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"Canada's Leading Female Hi-Tech Entrepreneur" Award Winner
Innovating North America's Loss Prevention & Safety eLearning Space

Carol Leaman, CEO at Axonify

By Gus Downing
Publisher and Editor

As the retail world continues to change and evolve at speeds never seen before, so too is the Loss Prevention industry. With Big Data, Omni-Channeling, e-commerce, mobile commerce, video analytics, remote monitoring, and yes even the eLearning industry, our world is rapidly changing. All of which is being driven by four variables; the internet, the consumer, the Millennial's (those born from about 1982 to 2001), and the innovators and entrepreneur's of this high-tech age.

These innovators and entrepreneurs, many of whom will be attending this week's NRF LP Conference, are the leaders that are impacting and redefining our industry. Each of these executives, whether they're a Loss Prevention executive or a solution provider, has a unique and distinct story from which all of us can gain invaluable knowledge from.

Such is the case with Carol Leaman, the Chief Executive Officer at Axonify, an organization that is redefining the corporate eLearning industry and bringing the future to the Loss Prevention industry. With a Master of Accounting, Bachelor of Arts, Accounting, Economics from the University of Waterloo in Canada, Carol has successfully led three separate high-tech firms to sale, with her most recent venture, Post Rank, being acquired by Google Inc. in 2011.

As the recipient of the 2010 Sarah Kirke Award for Canada's Leading Female Hi-Tech Entrepreneur and the 2011 Winner of the Waterloo Region Intrepid Award for Entrepreneurship, Carol has a recognized and proven track record of delivering results and increasing value in multiple high-tech models. Currently sitting on six different community, business, and high-tech Boards shows Carol's sense of commitment and sincere desire to contribute and reflects how her colleagues and community value her contributions. For it's a rarity to see such a dynamic individual, who has developed and sold three high-tech firms, and sits on six different Boards actually develop and help bring to market an eLearning platform that has a specifically designed Loss Prevention and Safety channel.

Joining Axonify in 2011, Carol and her team are the first ever to bring to market a web-based training platform that supports today's mantra of doing more with less and is built on the principles of behavioral learning, and specifically the concept of spaced repetition, also known as interval reinforcement. Backed by the latest brain science, Axonify’s use of spacing, repeated retrieval and bite-sized learning dramatically improves retention and performance. Using elements of gamification they make the platform fun and social for employees. There is also an entire rewards system built-in to the solution.

This new high-impact on-demand individualized training platform fits today's cost-reduction environment by significantly reducing your current traditional training expense lines. By delivering real-time flexibility the organization can update-retrain-and refocus the entire organization based on any given variable and incident in a moments notice thereby increasing your ability to react proactively to virtually anything. Based on years of proven science this interval reinforcement method will significantly increases information retention and improve productivity and performance. This high-tech solution also allows Axonify to measure and report on performance through a host of analytics and correlates that performance to your key business objectives.

Over the last two years Carol's team has accomplished some significant measurable results with some of the world's largest retailers now using Axonify and this year alone the organization has doubled in size and revenue. Given the early success of the model and platform and understanding its design around the Millennial and general workforce one can see that Carol and her team are breaking new ground and changing the paradigms in the training world.

With this being Carol's fourth high-tech venture it's very important to her that the organization makes an impact on the retail industry and truly changes the behavior of the employee population and motivates them to do the right thing on the sales floor every single day. To her it’s all about delivering something that's simple and effective while at the same time having a significant impact on a retailer’s bottom line and actually changing behavior.

Looking at their track record over the last few years it’s obvious that they have the right model, they have the right platform, the right team and the right leader. Now it’s a matter of whether or not you can see through the eyes of the Millennial's to be able to understand how impactful they can be. Based on their success so far the organization and Carol will continue to be winning awards well into the future. As the age of the Millennial is here today, the only question is, are you?





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Shrinking The LP Gap In Mobile POS With Video  
How linking video and analytics with smart tag technology could make good LP great. The traditional cash wrap counter is an operational model that’s surely destined for obsolescence. Mobile point of sale (POS), mobile apps and mobile wallet technologies are gaining traction among consumers faster than anyone anticipated. And loss prevention (LP) professionals really need to be proactive about creating comprehensive retail programs and strategies to address the inherent risks posed by this self-checkout model. By Jackie Andersen, North America retail business development manager, Axis Communications (Source

Raley's grocery stores in Northern California target of Cyber Attack  Raley's said Thursday it was an attack of a well organized cyber attack. They learned about the attack after being notified by a credit card company. This is the very beginning of the investigation and the FBI is involved. The company urged customers of its Raley's, Bel Air, Nob Hill Foods, Food Source stores and Aisle One fuel stations to check and monitor bank, credit union and credit card accounts for unauthorized or suspicious activity. (Source

Hackers invade Raley's grocery chain 
Raley's Family of Fine Stores, a supermarket chain with more than 120 stores in California and Nevada, has been stung by a hack that compromised the credit and debit card information of its customers. Raley's spokeswoman Nicole Townsend said a "portion" of its computer systems were the target of a “complex, criminal cyber attack,” she said in a Thursday statement posted on Raley's website. No further details about the intrusion were provided. (Source

Verizon responds to domestic spying report 
The telecom sent a memo to employees that seemed determined to contain a public relations disaster. Verizon Communications has responded to an explosive report that outlines the telecommunications giant's role in an ongoing domestic spying program. The response, in a memo to employees, seems aimed at containing a public relations disaster. The wording, however, has to adhere to restrictions, imposed on Verizon by the secret court, not to disclose that the company was ordered to hand over phone logs to the FBI and the National Security Agency. The order also declared that "no person shall disclose to any other person that the FBI or NSA has sought or obtained tangible things under this order." "Tangible things" refers to the metadata. Editor's note: Reported yesterday in the Daily we did notice that the article came from a UK paper and wondered why. Somebody leaked and we all know the UK papers have a tendency to leak vital information. (Source

The future of omni-channel retail 
"Omni-channel" is omnipresent in retailers' discussions today. The rate of mobile adoption has skyrocketed, and the number of consumers using mobile data via apps and the mobile web continues to grow across all demographics. Some retailers are charging into the space, while others are looking to learn from the early adopters. But that opportunity comes with a number of important factors to consider. Geofencing, or targeting shoppers near the point of sale, is also catching on. Those who continue to silo and refuse to innovate will ultimately be left behind. (Source

Therapist Enlisted To Help J.C. Penney Employees Cope Compares Retailer’s Past 17 Months To 9/11  After more than a year of management and financial upheaval, J.C. Penney executives last month asked a therapist to address employees at an internal meeting. He ended up traumatizing them more. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, J.C. Penney chief merchant Liz Sweney brought in an organizational therapist to help employees cope with the firing of former CEO Ron Johnson in April and a disastrous year that saw revenue plummet $4.3 billion, or 25%. The pair proceeded to compare the experience to a bomb explosion and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The presentation was “offensive” to a number of employees, one source said, noting that the bomb analogy came just weeks after the Boston Marathon bombing. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well. (Source

Costco Is Totally Eliminating Self-Checkout In Stores 
Costco CEO Craig Jelinek is eliminating self-service checkout from stores because he says his employees do a better job. "They are great for low-volume warehouses, but we don’t want to be in the low-volume warehouse business." His decision comes at a time when competitor Wal-Mart is adding 10,000 self-service checkout systems to stores. (Source

Tiffany to Open First Wholly-Owned Retail Business in Russia 
Tiffany & Co. (TIF) plans to open a two-level store in a high-end department store in Moscow, a move that will give the jewelry retailer its first wholly-owned retail business in Russia. The store--which is expected to open in the first quarter of 2014 and be about 4,520 square feet--will be housed in Moscow's GUM department store located in Red Square. (Source

Xpient issues patch for POS terminals after hacker opens register drawer by only sending two digits from his smartphone  Matt Bergin, a security consultant at Core Security, discovered he could hack a cash register remotely, popping it open, by sending two digits from his smartphone to the service running on the cash register’s point-of-sale system. He was able to do so through a vulnerability in Xpient, which makes point-of-sale software that runs on cash drawers. He reverse-engineered Xpient’s point-of-sale system, expecting that to interact with it he would have to crack a password or break through a layer of encryption. To his surprise, he encountered neither. By simply sending a two-digit code from his phone to the point-of-sale system, he discovered he could pop open the cash register remotely. Christopher Sebes, the chief executive of Xpient, said in an interview Thursday that the company had issued a patch for the vulnerability, which Xpient customers can download to their systems. (Source

White-Collar Criminals 'Outgunning' Law Enforcement
The prosecutor’s evidence of choice used to be email or phone wiretaps. "But I no longer see clients using email,” Fritz said. “Now they use text messaging or Skyping. The government doesn’t have the ability to capture most texting or Skyping.” Clients, she said, have enormous sophistication. “But the government—including the Securities and Exchange Commission—seems clumsy and way behind the curve. They simply don’t have the resources to bring in tech-savvy individuals to keep up with what’s going on.” (Source

Google's Crisis Response center - a helpful tool during crisis 
When disaster strikes, people turn to the internet for information. Google helps ensure the right information is there in these times of need by building tools to collect and share emergency information, and by supporting first responders in using technology to help improve and save lives. (Source

May Same Store Sales Results

Stein Mart up 8.2%
Costco up 5%
Limited Brands up 3%

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Christopher & Banks Q1 up23% with sales up 16%

Gang commits brazen armed smash and grab raid on Selfridges in London 
An axe-wielding gang entered the Oxford Street store just before 8.30pm yesterday and started smashing cabinets. The gang stole a number of expensive watches, whose value is still being confirmed, before making off on motorcyles ridden by accomplices. One of the motorcycles crashed and a 29-year-old pizza worker chased and tackled one of the suspects until police arrived. Police said it had been a brazen and well-planned robbery of the busy store.

Contractor and two of his employees busted stealing their "will call order" filled cart at Bensalem home improvement store  White directed his employees Felipe Morales, 43, and Roberto Rivera, 49, both of Philadelphia, to push the merchandise out of the store’s contractor exit doors. But police say that Morales and Rivera also attempted to leave the business with a large cart filled with unpaid merchandise including grout and tile. The men were arraigned Wednesday before Bensalem District Judge. (Source

Retail crime wave ended with brazen and prolific armed robber busted for 14 robberies in Daytona Beach, FL.  A brazen and prolific suspected armed robber linked to 14 crimes spanning from Margate to Daytona Beach is off the streets. Rainier Cox, a 30-year-old convicted felon, hit T.J. Maxx, Foot Locker, Advanced Auto Parts and other retail establishments during business hours, regardless of whether one or 10 customers were in stores, police said. He made off with $25,000 swiped from registers and sometimes safes, police said. (Source

Tysons Galleria smash-and-grab robberies not reported to public 
After two men were arrested Wednesday in connection with a string of smash-and-grab robberies in the D.C. area, it came to light that Fairfax County Police never informed the public about several similar crimes. video of a violent robbery in Pentagon City shows one of a string to hit the area between December and April in Arlington, Alexandria, and Chevy Chase. The suspects took hundreds of thousands in watches and handbags. But there were similar crimes at Tysons Galleria, during business hours and allegedly by the same suspects, crimes that did not get near the attention of the others. Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, were also hit by this group.

Felon Shoplifter who held knife to Wal-Mart female LP's throat faces life in prison  An alleged attempt to steal electronics from Walmart now has a Springfield man facing life in prison. While being held by loss-prevention employees on Tuesday, David L. Berry, 26, pulled out a knife, “slashing and stabbing” at the employees and held one employee with a knife to her throat, according to a probable cause statement. Prosecutors call Berry a prior and persistent felon with convictions for tampering and assault and consider him a flight risk. (Source

CVS in Fulton County, Georgia held up at gunpoint.
The suspect entered the CVS store on old National Highway at 7:30am acting as if he were going to purchase something and then drew a handgun on the cashier. No one was injured, the suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. (Source

UPS employee stole over 60 Apple products from the facility in Springfield, Virginia.  A UPS Sorter, Stephen Owens stuffed Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macbooks down the front of his pants, concealing the items then selling the items in Fairfax County. UPS began the investigation months ago, before the busy shipping season prior to last Christmas. (Source

Greece, NY Officer out of the hospital following vehicle crash during store robbery.  A Greece Police officer is out of the hospital after crashing his cruiser during a chase. Police have not released what business was robbed or the part of Greece where it happened. A suspicious vehicle was seen at around 2:30 a.m. near the store that had been robbed. Officers tried to pull the vehicle over, but the driver took off. The officer was treated and released. The driver is in police custody. (Source

Two arrested in connection to five robberies in Maine.  The two men went on a spree hitting four businesses and a cab driver in less than 13 hours time. Both men were apprehended back in April and today will be in court facing multiple robbery charges. (Source

Shoplifting charges escalated to robbery and fleeing suspect injuries two customers.  A mother and her child were ran into by a suspect attempting to flee from police from a Lewisville store. The officers were actually inside the store investigating a prior shoplifting event when this suspect was observed in the act by Loss Prevention. Because of the slight injuries to the Mother and child, police have elevated the charges of shoplifting to robbery. (Source

Kroger robbed this morning in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Police say they are searching for a suspect who robbed the Kroger store at gunpoint in Little Rock this morning at 5:25am. No one was reported injured. (Source

Pet Supermarket burglary suspect sought in Clay County, Florida.  Police are seeing the identity of two suspects in the burglary of the Pet Supermarket store in Clay County which occurred back in April. Video surveillance captured the incident at 9:50pm when the suspects smashed out the door glass and grabbed cash from two registers. (Source

Armed robber arrested in Maine after holding up a Goodwill store; the Cumberland Farm store turned down the robbers request.  An armed man in Maine walked into a Cumberland Farms store demanding money, but the associated refused to cooperate sending the man out of the store. The gunman then entered the Goodwill Store, again brandishing his handgun and was given an undetermined amount of money. Police quickly arrested the suspect outside the store. (Source

Jacksonville T-Mobile the victim of a smash and grab; suspects focused on stealing every live display.  Breaking the glass out of the front doors of the Jacksonville T-Mobile the suspected moved quickly to rip the live display units from the security tethers. Only inside the store for one minute, wearing hoods and masks, police will need a break in this investigation. (Source

CVS in Jacksonville robbed at gunpoint.  No one was injured when a suspect pointed a handgun at the cashier demanding money from the register in a CVS in Jacksonville Thursday night. The masked suspect grabbed the money and Black and Mild cigars and fled. (Source



Giant Tiger's response to the American invasion - Open more stores in rural   areas where the big boys won't go  The urban retail jungle is getting crowded, so the North West Company's Giant Tiger division is on the prowl for expansion opportunities in smaller rural centres where the competition is less fierce. Company officials believe smaller rural centers with a trading area of 10,000 to 15,000 people or less where industry heavyweights such as Wal-Mart and Target aren't likely to set up shop there. (Source

U.S. Retailers Will Shape the Future of Canadian Shopping 
The continuous influx of U.S. retailers into Canada is expected to have a lasting impact on Canadian retailers and consumers, according to Colliers International’s 2013 Spring Retail Report released last week. “We already see Canadian retailers increasingly adopting U.S.-style sales and promotions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, as well as other discount pricing strategies, to keep consumer spending at home,” adds Smerdon. According to the Colliers retail report the increasing pressure for Canadian retailers to compete on price as well as shopping experience to match the look and feel of their U.S. competitors (both on and offline) is a key driver that continues to shape the Canadian shopping experience. (Source

Billabong Hires Financo To Sell West 49 
In June 2012 Billabong bought West 49 for 99 million Canadian dollars, which equals out to approximately $91 million US dollars with debt. Originally the company held 138 stores, but currently has downsized to nearly half of that with 70 stores. (Source

Costco continues its Canadian Push as well - how much expansion can Canada handle before it's saturated like the States?  While many re-tail industry players anxiously watch U.S. retailers Target and Walmart racing to expand their store networks across Canada, Costco Wholesale continues to build its presence here as a quietly indomitable retail giant, with plans to build up to 25 more of its vast warehouse stores. Our goal is to get to about 110 (stores)," said Louise Wendling, senior vice-president and country manager at Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. (Source

Provincial Revenue Agency files 1500 charges against a Montreal Goldsmith retail chain for $211 Million in Tax Fraud.  The fraud charges involve wholesaler Carmen International of Montreal, three of its administrators, and eight jewelry stores and their administrators. Revenue Quebec alleges that they used a phony billing system to try to get tax refunds they were not entitled to. The agency says they engaged in fraudulent commercial activity that involved the transformation and recycling of gold. Revenue Quebec says its proof is based on 20,000 pages of documentation and the testimony of informants. (Source

Remember the OJ chase on TV - Well Ontario police chased a stolen flatbed for hours - while being televised on live TV Ontario police chased the stolen flatbed for hours. People watched online, television news stations broadcast the chase and people even went to overpasses to take pictures. Eventually the thief finally pulled over and gave up. (Source

Retail Council of Canada - Fast Facts

Canadian Retail Sales
May down 1.2%
April down 1.7%
March up 2.9
Feb. down 3.4%
Jan. up 2.0


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Complex credit card fraud netted ringleaders "$1 million easily" in Alabama and Georgia hitting retailers  Alabama - Two men charged by Gardendale police in a sophisticated credit card fraud scheme were making up to $1 million a year in ill-gotten gains, including about $20,000 in just two days in the Birmingham area, police said. Tymaree Conyers, 29, of South Carolina, and Raymond Walker, 29, of Georgia were ringleaders in a complex organization committing credit/debit card fraud that spanned multiple states, said Gardendale police Detective Chris Clark. "It was like a spider-web organization that you would see in a mob movie,'' Clark said. "It's very complex, and it's the new drug dealing." They take 100 or 200 of the cards to a store, such as Walmart, and use them to buy gift cards, as many time as they can until the card is rejected. Once a card is declined, they move on to another card, Clark said. "In video surveillance I've watched clerks sit there for 10 or 12 minutes and watch people use multiple cards in multiple transactions,'' he said. "My experience is they don't care." Once they get the gift cards, they use those to go shopping, or pay bills, or for anything they might need for daily living. (Source

Two-year investigation into theft, fraud leads to 19 indictments in Wood County, OH.  A two-year investigation of retail fraud, retail theft, scamming credit cards, and use of clone credit cards led to 19 indictments in Wood County this week, authorities said at a news conference today in Perrysburg Township. "We're in the six figures easily," Sgt. Jim Gross said, of the Perrysburg Township police. "This is happening all over, it's everywhere. Think about just about every retailer it has been occurring at. Primarily at the construction, home-improvement businesses because some of this was being funneled back into construction trades." Eleven of the 19 were arrested Wednesday. U. S. Marshals of the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitives Task Force and Wood County Sheriffs Office received three search warrants while apprehending those individuals that led to additional evidence to the investigation. The investigation is still open. The eight still are currently being pursued by the departments. (Source

Organized retail theft ring may be targeting Sparks, NV 
The Sparks Police Department says it is investigating a series of commercial burglaries that occurred at two Best Buy stores in Sparks earlier this week. The suspects are believed to be part of an organized retail theft ring possibly operating out of California, Sparks police said. “We believe that the suspects may have had help from a local source in committing the burglaries,” police said in a news release. That information is still under investigation. We also believe that the suspects may have stayed at a local motel just prior to or immediately after the thefts. (Source

ORC team of three busted hitting Wal-Mart stores in Newton Count, GA. 
The Newton County Sheriff's Office has arrested three suspects who were apparently involved in a scheme to shoplift merchandise and then return it for cash. Deputies were initially called to the store around 12:30 p.m. in response to the shoplifting of a TV stand. A store employee had reportedly confronted a male shoplifting suspect as he tried to exit the store. The suspect ran, but deputies located him before he could get in a waiting vehicle occupied by his father and a woman. A search of the car and found several Wal-Mart receipts and used Wal-Mart bags inside. Jefferson said deputies were able to determine that the suspects were "using the receipts and bags to get refunds for items they had not purchased."

Credit card ID theft ring busted in Coweta County, GA.  Coweta County authorities have arrested two men in connection with a suspected ID theft ring, with more arrests expected. With stolen financial information, the suspects used computers, printing and hologram machines, as well as magnetic card encoders, to create credit and debit cards and driver’s licenses, according to Investigator Chad McDonald with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. (Source

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Vendor Spotlight

Case of the Month: I Just Won the Lottery!

By Catherine Penizotto
VP of Analyst Services

Agilence Professional Services Analyst identified an associate who was redeeming large quantities of instant lottery tickets. The associate used different operator numbers and was observed placing the money in his pocket. Further investigation revealed the associate was ordering his own stock of lottery tickets on the company’s dime and cashing in the winning tickets from those stolen books.

The associate was interviewed and was quickly separated from employment.

Looks like this guy’s luck just ran out.

     √ $82,000 in losses
     √ Validated Losses: $1210
     √ Total value to client: $82,000

Tickets come in and the cash I take out

“I won the lottery” in my head, I do shout

But this is a game I play all alone

How long can I keep my deception unknown

Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
856-366-1200 x500



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Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
Asset Protection Manager The HoneyBaked Ham Co. Alpharetta, GA The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Dir, Sec. Risk Info & Analysis Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Senior Director, LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express

National Account Mgr



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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Springfield, OH Lowe's
AP Manager Sam's Club Jeffersontown, KY Wal-Mart
AP Manager Sam's Club Owensboro, KY Wal-Mart
AP Manager In Training Walmart Deland, FL Wal-Mart
AP Manager Sam's Club Lima, OH Wal-Mart
District LP Manager Kmart Casper, WY Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears Flint, MI Sears Holdings Corp
LP Manager Sears North Dartmouth, MA Sears Holdings Corp
Executive Team Leader AP Target Pittsburgh, PA Target
District Operations Mgr Home Depot New York, NY Home Depot
LP Lead Expert JC Penney Spokane, WA JC Penney
LP Lead Expert JC Penney Media, PA JC Penney
LP Lead Expert JC Penney North Wales, PA JC Penney
Regional LP Manager Victoria's Secret Columbus, OH Limited Brands

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Building team motivation takes practices that are based on responsibility and being very direct and providing critical feedback. How you stand up to the plate when your team is not delivering the results you desire weeds out those leaders that are effective and those that are not. Follow these steps to keep your company in line. (You are allowed to play favorites)

How To Tell If Your Team Is Burnt Out--And What To Do About It 
When your regularly top performers aren't up to par, there may be a problem afoot. They may be burnt out. Burnout can come from too much stress or even not feeling challenged enough. If your employees are showing these signs, then it's time to take action. (Get them interested again)

Leading For Longevity: 4 Tips To Build Teams That Last  You can find all the perfect people to become part of your team, but how do you get them to stay part of your team? In a society where nothing lasts forever, and people come and go often, it's important to build the team relationship from the start, so they will want to remain a part of that environment. (Some things will have to change)

14 Telling Signs You Love Your Job
You may not skip as you walk into work, and you may not doodle little hearts on your notepad, but there are ways to tell if you love your job. If you really love your job, here are the signs you are probably giving off. If you don't look at the clock every five minutes, you probably love your job! (You also like to go to the meetings)

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It's Christmas Time in LP

Carrying on with our Tip from Wednesday we really wanted to continue on one point we made about Big Data. If ever there was an opportunity that presented itself before like the opportunity that Big Data represents to our industry that was bigger for us as whole, it was probably the first roll-out of exception based reporting back in the 80's. Big Data and all the data it pulls together, all under the banner of improving the customer experience and improving sales, could prove to be the biggest opportunity for Loss Prevention that we've ever had.

This data collection and merge is the biggest analytics push the retail industry as a whole has ever made. We're talking about developing customer profiles and specifics like we have never imagined. From the time they visit our web sites to the time they make a purchase or return in the store. Our retailers will be able to collect more information about every single customer and even those who aren't our customers but yet, downloaded our coupons on their smartphones when they enter our stores. That data will have a depth like never before and how LP uses it will be the key, and being part of this wave is incredibly important for every Loss Prevention executive in the industry. How we're able to collect the information we need and merge it into the services we deliver can potentially make a significant impact on the reactive and proactive sides of our business.

Right now the marketing executives are basically the ones pushing this effort and they're consuming the CIO's time because of the Omni push that every retailer must accomplish in light speed. But if we're able to dove tail off this effort and successfully integrate some LP objectives the benefit could be incredible. Imagine, being able to know exactly who is in your store every minute of the day and being able to see their purchasing and return history. Imagine being able to tie this information into your video analytics and the LP team working in that store. Quite frankly the impact could be somewhat concerning, regardless of the benefit. But the fact is it's coming and coupled with facial recognition there will be the ultimate answer to monitoring your customer population, and taking into consideration that all employees are also customers, we then have completed the circle. Big Data, drilled down to its basic core, is all about predicting future behavior and that's a subject we've all been focused on our entire careers. So in many ways Big Data is like Christmas time - its the biggest gift under the tree. It all depends on how you learn to use it.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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