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Solution Providers 'Top 5'


Award Winning Security Solutions for Business

Originally Published 7-11-14

Bob Dale, SVP Sales for Protection 1, and Rex Gillette, VP National Accounts Retail, talk about Protection 1's immense growth in the retail security market, since entering the segment four years ago. With a customer-focused culture, Protection 1 is redefining the installation world with its highly successful SEAL Team conversion process. Hear from Bob and Rex about the company's unique eSuite platform and get an exclusive scoop on what Protection 1 will be bringing to the market next.


Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us

Macy's Accused Of Bias With Background Checks At EEOC
Macy's Inc. was hit with a charge at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by a group that advocates for ex-inmates, which alleges the retailer's criminal background check policies are discriminatory, the group's lawyers at Outten & Golden LLP said Wednesday.

The Fortune Society, which works with ex-offenders to assist them in transitioning from incarceration to the outside world, filed an EEOC charge Monday against the retailer, saying the criminal background check policies and practices used to screen job applicants lead to discrimination, according to a statement.

The company is violating the Civil Rights Act and other laws when it fires employees and rejects otherwise qualified job applications because of their criminal histories, the group said.

"When employers use criminal history to make hiring decisions, they must comply with the law and ensure that the rights of job applicants are protected," Ossai Miazad of Outten & Golden said in the statement.

The charge, according to Fortune Society, asks the EEOC to investigate its claims against Macy's on a classwide basis and is intended to place the retailer on notice of classwide discrimination allegations. law360.com

Loss Prevention Research Council Announces Exclusive Content for Membership on Point-of-Sale Activation Solution
Consumers, retail executives and loss prevention professionals respond favorably to Point-of-Sale Activation (PoSA) Solution in a recent test with 20 Walmart stores. Early results show a sales lift, reduced return rate and an overall improved customer shopping experience.

The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) has released a series of reports detailing a recent study on the impact of the Point-of-Sale Activation (PoSA) solution from Digital Safety USA. PoSA scored very favorably in consecutive field study tests.

According to Dr. Read Hayes, LPRC director, "The LPRC is pleased to offer these reports as a significant benefit to our membership. Over the coming months, we will continue to review and evaluate each new integration of PoSA at the store level to provide our members with ongoing real-world, unbiased, scientific data on current loss prevention applications and methodologies."

The LPRC has evaluated the PoSA solution from Digital Safety USA for the past three years, working with many different assets from a variety of categories including notebook computers, tablets, smartphones and speakers.

"The prospect of an effective, consumer-friendly, scalable digital solution like PoSA is an exciting prospect for retail loss prevention," Dr. Hayes reported. prweb.com

Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) Protect Assets & People In Emergencies
One way today's enterprise organizations, cities and campuses tackle the pressures of being prepared at any moment is by implementing solutions that utilize real-time location systems (RTLS). RTLS is used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time, usually within a building or other areas; like GPS but indoors. While GPS is able to track vehicles as they move across the globe, it is unable to track hundreds, or even thousands of devices in a fixed space, especially indoors. This is where RTLS comes in. RTLS has the ability to read wireless devices automatically and continuously, making it a more ideal fit for security purposes.

Protecting Assets And People - The system allows stakeholders to gather real-time information on the last-known whereabouts of the assets.

Sending Alerts During Emergency Events - RTLS also can be used to locate and manage assets within a facility & to maintain proper staffing levels in operational areas and sers can track and time stamp the progress of people or assets within a facility. Using smart phones and cellphone devices that send a signal to a central monitoring platform, security officials know where people are located within a specific area, and can alert them in the event of an emergency using their devices without having to install an application.

Incident Management - Quickly and automatically account for all staff after or during an emergency event or evacuation by using the location-enabled cellphone devices already in place without requiring a cellphone application and can be used to communicate instructions to staff during an incident.

Communicating Using A Single Platform - allows for unified messaging through in-app and text messaging, e-mail and voice - and for routine communications within an organization.

Comprehensive Security Posture - usage benefits for multiple departments, marketing or event management, with additional use cases for utilizing a routine and threat-based communications network can bring multiple departments together for cost sharing.

This kind of collaboration between departments is becoming a critical component of a holistic, comprehensive security posture, leading many organizations to gather the input from a number of departments before investing in solutions that address the safety and wellbeing of the company. sourcesecurity.com

Study: Automation puts millions of U.S. retail jobs at risk
Automation may be mission-critical to operational longevity in the retail industry, but it could be creating a significant pool of "stranded workers."

Six million to 7.5 million retail jobs likely will be automated out of existence in the coming years, leaving a large portion of the retail workforce at risk of becoming "stranded workers." Retail cashiers are at highest risk for automation technologies, and women hold 73% of these positions.

That's according to a new report, "Retail Automation: Stranded Workers? Opportunities and Risks for Labor and Automation," conducted by Cornerstone Capital Group and commissioned by the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute. The report identifies the structural factors catalyzing change in the retail industry. chainstoreage.com

Employees Who Recommend Candidates for Jobs Are Supervisors
Under the NLRA

Employees who have the authority to make hiring recommendations and who exercise independent judgment in making these recommendations are supervisors under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), according to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. shrm.org

130 22k s.f. Smaller Format Targets by 2019
Target Unveils New Small-Store Format Plans For NYC

At 22,500 s.f. to open next year in Manhattan's Lower East Side and will soon start testing a same-day delivery service for in-store purchases from the Tribeca location. The store will offer a variety of items-from apparel for women and kids, to fresh produce, to exclusive home décor and more. In addition, Target's Order Pickup Service will give guests the ability to buy online and pick up their orders at the store within one hour.

The Lower East Side store will be Target's fourth location in Manhattan, joining the Harlem, Tribeca and Herald Square small-format store (opening in October 2017). Also opening in 2018 will be Target's East Village small-format store, followed by a store in the Hell's Kitchen, opening in 2019. theshelbyreport.com

Ascena Retail Group's "Change for Growth enterprise transformation program"
Original structural cost reduction target of $150M in savings increased to $250 to $300 million in cost savings. businesswire.com

Times Square Driver Crashes Into Pedestrians, Killing 1 and Injuring 22
One person was killed and at least 22 were injured on Thursday when a car careened through Times Square and plowed through a crowd of pedestrians in one of New York City's most congested corridors, officials said.

The 26-year-old driver appeared to have been either drunk or impaired by drugs and had been arrested twice for drunken driving, officials said. The preliminary evidence indicated that the episode was not terrorism-related, officials said.

"Based on information we have at this moment, there is no indiciation that this was an act of terrorism," Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference Thursday afternoon in Times Square. nytimes.com

Director, Fraud Analytics, Experience Protection - Sam's Club
As a Director on the Sam's Experience Protection team, you will help set direction and build capabilities to solve for fraud and risk detection. You will apply your skills in machine learning, big data profiling, statistical exception identification, and data visualization. You will help lead capability teams that will call on your experience in managing & mentoring technical talents-this requires a unique talent who can both lead and execute. You have a chance to help shape business direction for one of the largest retailers in the world, working for a $58 billion organization that works with 40 petabytes of data.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) serves customers and members more than 208 million times per week at more than 8,600 retail units under 59 different banners in 15 countries. With fiscal year 2010 sales of $405 billion, Wal-Mart employs more than 2 million associates worldwide. brassring.com

What about Your GLPS - Let's Build LP's National Brand
Selfie Booths Popping Up All Over
Step Into Our Selfie Booth and Help Us Build Our Brand

First there were selfies. Then there were selfie sticks. Now comes a new phase: selfie booths, which some stores and other businesses are adding as a sort of next-generation photo kiosk.

In the age of ubiquitous social media, these booths and rooms seem to be the latest way to engage customers and build a brand. nytimes.com

Breaking Bad's Gus Training Los Pollos Hermanos Employees on Theft
Gustavo "Gus" Fring of AMC's "Breaking Bad" shares his strategies to curb the theft of his "addictive" products in this employee training video for restaurant chain Los Pollos Hermanos.

A fun must-watch video for any fan of "Breaking Bad" or its spinoff show "Better Call Saul" - Watch here!

How safe is America's food supply?
Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Walmart Q1 total revenue up 1.4%
Walmart U.S. Q1 comp's up 1.4%, revenue up 2.5%, e-commerce sales up 63%
Walmart Sam's Club Q1 comp's (ex fuel) up 1.6%, revenue up 2.8%
Walmart International Q1 comp's not posted, net sales down 3.5%, excluding currency up 0.8%
Ascena Retail Group guidance update - Q3 comp's down 8%, Full Year Down 7% - Down 6%
The Bon Ton Q1 comp's down 8%, net sales down 9.3%
Ralph Lauren Q4 comp's down 12%, sales down 16.3%, full yr. net revenue down 10.2%
Cato Q1 comp's down 17%, sales down 17%

Kroger, McDonald's, Walmart and more
reveal LP tactics and trends.

The speakers at NRF PROTECT 2017 are excited to share what works and what doesn't in the field of retail and restaurant loss prevention, safety and security. The companies we work for may vie for customers, but when it comes to our mission, we're all in it together.

To hear from these speakers and many more, register for a Full Conference Pass and book your hotel for NRF PROTECT today!

Russell Hinds

Senior Manager, Facility Security
Walmart, Global Security 

Rob Holm

Senior Director, Safety & Security - US Operations

Kevin Larson

Sr. Manager, Corporate Loss Prevention
Kroger Company   

Mike Marquis

AVP, Loss Prevention
TJ Maxx   

Catherine Riccards

Senior Director of Investigations and Business Conduct
Hudson's Bay Company   

Maurizio Scrofani

VP, Supply Chain & Intelligence
Grupo Alto  

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The Perfect Answer to An Imperfect World

Cam Connections, Inc. a division of Protection 1 has been providing loss prevention solutions to regional and national retail organizations since our inception. CCI recognizes that your security needs are unique and require a personalized touch; security solutions which are carefully planned and executed, not forced. Our depth of experience with electronic security systems in retail loss prevention applications, makes us a solid choice to help you protect your business from loss.

We have experience in various systems including:

 Analog and IP Video Surveillance Systems
 Video Analytics
 Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems
 Integration to Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
 Access Control Systems

CCI is a custom systems provider, not a manufacturer. We are free to select the most appropriate products available in the marketplace and, thereby, we can offer you the highest quality security solutions that demonstrate exceptional value. We partner with each client in performing a comprehensive facilities, financial, human, and overall security risk assessment. Our team of dedicated professionals then design, install, and service electronic security systems that are custom tailored to fulfill each individual client's needs.

CAM CONNECTIONS, INC. a division of Protection 1
3970 S. Pipkin Road - Lakeland, FL 33811-1422
Tel. 863.583.3343 - Fax. 863.583.3349 - Toll Free. 888.544.1085



From Russia With Love
Here Comes June - What Will Happen Next?
'Shadow Brokers" Warn of June Data Dump

Russia-linked hacking group The Shadow Brokers has warned of a new release of exploits next month, in an update which will likely cause sweaty palms at the NSA.

In a new missive written as usual in comically bad English, the group claimed to have possession of "75% of U.S. cyber arsenal" stolen from the NSA-linked Equation Group.

After a long ramble about WannaCry and Microsoft, in which it blamed North Korea for the global attack, the group said that next month it would announce "TheShadowBrokers Data Dump of the Month."

"TheShadowBrokers is launching new monthly subscription model," it explained. "Is being like wine of month club. Each month peoples can be paying membership fee, then getting members only data dump each month. What members doing with data after is up to members."

Given that the group has come good on most of its threats previously, this latest warning is likely to cause more than a little concern at NSA HQ. infosecurity-magazine.com

New Threats Fuel Fears of Another Global Cyberattack
"Step Up Security Training, Patching & Planning"

A new attack hit thousands of computers and a hacking group said it would release more attack software.

A new fast-spreading computer attack and a hacking group's threat to release a fresh trove of stolen cyberweapons are fueling fears among businesses and security experts of another global technology assault.

The new attack, called Adylkuzz, follows last week's WannaCry outbreak, which crippled computers in more than 100 countries over the weekend. Both attacks rely on a Windows bug that was patched on March 14 and only affect PCs that haven't installed the latest version of Microsoft's software updates. Unlike its predecessor, Adylkuzz doesn't lock up computer screens; it slows down systems as it quietly steals processing power to generate a little-known digital currency called Monero.

Adylkuzz began spreading about two weeks ago and by Wednesday had infected more than 150,000 machines around the globe, according to Ryan Kalember, senior vice president with the security intelligence firm Proofpoint Inc. That is nearly the same count as WannaCry, which has largely stopped spreading, security experts said. Security company Kaspersky Lab ZAO pegged the number of Adylkuzz infections at just several thousand by Wednesday.

The news comes a day after a hacking group called the Shadow Brokers separately posted an internet message saying it would release a new trove of cyberattack tools next month. The group claimed to have software that would affect web browsers, routers, mobile phones and Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 10 operating system. Its first trove, which it and Microsoft said was stolen from the National Security Agency, was dumped last month and used by WannaCry.

"In a few years we're going to be looking back and saying that 2017 was clearly a turning point,"
said Edward Amoroso, the former security chief at AT&T Inc. "That's when we started to see businesses affected. If your employees are coming in and they can't work, that's a big deal."

Larger companies will need to step up their security training, patching and planning, he says. Smaller mom-and-pop businesses may need to hand over security to companies that specialize in these services. wsj.com

Ransomware Presents Complex Compliance Risks
The growth of ransomware means companies now not only face the risk of having critical data held hostage, but also of making missteps that draw the attention of regulators.

How this will play out in the most recent spate of global attacks called WannaCry is yet to be seen, but past incidents have shown regulators can come down on companies that find themselves compromised by these attacks.

Companies find that in dealing with the complexities of ransomware they are caught between law enforcement agencies treating them as crime victims and regulators treating them as perpetrators that allowed a breach of their customers' data. Particularly concerning is the minefield of whether and when to post data-breach notifications, made trickier by the patchwork of national and state notification regulations. wsj.com

'Wannacry' Spotlights Need for Cyber Liability Coverage
D&O insurance will become more and more valuable to fend off shareholder-driven cyber litigation.

The twenty-first century board of directors will have to focus its corporate governance efforts on cyber security as much as it would on virtually any other critical business decision. Without such a governance focus, long-term survival may be impossible.

Gone are the days when senior management could simply task the head of information technology to address whatever cyber issues were deemed most important. Officers and directors are now expected to involve themselves directly in securing company systems and data. If they fail, they are likely to face enforcement action as well as shareholder ire.

Last month, the first chink in the armor may have been struck when Home Depot settled an investor lawsuit aimed at its management. Although Home Depot had won dismissal of the derivative action against its managers at the trial court level, it entered into a settlement before the appeal was adjudicated, whereby it paid over $1 million to the claimants' attorneys. The company also "negotiated corporate governance reforms [to] enable proper monitoring of the company's data security systems and provide greater oversight by the board through periodic reports from management regarding the company's cybersecurity practice." cfo.com

The reality of IoT in retail may look more familiar than you think
Any conversation about IoT in retail can quickly move to a discussion of checkout-less stores or artificial intelligence. In reality, it's not all that cutting-edge: Ask retail experts where IoT is headed in the near-term and they'll point to radio frequency identification, a technology patented more than four decades ago.

"We think it's the use cases, the way that the technology is being used, that enables digital transformation and tremendous business disruption and value."

"Retail is at the leading edge of industries looking to adopt IoT use cases. "It's not the leader," he says, "but it certainly is within the top five industries that are finding and using different IoT applications."

E-commerce and omnichannel have made it vital that retailers know where inventory is, and Mitchell says retailers are putting their money into RFID and inventory tracking. "I was always enamored by the promise of RFID, but it seemed there were so many barriers to entry," he says. "Now it seems it's mainstream."

Mitchell sees much more possibility for RFID and accurate inventory. "On top of that, we can bring to bear a more accurate demand signal and service levels to see hiccups that are happening in the distribution network. It's the key underpinning of what we dub 'omnichannel analytics.'" stores.org

Bright future for security in the cloud
As reverberations from last week's ransomware attack continue to be felt throughout the world and the security industry, the answer to how we can minimize the impact that these types of attacks can have on a company may be found in the cloud. For example, WannaCry ransomware, as it is called, preyed on Microsoft computers that failed to update the latest security patch that was issued in March, an oversight that an IT savvy company operating in the cloud would not fall victim to.

The good news continues to pour in on increased adoption of cloud-based services, including a new report from Intel Security, titled Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky: The State of Cloud Adoption and Security, which finds that cloud services are now a regular component of IT operations, and are utilized by more than 90 percent of organizations around the world.

Many are working under a "cloud first" philosophy, only choosing to deploy an internal service if there is no suitable cloud variant available, and as a result, IT architectures are rapidly shifting to a hybrid private/public cloud model, with those surveyed expecting 80 percent of their IT budget to be cloud-based within an average of 15 months, according to the report.

In the face of a continuing shortage of skilled security personnel, the impact of this scarcity on cloud adoption was a priority for this year's report.

"Cloud first. Two simple words, but the approach is now well and truly ensconced into the architecture of many organizations across the world." securitysystemsnews.com

FTC's Definition Of Cyber Injury Getting Broader, Chief Says
Having done a good job "clearing out the low-hanging fruit" of corporate cybersecurity safeguards for consumer data, the Federal Trade Commission's temporary chief said Wednesday that the agency is now focusing on an expanded definition of what can constitute "substantial" injury to consumers.

The FTC does not base its enforcement of cyber protections on strict compliance with safeguarding standards, acting Chair Maureen K. Ohlhausen said at a cybersecurity law event at Georgetown University's law school, but rather on whether consumers have suffered a substantial harm from a company's actions. And the definition of what constitutes that injury is getting broader. law360.com

EU Report Could Mean More Antitrust Investigations of E-Commerce Companies
in Europe

A report detailing the findings of a two-year EU investigation into e-commerce business practices released late last week promises more antitrust proceedings against e-commerce companies that restrict competition through unfair distribution practices. The European Commission report and the investigation focused mainly on the problems that have developed as manufacturers try to control distribution networks in the face of the increased price transparency that has arisen as more people compare products and shop online. This manifested itself in "geo-blocking," where some products were denied to certain countries entirely, and in manufacturers sometimes not making products available for sale through pure online retailers.

According to the report, nearly half of the manufacturers using this "selective distribution" approach blocked pure online retailers, such as eBay, from selling their products. Paul Todd, senior vice president for eBay in EMEA, told Reuters the company welcomed the report and any additional investigations that resulted.

"The report shows that marketplace bans prevent a significant number of small business entrepreneurs from selling products on online marketplaces and that these bans harm consumers by limiting choice, increasing prices and hindering cross-border trade," he said. cardnotpresent.com

Amazon's path to $1 trillion in annual sales: what it means for e-commerce
As far as e-commerce sales are concerned, Amazon is substantially ahead of the pack. Approximately 55% of consumers search Amazon first. Compare that to 24% of consumers who begin their search on Google. The remaining 21% is divided among all other search engines and e-commerce websites.

Amazon is the fastest company in history ever to reach $100 billion in sales. It took approximately 20 years to get there. The projected growth trajectory of AWS alone is projected to reach $100 billion in 8 years.

Even when projecting out the numbers conservatively, results indicate that Amazon could reach over a trillion dollars in sales within the next decade.
Amazon currently enjoys 6.4% of the gross global e-commerce sales total. We know that the movement of sales to e-commerce from brick and mortar will only increase over the next couple years.

Next, consider Amazon's 20% annual growth rate, which it has enjoyed since its founding. And that was achieved without AWS or brick and mortar. With these two services, Amazon is poised to increase its growth rate over the next few years.

The two above assumptions indicate that by 2027, Amazon will become the most valuable company in the world-reaching at least $1 trillion in annual revenue.

The more adept e-commerce brands become at learning the ins and outs of Amazon's marketplace, the better they will become at using it to engage new customers. Building sales and profits are evident as well. But also consider the intangibles of building brand awareness and brand credibility with positive reviews and the SEO juice that comes along with it. Mastering this is vital because consumers seem to be more and more reliant on Amazon, and that attention does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

The company has 20 years of experience with gaining and keeping their customers' loyalty. That is not the kind of reputation that a competitor can just come along and wash away. digitalcommerce360.com

Target's online sales rise more than 21% in Q1 but store sales shrink 1.9%

Walmart's U.S. Online Sales Rise 63%

Coming Next Week
UTORCA Annual Conference Set for May 23

Join the Utah Organized Retail Crime Association and industry experts for a day of training and networking at the annual UTORCA Impact ORC Conference and Workshop. Raffle tickets will be available with a chance to win excellent prizes!

The event is set for May 23 and will be held at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City, UT.

Click here to learn more and register for the conference.


Perry County, AL: Burglars steal $35,000 worth of guns from west Alabama business
It's a bizarre story involving hundreds of miles of travel, two states, and 50 weapons. But finally, investigators can claim two down, one to go. West Alabama authorities say they are on the lookout for the third suspect wanted in connection to a bank robbery and, most recently, a brazen burglary involving a hardware store. Two of the suspected criminals are on their way to Mobile now to face federal charges. Keith Bridges is still amazed at the gall the three men showed in breaking into his hardware store in Safford in Dallas County around 4:30 a.m. a week ago. wsfa.com

Los Angeles, CA: MS-13 gang targeted in pre-dawn sweep across Los Angeles
Hundreds of federal and local law enforcement fanned out across Los Angeles in pre-dawn sweeps, serving arrest and search warrants as part of a three-year investigation into the ultra-violent street gang MS-13. Federal prosecutors unsealed a sweeping indictment Wednesday morning charging dozens of members and leaders of the brutal street gang with a variety of crimes, including murder. Acting U.S. Attorney Sandra Brown said the 127-page anti-racketeering indictment targets 44 members and associates of the gang, including the one-time leader of a Los Angeles faction of MS-13. Three people accused of murder could face the death penalty, she said. Twenty-one people named in the indictment were arrested in pre-dawn raids across Los Angeles and Brown said warrants were served at more than 50 locations. Jail officials around the region also conducted cell searches, as some of those indicted were already in custody on unrelated charges. About a dozen of those arrested were so-called "shot callers" for the gang. At least three people were still at large Wednesday. dailyprogess.com

Hibbett Sports Burglarized $2,000 of merchandise stolen
An estimated $2,000 worth of sports apparel was stolen from Hibbett Sports just before 1 a.m. Saturday. Washington police said the burglars broke into the building at 12:54 a.m. Saturday, May 13, by smashing a window on one of the doors with a large rock. Once inside, numerous Nike items were taken from the store. Washington Police Detective Betsey Schulze said the crime lasted a matter of minutes. She said the list of stolen goods is still being compiled, but early estimates indicate at least $2,000 worth of merchandise was taken. emissourian.com

Shelby County, TN: Serial shoplifting problem; nearly 3000 cases reported this year
Serial shoplifting is a major problem in Shelby County, and it could affect your wallet. The numbers are staggering. So far this year there's been nearly 3,000 cases of shoplifting reported in Memphis and Shelby County. That does not include the suburbs or the cases that do not get reported.

WREG researched the black market problem, how it can affect you and what law enforcement is doing to stop it. Lieutenant David Ballard is part of a team trying to help. "ALERT stands for Area Law Enforcement Retailers Team," said Ballard. It's a branch of the Shelby County Sheriff`s Office that tracks retail crime. wreg.com

Tulsa, OK: CVS Robbery suspect steals 430 Xanax pills

Loss Prevention ORC Specialist for Gap Inc. posted today

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Visit the ORC Resource Center

Shootings, Kidnapping & Death

Smyrna, GA: Man shot and Killed outside a Texaco station
Police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a man outside a gas station in Smyrna. According to Smyrna police, the incident happened just before 11 p.m. Monday at the Texaco gas station. Investigators said the victim was leaving the store and walking towards the fuel pump when a truck drove up to a pump. A man got out of the truck and shot the victim in the head. 11alive.com

Meridian, MN: Gun discharges in Bonita Lakes Mall food court
Sergeant Dareall Thompson says two women got into an argument in the food court and in the process of the disagreement, a gun discharged in one of the women's purses. As one witness recounts, that led to panic in the mall. "We heard the shooting and so this woman told us, I think y'all need to leave cause it's a shooting so that's when they closed down the mall." Sergeant Thompson says no one was injured when the gun discharged. Charges for the women involved could come later. wtok.com

Madison, WI: First-ever deployment of Community Response Team to shooting scene
Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says a community response team was deployed to a Madison shooting scene for the first time, as an experiment to help glean critical information, and facilitate emergency services to those affected by the violence. Soglin says the trained, community members went to an East Washington Avenue PDQ store Tuesday evening, where a man was shot and wounded. At a Wednesday news conference, Soglin expressed frustration with witnesses and victims being unwilling to cooperate with investigators as the city's number of police calls involving gun shots being fired ticks up, and increasingly places even innocent bystanders in harm's way. Soglin says the victim of Tuesday's shooting failed to cooperate with detectives. wkow.com

Jackson, MS: Police holds press conference on 6-year-old taken
from Kroger

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has issued an amber alert for 6-year-old Kingston Fraizer. Fraizer was last seen this morning at about 1:15 at the Kroger on I-55 North in Jackson. According to the Hinds County Sheriff's office, his mom Ebony Archie arrived at Kroger to run in for a minute. She allegedly left her car running and her son inside the car. Within a short time, two subjects pulled up to Archie's Honda. The passenger of the Honda, a 6 foot tall black male, got out of his car and jumped in Archie's car with the child inside. Both cars sped away. wsfa.com

Augusta, GA: Shooting in the parking lot of Mom & Pop's C-Store
One man wounded while sitting in his truck, does not believe he was the intended target. wpjf.com

Retail Shooting Updates

Braintree, MA: Braintree mall shooting suspect due in court
A Quincy man, who was charged in February with firing a gun inside Macy's at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, is scheduled to be arraigned in superior court later this month. Michael J. Spence Jr., 24, was indicted by a grand jury on April 28 and will be arraigned on May 30 in Norfolk Superior Court. Police said they believe the shots fired inside the mall the night of Friday, Feb. 3, involved a chance meeting between two members of rival Boston gangs. The mall was placed in lockdown after gunfire erupted in the shoe section of the department store. Employees and patrons had to shelter in place as nearly two dozen police officers searched through stores. Officers from the state police, Quincy and Randolph police responded to the scene, along with members of three different regional SWAT teams. wickedlocal.com

Roswell, GA: Jeffrey Hazelwood Sentenced to Life in Prison in Murders of two teens behind Publix store
A man accused of shooting two teens behind a Roswell grocery store will spend the rest of his life in prison after accepting a plea deal on Wednesday. Jeffery Hazelwood pleaded guilty but mentally ill in the shooting murders of 17-year-olds Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis. The teens were found shot to death behind a Publix on August 1, 2016. Investigators said surveillance footage captured Hazelwood follow the two behind the grocery store. The teens' bodies were discovered hours later. 11alive.com

Terrytown, LA: Gary Francois sentenced to life in 2014 Oakwood Mall murder
Gary Francois, the man convicted of second-degree murder for a fatal shooting inside Oakwood Center Mall in Terrytown on Christmas Eve 2014, was sentenced to life in prison Thursday morning. Judge Lee Faulkner of the 24th Judicial District Court handed down the mandatory sentence after hearing from the mothers of Francois, 28, and murder victim James "Popeye" Vaughn, 24. Prosecutors had accused of Francois of coldly executing James Vaughn, of Harvey, just minutes after Vaughn completed a transaction in a Foot Locker shoe store at the mall. Vaughn was shot four times - once in the hand, once in the back and twice in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene. nola.com 

Robberies & Thefts

Corona, CA: 1 arrested in Corona after prescription drug Armed Robbery, SWAT standoff
After an hourslong standoff with Riverside County sheriff's SWAT officers, a Corona man suspected of robbing a Norco business of prescription medication is in custody, officials said Wednesday morning. Authorities entered Jeffrey Crawford's home in the 2600 block of Castle Rock Circle around 11:30 p.m. Just before 4 p.m., deputies from the Norco sheriff's station were called to the 2800 block of Hamner Avenue on reports of an armed robbery. The man, later identified as Crawford, reportedly showed a handgun and demanded medication from the business employee. He ran off before deputies arrived. No one was hurt in the robbery. pe.com

Douglas County, CO: Man gets 96 years for smash-and-grab
at Jewelry store

Marquis DeShawn McDonald, 28, is accused of being one of the four people involved in smashing a display case at the Ben Bridge jewelry store within the Park Meadows shopping center and stealing several Rolex watches. Douglas District Judge David Stevens determined McDonald is a habitual criminal and sentenced him to concurrent sentences on five counts. In January a jury found McDonald guilty of racketeering under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act; theft; conspiracy to commit theft; criminal mischief; and aggravated motor vehicle theft. krdo.com

Update: Peoria, AZ: Police release Shocking Surveillance footage of car Smashing through an RV Store
Security footage saw the driver circle the parking lot a few times on Monday around 5am before lining up with the front doors. The driver then rammed through the entrance - destroying merchandise before coming to a halt. However, this is not a smash-and-grab job as the driver suddenly U-turned before plowing through the exit doors and fleeing the scene. dailymail.co.uk

5 serial robbers caught after chase in NW Harris Co
Five men have been arrested in connection with nearly two dozen aggravated robberies in Harris County. Deputies were chasing a vehicle around noon Wednesday in the area of Mills Road and FM 1960.They were eventually caught at an apartment complex. Two of the suspects were bitten by a police dog. Investigators said a robbery at a T-Mobile store on the 12000 block of Jones Road led to the short pursuit. abc13.com

Dubai, UAE: Gang steals Precious Stones worth $2.8 Million; 3 Arrested
Dubai Police have arrested a gang of three Asian men who robbed precious gemstones worth Dh10.8 million ($2.8M USD) from a company in Al Barsha area, police said on Tuesday. The suspect confessed that he watched the company owner's son through CCTV visuals inside the shop to learn the secret PIN of the safe. He opened the safe and stole the gemstones and delivered the stones to his two accomplices," said Maj Gen Al Mansouri of the Dubai Police. gulfnews.com

Melbourne, Australia: Police Release video of Multiple Suspects in Jewelry Store Smash & Grab

Secaucus, NJ: Grab & Run at Gucci Outlet, male suspect fled with 2 handbags

Somerville, NJ: Man and woman wanted in $266 theft of Red Bull from ShopRite

Piercing Pagoda Gateway Mall, Lincoln, NE reported a Burglary on 5/17, total amount not yet available


Boost Mobile - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Brown Derby Liquor - Springfield, MO - Robbery
CEFCO - Harker Heights, TX - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery (N. Central)
Circle K - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery ( N 12th Ave)
Circle K - Maryville,IL - Armed Robbery
CVS - Tulsa, OK - Robbery
Pharmacy - Norco, CA - Armed Robbery
• Piercing Pagoda - Lincoln, NE - Burglary
Pioneer Market - Akron, OH - Robbery
Provident Jewelry - Jupiter, FL - Burglary
Starbucks - Jacksonville, FL - Burglary
Subway - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
U&I Trading Post (Pawn) - Klamath Falls, OR - Robbery
7-Eleven - Shorewood, IL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
13 robberies
3 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed

Brian Akonom, CFI
named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Family Dollar.

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Senior Account Liaison
Grand Rapids, MI
The Senior Account Liaison is an onsite representative, (located within a client's corporate facility) who has daily interaction with elevated level customer contacts (Director or VP of LP). SAL develops positive relationships with the customer and adds value that positively impacts our clients' businesses and results in retention and growth...

Matthews, NC

The President is the key management leader of The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF). The President is responsible for overseeing the administration, revenue generation, marketing, programs, strategic plan and industry outreach of the organization. The position reports directly to the Executive Committee...


Director, Fraud Analytics, Experience Protection - Sam's Club
Bentonville, AR
As a Director on the Sam's Experience Protection team, you will help set direction and build capabilities to solve for fraud and risk detection. You will apply your skills in machine learning, big data profiling, statistical exception identification, and data visualization. You will help lead capability teams that will call on your experience in managing & mentoring technical talents-this requires a unique talent who can both lead and execute...

Director, Loss Prevention - Profit Improvement
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The Director of Loss Prevention - Profit Improvement will provide a leadership role at the corporate level overseeing Merchandise Solutions, Inventory Reconciliation, Training / Communication, Loss Prevention Strategy and New Store Programs. (LP Dept support functions Store Support based). The role will be responsible to create strategies connected to driving accuracy and profitability across merchandising, distribution and operations...

Director, Loss Prevention
Toronto Ontario Canada

Reporting directly to the Vice President of National Operations, the incumbent develops, directs and implements all loss prevention initiatives nationally to protect all company assets while complying with corporate standards, policies and procedures. The incumbent directs, guides and monitors all loss prevention personnel across the country and is responsible for achieving national total loss goals, managing to the national outside and inside security budgets and managing the national loss prevention capex budgets...


Mng Dir, Fraud Investigations and P&AP
Seattle, WA

This job contributes to Starbucks success by directing the development and execution of the Company's programs for fraud analytics and investigations, partner and asset protection and security business management. Leads 3 subordinate teams; Point of Sale Investigations, Partner and Asset Protection and Business Management... 

Director EHS & Loss Prevention
Las Colinas, TX
Reporting to Chief Financial Officer, this position will be responsible for sustaining a proactive, company-wide risk management and EHS safety program to achieve annual goals and reduce accidents and associated costs. He/she will work with all departments on the development and implementation of safety and loss prevention programs. Partner with Accounting to support the analysis and tracking of inventory...

Asset Protection Program Sr Manager
Nashville, TN
Manages programs and initiatives as it relates to physical security and shrink improvement that advance company financials. Sources new technologies and vendors, implements effective tests, plans optimal company rollouts, and makes recommendations for future strategies. Provides training and support for field personnel on all applicable programs and initiatives..

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