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Security Bag Check Lawsuits Continue
- Converse Worker Seeks Class Cert. In Calif. Bag Check Row
A former Converse Inc. retail employee who claims the sneaker maker shorted his pay asked a California federal judge on Monday to certify a class of over 1,500 Golden State workers he says lost wages when they were forced to clock out before mandatory bag checks.

Ex-Converse retail worker Eric Chavez argues that Converse violated state labor laws by not paying employees for time spent in security checks before they left the store, including when they went to take lunch breaks or rest breaks, which could also cause unpaid overtime. In a motion for class certification filed Monday, Chavez argues that statements from Converse's own director of stores supports class certification, as she said that it is common practice for the employees to clock out in the back of the store and then have their bag checked on their way out the front exit.

The complaint at the heart of Monday's motion is one of a growing number of bag check suits filed against retailers, including Coach, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Old Navy. law360.com

Over 2,700 Retail Store Closures Year-To-Date
- Highest Number Since 2010
Macy's, Nordstrom, J.C. Penney and other department stores last week reported another quarter of crummy earnings. They warned a consumer-spending slump (in their stores, at least) shows no signs of abating and that declines in shopper traffic are getting worse. Chains such as Nordstrom said they were re-thinking plans to open new stores, and others are likely to follow suit.

Meanwhile, bankruptcy filings by Sports Authority, Pacific Sunwear and a rash of other retailers in the past year -- coupled with planned store closures by Macy's, Walmart, and other chains -- has already led to the highest number of store closures since 2010, according to commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield. bloomberg.com

FreightWatch says cargo theft Up 13% Q1
From January to March, the company recorded 221 incidents of cargo theft in the U.S., with an average loss value per incident of $112,467, according to a report issued on Tuesday. Those numbers represent an 8 percent increase in volume and 56 percent decrease in value compared to the same quarter in 2015. The numbers also represent a 13 percent spike in thefts but a 13 percent dip in loss values compared to October-December 2015. landlinemag.com

White House Increases Overtime Eligibility by Millions
The Obama administration, in a far-reaching effort to improve the lot of workers that has ignited criticism from business groups, announced on Tuesday that it was making millions more employees eligible for overtime pay. Under the new regulation to be issued by the Labor Department on Wednesday, most salaried workers earning up to $47,476 a year must receive time-and-a-half overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours during a week. The previous cutoff for overtime pay, set in 2004, was $23,660.

The change is expected to play out in a variety of ways. Once the rule goes into effect on Dec. 1, many workers will receive more pay when they work overtime, but others may end up working fewer hours if employers move to limit their time at work. In other cases, employers may decide to increase the salaries of some workers to push them over the cutoff so that the employers will not have to pay overtime or hire additional workers after limiting hours for existing employees. nytimes.com

NRF Calls New Overtime Rules a 'Career Killer'
The National Retail Federation today released the following statement from Senior Vice President for Government Relations David French in response to the Department of Labor's new overtime rules: "These rules are a career killer. With the stroke of a pen, the Labor Department is demoting millions of workers. In the retail sector alone, hundreds of thousands of career professionals will lose their status as salaried employees and find themselves reclassified as hourly workers, depriving them of the workplace flexibility and other benefits they so highly-value. And the one-size-fits-all approach means businesses trying to make ends meet in small towns across America are now expected to pay the same salaries as those in New York City." nrf.com

Meeting the Subtle Security Needs of Upscale Brands
Brands that offer higher-priced merchandise want their selling area to be a more exclusive, rarefied environment. This usually means creating a unique aesthetic and maintaining it in all functions of the store. Hermès, the French manufacturer of high-end clothing, shoes and accessories, recognized this need when updating the security provisions for its stores in North America. The company recently worked with security firm Access SI to reassess its overall security plan and design and implement a system that would be comprehensive, integrated - and as imperceptible as possible.

"With the history and culture of our company, we require a security system that fits in with that," says C.J. Denton, director of loss prevention for Hermès in North America. nrf.com

T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods plan to open thousands of new stores
TJX Companies, owner of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods among other brands, plans to grow its number of stores by more than 50%. It will have 5,600 stores when it is finished expanding, up from the current total of nearly 3,700, CEO Ernie Herrman told investors Tuesday. Although Herrman didn't give a timeline for those store openings, the company added 47 stores in its fiscal first quarter of this year and plans to add about 150 more stores the rest of this year. That already represents about 5% growth. TJX opened 219 store last year, and it is not planning on closing any stores this year. And the company is considering even more store opening plans beyond the 5,600-store target. cnn.com

Amazon Plans More Stores, Bulked-Up Prime Services
Amazon.com Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos on Tuesday promised more retail stores as well as new services for the company's Prime unlimited shipping membership. Mr. Bezos said he wants the $99 Prime membership to offer so many benefits that consumers will feel they "are being irresponsible" if they aren't members. He didn't, however, indicate exactly how Amazon plans to continue bulking up the service.

Amazon also plans new brick-and-mortar stores beyond its sole bookstore in a Seattle outdoor mall, Mr. Bezos said. The company is constructing one near San Diego. "We're definitely going to open additional stores, how many we don't know yet," he said. "In these early days it's all about learning, rather than trying to earn a lot of revenue."

The chief executive of mall operator General Growth Properties Inc. said in February that he thought Amazon would open hundreds of bookstores, though he backed away from the statement after reports from the Journal and others. wsj.com

Warren Buffett says retailers never saw Amazon's impact coming
and will never catch up

The rise of Amazon is something to be reckoned with. Its massive effect on the retail industry was a central part in Berkshire Hathaway's question-and-answer session during its annual shareholder meeting on April 30. Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett, alongside vice chairman Charlie Munger, noted that Amazon's growth is something to admire, stressing the importance for companies to evolve and stay connected with current trends.

"We're not going to out-Bezos Bezos," said Buffett of Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos. "The nature of capitalism is somebody's always, if you've got a good business, trying to figure out how to take it away from you and improve on it." He went on to point out that he thinks Amazon's full effect on the industry is "far from having been seen."

Judge: Staples failed to show how Amazon would add to competition
The federal judge who killed Staples Inc.'s planned $6.3 billion merger with Office Depot Inc. said the companies failed to show that competition from Amazon.com Inc. in the office-supply market was enough to reject a U.S. request to block the deal. "The evidence presented during the hearing fell short of establishing that Amazon Business is likely to restore lost competition" in the market for corporate contracts, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan said in a 75-page opinion made public Tuesday. internetretailer.com

Bible-wielding woman marches through Target protesting bathroom policy
A video of a woman and her family marching through Target loudly protesting the retailer's new bathroom policy has gone viral. The video was uploaded to YouTube and shows an unidentified woman marching and yelling her way through a Target and holding a Bible in the air as she condemns Target's new gender identity bathroom policy. The woman, who claims she is a mother of 12, began her protest by shouting Target's Mothers Day signs are "a deception" and Target does not love mothers and children. fox6now.com

Store-within-a-store concepts are on the rise

SEC awards more than $5M to whistleblower - 3rd largest award to date

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Lowe's Q1 comp's up 7.3%, sales up 7.8%
Target Q1 comp's up 1.2%, sales down 5.4%
Staples Q1 comp's down 4%, total company sales down 3.1%

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The Enemy Within
- Preventing insider attacks through good culture
An insider attack is any cyber-attack in which access was gained from within your organisation. This could be an employee, contractor or anybody with privileged access to your systems and information. Insider attacks may be a deliberate action, or they may be the result of an employee being either tricked or not taking security seriously - either way they are dangerous.

Often attacks are a hybrid between an external threat and an insider weakness, for example the 2013 cyber-attack on US retailer Target. While the theft of 40 million payment card details itself was carried out by external hackers, they gained access by using the credentials of an insider.

CIOs and CISOs need to work closely with the HR department to address internal security from a culture perspective. Employees should be proud of being secure, and everyone should have a sense of responsibility. Employees who remain vigilant, question strangers and employ a "better safe than sorry" mentality, are as good a line of defence as any firewall, and may well discourage would-be thieves at the first hurdle.

Awareness is key, so sharing anecdotes about near misses and incidents in the past is a good way of preventing them in the future. By having security at the forefront of all employees' minds, it will increase their sensitivity, making them more aware of potentially harmful email links and attachments, and sophisticated social engineering attacks.

Encouraging an active dialogue is crucial too, and employees should feel as though they can speak up if there's something they're not sure about without fear of reprisal.

Of course, good information security policies and processes come into play here too: change management, segregation of duties and information handling, combined with things like robust recruitment vetting checks, will help curb attacks. information-age.com

NTIA study: Security threats deter online activities like making purchases
A new government survey shows that some U.S. households are growing averse to even the most routine online transactions, due to cyberattacks imperiling users' finances, identities and privacy. A sizable 45 percent of Internet-enabled households reported to the Census Bureau that privacy and security concerns deterred them from performing at least one common online activity over the previous year. Such activities included financial transactions, purchasing goods or services, social media posting and expressing controversial or political opinions online. scmagazine.com

77 percent of businesses unprepared for a security incident
- But the retail industry is making strides
Even though the number of security breaches is rising, and the number of companies in all industries being targeted rising as well, one might expect that companies would anticipate this potential crisis and set up a plan of action, in case disaster strikes. Well, according to new figures by security firm NTT Com Security, not really. The company took information from 24 security operations centres, seven R&D centres, 3.5 trillion logs and 6.2 billion attacks in 2015, and compiled it into a report entitled Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR). The report says that just 23 per cent of companies can effectively respond to a critical security incident. The rest, a stunning 77 per cent, are not properly prepared.

Financial services companies were leading the charge among disaster-ready companies, but have been taken over by retail in the last year. Retail now has 22 per cent of all response engagements, up from 12 per cent last year. This industry is a popular target, as it processes a lot of payment information. itproportal.com

Stealthy malware 'Skimer' helps hackers easily steal cash from ATMs

Senate subcommittee will address ransomware threat





Roadmap for New LP Executives

Part 16: Increased Communication = Decreased Speculation

By Mike Nagyhazy
Senior Director of Loss Prevention,
24 Hour Fitness

Questions or comments can be emailed to mnagyhazy@24hourfit.com

I've already shared a bit about communication in a previous Roadmap article, but I think that this is an important topic, warranting a bit more air time. I remember being a District Loss Prevention Manager, touring stores with my District Manager and Human Resources partners. There were topics that were discussed (by my DM/HR peers) in the car - whether revolving around operations, talent assessments, new policies, etc. I felt so out of place because I didn't know, first-hand, what the heck they were talking about. I hadn't heard the most updated company direction. It was actually a very uncomfortable and disconnected feeling; especially with all of us working in the same territory - for the same company!

This lack of communication, knowledge, and clarity often-times leads to unnecessary phones calls, questions, gossip, speculation, and being forced to try to put the missing pieces of the puzzle together - on your own. It's not a healthy way to operate, needless to say; especially in a field where we typically like to have most of the answers.

Being loss prevention professionals, folks expect us to have the majority of the answers. After all, we have access to cameras, reports, technology and other resources that most don't have access to. Why wouldn't we know the basics about the company that we work for?! Well, the bottom line is, unless the department head of LP (and his/her direct reports) communicates these updates effectively, clearly, and in a timely manner, we won't have those answers. It will cause rumors, inconsistent messaging, lack of respect for the department head, and an overall disgruntled workforce. I don't think that's what any LP professional wants amongst their team. I certainly don't.

So as a newer LP Executive, as you get pulled into numerous corporate meetings, conference calls, vendor pitches, and everything else that may make your head spin, always take the time to assess the information that you're receiving to determine what information your field team should have. Your goal is to arm your team with the same knowledge that the other field support teams receive, in order to spark balanced conversation in that "car scenario" that I opened this article with. This will lead to less speculation, more engaging dialogue, consistent execution, and an overall stronger and collaborative LP team!


Read more of Mike's "Roadmap for New LP Executives" series here, with topics including: 
Meet and Greet Your Team -- Assessment/Task Delegation -- Company Priorities -- Developing an Action Plan -- Visibility/Accountability/Recognition -- Effective Communication -- Evaluating Company Structure -- Physical Security Platform -- Budgeting -- Capital Expenditure -- Documenting Your Accomplishments -- and more!




Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016

Critical Incident Management

Chad McIntosh, VP of LP & Risk Management, Bloomingdale's, and Blue Montez, VP of Risk Management, American Apparel

In today's multi-threat real-time environment, it's critical for retailers to be educated, informed and highly collaborative. With critical incidents like active shooters on the rise, learn about the proactive steps Loss Prevention can take when it comes to physical security programs, educating employees, monitoring social media and collaborating with law enforcement. Chad McIntosh, VP of LP & Risk Management, Bloomingdale's, and Blue Montez, VP of Risk Management, American Apparel, share their thoughts on LP's elevated role as first responders in active-incident situations.

Episode Sponsored By:

Final Sendoff / Event Closing

LPNN Quick Take #29

As LP's digital conference comes to a close, MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley sign off from yet another historic, groundbreaking, information-packed D&D Daily broadcast! "Live in NYC 2016 at the NRF Big Show" brought us eight hours of education and fun from a who's who list of LP leaders, retailers and solution providers. You can re-watch all the episodes here!

Thanks for watching, and we'll see you at our next LIVE LPNN broadcast at the NRF Protect Conference in Philadelphia this June!


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Breaking The Fraud Piece Of The Payments Puzzle
Whether we like it or not, fraud and identity theft play a significant role in the payments ecosystem. Unfortunately for both consumers and payments players alike, this dangerous piece of the puzzle is growing at an astounding rate.

With the rollout of the EMV liability shift in the U.S. last year it's no surprise that card-not-present fraud is on the rise. EMV itself was developed back in 2005 and when the technology was first rolled out in Europe and Canada years ago, there was a significant shift migration from retail locations to digital online fraud. Madhu said this shift increased by over 150 percent in Europe and 75 percent in Canada, so there is an expectation the same pattern will be seen here in the U.S. Even new technologies such as Apple Pay aren't necessarily safe.

Apple's payment wallet has experienced its fair share of controversy because identity theft caused fraud rates to rise in the Apple Pay ecosystem to 6 percent earlier this year, which is 60 times that of swiping cards, Madhu pointed out. "With the introduction of new mobile apps and technologies that make it easy for us to pay, it's also easy to commit fraud," he added. pymnts.com

A 'Hot' Business Is Also Popular with Payment Crooks
There are three strategies or traits that make merchants more likely to be subject to payments fraud.

You target millennials.
According to Consumer Reports, millennials may be at high risk for a number of reasons, from their adoption of mobile and digital technology to a laissez faire attitude about online security.

A lax attitude about cyber security coupled with a high rate of mobile device use could add up for problems for those businesses that target millennial customers. From inadvertently exposing credit card and banking data over an insecure public connection to risking identity theft via unsecured phones and mobile devices, selling to Millennials can increase your risk of online fraud.

You sell hot or trending items.
From the Cabbage Patch craze in the 80s to last year's Hoverboards, popular items generate business - and can also boost online fraud. Choosing to sell these "must-have" items can propel a merchant to bigger and better opportunities both online and in a brick and mortar setting. While selling the season's hottest items can increase your business and lead to higher profits, rapid expansion can also boost a merchant's risk of encountering online fraud.

Your business is new or growing.
Cyber criminals already know that big retailers like Amazon have entire units in place to detect fraud - so your small to mid-size business might be more appealing to them. You might be seen as a location that is less able to detect a stolen credit card, particularly if you have your own online storefront or website. paymentssource.com

Report: Warehouse rents spiking due to e-commerce growth

New PayPal phishing scam steals sensitive data



Naples, FL: Littman Jewelers employee arrested after million-dollar jewelry heist
Naples police arrested a Naples jewelry store employee Monday on charges of burglary and grand theft after he confessed to stealing $1 million worth of jewelry. Video surveillance shows Jeffrey Vickers, 35, went to Littman Jewelers at the Coastland Center mall shortly after the store closed Sunday night, opened the electronic gate and disarmed the alarm system. He opened the safe and emptied several pieces of jewelry, watches and loose diamonds in a backpack and garbage bag, according to an arrest report. He also stole money from the cash register. naplesnews.com

Johns Creek, GA: Two suspects on the run following a $2,200 teeth Whitening Stripes theft
A local retail store's loss prevention officer reported $2,200 worth of teeth whitening strips allegedly stolen May 1 by two men. The loss prevention officer alerted Johns Creek police to the incident May 2 after he reviewed the previous day's security footage. The footage showed two men stopping by the hygiene aisle. One of the men appeared to act as a lookout while the other allegedly concealed multiple boxes of teeth whitening strips, totaling $2,200 in value, in a shopping bag. The entire incident only lasted five minutes. An investigator identified the men as Rodney Richards, 51, and Roderick Jefferson, 51, who have both been suspected in multiple shoplifting cases across Atlanta. They both have multiple outstanding warrants for theft in several jurisdictions. Their whereabouts are unknown. northfulton.com

Easton, MD: Woman already in jail now charged with an additional $1,000 in thefts from Walmart, Giant Eagle and Food Lion
Officers of the Easton Police Department were notified that the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office served an arrest warrant on Amanda Acierno Coffin on May 12, for multiple thefts. Police said Coffin was already serving time in the Wicomico County Detention Center because of another matter. Easton Police alleged that between Oct.and Nov. of 2015, Coffin stole merchandise from Walmart, Giant Foods Grocery Store and Food Lion in Easton. stardem.com

Campbell, CA: Police report a woman was arrested at Safeway attempting to steal $1,200 of Baby Formula


Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, which might fuel even more jobs and funding.  Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shootings and Deaths

Watsonville, CA: Gang-Related Shooting at Watsonville Discount Mall
sends 1 to Hospital

A man showed up at a hospital with gunshot wounds roughly 10 minutes after a gang-related shooting in Watsonville Tuesday afternoon. Officers were dispatched to the Watsonville Discount at 12:53 p.m. on report of a person shot, but were unable to find a victim. Shortly after that a man with gunshot wounds to the legs, which were not thought to be life threatening, arrived at a local hospital. patch.com

South Holland, IL: Customer killed in a struggle with an Armed Robber at Boost Mobile
Police are searching for a second suspect in a deadly armed robbery at a cell phone store. A 45-year-old man who was killed was a store customer who tried to wrestle a gun away from one of the two robbers who held up the Boost Mobile store around 2 p.m. Tuesday. The struggle ended in shots fired. The victim was rushed to the hospital, where he died. One of the suspects tried to get away. After a short chase, officers arrested him. But the other suspect was able to escape. abc7chicago.com

Atlanta, GA: Teens shot in drive-by near Greenbriar mall; 10 shots fired
Two teenagers are in the hospital after being shot early Wednesday morning. According to police, a 17-year-old and 18-year-old were shot while on Headland Dr. near Greenbriar Mall. Investigators said the shooting was a drive-by involving two cars. 10 shell casings were found on the street near the mall. 11alive.com

Fort Worth, TX: Murder trial begins in slaying of American Eagle / Hulan Mall store employee
Ashlea Harris didn't have an enemy in the world, prosecutors say. But that all changed on a day in August 2014 when she discovered that someone had broken into the American Eagle Outfitters store where she worked in Hulen Mall, prosecutor Kevin Rousseau said It was Harris - a 31-year-old assistant manager at the store - who called 911 and alerted corporate officials and the store manager about the theft. And it was Harris, Rousseau said, who looked at the store's surveillance video and recognized a man she believed was responsible for stealing thousands of dollars from the store's safe - David Mallory, a store employee and live-in boyfriend of another of the store's assistant managers, Carter Cervantez. star-telegram.com

Tulsa, OK: Officers responded to 'accidental' shooting near south Tulsa Wal-Mart

Robberies and Thefts

Honolulu, HI: Elderly store owner choked by suspect during robbery, same store robbed last week
Police in Hawaii are investigating a string of robberies at the same store, including one that left an elderly woman hospitalized with serious injuries. According to police, the same store was robbed three times in less than a week. During one of the incidents, surveillance video caught three men robbing the store. nbc4i.com

Wear, FL: Grab and Run Thief returns $500 in merchandise, still gets arrested Steadham figured he'd lost the chainsaw and trimmer valued at over $500. That was until he got a call from the suspect. "He called Monday morning and offered the equipment back for no prosecution. But at the time the sheriff's office was already involved. Suspect Matthew Schriefer returned to the scene of the crime with the stolen merchandise where investigators arrested him. Sitting in the back of the patrol car, he again apologized for his actions. weartv.com

Kosciusko, MS: Burglars Smash down front wall of Gun Store to steal multiple weapons

Wailuku, HI: Drug addiction leads to $26,000 theft from Eskimo Candy: Judge orders full restitution for reduced charges

Grants Pass, OR: Two Climate City Brewing employees face felony theft; $15,000 theft

Shelbyville, TN: Walmart cashier arrested for theft of $2,500, placed money on a Green Dot card

Zales Outlet in the Vacaville Premium Outlets, Vacaville, CA reported a Grab & Run on 5/2, merchandise valued at $30,600

Helzberg Diamonds in the FlatIron Crossing, Broomfield, CO reported a Grab & Run on 5/15, merchandise valued at $1,399

Kay Jewelers in the Cherry Tree Crossing, Indianapolis, IN reported a Grab & Run on 5/14, merchandise valued at $3,199

Piercing Pagoda in the Bay Park Mall, Green Bay, WI reported a Grab & Run on 5/14, merchandise valued at $159

Piercing Pagoda in the SMITH HAVEN MALL, Lake Grove, NY reported a Grab & Run on 5/14, merchandise valued at $999

Kay Outlet in the Prime Outlets at Jeffersonville, Jeffersonville, OH, reported a Distraction Theft on 5/14, merchandise valued at $5,400

Jareds in the Tysons Corner Mall, Tysons, VA reported a Grab & Run on 5/13, merchandise valued at $1,899

Credit Card Fraud/ID Theft

Franklin, TN: Police catch duo with stolen credit cards after Belk, $600 in Macy's purchases

Weld County, CO: Baby sitter accused of Robbing Bank to pay $15,000 restitution money in a ID Theft/ Forgery case

Red Oak, TX: Man charged with 7 counts of Credit Card Fraud

Skimming Alert

Corpus Christi, TX: Skimming device found at Stripes store

Tucson, AZ: Sophisticated skimming devices found at Circle K gas station

Plum, PA: Gas station common element in at least eight credit-card fraud reports

Boost Mobile - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery/ 1 person killed
Central Mississippi Guns - Kosciusko, MS - Burglary/ Smash

C-Store- Washington, DC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Kansas City, MO - Robbery/ Clerk Assaulted
Cox Corner - Pulaski Township, PA - Burglary
CVS - Sandusky, OH - Robbery/ Assault
Dollar General - Columbia, TN - Robbery
Dollar General - Omaha, NE - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Yemassee, SC - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Dayton, OH - Robbery
K-Convenience - Penfield, NY - Armed Robbery/ 2 clerks stabbed
Marathon - Murrysville, PA - Armed Robbery
Central Mississippi Guns - Kosciusko, MS - Burglary/ Smash
Pilot - Knoxville, TN -Robbery
Q Computer Solutions - Richland County, SC - Armed Robbery
Ricochet Antiques - Brownwood, TX - Burglary
Shop Rite - Broussard, LA - Shooting
Sprint Mart - Columbus, MS - Armed Robbery


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Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Vice President of Loss Prevention
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Aritzia is searching for our new Vice President, Loss Prevention who will maximize profit by minimizing loss while respecting People, Brand and Operations. The Vice President, Loss Prevention is responsible for developing Aritzia's Loss Prevention strategy and tactics for Merchandise, Finance, People, Property, and Information.


Regional Loss Prevention Director
Denver, CO

CarMax is looking for a Regional Loss Prevention Director (RLPD) to lead and direct all asset protection operations in our new Denver Region. The RLPD is directly responsible for all facets of CarMax's LP program in the region, including: Developing and driving CarMax's LP strategy in conjunction with the rest of the LP team...


Regional Loss Prevention Director
Baltimore, MD

CarMax is looking for a Regional Loss Prevention Director (RLPD) to lead and direct all asset protection operations in our new Baltimore Region. The RLPD is directly responsible for all facets of CarMax's LP program in the region, including: Developing and driving CarMax's LP strategy in conjunction with the rest of the LP team... 
Sr. Manager, Safety & Retail Environmental Health
Jacksonville, FL
The Sr. Manager, Safety & Retail Environmental Health is responsible for developing, implementing and managing comprehensive safety programs designed to minimize the frequency and severity of accidents, while complying with applicable regulatory requirements...
  Senior Manager, Region Asset Protection
Miami/Tampa, FL
The Sr. Manager, region asset protection, is responsible for providing oversight in the protection of company assets and executing asset protection programs designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, bad checks and cash losses within an assigned region...
National Sales Manager
Franklin Park, IL

Se-Kure Controls is one of the leading manufacturers of Anti-Shoplifting systems in the USA. We are seeking an experienced sales professional to serve as a National Sales Manager. Qualified applicants must be able to manage a sales team, offer creative solutions and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
Director of Sales
Southwest Region

The Director of Sales is responsible for meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals for the assigned region. The individual will be accountable for specific accounts within their designated area and will manage core business while focusing on new business with an emphasis on growth...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Riverside, CA
The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Greencastle, IN
The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

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Recognizing Employees is the Simplist Way to Improve Morale  When your team members and employees are recognized for their achievements or a job well done, it not only brings out the best in them, it also improve your organization's overall bottom line. Here are some simple ways you can build a recognition culture. Share information
Don't Work Your Employees to the Bone: Minimize Their Stress to Boost Productivity  Too much work can have a negative effect on our health. By encouraging your employees to have a balance between work and their personal lives, you can make everyone more happy and boost productivity!  Company companion

Six Myths of Employee Engagement
Employee engagement seems to be a hot topic, especially the research that is showing that is not as high as it should be. What causes engagement? How your employees feel about their work and while their at work have a lot of impact on their performance. Here are some myths that won't help increase employee engagement. Money Motivator

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With the ever increasing role technology is playing in our world and booming m-commerce and e-commerce business the profile of the future LP executive will change dramatically over the next decade. Getting in front of it might be a wise path as it will actually continue to increase. Taking classes, reading books, getting involved is the key. Mastering technology in so far as the benefit it delivers and the exposure it represents should be an objective in your career development.

Just a Thought,
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