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Genetec, Milestone top VMS rankings 
LONDON—Since 2004, the first year of IHS’ VMS rankings, Copenhagen-based Milestone has had a monopoly on the top spot. Nine years later, the company still has the top spot, but it now has to share it with Genetec, a Montreal-based vendor. In a highly fragmented VMS market—no company’s share exceeds 10 percent—Genetec and Milestone now have “exactly the same market share,” Josh Woodhouse, market analyst at IHS, a market research and consulting firm, told Security Systems News. (Source

Retailers report modest gains for May
Revenue at stores open at least a year rose 3.2 percent in May compared with the same month a year ago, according to a preliminary tally of 12 retailers by the International Council of Shopping Centers. The latest sign that Americans are feeling better about the overall economy, stores across the country had a pickup in revenue in May. (Source

The Myth of the Omnichannel Retailer - We've got a long way to go
“Omnichannel,” a term that is meant to signify a seamless integration of brick and mortar stores with online and mobile commerce.  A new study by SD Retail Consulting, which surveyed 35 large retailers, each with more than $1 billion in revenue, found a big gap between talk and action. Among the findings: Only 29% of U.S. retailers allow online orders to be picked up in stores; only 18% have mobile commerce; and 80% say they aren’t sufficiently training store associates to serve customers who purchase from multiple channels such as in store or online. (Source

The next frontier of brick-and-mortar retail is here - four interactive, shoppable storefronts in Manhattan and no inventory  This month Kate Spade Saturday, the new weekend-wear line from Kate Spade, will launch four interactive, shoppable storefronts in Manhattan. Powered by technology from eBay, the storefronts will include one single, large touch screen and nothing else. Via the screen, however, consumers will be able to browse and order from a selection of 30 products. (Source

Mobile Wallet Payments Reach $500 Million
Mobile wallet applications (apps) accounted for $500 million worth of sales transactions in 2012, according to a new report from business intelligence provider Berg Insight. Despite plenty of media coverage around the mobile wallet apps from Google, Square, LevelUp, PayPal, Isis and others, the vast majority of last year's in-store mobile wallet transactions came solely from Seattle-based Starbucks Corp.'s smartphone card app, Berg Insight reported. (Source

Court order gives U.S. access to Verizon call info 
The U.S. National Security Agency has been allowed by a court order to collect phone records of a large number of customers of Verizon, according to a report in the Guardian on Thursday. The April 25 order from the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in Washington, D.C., requires Verizon to produce call records or "telephony metadata" on an ongoing daily basis. The authorization expires on July 19, and the order can only be declassified by April 2038. (Source

Microsoft, FBI Take Down Hackers Blamed for $500M in Fraud Losses Worldwide in Operation "b54" 
Federal authorities, along with the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center and other private-sector partners, say they have shut down more than 1,400 botnets responsible for spreading the Citadel malware that compromises online credentials and identities. Operation b54 was the most aggressive botnet operation to date. On June 5, Operation b54 personnel, accompanied by U.S. Marshals, seized data and evidence, including computer servers, from data hosting facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Citadel is a keylogging malware, which monitors and records keystrokes on infected computers. (Source

Online stolen credit card ring busted with over 1.1 million credit cards 
Law enforcement agencies in the U.S., Vietnam and the U.K. have disbanded a ring that allegedly sold online credit card details since 2007. The ring, which sold the credit card information through two websites, is said to have caused over $200 million in fraudulent charges on credit cards issued in the U.S. and Europe. Charges have been brought in a federal court in New Jersey against Duy Hai Truong, 23, of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Truong, who was arrested on May 29 in Vietnam, is suspected to be one of the ring leaders. Law enforcement officials in the U.K. have arrested three men in London, while another eight persons including Truong were arrested in Vietnam. (Source

3 reasons why criminals exploit social networks (and tips to avoid getting scammed)  The popularity and influence of social media continues to increase at lightning speed, and recent events bear evidence to the impact — both positive and negative —this medium presents. As the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing unfolded, millions of people turned to social media for information, and government officials and law enforcement used it to keep the public informed and solicit their help. The criminals were also using that same power of social media, but for very different purposes. (Source

Cell Phone Theft is becoming an epidemic and some say has reached $30B a year
Law enforcement officials from New York and San Francisco have decided to meet with representatives from some of the largest US smartphone makers, such as Apple Inc., Google Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., and Microsoft Corp., to help destroy the rising cases of cellphone thefts and robberies. The goal is to urge these representatives to create technology that will permanently and quickly disable a smartphone that has been stolen so that it is then rendered useless. "By rendering phones completely useless, an FCC mandate for kill-switch technology will drastically reduce this major crime problem," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey wrote. (Source

Hair extensions: Hot underground commodity  Hair extensions robberies have been reported across the country, from Texas to Oklahoma to Florida. While the thefts are on the rise, there isn't an official count. An FBI spokesman said its crime data aren't broken down by "specific details such as hair extensions." They're even easier to pilfer, and to get away with, than other products that commonly make their way into underground markets, like iPhones or over-the-counter medication, since the extensions aren't marked with bar codes or serial numbers. Once they're stolen, they're virtually impossible to trace or tie back to a store. We've been reporting on these thefts for years and seen a rise in it in the Daily. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Ann Inc. Q1 up 2% with sales up 4%
Ascena Retail Group Q3 down down 4% with net sales up 46% due to the recently acquired Lane Bryant and Catherines businesses. Of their brands, Justice down 4%, Lane Bryant down 6%, Maurices down 3%, Dressbarn down 7%, and Catherines up 8% (approx. 3,800 stores)

Shoplifter attacks Kmart Loss Prevention officer 
A loss-prevention officer at Kmart, in Springfield, ILL., was assaulted Tuesday when she tried to detain a suspected shoplifter. When the loss-prevention officer confronted the woman outside, the woman threw a punch and grabbed the employee’s hair. The woman slammed the employee’s head against the glass, which was when the employee was able to break away from the woman and tried to go back into the store. The woman grabbed the employee’s hair again and said she wasn’t done with her yet, a police report said. The officer broke away a second time, at which point the woman got into a sport utility vehicle and drove away. (Source

Belk customer shoots at fleeing shoplifter's vehicle 
Donald Estes, 57, of Winston, Ga., told police he was shopping inside Belk with his brother when they saw two women run from the store. The men followed the alleged shoplifters into the parking lot, where Estes fired one round from a handgun at the fleeing vehicle. Estes was charged with one count of reckless endangerment, a Class C misdemeanor. (Source

East Greenbush, NY seeing a rise in "teamwork approach" in shoplifting cases 
"We’ve two separate pairs of offenders in the last couple days who seem to have a teamwork approach to what would otherwise be ordinary small-scale shoplifting,” said East Greenbush Police Chief Christopher Lavin. “It’s a little unusual to have a run of cases where people are teaming up to steal.” (Source

Phony cops robbed jewelry store in Salt Lake City
Two men impersonating police officers are accused of robbing a jewelry store Tuesday morning. Around 11:05 a.m., two men dressed in light blue polo shirts and dark pants entered The Jewelers Guild on 703 E. 600 South. They claimed to be police officers, and had weapons, Salt Lake City police said. The men even turned away potential customers from the store during the robbery, police said, and got away with an undisclosed amount of jewelry. (Source

NY man pleads guilty to robbing two Zales Jewelry stores
A New York man has pleaded guilty to committing armed robberies at stores in Maryland and Delaware in which he stole more than $275,000 in jewelry. One in Maryland in May 2012 and one in Newark, Del., August 2012. He faces 20 years in prison. (Source

Suspect who stole merchandise from Destiny store, returned 45 minutes later to inquire about a job  Syracuse, NY -- A man who stole clothing from a Destiny USA store, walked back into the store 45 minutes later and asked for a job application before fleeing. (Source

6 member robbery crew could account for 7 percent of armed robberies in Central Arkansas over the last year  Six men that prosecutors say were involved in a string of robberies were indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury. The suspects mostly targeted fast food restaurants like Wendy's and McDonald's, but gas stations and other restaurants were on the hit list. The indictment covers 20 robberies. Prosecutors believe the six men are responsible for three dozen additional robberies across Arkansas over the last year. (Source

Little Rock Police work with the FBI to take down Robbery Ring; four stores per month, totaling $31,000.  Six men that prosecutors say were involved in a string of robberies were indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury. The suspects mostly targeted fast food restaurants like Wendy's and McDonald's, but gas stations and other restaurants were on the hit list. The indictment covers 20 robberies. Prosecutors believe the six men are responsible for three dozen additional robberies across Arkansas over the last year. (Source

5 member robbery crew busted in Carlsbad, N.M., that hit Family Dollar, Dollar General and others  The suspected armed robbers who targeted the Carlsbad Shop-N-Go and Family Dollar last winter have been arrested. Police say the men are linked to other armed robberies in southeastern New Mexico. After a six-month collaborative investigation by the Carlsbad Police Department, Artesia Police Department, Hobbs Police Department and the FBI, five men were arrested Monday. (Source

One arrested in smash and grab $500,000 robbery of Torneau store in Pentagon City Mall on March 19th and connected to 7 other robberies As seen in the above surveillance video released by the Arlington County Police Department, four suspects entered the Torneau store and broke the jewelry case with Rolex watches. The FBI has since taken over the case, and said the suspects got away with 22 watches worth more than $500,000 before fleeing to a getaway car with a fifth suspect. Last week, Walter A. Douglas was arrested in connection with the robbery. The document connects him to seven other high profile robberies in the region between December 3, 2012, and April 30, 2013, for which he has also been charged. The investigation is still active. (Source

Charlotte Jewelry store smashed by three gunmen in the Northlake Mall.  Fink’s Jewelry store inside the Northlake Mall was the seen of a violent smash and grab yesterday. Police say two of the suspects went at several showcases with mallets, then stealing an undetermined amount of jewelry. No one was injured during the event. (Source

Chinese store Owner demands instant justice from shoplifter; cuts off her hair.  Store owner Lu Sun had suspected that the customer was stealing; Sun prides herself for having an eagle eye for shoplifters. When Sun was absolutely sure that the suspect Li Wu was concealing merchandise, the owner and other associates took her down and began cutting off the suspect's hair. It is unknown if any charges on either side of the justice have been filed. (Source

Sears Loss Prevention threatened by shoplifter who claimed to have AIDS.  
Christopher Lee Carr, of Lufkin, is still being held in the Angelina County jail on a second-degree felony charge of robbery. Police in Lufkin arrested a 34-year-old man and charged him with robbery after he allegedly shouted that he had AIDS and tried to bite a security officer after he was caught shoplifting at Sears Tuesday afternoon. Loss Prevention officer and a mall security supervisor explained that a man later identified as Carr entered the Sears store and two security guards spotted the man take six ratchet sets valued at $218.94 each and hide them in a bag. As Carr was being apprehended, he yelled at the officer claiming he has AIDS and began barking and trying to bit the security supervisor. (Source

Two men wanted in Brooklyn Cell Phone store Theft.  The two men grabbed merchandise at will from the Infinite Wireless store in Brooklyn as they held the manager at knife point. No one was injured. (Source

CVS robbery suspect in Cleveland gets 15 years.  Albert Rose is 58 years old and told the Judge he does not want to die in prison, it appeared the Judge really didn’t care about Rose’s concerns and sentenced him to 15 years. Back in November, Rose walked into the CVS and held a knife to the cashier as he demanded money, the cashier screamed, was slightly injured and Rose ran from the store. After a short Police chase Rose was apprehended. (Source

Daytona Beach Police arrest a suspect in connection to multiple Family Dollar robberies.  Daytona Beach police have arrested David Austell, wanted on a warrant for robbery with a deadly weapon. Police believe Austell committed the of a Family Dollar store Saturday evening. Austell was being questioned by Daytona Beach police detectives regarding several burglaries of Family Dollar stores, his bail will be set at $75,000. (Source

Two suspects arrested in Roanoke charged with Kmart robbery last month. 
Roanoke Police arrested two people Tuesday in the robbery of a K-Mart last month. 21-year-old William McPherson of Ferrum, and 19-year-old Schyller Torres of Roanoke, were indicted by a Roanoke Grand Jury Monday on one count each of robbery. Officers say McPherson and Torres were employed at the K-Mart on Hershberger Road last month when they reported a robbery. Investigators say someone did rob the store, but officers say McPherson and Torres were involved in the planning of the robbery. Police are looking for the third suspect who took off with the money. (Source

GameStop in San Benito held up at gunpoint. 
Police believe the same suspect may have committed two separate robberies yesterday evening. Police believe the same suspect who hit a store in Harlingen may be responsible for an armed robbery at the GameStop store in San Benito. (Source

GPS in phone helps police track robbery suspects.  Bridgeport police used the GPS tracking system in a stolen phone to help find two robbery suspects. Police said the cell phone was taken from a clerk at the Pembroke Variety store during a hold-up on Tuesday. Police spokesman William Kaempffer says the clerk had installed a tracking application on the phone, and officers used that software to locate the phone and their teen suspects in a house in Bridgeport. Eighteen-year-old Jaques Henderson and 19-year-old Glenn Pettway are charged with armed robbery. (Source






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The NRF Fusion Center is a designated area on the EXPO Hall floor that provides an opportunity for law enforcement agencies from the federal, state and local levels to link or “fuse” with retailers to counteract retail crime.

Retailers can visit these law enforcement agency booths to discuss tactics, exchange critical data and enhance important partnerships. The Fusion Center gives retailers the valuable opportunity to network and partner with law enforcement, better enabling loss prevention professionals in the performance of their responsibilities. Click here for more details

If you have a chance, attend eBay's presentation with Rite Aid on conducting Online Investigations. Thursday, June 13, 2013  4:30pm-5:30pm  Room 28 B-e

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Current challenges in organized retail crime - The NRF 2013 Organized Retail Crime Survey  The variety of issues that retail loss prevention professionals face range from shoplifting to return fraud, but no issue has grown as significantly in the past few years as organized retail crime. This is shown in the results of NRF’s ninth annual ORC survey, which found for the third consecutive year that 90 percent of retail LP executives said they have been victims of ORC gangs. What’s more disturbing? Another eight in 10 agree that ORC has increased over the same span of time. And this year, a troubling new trend emerged: store merchandise credit/gift card fraud. Read the full story and download NRF’s ORC infographic on Retail’s BIG Blog.

Retailers in agreement on rise in organized retail crime 
NRF’s ninth annual Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Survey found that 93.5 percent of retailers say they have been a victim of organized retail crime in the past year, down slightly from 96.0 percent in 2012. For the past three years, more than 90 percent of the retailers surveyed have admitted to being victims of ORC. Equally disturbing: eight in 10 (81.3%) believe that ORC activity in general in the United States has increased over the past three years. "We are extremely concerned by the organized patterns that are taking place in the retail industry right now as these crime gangs continue to find ways to maneuver the system,” said NRF Vice President of Loss Prevention Rich Mellor. (Source

Three charged with selling stolen goods at shop - Investigation led by ShopRite Loss Prevention  The owner and two employees of Budget Beverage on Dolson Avenue were arrested last week after a six-week investigation found they were buying goods stolen from ShopRite and possibly other stores and reselling them, Middletown police said. People would bring the suspects stolen goods, which they would buy at a discount, police Lt. John Ewanciw said. Working with ShopRite loss prevention and investigators from the state Department of Taxation and Finance, police searched the store and seized point-of-sale computers, in-store surveillance, business records, beverages and other items. (Source

Aluminum-Lined Shopping Bags Used To Get Past Store Sensors - 3 women busted hitting Governor's Square Mall in Clarksville, Tenn. hitting Dillard’s, Dick’s and Victoria‘s Secret.  Tuesday night an officer pulled over a red sedan on I-24 after getting a call from mall security. They found Adrieanna Johnson, Tawonda Parrish, Rico Brown and Shelby Cange headed back to Nashville with thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise. They also had duct tape and aluminum foil used to line dozens of shopping bags, which blocks the signal from security scanners as they walk out the door. The officer also found scissors and screwdrivers customized to quickly remove the security tags. All four face felony theft charges, as well as possessing tools that interfere with an anti-theft security device. (Source

Counterfeit Check Ring/Latest Arrest in Alabama
A fifth arrest has been made in a counterfeit check ring in Demopolis, Alabama. Rashad Collins, who's 25 and from Greensboro, is charged with possession of a forged instrument. All five suspects are accused of presenting forged checks at Wal-mart. Police say the checks were bogus and had been printed on a home printer. Investigators say more arrests are possible. (Source

Pittsburgh woman arrested with $200 of Crest White Strips from Giant Eagle. Giant Eagle Loss Prevention agent was shoved and had a drink thrown at him while attempting to make the apprehension of a Bethel Park woman. Samantha Grimm is accused of stealing $200 worth of Crest White Strips who had planned to sell the items on the street for gas money. Grimm said, “I knew people who wanted them, and I didn’t want to pay the full amount. I know I made a mistake. I’m sorry.” (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Axis Introduces Bullet-style, Outdoor-ready Thermal Network Camera for Detection in Complete Darkness and Challenging Conditions

With four different lens options, AXIS Q1931-E is designed for detection in harsh environments; first IP thermal camera supporting Axis’ unique Corridor Format

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – June 5, 2013 Axis Communications, the world leader in network video surveillance, announces a strong addition to its Q-line of fixed thermal network cameras for outdoor perimeter and area protection: AXIS Q1931-E Thermal Network Camera. Compared to traditional thermal cameras that typically are out of the price range for professional surveillance and use outdated analog technology, AXIS Q1931-E is an affordable, bullet-style IP camera that comes out-of-the-box ready for outdoor installation in harsh environments and tough climates.

AXIS Q1931-E will be ideal for monitoring of areas where early detection of an intrusion attempt is critical – specifically in complete darkness and challenging conditions – including at industrial facilities, fence lines or railroad tracks. See film about the new AXIS Q1931-E Thermal Network Camera.

AXIS Q1931-E offers high contrast 384x288 resolution thermal images with four available lens options to provide maximum flexibility for different detection ranges and fields of view, extending from 220 m / 240 yd. (50°) to 1800 m / 1970 yd. (6°). AXIS Q1931-E is also the first thermal camera to support Axis’ unique Corridor Format, which allows the camera to deliver a vertically-oriented, 9:16 portrait field of view, perfect for situations such as monitoring long fences, shorelines and tunnels.

Furthermore, since thermal technology accurately complements intelligent video functionality, the advanced image processing of AXIS Q1931-E is leveraged for intelligent analytics such as motion detection, camera tampering alarm and support for in-camera analytics via the AXIS Camera Application Platform.

“In the past, thermal cameras were only available for analog installations with high-budget or government-related surveillance– yet Axis changed that with the launch of the world’s first full-featured thermal network camera AXIS Q19 Series in January 2010,” said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager, Axis Communications, Inc. “We continue to expand that product line by setting a new standard for reliability and affordability with AXIS Q1931-E, allowing customers to leverage thermal technology as a critical player in their overall network surveillance system.”

Additional features of AXIS Q1931-E include:

Compact, lightweight yet tough design that is both IP66/NEMA4X and IK10 rated, making it resistant to water, dust and vandalism.
Ability to operate in all weather conditions with Arctic Temperature Control capability that enables reliable start-up in any temperature from -40 °F to 122°F.
Two-way audio to listen in on a scene and communicate with people near the camera.
Integrated edge storage with a MicroSD card slot.
Power over Ethernet support for quick and easy installation since one-cable is used to send both data and power. 24VDC/AC input also available.
Simple and straightforward mechanical, electrical and optical installation to ensure the camera delivers the right image quality for any situation at hand.

The camera will be supported by AXIS Camera Station and the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program. The camera also includes support for the complimentary AXIS Camera Companion and AXIS Camera Application Platform for software developers to create intelligent capabilities to run inside the camera, AXIS Video Hosting System for integration with hosted video systems, and ONVIF for easy camera system integration.

AXIS Q1931-E is planned to be available in Q3 2013 through Axis distribution channels at the suggested retail price of $3499.

For photos and other resources, please visit:

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.

Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.



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Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
Asset Protection Manager The HoneyBaked Ham Co. Alpharetta, GA The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Dir, Sec. Risk Info & Analysis Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Senior Director, LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express

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LP Manager Macy's Greensboro, NC Macy's
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AP Manager In Training Walmart Nashville, TN Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Sault Sainte Marie, MI Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart West Memphis, AR Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Blytheville, AR Wal-Mart
LP Manager Sears Indianapolis, IN Sears Holdings Corp
AP Manager Home Depot Dallas, TX Home Depot
Area LP Manager Lowe's C. San Jose, CA Lowe's
ETL Assets Protection Target Southfield, MI Target
Executive Team Leader AP Target Los Banos, CA Target

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Enjoyed your commentary today.

Ironic that our CIO and I were on a web conference with a potential mobile app vendor this morning. About halfway through he mutes the phone and says to me, “you know this doesn’t look like anything that fits your area of responsibility, you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to.” I reply, “If you don’t mind I’ll stay, I might learn something.” Afterward we had a great conversation about how this vendor might have a solution that would help another area of the company. We agreed that the next step is to have the vendor make a presentation to a wider audience.

Also, I expect that many of your readers are going to wonder what you were talking about when you said that you “use to punch my Detex key in that frigid room”. Just wanted you to know that there are a few of us still around who know exactly what you were talking about.

Senior Loss Prevention Executive

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