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June 20-21

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Sept. 19

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Sept. 25-28

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Oct. 17

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Peter Bradley named Senior Director, Loss Prevention for GardaWorld

Peter has 28 years of loss prevention and security experience for such retailers as T. Eaton Co. Ltd as Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Boutique Jacob Inc. as Director Loss Prevention and Corporate Security and RUDSAK Inc. as Loss Prevention and Corporate Security. He was also the Director of Loss Prevention and Corporate Security for SAQ for six years. Congratulations Peter!

Greg Stocker, CFI named Director of Safety and Security
for Red Roof Inn

Greg was previously the Regional Loss Prevention and Safety Manager - Supply Chain for PetSmart for over three years, and had been their Regional Loss Prevention and Safety Manager - Field for six years before his promotion. He's also held loss prevention and security positions for Charming Shoppes Inc., as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager and for Abercrombie & Fitch as a Corporate Security Investigator. Congratulations Greg!

Solution Providers 'Top 5'


Originally Published 3-16-15

Turning Point Justice is a rapidly growing cloud technology company that provides collaborative solutions to retail theft that cultivate positive change through restorative justice. Lohra Miller, CEO, Turning Point Justice, tells us about the Cloud Justice Platform, which provides consistent, quality reporting based on retailers' individual policies and procedures, while Barbara Staib, Director of Communications, National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, tells us how the proactive approach of TPJ's Court Alternative Program is a win-win-win for retailers, their communities, and the offenders who are given the opportunity to change their lives.

Coming Next Week - 2016 'Top 5'

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us

Chad McIntosh, VP of LP & Risk Management Wins Retail Innovator Award
Category: Collaboration/Operation Efficiency

During the 3rd Annual Retail Innovation Conference on May 10, 24 leading retail executives were honored as Retail Innovator Award winners. Now in its 4th year, this award honors business leaders who are embracing positive disruption in retail.

Chad McIntosh, VP of Loss Prevention and Asset Management at Bloomingdale's won a Retail Innovator Award for his modern approach to employee training. McIntosh implemented a SaaS-based employee training program from Axonify that is effectively delivering safety awareness to more than 10,000 employees. By using gamification, employees voluntarily choose to enter the platform and complete a few minutes of training. Chad says that his approach has saved the company over $10 million in Loss Prevention and Safety Incidents and reduced claims by 41% since he implemented the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform.

To read a full case study on how Axonify helped Bloomingdale's save millions by investing in associate knowledge building, click here.

Retail TouchPoints is accepting nominations now for the 2018 Retail Innovator Awards. Learn more here. retailtouchpoints.com

Facial Recognition No Longer Alien to Consumers
Consumers increasingly embracing biometric solutions

Look Out For Announcement Next Week
Face recognition and fingerprint authentication are no longer alien to consumers who are increasingly embracing such technologies within the retail environment, according to payments firm Visa.

Natasha Toothill, head of merchant services at Visa, said that consumers used to view biometrics sceptically but with the likes of face recognition now adopted by airports, they now saw the technology as being an effective way of removing points of friction and helping to speed up their journey.

"Customers were initially unwilling to have face recognition in retail but now that it is used by airports it is being accepted more," she said, citing early examples of its use in the sector including prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses brand Warby Parker recommending spectacles based on shoppers' face shapes and marketing campaigns involving content on digital screens being personalised based on the face of the person passing by.

"There are also hotels using face recognition to identify VIP guests and some retailers using it to spot shoplifters," said Toothill, who added that all such biometric technologies are simply a way to identify somebody in a seamless way.

This is the objective of the latest Verified-by-Visa release, which uses fingerprinting to identify and authenticate the shopper online. "It will be used for in-app purchases because we recognise that we need to improve the customer experience," said Toothill.

Certainly the research suggests shoppers are ready to embrace such technologies and accept it as a way to pay. Toothill cited the figure that 73% of people have as much confidence in fingerprinting as chip and PIN, and that 68% of people want to use biometrics as a method of authentication. essentialretail.com

2017 Comp Store Averages (YTD)

Quarterly Comps & Sales Numbers reported in 2017
Average quarterly comps: Down 1.39%
Average quarterly sales: Up 1.4%

Quarterly Comps & Sales Numbers reported in Q2
(April 1 thru May 18)

Average quarterly comps: Down 1.09%
Average quarterly sales:
Up .77%

Best quarterly comps
Chipotle up 17.8%
Ulta Beauty
up 16.6%
Domino's up 14.1%

Worst quarterly comps
hhgregg down 22.2%
GameStop down 20.8%
RH down 18%  

2017 Comp Store Averages YTD
E-Commerce is in the Drivers Seat

With it being the only reason we're seeing average quarterly sales at a positive 1.4%. It would be interesting to see that number without e-commerce included. But as many in the finance community are talking about, the retail industry as a whole needs to redefine reporting data and agree on an industry standard.

The Ripple Effect of all these negative comp's
Travel Budgets Being Cut Nationwide
Long Term Impact?

A large number of retailers are reporting travel budgets have been slashed across industry channels in the U.S. as retailers become more expense conscious.

Only very recently have we begun to hear from the media that brick and mortar retail sales are hurting, as they continued to talk about the strong consumer confidence numbers. Now, with the stock market slump and just to0 many retailers reporting negative comp's, it seems to have gotten their attention.

The issue now will be as it continues, more will be impacted. From the immediate vendors, such as US Security Associates layoffs this week, to the hotels, rental car companies, airlines and down the line of support services.

By late July - mid August we'll see the true picture and depth of what we're all going through. Just some thoughts Gus Downing

The Heroin Business Is Booming in America
Cartels boost profits as painkiller supplies tighten up
Fueling 66% of ORC?
Heroin has become so pervasive in cities such as Cincinnati and so profitable for the cartels that supply it that even cops admit the sporadic arrests they make have little effect. "It's really not going to make any impact out on the street," says Detective Brandon Connley, speaking from the damp parking lot outside the market. "Everybody and their mom sells drugs these days. There's always somebody right there to pick back up."

Millions of Americans got hooked on pain pills during a prescription binge that started in the 1990s and peaked around 2011. As states have tightened monitoring and doctors have reduced dosages, it's become harder for addicts to get prescription painkillers, driving many to get their fix off street drugs. Mexican cartels and big-city gangs have capitalized on the shift, extending networks of dealers across the U.S. and flooding the market with cheap heroin, according to law enforcement.

Cartels have begun lacing heroin with synthetic opioids including fentanyl, making a dose more addictive and cheaper to produce. Overdose reversal shots are helping addicts survive, often to use again, giving dealers a steady supply of repeat customers. With persistent demand and increasingly wide profit margins, 2017 is shaping up as the most profitable year ever for the U.S. heroin trade.

Editor's Note: Thus fueling ORC across America. As we would guess, according to our monitoring the news each day, that as much as two-thirds of all ORC is drug related. bloomberg.com

Justice reform battle intensifies at Oklahoma Capitol
Seeking to decrease penalties for nonviolent crimes

The battle over criminal justice reform efforts is heating up at the state Capitol as House lawmakers prepare for possible key committee votes Friday on measures that seek to lower the state's incarceration rate by decreasing penalties for nonviolent crimes. Proving to be particularly contentious is House Bill 2281, which seeks to decrease the number of people incarcerated for low-value property crimes by making the theft of items valued at less than $1,000 a misdemeanor rather than a felony. The current felony threshold is $500. The bill also takes a tiered approach to the length of potential sentences to be handed down for thefts greater than $1,000 with longer sentences possible for crimes where the value of items stolen is greater. Former House Speaker Kris Steele, a staunch reform advocate, said the bill brings logic to property crime sentencing by making sure punishments aren't overly harsh based on the value of the property taken. newsok.com

Digital Video Upgrades the Hiring Experience
Digital video technology enables employers to attract, screen, interview and assess candidates more efficiently and with more certainty, experts and users say.

Talent acquisition functions should leverage the trend toward consuming and sharing online video content to expand their potential talent pools, said Lindsay Stanton, chief client officer of Digi-Me, a Chicago-area firm that turns traditional text job postings into digital video ads. "Video has an innate ability to spread online," she added. "Candidates are much more willing to engage it and find it much easier to push it out to their networks."

Video works both ways - sending out information to the candidate and receiving it from candidates. Video interviews - whether recorded by the candidate or conducted via a live Skype-style exchange - allow organizations to hire talent faster in a more streamlined way, said Kevin Parker, CEO of HireVue, a digital recruiting platform based in Salt Lake City. Employers can post questions, and applicants respond with a video, allowing hiring managers to quickly weed through to find the top candidates. With a faster time-to-hire than traditional screening interview methods, employers have a better chance of landing top talent, who are often fielding several offers, he added. shrm.org

Here are the best and worst paying retailers in America - businessinsider.com

Rent's Dropping - Stifling Growth Further
Is Dick's Sporting Goods smart to wait on more retail failures before opening new stores?

Believing lease costs are heading south, Dick's Sporting Goods earlier this week said it was "significantly" reducing new store openings in the years ahead.

"What we see with so many stores that are closing or purported to close or you expect will close, there is going to be just a flood of real estate in the market," said Ed Stack, CEO, on the company's first-quarter conference call. "Our view is that we should not be opening a whole lot of stores right now because we're going to pay a higher rent today than we would two or three years from now."

He said the company is already starting to see prices come down and "we believe this trend will only accelerate in all true A malls." retailwire.com
Counterfeit 5-Hour Middleman Angles For No Jail Time
Eleven People Convicted in Multi Million $$ Wholesaler - Re-Bottling Scheme

A Southern California man who admitted to being a go-between in a scheme to counterfeit millions of bottles of 5-Hour Energy urged a federal judge to give him a no-jail sentence Wednesday, saying he was unaware his actions were illegal until midway through.

Leslie Roman, 63, asked U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh for a probationary sentence instead of the more than three years in jail prosecutors have pushed. Roman was one of 11 defendants charged with a scheme to, at first, relabel bottles of the drink sold in Mexico and resell them illegally in the U.S., and later to recreate the drink with their own ingredients.

Roman argues that he should not be held accountable for the some 4,029,264 counterfeit bottles created in the five-month scheme, but only for around half of those, since he only learned halfway through that helping manufacture the fake labels was illegal. law360.com

Wadena, MN: Unsuspecting Walmart Customer Takes Down Startled Deer
A confused white-tailed deer that wandered into a Walmart store in Minnesota ran into a startled customer who tackled the animal to the ground. Shoppers at the store in Wadena, 150 miles northwest of Minneapolis, speculated that the young animal was searching for a snack Tuesday when it entered the store through the garden center doors. Tom Grasswick, who happens to live in Deer Creek, told WDAY-TV that he felt like someone had slugged him when the deer slammed into him. Grasswick says his first instinct was to tackle the animal, bringing it down on a pallet of dog food. Grasswick covered the deer's eyes to calm it down, and he and others took the animal outside and set it free. wdio.com

Sr. Director Compliance, Safety & AP-Logistics for Walmart in Bentonville, AR
• Analyzes data and financial reports to decrease injuries, losses and increase company profitability
• Cultivates an environment where associates respect and adhere to company standards of integrity and ethics
• Develops and implements strategies
• Develops and implements strategies to attract and maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce
• Develops and leverages internal and external partnerships and networks to maximize the achievement of business goals
• Directs cross-functional managers during crisis situations
• Ensures business unit execution of compliance, safety, and environmental policies, procedures, and regulations
• Manages a portion of the department budget and profit and loss (P&L)
• Provides overall direction
• Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).
• Loss Prevention Professional (LPP).

What started small, with a single discount store and the simple idea of selling more for less, has grown over the last 50 years into the largest retailer in the world. Today, nearly 260 million customers visit our more than 11,500 stores under 72 banners in 28 countries and e-commerce sites in 11 countries each week. With fiscal year 2016 revenue of $482.1 billion, Walmart employs 2.3 million associates worldwide - 1.5 million in the U.S. alone. It's all part of our unwavering commitment to creating opportunities and bringing value to customers and communities around the world. brassring.com

Director of Ecommerce Fraud for Neiman Marcus Group in Dallas, TX
The Director of Ecommerce Fraud is responsible for protecting the company's profits and our customers' information by identifying and preventing fraudulent account activity.

The Company operates more than 40 Neiman Marcus full-line stores in the most affluent markets across the United States, including U.S. gateway cities that draw an international clientele. In addition, we operate 2 Bergdorf Goodman stores in landmark locations on Fifth Avenue in New York City. We also operate more than 40 Last Call by Neiman Marcus off-price stores that cater to a value oriented, yet fashion minded customer. Our upscale eCommerce and direct-to-consumer division includes NeimanMarcus.com, BergdorfGoodman.com Horchow.com, LastCall.com, and CUSP.com. taleo.net

Lowe's to buy Maintenance Supply Headquarters for $512M

American Eagle to close more stores

Amazon prepping brick-and-mortar bookstore for D.C.

Gordmans to become an off-price retailer

PCI Security Standards Council Announces 2017-2019 Advisory Board

Levi's Donating $1 Million to Groups Protecting 'Vulnerable' Communities

Ahold's Martin's chain to close remaining 9 stores

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Ross Stores Q1 comp's up 3%, sales up 7%
Gap Inc. Q1 comp's up 2%, sales "about flat"
   Old Navy Global comp's up 8%
   Gap Global comp's down 4%
   Banana Republic Global down 4%
Foot Locker Q1 comp's up 0.5%, sales up 0.7%
New York & Co. Q1 comp's down 0.7%, net sales up 2.9%

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USS Reveals New F-117 Nighthawk Protection for Designer Eyewear

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (May 11, 2017) - Security solution and technology provider, USS, recently revealed its latest product development in eyewear protection, the F-117 Nighthawk Eyewear Tag.

While there are eyewear specific electronic article surveillance (EAS) products on the market, what makes USS' new F-117 Eyewear Tag unique, is its stylish, lightweight design and robust anti-theft features including a patented mechanism that tightens the tag's grip in the event that an improper removal is attempted.

The tag the is result of nearly 10 years of trials and development, which involved thorough testing in partnership with a global eyewear manufacturer and retailer. The end-product is a sleek, but sturdy, adjustable tag that snuggly fits eyewear frames of almost any shape and size without causing any damage to the product.

"A standout feature that resulted from the decade of research and development that went into creating this product, is one of the tag's most critical differentiators from similar EAS protection; the fact that it's a one-piece solution that doesn't require a separate tool to lock and unlock it," explained USS Founder and CEO Adel Sayegh. "With those time-saving and ease-of-use features in mind, the F-117 Nighthawk is projected to increase our clientele's throughput by upwards of 80 percent," Sayegh continued.

Read more here



NSA Tools Behind WannaCry Being Used In Even Bigger Attack Campaign
Attackers have been using NSAs EternalBlue and Double Pulsar to distribute AdylKuzz cryptocurrency malware to hundreds of thousands of systems, Proofpoint says.

As with WannaCry, the threat actors behind the Adylkuzz campaign are using the NSA's leaked EternalBlue exploit to target legacy Windows systems running a vulnerable version of the Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.

Adylkuzz is not ransomware. Rather it is a so-called "miner" for Monero, a cryptocurrency that is similar to, but not as widely used as, bitcoin. Computers infected with Adylkuzz become part of a broad distributed banking network for Monero.

In compensation for the use of the computer, the network typically pays a small fee equivalent to around $205 at current exchange rates to the miner, which in this case would really be the attacker that installed Adylkuzz. Individual laptops might only generate a few dollars on a weekly basis but the collective payout from all of the infected systems easily tops five-figures daily, Epstein says. darkreading.com

Objector To $10M Target Breach Deal Fails To Sway Judge
A Minnesota federal judge held Wednesday that a $10 million deal resolving claims over Target's 2013 data breach is "as good a settlement as any class member could hope," concluding that an objector offered no evidence of alleged conflicts within the settlement class.

Objector Leif Olson has presented no proof of an "actual, fundamental conflict" between class members who suffered monetary losses in the breach and those who didn't, U.S. District Judge Paul A. Magnuson determined. Under the deal, all of the consumers will receive all of the relief they're entitled to, whether that means compensation for money lost or the knowledge that Target will better protect customer information going forward, the judge held.

"It is difficult to imagine a settlement that more comprehensively addresses all of the harm suffered by a class as the settlement here," the judge said. "And the comprehensive nature of the settlement, in turn, reflects the adequacy, indeed the superiority, of the representation the class received from its named plaintiffs and from class counsel." law360.com

Omni Channeling Will Ultimately Push RFID Industry Wide
Is The 'RFID Retail Revolution' Finally Here? A Macy's Case Study

After nearly 20 years of aborted takeoffs-including a much-watched failed push by Wal-Mart -radio frequency identification technology finally seems poised for widespread retail adoption, if the renewed industry buzz on the inventory-tracking tech is any indication.

As the cost of RFID has fallen dramatically - a RFID tag was priced at about $1 in 2003, and is roughly 10 cents today -retailers are starting to upgrade to the technology to access an item-level view of their in-store and online inventory.

For Macy's, RFID "is not a project, it's very much integrated into how we do business," Bill Connell, senior vice president of transportation, store operations and process improvement for the department store, said in an email message.

Macy's set plans last year to expand its use of RFID to track every item across its fleet of stores and fulfillment centers by the end of 2018. "We are already halfway to this goal of tagging 100% of products," he said.

So far, Macy's has noticed "a big impact" on sales and profitability across several product categories from RFID, Connell said, but will not disclose actual figures until a full year has passed since its implementation.

Connell did say Macy's has reaped both financial and operating gains from RFID. "With an increase in the inventory accuracy, out-of-stocks are significantly reduced," he said. "And by cutting the out-of-stocks, item availability is increased, which can lead to substantial and measurable sales increases."

RFID theoretically insures that, when fulfilling an online order from a store, "I actually do have that inventory that I committed to the customer," McKinsey said. forbes.com

After a Data Breach Stock Prices Fall 5 percent, Customer Turnover is 7 percent
Data security breaches can negatively impact an entire organization -- including sales, marketing and IT -- and have a significant negative impact on company finances and shareholder value, according to a new Ponemon study.

Specifically, the study, which was commissioned by Centrify, found that the stock value index of 113 companies declined an average of five percent the day the breach was disclosed. What's more, 31 percent of consumers surveyed say they actually terminated their relationship with an organization that experienced a data breach.  And while the study found a data breach has a significant impact on brand reputation, 66 percent of IT practitioners don't believe their company's brand is their responsibility.

"Data breaches are very real business and bottom line concerns. This reality was recently seen when a popular fast food chain's stock rose as much as 6.8% after reporting better than expected Q1 earnings, but then saw its gains chopped in half when it revealed it had a breach. The fallout can be significant and may even be a reason to relieve the C-Suite of its duties," said Tom Kemp, CEO of Centrify. "This new report serves as a wake-up call to every organization that security isn't just about protecting data, it's about protecting the business. It is no longer just an IT problem -- it must be elevated to the C-suite and boardroom because it requires a holistic and strategic approach to protecting the whole organization."

The Impact of a Data Breach on Reputation and Share Value study presents the views of three diverse groups who have in common the ability to influence share value and reputation. securitymagazine.com

Why We Need a Data-Driven Cybersecurity Market
NIST should bring together industry to create a standard set of metrics and develop better ways to share information.

Imagine you're the chief information security officer (CISO) of a big bank. You've just implemented a new cybersecurity program and you want to see how your metrics stack up against those of your peers. It should be easy, right? It's not.

Unfortunately, there is no standardized process for measuring and reporting on cybersecurity metrics that all organizations can access. I can give my firsthand experience, or they can hire one of the big consultancies. Even then, the available data sets are too small and in different formats.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework - put forward by the US Department of Commerce and widely adopted by businesses and government agencies - is the ideal mechanism for setting these standards. That's why I was glad to see the Department's updated draft - which was released earlier this year, and for which comments were due in April - even added a section on metrics and measurement. But the National Institute of Standards and Technology doesn't go far enough. It should use its convening power to bring together stakeholders across industries and develop a set of common metrics, authorize and approve third parties to audit them, and develop ways to share this information. darkreading.com

Gift Cards: An Easy Hacking Target
The latest way to do it is to devise a bot that scans the Internet for online gift cards with balance, to be hacked and depleted of money. Another commonplace method is to use stolen credit cards and buy gift cards online. The returns are realized when a hacker sells the gift cards online on reselling websites, a quick and easy way to make money, without the hassles of complicated credit or debit card-hacking. Hackers have thus been using gift cards as laundering devices too, by buying volumes of low value gift cards and selling them through e-tailers online. Since the e-tailer credibility is established, no one doubts the authenticity of these "resold" gift cards, and people are duped in the process. readitquik.com

Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit Chicago - June 20-21, 2017

Nine Expert Tips To Protect Your Business From Intellectual Property Theft

Excerpts from Prove 'Em Innocent:
The Art & Science of Workplace Investigations

by John A. Velke III

Part Eight

One of the most important competencies of a retail loss prevention / asset protection professional is to be capable of conducting a fair, unbiased investigation thoroughly, confidentially, and with absolute professionalism. Velke's book provides new and experienced investigators an opportunity to build on their investigative expertise using real-life examples and exercises derived from more than 40 years of investigative experience.

Eighth in a series of bi-monthly excerpts: Who is Dishonest? from Chapter 4.

The short answer is this: Everyone has the capability of being dishonest. People of all types become disenfranchised with their employer, suffer a severe financial hardship, or are significantly tempted to engage in dishonest behavior. Some of these people will avail themselves of an opportunity to do something dishonest while others will not. One's position and income do not eliminate the potential for dishonesty. Therefore, no person or position should be considered above suspicion.

Before we go any further let's do a brief exercise.

The Uniform Supply Company
Suppose for a moment that you are applying for a job as the lead investigator for a large multi-state uniform supply company. During your interview with the VP of Operations he asks you to read the below descriptions of four employees and rank them from highest risk to lowest risk for dishonesty. She expects you to explain the thought process you used to determine your ranking.

      ______A 24 year-old divorced single mother with 2 children working full-time in the accounting department

      ______A 45 year-old woman who has returned to the workplace after raising two kids at home and works in the laundry area, she does not have a car and is dropped off and picked up by her husband daily

      ______A 25 year-old husband and father who took a job as a full-time warehouseman after he was laid off from a job in the technology sector he is hoping to get back in the technology business and would like to continue to work for part-time when that happens

      ______ A 48 year-old salesman who travels as part of his work he drives a seven year old car and has two children in college

Once you have made your selections turn to Appendix A-11 and compare your answers.

Read today's full excerpt and other parts from John's book here

Copies of Velke's book are available on
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Prove 'Em Innocent websites.

Restaurant App, Zomato, Hacked
17 Million user records stolen and sold on Dark Web for Bitcoins

Zomato, a restaurant chain spread across 23 countries, has experienced a major data breach with over 17 million users account details and password hashes stolen.

Nevertheless, the restaurant acknowledged in a blog post that no payment information or credit card data has been stolen/leaked. Payment related information on Zomato is stored separately from this (stolen) data in a secure PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant vault, the company continued.

Moving ahead with the stolen data, the anonymous hacker has put up victims' details for sale on the Dark Web, demanding USD 1,001.43 (BTC 0.5587) - BTC for Bitcoins ransom, according to The Tech Portal.

"So far, it looks like an internal (human) security breach - some employee's development account got compromised," the company said in a blog post, without providing further details. It didn't immediately respond to a request for more information.

As a security means, the company has reset the passwords for all affected users and logged them out of the app and website. The company is further scanning all possible breach vectors and closing any gaps in their environment. thepaypers.com cnn.com

Amazon Tops Darknet Exposure Index
Amazon is the company with the largest darknet footprint according to a new ranking - which is concerning given its massive internet presence and possession of significant customer data.

The OWL Cybersecurity Darknet Index uses a proprietary algorithm to rank each Fortune 500 company based on a company's exposed data on the darknet.

The darknet is a collection of networks on the internet that are purposefully hidden, designed specifically for anonymity. Unlike the surface web (public information available to search engines) and the deep web (online information requiring credentials, like banking sites or paid firewalls), the darknet is only accessible with special tools and software. As a result, the anonymity of the darknet facilitates the exchange of large amounts of stolen and hacked data. The presence of a company's data on the darknet, and the extent of that presence, is one measure of cybersecurity risk.

The study revealed that every company on the Fortune 500 is exposed to some extent, but technology and telecommunications companies overall are the largest target. Those at the top of the list have credentials and/or intellectual property exposed on the darknet which can be monetized by others. infosecurity-magazine.com

Revenue for China's Alibaba surges 56% for the year on e‑commerce gains

Amazon Prime Day is coming again in mid-July

Google sees shopping as the first real-world use of augmented reality

Weebly Partners with Google to Bring Android Pay to Online Merchants and Mobile Shoppers

Northeast Safety & Security Area Manager - New York job posted for PayPal

Fulton County, GA: Four charged in credit card scam; hitting multiple stores in Mayfield and Johnstown
Fulton County Sheriff's Deputies have arrested four people, charging them with scamming local businesses, using fake credit cards. Police say the suspects used the cards -- created from card numbers stolen off the internet -- at several stores in Mayfield and Johnstown. Officers say the gang bought stolen credit card numbers, and were caught in possession of a computer and a magnetic strip embosser. cbs6albany.com

Woodstock, IL: Man Burglarized Jewel-Osco three times stealing thousands
in cigarettes

Police have arrested a man on felony theft charges after he allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of cigarettes during three separate burglaries of the same Jewel-Osco store in Woodstock over the course of three months. Sanaullah Mir, 38, was charged Wednesday with three counts of retail theft of items worth more than $300. Mir already was in custody at the Kane County Jail. nwherald.com

Maryville, TN: Blount County man arrested in 2nd Fencing Operation
Jesse Aaron Teaster has been arrested a second time for allegedly fencing stolen goods. His arrest comes almost a year after being charged in a nearly identical scheme. He was out of jail on bond at the time. Teaster was arrested on May 12 and charged with theft of property over $10,000, delivery of a Schedule II controlled substance (morphine), and delivery of a Schedule II controlled substance in a drug free zone. Deputies say earlier this year they received a tip that Teaster was selling stolen goods, and sometime trading morphine for goods, at auctions and flea markets all across East Tennessee. The sheriff's office started working with retailers who provided deputies with $22,000 worth of merchandise to use in the investigation. In June 2016, he was released on bond after being charged in a 38 count indictment. knoxnews.com

Kingman, AZ: Three arrested in Burglary investigation, 1 charged with Organized Retail Theft
Mohave County Sheriff's deputies arrested three people this week believed to be connected with a residential burglary that occurred in April. In late April, deputies received reports that two motorcycles were stolen from a residence. A tip received this week from the victim led to the arrests. Dakota L. Atwood, 29, was arrested Monday afternoon for a felony warrant for organized retail theft. The other two suspects were charged with multiple theft and drug charges. havasunews.com

Modesto, CA: Update: Police provide descriptions of team of thieves that hit Apple Store at Vintage Faire Mall
The Modesto Police Department has released descriptions of the four men who rushed into the Apple Store at Vintage Faire Mall on May 10, scooped up various merchandise and made a quick escape. modbee.com

Mesa County, CO: Truck Toolboxes stolen from Murdoch's store:
valued at nearly $6,000

The Grand Junction Police Department and Mesa County Sheriff's Office says that either on the night of May 10 or early morning hours of May 11, someone stole seven toolboxes from the Murdoch's store on I-70. The toolboxes stolen are designed to fit into the bed of pickup trucks. The value of the stolen toolboxes is $5,800. kool1079.com

Update: Women run from Seminole mall after Victoria's Secret theft
Three women were caught on camera running from a Victoria's Secret in Sanford, leaving articles of clothing in their wake. Police said the women walked into the store before 2:30 p.m. earlier this month and stole numerous clothing items. Sanford police said the women ran out of the Seminole Town Center Mall without paying for the items. wesh.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Jackson, MS: Three suspects charged with Capital Murder after 6-year-old found shot and killed in stolen car
A 6-year-old Mississippi boy was found dead from a gunshot wound on Thursday in the back of a car that had been stolen from his mother hours earlier in Jackson. Ebony Archie, the boy's mother, had left him in a running Toyota Camry at about 1:15 a.m. while she ducked into a Kroger grocery store. About 9:30 a.m., authorities found Kingston dead with a gunshot wound. His body was left in the back seat of the car, which had been abandoned behind a warehouse on a dead-end dirt road, about a dozen miles from the Kroger, District Attorney Michael Guest say that all three suspects in custody for the death have been charged with capital murder. msnewsnow.com

Update: Clinton, TN: Man charged with murder in Walmart shooting
A man was charged with shooting his ex-wife's husband after a shooting in the parking lot of a Walmart store in Clinton. Robert K. Myers, 32, of Briceville was charged with first-degree attempted murder, aggravated assault, especially aggravated kidnapping and second-degree murder. Officers said Marshal Pinsley, 23, of Blaine, was shot and killed on April 28. Police said Myers was the ex-husband of Marshal Pinsly's wife, Crystal Pinsly. Myers was taken into custody after shooting, then released after several hours of questioning. wjhl.com

Update: Asheville, NC: Teen shot by customer charged in C-store robbery
A 17-year-old has been charged in connection with an armed robbery of an Asheville convenience store, during which he was shot by a customer. Arrest warrants state the teen took an undetermined amount of cash from the register at the store on May 12 and shot the store clerk with a Taser gun. The store clerk told emergency dispatchers that another suspect pointed a gun in his face, and a customer fired two shots at the suspects. Asheville Police said the teen was transported to hospital and charged upon release. Police are searching for the second suspect. pilotonline.com

Robberies & Thefts

Houston, TX: 4 students rob GameStop at gunpoint, chased to own HS during school day
Four teenagers are accused of robbing a GameStop store on the North Freeway and then going to school to hide. All four suspects are believed to be students at Dekaney High School. The students, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, took cash from the store at gunpoint. A deputy spotted their car a few miles away and chased it onto the campus of Dekaney. Two suspects were arrested in the parking lot. Two more ran inside. The school was placed on lockdown as law enforcement launched an intensive search inside the building. All 4 suspects were arrested and weapons were recovered on school property. abc7chicago.com

Phoenix, AZ: Armed Robber hits six Circle K stores, big Slim Jim fan
A man accused of robbing six Circle K stores in the Phoenix area had a signature snack that helped police nab him. Michael Samson, 20, began his robbery spree on May 11.Samson is accused of walking into a Circle K store, pointing a gun at the clerk and demanding money. After getting cash from the clerk, Samson grabbed a Slim Jim and left the store. The pattern repeated at other Circle K locations. Each time, grabbing a Slim Jim after robbing the store. Witness accounts and surveillance video helped police identify the suspect. Samson confessed to robbing six stores, but said the gun was fake. whio.com

Nashua, NH: Woman charged in theft from safe at JC Penney store
A woman was arrested on a felony theft charge Wednesday after police said she had taken money from a safe at JC Penney. Cassundra Cook, 29, was charged about 5:30 p.m. with theft by unauthorized taking or transfer/consolidation, a Class A felony, police said. Police were called to the Pheasant Lane Mall store Jan. 22 by JC Penney Asset Protection workers who told them Cook had access to the store's safe on numerous occasions and took cash. Cook was released on bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on July 10. A Class A felony is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. unionleader.com

Melbourne, Australia: Police blame Organized Crime Bosses for spate of Jewel store Heists

Laval, Quebec, CN: Birks Jewelry store robber sentenced to 15 years behind bars

Des Peres, MO: St John's Police Sergeant resigns following shoplifting charge; concealing hamburger in his pants

Bomb Threat

Orlando, FL: All-clear given after bomb threat prompts evacuation of Macy's in Mall at Millenia

Arson & Fire

San Antonio, TX: SAFD firefighter killed, two hurt in massive Ingram Square shopping center blaze
One San Antonio firefighter was killed and two others were injured Thursday night while fighting a massive blaze at a shopping center. SAFD Chief Charles Hood confirmed the death of Scott Deem, a six-year veteran of the department. "This is very difficult because the fire was so intense. We started having structural collapses, and we had to go defensive," he said. "(It was a) very rough decision to leave a firefighter behind. That's not what we do, but we had the risk of losing an additional 15 to 20 firefighters if we did not go defensive on this fire." wfaa.com


AT&T - Ventura, CA - Armed Robbery
AT&T - Centerville, OH - Burglary
Check into Cash - Nicholasville, KY - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
CVS - Duluth, MN - Robbery
Erv's Quick Serv - Cordell, OK - Robbery
Exxpress Mart - Beaumont, TX - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Houston, TX - Armed Robbery
Gulf C-store - Cumberland County, PA - Armed Robbery
La Tapatia Restaurant - Little Rock, AR - Burglary
Murdoch's Ranch & Home - Kalispell, MT - Robbery
Murdoch's - Grand Junction, CO - Burglary
Passini Beauty Supply - San Antonio, TX - Burglary
Soundview Deli - Norwalk, CT - Robbery


Daily Totals:
10 robberies
0 shootings
0 killed

Weekly Totals:
70 robberies
18 burglaries
6 shootings
6 killed

None to report.

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Senior Account Liaison
Grand Rapids, MI
The Senior Account Liaison is an onsite representative, (located within a client's corporate facility) who has daily interaction with elevated level customer contacts (Director or VP of LP). SAL develops positive relationships with the customer and adds value that positively impacts our clients' businesses and results in retention and growth...

Director, Fraud Analytics, Experience Protection - Sam's Club
Bentonville, AR
As a Director on the Sam's Experience Protection team, you will help set direction and build capabilities to solve for fraud and risk detection. You will apply your skills in machine learning, big data profiling, statistical exception identification, and data visualization. You will help lead capability teams that will call on your experience in managing & mentoring technical talents-this requires a unique talent who can both lead and execute...


Sr. Director Compliance, Safety & AP-Logistics
Bentonville, AR

• Analyzes data and financial reports to decrease injuries, losses and increase company profitability
• Cultivates an environment where associates respect and adhere to company standards of integrity and ethics
• Develops and implements strategies
• Develops and implements strategies to attract and maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce...

Director, Loss Prevention - Profit Improvement
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The Director of Loss Prevention - Profit Improvement will provide a leadership role at the corporate level overseeing Merchandise Solutions, Inventory Reconciliation, Training / Communication, Loss Prevention Strategy and New Store Programs. (LP Dept support functions Store Support based). The role will be responsible to create strategies connected to driving accuracy and profitability across merchandising, distribution and operations...

Director, Loss Prevention
Toronto Ontario Canada

Reporting directly to the Vice President of National Operations, the incumbent develops, directs and implements all loss prevention initiatives nationally to protect all company assets while complying with corporate standards, policies and procedures. The incumbent directs, guides and monitors all loss prevention personnel across the country and is responsible for achieving national total loss goals, managing to the national outside and inside security budgets and managing the national loss prevention capex budgets...


Mng Dir, Fraud Investigations and P&AP
Seattle, WA

This job contributes to Starbucks success by directing the development and execution of the Company's programs for fraud analytics and investigations, partner and asset protection and security business management. Leads 3 subordinate teams; Point of Sale Investigations, Partner and Asset Protection and Business Management... 

Director EHS & Loss Prevention
Las Colinas, TX
Reporting to Chief Financial Officer, this position will be responsible for sustaining a proactive, company-wide risk management and EHS safety program to achieve annual goals and reduce accidents and associated costs. He/she will work with all departments on the development and implementation of safety and loss prevention programs. Partner with Accounting to support the analysis and tracking of inventory...


Manager, Corporate Security
Jacksonville, FL
The Manager, Corporate Security will oversee all aspects of the company's physical security strategy for retail stores, warehouses, and store support center and field offices. This includes responsibility for the capital expense and repair budgets, developing written specifications, layout and design for all systems and to ensure all installations and repairs are made to SEG standards...


Manager, BC Planning
Jacksonville, FL
Responsible for developing, implementing and managing the company's Business Continuity (BCP) and Life Safety Programs for the Store Support Center, I.T. Technology Center and Regional Offices. This includes, but is not limited to emergency response, disaster recovery and site preparedness plans for critical business functions across the organization...

Asset Protection Program Sr Manager
Nashville, TN
Manages programs and initiatives as it relates to physical security and shrink improvement that advance company financials. Sources new technologies and vendors, implements effective tests, plans optimal company rollouts, and makes recommendations for future strategies. Provides training and support for field personnel on all applicable programs and initiatives..

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