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Diversity Drives Innovation
In the opening session at AIHce 2013 in Montreal, attendees learned that in order to truly innovate, they must embrace diversity. Diversity drives innovation. That’s the message Frans Johansson, CEO of The Medici Group, offered during his May 20 keynote presentation at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce) in Montreal. “If you combine ideas from different industries, disciplines and cultures, you’ll have a better chance of breaking new ground.” Diverse teams can unleash an explosion of new ideas. “If you can connect with somebody who has a different background than yourself, will have access to more ideas,” he said. The bottom line is that diversity drives innovation, Johansson stressed. He also offered several tips for fostering that diversity and creating a culture of innovation: - Find inspiration from fields or cultures other than your own. Make a purposeful effort to reach out to someone different from you and try to make new and unique connection. •Staff for innovation. Surround yourself with people different from yourself. Making the “logical choice” means you’re repeating the same conversations over and over again. •Use diversity of all kinds to find unexpected connections. “If you wish to drive change, stepping into that intersection [of diversity and innovation] is not risky – doing the same thing over and over again can be risky,” Johansson concluded. (Source

Chairman and president of Art Van Furniture, a Michigan retailer, had his house firebombed Friday morning  A 20 yr-old male was arraigned Sunday for throwing an incendiary device through Gary Van Elslander's kitchen window which partially ignited at 3:23 a.m. Friday morning. A second incendiary device was discovered when they searched the area. The suspect's parents live just a few hundred feet from Elslander's home, although police declined to say where the suspect lived. (Source

Former Tuesday Morning CEO sues over firing - months after revealing she had breast cancer  The former CEO of Tuesday Morning has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the discount retailer, saying she was fired just months after revealing she had breast cancer. The lawsuit by Kathleen Mason follows a discrimination filing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission this summer. Mason's lawyer, Rogge Dunn, says she was fired during a phone call last June, even though she had overseen the company's growth during her tenure. The board's attitude toward her began to change soon after, with members contacting her subordinates directly. At one point when Mason was wearing a wig, Dunn said one board member made a sarcastic comment about how nice her hair looked. (Source

From Bad to Worse: JC Penney by the Numbers 
JC Penney released its first post-Ron Johnson earnings report last week, and the results weren't pretty: •Total sales in the first quarter dropped 16.4% to $2.635 billion and same-store sales fell 16.6% on top of an 18.9% decline in the prior-year quarter • Gross margin plunged to 30.8% from 37.6% in last year's first quarter, while the operating loss widened to $486 million from a loss of $226 million last year • While the company didn't break out online sales, we estimate e-commerce sales fell 21% in the latest quarter, and declined 32% over the last 12 months to $964 million from $1.418 billion in the prior year. (Source

The Core of Omnichannel Retailing 
The interest around omnichannel retailing has reached a fever pitch. From solution providers to trade publications to retailers themselves, everyone is implementing and discussing omnichannel initiatives. It’s important, then, to cut through the hype around the subject and boil omnichannel down to its essence: A customer wants a product, and the path to that product must be short, readily available and consistently support the brand promise. Channels are merely vehicles on that path; it’s the path—the holistic experience—that increases sales and customer loyalty. So it’s in every retailer’s interest to make sure that their investments in technology center around enabling that experience while remaining profitable. (Source

The Merchant Risk Council seeks an executive director 
The e-payments security group also bids adieu to its Americans manager. The Merchant Risk Council, a Seattle-based group that promotes e-commerce payment security, is searching for an executive director. The organization is conducting the search as Tom Donlea, its managing director of the Americas for seven years, is preparing to leave. He says his resignation becomes official on Thursday. A spokesman for the group says the two events are not linked, but notes that Donlea shared leadership duties with other employees. Donlea says, “As we continue to grow globally to nearly 400 merchant members and 60-plus sponsor members, the MRC is looking for a senior executive to take us to that next level.” (Source

It's going to be a "very active" hurricane season 
The summer and fall hold the possibility of big storms but also steps toward better forecasts. An infusion of Sandy-related dollars from Congress will help the National Weather Service upgrade two supercomputers that are used in virtually all U.S. weather predictions. (Source

Florida says no to Amazon’s sales tax deal - no distribution center for Florida 
As a result, the retailer won’t build a warehouse in the state, Florida’s governor says. Inc. has made deals with several states in recent years in which the e-retailer promised to build distribution centers in those states in return for the state agreeing that Amazon did not have to collect sales tax before a specified data. It appears Florida has turned down a similar offer. (Source

Demand for security equipment projected to rise 7 percent a year through 2016  Global demand for security equipment will increase 7 percent annually to $117 billion in 2016, driven by a strong rebound in construction activity and advances in electronic security technology. Electronic products accounted for nearly 65 percent of security equipment sales in 2011, with the segment expected to post much stronger sales gains than mechanical security products through 2016. The maturity of the North American security market will slightly constrain growth there compared with the global average, but demand is still expected to rise 6.5 percent annually through 2016. The North American market will be supported by the economic rebound in the United States and increased penetration for security equipment in Mexico, the report said. (Source

Phoenix woman led largest counterfeit-coupon enterprise in U.S. history 
Robin Ramirez owned a fleet of 26 vehicles, three condominiums and a 36-foot boat — all paid for with profit from selling fake coupons. More than 40 U.S. manufacturers, including Procter & Gamble, fell victim to Ramirez’s sophisticated counterfeit scam. Ramirez sold enough fake coupons online to turn a $2.3 million profit over five years. She was sentenced this month to two years in state prison. Phoenix police arrested Ramirez, Amiko Fountain and Marilyn Johnson in July. Fountain, 43, and Johnson, 54, each received three years probation. Investigators seized $40 million in counterfeit manufacturer coupons and $1.1 million in assets from Ramirez. Police Sgt. David Lake led a group of 12 officers in the eight-week investigation dubbed “Operation Super Coupon” that built the case against Ramirez and her accomplices. (Source

The 2012 Marquet Report on Embezzlement – its 5th annual study of major embezzlement cases in the United States  The study examined 528 major embezzlement cases active in the US in 2012 – those with more than $100,000 in reported losses. The 2012 Marquet Report on Embezzlement examined several broad categories related to the white collar fraud phenomenon of employee theft, including: Characteristics of the Schemes • Characteristics of the Perpetrators • Characteristics of the Victim Organizations • Judicial Consequences • Preventive Measures & Investigative Response. The number of major embezzlements increased 11% over 2011; The average loss was about $1.4 million for major embezzlement cases in 2012; and, 58% of all incidents involved female perpetrators in 2012. "2012 was a blockbuster year for embezzlers and we are expecting high rates of embezzlement for the next several years to come due to the ailing economy of recent years. 2012 saw both the largest corporate and municipal embezzlement cases in US history." (Source

IT executives believe the cloud increases data security
Fifty-one percent of IT executives surveyed believe that the cloud increases data security overall. However, almost seventy percent of respondents indicated that consumer cloud services pose a risk to sensitive data in their organizations and forty-five percent are not fully confident that their cloud provider's security processes and programs meet their data security requirements. (Source

Shoplifting arrest 'best thing' says Winona Ryder 
WINONA Ryder has opened up about her 2001 shoplifting arrest in a new interview. Ryder, 41, says the brush with the law forced her to take a much-needed break from acting. The Heathers actress, who's currently starring in a new film The Iceman, was arrested shoplifting clothing at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills in December 2001. In a discussion with Interview magazine, she explains that she was headed down the wrong path for a long time, struggling with the perception that people had of her. "That thing that happened," she explains, "I was starting to have some trouble before that. I think a lot of people think that that is what sort of sent me off in another direction, but I was actually starting to have some trouble a few years before." (Source

Jailed hacker designs device to thwart ATM card skimming  Romanian hacker that has been jailed for his involvement with a criminal gang that planted ATM skimmers and stole card information has designed a new device aimed at preventing the very same type of theft. The 33-year-old Valentin Boanta, who's doing a five-year stretch in a Romanian prison for supplying the skimmers he made himself to the gang, has used his skills and knowledge (he is, after all, a former industrial design student) to design the Secure Revolving System (SRS). The SRS is meant to be installed over the ATM's card slot or incorporated into new ATM models, and requires cards to be inserted into the device longer side first. It then rotates the card and pushes her into the slot, and performs all these steps in reverse when the card is pushed out to be delivered back to its owner. Reuters reports that Boanta has contacted Bucharest-based firm MB Telecom with the idea, and they took him up on the offer of developing and patenting the device, which recently won an award at this year's edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. (Source

Yahoo Japan says 22 million user IDs may have been stolen
Japan's biggest Web portal said its ID servers were hacked, but no passwords or private info were leaked. (Source

Five law enforcement officers lose their lives in 48 hours
Five law enforcement officers have died in the past forty eight hours including two FBI special agents killed in a training accident. (Source

$1.4M old fashion jewelry heist at Cannes Film Festival in Paris
Thieves ripped a safe from the wall of a hotel room near the Cannes Film Festival and made off with around 1 million worth of jewelry, in a brazen late-night burglary just hours after the screening of a film about break-ins at the homes of Hollywood celebrities, French officials said Friday. The apparently well-planned robbery at the Novotel hotel took place in the room of an employee of Chopard, a Swiss-based watch and jewelry maker and festival sponsor. A state prosecutor leading the investigation said the loot could have been worth as much as $1.4M. “Apparently this (hotel guest) was someone who was targeted because it wasn’t someone who had been seeking attention. ... There must have been either inside complicity, or people who were in contact with this person and knew that the person had jewels,” he said. (Source

HoneyBaked Ham Co. posts Asset Protection Manager's position today in Atlanta  In effect their senior AP position for the company.

Kohl's in Port Orange, Fla., robbed by two armed men Saturday around 7:43 p.m.  Port Orange police are looking for two men they say robbed a Kohl's store Saturday. Witnesses told police two men entered the Kohl's and walked around the store while talking on cellphones. One of the men approached the store manager and calmly told her that he was robbing the store and he demanded cash. The man with the gun gathered an undisclosed amount of cash, according to police, and then ordered the store manager to walk in front of him while he left the office and headed for the exit. Police said both men then left the store. (Source

Credit Card thieves in Miami spend $8,000 at Target in 30 minutes.  A Coral Gables women has her wallet and iPhone stolen; within 30 minutes the thieves had already charged $8000 to her credit card. Surveillance video captured the thieves on a spending spree inside the Target store in South Florida. (Source

Police Officer injured during chase of a television theft suspect. 
The Police Office was not severely injured, but did hurt his leg during the chase. The suspect had stolen a large screen television from the Walmart store in Mahoning Township, placing it into an awaiting SUV. Police are still looking for the suspect; surveillance photo has been released to the public. (Source

Two teens arrested for arson; third fire in a mall restroom in Nanaimo, British Columbia.  Police believe this is the third time the two teens had set fire to the towel dispenser in the mall’s food court restroom. The fire suppression system was triggered and put out the blaze. Smoke and water damage estimates are believed to be in the thousands of dollars for the three incidents. No one was injured during the fires. (Source

Albany, Georgia man pulls a knife on Walmart LP Agent. 
A suspect is in custody after pushing a cart full of merchandise out of a Walmart, then swinging a knife at the pursuing Loss Prevention agents. Police apprehended the suspect on the highway and is now facing Aggravated Assault (2 Counts), Theft By Shoplifting (Felony), and Possession of a Firearm or Knife During Commission of a Crime. (Source

Dallas Apple store hit for $2000 of display phones by a shoplifter. 
An unidentified suspect walked into the Dallas Apple Store and grabbed several display phones and walked out. (Source

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Surveillance Video Shows Violent Encounter in Pine Bluff Walmart  Investigators have charged Herbert Harris with assaulting James Heath at the electronic section at Wal-Mart in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Heath drew his weapon in response to the attack. Mr. Heath had a gun carry permit. Harris is being charged with 3rd degree battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. A police officer had just gotten off work and was shopping at the store when the incident happened, he responded and took the initial attacker into custody. (Source







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ORC? Serial shoplifter busted hitting Home Depot and Cabela's after serving time earlier this year for shoplifting in Maidencreek Township, PA at Giant Food  Christopher L. Haller, 35, of the 200 block of West Walnut Tree Drive, was committed to the prison in lieu of $25,000 bail. Tilden Township police said Haller stole a sonar unit valued at $1,600 from Cabela's on May 8. He hit Home Depot on May 3rd and Giant Food Store in November. He is a heroin addict. (Source

Raleigh man charged with felony theft, 26 clothing items in a foil-lined bag in the Crabtree Mall.  A Pennsylvania man has been charged with a felony for using the booster bag lined with aluminum foil to steal 26 clothing items from the H&M store in the Crabtree Mall. (Source

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Regional LP Manager-Chicago Kmart Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
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District LP Manager Kmart Coraopolis, PA Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Kmart Brookhaven, PA Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager-Columbus Sears Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
AP Manager In Training Walmart Dallas, TX Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Wyomissing, PA Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Slidell, LA Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Houma, LA Wal-Mart
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Jacksonville, FL Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Waipahu, HI Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Columbia, TN Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Kingston, NY Lowe's
LP Manager Macy's Champaign, IL Macy's
LP Manager Macy's Lanesborough, MA Macy's
District Investigator Home Depot Sacramento, CA Home Depot
Executive Team Leader-AP Target Prince George's County, MD Target
ETL-Assets Protection Target South Bend, IN Target
ETL Assets Protection Target Toledo, OH Target
Regional LP Manager GNC Raleigh, NC GNC
Regional LP Manager GNC Charlotte, NC GNC
Regional LP Manager Carmax Atlanta, GA Carmax
Area LP Manager Family Dollar San Antonio, TX Family Dollar
Dist. Center LP Manager Best Buy Nichols, NY Best Buy
Dist. Center LP Manager Best Buy Shepherdsville, KY Best Buy
District LP Manager Dick's Sporting Goods Fredericksburg, VA Dick's Sporting Goods

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You Think Your Team is a Family, But Do They?  Everyone who is a part of a business likes to feel like the company is one big happy family. However, you have to look beneath the surface to see if the case will come true for your company.  Your employees and co-workers can begin to feel part of a family only if they feel it is their company as well as yours. Here are some ways to create such an environment.  (Eat a piece of humble pie)

5 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition 
Everyone enjoys being recognized for his or her successes at work, but if you seek out constant praise for just doing your job, it can get blurred with recognizing a true achievement you may have. Here are some key points when recognizing true achievements. (Say it like you mean it)

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3 Steps to Calm Down Quickly
Feel the anxiety building up? Is your mind racing, and your heart feels like it's going a mile a minute? Relax, now! Easier said than done, I know, but it is certainly something worth giving a decent try. Try following these three steps and see how it works for you. (Simple as A-B-C)

As 'The Office' Closes Its Doors, Management Lessons From The World's Best Boss, Michael Scott  This man gave the world a new approach to management and leadership. Dedicated to the hit TV show, here are five lessons inspired by Dunder Mifflin's own, Michael Scott. (Be your own company's World's Best Boss)

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Developing your verbal skills and focusing on your specific word usage to convey messages is incredibly important for any successful executive. However, developing your ability to listen and hear what they're saying is just as important and in some cases may be even more so. It's great to be able to articulate in a manner that shows your subject matter expertise, but it's even better if you can mold it and change it on a dime based on what you're hearing and seeing. And if you're too busy talking, you may just miss the entire conversation and say something that doesn't even fit. Active listening requires focus and attention and, as Abraham Lincoln said, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

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