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Career Development in Asset Protection
Rosamaria Sostilio

LPRC Update
Dr. Read Hayes, Chad McIntosh and Tom Meehan

ORC - The Great
Debate #2

Chris DeSantis, TJ Flynn, Jim Cosseboom and
Tarik Sheppard

ORC - The Great
Debate #1

Millie Kresevich, John Matas and Scott Sanford

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2016's GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
One Team at a Time

Restoration Hardware
Loss Prevention Team

"Lead the Movement to do what's right, take action!"

Left to right: Nathan Suen, Justin Henkenberns, Doug Fessenden, Carolyn Korchik, Emily Taow

LP teams, send in your group selfie and win!
Get a free plaque and a chance to win a pizza party!
Live Drawing at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 16th at NRF Protect

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The Biggest Retail Show on Earth for Walmart Shareholders & 2.3M Associates
A Star Studded Production Unmatched in the Retail World

Walmart President and CEO Outlines Retailer's Newest Chapter
At Friday's Walmart's 46th Annual Shareholders Meeting, President and CEO, Doug McMillon outlined his vision for the future. He urged the company's 2.3 million associates to write the next chapter in Walmart's story, saying "We have the opportunity to reimagine retail again."

The more than 14,000 in attendance listened closely as McMillon outlined three critical steps for the retailer's reinvention: supporting and engaging Walmart associates, serving customers and serving communities.

"As the world becomes more digital, it will be the humanity of Walmart that differentiates us and wins with customers," he said. "Our investments in education and training, store structure, wages, hours and sales floor technology are to support you and enable you to serve your customers and members. Every associate has a role to play. The actions of 2.3 million of you add up to something big."

Each week, nearly 260 million customers and members visit our 11,527 stores under 63 banners in 28 countries and e-commerce websites in 11 countries. With fiscal year 2016 revenue of $482 billion, Walmart employs more than 2.3 million associates worldwide.

To watch a replay of the shareholders meeting, please visit www.walmartshareholders.com.  Gotta watch some of it!  businesswire.com

The Impact of 1 Viral Social Media Posting - "Diamond Swapping" Allegation
Signet Jewelers Issues Statement Regarding Its Longstanding Commitment to
Superior Customer Service & Rigorous Product Quality Procedures

Signet Jewelers Limited ("Signet") (NYSE:SIG), the world's largest retailer of diamond jewelry, today issued the following statement responding to misleading allegations about its business practices and reaffirming its rigorous product quality practices:

Signet Jewelers' entire team culture is directed toward ensuring that we earn and maintain customer trust. Signet Jewelers has a 100-year history of providing products of impeccable quality and delivering superior customer service.

Special note: After a lengthy comment on quality, standards, policies, and customer care Signet said the following:

"We strongly object to recent allegations on social media, republished and grossly amplified, that our team members systematically mishandle customers' jewelry repairs or engage in "diamond swapping." Incidents of misconduct, which are exceedingly rare, are dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

Signet Jewelers remains firmly committed to responding to all customer concerns, upholding the highest standards of quality and service and continuing to maintain our customers' trust."

Editor's Note:  With every retailer subject to viral social media posts the retail world has changed drastically and brand reputation has taken a front row seat. One that puts Loss Prevention in the front row and in some cases in the center seat. With some even saying the 'hot seat.'

From Ferguson, Baltimore, Union rally's, and even this one - one claim a store swapped a diamond and an international retailer has to respond. From big events to one viral posting retailers are now subservient to and targets of all things internet.  businesswire.com

One Post Impacts Stock Price
Signet Shares Slide as Reports Question Credit, Allege Diamond Swapping

Shares of Signet Jewelers declined Friday, pushing their slide this week to 12%, amid reports that questioned the credit quality of its customers and alleged that some Signet employees had replaced premium diamonds with cheaper, man-made substitutes. wsj.com

Social media location data aids retailers in determining high theft rates
The Retail Equation has been working for the past three years to develop a shrink risk index that collects location data from stores experiencing high levels of theft and correlates it with location data feeds from Twitter.

TRE wanted to discover "whether we could, using only the text or word information from the Twitter feeds around stores, determine and predict with a level of accuracy the shrink in a store," says David Speights, TRE's chief data scientist.

The analysis does not rely on people tweeting about stealing, but "on the general tone or sentiment of the tweets. If the tweets around a store are found to be more negative than the average for the country - more references, for example, to statements like 'I hate my job' - then those stores showed a higher shrink [rate] than the rest of the country," Speights says. nrf.com

Saving Lives with a Test: Active Shooter Response Training for Employees
In certain parts of the country, people regularly perform earthquake and tornado drills, priming themselves to be ready should the unexpected occur. But, even though 50 percent of larger-sized businesses (those with more than 1,000 employees) experience an incident of workplace violence every year, most enterprises do not teach employees and have regular drills on how to respond to such an event.

I recently spoke with Jay Hart, founder of the Force Training Institute, for tips on how enterprise security executives can set up workplace violence drills that don't alarm and frighten employees, instead, but help to educate them on how to respond during a critical incident and potentially save lives.

How do you conduct active shooter training that doesn't scare people?

Does active shooter training look the same for a school, or a retail store, or corporate headquarters?

How can security executives communicate the importance of this type of training?

What are your thoughts towards arming school staff, or loss prevention (LP) officers in a retail environment?

The key to ending skimming: A comprehensive approach
Global cumulative losses set to exceed $3 billion this year

Criminals view skimming as a low-risk, high-reward tactic that gives them a range of options for exploiting cards.

Card skimming is a particularly big problem in the U.S., where fraudsters are increasingly targeting nonbank ATMs. These locations are viewed as more vulnerable to ATM skimming as they may not have the same level of attention paid to them. For instance, convenience stores have become a popular target for fraudsters as their ATMs may be in partially hidden locations that can offer fraudsters greater freedom.

Another area that's particularly vulnerable is gas stations, the use of skimmers at these locations has exploded. Police in New York have seen reports of skimming quadruple as skimming devices become smaller, less obtrusive and cheaper for criminals to purchase.

new forms of skimmers are emerging that can be placed in positions that avoid ATM anti-skimming devices, and criminals are now trying new methods to get the card data at the internal card reader, or by tapping into network connections.

For starters, anti-skimming solutions need to provide the ability to detect the use of skimmers inside the card reader. These solutions can be enhanced with the use of jamming technology, which provides an additional way to defeat the criminal skimming device. Making physical changes to ATMs to improve the protection of the fascia is also important, in order to prevent any efforts to cut into a machine and attach devices to its internal card reader.

In the longer term, the best way to tackle the skimmers is to end the use of the magnetic stripe altogether through the wider use of contactless solutions.  atmmarketplace.com
Walmart U.S. to pilot S'pore-based company's anti-theft system
Simple Technology - No PIN - No Use - No Theft

Years after an anti-theft system was developed by Singapore-based firm Digital Safety (DiSa), United States retail giant Walmart is ready to take it for a spin.

Catalist-listed Equation Summit said Walmart will use its unit DiSa's system in a Walmart store in Arkansas for 30 days. The firms signed an agreement last month to define the partnership, roles and responsibilities for testing, evaluation and integration of the DiSa solution, said Equation yesterday.

DiSa's anti-theft system is an innovative digital solution that protects retail assets - consumer electronics in particular - from the point they are produced to the point of sale. DiSa produces an activation or personal identification number (PIN) code for products, such as a tablet, which require the code to be unlocked for use.
This requires suppliers to buy the PINs for each product, which will be locked by the time it reaches the shelves of Walmart, for instance. After the consumer buys the product, he receives the unique code on his receipt for his use.

Equation Summit chief executive Eddie Chng told The Straits Times this will deter shoplifting and employee theft, especially of electronic goods.

Mr Chng said: "We're trying to provide a platform for retailers to come on at no cost, and for the suppliers to come onto the platform and they will be charged for each PIN code."

Under the platform, retailers only need to upgrade their point-of- sale terminals, with no additional fees, and the codes should cost suppliers less than US$1 for each device. DiSa's strategy is to get retailers on board first. They will then be able to convince suppliers to join the platform.   asiaone.com

Vice President, Disneyland Resort Security
We are seeking a seasoned leader to serve as Vice President of Security for the Disneyland Resort. Located in Anaheim, California, the 500-acre Disneyland Resort is home to Walt Disney's original theme park - Disneyland, with two theme parks; three themed hotels and the Downtown Disney District, comprised of unique dining, entertainment and shopping experiences.

The Vice President will lead and inspire an innovative world-class security organization responsible for the security of millions of guests, 29,000 cast members, company assets and our company's long standing reputation of excellence in family entertainment in the hospitality industry. He/she will lead all security strategy, planning and operations for the Disneyland Resort site including crisis management, K-9 operations, the fire department and guest medical services teams.

The Vice President will dual report to the Vice President of Security for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Information Management and the President, Disneyland Resort, and will also serve on the Disneyland Resort Steering Committee. disneycareers.com
Director, Loss Prevention and Internal Audit posted for Natural Markets Food Group in Irvington, NY
The Director of Loss Prevention and Internal Audit will report into the CFO and work closely with the CEO and Senior Operating management. Scope of responsibility will include development and management of the company's Loss Prevention Program (LPP), operational and financial auditing. nmfg.com thoughtworks.com

Gucci LP Directorship
The position has not been listed externally. According to our sources they plan on promoting from within.

Director Loss Prevention Ulta Beauty reposted today on LinkedIn
- Bolingbrook, IL

The Director, Loss Prevention is responsible for Enterprisewide Asset Protection programs within Supply Chain, eCommerce and Systems (Physical Security and Technology) to prevent and control losses, and to act on behalf of the Company to prevent, minimize, and/or recover losses when they occur.  linkedin.com

Director, Enterprise Security Systems Strategy and Technology Corporate/Shared Services posted for Walt Disney in Burbank, CA
Partner with business leaders and regional security management to ascertain current and future security needs, and develop and execute a strategic plan that achieves cost savings while building a platform to enable future security systems growth. Reporting directly to the Vice President of Global Security Operations.

Collaborate extensively with Enterprise Information Technology in the strategy, design, development and implementation of physical security systems initiatives.

Directs the development of an efficient, effective physical security system strategy to mitigate risk, maintain continuity of operations and safeguard the organization and its varied entities and affiliates. indeed.com

Walmart taking on Amazon with same-day delivery pilot

Last week's #1 article --

Target to scuttle online pickup

2016 National Cargo Theft Summit

June 14 - 15
Addison, IL

The National Cargo Theft Task Force is joining resources with the Midwest Cargo Theft Task Force, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Major Theft Unit and the Memphis Cargo Theft Task Force which includes Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi, in an effort to provide the utmost information regarding cargo theft.

This summit will feature leading cargo crime authorities from across the country. Law enforcement and private sector speakers will explain the national strategy, patterns and practices of cargo thieves, recent investigative case studies, and how to combat cargo theft.

Registration, hotel and additional information, is available here.

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eBay's PROACT Team Assists in Colorado

Organized Retail Crime Bust

PROACT assisted both our Law Enforcement and Retail partners in a case that resulted in felony charges for money laundering, computer crime, and theft. Jeffrey Casper was linked to an elaborate theft ring out of Colorado which retailers started investigating after seeing large inventory shortages at several locations, which ended up being sold by Casper on eBay. Police served search warrants at 3 locations and seized several thousand dollars' worth of stolen items.

Read more here

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com. 

eBay Direct - Click Here  -  (notify - info - questions)

Credit Card Breach at CiCi's Pizza
Cyber Gang Impersonates Technical Support - Hitting Other Retailers

CiCi's Pizza, an American fast food business based in Coppell, Texas with more than 500 stores in 35 states, appears to be the latest restaurant chain to struggle with a credit card breach. The data available so far suggests that hackers obtained access to card data at affected restaurants by posing as technical support specialists for the company's point-of-sale provider, and that multiple other retailers have been targeted by this same cybercrime gang.

Over the past two months, KrebsOnSecurity has received inquiries from fraud fighters at more than a half-dozen financial institutions in the United States - all asking if I had any information about a possible credit card breach at CiCi's. Every one of these banking industry sources said the same thing: They'd detected a pattern of fraud on cards that all had all been used in the last few months at various CiCi's Pizza locations. krebsonsecurity.com

AmEx Fights For Arbitration In Credit Card Fraud Liability Row
American Express doubled down on its efforts in California federal court Thursday to compel arbitration in a putative class action alleging it and other credit card companies and banks conspired to shift fraud risk to merchants during the rollout of microchip-enabled cards, saying the arbitration agreements it signed with each merchant are valid.  law360.com
Ransomware Sends Phishing Volumes up Almost 800%
According to PhishMe, its analysis of phishing email campaigns from the first three months of 2016 has seen a 6.3 million increase in raw numbers, due primarily to a ransomware upsurge against the last quarter of 2015. That is a staggering 789% jump. "Thus far in 2016, we have recorded an unprecedented rise in encryption ransomware attacks, and we see no signs of this trend abating." infosecurity-magazine.com

Fraudulent Payment Processors Accused Of Stealing Millions
Complainants in a Nevada lawsuit are accusing the owners of what's believed to be a fake payments processing company of stealing millions of dollars from an online seller.

That seller is beauty product retailer DermaKtive, which claims that a man committed fraud with the assistance of his mother and girlfriend. This fraud reportedly involved using what was believed to be payment processing for credit and debit card transactions, along with refunds.

DermaKtive's accusations claim the owners of "fake payment processing company T1 Payments" said they had bank relationships in order to process payments. But that fake company didn't have the connection and ended up stealing millions of dollars, the claim said.

The other defendant named in the case is 7 Processing, a Nevada LLC. Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems is also accused of having "facilitated, furthered, and materially participated in much of the theft, deception and fraud through secret agreements with T1 Processing, Kasdon, Fairchild and King, and other illegal misconduct."  pymnts.com

Insider threat mitigation techniques worth considering
trying to mitigate the insider threat from a people perspective; this article looks at several techniques that can be implemented to mitigate this threat.

Anomaly detection - Process modelling: A research paper - Hybrid analytics: Hybrid analytics  csoonline.com
It's Getting Real On The Retail Revolution Frontline - The four recent payments revolutions

FBI warns about email extortion attempts following data breaches




Live interviews from the NRF Big Show January 2016 

USS is the largest privately held loss prevention and security company in the U.S. They've long been known for their innovative EAS tags and systems and have earned a strong reputation as a leading integrator of video surveillance and access control systems. Last year, USS launched the highly successful NDVision platform, which simplifies the process of migrating from analog video to IP. With many retailers feeling tremendous pressure to stay current and drive higher performance, Steve Sell, Chief Marketing Officer for USS, tells us how USS is responding to the changes that keep their customers up at night.

LPNN Quick Take #11

Joe LaRocca is joined by Jim Shepherd, National Accounts Manager for Protection 1, in this LPNN Quick Take. Jim talks about the impact of Protection 1's recent acquisition by parent company Apollo, as well as what goes into managing and securing retail networks.

Solution Providers, have a video or commercial you want to publish?  Contact us.

Online fraud losses skyrocket
A new infographic from fraud and risk management technology provider Kount drives home the boomerang impact fraud has on e-commerce. Called "The 10 Deadly Costs of Fraud" for e-commerce retailers, here is a brief summary of its findings: 

1. Lost/stolen merchandise - There was a 200% increase in fraud losses between 2014 and 2015, and fraud losses as a percentage of revenue nearly doubled to 1.32% from 0.68%.

2. For every dollar of online fraud, an average of $2.27 is lost, meaning losses are 127% higher than the actual value of lost or stolen merchandise.

3. Fraud requires manual order reviews, of which up to 90% are unnecessary.

4. Do-it-yourself fraud mitigation efforts are expensive, with an average of $5-10 in total ownership costs for every dollar of IT spend.

5. In 2015 online retailers declined 2.6% of orders due to fraud concerns. Only 0.9% of those orders were actually fraudulent, meaning retailers lost $14.5 billion in valid orders due to the 1.7% "fear of fraud" sales gap.

6. Online retailers cancel twice as many orders as they need to after fraud review, wasting $14-$109 in acquisition costs per wasted sale.

7. Orders with shipping expenses of more than $2,400 result in chargebacks or fraud 3%-3.5% of the time, compared to 0.3% of the time for orders with shipping expenses of less than $1,500.

8. Investigation of fraudulent activity wastes time of expert employees with the highest hourly cost.

9. Higher rates of fraud and chargebacks winds up in higher cost of goods passed along to consumers.

10. Consumers whose information is used in fraudulent purchases also suffer losses due to fees/penalties, momentary losses and time spent recovering accounts.

Click the infographic for more  chainstoreage.com

E-commerce sales top half a trillion dollars in Europe in 2015

Watch The Zellman Group's recent LPNN interview:
From Analytics and Civil Recovery to eCommerce Fraud Detection and Operations, The Zellman Group's proven solutions can provide measureable results for companies of any size or segment. Hear Stuart Levine, CEO, and Stan Welch, VP of Business Development, talk about the latest investments the company has made in both people and technology.


Hermitage, PA: A couple has been jailed after their arrests for allegedly using stolen identities and stolen credit cards to obtain thousands of dollars worth of merchandise
Hermitage police said Abdul Rauf Sani, and Alizabeth Ellen Sani were arrested on warrants for access device fraud, identity theft, receiving stolen property and criminal conspiracy. The arrests came after a 4-month investigation revealed the husband and wife obtained and/or purchased electronics, furniture, plumbing fixtures, household items, clothing and automotive parts with stolen credit cards numbers, police said. Some of the victims were local and others scattered across the United States. Seized from the storage lockers were 20 gallons of paint and an estimated 30,000 plain T-shirts in various colors, police said. Police said Sani, who was born in Ghana, admitted he knowingly received the illegally acquired items which he intended to ship to Africa to pay on a debt and for personal benefit. sharonherald.com

West Warwick, RI: State Trooper's Seat-belt stop leads to arrest of brothers, charges of shoplifting $10,000 in medication from CVS
At 3:11 p.m. Saturday, a trooper stopped a motor vehicle occupied by two brothers from Pennsylvania. While speaking with the occupants, the trooper glimpsed silver tin foil duct tape and a piece of steel mesh nylon on the rear seat. Through his experience the trooper was aware that these items are commonly used in "boost bags" during the act of shoplifting to avoid security detection. Both occupants were taken into custody on the charge of obstruction of a police officer, and while searching them in connection with the arrest. The trooper "observed a layer of tin foil duct tape affixed to the inner portion of the men's pants." Located during a search of the vehicle, the state police allege, were three large plastic trash bags containing $10,000 of non-prescription medication with the security labels still attached that had been stolen from four CVS stores in Rhode Island. They also seized Walmart receipts for tin foil duct tape, the tape itself, a piece of steel mesh nylon and a package of Heat-n-bond brand adhesive. provincejournal.com

Vacaville, CA: Police arrest 5 stealing $4,700 in energy drinks
Red Bull gives you wings...or in this case, a pair of shiny bracelets and some time in jail. That's what five men from Oakland discovered after stealing $4,700 in Red Bull! Earlier this evening the crew was seen at a local grocery store wheeling out a cart full of the popular energy drink. They loaded the stolen product into a rented U-Haul van and sped out of the parking lot, running a posted stop sign and red light. The keen eye of a Vacaville officer spotted the van on westbound I-80. A traffic stop was conducted and the five individuals were taken into custody. After searching the van, it was evident that our local grocery store was only one of many the crew had graced with their presence. Four of the men were booked into Solano County Jail. The information is listed below. The fifth subject was booked into juvenile hall. facebook.com

Arizona Organized Retail Crime Association to  hold Phoenix AZORCA Meeting June 16

Clinton Township, MI: Masked Burglars steal $3,000 in Paintball equipment in 30 seconds

Hawkins County, TN: Armed shoplifting suspect arrested in $500 TV theft from Walmart

Gilroy, CA: Police searching for suspect in the theft of $400 in merchandise from Kohl's


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Shootings and Deaths

Memphis, TN: Police Officer struck and killed by fleeing suspect in the shooting of an employee at Bass Pro Shop
Verdell Smith, 46, an 18-year veteran of the Memphis Police Department died Saturday night after being struck downtown by the vehicle of a fleeing shooting suspect. Smith was struck after the unidentified suspect, who was taken into custody and transported to the Regional Medical in noncritical condition, shot three people during a spree that began in the Pinch District at Westy's Restaurant and Bar and spilled over to Bass Pro Shops. At 9:55 p.m. shots were reported and Police found two male victims at Westy's, both in critical condition. At 10:02 p.m., Police got a call to Bass Pro, where a male employee had been shot. He was taken to Regional in noncritical condition. The suspect is now in custody. officer.com

Columbus, GA: One hurt in 3rd Peachtree Mall shooting in 3 months
Police say one person is hurt after a shooting outside Peachtree Mall Sunday afternoon. CPD says a car break-in turned south around 2:30-2:45 p.m. Officers said the car owner came out of the mall, trying to confront the suspect who was hanging around his vehicle. After a brief argument, the break-in suspect fired a gun three times. One bullet shattered the victim's car, and another shot hit another bystander's leg in the parking lot. Police say the suspect and another woman sped off. wrbl.com

Montclair, CA: One injured in Shooting at Montclair Plaza shopping mall
The incident happened just after 1pm on Saturday when a shooting was reported at Montclair Plaza. The Montclair Police confirmed the shooting took place in the north parking structure of the mall. One person is believed to have been injured, no suspects have been taken into custody. bnonews.com

Levittown, PA: Pharmacy clerk shoots, kills Robbery suspect
The pharmacy owner who shot and killed a robber on Friday morning in Levittown, Bucks County, will not face charges - and was even praised by the district attorney. During a news conference on Friday afternoon, Falls Township Police Lt. Henry Ward said Pennsbury Pharmacy owner Kenneth Lee "had no choice to do what he did. He was protecting himself and his business." 6abc.colm

North Charleston, SC: One killed during Armed Robbery; Homicides trending to be deadliest year on record
A city resident was slain Friday morning outside the Max Quick Stop. The shooting was reported at 10:17 a.m., and a suspect was still on the loose late that afternoon. Friday's killing was the 15th homicide in North Charleston this year - a pace that could make 2016 the city's deadliest year on record. All but one of the victims was slain by someone with a gun. charlestonscene.com

Jackson, MS: 19-year-old charged in Fatal Robbery at
O'Reilly's Auto Parts store

A 19-year-old man has been charged in the death of an auto parts store employee in Jackson. Jackson Police Department spokesman Tyree Jones says Joshua Dukes is charged with one count of capital murder in the death of 36-year-old Broderick Smith. Smith was shot multiple times during a robbery while working at O'Reilly's Auto Parts store on Nov. 8, 2015. Jones says Smith was identified as one of the suspects involved in the incident. msnewsnow.com

Richmond, BC, CN: Man shot in killed in the parking lot of Coppersmith Corner Shopping Centre, witness says a silencer was used
A prominent Richmond-based developer was shot to death Saturday evening in the parking lot of Coppersmith shopping centre, as shoppers and restaurant diners bore witness to a brazen targeted shooting in broad daylight. According to a witness, Amarjit Singh Sandhu, 56, was killed while standing next to his truck by a man. The suspect pulled out a gun with a silencer attachment and shot at Sandhu. The witness said he heard at least six shots that sounded like a paintball gun. richmond-news.com

Robberies & Thefts

New Orleans, LA: Police look for connections in recent Armed Robbery spree
They've struck in almost every New Orleans neighborhood, in darkness and in the oft-considered safety of daylight. The victims, 53 in all, range from a 68-year-old man spending an afternoon in Pontchartrain Park, to a 44-year-old woman left hospitalized after being shot while trying to stop a gunman from taking her purse. From around 2:30 a.m. Friday, May 27, to 5 a.m. Friday, June 3, New Orleans police responded to at least 42 separate carjackings and armed robberies - both attempted and successful. The tally represents roughly double the average weekly total of armed robberies through the first three months of the year, NOPD data show. nola.com

Sumter, SC: Police identify 2 suspects in Jewelry Wholesale Armed Robbery
Sumter Police are looking for two Dillon residents in connection with Monday the armed robbery of Jewelry Wholesale on Wesmark Boulevard. Four employees were in the store when two men with a handgun entered the store and demanded them to hand over their personal belongings, including jewelry, cellphones, wallets and purses. The men also took an undetermined amount of jewelry from the store. scnow.com

Long Island and New York City: Police Hunt Suspect in 22
Fast-Food Restaurant Robberies

Police say the robberies play out briskly and in roughly the same fashion: A stocky, young man enters a fast-food restaurant, brandishes a big knife and demands cash. He usually leaves with several hundred dollars, and, authorities say, the man has carried out 22 similar holdups on Long Island and in New York City since March 1. wsj.com

Louisville, KY: C-Store Employee busted for $55,000 in register thefts

Kay Jewelers in the Cranberry Mall, Cranberry Township, PA reported a Grab & Run on 6/3, merchandise valued at $3,399


Fort Wayne, IN: Man charged with setting fires at Southgate Plaza; Burger King, Sally Beauty and other store lightly damaged

Credit Card Fraud

Annapolis, MD: Police arrest four suspected of credit card fraud
A car chase led to a dramatic scene Saturday afternoon at City Dock, with an Annapolis police officer jumping in front of a car and drawing his gun to prevent suspects from escaping. On Sunday, Annapolis police said the Saturday chase began around noon at the USAA Bank on Prince George Street, where an employee had called police to report suspicious activity and possible fraud. Police arrested all four of the suspects. Inside the car, they found documents listing social security numbers, PIN numbers, and credit and debit card numbers. capitalgazette.com

Las Vegas, NV: Two Arrested for Casino Credit Card Fraud Scheme
A federal grand jury returned a nine-count indictment Thursday against Vivian Wang, 53, of Lilburn, Georgia, and Frank Luo, 48, of Las Vegas, Nevada, charging them both with wire fraud and charging Wang with aggravated identity theft, Acting United States Attorney Phillip A. Talbert announced. The defendants were arrested today at their residences in Georgia and Nevada. According to court documents, between August 5, 2008 and August 2014, Wang and Luo participated in a scheme to defraud casinos and credit card companies across the country. The scheme involved using false identities in the names and Social Security numbers of migrant workers to apply for casino credit called "markers" and to open credit card accounts. The combined fraud led to over $1.2 million in losses to casinos and credit card companies. lasvegasnewstrip.com

Carbon County, PA: Pennsylvania State Police bust couple with 72 fraudulent credit cards and 24 fake id's

Kingston, TN: Couple arrested with 80 fake credit/ gift cards

Skimming Reports

Romanian national pleads guilty to U.S. ATM skimming fraud
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Federal prosecutors say a Romanian national has pleaded guilty to bank fraud related to the use of ATM "skimming" devices.

U.S. Attorney Kenneth A. Polite said Thursday that 41-year-old Mihai Alexandru Dinu entered the plea to one count of bank fraud. Court records show Dinu and another man were captured on surveillance video using fake debit cards to withdraw money from three bank accounts. Subsequently, Dinu admitted he was working with a group of people who used fake passports and driver's licenses to travel to the U.S. for that purpose.

Polite's office says Dinu also participated in a similar skimming conspiracy in Virginia before coming to Louisiana. ccenterdispatch.com

Danbury Police Issue Warning About ATM 'Skimming Devices'

ATM skimmer found in west Wichita

Skimming device found installed on Kennebunk, Maine, ATM

Madisonville, TX: Skimmers found at Exxon and Shell stations

Des Moines, IA: Credit card skimmers found at Git N Go; last week another Git N Go and BP station

Andalus Convenience Store - Canton, MA - Armed Robbery/ clerk handcuffed
Ayerco Convenience Store - Bowling Green, MO - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Cape Coral, FL - Shooting
Circle K - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery
CVS - Shaker Heights, OH - Burglary/ 2nd ATM
Dollar General - Centreville, MD - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Birmingham, AL - Armed Robbery
Honeyland Farms - Springfield, MA - Shooting
Kum & Go - Springfield, MO - Armed Robbery
Lone Wolf Paintball - Clinton Township, MI - Burglary
Max Quick Stop - Charleston, SC - Armed Robbery/ 1 person killed
Murphy Express - Madison, TN - Burglary
Papa John's - Winston Salem, NC - Armed Robbery
PDQ - Madison, WI - Armed Robbery
Pennsbury Pharmacy - Levittown, PA - Armed Robbery / Suspect killed
Subway - Prattville, AL - Armed Robbery
Subway - Orange County, FL - Armed Robbery
Superway - Paducah, KY - Armed Robbery
Tinee Giant - Chesapeake, VA - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Oklahoma City, OK - Burglary
7-Eleven - Lubbock, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Abilene, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Las Vegas, NV - Armed Robbery/ clerk shot


Featured Job Alert Spotlight
Company Confidential Director of Global Security
The Sr. Director of Global Security will oversee the company's executive protection program, the security of the company's home office and international operations as well as certain investigations in the home and international offices. A minimum of 15 years experience in executive protection and/or corporate security with international security experience. Experience managing teams of people and administering a budget. Previous military or law enforcement experience is a plus. Proven ability to partner with local, state, federal, and international law enforcement. 

Director of Loss Prevention
Rocky Mount, NC

This is a retained search for the D&D Daily.


Regional Loss Prevention Director
Denver, CO

CarMax is looking for a Regional Loss Prevention Director (RLPD) to lead and direct all asset protection operations in our new Denver Region. The RLPD is directly responsible for all facets of CarMax's LP program in the region, including: Developing and driving CarMax's LP strategy in conjunction with the rest of the LP team...


Regional Loss Prevention Director
Baltimore, MD

CarMax is looking for a Regional Loss Prevention Director (RLPD) to lead and direct all asset protection operations in our new Baltimore Region. The RLPD is directly responsible for all facets of CarMax's LP program in the region, including: Developing and driving CarMax's LP strategy in conjunction with the rest of the LP team... 
Sr. Mgr, Safety & Retail (Non-Industrial)
Jacksonville, FL
The Sr. Manager, Safety & Retail Environmental Health (Non-Industrial) is responsible for developing, implementing and managing comprehensive safety programs designed to minimize the frequency and severity of accidents, while complying with applicable regulatory requirements...
  Asset Protection Specialist
South Carolina
The specialist, asset protection, will oversee the protection of company assets within an assigned group of stores. This position will execute the asset protection program designed to minimize inventory shrink, workers compensation claims, general liability claims, cash loss and bad checks...

Loss Prevention Specialist
Riverside, CA
The Loss Prevention Specialist has thorough knowledge of Ascena Retail Group, Inc. security, life safety, and operational procedures. Performs duties as a floor officer and acts as a deterrent to theft and providing life safety...

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  Amanda Pritters was promoted to Area Loss Prevention Manager for L Brands. 
Nelson Badillo, CFI was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Dick's Sporting Goods. 

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When you apply for a job through email with an attached resume, incorporate your cover letter in the body of the email. Add your accomplishments that relate to the job description you're applying for. Also, take this opportunity to sell yourself by briefly explaining the key differentiators that separate you from other candidates. In today's market, employers are receiving hundreds of resumes so you want to make it easy for the reviewer to see why you are a better fit and stand out from the crowd. Do not add your cover letter as an attachment. This approach creates added steps for the employer which increases the chance that they may not take the time to even open it.

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