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  Emy Johnson was named Director, Theft & Fraud Operations Assets Protection for Target.
Emy was previously an Assets Protection Intelligence Leader for Target for over a year. Prior to that, she held several positions within the company, including Manager of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability and Operations Leader - Assets Protection. She graduated from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota with a M.A. in Human Development and a B.S. in Police Science. Congratulations, Emy!


Agilence Launches 20/20 F&B For The Food & Beverage Market
Agilence, Inc., the leader in SaaS-based data analytics solutions for retail operations and loss prevention, today announced software designed to support the unique needs of the restaurant industry with the release of 20/20 F&B. Using input from customers Golden Entertainment, The Washington Nationals Park and Panera Bread as well as other industry leaders and experts, 20/20 F&B is designed to help restaurants quickly and easily identify sources of loss, increase revenues and margins, and solve operational problems chain wide. Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight below. prnewswire.com

Palmer Reifler Had Duty To Defend Sephora In Shoplifter Suit
A Florida law firm had a duty to defend retailer client Sephora from a lawsuit targeting its methods for pursuing damages from shoplifters, a California federal judge ruled Friday, despite the fact that the underlying case did not result in a finding of fault.

Considering an indemnity clause in a service agreement between Orlando firm Palmer Reifler & Associates PA and Sephora, Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero said both parties would have intended the duty to defend to be triggered when one of them was called on to act as indemnitor rather than seen as a "dormant" responsibility.

"The court is not persuaded that, without an explicit statement of such intent, the parties intended to limit the duty to defend ... such as where the indemnitor admits fault or has been found negligent in a separate proceeding," the court said.

In denying a defense motion for judgment at the pleading stage, the court said it was also unpersuaded by the firm's position that Sephora's assertion of the right to control the defense of an underlying matter constituted a waiver of its right to invoke the duty to defend.

The court reasoned that, because neither Florida law nor the contract required a formal tender of a legal defense, Sephora's claim of control was best analyzed in light of a related duty to cooperate with the defense. And in that context, a failure to cooperate does not necessarily relieve the indemnitor of its duty to defend, the judge said.

Sephora sued the firm late last year and demanded reimbursement for costs in a proposed class action under the terms of the agreement for the firm to represent the retailer in pursuing damages for shoplifting.

The case arose from allegations in a 2014 California state court suit that Sephora's shoplifting damage letters were intended to frighten customers into believing they would be subject to criminal prosecution if they didn't satisfy allegedly inflated restitution demands.

In its December suit, Sephora said Palmer Reifler had a duty to defend and indemnify it in a suit focused on misconduct allegations and a so-called demand letter "mill" run by Palmer Reifler.

While the underlying suit was dismissed and the plaintiff did not appeal, Sephora argued, that didn't release the firm from the contract clause outlining a duty to defend "any and all suits, judgments, or liabilities directly arising from the negligence or other improper conduct[.]"

In April, Palmer Reifler argued that it shouldn't be on the hook for the costs in part because Sephora never tendered the defense of the case to the firm, but instead retained and directed its own defense. law360.com

Surfing Wal-Mart's Crime Wave
Research published this week by the Tampa Bay Times reveals stunning statistics from 2014: 53 Wal-Mart stores in 3 Florida Counties (Hillsborough, Pasco, and Hernando) generated a paddy wagon caravan of 16,800 police reports in one year alone.

That's two calls an hour, every hour, every day. "The calls eat up hours of officer's time," the newspaper reports. "They all start at one place." One sheriff told the newspaper, "It is a tremendous strain on manpower."

The Tampa Bay Times calculates that Wal-Mart, on average, produce four times as many calls as nearby Target stores. The newspaper said the retailer has been criticized "for shifting too much of its security burden onto taxpayers. Several local law enforcement officers also emphasized that all the hours spent at Wal-Mart cut into how often they can patrol other neighborhoods and prevent other crimes." huffingtonpost.com

Hiring Hurdle: Finding Workers Who Can Pass a Drug Test
All over the country, employers say they see a disturbing downside of tighter labor markets as they try to rebuild from the worst recession since the Depression: They are struggling to find workers who can pass a pre-employment drug test.

Data suggest employers' difficulties also reflect an increase in the use of drugs, especially marijuana - employers' main gripe - and also heroin and other opioid drugs much in the news. nytimes.com

Tyco, Johnson Controls see savings of $1 billion from combined operations,  Number of job cuts still unknown
The new Johnson Controls will be able to cut $1 billion in costs in the years ahead as it combines operations, saves on purchasing and finds other savings from combining Johnson and Tyco International, the company's next president said Monday. The transaction will shift Johnson Controls' corporate headquarters to Cork, Ireland, resulting in savings of $150 million on taxes, thanks to Ireland's lower corporate tax rate. Tyco has been based in Ireland since 2014, after shifting its corporate headquarters from New Hampshire to Bermuda and then Switzerland over the years.

On the cost-cutting side, the companies are forecasting they will see $400 million in savings from combining "general and administrative functions," from human resources, information technology, legal, finance and other functions. Where those cuts will come is unclear. The key locations for much of those functions today are the corporate offices of Johnson Controls in Glendale and Tyco's office in Princeton, N.J. jsonline.com

Sports Authority Bankruptcy Auction Won by Tiger Capital-Led Group
A consortium of liquidators that includes Tiger Capital Group, Hilco Global and Gordon Brothers prevailed in an auction for Sports Authority Holdings Inc.'s assets, according to people familiar with the matter.

Sports Authority has already started liquidating 140 of its 450 stores through sales that were run by Tiger Capital and Gordon Brothers. Additional Sports Authority auctions, including the sale of the retailer's name and intellectual property, will run through May. wsj.com

Office Depot considering sale of some European operations
Office Depot, which operates about 1,800 stores, said on an investor call that it was on track to close 400 outlets in the current year and would consider shutting down more.

Boca Raton, Florida-based Office Depot said in a statement it had hired Bain & Co to help finalize a strategic review of its business.  reuters.com

2016 Fraud Conference - May 24 and 25
The Midwest Financial Fraud Investigators is hosting their 2016 Fraud Conference on May 24 and 25, 2016 from 8am to 5pm at Webster University. This conference will contain speakers from the Northern District of Illinois US Attorney Office, St. Louis County Police Department, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Office, US Postal Inspection, and more. A range of training topics will be provided including the Dixon, IL Embezzlement case, Investigation/Prosecution, Interview and Interrogation Techniques, Human Trafficking, Operation Homeless, Cyber Security and more.

Due to the sensitive nature of some topics, attendees must provide positive identification.

*Registration and session information can be found

Promotional intensity causing Q1 profit pressures

NFL seeking new security chief

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
TJX Companies Q1 comp's up 7%, sales up 10%
Home Depot Q1 comp's up 6.7%, sales up 9%

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Ukrainian Pleads Guilty To Stealing Press Releases For Insider Trading
- Largest Known Computer Hacking and Securities Fraud Scheme in History
- Victims included Home Depot, Panera Bread, hundreds of others
A Ukrainian pleaded guilty to stealing unpublished press releases and using them for insider trading that netted more than $30 million in profits for him and his collaborators, the US Department of Justice said Monday. In the biggest known incident of hacking and securities fraud to date, Vadym Iermolovych, 28, of Kiev, Ukraine, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Madeline Cox Arleo to a three count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit computer hacking, and aggravated identity theft, according to a DOJ press release.

The press release reported that Iermolovych and his accomplices broke into the computers of newswire agencies - Marketwired LP, PR Newswire Association LLC and Business Wire - and stole around 150,000 yet-to-be released press releases between 2010 and 2015.

The traders traded on stolen press releases containing material nonpublic information about the following publicly traded companies that included, among hundreds of others: Align Technology Inc., Caterpillar Inc., Hewlett Packard, Home Depot, Panera Bread Co., and Verisign Inc. darkreading.com justice.gov

No Honor Among Cyber Thieves
- Cybercriminal business model vulnerable to intervention
Cybercrime may be booming but its business model is vulnerable on many fronts, according to a new report. "We've been observing that they've been acting like a business for a while," said Shogo Cottrell, security strategist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which produced the report. The profit motivation accounts for more than three-quarters of all data breaches and has been rising in recent years, according to this year's Verizon data breach report. But cybercrime also shares many of the vulnerabilities that traditional businesses do, said Cottrell.

For example, a criminal group's reputation is even more important in the underground economy than brand reputation in the legitimate world. "In the underground space, there is a huge lack of trust and an enormous amount of paranoia," he said. "Everyone is doing nefarious activities. It's hard to trust someone who is at the core untrustworthy."

As a result, reputation counts for a lot among criminals, but it's also hard to build a solid reputation, and easy to lose it. And once the reputation takes a hit, where a legitimate business will try to repair the damage and salvage the brand, the bad guys just throw in the towel.

And when it comes to destroying criminal reputations, the authorities have unlikely allies -- other criminals themselves. Cybercriminal groups are quick to go after each other, and there are no laws or authorities that can protect against unfair business practices. csoonline.com

Face recognition app taking Russia by storm
Founders have big plans for the retail sector
If the founders of a new face recognition app get their way, anonymity in public could soon be a thing of the past. FindFace, launched two months ago and currently taking Russia by storm, allows users to photograph people in a crowd and work out their identities, with 70% reliability.

It works by comparing photographs to profile pictures on Vkontakte, a social network popular in Russia and the former Soviet Union, with more than 200 million accounts. In the future, the designers imagine a world where people walking past you on the street could find your social network profile by sneaking a photograph of you, and shops, advertisers and the police could pick your face out of crowds and track you down via social networks.

The pair also have big plans for the retail sector. Kabakov imagines a world where cameras fix you looking at, say, a stereo in a shop, the retailer finds your identity, and then targets you with marketing for stereos in the subsequent days. Again, it sounds a little disturbing. But Kabakov said, as a philosophy graduate, he believes we cannot stop technological progress so we must work with it and make sure it stays open and transparent. theguardian.com



Agilence Launches 20/20 F&B For The Food & Beverage Market

New application specifically designed to help restaurant operators reduce losses and solve operational problems

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, May 17, 2016 - Agilence, Inc., the leader in SaaS-based data analytics solutions for retail operations and loss prevention, today announced software designed to support the unique needs of the restaurant industry with the release of 20/20 F&B. Using input from customers Golden Entertainment, The Washington Nationals Park and Panera Bread as well as other industry leaders and experts, 20/20 F&B is designed to help restaurants quickly and easily identify sources of loss, increase revenues and margins, and solve operational problems chain wide.

"We have worked with a select group of restaurant industry leaders to develop an advanced data analytic solution built especially for both casual dining and table service chains," said Russ Hawkins, President & CEO, Agilence, Inc. "With 20/20 F&B, Agilence helps restaurant operators in the same way we've helped retailers for years, by enabling greater insight into the people and processes at work in their operations."

Key business benefits of 20/20 F&B include:

Reduction of Losses: 20/20 F&B addresses the critical issues underlying employee fraud and its impact on your food costs. It enables close monitoring of transactions and processes to quickly identify fraudulent activities and wayward processes and stops them in their tracks.
Driving Operational Efficiencies to Increase Revenues and Margins: By enabling the analysis of operational metrics against standards, 20/20 F&B can quickly identify trends in restaurant, product and team member performance that can maximize financial performance chain wide.
Ensuring Policy Compliance: 20/20 F&B efficiently measures and reports on compliance with corporate policies and sales performance metrics to quickly identify and enable correction of problems.

"With 20/20 F&B we combine our expertise in data analytics with operational expertise from leaders in the industry to deliver the most advanced analytic application designed specifically for restaurant operators," said Raoul Ricard, VP Strategy & Business Development, Agilence, Inc. "20/20 F&B allows you to focus on opportunities to uplift sales, reduce losses and improve profits across your organization."

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Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

Critical Incident Management

Chad McIntosh, VP of LP & Risk Management, Bloomingdale's, and Blue Montez, VP of Risk Management, American Apparel

In today's multi-threat real-time environment, it's critical for retailers to be educated, informed and highly collaborative. With critical incidents like active shooters on the rise, learn about the proactive steps Loss Prevention can take when it comes to physical security programs, educating employees, monitoring social media and collaborating with law enforcement. Chad McIntosh, VP of LP & Risk Management, Bloomingdale's, and Blue Montez, VP of Risk Management, American Apparel, share their thoughts on LP's elevated role as first responders in active-incident situations.

Episode Sponsored By:

Final Sendoff / Event Closing

LPNN Quick Take #29

As LP's digital conference comes to a close, MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley sign off from yet another historic, groundbreaking, information-packed D&D Daily broadcast! "Live in NYC 2016 at the NRF Big Show" brought us eight hours of education and fun from a who's who list of LP leaders, retailers and solution providers. You can re-watch all the episodes here!

Thanks for watching, and we'll see you at our next LIVE LPNN broadcast at the NRF Protect Conference in Philadelphia this June!


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Transaction Laundering Is the New Face of Payment Fraud
Transaction laundering is an increasingly popular scam, in which cyber-criminals hijack the legitimate payment process to sell all manner of illicit goods and services online.

The point of this fraud is to make use of the online acquisition system to take payments for those illegal goods and services. Call it a digital version of money-laundering, with cyber-criminals seeking to get the best of both worlds, engaging in illicit commerce while using legal means to get paid. But like other forms of money-laundering, transaction laundering is illegal - without exception.

For every one site that is busted, there are dozens of others that continue along with their ongoing dual-purpose business model. But whether the institution was aware of what was happening or not, the risks to legitimate organizations involved in these scams is the same; as far as the government is concerned, they are responsible, and if the scam is discovered, they will be held financially liable - and, possibly, criminally responsible. paymentssource.com

'Friendly fraud': Online retailers are grappling with new forms of digital deception
Fraudsters typically make online purchases using other people's cards, and tend to buy items that are in high demand and easy to fence. Analysts have also seen an increase in instant-delivery downloadable gift card thefts, where people resell the card or quickly spend it and keep or sell the merchandise.

Given the spike in online fraud, retailers are incurring higher and higher levels of chargebacks. The buy online and pick up in store model, an option growing in popularity and offered by retailers such as Canadian Tire, Best Buy and Loblaw, is particularly vulnerable, according to LexisNexis.

But chargebacks also are also on the rise as part of so-called friendly fraud. Here, a good is ordered and paid for by a legitimate cardholder who receives the item or doesn't pick it up from the post office or courier, and then for a variety of reasons might ask the bank to remove the charge from her credit card.

As of the end of the first quarter of 2016, friendly fraud accounted for 72.4 per cent of all gross chargebacks related to online sales. financialpost.com

U.S. e-commerce posts yet another big quarter
Online sales grew 15.1% in Q1 and accounted for 11.1% of retail sales  when factoring out items not normally bought online. That's the highest e-commerce penetration in history. internetretailer.com



Sarasota, FL: Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrests 13 in ORC undercover operation

Thirteen people were arrested in a four-day long undercover operation targeting retail theft in Sarasota, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. Deputies focused on retail corridors in Sarasota, as well as along South Tamiami Trail in Venice, making 13 arrests and filing 32 charges, according to a news release. Those arrested have a total 197 prior charges and 57 prior convictions. facebook.com

Gainesville, FL: Burglary Crew pulled over for Driving without Headlights;
Deputy finds $30,000 in stolen cell phones

Alachua County sheriff's deputy stopped the vehicle at 2:01 a.m. for driving without its headlights on. The deputy detained the three men after smelling marijuana. In the vehicle officials reported finding $600, a crowbar, masks and two bags containing 200 smartphones and iPads worth an estimated $30,000. The items were believed to have been taken from iCARE Smartphone Repair. Officers went to the business and found that its front door had been smashed, the media release states. They reviewed surveillance video showing two males entering at 1:48 a.m., smashing cases with a crowbar and filling the bags with smartphones. One of the burglars grabbed a cash drawer off the counter. gainesville.com

Taylorsville, KY: 3 charged after $10K worth of Kate Spade purses stolen from Outlet Malls of the Bluegrass
Taylorsville Police worked alongside Simpsonville and Shelbyville Police Departments. Police say two were trying to sell stolen purses on Facebook, at Louisville Pawn shops, and even out of a car. The three week long investigation led them to an apartment complex. Altogether there was more than $10,000 worth of Kate Spade purses and wallets between the home and a vehicle. Police say Kate Spade of the Outlet Malls of the Bluegrass did not realize a theft had been going on. The merchandise was stolen by a maintenance man from storage space they were renting that was not yet open to the public.

Charles County, MD: Thieves Identified in Victoria's Secret Shoplifting Case That Went Viral on Video
Detectives assigned to the Charles County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division have identified the two female shoplifters who stole numerous pieces of clothing from Victoria's Secret at the St. Charles Town Center, on April 27, 2016. A passerby recorded the women as they entered the store, opened a lawn-sized trash bag they brought with them, and stole 12 tank tops, 36 hooded sweatshirts, 24 pants, and 12 shorts from a front display. They walked out of the store and fled. Officers retrieved footage of the theft which was then released to media in an effort to identify the women. Within 24 hours, tips to the Charles County Crime Solvers tip line, as well as calls to the Sheriff's Office, led to the names of the suspects. Investigators pursued the tips and on May 5, positively identified them. 

Lowell, MI: High-end liquor thefts at Rite Aid, Meijer stores bring Repeat Offender felony charges
A career criminal is back behind bars, accused of stealing thousands of dollars in high-end liquor at area Meijer stores which police say he traded for drugs. Jeremy Ryan Rector, 39, is charged with stealing alcohol between March 19 and April 11 at the Rite Aid in Lowell and at 6 different Meijer stores a cross Michigan. He targeted bottles of liquor priced between $100 and $150 (totaling over $1,000) , including Patron. Rector also faces retail fraud charges in 2 other MI cities where police say he stole high-end cologne.

Cody, WY: Felony TV thief pleads guilty to reduced misdemeanor charge
With a felony theft charge amended to a misdemeanor, Brian Rodriguez pled guilty in Park County District Court to the charges of stealing televisions from the Cody Walmart store. The case involves Lovell couple Rodriguez and girlfriend Shanna Rae Jolly; they were charged by the State with stealing TV sets last summer from Walmart and trying to sell at least one of them.

Lebanon, TN: Police release video of 3 shoplifters fleeing with trash bags full of merchandise from Polo/Ralph Lauren Outlet
The Lebanon Police Department needs your help in identifying these three female suspects who shoplifted from the Polo Ralph Lauren store at the Outlet Village Mall. The incident took place on May 10th at approximately 8pm. Three females walked into the store, removed black plastic bags from under their clothing and began filling the bags with merchandise.

Hartford, CT: Walmart Shoplifter steals $1,500 worth of merchandise, held on 2 additional warrants

New Milford, NJ: Woman arrested for theft of $530 in merchandise from Lord & Taylor in the Willowbrook Mall


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Gardner, MA: Teen accused of shooting at Walmart workers with pellet gun
Police arrested a man they say was shooting a pellet gun at employees inside a Walmart. The employees called 911 on Saturday and reported a masked man in the store. By the time police arrived he had jumped out of a window in the store's garden center. Police searched the area and found a man matching the suspect's description. A mask and two pellet guns were also recovered nearby. myfoxboston.com

Robberies & Thefts

Phoenix, AZ: Police investigating robbery at Safeway, Armed confrontation
Phoenix police are investigating an armed confrontation at the Safeway at 40th Street and Chandler Boulevard. Police officers were searching the neighborhood around for two men who threatened a man with a gun after stealing from the store. Police expect to have surveillance video from the store on Tuesday. There were no reports of injuries and the store remained open for business.

Columbus, OH: Mall violence increasing, changes being made
Columbus malls are increasingly becoming targets for trouble, more than 100 fights reported to Columbus Police since 2014. The emergency call numbers show violence at Easton Town Center has increased. Shoplifting, burglary and larceny: 500 calls in 2015. Disturbances, fights, stabbings and shots fired: 400 calls in 2015.

Suspicious people, vehicles, prowlers and those wanted by police: nearly 250 calls in 2015. Many shoppers don't want Easton to become the next City Center Mall. City Center was once a hustling and bustling place until tragedy struck in 1994. A teenager was killed in a gang-related shooting in the mall. A few years later, big stores pulled out and the mall failed.

Richfield, OH: Police Officer Charged with Stealing more than $25,000
from "Shop with a Cop" Program

The investigation alleges that Simmons, who was the coordinator of the program, improperly spent $26,709 in program funds on personal expenses from 2010 to 2016. The improper spending included sporting event tickets, electronics, clothing, and tools. He also allegedly used gift cards purchased with program funds for his personal use.

Little Rock, AR: LRPD Chief speaks about increase in violent crime; Armed Robberies up 14%

Denver, NC: Lowe's employee bitten by a Copperhead snake

New Zealand: Group of men Smash and Grab 30 phones, store front destroyed

Piercing Pagoda in the Westfield Shoppingtown Oakridge, San Jose, CA reported a Distraction Theft on 5/15, merchandise valued at $69.99

Portland Crime Stats: Shoplifting = 1,332 offenses in Jan 1 to April 30, 2016, 1,353 offenses average 2010 to 2015, down 2%

Counterfeit Goods

Tarboro, NC: Police received information in April about alleged sales of counterfeit goods at 3D Fashion NC
An investigation was initiated and an officer conducted a controlled buy from the store, which bolstered the allegations and led officers to obtain a search warrant for the store. Tarboro police searched the store and seized counterfeit trademarked goods ranging from Nike and Jordan's sneakers, Michael Kors purses and other items. rockymounttelegram.com

Cargo Theft

Europe: Transported Assets Protection Assoc. calls for greater data sharing amid crime surge
According to the latest figures from Incident Information Service (IIS) of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), incidents of cargo crime in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA) have reached a three-year high during the first quarter of 2016, averaging five incidents per day and representing nearly $9 Million in losses. To combat this problem, TAPA said, the industry needs to share more cargo crime data collected by law enforcement agencies. Drilling down into the data, TAPA found that 86.2 percent of the Q1 cargo thefts occurred in four countries: The U.K. (131 incidents), the Netherlands (126), Germany (86) and Sweden (40). aircargoworld.com

Credit Card Fraud

Woman admits role in $6.5M Global Cybercrime scams
A woman from the Los Angeles admitted she used two identities to commit wire fraud as part of a global cybercrime ring's efforts. Genoveva Farfan, 46, has pleaded guilty on three counts in a complex federal case involving losses of $6.5 million and at least 7 ring leaders from around the world. Farfan pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of aggravated identity theft and one count of conspiracy to commit fraud against the United States. She faces up to nine years in prison at her July 12 sentencing in U.S. District Court. She is among 20 people indicted, including 11 from South Africa, in a probe of Internet-based mass-marketing schemes involving work-at-home and romance scams. sunherald.com

Wichita Falls, TX: Police arrest 7 in large scale ID Theft Ring
The Wichita Falls Police Department has broken up a large identity theft ring. The investigation began in December of 2015 and utilized the resources of the WFPD Gang Unit, Intel Unit, Organized Crime Unit, and Burglary Unit as well assistance from the District Attorney's Office.

Temecula, CA: Couple caught with carload of ID theft evidence; suspect on parole for same crime back in February

Skimming Reports

Winston-Salem police warn of rash in card fraud, skimming
Det. Scott Sluder, with the department's financial crimes division, said there have been at least 125 documented local cases this year of credit or debit card fraud, of which 117 victims still had their card in their possession. Sluder estimated that each case represented between $300 and $800 in losses.

"In many instances, skimmers are transients working along major highways and interstates," Sluder said. "Many just collect the numbers and sell them to bidders, mainly in Eastern Europe. They stay in an area until their activity is recognized, and they move on."  

Holmes Beach, FL: Citgo pumps hit 3 times by skimmers

Beauty Star - Jackson, MS - Robbery
Botanica - Miami, Fl - Burglary
Buckfins N Feathers - Broussard, LA - Burglary/ hand guns and rifles stolen
Casey's General - Moorhead, MN - Armed Robbery
Chevron - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Robbery/ Brutal attack on clerk
Circle K - Boston, MA - Robbery
Computer Solutions - Richland County, SC - Armed Robbery
Computer Solutions Exchange - Kansas City, MO- Burglary
CVS - Garfield Heights, OH - Armed Robbery
CVS - Norfolk, VA -Robbery
Dollar General - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Waddington, NY - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery/ Employee shot
Dunkin Donuts - Nassau County, NY - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
Family Video - Lockport, NY - Robbery
F&F Mart - Waynetown, OR - Armed Burglary
GameStop - Lincoln, NE - Armed Robbery
Jack in the Box - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Kwik Fill - Washington, PA - Robbery / 3rd this year
Mapco - Bellevue, TN - Armed Robbery
Nice Beauty Supply - Detroit, MI - Burglary
OnCue - Stillwater, OK - Armed Robbery
Phipps 66 - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
Safeway - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
Shell - Corsicana, TX - Armed Robbery/ 3rd area robbery this week
Showcase Liquor - Pasadena, CA - Robbery / Employee Assaulted
T-Mobile - Boca Raton, FL - Armed Robbery/ 3 facing Life in prison
Walgreens - Tallahassee, FL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Cleveland, OH -Burglary/ ATM



Featured Job Alert Spotlights

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

This is a retained search for the D&D Daily.
Vice President of Loss Prevention
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Aritzia is searching for our new Vice President, Loss Prevention who will maximize profit by minimizing loss while respecting People, Brand and Operations. The Vice President, Loss Prevention is responsible for developing Aritzia's Loss Prevention strategy and tactics for Merchandise, Finance, People, Property, and Information.
National Sales Manager
Franklin Park, IL

Se-Kure Controls is one of the leading manufacturers of Anti-Shoplifting systems in the USA. We are seeking an experienced sales professional to serve as a National Sales Manager. Qualified applicants must be able to manage a sales team, offer creative solutions and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
Director of Sales
Southwest Region

The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...
Sr. Manager, Safety & Retail Environmental Health
Jacksonville, FL
The Sr. Manager, Safety & Retail Environmental Health is responsible for developing, implementing and managing comprehensive safety programs designed to minimize the frequency and severity of accidents, while complying with applicable regulatory requirements...
  Senior Manager, Region Asset Protection
Miami/Tampa, FL
The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Riverside, CA
The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Greencastle, IN
The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

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Emy Johnson was named Director, Theft & Fraud Operations Assets Protection for Target.

Brooke Robinson was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Region 6 - KS, OK, AR, MO and Memphis, TN for Burlington Stores.

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7 Phrases That Will Make Your Day More Positive and Productive  Your language choices have the power to impact your day, your feelings, even your performance. If you're not a Monday person, here are some language tweaks you can use to help you get in the groove and switch your mindset. Use "want" not "have"

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4 Proven Ways to Develop More Grit
The word "grit" has become more promiment in our vocabulary over the past few years. Gritty people are able to triumph even in the face of failure, and they don't quit, no matter the situation. Grit is something that you can develop, just by using these 4 methods. Practice deliberately


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