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 May 23, 2014


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Sleeping companies lose big from employee, executive fraud 
Companies that fail to continually watch for employee and executive fraud typically lose 5 percent of revenues each year to insider cunning, which amounts to nearly $3.7 trillion globally, a report found. The 2014 Global Fraud Study released this week by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) pegged the median loss from fraud at $145,000. More than 1 in 5 of the almost 1,500 cases analyzed in more than 100 countries had employees walking away with at least $1 million. Employees most likely to rip-off companies are not who many managers would suspect. More than 80 percent of the fraudsters were first-time offenders who have worked at the company for years. Two-thirds are male. In 85 percent of the cases studied, employees got the money by what the study labeled as "asset misappropriation." That can include padding travel expenses, collecting paychecks for former employees or creating false invoices and having the money sent to the Post Office box of a fictitious company. While owners and executives only accounted for 19 percent of all fraud, they caused a median loss of $500,000, the study found. The average employee committed 42 percent of the frauds but only caused a median loss of $75,000. Employees working in accounting, operations, sales, executive or upper management, customer service, purchasing or finance committed more than three quarters of the fraud. In the majority of cases, organizations recovered none or only a fraction of the losses. (Source csoonline.com)

Retail Info Sharing: How It Can Succeed
In light of the massive Target Corp. breach and other recent retailer breaches, security experts welcome a new effort spearheaded by the Retail Industry Leaders Association to boost cyberthreat information sharing among merchants (see Retailers Launch Cyber Info-Sharing Center). But for the effort to succeed in helping to prevent breaches, banking leaders say the association must develop a trusted cyber-intelligence sharing model that builds on the examples already set by other industries, including the financial services sector. While the U.S. banking industry took about 10 years to build an adequate information sharing infrastructure, the retail industry does not have that much time to spare, says Bill Nelson, president of the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, which spearheads information sharing. "We think the key to all of this is speed, Nelson says. Sharing cyberthreat information with the retail industry will be a priority for the FS-ISAC, he adds. "We would encourage the retailers to do the same," Nelson says. "Getting information out about these attacks as they happen is crucial." (Source govinfosecurity.com)

Justice Dept. to Require Recording of Interrogations - How does this impact retail long term in the court room?  The FBI isn't happy - but now it becomes the standard   The Justice Department said Thursday that the F.B.I. and other federal law enforcement agencies would be required to videotape interviews with suspects in most instances, bringing the federal government in line with the practices in many state and local jurisdictions. It is one of the most significant changes in F.B.I. policy under James B. Comey, who took charge as the bureau’s director in September. Mr. Comey’s predecessor, Robert S. Mueller III, and senior bureau officials had once opposed the video requirement, saying the tapes could reveal agents’ interrogation tactics and discourage witnesses from talking. Senior Justice Department and F.B.I. officials have been increasingly open to the videotaping, and former prosecutors and defense lawyers have also advocated it. (Source nytimes.com)

NY Attorney General "Fully expects eBay to provide free credit monitoring services to customers impacted by this breach"  Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a statement in response to the latest news regarding a security breach at eBay. “The news that eBay has discovered a security breach involving customer data is deeply concerning,” said Schneiderman. “New Yorkers and eBay customers across the country trust that retailers will protect their personal information when they shop online. Our office has asked and fully expects eBay to provide free credit monitoring services to customers impacted by this breach.” The Attorney General has also provided a list of tips, both for eBay customers who suspect they may be a victim of the data security breach, and for those who have verified that they are a victim of this breach. (Source empirestatenews.net)

Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren jumps in to help Mall developers as Penney's and Sears have been closing anchors  Anyone who doesn’t think that retailers have a problem with declining store traffic should listen to Macy’s Chief Executive Terry Lundgren. Mr. Lundgren recently hosted a meeting with mall developers and other executives to determine whether store traffic was a problem and whether the group could work together to fix it. “The answer was yes and yes,” Mr. Lundgren told reporters following the company’s annual meeting on Friday. The group plans to meet again to discuss ideas for driving shoppers into stores. Mr. Lundgren declined to elaborate on what those ideas might include. “If I don’t do well, malls don’t do well,” Mr. Lundgren said. “Department store anchors have to be the ones to drive the traffic into malls.” One challenge facing malls is that J.C. Penney Co. and Sears Holdings Corp. have been closing stores. Both retailers were go-to anchors for mall developers over the years. Together, they jointly anchor nearly half of the 1,050 indoor and outdoor malls in the U.S., according to Green Street Advisors. (Source wsj.com)

Marathon buys Hess & becomes largest c-store chain by revenue - $27B & 2,700 locations

Sears To Close 80 Stores

Zumiez to open 55 stores in fiscal 2014

FreightWatch Warns of Increased Risk of Cargo Theft on Holiday Weekend

How Far Are You Willing to Go to Spy on Your Employees' Smartphones?
The ultimate eavesdropping solution for people who want to see what their employees, kids or spouse are doing on their Android (or jailbroken iPhone) smartphone. What is it? The ultimate eavesdropping solution for people who want to see what their employees. Why it's cool: The vast amount of things that the app/service can monitor is quite impressive, if not totally complete. Some caveats: We had difficulty hearing our recorded phone calls (all we got was static rather than a recording); the location tracker seemed to utilize the cell phone towers for location, not the device's GPS function. This is major spying / monitoring territory that you're entering here - being able to see exactly what the smartphone user is doing with their phone. Whether it's your employee, your child or your spouse/partner, the issue of trust comes up with software like this. (Source cio.com)

POS facial recognition can prevent fraud
The solution, a multi-modal security platform for card purchases, uses NFC (near field communication) authentication combined with camera imaging to protect users. When users make a mobile payment at the point of sale, the kiosk snaps a picture of the purchaser. This image can be incorporated via the cloud into the user’s digital transactional record, which was stored and distributed via SeeControl in this example, allowing users to identify who made each purchase, and easily identify those that are fraudulent even before banks and financial institutions.  (Source net-security.org)

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Foot Locker Q1 up 7.6% with sales up 14%
Game Stop Q1 up 5.8% with sales up 7%
Hibbett Sport Q1 up 4.1% with net sales up 9.1%
Fresh Markets Q1 up 2.5% with net sales up 17.6%
Shoe Carnival Q1 up 1.7% with net sales up 1.5%
Ross Stores Q2 up 1% with sales up 6%
Gap Inc. Q1 down 1% with net sales up 1%
Aeropostale Q1 down 13% with net sales down 12%

In observance of Memorial Day, the D-D Daily will not be publishing on Monday, May 26. We will resume publishing on Tuesday, May 27. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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The Big Looming Question When Target Opened All Those Stores
'What's with all the empty shelves?'... A Computer Glitch & A 3PL
"One of the Greatest Supply Chain Disasters in Canadian History"

Only a year ago, Target was touting its first store openings in Canada. Then Chief Executive Gregg Steinhafel told investors he was pleased with how his workers and systems were handling the launch. But things were already going awry, said the sources, who worked at two of Target's three distribution hubs and spoke on condition of anonymity. Goods were coming into the warehouses faster than they were going out, in part because the barcodes on many items did not match what was in the computer system. As shipments stacked up, Target flew in dozens of red-shirted staff from the United States to shore up the operation, the sources said. Target, which is due to report its quarterly financial results on Wednesday, has said little about what went wrong with its Canadian supply chain. But on Tuesday it fired Tony Fisher, the president of its operation there, and replaced him with Mark Schindele, a veteran U.S. executive with deep experience in managing supply chains. Target's launch into Canada, its first international venture, was code-named Project Bacon, an apparently playful reference to Canadian bacon sold in U.S. supermarkets. Instead of a slow province-by-province rollout, the retailer clinched a big real estate deal, locking itself into a rapid, coast-to-coast launch that later magnified supply chain problems. The company said in February it had "dramatically reduced" congestion in the supply chain but did not give details. Asked to comment on the sources' depiction of overflowing warehouses, Target said it did not discuss vendor relationships. Target does much of its own distribution in the United States, but it hired Eleven Points Logistics, a subsidiary of Pittsburgh-based Genco, to run its three warehouses in Canada. As goods arrived at the warehouses, workers found errors, 12 shirts per box when the computer system expected 24, for example, the two former Eleven Points employees said. It is not clear whether these errors were caused by Target's buyers entering bad data, vendors making mistakes, some glitch in Eleven Points' warehouse computer system or all three. The inconsistencies between goods and computer records caused a chain reaction of delays. Problem shipments needed to be unpacked and cataloged, a time-consuming process. They piled up instead of going out to stores, taking over large parts of the massive warehouses, on a scale the sources said they had never seen at previous jobs. Finding the source of this type of error can require a long and complex audit, said Marc Wulfraat, president of logistics consulting firm MWPVL International, who has analyzed and written about Target's supply chain. "The Target Canada story will go down in the history books as one of the great supply chain disasters of Canadian history," he said, pointing to the Canadian operation's $941 million loss before interest and taxes last year. (Source businessinsider.com)

November is the new Black Friday in Canada - fundamentally altering the look & feel of shopping in Canada - Canadian retailers are fighting back  November is the new black — Black Friday that is — compared to December when it comes to retail sales growth in Canada, a new report says. Over the last couple years, Canadian retailers have been offering more and more late November discounts in an effort to reduce the flow of Canadians’ spending money south of the border on Black Friday sales that traditionally kick off the U.S. holiday spending season. While many Canadians are still attracted to the Black Friday spectacle, similar discounting at Canadian retailers has proven extremely popular lately, the report note. November now accounts for 8.7 per cent of full-year retail sales in Canada, compared to less than 8.2 per cent a decade ago, Colliers found. “Shoppers are driving this boat. Retail sales are just being made earlier, and the shift is $20 to $25 billion from December into November across Canada. (Source thestar.com)

Knockoffs from China sting small Canadian shop
In Canada, the retail value of copycat product seizures in 2012 reached $38.1-million, up from $7.7-million in 2005, according to the Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network, a coalition that fights counterfeiting, fraud and copyright piracy. (Source theglobeandmail.com)

Sears Canada selling 15% stake in Quebec shopping centre for $33.5M

Tim Hortons Launches Mobile Payments

Canadians pay 30% more for gas than Americans - another example of higher prices in Canada

Petcetera to close all 18 stores

RCMP in Edmonton seeking suspect in violent robbery 

Niagara Regional Police investigating an Armed Robbery at a Dollar Value Store in Niagara Falls, CN 



Scams expected to hit customers hard after eBay data breach
E-commerce website eBay is the newest big corporation with a data breach to shake off. Between February and March, a reported 145 million eBay customers’ names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, home addresses and birth dates were compromised, but their financial data remained reportedly safe. Hackers figured out eBay employee credentials, which helped them gain access to the eBay database. Just because credit card information wasn’t stolen, doesn’t mean it isn’t as serious as, say, the Target Corp. breach from last December. Phishing attacks, or scams, are just that. Now, hackers with compromised information will be on the hunt to gain even more. That means, in most cases, bank account numbers. (Source bizjournals.com)

Making data-driven decisions with your POS
Your Point of Sale (POS) system contains a wealth of information about what's working for (and against) your business' success.  For example, your POS data can capture information about your inventory, cash on hand and sales, so you can optimize your processes for maximum cash flow and profitability. POS data can also determine if your staffing levels are appropriate, based on sales and customer demand. Additionally, POS data on a customer's past purchase history can help your teams direct customers toward the products that are most likely to fit their preferences. (Source retailcustomerexperience.com)

On-demand Webinar: Data analytics is crucial to reducing retail loss

Half of security pros fail to secure data, according to research



Moss Bros considers showrooming-type store - An e-commerce store?
Moss Bros is working on plans that could see it open showrooming-type stores with limited stock but access to the retailer's digital platforms. Formalwear retailer Moss Bros is working on a strategy that could see the company open digitally-focused stores providing its customers with access to its online ranges and click & collect services. Although there are no firm plans by the company to open a store of this nature, its investigation into new formats comes at a time when many retailers across the UK are looking at ways to combat showrooming, where customers compare prices in-store using their mobile phones. Research released this week by mobile firm EE found that almost half of British consumers regularly practice showrooming to check prices in-store. "We're at a very, very early stage of looking at what could be done, what types of technology could be used, what other people are doing – and really beginning to think through what something like this would look like," Sansom told Essential Retail. (Source essentialretail.com)

Retailers rely on vendors to address m-commerce security
As mobile technology evolves and more consumers shop on mobile devices, merchants turn to vendors to help them secure mobile payments and prevent security breaches. At long last,consumers can pay for their mobile commerce purchases with only the swipe of a finger. Using fingerprint-based identification, biometric technology allows for the ultimate in mobile checkout and, because fingerprints are unique, mobile commerce security. EBay Inc.’s PayPal recently began enabling consumers with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone to pay at any e-retailer that accepts PayPal on its mobile commerce web site with just the swipe of a finger. With retailers needing to manage mobile sites and mobile shopping apps in addition to desktop web sites, there are more properties to keep secure, and retailers are turning to vendors to provide additional layers of security. (Source internetretailer.com)

Study: One-in-four e-commerce purchases have inadequate shipping

E-commerce accounts for all the Q1 growth at Gap

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet

Be sure to attend Stuart Levine's NRF LP Session, "EMV Impact and an Omni channel Approach to Reducing Fraud" on Wednesday June 11, 11:30-12:30pm in room 304-305




HSI seizes counterfeit items worth over $30 million from Massachusetts flea markets & arrest 42 suspects  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), in coordination with the Lawrence Police Department, seized approximately three tractor trailers worth of counterfeit items between two flea markets with a retail value of approximately $30 million. The seizure marks the largest in HSI Boston's history. In addition to the seized goods, 42 individuals were arrested and 13 vehicles were seized within the Don Flea Market and the Lawrence Flea Market & Auction House. The operation was a culmination of a federal investigation by HSI special agents, in coordination with the Lawrence Police Department.  (Source ice.gov)

Microsoft corp. employees - father & daughter team - steal $40k+ of merchandise from office with help from Guard  Marie and Andrew Neumann, ages 22 and 53, respectively, were charged Tuesday with first-degree theft in King County Superior Court. Prosecutors allege the pair of Microsoft employees snuck into the Microsoft store on two occasions in January with the help of an unwitting security guard. Marie Neumann works in Microsoft's catering department and Andrew works as a shuttle driver. Neither position allows them to enter the software room of the company store, which is restricted to full-time employees with certain access keys. The first time the pair is believed to have entered the software room was Jan. 14. Andrew Neumann's employee key card was denied twice at the entry, but a security guard used his card to open the turnstile for Andrew and his daughter. (Source seattlepi.com)

Elizabethtown, KY Plumbing Supply Store employee sentenced to 5 to 15 years for theft of over $143,000  Matthew J. Hall, 39, pleaded guilty to second-degree grand larceny, a felony, for the thefts from Blodgett Supply Co. The thefts over a seven-year period totalled $143,895. The missing money was discovered last September, after an audit was performed when the company was sold. (Source poststar.com)

True Value Hardware employee in Park Falls, WI steals over $100,000 in merchandise, cash and firearms  Earlier this week criminal charges were filed against Jeff Kobus, a former South Side True Value Hardware employee, and his roommate Michael Kwitek in the wake of information uncovered during a joint investigation by the Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation (DOJ DCI) and local authorities. (Source pricecountydaily.com)

Fleeing Wal-Mart shoplifting suspect drowns in Sunnyside, Wash. after jumping in canal

Two men arrested Thursday at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, N.Y., for $9,000 skimming scam 

Lynn, NJ Police looking for suspect in Payless Shoe robbery; suspect with hypodermic needle 

Beattie’s Healthmart Pharmacy - Erie, PA – Armed Robbery – sentenced to 16 years
Circle K – Baton Rouge - Armed Robbery
CVS – Beaufort, NC – Robbery – suspect convicted to 7 years
CVS – Farmington, NY – Robbery – Mother and Son convicted
EZ Pawn – Houston, TX – Armed Robbery
Jamba Juice – Davis, CA - Armed Robbery
Kangaroo – Putnam, FL – Armed Robbery/ Stabbing
Money Back – LaGrange, GA – Armed Robbery
PetSmart – Monrovia, CA - Burglary – smashed window for $7.00
Pit Authentic Barbecue- Raleigh, NC - Armed Robbery – sparks gun debate
Sami Quick Mart – Struthers, OH – Armed Robbery/ Shooting – clerk shot suspect
Sav-Way – Piedmont, SC – Armed Robbery
Sherwin Williams – Batavia, IL – Burglary – suspect found Not Guilty
Turkey Hill – Wilkes-Barre, PA – Armed Robbery
West Orange Pharmacy – West Orange, NJ – Armed Robbery – upheld conviction of 3 suspects
7-Eleven – Fairfield, CA - Armed Robbery – suspect arrested




Multi-Million Interstate Transportation of Stolen Goods Operation Sends Leader to Federal Prison

HOUSTON – Sameh Khaled Danhach, also known by many other aliases, has been ordered to prison for nearly 13 years following his conviction on six counts related to the interstate transportation of stolen goods and obstruction of justice, announced United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson. A federal jury sitting in Houston convicted Danhach March 4, 2013, after just an hour of deliberation following a five-day trial.

Today, U.S. District Judge Sim Lake, who presided over the trial, handed Danhach a total sentence of 151 months in federal prison and further ordered him to pay nearly $540,000 in restitution. Danhach resides in Houston but is a legal permanent resident of the U.S. from Lebanon. He is expected to face deportation proceedings following his release from prison.

Five others are charged in the case. Two of those have pleaded guilty, while three remain as fugitives and warrants remain outstanding for their arrests.

At trial, evidence demonstrated Danhach was a high-ranking fence involved in a multi-million dollar, multi-state criminal enterprise where he received stolen over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, baby formula, health and beauty supplies and shampoo for later re-packaging and shipping. This criminal enterprise, among other things, engaged in using “boosters,” primarily undocumented Central Americans, to steal over-the-counter medication and baby formula. A “booster” is a criminal who steals goods and merchandise not for personal use but for re-sale to a “fence” for a fraction of its retail value. A “fence” is a person who receives stolen goods and merchandise from “boosters” and others. The “fence” then re-sells the stolen goods and merchandise to third parties for a profit.

The scope of this criminal enterprise ranged from April 2008 to February 2012.

Danhach owned and operated Houston-located SKD Trading Inc. and Lifetime Wholesale Inc., both shell companies operated under several other names used to facilitate their illegal activity. He hired undocumented aliens from Central and South America to travel throughout the United States to steal the OTC, beauty products and baby formula from major retail chain stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens. He facilitated this interstate travel by renting cars for the boosters and by paying the boosters in cash for the stolen merchandise.

To avoid detection by law enforcement, the undocumented aliens would ship the stolen merchandise to Danhach using fraudulent FedEx accounts in his shell company names. As a result of the fraudulent accounts, FedEx suffered a loss of $540,000. A representative from FedEx testified at trial about the sophistication of Danhach’s scheme stating that Danhach and others set up approximately 29 accounts using various names, company names and addresses without paying for any of the shipments.

Once the stolen merchandise arrived at Danhach’s Houston warehouse, he had his “employees,” remove any retail store identifying labels and security features. Danhach would then have the stolen products repackaged and then re-sold to wholesalers across the nation.

A search warrant was executed on March 1, 2012, at Danhach’s Houston warehouse, at which time agents seized criminal ledgers maintained by Danhach, which documented the extent of Danhach’s criminal enterprise. Specifically, the records showed that between August 2011 through January 2012, Danhach was responsible for nearly $3 million in sales of stolen OTC items. At the time of the search, Danhach instructed a co-conspirator to hide a video recording from the warehouse’s security cameras in the warehouse’s ceiling. The video specifically showed several days worth of stolen merchandise being delivered to the warehouse, undocumented aliens removing the retailers’ labels, then repackaging and shipping the OTC items on pallets.

Several cooperating witnesses testified on behalf of the United States, including one of his “boosters,” who admitted that between August 2011 and February 2012, he traveled around the Houston area and the state in cars rented by Danhach, stealing OTC medication and beauty supplies from Wal-Marts. In a six-month-period, the witness admitted he was responsible for stealing more than $230,000 worth of merchandise from Wal-Mart.

At the sentencing hearing today, the court also considered Danhach’s role in the receipt of 38 Parmigiani watches taken during a June 2010 robbery of travelling Swiss jewelers. The government presented evidence that he later attempted to sell the watches at a fraction of their value to a local jewelry store, at which time he was arrested. At least two of the watches were taken to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by Danhach’s brother-in-law a year after the robbery. Allegedly, Danhach’s brother-in-law took the watches, taken during the robbery, to a jewelry store where he attempted to get cases for the watches. Parmigiani officials in Switzerland became aware of this attempted transaction and notified the FBI that the two watches were presented to the UAE jewelry store representatives.

Danhach will remain in custody pending transfer to a U.S. Bureau of Prisons facility to be determined in the near future.

This matter was investigated by the FBI, Houston Police Department-Major Offenders Division and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office with the cooperation of CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Mead Johnson and Abbott Nutrition. The case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Kebharu Smith and Joe Magliolo. Thanks Tony Sheppard, National Manager, ORC Unit for CVS Caremark for submitting this article! (Source justice.gov)

Baby formula theft lands man 18 month prison term in Livingston County, MI.
A Livingston County judge sentenced Timothy Andrew Dewar, 40, to a maximum of 10 years in prison for first-degree retail fraud for his part in stealing more than $1,000 worth of baby formula from Wal-Mart in October. Under a plea deal, a second count alleging organized retail crime was dismissed and the prosecutor’s office agreed not to authorize new charges as a result of four separate Michigan State Police investigations also alleging theft. Dewar, who is a habitual offender, faced up to life in prison. His criminal history includes prison stints for retail fraud in Livingston, Oakland and Genesee counties as well as drug-related offenses. A co-defendant in the case was sentenced in March to one year in the county jail and five years of probation. (Source livingstondaily.com)

Male ORC thief gets 16 months in jail for Ralph's liquor theft in Murrieta, CA.
Dominique Columbus Clayton, 22, of Riverside was arrested by Murrieta police earlier this month after being caught trying to steal bottles of liquor from a retail outlet. The suspect was later identified in a series of alcohol thefts related to organized retail crime in which in excess of $20,000 worth of alcohol had been stolen during the last five months in four different Southern California counties. Court records indicated he has pending criminal cases in Los Angeles County. (Source myvalleynews.com)

International credit card fraud investigation leads to Lubbock and $180,000 in fraudulent charges, forged credit cards & electronics  Investigators said suspects in Malaysia hacked into credit card systems and created fake cards linked to real accounts. They believe those cards were then sent to suspects in Lubbock. Police said the Lubbock suspects used the fake cards to buy high-end electronics, and then shipped them to Malaysia in exchange for money. No arrests have been made, but police expect to file charges soon. (Source kcbd.com)

Member of trio who hit retailers for $1 million in counterfeit checks to spend 5 years in prison in Jonesboro, Tenn.  The U.S. Attorney's office says 34-year-old Hector Galvan, his wife, and sister-in-law conspired to negotiate counterfeit checks at retailers in Tennessee and eight other states, resulting in losses in excess of one million dollars. They say the trio stole identities of people who had indicated on social media that they "liked' certain retailers. They then used those identities and used counterfeit checks to purchase merchandise. (Source capitalbay.com)

ORC Unit needs your help identifying a serial larceny suspect in Tulsa  The Organized Retail Crime Unit needs your help identifying a black male suspect who continues to commit larcenies at area QuikTrips. The black male has made this crime routine at the popular convenience mart. Officials have learned that he enters the QuikTrip, selects beer or frozen pizzas and then exits without paying for the items. There is evidence that he has committed these larcenies more than 30 times in the past several months. He has several accomplices driving him to and from the QuikTrips in late model vehicles. (Source kjrh.com)

Fargo, ND Woman charged, others arrested in Midwestern cellphone theft ring
A Minneapolis woman has been charged and several others were arrested after being linked to nearly 20 burglaries at cellphone stores across the Midwest, including the $10,000 theft of cellphones from a Wal-Mart here. The women were stealing the phones in order to re-sell them to a buyer who runs a cellphone store in the Twin Cities. (Source inforum.com)

Fencing Operation: Mentor, Ohio C-store Owners Arrested for Selling Stolen Goods in Stores  Two convenience store owners face charges after being accused of buying stolen property and then selling it in their stores. According to Mentor Police Department, the arrests happened May 21 after a joint investigation that began in March regarding the sale of stolen merchandise to small retail businesses. That store was also charged with receiving stolen property, theft and purchase of alcohol for resale from other than an authorized distributor. (Source fox8.com)

Serial shoplifter facing felony theft charge in Bloomington, MN; hitting Target, Herberger’s and Kohl’s

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Jeremy Cross was named District Loss Prevention Manager for National Stores Inc.

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4 Simple Things You  Can Do to Be a Better Leader  Being a true leader isn't about just guiding your team in the right direction, it's about working in the trenches beside them, and getting your hands dirty. Use these tips, taken from Navy SEAL teams, as an exceptional guide to be a better leader. (Your team can teach you)

How Managers Keep Employees From Jumping Ship  Employee turnover is expected to rise with the economy getting back on track. 74% of people would consider leaving their jobs today, so how can you make sure your employees don't want to be part of that statistic? Use these strategies to keep them happy and productive. (Room to grow)


4 Tips for Seasoned Professionals: How to Reinvent Yourself for a Second Career  You don't have to be in the start of your career to reinvent yourself. Professionals can do just this, and all it takes are four steps. Challenge yourself in your career and stay fulfilled in whatever you do. (Translate your skills)

8 Things Great Leaders Say in Times of Tumultuous Change  Change is bound to happen, whether it be good or bad, and there's only so much you can do to prepare for it. The rest comes down to how you lead your team through the change. Here are some things good leaders should say to your team to get them ready. (Use names)

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When anyone goes for an interview you’ve got to play to win. You should not allow: any outside variable, any future promotion thoughts or promises, your guilt feelings towards your current employer or boss, your preconceived opinions of the possible future employer, or any miss-step in the process on the part of the future employer disrupt or impact your performance. All interviews have long range implications on your career. The executives interviewing you are part of a community and you'll run into them again at another company. So if you do get involved and go for an interview, commit yourself all the way and play to win. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to take the job. It just means you have to perform at 100%.

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