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IBM U.S. Begins Job Cuts- 1,300 Workers Unemployed 
The job reduction included at least 222 people in marketing and 165 in semiconductor research and development. Overseas, the company has eliminated approximately 128 jobs in Denmark, 250 in Italy, and 700 in Germany, among other countries. Globally, the company is probably cutting 6,000 jobs. The job cuts are part of a global restructuring plan that was announced in April after first-quarter results that were disappointing for the company. Coordinator for Alliance @ IBM, Lee Conrad, said that ‘just about every division at every location is being impacted.’ IBM has also cut hours of contracted workers. (Source

Windows Stores coming to Best Buy 
The two are in partnership, which will allow Best Buy to offer a Windows Store at 500 of its US stores and more than 100 Future Shop Canadian locations. The Windows Store will range in size from 1,500 sq. ft. to 2,200 sq. ft. Customers can see, try, compare and buy Microsoft products and accessories. CMO and CFO of Windows Divison at Microsoft, Tami Reller, said "The Windows Store offers a large-scale, hands-on customer experience that will show customers how Windows and Microsoft devices and services can make it easier for them to work and play." For the online shoppers, the retailer will also have a Windows Store e-commerce site which will provide updates on store locations, promotions even joint marketing events during the year. The Windows Stores are expected to roll out between late June and September. (Source

Office Depot Sued- Didn’t Hold Annual Meeting 
Starboard Value LP, the top investor for the retailer, is suing them for not holding their annual shareholder meeting which would elect directors. The activist investor said that the company had not held the meeting for thirteen months. (Source

Early Easter Leads to boost Men’s Warehouse Q1  
The early holiday allowed clothing and revenues to pick up, which let the company see total net sales of $617 million for the first quarter, an increase of 5% from last year. The retailer reported net earnings of $33 million for the quarter, and the retail segment sales for the quarter increased by 4.4% and corporate apparel sales increased by 13% compared to last year’s quarter. An earlier Easter also allowed for an earlier prom season which helped the tuxedo rental rates, unit rentals and accessories sales. (Source

7,500 Stride Rite Sandals Recalled at Wolverine Worldwide 
The 'Joanna' girl's sandals  are considered a choking hazard, due to the metal flower on the shoe being detachable, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The shoe brand received six reports of the flower detaching and 11 reports of it coming loose. No injuries have been reported. The CPSC is asking customers to take the recalled sandals away from children and contact Stride Rite to return the shoes and get a voucher refund, good at Stride Rite stores or on their website. (Source

Verisk Retail Releases LERPnet Falcon 
The release will add enhance performance and user-interface updates, so retailers and law enforcement officials can gain a better experience sharing incidents related to retail crime. Since LERPnet is browser-based, the system can be updated and improved upon without downtime. "The exceptional enhancements in responsiveness, functionality, and user experience will be noticed immediately," said Johnny Custer, LERPnet program director. More information can be found by going to (Source

85% of U.S. Residents Said They Were Worried about Unauthorized Access by the Government and Corporations to Personal Information like Phone Records, Emails and Web Activity  Privacy violations were a concern for United States citizens even before the disclosures of the U. S. government’s collection of internet and cellphone data. Two thirds of those surveyed felt they have little or no control over what kind of information is being collected and used by those organizations, and almost 60% said they can’t correct inaccurate personal information. U.S. residents also worry for the next generation’s privacy, considering most people believe there is less privacy now than in generations past. A majority of respondents also think there could be benefits from certain forms of personal data collections, such as targeted advertising. (Source

Smartphone Makers Warned- 'Secure our Smartphones' Initiative Launched 
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascón, launched the initiative to push companies to come up with technology that can allow the smartphones to be disabled by customers when the phones are stolen. Stolen phones now are still functional and can get a lot of resale value on the streets when they are completely wiped clean. The initiative will work with manufacturers to create a kill switch, making the phones inoperable, and thus useless for thieves. If unsatisfied with the tech industry's progress with this initiative, Schneiderman plans to take formal action to 'investigate impropriety on the part of the manufacturers.' Smartphone robberies cost consumers about $30 billion last year, and on top of that, the crimes have become more and more violent. Apple revealed their attempts at new security measures for the iOS 7 operating system that would have an 'activation lock', preventing thieves from reactivating a phone once it has been wiped clean. Schneidermn, and Gascón believe that won't be enough. (Source

Young Consumers More Likely to Download Mobile Retail App 
Those younger than 35 are almost twice as likely to download a retail mobile app than those older than 50, and more than half of those who download retail mobile apps use them at least once a week, mostly for coupons and sales. Those who use a digital wallet are also more likely to use their smartphones or tablets for online purchases. (Source

Mobile Devices Used More in Stores 
One in three grocery shoppers use their mobile devices while in the store to look up recipes, or coupons according to a study from KSC Kreate. The 2013 Grocery Shopping Habits study is based on a survey of more than 570 consumers, and delves into shopping behaviors and preferences. The study also found that 36% of people surveyed did their research of coupons, and pricing of competitor stores before going to the store. (Source

Australia’s Data Breach Law Could Effect U.S. According to University of Chicago Law Professor  The new law would add new dimensions to privacy laws, including two provisions that differ from data breach notification laws in the U.S. and Europe: 1) the unauthorized transfer of data from Australia to another country, and 2) a government official could require an organization to notify stakeholders of a breach in data. Privacy lawyer, Francoise Gilbert, says it’s common for some lawmakers to introduce new concepts seen enacted in laws in other states or nations. (Source

Former GMA Director will become Global Food Safety Initiative’s North American Representative  Karil Kochenderfer was named the first North American representative for the group, and will work to enhance awareness of the groups programs and provide knowledge of the groups work streams among food industry executives in the country. GFSI’s chairman says “she will be a key point of contact for the Initiative and will strengthen its links to the numerous regulatory developments taking place.” (Source

Measles Exposure New Jersey BJ’s  
State health officials say a person that had measles may have exposed some at the store to the contagious illness. The state urges anyone who visited the store between 1:30 and 4pm on June 3rd to contact a health provider to go over the potential exposure and risk of the illness. Measles is spread through the air by coughing, sneezing or talking, and can include symptoms of rash, fever, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. (Source

CAPS and NBA Partnership Leads to Seizure of Over 1,000 Pieces of Counterfeit Goods  With the help of CAPS, the NBA has executed a large-scale operation this post-season aimed at seizing counterfeit merchandise. In taking down counterfeiters, the NBA will look at three types of business operations: traveling vendors, ‘pop-up’ shops, and established storefront vendors. Since CAPS launched 21 years ago, they have taken over 10 million pieces of counterfeit sports merchandise, reaching over $389 million. CAPS offers suggestions for fans to avoid buying counterfeit merchandise: ripped tags or irregular markings are a way to tell if an item is counterfeit, shop at NBA-authorized retail stores, and look for hologram hangtags or other signifiers to tell if the merchandise is official NBA gear. (Source

More Than $140,000 in Counterfeit Items Found at West Michigan Stores. 
The Michigan State Police Fifth District Tobacco Tax Team seized more than $140,000 in counterfeit merchandise from three separate stores in West Michigan. The stores are in Benton Harbor, Benton Township, and St. Joseph, and the seizures were based off of tips police received. Some of the items police took were sports apparel, colored contact lenses, and name brand clothing. (Source

Gardena Target Loss Prevention nearly stabbed during attempted apprehension; Police capture suspects after 3 hour search.  A man and woman suspected of committing a robbery Thursday at a Target store in Gardena were arrested following a three-hour search. Police said the pair tried to shoplift property at the store at about 2 p.m., but were stopped by a store security guard. The man got into a fight with the guard and attempted to stab him. The couple fled, but the woman was quickly arrested. Officers believed the man was hiding in the nearby residential neighborhood and searched the area. Officers searched with dogs and a helicopter and located him shortly after 5 p.m. (Source

Georgia dollar store being hit by a Serial Armed robber.  Dollar stores in the Atlanta area have been the victim of at least 12 armed robberies believed to have been committed by the same person. The FBI, DeKalb, Henry and Gwinnett County Law Enforcement as well as Atlanta Police are working together to bring this suspect to justice. (Source

Wisconsin Apple store thief faces 12 years in prison. 
One of three men accused in a burglary during which 14 Apple iPads and three laptop computers were taken from an Eau Claire store has been convicted. DNA evidence from chewing gum and other items linked the three men to the burglary, police said. Mohamed J. Samatar, 28, of Minneapolis pleaded guilty in Eau Claire County Court to felony counts of burglary and theft. Reserve Judge Thomas Barland ordered a pre-sentence investigation by the state Department of Corrections. A sentencing date was not set. Samatar faces up to 12½ years in prison. Samatar’s co-defendants also will face a jury trial this week, both have been charged with burglary and theft. (Source

Albuquerque suspect gets 20 years for a series of robberies. 
Oscar Marquez is only 23 years old, and now will face the next 20 years in prison, followed by three additional years of supervision. Marquez went on a two week robbery spree hitting two Cricket Wireless stores, a King’s Wireless and a Captain D’s Restaurant. No one was reported injured during the spree. (Source

Spartanburg Quick Trip Store robbery video released by Police, Shotgun wielding robber escapes.  Police responded to a robbery at Quick Trip on West Main Street early Monday. According to an incident report, about 5:10 a.m., employees said a man came into the store and bought a drink, bag of chips and a beef jerky snack, paying for them with a debit card. The man then pulled a short, silver shotgun out of his pants and yelled for the two employees to get down, the report states. The man came around the counter and took cash from the registers. He put the shotgun back in his pants before leaving the store. He did not take the items he paid for, according to the report. (Source

Police Suspect 3 Michigan Break-Ins Could be Connected to 30 More 
Three Thursday morning break-ins in Ottawa County could be linked to over 30 other incidents that started in early May. The methods of both cases of burglaries are similar. The most recent break-ins happened at Engedi Church, Engelman’s Nursey and a Little Ceasar’s in Cedar Viillage. The suspects tried to steal a safe but failed. Since early last month, over 30 incidents have been found of businesses being broken into and some larcenies from vehicles. In some cases small safes were taken, but mostly windows were smashed and cash was stolen from businesses. The incidents also took place in the early morning. Authorities estimate the damage and losses at $25,000. (Source

UK Essex Warehouse Raided- $156,000 in Alcohol Stolen
The drinks included wine and spirits and were stolen from Montine Foods, Rochford. They thieves got away in a green Ford Iveco van that belonged to the food company. Police are appealing for witnesses.

Two Rite Aid Associates Pepper Sprayed in an attempted cigarette theft in Washington State.  A woman enter a Spokane Rite Aid store a pepper sprayed two Associates behind the front register in an attempt to steal eight packs of cigarettes. The woman escaped, but was later tracked down police. The woman now faces second degree robbery charges. (Source

Two Pittston Township, PA women arrested at Walmart.  
Two women were arrested yesterday by Pittston Township Police after Walmart agents observed the women concealing salt and pepper shakers, curtains, candles, drink packets, fabric care products and fishing lures into their purses before attempting to leave the store without paying for the items. (Source






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Outside-the-box Thinking could Help Solve ORC Crimes 
Tips were shared yesterday at the NRF's Loss Prevention Convention & Expo on how to use different tools to help crack organized retail crime cases. Mark McClain, Director, Global Investigations, Walmart Stores Inc., shared the following tips for solving ORC cases: 1. Know the tools available to you, 2. Think outside your store, 3. Evaluate and elevate your team's capabilities and 4. Build and retain partnerships. Read more here.



3 More Arrested in Connection with Boise, ID Retail Crime Ring 
The couple reported in the Daily yesterday arrested on June 10th, connected to a retail crime ring; police also suspect these three individuals are also connected. On June 12th police arrested James Montoya of Boise for felony burglary in connection with the thefts, an Oklahoma City man, Curtis Williams, was found with thousands of dollars in merchandise from local stores and police say evidence indicates he was involved in criminal activity in other states, and early this morning, Rachel Weeks was arrested for DUI. (Source

“Rainbow Girls”- High-End Fashion Thieves 
A group of six girls, are targeting high-end Union Square shops and grabbing merchandise and leaving without paying for it. The suspects dress in bright colors and dye their hair similarly. (Source

Ohio Police Get Briefed on Stopping Organized Retail Crime 
The Ohio Regional Organized Crime Coalition (OROCC), formed last year, helps police identify thieves who organized themselves to steal from stores and businesses. Ohio Attorney General, Mike Dewine will speak at today's event, the 2nd Annual Retail Crime Symposium. Investigators say that organized retail crime is much different than one person shoplifting because gangs team up to steal and resell large amounts of merchandise. More information on the OROCC can be found here. (Source


Organized Retail Theft

The Dallas Sheriff's Department is hosting a "roundtable" discussion on Organized Retail Theft and its economic impact on state and local governments. A presentation by Charlie Tyner, Div LP Manager for Kroger, followed by an open table dialogue on retail theft. Refreshments will be provided by the National Retail Federation. The cost is FREE.

July 22, 2013
8:30 am - 11:30 am
Dallas County Sheriff's Academy,
Bill Priest Building
1402 Corinth St. Dallas, TX 75215

Contact training for more information and to register
at 214-653-3496

*This class is open to Law Enforcement and Loss Prevention personnel.

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The Benefits of EBR Cloud Solutions

By Jaise John
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Exception Reporting Cloud SolutionsTechnology has been transforming the way we do business for decades. New instruments here, new methods there; the changes seem more intimidating now than ever before. Software-as-a-Service, also known as Cloud Computing, is the latest technology to gain the trust of businesses to store and manage private data. However, the concept of sending priceless data to a cloud in a remote location has scared off several enterprises who could certainly take advantage of the service. Loss Prevention professionals can implement an advanced, full-featured EBR solution with virtually no up-front cost, thanks to a month-to-month subscription model and the ease of knowing the vendor is responsible for all IT headaches.

Implementing SaaS cannot be easier. Even if a retailer has an established on-premise infrastructure from a previous solution, SaaS can be effortlessly installed on to existing hardware. In addition, there is virtually no need for capital expenditure considering all necessary infrastructure is already established at an off-premise location. Software-as-a-service also provides a subscription based payment model which allows retailers to conveniently disperse their expense as a monthly fee. With cloud technology, software providers take full responsibility to maintain data leaving the existent IT department time to re-focus on improving their enterprise. During this time, software providers can manage, upgrade, and fix any tech issues with ease which can be universally administered to all retail locations.

Lastly, the biggest concern of adopting the SaaS model is the security when sending and storing private information. The data centers have taken measures in security to make it nearly impossible to breach. If anything were to happen to a data center, your information is still safe because it is automatically backed up to an alternate location. Furthermore, the process of sending information from a single store to the cloud is no different from sending information from a store to headquarters – completely safe.

Bottom line, it’s time to leave the outdated solution behind and take the leap to implement SaaS. With limited risk involved and the potential for high reward, SaaS can keep your business ahead of the curve. If you want to read more about this topic, check out our white paper which goes into detail about the benefits of SaaS implementation and Cloud Computing.

Derek Rodner
VP, Product Strategy
856-366-1200 x500



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Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
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Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express

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Exec Team Leader AP Target Southern CT Target
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Loss Prevention Area Mgr Staples Portland, OR Staples
Regional LP Mgr Victoria's Secret Stores San Francisco, CA Limited Brands
District LP Mgr Big Lots Louisville, KY Big Lots
Market LP Manager Athleta Central/West Gap Inc
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Sterling, VA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Cincinnati, OH Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Glenwood Springs, CO Lowe's
AP Manager Sam's Club Linden, NJ Wal-Mart
AP Mgr in Training Walmart Deltona, FL Wal-Mart
AP Mgr in Training Walmart Mesquite, TX Wal-Mart
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7 Beliefs for Stress-Free Leadership
Stress overwhelms us all. The more ways we know how to keep our sanity and health in tact, the better. Try following these seven tips, and keep your stress levels lowered and become a better leader in the process. (Keep weekends sacred!)

Stressful Thinking is to Blame
Stress is not a physical condition, but a psychological one. When we say we are stressed out, we really mean we had a stressful response to someone or something that happened. Managed stress can be good for you: it stimulates growth in life and if we handle it well we can tackle life's challenges. (Make stress useful)

Stress can Kill Your Mind
We know that stress affects us in the short-term, but what happens years down the road? A study attempted to find those answers, and found that our reactions to stressful situations can have a lasting effect on us in the future. (Think positive)

Stressed? Boost your Ego!
According to a new study, thinking positive thoughts about yourself and your values could be the key to tackling stress. The study found that those problem-solvers who received a self-esteem boost right before a stressful task performed better than those who didn't. (Use your core beliefs to tackle stress)

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