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Cyberattack Investigation Continues for Raley’s  
Monday, it was announced that the West Sacramento-based store was continuing their investigation on the cyberattack on their computers where some of the customers reported unauthorized activity on their personal card-payment accounts. Since the public disclosing of the possible cyberattack last Thursday, half a dozen shoppers of the Raley’s supermarket have contacted The Sacramento Bee about problems in their accounts. Reports of unauthorized attempts of card use all over the U.S. popped up, including California, Ohio, and Alabama. Raley's also comments that they do not collect Social Security or driver’s license numbers with transactions that use a payment card. (Source

Walgreens Pays $80 Million- Oxycodone Reached Black Market
Allegations that the drug store allowed millions of controlled substances to reach the black market resulted in a hefty fine. In September, Walgreens was accused of endangering public safety and the DEA barred them from shipping oxycodone and other controlled drugs from its distribution center in Jupiter, FL. The distribution center’s controlled substance licenses were suspended until September 2014, as well as the licenses of six of its 800 Florida pharmacies until May 2014. The DEA said Walgreens failed to maintain proper controls to make sure the drugs were not given to addicts and drug dealers. (Source

EEOC says BMW, Dollar General Criminal-Conviction Hiring Policies Discriminates Against Blacks  The EEOC filed lawsuits against the BMW’s Spartanburg, SC manufacturing plant as well as the Dollar General in Goodlettsville, TN. The claim is that both companies are violating the Civil Rights Act due to their policies of not hiring those convicted of crimes, and that is costing African-Americans jobs. The lawsuit against Dollar General was filed by two black applicants who were rejected jobs. EEOC is looking to put an injunction in place so this kind of discrimination doesn’t happen again in the future. (Source

ACLU: National Security Agency Surveillance of Verizon Customers Violates 1st and 4th Amendments  The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, fights a surveillance court order made last week, which the ACLU received. The order required the company to turn over phone call details, including information about the calls made and when they were made. The ACLU lawsuit is not the first to emerge challenging the surveillance program. Larry Klayman, founder of watchdog websites Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, filed a similar lawsuit on Friday. (Source

Strong Sales Growth at HBC Offset by Lord & Taylors 1.4% Drop  
The retail stores same-store sales decline proved not to be enough to keep Hudson’s Bay Company results for the first quarter in the cold. HBC’s same-store sales went up nearly 8% but were slightly offset by a decline in Lord & Taylor’s same-store sales of 1.4%. Sales at Lord & Taylor were certainly impacted by the bad weather trends causing customer traffic in their stores to drop, compared to last year’s first quarter. (Source

Office Max/Office Depot Company Merger Looking for CEO  
The search for a CEO is underway with the help of global talent management consultancy Korn/Ferry, for the combined company in their pending merger. The search process is hoped to be done at or prior to the close of the merger, which started earlier this year. (Source

The Future of Retail: From Digital to Physical 
AT&T is redesigning their retail stores, including a stylized space that looks more like a museum lobby, and equipped with new-age digital technology that will certainly grab your attention. The hands-on help is definitely a plus as well. Retailers such as Michael Kors, Staples and Pep Boys are wowing the consumer with their futuristic in-store shopping experiences. Using technology has revved up from ringing sales via mobile devices, creating an interactive world, or as president at AT&T calls it, turning “the traditional website experience into the physical experience.” Pep Boys are giving their stores a digital overhaul: associates carry iPads and customers can sit in a digital lounge and charge their iphones or tablets and enjoy free WiFi. With even more innovation coming, it will be interesting to see what else they can come up with. (Source

Retailers Turn to Technology to Drive Customer Engagement 
Adapting and using the new technology at hand will be crucial for retailers’ success. The pressure is on to enhance the in-store experience, and here are some of the trends they have adopted to engage their customers. Despite the customer feeling uneasy about sharing personal data, it could enhance their experiences shopping if used in the right way. Neiman Marcus uses an app called NM Services, where once a customer checks into the store, staff can customize recommendations for the customer and efficiently direct the customer to the appropriate products. Me-Ality is another innovation in technology: this Size-Matching Stations utilizes the skin’s natural moistures to provide specific size and style recommendations for clothing sold in the store. Eddie Bauer and Bloomingdale’s have both partnered with this company, and Eddie Bauer even offers discounts on items recommended by the machine. (Source

ATM Skimming- Watch Out! 
ATM skimming is responsible for about $350,000 of monetary losses each day in the United States and is considered to be the number one ATM-related crime. Here are a few things to look for the next time you need to hit an ATM. (Source

Butterfly Wing Model for Fighting Counterfeiters 
Nanotech Security Corp. in Canada is looking to use the structure of a Morpho butterfly, known for bright, iridescent blue or green wings, to make a visual image that would be almost impossible to counterfeit. The printed security image could be embossed on virtually any surface including pills. By studying the wings of this butterfly, and the ways it uses patterned scales to produce the brightly colored hues, the company made ‘nano-hole arrays’ which give off the same iridescent effects with a simpler structure that is also able to be produced in mass quantities. Because of the complexity of the image, and the cost of equipment needed to produce it, counterfeiting would be unlikely. (Source

$625,000 in Gold Bars stolen from Miami International Airport- Cargo Handler and Pawn Shop Owner Arrested  Marco Cruz, cargo clerk at the airport, was charged with stealing a box of six gold bars that arrived on an American Airlines flight last month. When other cargo workers noticed the box missing, they notified authorities. Pawn shop owner, Ramses Llufrio, was charged with knowingly receiving the stolen property. He bought five gold bars for $250,000. If convicted, the men will face 10 years in prison. (Source

Reusable Bags: Great for the Ecosytem... and Shoplifting 
A ban on single-use bags have required more attention on reusable bags from authorities. The ban, which took place on March 1st in Austin, TX, has made it harder to differentiate between customers and shoplifters. People can put items in their bags while shopping, and walk away without paying. According to Austin police officer, David Silva, shoplifters could be going unnoticed, because store officials have to see a person stealing in order to question them. Although the statistics in Austin don’t necessarily show a rise in theft, in other cities like Seattle, 1 in 5 businesses reported an increase in shoplifting. There’s no way to say for sure, though, if it’s due to the ban or not. (Source

Two wanted in violent armed robbery of a Kay Jewelers, taking $500K in jewelry  Two thieves used a stun gun on the female clerk of Kay Jewelers in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and walk out with more than $500,00 in jewelry and $200 in cash. The suspects took the keys from the two clerks and started opening the cases of jewelry. Police believe they may have done this before, especially since the male suspect had tape over his fingers, and the female wore gloves so as to not leave behind fingerprints. Gwinnett County Police Cpl, Jake Smith, said “We don’t have anything in Gwinnett that matches these two individuals but we have spread the word to see what might match how these two are committing the crimes and their general descriptions.” (Source

51-year-old Charged for Beverly, MA Jewelry Store Robberies  James Ray Radler, wanted in at least five states, was ordered held on $750,000 cash bail, in connection with two robberies of Beverly jewelry stores. He could be responsible for a dozen more, authorities say. He pled not guilty to two counts of breaking and entering and malicious destruction of property, as well as to being a fugitive from justice. Radler faces charges in connection with robberies at the same jewelry store about a week apart in December and January. The police linked Radler to the robbery from blood left at the store. Police found him in a Danvers hotel and arrested him over the weekend. (Source

St. Louis Walgreen’s Pharmacy Window No Match for Thieves  Two men punched a hole through the security glass at the pharmacy’s drive-thru window. They were caught on surveillance camera, but were gone by the time police arrived at the scene. If the suspects took narcotics, another problem could stem from the burglary: selling the drugs on the streets. (Source

‘Another One Bites The Dust’ in Credit Card Fraud Ring
One of 32 people charged in a multimillion-dollar, multi-state credit card fraud ring appeared in court Monday in Jersey City. Olukayode Adeosun impersonated the identity of numerous credit card holders and raked in $75,000 in illegal profits. Bail was set at $500,000. Nearly 1,000 victims country-wide were affected by the scam. (Source

Houston County Sheriff: 11 robberies committed in 3 states are linked 
In a press conference on Monday, Houston County, Alabama's Sheriff Andy Hughes said authorities believe at least 11 robberies over the last three months across three states are linked. Some of the robberies involved attacks on clerks and shooting out the glass of store’s windows and doors to gain entry. Click the story to read more on which robberies are believed to be linked. (Source






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Theft Ring Used Counterfeit Traveler’s Checks in Dallas County-Two Arrested  The Oakland California-based thieves used the fake traveler’s checks to purchase merchandise in North Texas, and then exchange them for cash in California. More than two dozen stores in North Texas have been hit, and investigators say the criminals have gotten away with about $100,000 in merchandise. Eight other arrests have been made across the nation, and more are expected to be made. The suspects’ names and mugshots are not yet public, but the suspects vary in age from 26 to 19. (Source

Legislation Passed: Cracking Down on Repeat Shoplifters in PA 
“Senate Bill 731 would treat repeat offenders of the state’s retail theft statute the same, regardless of whether the offender participated in ARD [Accelerated Rehabilitation Program] the first time they violated the statute,” Senator John Rafferty said in a news release. Pennsylvania loses about $70 million in sales tax revenue each year to organized retail theft. (Source

Best Buy Robberies: ORC ring?  
Sparks Police Department is investigating a series of burglaries that occurred at two Best Buy stores last Tuesday and could be tied to a California Organized Retail Theft ring. Tuesday night the suspects forced entry into the store at 155 Los Altos, and fifteen minutes later the Best Buy on Scheels Drive was also burglarized. Police haven’t confirmed any suspects, and are looking at the surveillance cameras to help identify the thieves. (Source

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RFID/EAS, one complete system for all your needs!

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EAS and RFID have been mutually-exclusive technologies; each designed for specific purposes, each as valuable as the other to a retailer. Where RFID excels at inventory controls and logistics, EAS has been the staple method for protection of your merchandise from theft. The combination of the two has long been a goal of the retail and loss prevention industry. We are proud to announce that that goal has been fully realized at WG Security Products Inc


While labels are the typical vehicle for RFID, they are hardly ideal for more valuable items and/or garments. WG provides the option to enhance an EAS hard tag with RFID! Embedding the RFID coil within a hard tag provides two great benefits: fully functional EAS protection, and a sturdy protective casing for the RFID coil, which has been known to fail when exposed to elements such as moisture and changes in temperature. Because of the adaptability of our RFID coils, virtually any of our quality hard tags can be integrated to work with the RFID-EAS system. Utilizing AM technology, WG tags already have the reputation of being the best EAS hard tags in the market today. Now with RFID enhancement, your EAS tags function both as security devices and RFID tracking devices.

WG's RFID reader utilizes innovative 3-D reading technology, enabling it to pick up the signal from an RFID/EAS tag in any orientation. Being installed in the ceiling overlooking the store entrance, WG RFID enhances a storefront's appearance by removing pedestals. These readers can also be set to audibly alarm. Placement of these readers at store exits and other sensitive areas gives our RFID/EAS system the edge.

Worried about where your products are going? RFID readers are compact enough to be placed in a variety of sensitive areas. Now you can have complete dressing room or employee area security, where pedestals are often times an impossibility.

WG RFID/EAS is 100% adaptable to any retail situation. One centralized computer carries your significant data and RFID control units allow for multiple numbers of readers to be attached to the system. There is no limit to the number of readers one can use, but for a prototypical mall entrance of a large store, four antennas is sufficient to perform the complete functions of the system.

WG RFID/EAS is merely the latest innovation from WG Security Products. Come visit WG at booth 1401 today at NRF 2013 in San Diego to learn more about RFID.


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Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
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Dir, Sec. Risk Info & Analysis Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Senior Director, LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express

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Corporate Safety Mgr Forest City Enterprises Cleveland, OH Forest City Enterprises
Assistant LP Supervisor Macy's Dearborn, MI Macy's
Assistant LP Supervisor Macy's Novi, MI Macy's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Jefferson, LA Lowe's
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart New York, NY Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Pleasanton, CA Sears Holdings Corp
District LP Manager Dick's Sporting Goods Dublin, CA Dick's Sporting Goods
LP Leader JC Penney Las Vegas, NV JC Penney
LP Leader JC Penney Natick, MA JC Penney
AP Coordinator Raley's Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, CA areas Raley's
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10 Best Ways to Turn Down Time-Wasters  In our busy working lives, we always get bombarded by requests for advice or answering questions, but how can you politely decline, in order to get back to the more important and pressing matters at hand?  Here are the answers that 10 successful founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council gave. (Be honest)

Beat the Summer Productivity Slump
With summer upon us, it's easy to get lost looking outside the window, watching kids play outside or enjoying the sunshine, and lose our focus and motivation. The key to enjoying the summer and still staying productive is taking breaks. (Try changing your environment)

The Magic of Structured Procrastination
Procrastination can help you get more done? Too much procrastination will still be unhelpful, but there is a way that it can work to your advantage. When procrastinating, we find other things to do to put off the important task at hand, but you can trick yourself into getting your important task done. (Change what you're doing while procrastinating)

5 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated
Motivation and Managers go hand in hand. If you have a problem with your boss, you won't be as engaged at work, according to a study conducted by Dale Carnegie Training. Follow these five tips to be a great boss and keep your employees productive. (Let them have fun!)

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