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Dr. Read Hayes, Chad McIntosh and Tom Meehan

ORC - The Great
Debate #2

Chris DeSantis, TJ Flynn, Jim Cosseboom and
Tarik Sheppard

ORC - The Great
Debate #1

Millie Kresevich, John Matas and Scott Sanford

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  Pamela Nuzzo has been named Internal Investigations Coordinator for Burlington Stores.
Before joining Burlington Stores, Pamela was most recently a District Manager of Investigations with Macy's for Central New Jersey. Prior to that, she held Loss Prevention Management positions with Burberry in New York, NY and was a Security Director at Macy's stores in New York and New Jersey. Congratulations Pamela!


Union Takes a Stand at Macy's Herald Square
Union leaders and labor groups from as far as Alabama on Thursday joined Local 1S of the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union at Macy's Herald Square flagship for a rally in support of wage increases and affordable benefits for the 5,000 workers covered by the three-year contract, which expired on May 1. Since the expiration date, bargaining has continued as part of a 45-day extension period.

Macy's looks at workers as an expense, not an asset," said Ken Bordieri, president of Local 1S. "Macy's wants people who work on commission to work 75 minutes per day without getting paid, and we want the right to opt out of working on holidays. Company-sponsored health care is unaffordable. We took our strike vote and have authorization, if necessary. Our members want a good contract."

The rally was held on the 34th Street side of the flagship on the sidewalk. Customers entering or leaving the store had to squeeze by union members wearing yellow T-shirts. Beneath a banner that said, "Macy's Don't Discount Your Workers," a band made up of union members sang Aretha Franklin's "Respect" and changed the words to Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" to "Trying to take our holidays. We say, no, no, no."

Later, Bordieri told the audience, which was estimated to be in the hundreds, "Mr. Lundgren [chairman and chief executive officer of Macy's Inc.], can take his family on vacation on a private jet and doesn't give you a good enough wage so you can take your family to McDonald's for dinner."

Deserine Morrison, a sales specialist and 34-year Macy's veteran, said, "I have a pension, but people coming up behind me don't. We have to think of them. I love my job. Macy's used to be a friendly place. We would come in every day and make magic here. It broke my heart to see the changes."

"We work in places like Zara, H&M and Modell's," said Gemma deLeon, president of Local 1102 of the RWDSU. "Macy's sets the standards for so many other retail workers."

"We are currently renegotiating our labor contract with the RWDSU which affects store employees at four of our New York City-metro stores including Herald Square, Queens Center, Parkchester and White Plains," the retailer said. "Macy's is committed to bargaining in good faith, discussing all of the issues at the bargaining table and working towards reaching an agreement before the June 15th deadline.  Today's rally or any plans for calls to strike by the union are an expected and standard part of the negotiation process." wwd.com

Jefferson County, DA: Florida crime ring operating in Birmingham; blames Alabama's soft state laws
Law enforcement says the crooks were attempting to buy gift cards with stolen credit cards at area drugstores including Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS. Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls said a ring out of Florida is currently operating in Birmingham and is in a race with new credit card technology that makes their scheme much more difficult. The group uses skimmers on gas station pumps and ATMs to steal credit card information.

Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls said. "Right now, what the criminal organizations are doing is trying to send, what we call, runners to do as much as the fraud as they can now before the chip technology becomes the only way to use a credit card." "Because Alabama does not have a state law that would allow us to reach out and make charges against the people who are higher in the organization," said Falls, whose office is part of a U.S. Secret Service task force that's working to dismantle the criminal enterprises leading the fraud operations. The task force also includes investigators with the Vestavia Hills Police Department who are specialized in this type of crime.

Falls continues to be a supporter of a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) bill making it easier for law enforcement to take down out-of-state crime rings. The legislation failed to pass last session. "In the state legislature, it did not make it through. We're hoping we're going to do it again next year. We're going to keep introducing that until we get that bill passed, to give law enforcement another tool." abc3340.com

Social Media Impact
Signet Jewelers fires back on 'diamond swapping' controversy

Signet Jewelers Ltd., whose store banners include Kay Jewelers and Zales, issued a strong rebuttal against charges that its stores swapped customers' gems for lesser-quality stones while they were in for service.

The controversy started with an article by BuzzFeed about a Maryland woman who said her engagement ring - purchased at a Kay Jewelers store - had its diamond swapped out for a lower-quality manmade stone while in for service. The story quickly went viral on social media. 

"We strongly object to recent allegations on social media, republished and grossly amplified, that our team members systematically mishandle customers' jewelry repairs or engage in 'diamond swapping,'" Signet stated, "Incidents of misconduct, which are exceedingly rare, are dealt with swiftly and appropriately." chainstoreage.com

Social Media Impact - 'We R Cute Shoplifters'
Inside the hidden teenage world of Tumblr's anti-capitalist Bling Ring

In the summer of 2015, Barbie (not her real name) and her longtime friend, who goes by the handle Unicorn-Lift, had just discovered Liftblr. Liftblr, Tumblr's notorious shoplifting community, is an ever-changing group of mostly young female bloggers who trade tips, write about criminal exploits, and post images of stolen merchandise known as "hauls."

Unicorn-Lift actually discovered the community through an anti-lifting post, written by someone enraged by the existence of the "shoplifting fandom." She showed Barbie, and the pair found themselves drawn into the Liftblr world. They wanted to be part of it and earn a "lift" title. The only way to do that was to steal something. Unicorn-Lift, also 15 years old, hit the local Wal-Mart. Barbie found herself at the Dollar Tree.

When they got home, Barbie and Unicorn-Lift logged onto Tumblr. Barbie created a new username, Stingray-Lift, and published her debut post: "I had to make an account after my friend @unicorn-lift and I had a first lift lmao."

A username like Stingray-Lift, inspired by the target of Barbie's first heist, allowed other shoplifters on Tumblr to recognize her as one of their own. Most usernames make fairly obvious references to stealing-names like Liftswift, Babyklepto, Stealthethings, Rosie-the-Lifter. The lifters congregate in the Tumblr hashtags, aggregating posts under #myhauls or #liftblr, and crowdsource heavily notated guides to shoplifting. They reblog instructions on how to safely remove security tags and share intel on the various loss prevention policies of department stores and mall shops. They carefully itemize their purloined merchandise. good.is

U.S. Specialty Stores & Department Stores Cut 6,200 Jobs in May
Discounters added 8,200 - Walmart Impact?

On the back of companies from Macy's Inc. to Gap Inc. reporting poor results for the first quarter, specialty stores and department stores trimmed their payrolls in May. But general merchandise stores added jobs and the overall economy posted a slight uptick in employment, the U.S. Labor Department reported Friday.

Apparel and accessories stores cut 4,100 jobs to employ 1.38 million last month, while department store employment fell 2,100 to 1.32 million. General merchandise stores, a category that includes department stores and discount stores, added 8,200 jobs to payrolls to employ 3.2 million in May. wwd.com

Axis Communications: Axis Acquires Cognimatics to Strengthen Retail Offering
Video analytics - insightful behavioral intelligence - enhance security & safety

Axis Communications, the global leader in network video, today announced the acquisition of Cognimatics, a leading company of store optimization solutions targeting the retail sector. Cognimatics' technology is for example used for people counting, queue measurement and occupancy estimation. The addition of Cognimatics' knowledge and technology strengthens Axis' solution offering in the fast-growing retail market segment.

Founded in 2003, Cognimatics is a privately owned Swedish company, headquartered in Lund, with 12 employees. The company offers a suite of video analytics applications that can be used to provide retailers with insightful behavioral intelligence that helps optimize their operations, improve customer experience, and enhance security and safety. businesswire.com

The Importance of Risk Assessments in Business Innovation
Could A Risk Assessment Have Saved Chipotle's Nightmare?

Companies that innovate need to have strong risk-assessment protocols to ensure they can anticipate any possible problems that may arise, and to allow them to put in place policies and procedures to try to mitigate those issues, said two risk experts.

Chipotle became a leader in fast-casual dining by developing a system to provide locally sourced ingredients to its nationwide chain of stores. It ran into problems that might have been detected with more effective risk-management practices, said Mr. Minsky.

The best way to avoid such problems is to conduct risk assessments at every stage of a project, from the investment stage to the operational phase and though every step of the innovation process.

By better incorporating risk and compliance into business operations, executives get "a better tool set to innovate so they don't get into situations." wsj.com

Class Seeks Approval Of $3.4M Deal In Gucci Credit Card Suit
A conditionally certified class accusing Gucci of improperly requesting personal customer information during credit card transactions asked a California federal court Wednesday to give approval of a settlement valued at $3.4 million. An appropriate resolution to the allegations that Gucci America Inc. improperly collected mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses from customers. law360.com

The Battle of the Body Parts: Which biometric will prevail?
Iris scan technologies crowned as the winner with most long-term

Wal-Mart testing Uber, Lyft for online grocery delivery

FBI Develops Tattoo Tracking Technology

PE-backed Envysion acquires Next Wave

Weis Markets to implement VeriBalance currency management solution in all
162 of its stores

7-Eleven buys 79 CST Brands stores in California and Wyoming

Albertsons completes deal for Haggen chain

May Same Store Sales Results Drop
Gap Inc. comp's down 6%, sales down 5%
     Gap Global down 3%
     Banana Republic Global comp's down 11%
     Old Navy Global comp's down 7%
Zumiez comp's down 7.6%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Five Below Q1 comp's up 4.9%, net sales up 25%
Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores Q1 comp's down 2.8%, net sales down 7.9%

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Oct 1st, 2015 - The Day Retailers Caught a Break
Or At Least We Thought We Were

Yes everyone is reeling about chargebacks after the EMV roll-out and all the other problems and issues the retail industry is experiencing. But it's also the day, or event, that sent the cyber crime hackers to the healthcare industry, officially so to speak.

They were already starting the transition but now with EMV rolling the online gangsters are focused on building identities, account takeovers, skimming anything they can skim, online fraud, and ransom ware.
Wack-A-Mole sent them packing from retail data breaches because now credit card numbers aren't enough. But now they've evolved and ultimately we're still dealing with them. Just a thought.

"We urge the FTC not to rely on PCI DSS for any purpose"
Retailers Ask FTC to Investigate Credit Card Industry's PCI Security Group for Antitrust Concerns

The National Retail Federation today announced that it has asked the Federal Trade Commission to conduct an investigation into an organization founded by the credit card industry that sets data security standards, saying the group's controversial practices raise antitrust concerns.

"We urge the FTC not to rely on PCI DSS for any purpose, particularly not as an example of industry best practices nor as a benchmark in determining what may constitute responsible data security standards in the payment system or any other sector."

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council is "a proprietary organization formed and controlled by a single industry sector - the major credit card networks" and "fails to meet any of the principles adopted by the federal government for voluntary standard-setting organizations," Duncan said. "We believe you will conclude PCI itself is an inappropriate exercise of market power by the dominant U.S. payment card networks and PCI should not continue setting data security standards through its current processes."

NRF's request comes as the FTC is conducting an inquiry into how third-party companies perform assessments of PCI compliance by retailers and other businesses that accept credit cards. NRF understands that the FTC is also considering PCI requirements as an example of industry best practices. businesswire.com

Less Than 10% of IoT Devices Keep Data Secure
IoT connections will overtake phone subscriptions by 2018

Nearly half (47%) of all respondents in the IOActive Internet of Things Security Survey distrust the security in IoT devices.

The consensus for that half was that less than 10% of all IoT products on the market are designed with adequate security. A staggering 85% believe that fewer than half of IoT products are secure.

"Consensus is that more needs to be done to improve the security of all products, but the exponential rate at which IoT products are coming to market, compounded by the expansive risk network created by their often open connectivity, makes IoT security a particular concern and priority," said Jennifer Steffens, CEO at IOActive.

The survey showed that 72% of respondents believe security not adequately designed into products is the single biggest challenge facing IoT security. infosecurity-magazine.com

Drones in Warehouses & Stores
Walmart Testing Drones in Warehouses For Inventory Scanning

Walmart is testing its new technology for the next six to nine months as part of its Emerging Sciences and Technology group, which focuses on drones, virtual reality and other technologies to see how they might help improve its supply chain. The company said drones may have other applications, perhaps even in its stores, but did not give details. nytimes.com

"Ransomware is clearly paying for Russian cyber-criminals"
"As RaaS campaigns become more widespread and accessible to even low-level cyber-criminals, such attacks may result in difficult situations for individuals and corporations not yet ready to deal with these new waves of attacks." infosecurity-magazine.com

Report Identifies Best Practices for Omnichannel Payment Approaches



STANLEY Security had the privileged opportunity to interview a Vice President of Loss Prevention with over 25 years of experience on what recent trends and changes he has seen in the retail security space. Check out his responses to learn about what one industry LP professional is doing to help prevent loss, utilize data to improve his security program, and keep up to date on the latest in the industry.

Read more.




Best Practices, Policies to Combat Return Fraud
- Fraudulent Returns Cost Canadian Retailers Between $1.1B and $1.7B in 2015
One big change most retailers have made is introducing a policy requiring proof of purchase, he says. Five to 10 years ago, it was very easy for a return fraudster to go into a store, steal an item and, without any bill, return it for cash. "There was a time when these organized rings were hitting us for millions of dollars, so most retailers have made a change that you can't just come in without a bill and get cash. At Sears Canada, we said, if you don't have a bill, you get a merchandise gift card, which means you cannot get cash for it. You'll see that with other retailers, as well: it's very difficult to get cash now," he says.

Retailers should also have extensive exception reporting tools, Berezowski says. "We monitor all types of refunds and look for trends. A fraudster doesn't use his own name but often uses the same information: the same address but a different name or different phone numbers but the same address. Through software we've developed, we're able to monitor those folks and try to identify them. In most cases the people doing return fraud are hitting store after store, but without that exception reporting it's hard to see the pattern."

Some fraudulent transactions, he says, can be prevented by insisting that returns always be made to the same method of purchase. This is particularly important with online returns, he says. Online shoppers sometimes use false credit cards to buy an item and then request the return to a different card. Online retailers should make sure a credit goes back to the same credit or debit card used to buy the item to prevent this kind of fraud.

For higher-value items, he says, one method of preventing fraudulent returns is to introduce a restocking fee. Knowing they will have to pay $25, for example, and not receive the full credit, will deter many criminals.

It's also important to have software at the POS that will track activity by product, geographic area or purchase method. "It's critical for retailers to have the alerts and the awareness to know where to target their efforts. And if retailers don't make that investment in technology, knowing the bad guys are technology-savvy, they're behind the curve," he says. canadiansecuritymag.com

Account Takeover Fraud Growing in "Leaps & Bounds" across Canada
Strengthening Security to Counter Account Takeover Fraud

Even back in November 2015, British Columbia-based NuData Security was reporting that between May-June 2015, nearly half a billion "aged" accounts were flagged with potential fraud, up 28 percent from the first quarter of 2015. "This highlights the growing value fraudsters are seeing in using aged accounts in an effort to circumvent traditional fraud detection systems that place a level of trust in an aged authenticated account."

With the adoption of EMV, credit card fraud is being dropped in favor of account takeover fraud. "Instead of merely stealing your credit card number, today's fraudsters are moving to full-blown account takeover, partly to thwart EMV chip-card technology but mainly to maximize their return on investment.

Financial fraud is one of America's largest growth industries. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission (https://www.ftc.gov) states that identity theft is escalating at 40 percent a year and is particularly problematic compared with more traditional forms of financial fraud.

Best Practices for Preventing Fraud Losses read more here. co-opfs.org

Canada Acts to Prevent Importation of Counterfeit Goods into Canada
The new rules provide the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) with the authority to detain suspected counterfeit and copyright infringing goods, while allowing the rights-holder time to pursue civil remedies. The new measures strictly prohibit importing or exporting counterfeit and copyright-infringing goods. Two important features of the Canadian regime are: (i) CBSA officers now have the authority to detain goods they suspect are counterfeit or copyright-infringing; and (ii) the establishment of a "request for assistance" (RFA) process to allow the CBSA to disclose information and samples of detained goods to a rights-holder. This detention and disclosure by the CBSA will assist rights-holders in obtaining relief including through legal action in the courts under the Copyright Act and Trade-Marks Act. natlawreview.com

Toronto pot dispensaries open for business despite last week's raids
Last week, police raided 43 dispensaries in an investigation dubbed 'Project Claudia.' 90 people were arrested and close to 200 charges were laid in connection with the raids, including 71 criminal charges. But many of the businesses raided by police have already reopened their doors, and new dispensaries are opening. They are checking for government issued ID at the door to make sure customers are over 19. citynews.ca

Vancouver files injunctions to force closure of 17 pot dispensaries
More than 100 unlicensed pot shops were told to close their doors by April 29, and a whopping 162 of 176 stores that applied for business licences were rejected. Most of the applications failed due to a rule barring dispensaries from operating within 300 metres of each other, or of schools, community centres and youth facilities. ctvnews.ca

Gangs moving criminal activity online in GTA, Peter Sloly says
Gangs in Toronto are using social media to conduct criminal behaviour that used to happen only on street corners, said Toronto's former deputy police chief. In some cases, disrespect online has led to violence later, Peter Sloly told Metro Morning on Wednesday. Sloly, now an executive director at Deloitte who is focused on preventing cyber crime, said gangs across North America, and in Toronto, are operating online because it's harder for police to track their activities there. He said gangs use the Internet to intimidate each other, send messages, share information, plan operations, carry out credit-card fraud and provoke violent incidents that occur on the street later. canadianfraudnews.com

Consumers turn to booming black market for cheap cellphone deals
Pricey cellphone plans in many Canadian provinces appear to be driving consumers toward a booming black market business. At last search, online ad site Kijiji in Toronto was crawling with advertisements for a bargain Koodo or Fido phone plan - just $48 a month for unlimited Canada-wide calling, texting and a big 5GB data package when you buy through a third party. Telus actually charges almost double the price - $90 a month - for that Koodo plan in Ontario as well as most provinces. "Customers should use caution when exploring plans online that aren't being offered directly through one of our official channels," said spokesman Andrew Garas. "Sharing your personal information can result in fraud." canadianfraudnews.com

Apple Pay Expands In Canada

Sephora expanding Greater Toronto Area operations to dominate market share

Krispy Kreme rolling out a Canadian comeback with 50 new stores

MEC to Open 1st Tri-Cities Location - Looking for first LP senior leader

Canada Goose to Open 1st Freestanding Store

Saks Fifth Avenue to open its third Canadian location, in Calgary, Alberta

Le Château to close another 40 stores across Canada over the next three years

30 Anti-gentrification looters raid, smoke bomb & loot high-end
Montreal grocery store

Dozens of masked vandals raided a high-end grocery store in Montreal Saturday night in an apparent demonstration against gentrification in the neighborhood.

A lone cashier was working in the store, named 3724, when about 30 looters dressed in black barged in around 8 p.m., set off smoke bombs and stole thousands of dollars in food. The shop's window was vandalized with the words "Long live de-gentrification."

It was very quick and very organized," said co-owner Maxime Tremblay, adding that the employee was "really in shock" and "really felt threatened."

The violent incident in Montreal's St. Henri neighborhood is one of several instances of aggression against gentrification in the area. Last year, at least eight stores were vandalized during a late-night siege acted out by vandals in masks. Police have not made any arrests in connection with the incident. ctvnews.ca 

Bystanders help officer take down axe-wielding man at Kitchener mall
The man was allegedly "wielding an axe" in a threatening manner, Waterloo Regional Police said. Police arrested a man in the bus depot outside Fairview Park Mall on Tuesday afternoon in a dramatic takedown that was recorded by a bystander. In the video, bystanders jump in to help the officer after she confronts and attempts to arrest a suspect around 5 p.m., tumbling to the ground during the process. thestar.com

Barrie, ON: Police looking suspect who attempted to steal multiple items from Canadian Tire

Lumsden, SK: $10K worth of liquor and cigarettes stolen from Silton General Store

Kamloops: RCMP arrest of a man wanted on Breaking & Entering, found inside Real Canadian Superstore

Hasty Market - Barrie, ON - Armed Robbery

Mac's - Oshawa, ON - Armed Robbery

Piggy Mart - Oakville, ON - Armed Robbery / Clerk injured

Richmond Variety - Windsor, ON - Armed Robbery



Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016 

Founded in 1984, Metro One Loss Prevention Services Group is the recognized leader in providing protective services to the retail industry. With clients including many of the largest and most recognizable retailers in the U.S., Metro One offers a full complement of protective and investigative services, including armed and unarmed officers, store detectives, undercover operatives, intelligence sharing, logistics, and much more. With many of their executives having a background in retail LP, they understand budgets, ROI, and the importance of putting quality people first, as Frank Camerino, VP of Business Development, shares in this LPNN interview.

LPNN Quick Take #10

Hedgie Bartol from Axis Communications rejoins Amber Bradley for another fun and enlightening LPNN Quick Take. Learn why Axis doesn't sacrifice the quality of their products and what a recent study found were the biggest disconnects between LP and IT.

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish?Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us.

MasterCard Launches New Software For Online Fraud Prevention
MasterCard has an e-commerce anti-fraud tool for small and medium sized (SMEs) businesses. Called Simplify Controls, it lets SMEs control, prevent and monitor e-commerce transactions in real time. MasterCard will sell the anti-fraud tool to acquirers who can then make it available to their customers. Running in the cloud, Simplify Controls helps businesses easily identify and prevent fraudulent activity based on their risk tolerance. It supports all card types, not just MasterCard. The software delivers statistics that merchants can read at a glance to see their overall exposure and potential fraud risks and enabled direct control over the transactions they submit for authorization. It is launching first in the U.S. but will eventually be available globally. forbes.com 

Online Marketplaces: The Shopping Mall of the Future
The rewards & risks assessed for web merchants

Online marketplaces are big business. With roughly $100 billion in annual sales now transacting in the U.S. through online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, many web retailers are realizing that they can reach more consumers on other merchants' e-commerce sites than they can on their own. And the opportunities are greater than ever because several big retailers have opened their own e-commerce sites to outside sellers, seeking to provide the kind of selection consumers find on Amazon and eBay. internetretailer.com

Amazon opening two Illinois fulfillment centers, creating 3,000 new jobs


Lake Tahoe, CA: Man arrested after stealing merchandise from K-Mart, carried an Air-Soft Pistol
Micah Flaherty of Reno was arrested on Monday, May 30 after allegedly stealing merchandise from the South Lake Tahoe K-Mart with an Air Soft gun. The suspect fled in a silver car, which was later stopped by DCSO deputies. The stolen items were located inside the vehicle, sixteen items of drug paraphernalia, and the Air Soft gun were located in the vehicle. mynews4.com

Naples, FL: Man arrested for $812 theft at Victoria's Secret in the Coastland Center Mall
According to Police, Alexi Millian, 41, entered the west end of Coastland Center Mall with a Hispanic male around 12:35 Wednesday holding a worn and wrinkled Aeropostle shopping bag. Naples Police Detectives, who were conducting a proactive patrol in the mall, noticed the women's underwear drawers where Millian was were left open and the garments were unfolded and disheveled. The Detective noticed Millian walk past all points of sale with the suspect Aeropostle bag, "overflowing with panties and bras." naplesherald.com

Palm Beach Gardens, FL: Home Depot thief seriously injured when he fell attempting to flee with a $350 Hammer Drill

Stuart, FL: Marjorie Garland, 63, and Jason Garland, 38, both from Stuart, Fl; warrants for organized fraud, grand theft


Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community, ch might fuel even more jobs and funding. Share your ORC news and help the industry grow!!!

Shootings, Deaths and Impersonations

Man Accused in Westfield Montgomery Mall Shootings Indicted for First-Degree Murder
A federal security officer accused of three fatal shootings in Maryland was indicted Thursday in two of the killings, which happened outside local shopping centers. A Montgomery County grand jury indicted Eulalio Tordil, 62, of Adelphi, in the May 6 shootings, which occurred a day after Tordil allegedly killed his estranged wife, Gladys, in a high school parking lot in Prince George's County, police have said. Tordil faces eight charges in Montgomery County: two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, and four counts of using a hand gun in the commission of a crime of violence. He faces up to life in prison. Maryland abolished the death penalty in 2013. nnbcwashington.com

Mobile, AL: Shooting Outside Bel-Air Mall, Two Juveniles In Custody
No word on any injuries or fatalities, though one female was heard frantically screaming at the scene, "they got him, they got him."

Mobile Police say they have two juveniles in custody. The shooting occurred Thursday at 1:30pm in the area behind the Starbucks located on Airport Boulevard. Witnesses reported a black sedan with its rear window shattered by the Starbucks drive-through lane. wkrg.com

Johannesburg, South Africa: Shootout between burglars and security guards at Fourways Mall
Thursday evening, Douglasdale Police reported a burglary at a Telkom phone store at the Fourways Mall. The alarm at the premises was triggered and security guards responded swiftly. When the guards arrived at the scene, the burglars brandished their firearms and opened fire at the guards. Two security guards were left injured. One of them was shot in the arm while the other sustained a gun shot wound to the shoulder." No arrests have been made. fourwaysreview.co.za

Sears Loss Prevention Supervisor charged with Impersonating Officer; active Federal probation
38-year-old Ricky Jay Ball was charged with impersonating an officer, according to the Greenville Police Department. Ball called the Greenville Police Department Saturday, May 28, to pick up a shoplifter at Sears. Ball is a loss prevention supervisor there and instead of picking up the shoplifter, Ball was apprehended. Here's an excerpt from the news release distributed by Greenville PD: The Greenville Police Department launched an investigation into Mr. Ball after a woman reported Ball had informed her he was an officer with the State Bureau of Investigation and told her he could assist her in getting out of parking tickets she had acquired. The woman was surprised when, after Ball told her he had taken care of the tickets, she still received a late notice for unpaid parking tickets. After investigating further, officers discovered that Ball had, on multiple occasions this year, told people he worked for the State Bureau of Investigation and made statements about arrests he had made. He was also observed in possession of blue lights, a silver badge and a handgun in a holster.

Ball's history revealed two convictions for impersonating a police officer. He is currently on active federal probation for the offenses.  wnct.com

Robberies and Thefts

Pine Bluff, AR: Brookshire's Grocery Store Employee steal cash from the safe; says he was "forced into the theft"
Christopher Dangerfield, 27, allegedly told police he was "forced into the theft," but during a court hearing Thursday, Deputy Prosecutor Maxie Kizer said there was no force involved. According to Detective Scott Norton, a co-conspirator made up a Facebook account and sent a message to Dangerfield alleging Dangerfield was "in trouble with the police" and he could get out of the trouble by taking money and giving it to the co-conspirator. Kizer said that the co-conspirator is still at large and an investigation into the incident is continuing. pbcommercial.com

New Orleans, LA: Man pleads guilty to a string of Armed Robberies last fall that included holdups of 3 gas stations, 2 stores and a Krystal Burger restaurant

Manchester, NH: 22 year old man indicted in theft of $425k Bentley

Piercing Pagoda in the Hudson Valley Mall, Kingston, NY reported a Distraction Theft on 6/2, merchandise valued at $149

Lincoln, AL: Two Alabama women arrested after store owner recognizes them in TV interview following an Armed Robbery

Cargo Theft

Philadelphia, PA: $52,000 of Snow Crab and Lob­ster Tails stolen from a Storage trailer at the loading docks of E. Frank Hop­kins Sea­food

Credit Card Fraud

Cache, OK: Woman hits 16 stores (mostly Dollar General) purchasing $5,000 in gift cards with a stolen
credit card

Surveillance video captured the woman walking into a Dollar General in Cache, on May 21, where she made fraudulent charges using a woman's card number out of Texas. Altogether, she went to 16 stores in 11 towns in Southwest Oklahoma and did it all on the same day.

Despite racking up nearly $5,000 in charges in one day, no one caught on until June 1. kswo.com

Montgomery County, PA: Two Florida "Felony Lane Gang" members on trial for recent Bank Fraud crime spree

Millburn, NJ: Saks Fifth Avenue at Short Hills hit with a fraudulent credit card; Gucci wallet valued at $384

Sheboygan, WI: Third Felony Arrest for a woman for Credit Card Theft; wanted for Felony
Bail Jumping

Russia: Internal Security Service (FSB) arrests 50 hackers who used malware to steal $25M

Skimming Alert

ATM Skimming up 546% from 2014 to 2015; skimming device found at more Self Check-Out
It takes just 2-seconds for criminals to pull out the skimming device and pop it into place. Perpetrators have made off with tens of thousands of dollars from dozens of victims. ATM skimming has increased 546-percent from 2014 to 2015 with criminals turning to self checkout terminals to steal consumer data. With the roll out of chip-enabled cards skimming rates will decline, but as much as 30 percent of credit card holders have cards that don't have chips, and only 20 percent of card terminals are compatible. newyork.cbslocal.com

Bondurant, IA: 3 Skimming Devices found on Git N Go gas pumps

Three skimmers found at gas stations in Madisonville, TX

Three skimmers found at gas stations in Polk County, Iowa - same gan

AT&T Tallahassee, FL - Burglary
Casey's General - Boone, IA - Armed Robbery
Church's Chicken - Berkeley County, SC - Armed Robbery
Clyde's Sport Shop - Baltimore, MD - Armed Robbery / Guns
Conner's Corner - Edna, TX - Shooting
CVS - Columbus, IN - Armed Robbery
Dairy Queen - Auburn, IN - Burglary
Dollar General - Salem, IL - Robbery
Food Lion - Beaufort, SC - Armed Robbery
Exxon - Hanover County, VA - Armed Robbery
JC Variety - New Bedford, MA - Armed Robbery
JNS Convenience - Norton Shores, MI - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Providence, RI - Armed Robbery/ Arrested
Phillip 66 - Fort Wayne, IN - Armed Robbery/ Photo Released
Quick Stop - Breaux Bridge, LA - Armed Robbery
Rite Aid - Shaker Heights, OH - Armed Robbery
Stop N Go - Janesville, WI - Robbery
Subway - Miramar Beach, Fl - Armed Robbery
Subway - Cordele, GA - Armed Robbery
Subway - Alachua, FL - Armed Robbery
United Gas Station - Pine Bluff, AR - Armed Robbery
Verizon - Cadillac, MI - Burglary
Verizon - Gaylord, MI - Burglary
Xtra Mart - New Bedford, MA - Armed Robbery


Featured Job Alert Spotlight
Company Confidential Director of Global Security
The Sr. Director of Global Security will oversee the company's executive protection program, the security of the company's home office and international operations as well as certain investigations in the home and international offices. A minimum of 15 years experience in executive protection and/or corporate security with international security experience. Experience managing teams of people and administering a budget. Previous military or law enforcement experience is a plus. Proven ability to partner with local, state, federal, and international law enforcement. 

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

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Regional Loss Prevention Director
Denver, CO

CarMax is looking for a Regional Loss Prevention Director (RLPD) to lead and direct all asset protection operations in our new Denver Region. The RLPD is directly responsible for all facets of CarMax's LP program in the region, including: Developing and driving CarMax's LP strategy in conjunction with the rest of the LP team...


Regional Loss Prevention Director
Baltimore, MD

CarMax is looking for a Regional Loss Prevention Director (RLPD) to lead and direct all asset protection operations in our new Baltimore Region. The RLPD is directly responsible for all facets of CarMax's LP program in the region, including: Developing and driving CarMax's LP strategy in conjunction with the rest of the LP team... 
Sr. Mgr, Safety & Retail (Non-Industrial)
Jacksonville, FL
The Sr. Manager, Safety & Retail Environmental Health (Non-Industrial) is responsible for developing, implementing and managing comprehensive safety programs designed to minimize the frequency and severity of accidents, while complying with applicable regulatory requirements...
  Asset Protection Specialist
South Carolina
The specialist, asset protection, will oversee the protection of company assets within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the asset protection program designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, cash loss and bad checks...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Riverside, CA
The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

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  April Burke Doyle has been named District LP Manager at TJX Canada/Winners Merchants International LP
Dan Hegg has been promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager
for Burlington Stores.
  Thomas Cesario has been promoted to Mult-Unit Supply Chain Asset Protection Manager for Cabela's. 

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The Secret to Getting Everything Done
Staring at your long to-do list isn't going to buy you any more time. The secret isn't about trying to cram everything into the 24 hours we have, but to delete one item off of that list, giving us some flexibility. To help determine what item gets knocked off your, here are three questions to consider. Do you need to do it?

11 Fantastic Productivity Tricks You Can Use Today  We all have important goals for the work day, but for all sorts of different reasons we end up doing things that don't help us meet those goals. The solution is to keep your focus on the most important tasks. Here are some tricks to help you out. Less time
7 Unexpected Lessons From Tracking Your Time  Sometimes we underestimate how long certain tasks take us. We may think that one project will take an hour to complete, only to find that it took the entire day. That only results in less time to get everything else done! Here are some lessons to consider when keeping track of your time so that you can make the most of it. Take a break

10 Simple Steps to Improve Productivity  If you take time to restructure your to-do list, prepare and plan ahead, you can find some extra time to get all your tasks accomplished and have some fun. Here are some tips to help you use your time in the most productive way. Plan your work ahead of time


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The speed of the day and today's economic pressures often tempts even the most defined professional to take shortcuts and risk exposures that ultimately they have to mentally deal with and occasionally have to face the consequences for. There is no better use of the adage, It's the Tortoise vs. the Hare, and the tortoise always wins, that applies here. Staying grounded in your principals, committed to your mission and being a professional is what should drive every executive every day - remembering that long term actions speak louder than words and the tortoise always wins will hopefully rule the day.

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