Depot has lost over $85,000 worth of gear as a result of local theft schemes, in which one male suspect has been arrested and two others remain wanted by authorities. According to a May 7 Cobb County arrest warrant obtained by Acworth police, Mark Reglos rented $22,300 worth of Home Depot equipment then sold it across Georgia, having also been identified as a suspect in other Home Depot rental thefts statewide. Acworth police said Reglos used fake identification and a borrowed truck to rent an $18,000 compact loader with $1,300 attachments as well as a $3,000 trailer at the Home Depot in Acworth on March 19.

"After renting said equipment, said accused later sold the equipment to unsuspecting buyers in other jurisdictions across Georgia," Acworth police said. "Accused was also identified as a suspect in other Home Depot rental thefts from around the state and surrounding cities." Records show Reglos has not been taken into custody in Cobb, where he faces a felony charge of theft in relation to the March 19 incident, for which he is subject to a $15,000 bond order upon arrest.

Unrelated May 8 arrest warrants obtained by Cobb County police detail a separate Home Depot theft scheme, alleging that Decatur resident Issac Jerrill Murphy and Conyers resident Brandon Jermaine Lipsey, along with an unidentified third male suspect, conducted 182 "ticket switch and failure to scan merchandise thefts" in 59 different Home Depot stores across 32 counties in Georgia, totaling $50,044 in losses to the Cobb-headquartered retail giant. mdjonline.com

St. Joseph County, MI: Sheriff searching for suspect in theft at Michigan sporting goods store
About $1,000 worth of merchandise was reported stolen from a Dunham's on May 11, according to the St. Joseph County Sheriff's Department. On May 11, deputies were called to Dunham's on M66 for reports of retail fraud. Employees told police that a black male wearing a light blue hoodie entered the store and began loading a shopping cart with Nike apparel before pushing the cart outside without paying for the items. About $1,000 worth of merchandise was taken from the store, reports said. abc57.com

Glenview, IL: $2,100 of Cosmetic stolen from Walgreens
An employee reported at 9:46 p.m. May 5 two women came into the store, each filled a bag with cosmetics and left the store without paying. The reported loss is $2,133.32. patch.com

Glenview, IL: $1000 of Eye Drops stolen from Walgreens
An employee called police at 4:28 p.m. May 5 to report someone took multiple eye-drop boxes off a shelf, placed them in a handcart and walked out without paying. The reported loss is $1,013. patch.com

Monroe, NC: Handguns, rifles stolen during break-in at Monroe business; $10K reward offered

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Shootings & Deaths


Update: Baton Rouge, LA: New info on mass shooting at Baton Rouge store: 12-year-old hurt; victims likely bystanders
A hail of bullets came blasting through the front of a Baton Rouge convenience store Sunday afternoon, injuring five people - two women, two men and a child - in a Mother's Day mass shooting that remains unsolved. All the victims were patrons of the store, police said Monday morning. Detectives have not yet determined whether any of them were the shooter's intended target but believe that some, if not all, were bystanders caught in the crossfire. theadvocate.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Restaurant Burglary suspect attempts to flee police running inside Winco Food Store
A man is facing multiple charges after running away from officers and into a Winco grocery store in Northeast Portland, according to police. Transit Police Officers first responded to reports of a man breaking into the Snack Shack at the Gateway Transit Station just after 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Police said the man ran off when he saw officers arrive, and they chased him as he ran into the nearby Winco Food Stores. According to police, the man ran into the stockroom with only one way in or out. kcby.com

Houston, TX: Armed Robbers caught on video destroying store and terrorizing Chevron clerk
Houston police are asking for the public's help to identify several men seen on surveillance video destroying a convenience store and throwing items at the clerk. The suspects are wanted for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in an incident that happened on Sunday, May 3 at 6:30 p.m. at a Chevron on North Loop East. facebook.com

Dover, DE: McDonalds employees charged in Rooftop access Burglary
Three men were charged with burglarizing a Dover fast food restaurant early Monday morning by climbing in through the roof to break into a safe, city authorities announced Tuesday. According to Dover Police, Micaiah Brown, 18, Dymier Bowers, 19, and Kristofer Gamboa-Yepez, 22, were charged with entering the McDonald's at 1424 Forrest Avenue trough a roof access hatch then breaking into a safe. Managers arrived at the restaurant around 4:30 a.m. on May 11, 2020, to discover the burglary. All three suspects were current or former employees of the McDonalds in question, and all three were arrested later that day with a large sum of cash in their possession. wdel.com

Abilene police: Woman lights cigarette in Store Security office after reported theft; added to the charges

Bloomfield, MI: Trader Joe's shoplifter caught with Syrup in his pants



Rutherford County, TN: Man charged with setting fire at Dollar General store
Fire officials arrested a suspect in connection with a dumpster fire at the Dollar General Store on John Bragg Highway on Monday morning. wsmv.com

San Antonio, TX: Overnight fires damage Auto Parts and C-Store, both under investigation






Daily Totals:
• 15 robberies
• 8 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 0 killed


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None to report.

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