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Nightline and truTV at the same time looking to film episodes in our LP industry 
Interesting how two studios are looking to film episodes about our industry. On the one side we've got the real news journalist looking for the internal theft prospective and then we've got the "actuality" studio looking to film real-life shoplifting apprehensions to try to sell to the Oxygen channel. Certainly rather controversial but when considering the popularity of law-enforcement shows and the increased awareness of the ORC problem it's only natural the studios and journalist would be interested in covering it. However, given corporate America's aversion to public scrutiny, both efforts may be difficult to pull off. But in speaking with both, it's obvious that they're sincere in their genuine desire to accurately report and portray our industry in a professional light. If public awareness helps facilitate more state ORC laws and helps with the federal effort then maybe we should consider it. Just a thought. For more information feel free to contact us at

Be sure to attend Dan Faketty's, VP, Asset Protection BI-LO/Winn-Dixie, session on Innovate or Evaporate, applying “new loss prevention” concepts to shrink management, Thursday, June 13th at the NRF LP Conference  While technology has rapidly changed the loss prevention industry, it has predominately been targeted toward theft detection and apprehension. As such, many retailers are still focusing the vast majority of their attention and resource allocation on internal and external theft which is reactive at best. In this session learn how to secure senior management’s support in redefining the role of Loss Prevention from thief catcher to one who is an “agent of change” while ensuring the rest of the organization is engaged, enthused and accountable for shrink, safety, and other areas of loss to the business. From securing support, to innovative program development and measurement you will see how one retailer has found a better way to deal with the shrink problem than traditional methods. This by focusing on store processes and working closely with all business partners to ensure operational excellence. Editor's note: This is a session that goes beyond the traditional and quite frankly is very timely given the state of retail and its current evolutionary path. With Big Data, Omni-Channeling, and mobile commerce at the door it's imperative that we look and embrace new loss prevention concepts that apply and impact the total business and thereby ensure we're adding value at every opportunity. (Source

Apps are the new salespeople in stores
Some retailers in the United States are starting to communicate with shoppers via a smartphone app called Swirl that uses in-store sensors to track their location in the shop to send them personalized offers and recommendations. It's just one of the ways that brick-and-mortar shops are using apps to appeal to younger, more tech-savvy consumers. Retailers in New York City and Boston are among the first to adopt the technology, which uses bluetooth sensors placed on store walls and shelves to communicate with the Swirl app. For major retailers the main driver behind the in-store apps is to provide stores with web-like analytics and marketing tools. (Source

The Plan to Make Sears Shoppers Go Digital 
In its attempt to reverse two years of losses and a six-year sales slump, Sears (SHLD) is going all in online. The company’s new mantra is “integrated retail,” a phrase uttered over and over again last week by Chief Executive Eddie Lampert as he addressed “unacceptable” losses and a plan to turn things around. The idea is to stitch together closely sales on the Internet and mobile devices with those in bricks-and-mortar stores. Lampert said Sears is doing this by shrinking shipping times, inviting online customers to pick up goods at its stores, and letting in-store shoppers have items shipped back to their homes. Editor's note: Reading this article actually gives you a sense that Sears could end up in front of the curve the whole industry is facing. They've taken pieces of Amazon's model, the membership model of Costco so to speak, and the loyalty rewards programs and merged them all together. Which is a lot more than what Ron Johnson was doing. The issue will be, do they have the time to outrun the wave? If they can find it, they may end up reviving that brand. But one thing is sure, they're going for it - all out. So all the doomsday journalists may be in for a surprise. (Source

Costco keeps growing - plans to open 150 stores next 5 years
Costco has already opened 19 new warehouses through the first three quarters of the fiscal year, with nine more due in the fourth quarter — three in the U.S., three in Japan and one each in the United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia — for a total of 28 this year, compared with 16 in fiscal 2012 and 20 in fiscal 2011. (Source

Six Steps Toward Tighter PCI and Data Security 
The loss prevention executive’s best day is when no one notices what he or she does. They are noticed when things go wrong. This Roadmap provides six steps designed to keep loss prevention executives out of the spotlight’s uncomfortable glare, including new PCI guidelines for handling the complexities of mobile payments, advances in video analytics and the data security advantages of EMV/chip-equipped payment cards. (Source

$45M ATM cash-out scheme busted in NYC last month led Fed's right to Liberty Reserve -the $6B cybercriminals online digital currency exchange bust last Friday U.S. federal authorities have shut down a digital currency and payments service based in Costa Rica they claim was linked to the international $45 million ATM cash-out scheme that grabbed headlines earlier this month. Investigators' quick moves, coupled with heightened international collaboration, had an impact in this case, experts say. (Source

In Texas, cops will soon need a warrant to search your email 
Now, it's up to Gov. Rick Perry to sign the bill passed this week by the Texas legislature. Texas is poised to become the first state in the U.S. to require law enforcement officers to get a search warrant based on probable cause before they access any electronic communications and customer data stored by a third-party service provider. The online investigative process is going to become much more difficult quickly and you can expect more states to follow suit. (Source

"Crowd Labor" coming soon to an employer near you - Recruiting has changed forever!  Crowd funding – seeking finance from multiple sources online – is already one way for startup businesses to tap a network and raise the money they need. But in future, “crowd labour” could be the key to employment. There will always be a recruitment industry but how it functions will be turned on its head, as the way that people search for jobs, and employers hunt for talent, changes. The recruitment process will be about productivity, so people will be recruited based on outcomes. It will be about reputation and recommendation. A lot of the information on our CVs will become irrelevant – school history and gaps in employment, etc. CVs will be based on the outcomes achieved in previous roles. It will be about reputation for delivery: Can you deliver in a certain time and at what cost?” (Source

$1 million in counterfeit items seized from Baton Rouge store  Box after box was carried out of Fashion Express on Airline Highway as investigators took evidence they say was counterfeit merchandise worth more than $1 million. Agents made one arrest during the raid and seized 3,082 pieces of fake designer shoes and purses. (Source

St. Louis Area Using Air Surveillance to Combat "Smash-and-Grab" Burglaries - 14 since April 25th - it's an epidemic in St. Louis  A series of smash-and-grab business burglaries across the St. Louis region has police taking to the air and business owners digging into the ground, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Metro Air Support officers will remain aloft late at night to track thieves who may realize that police pursuit restrictions keep ground officers from giving chase for property crimes. Some business owners are turning to bollards — heavy posts rooted deep into the ground to prevent vehicles from ramming through vulnerable spots on buildings, such as large windows and doors. Thieves used vehicles in about a half dozen cases in St. Louis County and St. Louis since last week, making off with cash registers, hair extensions, liquor, and electronics, officials said. In most of the other cases, they used items such as bricks to break windows. (Source

Austin, TX., bag ban making shoplifting easier and detection even harder 
March 1st, Austin, TX., instituted a bag ban in stores and now customers are using re-useable bags and merchants are complaining. There are new concerns about Austin's bag ban. Shoplifters are apparently taking advantage of the ordinance. Store managers say people put items in their reusable bags while shopping and walk out of the store without paying. Store managers and police say the ban, which went into effect March 1, has made it more difficult for them to distinguish between customers and shoplifters. (Source (Source

Florida Ranks 3rd in Cargo Theft activity.
Florida takes its place behind California and Texas as the third in stolen cargo. The investigations into cargo theft in Florida are run by the state’s Cargo Theft Task Force, lead by the Florida Highway Patrol. Law Enforcement agents focus on the I-4 corridor and I-75, not only investigating, but taking the time to speak to driver’s in an attempt to train and educate on how to protect their loads. Since 1999 the Task Force has arrested over 500 suspects in Florida. (Source

Philadelphia police searching for four suspects robbing numerous locations
Authorities say the men have struck at numerous locations, including the Dollar General on Ridge Avenue in Strawberry Mansion, a Little Caesar’s on Lancaster Avenue, another Dollar General on N 48th Street and a Forman Mills Store at 4800 Market Street. In the Dollar General crime, one suspect allegedly shot a security guard in the foot. (Source

Missoula Police file charges on man with gun at Southgate Mall.  Skylore Hallock was in court Tuesday after being charged with three counts of assault with a weapon and obstructing a peace officer. Hallack is accused of pointing a gun out the window of a car as it drove through the mall parking lot and the parking are of a daycare center. Hallack went into the Sears store, saw Police and took off running. Police apprehended Hallack at gunpoint inside the store; the gun was found to be an airsoft pistol that looked like a 9mm handgun. (Source

Houston Woman chases down Cell Phone store robbers.  The owner of OST Pet Shop, Unique Green witnessed the robbery of the King Wireless store in the same plaza, so she decided to follow the get-a-way car. Green called 911 from her truck and began to follow the suspects who then shot at Green during the pursuit. The suspect’s vehicle struck another car and the suspects fled. One suspect was apprehended by Police, the second is still on the loose. (Source

Changing clothes didn’t help the Advanced Auto store robber to get a way.  Port St. Lucie Police have arrested Dustin Grigsby for the robbery of the Advanced Auto store on Sunday. Grigsby appeared to be shopping in the store but police say that when he approached the clerk he pulled out a handgun and demanded money. The two clerks and a customer where ordered to the rear of the store by Grigsby who then fled on his bicycle. Grigsby was spotted on surveillance video changing his clothes and leaving on his bike. Police arrested Grigsby a few blocks away and recovered a BB gun he used during the crime. (Source

Chicago man gets 9 years for Dollar General burglaries.  
Stephen M. Sato was sentenced Wednesday to two concurrent nine year terms, not for robbing the store, but Dollar General employee’s wallets from the break room. Sato and Julie Korotkov entered the store. One distracted the employees while the other went into the employee break room and stole two wallets. The employee’s credit cards were then used in Iowa for purchases. (Source

Former Alabama State employee pleads guilty to identity theft charges.  
Lea'Tice Phillips, a State employee of Alabama, plead guilty in an identity theft case. Phillips worked for a State agency where she had access to individual's identification information. With that information Phillips conspired with Antoinette Djonret and others to file false tax returns using stolen identities.  Djonret would then file tax returns from her residence in Montgomery and used a network of individuals to launder the refunds using prepaid debit cards. Djonret filed over 1,000 false tax returns and claimed over $1.7 million in fraudulent tax refunds. Phillips faces up to twenty-two years in prison and a maximum fine of $750,000 or twice the loss caused by the offense. Djonret has already received 144 months in prison. (Source

Pennsylvania man charged with shooting Walmart associates with a pellet gun.  Christopher McGillick is accused of shooting two Walmart associates who followed the suspected shoplifter into the parking lot of the store in Snake Spring Township. Police said there were two employees hit by pellets, both of whom told police they knew the suspect not only because he shops at Walmart often, but because his brother used to work at the store. Christopher McGillick is in the Bedford County Jail facing several charges, including making terroristic threats, simple assault and disorderly conduct. (Source

San Francisco Macy’s shoplifter pulls out needle threatening Police with AIDS virus.  A shoplifter who was accused of stealing a $150 pair of jeans held Police at bay with a hypodermic needle claiming she was infected with the AIDS virus. Police arrested the suspect in the parking lot after dropping the needle and attempting to flee. She was arrested for misdemeanor theft, brandishing a weapon and possession of a non-narcotic controlled substance. It could not be confirmed if Delapaz has AIDS. (Source

Two women in Ocala arrested for shoplifting; it was on their “bucket list”. 
The two thirty something friends had not seen each other in a long time and decided to complete one more item on their “bucket list’, so they shoplifted at the Ocala Walmart. Stealing beef jerky and bathing suits ended up getting them both arrested, which probably was not on the bucket list. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Genesco's 1Q down 4% with sales down 1.5%






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Anonymous payment schemes thriving on web

Online payment processor PayPal is considered the gold standard. The company, now owned by eBay, has payment experts to ensure PayPal is compliant with "know-your-customer" regulations and with law enforcement agencies in each country in which it operates. "It's unfortunate that as many of these new services come on board, it's the people looking to abuse them who are the first to use them," said Anuj Nayar, a spokesman at PayPal. "There's a lot more than just having the right technology in place to be an efficient global payment processor." Click here to read the full article.

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Creativity, not panic, best reaction to U.S. retail expansion into Canada, report says  "This is not just about the big American Godzilla coming in and deciding what our fate is." We’re choosing that ourselves — Canadian developers, Canadian property owners, Canadian consumers — by where we are spending the money. The cautionary tale is really for American retailers to understand that. It’s not like dealing with another state.” Editors note: This is a great article to truly get the feel for how Canada is being impacted by this American Push. (Source

Canada's book store retailer Indigo Books reports $8.2M loss with same store sales down 4.6%  Looks like the book store industry everywhere is being impacted. (Source

Target's opening of 48 stores isn't going smoothly and customers are complaining  While many shoppers have embraced Target in cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, others have encountered bare shelves or grumbled about prices that weren’t as low as they had expected. The volume of shoppers has been promising, but Target executives acknowledge that they underestimated the initial demand, particularly with three stores in the Toronto area. "That has been the biggest challenge so far,” said John Morioka, Target Canada’s senior vice resident of merchandising. “There has been no accurate history to plan for our sales.” "Given the size and excitement surrounding this launch, it’s not fair to expect Target to have everything run like clockwork,” said Amy Koo, an analyst with Kantar retail consulting firm in Boston. The company with deep Minnesota roots is opening stores at incredible speed — 124 are expected to open across Canada within the first year. (Source

At the beginning of this month, the WorkSafeBC's Board of Directors approved three new OHS policies to help prevent workplace bullying and harassment. The new policies dictate and clarify the general duties of employers, workers, and supervisors regarding, preventing, where possible, workplace harassment and bullying, or otherwise minimizing it. The responsibilities of employer, employee and supervisors can be found in further detail here. (Source

Tips lead Toronto Police to $14,000 rug thief.  
The couple who asked to borrow the $14,000 rug for a three day photo shoot never returned to Weavers Art Studio, and left a fake credit card number behind as a security deposit. For two weeks Police attempted to track down the thieves, following-up on a number of tips called into the police. On Wednesday an arrest was made and the $14,000 rug was recovered. (Source

Vancouver Police use non-lethal Bean Bag round to take down shoplifter with a knife.  The shoplifter pulled a knife on Price Smart Foods Loss Prevention agent as he was attempting to flee the store. Police tracked down the suspect, who was still carrying the knife, yelling at Police to shoot him. The suspect again led police on a foot chase for two blocks, still refusing to drop the knife. Police shot the suspect one time with a bean bag round subduing the suspect. (Source

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Stockton, California woman steals 300 people’s identities; accused of stealing over $200,000.  Alisha Terese Rodriguez pleaded not guilty Thursday in federal court to charges of being a felon in possession of firearm, credit application fraud, bank fraud, aggravated identification theft, access device fraud and possession for fraudulent use of identification documents of others. Rodriguez stole other people's identities to open new credit card accounts they weren't aware of. Then, after racking up massive credit card bills, she'd pay them off by transferring large amounts of cash from other victims' bank accounts. (Source

Heroin addict busted stealing over $10k in merchandise from Wal-Mart stores since February  Rutland, Vt. - A Rutland man will be in court today, facing charges for allegedly stealing $10,000 worth of merchandise from the Wal-Mart. (Source

Four Cincinnati suspects arrested for television theft from Target.  
Two male suspects entered the Target store in Deerfield Township and grabbed two 42 inch flat screen televisions and headed for the fire exit door. Outside in the truck awaited two female suspects. Police had already been alerted by Target Loss Prevention and the suspects were immediately arrested. All four are charged with fifth degree felony theft. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Incorporating Behavioral Analytics into EBR

Exception based reporting administrators or users often hear the following from field team end users: “Have the system tell me who is stealing or doing something wrong, and we will take care of it.” What they really want is a “report” that tells them “who”, “how”, “what” and “why”, without having to think about it.

How do you determine fraud versus training issues? Loss Prevention/Audit analysts can identify the issues that need to be addressed, but face the challenge of determining if the situation is a fraud issue or a training issue. Two individuals can display similar activity (count of transactions and total amounts), when only one of them is committing fraud. There are, however, indicators or “red flags” that make this individual stand out from the other.

Many Loss Prevention/Audit experts learn these red flags over time and through experience and become very perceptive to what to look for during their investigation/audit process. This process of evaluating and analyzing the information is different for each professional, based on their experience and knowledge of procedures and system functionality. How does that knowledge get transferred into an exception based reporting application to get the end-result analysis with less effort?

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Axonify. Read how Pep Boys reduced their shrink by 55% by overhauling their LP awareness program. Download.

Thought Challenge

The challenge is ‘change’ in all its many faces and how open to change you are?

By Francis Clark
VP Business Development

I was once told ‘you’re either an agent of change, or you will be changed by the coming changes and you won’t like it.’

An example presented to me was “how many ways can you drive into or arrive at work ‘if’ something happened to close your favorite route?” I experimented and for the next week, all 5 days, I forced myself to find a different way into work. Did it help? Yes, I found that I had no idea what made up the neighborhoods around my store which helped me to appreciate my immediate customer base. It also showed me that there is a need to experiment, get out of my comfort zone on a regular basis so that I don’t become complacent.

Even back then, and a very long time ago, ‘reports’ were the way that we operated the business. Today, we don’t need to rely on reports with all the technology changes in the past years...or even year. Yet when I speak with retailers, we still drive our business with reports!

I’m told there is a very large retailer in London that has one meeting room where there are spreadsheets papered like wallpaper all around the room (called the ‘war room’) and the CEO hold court there ‘amongst the reports’.

I speak to retailers all the time that are generating ‘new reports’! Watched an advert that was so proud that they could produce reports ‘on the fly’! And yet, I know of no store manager that is just drooling to get to work in the morning to see his ‘new report’!

A report is ‘out of date’ the second it is generated, fact. We have taken reports from paper to computer screen to our iPads and ‘that’s change?’ We allow the viewer to rank columns, move columns, perform various math functions between columns and data elements and call that ‘change’...but they are still reports.

We have some very sophisticated retailers using exception reports who are quite proud that the information gleaned from them is 75% useful and yet in the most lenient grading system that would be a ‘C’. Are we threatened by changing the way we run our business and that is why we cling to outdated methodology? Other industries have moved on using real time ‘answers’ to drive business change.

Why aren’t we producing ‘answers’ instead of more reports?

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Loss Prevention Supervisor Banana Republic Atlanta, GA Gap Inc.
Loss Prevention Supervisor Banana Republic Elmhurst, NY Gap Inc.
Area LP Manager Ross Stores Miami, FL Ross Stores
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Panorama City, CA Home Depot
LP Dept Manager Von Maur Davenport, IA Von Maur
Regional LP Manager Charming Charlie Atlanta, GA Charming Charlie
Distribution Center LP Mgr Gander Mountain Lebanon, IN Gander Mountain
Jewelry Regional LP Mgr Fred Meyer Portland, OR
Loss Prevention Mgr Pier 1 Imports Forth Worth, TX Pier 1 Imports
Regional LP Manager Rent-A-Center New York, NY Rent-A-Center
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Tarentum, PA Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Burlington, VT Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Las Cruces, NM Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Irving, TX Sears Holdings Corp
Area LP Leader JC Penney Overland Park, KS JC Penney
Area LP Leader JC Penney Jacksonville, FL JC Penney

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Stop Work Overload By Setting These Boundaries  We keep telling ourselves that it will get better, the 12 to 14-hour days will get shorter, and yet we still can't find the time to do everything we have to get accomplished. Here are some ways you can build your confidence when you realize it's not your fault you can't get everything done. (Start by budgeting your time)

How to Not Get Sidetracked
This associate professor at Harvard Business School has the psychological secrets to put off procrastination. In this interview with her, about her book Sidetracked, she addresses that small things in our lives can throw us off our original plans. The key is to find out what is throwing us off course, so we can (get back on track.)

To Have A Productive Day, Make Work A Series of Sprints  We all can get brain-overload, but how do you cure it? If you think of your work as a sprint, working focused for short periods of time, and taking a break in between, you can save your energy and feel more accomplished. Fatigue can give way to ineffective working. (Don't run a marathon)

The Sweet Science Behind How Chocolate Makes You More Productive 
I bet you didn't realize that eating this sweet snack could help you with your work. The polyphenols in dark chocolate respond to receptors in the brain that are linked to anxiety. The darker the chocolate, the more polyphenols it contains. (Use chocolate to calm down)

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"Surviving the Changing of the Guard"

It happens in every organization, every industry, and at every level. A new CEO, a new CFO, a new VP of Operations, a new RVP, a new DM, a new store manager, or even a new VPLP in the vendor world. No one is immune when it comes to the changing of the guard. We're all subservient to it even in our prime when we know we're hitting our stride we're all reduced to the simple phrase - Is he/she going to like what I'm doing and will I make it? The hardest part seems to be the wait. The time between when you know a new leader is coming and no one's been named yet. As we all scurry to find inside info about who the leading candidates are and even some try to load the deck with their referrals, recommendations, or even in some cases their absolute lack of support for certain executives. Take it from me that when they ask for your opinion, if it's about a potential boss, and you've got reservations - suck it up and keep them to yourself. Because by the time they get to you, a subordinate, they've already made up their mind and they are looking to see if you can accept their decision. It's all a test. Especially for the direct reports and for the vendors that service that executive. Regardless of what level we're at a new leader coming in is the ultimate test for all of us. And it's a time that you've simply got to accept and focus on developing a presentation that you can give that new leader that literally blows them away. With your preparation, your attention to detail, your track record, and more importantly your strategy and plan for the future. Because it's not only this new leader who's starting a new job, it's you trying to keep one and hopefully trying to position yourself for the next level.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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