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FBI Launches Active Shooter Webpage - Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Incidents  Recent active shooting incidents have underscored the need for a coordinated and consistent law enforcement response to these incidents. And two recent actions—the passage of the Investigative Assistance for Violent Crimes Act and an administration initiative targeting violent crime—have enhanced FBI efforts to better assist its law enforcement partners who are almost always the first on the scene. Our new Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Incidents webpage highlights some of these efforts—training we provide to first responders; conferences we hold for law enforcement executives; operational assistance we offer in the event of an active shooter event; and assistance we offer to victims. The webpage also contains links to FBI publications on the topic, active shooter incident statistics, and a link to a public service video created by the city of Houston. (Source

The mainstream grocery stores may be turning the tide and taking market share back from the superstores and clubs for the first time in years  For the first time in years, supermarkets have gained at the expense of clubs and supercenters and have raised their collective market share to 61.7 percent during 2012, which Rogers points out is even higher than it was in 2007. Select U.S. supermarket companies are at the top of their game and setting the bar ever-higher – thanks to, as Rogers also echoes, "a host of well-run, viable growth formats,” from the likes of H-E-B, Wegmans, Hy-Vee, Winco, Kroger, Publix, Sprouts and Woodman’s, among others. Great article to learn about a new trend that has taken years to develop. (Source

Urban America is recovering and the Millennials are driving the growth - whats that mean for LP?  With the Millennial (those born between 1982 and 2001) youth movement back to the urban areas with 48 of the 50 most populous cities growing since 2010 there comes a whole new set of problems. Led by mid-sized cities like Austin, Fort Worth and Charlotte, the youth of today missed the riots of the 60's, the urban decline of the 70's, and the crack epidemic of the 80's and it looks like they're headed back to the urban areas where rents are cheap and new condos are popping up left and right. That explains Wal-Mart's Express push but it also brings a host of issues. Those stores usually require more LP coverage, more LP equipment, and have higher shrink rates. And while the trend is great for the cities tax issues, it doesn't mean the inner city increased risk factors have disappeared, it also means that retail America will be opening up more stores in urban areas. (Source

Staples To Close 40 Stores in 2013 
The Framingham-based company's quarterly profit fell 9.2% amid soft demand for computers in North America and weak international sales. Staples, the largest office-supply chain in the U.S., has sought to trim costs by cutting jobs in Europe and reduce its North American retail space, reported the Wall Street Journal. (Source

Bill would allow D.C. police chief to close shops linked to stolen cellphones 
In an attempt to curb street robberies, the chairman of the D.C. Council’s public safety committee has proposed giving the police chief broad emergency powers to shut down stores linked to trafficking in stolen cellphones. A string of nail salons and corner grocery stores have expanded into the illegal trade of electronic gadgets. Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) is modeling the bill after a similar provision that allows the chief to close bars and liquor establishments for 96 hours in the aftermath of violence. (Source

The age-old problem of training armed uniformed guards - comes back to haunt Wackenhut (G4S) and Pilot Truck Stops in $120M fatality lawsuit  The family of a man shot and killed by a security guard at a Pilot truck stop filed a $120 million suit against Pilot and a security company last Wednesday. The suit alleges that Wackenhut Corporation, which owns G4S Security, and Pilot acted negligently in hiring Mangrum and failing to train him about use of deadly force. The lawsuit claims that security guard Robert Mangrum shot Clarksville resident Timothy Alumbaugh in the chest “without cause or justification” during an altercation at the West Trinity Lane truck stop. After a Metro Nashville Police Department investigation, no charges were filed against Mangrum who claimed to have acted in self defense, according to a NewsChannel5 report. (Source

LinkedIn joins two-factor login bandwagon to keep hackers out 
Add LinkedIn to the list of Internet companies trying to make themselves safer from cyberattacks by adding two-step authentication. Users of the professional social-networking site now have the option to add two-step verification to their accounts, which is designed to add another layer to the sign-in process when logging in from a new or unknown device. With the feature enabled, users will be prompted to type a numeric code sent to their phone via SMS when logging in from an unrecognized computer or device for the first time. (Source

How does law enforcement deal with the $5 billion problem of rising cargo theft in Canada?  Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) hosts Red Flags at the Roadside II, a unique training seminar to help law enforcement officials identify, investigate and prevent incidents of cargo theft. An increase in cargo theft is presenting a significant and growing threat in Canada, putting individuals, communities and businesses at risk. Cargo crime is estimated to be a $5 billion problem in Canada, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance. The Red Flags at the Roadside II: Cargo Theft Prevention & Investigative Training session is part of the industry and law enforcement's PATNET (Provincial Auto Theft Network; a growing core of law enforcement officials who have received specialized training in the identification of motor vehicles that have been stolen or otherwise impacted though fraudulent activities). Event runs Wednesday, June 5, 2013 , 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 pm. Empire Theatres/Ramada Crystal Palace Hotel - the seminar is taking place in the Empire Theatres (lobby + theatre room #7), 499 Paul St, Dieppe, NB (Source

Three men busted selling counterfeit goods in their Source 1 Wireless Store in Laurel, Del.  Delaware State Police say they have seized more than $100,000 in counterfeit merchandise and arrested three Maryland men at a business in Laurel. They found more than 1,200 counterfeit items of merchandise, including such brands as Polo, Coach, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. There were also fake NBA and NFL sports jerseys. (Source

Target employee spots five counterfeit $100 bills in Dickson City, PA, two arrested.  Aric Branch, 34, attempted to purchase and iPad and underwear with five counterfeit hundred dollar bills Thursday at the Dickson City Target. Employees there called police after discovering counterfeit bills were used and told borough police security footage showed Branch entering the Dickson City store at 3:53 p.m. and leaving at 4 p.m.. Target employees provided a description of Branch and the white Toyota Camry he was in, and police began searching nearby parking lots. Later that day, an officer arrested Branch after he used fake bills in the JC Penney housewares department at the Viewmont Mall. Branch is charged with several counts of forgery, theft and receiving stolen property. His accomplice was arrested in the car and charged with criminal conspiracy. (Source

Two Alabama men charged with selling counterfeits. 
Two men are charged with selling counterfeit designer clothes, bags and other items in the Birmingham area. Federal prosecutors say 59-year-old Johnnie Hill Jr. of Bessemer sold items through a store for more than two years ending in March. Authorities say 43-year-old Moussa Adamou of Bessemer sold similar items out of a tent along a street in Bessemer. The men are named in separate indictments. But officials say they were selling similar items: fake goods with logos for designers including Nike, LaCoste, Polo and others. Hill also is charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun. Authorities say he has four past felony convictions in state court dating back to 1985. (Source

Shoplifters targeting Robinson Mall, town center in Pittsburgh 
Pittsburgh's retail thefts had been declining since 2008, when there were 732, according to police spokeswoman Diane Richard. But between 2011 and 2012, they increased 27 percent to 771, of which 359 resulted in arrests, she said. The most common places for retail thefts in Pittsburgh are Giant Eagle stores, including those in Squirrel Hill, South Side and Shadyside; Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory department stores; and Waterworks shopping center near Aspinwall. Thefts are on the increase at the Target and Home Depot stores in East Liberty, she said. The Mall at Robinson has increased its security by recently installing interior and exterior security cameras, mall spokeswoman Shema Krinsky said. In 2012, Robinson police made 40 arrests for the shoplifting of items valued at more than $200 at The Mall at Robinson and Robinson Town Centre, Vietmeier said. So far this year, officers have made 26 arrests. “I expect that number to double, at least, in 2013,” he said. (Source

Man killed in Kwik Trip convenience store fight Sunday morning in La Crosse, Wis.
Police responded Sunday about 3:30 a.m. to a Kwik Trip store on a report that someone was hurt in a fight. A police statement says the officers "found a crime scene inside the store." The male victim was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries. His name has not been released. A felony warrant for first-degree intentional homicide has been issued for the man, whom officers say may have fled the area. (Source

Police arrest man Saturday in West Shore armed robberies
New Cumberland man was arrested Saturday afternoon as a suspect in a series of armed robberies on the West Shore earlier in the day. Hitting three businesses, including one Weis Market, starting at 6 a.m. Saturday morning, the male suspect was arrested following an extensive manhunt on the West Shore and in Harrisburg, PA. (Source

Man arrested after Missoula mall knife incident
An 18-year-old man was arrested Friday evening after threatening an employee at Missoula's Southgate Mall. The suspect, Robert Levi Leavens allegedly tried to cut a sweatshirt off a hanger in Champ Sports sometime after 5 p.m. Officials say an employee tried to stop Leavens from leaving the mall, they say that's when the suspect pulled a knife out and said he was serious. (Source

Suspect in Las Vegas robbery spree of 9 convenience stores arrested
A man arrested in connection with a robbery Monday evening is believed to be the suspect in a recent string of convenience store robberies, according to police. Police said they believe Johnson is the man responsible for nine armed robberies at convenience stores since March, the most recent happening on May 18. (Source

Car used as weapon after Kmart shoplifting turns violent.  Police arrested two people and were seeking a third after an apparent botched shoplifting attempt at a Springfield, Missouri Kmart turned violent about 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning. Police say a woman, an apparent accomplice, repeatedly drove a car into security and witnesses as they struggled with two would-be shoplifters in the parking lot of the Kmart. Springfield police said the fight spilled over into the parking lot after Kmart loss prevention tried to stop two people attempting to steal electronics, a belt and a pair of flipflops. The confrontation became “a wrestling match” on the pavement with at least three staffers and one customer involved near the Kmart’s entrance. The woman, Tiffany Ann Wilson, 20, then hit the group of people with a vehicle multiple times. Police said no one was seriously injured or taken to a hospital. (Source

Sheriff in Georgia seeking Target burglary suspects; $18,000 in merchandise stolen.  The Forsyth County Sheriff is seeking the identity of three suspects wanted in the May 30 break-in of a Target store in Cumming, Georgia. The suspects smashed out the front window of the store and stole $18,000 worth of iPads and iPods. The three suspects fled the area before police arrived. (Source

Rutland, VT two men tasered at Walmart during separate shoplifting incidents. 
On Thursday afternoon, Rutland City Police responded to the Rutland Walmart, twice in a matter of hours. The first incident a 22-year-old male fled on foot. Police chased the suspect for several blocks. Police threatened the man with a taser, but were able to detain him without it. The shoplifter told police he has been stealing from the store since February to fund a heroin addiction. Only hours later, police were called back to the store when Richard Martin, 43, tried to flee after shoplifting. This time a taser was fired at the Pittsford man. The first shoplifter told police he has stolen around $10,000 dollars worth of merchandise from Walmart since February. He pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of retail theft. He faces more than 20-years behind bars. (Source

Las Vegas investigates possible arson case at Smith’s Grocery- $80,000 in damages.  A fire broke out at 4:38pm on Friday at the Smith’s Grocery store on Vegas Drive. The fire started when several bags of snacks in the chip aisle caught on fire. The fire is being investigated as a possible arson. Damage to the store was minimal, only affecting 10 to 20 bags of snacks, and there were no reported injuries. Smith’s Food and Drug is a Division of Kroger Co. (Source

Dillard’s in Naples apprehends a woman with $450 in lingerie. 
Police apprehended Kellie Longenecker at Dillard’s at the Coastland Center mall for the theft of $50 worth of merchandise. Longenecker was observed entering the fitting room of the store with pajama dresses, socks and other items, hid them in a bag and left the store. A loss prevention officer stopped Longenecker outside Dillard’s. Twelve items — an umbrella, two belts, a robe, four pajama dresses and four pairs of socks — were recovered from her bag, reports stated. Longenecker now faces felony grand theft charges. (Source

Southern Ohio Burlington Coat Factory robbed at gunpoint. 
One suspect entered the Burlington Coat store in Columbia Township just prior to closing time on Friday evening. The suspect went up to employees one at a time and asked for money, then escorted them to another part of the store where he received more cash. No one was injured; the suspect fled the store and jump into a car. (Source

Walmart held-up in Greece, NY, suspect apprehended on bicycle less than a mile from store.  Theresa Ruege 33, held-up the Walmart store in Greece, New York with a pellet gun Saturday afternoon, but she didn’t get far. Ruege was caught less than a mile from the store on her bicycle. Police recovered the money and the discarded pellet gun. Ruege now faces charges of robbery, grand larceny and menacing.

Shoplifting Mom gets four years in prison for stuffing drugs down her 4-year-old son's coat pocket during her arrest  A Missouri mother caught stuffing cocaine, heroin and marijuana into her 4-year-old son's coat pocket during her Illinois arrest for shoplifting expected to get probation for the offense. But a judge wasn't so forgiving about her parenting. Shurtleff pleaded guilty heroin possession, retail theft and child endangerment charges stemming from her December arrest at a Kmart in Quincy. The judge said prison time could be a potential deterrent to parents "exposing children to the horrors of drugs." (Source

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Berkshire Mall Security struggle to arrest a 20 year old for resisting arrest.  The 20 year old suspect was not even the focus of the $30 shoplifting investigation, but somehow put himself into the situation. Jenssy Santana interfered with mall security and police, a fight that was caught on cell phone video and has gone viral. Santana is facing charges of resisting arrest, aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. (Source






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Retail store "large-scale fencing operation" in Milwaukee County
After an extensive investigation earlier this year, police believe the store was not just a good place to pick up groceries, but a bustling place for residents to unload gold, gems, precious metals, GPS devices, cell phones, musical instruments, computer tablets and tools. Police say nearly 500 different kinds of tools, including saws, cordless power drills, weed whackers and drywall equipment were stored in the store's basement. That wasn't all. Carniceria El Indio also doubled as a kind of alternative drugstore for residents without access to a doctor. Investigators say the store was selling medication such as penicillin and other antibiotics from Mexico as well as banned vitamins over the counter, no questions asked. With investigations still under way, Vega and his wife, Rosa Guzman, have each been charged with two counts of possession with the intent to deliver prescriptions. Suspecting the store was a large-scale fencing operation, Thiele said his officers confiscated the goods and tools from the store. It took the equivalent of a 24-hour shift for officers to remove the goods, Thiele said, and filled two truckloads. The tools and other goods were eventually returned to the store's owners because it could not be proved they were stolen. "It's one thing to sell prescription medication, but we believe we were able to shut down a fencing operation," Thiele said. (Source

Trio ORC gang busted hitting Wal-Mart in Winter Haven, Florida  A trio of "shoppers", all with criminal histories, were arrested Sunday after police say they stole numerous items from a Winter Haven Walmart. Winter Haven Police say around 8:40 p.m. on June 2, Willie Lawson, Sr., Tomeka Fields and Dina Johnson went into the store in the 7400 block of Cypress Gardens Boulevard and split up to collect their bounty. When leaving with their stolen goods one suspect pushed a shopping cart into the associate and came towards them in an aggressive manner. The police found the trio at one of the suspects homes a short time afterwards. All three where charged with grand theft. (Source

Safeway's "most wanted" ORC liquor thief busted in Bainbridge Island, WA. 
Bainbridge police said Siva targeted certain stores. “He goes to Safeways in rural areas because the security isn’t as high.” Siva also allegedly hit the Safeways because they commonly stock brands he preferred to steal, such as Ciroc vodka, Grey Goose vodka and Remy Martin cognac. Siva would either sell the liquor or trade it to support his drug addiction, Weiss said. Police said the liquor thefts from across the region amount to more than $4,200 worth of liquor that was taken from multiple Safeways. "The Safeway loss prevention people were very excited because he was on their own most wanted list,” Weiss said. Camera footage also allegedly shows Siva working with up to two other suspects at various stores.
Siva admitted to police that another person was involved in the crimes, but refused to name them, according to a police report. (Source

Ten people arrested in counterfeit check ring at Walmart in Greensboro, AL 
The Demopolis Police Department arrested four more Greensboro individuals on Friday, May 31 involved in a recent counterfeit check ring. According to officials, the Demopolis Wal-Mart filed a complaint of the checks being cashed and after an investigation officers were lead to the check ring in Greensboro. The individuals would present forged State of Alabama checks at Wal-Mart to be cashed. The checks were not real State of Alabama Checks, but were printed on a home printer. The department arrested six individuals on Wednesday, May 29 who were all from Greensboro. After Friday’s arrests, the total suspects taken into custody have now reached ten. (Source

Police recover $500K in stolen goods from Chicago warehouse.  A search warrant executed Saturday led Chicago police to recover more than $500,000 in stolen chocolate, alcohol and other merchandise from a South Side warehouse. Several pallets of Ghirardelli chocolate products valued at $150,000 were recovered from the warehouse, in addition to $175,000 worth of alcohol, a pallet of BMW auto parts and multiple pallets of cement water fountains. Several stolen vehicles were also recovered from the parking lot outside the warehouse, including three full-length trailers, two semi-tractors, a cargo van and a cargo truck. The Illinois State Police Cargo Theft Unit assisted in the investigation. (Source

Five arrested after extensive Thursday night manhunt: robbery at Williamsburg Mall in Jasper.  Following a manhunt conducted by a number of law enforcement agencies Thursday evening, five individuals were arrested on suspicion of their involvement in at least one robbery in eastern Iowa. , Dispatchers received a request at 6:50 p.m. for mutual aid assistance regarding a robbery that occurred at Tanger Outlet Mall in Williamsburg. Two females at the car ran south across both travel lanes of the highway and were eventually captured and taken into custody. It was determined at least two more males had exited the vehicle. During the search, Officers located numerous counterfeit $100 bills. The five subjects were taken into custody with pending charges of robbery and theft. Officers were also notified that Coralville Police was investigating a similar incident at Coral Ridge Mall earlier in the day, with these subjects. (Source

Police Seek 3 Men for theft at Westmoreland Mall Macy’s. Surveillance photos from the Macy’s at Westmoreland Mall shows the three men as they gather up more than $1,000 worth of clothing in the men’s polo department. When a loss prevention officer approached the men, they took off through the parking garage and ultimately got away. (Source


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Vendor Spotlight

Third-Party Study Compares Checkpoint Systems Electronic Article Surveillance Labels With Others

Study Found That Checkpoint Anti-theft Labels Are Superior in
Critical Areas of Performance

THOROFARE, NJ – May, 28, 2013 – Checkpoint Systems (NYSE: CKP), a leading global supplier of shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions for the retail industry, announced the results of a third-party study conducted by TUV Rheinland, a global provider of product testing and certification. The study found that Checkpoint genuine electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels perform much better than other tested labels in all key areas. The study evaluated EAS labels from multiple manufacturers, measuring and comparing labels’ application, detection, deactivation and reactivation.

According to the Centre for Retail Research, global shrink increased 6.6 percent to more than $119 billion in the last Global Retail Theft Barometer, a figure that represents 1.45 percent of global retail sales. For the past 20 years, EAS systems and labels have been the most common method to protect store merchandise against shoplifting. During the past 10 years, there has been a proliferation of manufacturers offering presumably low-cost options without clear guidelines between cost and performance.

The study titled “Performance Testing of Labels” helps retailers weigh the benefits and costs of specific solutions. It looked at four distinct areas of performance and provided objective data revealing specific advantages between labels from different manufacturers.

Areas of Evaluation

Automatic Application of Live Anti-theft Labels

TUV Rheinland found that Checkpoint EAS labels remain live more than 99 percent of the time after automatic application on a product at the point of manufacture. Labels from other manufacturers deactivate in the process and are rendered useless almost 30 percent of the time.

Anti-theft Labels Reactivation for Retailers

TUV Rheinland researchers also reported that labels from other manufacturers can reactivate up to 23 percent of the time after being deactivated at point of sale, resulting in tag pollution, increased false alarms, decreased alarm compliance, employee frustration and potential consumer embarrassment. In contrast, performing the same tests, TUV Rheinland found that Checkpoint labels remain deactivated after legitimate point of sales transactions. They have almost zero percent reactivation when products are motionless (static) in a customer’s bag, or in motion, (dynamic) when sewn into a customer’s garment.

Anti-theft Labels Deactivation

According to TUV Rheinland, most other label manufacturers have deactivation heights at point of sale as low as 0.5 inches to 5 inches (1,3cm to 12,7cm), which results in more non-deactivated items, customer embarrassment and lack of responsiveness to true theft alarms in store. In contrast, TUV Rheinland noted that Checkpoint labels can be deactivated by cashiers scanning products up to 17 inches above the deactivator pad.

Anti-theft Labels Detection

Overall, TUV Rheinland found that Checkpoint labels are detected more than 95 percent of the time by EAS alarm systems. Compared to other label offerings, Checkpoint labels deliver among the best detection rates irrespective of position: laying flat, facing front or on their side.

Based on the research findings, the study suggests that labels that frequently deactivate during application prove ultimately to be more costly. These labels are offered at low-cost and treated as a commodity where price is the only differentiation. Indeed, these “dead” tags do not protect store merchandise, potentially resulting in further profit loss from stolen merchandise. Retailers and their buyers can trust Checkpoint labels to protect their merchandise with much less risk of false alarms thanks to the almost zero percent of reactivation, the deactivation simplicity by cashiers at the point of sale and the high detection rate with the antennas at the point of exit.

According to Farrokh Abadi, president & chief operating officer Shrink Management Solutions Checkpoint Systems, “For retailers seeking to achieve best practices, this study can help them make appropriate purchasing decisions. TUV Rheinland’s independent study clearly shows that investing in Checkpoint solutions is beneficial in the long-run, because our superior quality labels perform significantly better when compared with other manufacturers’ labels. In other words, retailers truly get what they pay for.”


GCC, Inc. (for Checkpoint)
George Cohen, 617-325-0011



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