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June 20-21

2017 ORC in Idaho Conference
July 25

Twin Cities ORC Association Annual Conference & Training
Aug. 15-16

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Sept. 11-13

ISCPO 2017 Conference
Sept. 12-13

NE Loss Prevention Expo
Sept. 14

Retail Council of Canada LP Conference
Sept. 19

ASIS International
63rd Annual Seminar

Sept. 25-28

RFID in Retail and Apparel
Sept. 26

National Association of Bunco Investigators Annual Training Converence
Oct. 11-12

Colorado Organized Retail Crime Alliance Conference
Oct. 17

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Tony Macrina named Manager of Loss Prevention Reporting and Analytics
for HS Brands

Tony was previously the Field Auditor for Tedeschi Food Shops, Inc. and the Loss Prevention Supervisor for the company before that. He's held other loss prevention supervisor positions for such retailers as Ann and Hope, Marshall's and Caldor. Congratulations Tony!

HS Brands International is the Leading Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention & Compliance Measurement Solution Provider operating worldwide. HS Brands International provides innovative strategies to ensure comprehensive solutions to various business challenges. HS Brands International is the culmination of 15 years of change, growth and success. We provide innovative strategies to ensure comprehensive solutions to current business challenges. We offer a multitude of data collection and loss prevention services, including:

• Mystery Shopping
• Loss Prevention
• Business Standards Auditing
• Integrity Shopping
• Data Collection
• and Franchise Royalty Assurance solutions  hsbrands.com

Agilence and Heartland Commerce Launch Strategic Partnership
Agilence, Inc., the leader in cloud-based data analytics for store operations and loss prevention, today announced a strategic partnership with Heartland Commerce. Restaurant and hospitality management organizations using Heartland Commerce's ordering platforms can now integrate with Agilence's 20/20 Data Analytics solutions making it easier to pinpoint incidents of preventable loss and quickly remediate operational problems.

Together, Agilence and Heartland Commerce are working to highlight the impact loss prevention can have on the restaurant and hospitality industries.

To learn more about the new Agilence & Heartland Commerce partnership, visit Booth 801 during NRF Protect to ask the team about how Heartland customers can benefit from this new integration.

Fraud And Risk: Surveillance Is Only Part Of Good Security
Hedgie Bartol, Axis Communications' business development manager for retail in North America, has some insights on why the surveillance camera alone just isn't enough anymore.

"Thirty years ago, loss prevention was all about catching the bad guys," said Bartol, and that created liability. What if an employee got hurt chasing after a shoplifter? What if the person they'd been following around the store wasn't a criminal, and the employee made them feel like one?

Now, said Bartol, "Our goal is not to catch the bad guys; our goal is to stop it from happening."

For instance, video footage surveillance can reveal "hot" and "cold" areas of the store - that is, areas that see a lot of foot traffic versus areas that are relatively sparse and quiet. Shoplifters target cold areas because they're less likely to get caught there.

When retailers start linking security equipment with other devices on the network, it opens up even more possibilities. For example, the same speakers that play music and announcements during business hours can play warnings to keep criminals away after hours and dissuade theft. pymnts.com

Buy Online Pickup in Store - BOPIS
Fraudulent Transactions Three Times More Likely
As the retail landscape continues to evolve, businesses are finding innovative ways to appeal to consumers' need for online convenience while still attracting brick-and-mortar traffic. How? One solution is to implement buy online pickup in store (BOPIS), which allows shoppers to reserve products online for easy pickup at a nearby location.

It's a proven way to engage shoppers online, attract in-store shopping and drive impulse purchases. In fact, the National Retail Federation reported that 32% of omnichannel retailers adopted buy online pickup in store in 2016.

The downside? Fraudulent transactions are approximately three times more likely to occur, challenging omnichannel retailers to take proactive steps to combat theft and profit loss. While BOPIS offers convenience to customers, it also leaves major loopholes for fraudsters:

The Multiple Identities Criminal: Many retailers use separate systems for internal and online purchases that don't communicate with each other, limiting a retailer's ability to verify customer identities and pinpoint fraudulent orders. For example, an in-store employee may have no way of knowing that a customer bought 50 identical items, with 50 different identities and plans to pick up at a variety of retail locations.

The Reverse Engineer Criminal: Additionally, savvy criminals reverse engineer the fraud detection systems that retailers use and work around review thresholds (i.e. purchasing items below $499 if $500 is the review threshold). Fraudsters also limit purchases according to known retailer velocity thresholds (i.e. purchasing less than 10 items at once) to fly under the radar of security checks.

The Holiday Criminal: While risk of fraud is ever-present with BOPIS orders, retailers are at even greater risk during certain times. Jamon Whitehead, senior manager of payment and risk operations at Backcountry, says timing is everything when it comes to preparing for fraud risk. "The volume of risky orders goes up tremendously during holidays and requires us to think about risk thresholds," Whitehead said. multichannelmerchant.com

Retail Automation Fueling Counterfeit Currency Detection Market
The circulation of counterfeit currency has become a major issue in countries across the globe in recent times. The presence of skilled counterfeiters has further intensified the issue. These counterfeiters can create exact replicas of genuine currency notes, making it difficult to distinguish between real and counterfeits through sight or touch.

While countries across the globe are increasingly moving towards a cashless and digital era, there exist opportunities for counterfeit currency detectors in the retail and gaming sectors. The installation of counterfeit money detectors is increasingly becoming a basic requisite at retail stores. These detectors can be installed at fixed point-of-sale terminals in retail stores, such as cash register, bill printer, and currency counters. Furthermore, retail automation, with its high-quality service offerings, is fuelling the growth of the counterfeit currency detection market. For instance, the use of self-checkout systems in various retail stores, predominantly in North America and Europe, is expected to drive the demand for counterfeit money detectors in these regions. globalspec.com

Governments Must Help Manage Transition to Driverless Trucks
Retailers Need to Consider Impact & Labor Issues
The Security Implications Could Be Significant

In a recent report, the International Transport Forum and other groups offer governments worldwide recommendations for addressing problems that will likely arise as a result of more and more driverless trucks on the road.

The global trucking industry could be facing a shortage of nearly 1 million drivers by 2030. But that's without driverless trucks, which would more than fill that workforce gap and are already operating in states like Nevada. In fact, they're becoming increasingly more common all over the world because they save money, reduce emissions, and ensure safer roads.

But they will have a huge impact on truck driver jobs, and that's why governments need to manage the transition to driverless trucks. That's according to a recent report, "Managing the Transition to Driverless Road Freight Transport."

"The adoption of driverless trucks is likely to reduce demand for drivers at a faster rate than a supply shortage would emerge," according to the report's executive summary. "Of the 6.4 million driver jobs in 2030, between 3.4 and 4.4 million would become redundant if driverless trucks are deployed quickly."

To stay ahead of the curve with regard to looming layoffs, ITF invited the other groups to collaborate on coming up with recommendations that they could then extend to governments on the best ways to handle the inevitable transition to driverless trucks.

"We came to believe that automation of heavy trucks was no longer a question of 'if' it will happen, but rather of 'when' and 'how,'" said Jose Viegas, secretary-general of ITF. "Dialogue across stakeholders of diverging interests must preferably be launched at a time when tensions are moderate, so that rational analysis is possible in a nonconfrontational environment. Indeed, this is what happened, and consensual conclusions and recommendations could be reached without great difficulty."

The groups came up with four main recommendations for governments considering transitioning to driverless trucks:

Establish a transition advisory board to advise on labor issues.
• Consider a temporary permit system to manage the speed of adoption.
• Set international standards, road rules, and vehicle regulations for self-driving trucks.
• Continue pilot projects with driverless trucks to test vehicles, network technology, and communications protocols.

"We believe this report shows the scale of the social problem associated with the introduction of driverless trucks and, by the analysis it provides and with the legitimacy of its participants, it shows a path to address it in a balanced way that would allow governments to peacefully manage this difficult transition." associationsnow.com
Prescription Drug Black Market Gang of 40 - Must Repay $30M To NY Medicaid
Selling $500M Of Unused Drugs To Wholesalers Nationwide
Did They Make it to Your Pharmacy? Probably Yes

A Texas man who pled guilty to buying unused prescription drugs from Medicaid patients and selling them to a distributor as part of a nationwide black market was ordered on Tuesday to pay $30 million in restitution to New York's health program.

Prosecutors charged Kenneth Nelson and dozens of others in 2012 with running an illicit wholesale market for medication. Nelson was one in a chain of middlemen who bought Medicaid-funded drugs from New York-area patients and then sold them back to pharmacies.

The scheme allegedly targeted expensive medications such as those prescribed for the treatment of HIV. A prosecutor in a related case recently estimated the loss to the Medicaid program at near half a billion dollars.

The order lists the Texas man as jointly liable for the $30M with more than 40 other co-conspirators, to the extent they have been convicted or pled guilty. law360.com

Blaming Retailers For Opioid Addictions
Retailers Look to Toss, Pause Cherokee Nation Opioid Suit

McKesson Corp., CVS Health Corp., AmerisourceBergen Corp., Cardinal Health Inc., Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. each filed motions to dismiss the Cherokee Nation's tribal court lawsuit accusing them of allowing "massive amounts" of opioid pills to be diverted to the black market, fueling an epidemic of drug abuse within the tribe.

"The problem of opioid abuse is real, and members of the Cherokee Nation ... are not immune," Cardinal Health said in its motion. "The Cherokee Nation has chosen to devote its resources to this litigation, rather than pursuing doctors who write questionable prescriptions, patients who divert drugs, and those persons who prey on the addicted. But this lawsuit does not address the true causes of the problem, which is driven by addiction, demand, and the diversion of medications for illegitimate use." law360.com

Insurer evokes Carmack Amendment in $9 million Cargo Theft suit
The insurance company evoked the Carmack Amendment, which addresses liabilities of shippers and carriers when cargo is lost. Essentially, carriers can avoid liability if they can prove they were not negligent, and one of five exceptions caused the damage or loss. landlinemag.com

Schaumburg, IL sets own fines for sub-$1,000 retail thefts
With the Cook County state's attorney's office having stopped approving felony charges for most retail thefts of under $1,000 of merchandise this year, Schaumburg officials have created their own fines to cover thefts between the previous $300 cutoff for misdemeanors and the new felony threshold.

The new system village trustees approved Tuesday maintains the previous fine of $200 for retail thefts of up to $300 in value. But it adds a fine of $300 for thefts valued between $300 and $750, and a fine of $600 for thefts between $750 and $1,000. dailyhearld.com
Glassdoor Wants Texas Justices' Input On Bad Reviews Row
Glassdoor Inc. has asked the Texas Supreme Court to weigh in on its dispute with a Dallas-based online lingerie retailer over whether it should be forced to reveal the identities of those who left negative reviews about the company. law360.com

Grocery Price Wars Have Started
America's first Lidl stores open today in Hampton, Va. Beach

Lidl (its name rhymes with "needle") intends to open 100 stores by the end of summer 2018.

The chain's strategy includes smaller stores -- 20,000 square feet on average with six aisles -- and a very heavy emphasis on exclusive brands. Besides packaged food goods, the Lidl stores will sell wine, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen fish, gluten-free and organic items and baked goods.

Lidl will be going up against fellow German chain Aldi, which opened its first American store in 1976 in Iowa and now has 1,600 stores in 35 states. Aldi also uses the same smaller store, limited assortment approach.

20 locations Lidl previously said it plans to open during the summer shows that 90% of them are within five miles of a Walmart and 55% of them are within five miles of a Kroger.

"They're trying to gain market share from competitors like Walmart and supermarkets, so you want to be situated near them."

Consumers are the ones who will gain from Lidl's U.S. debut, because food retailers near the new stores will likely lower prices in order to get their customers to stay put. 13newsnow.com

Here it Comes - Cashierless Stores
New job post signals Amazon Go is a Go

Amazon has posted a job opening for a senior real estate manager of Amazon Go, its cashierless convenience store concept, raising speculation that Amazon is ready to expand Amazon Go beyond its current pilot phase.

Amazon posted the opening on its corporate jobs site along a description of Amazon Go, and a list of job responsibilities, some of which included developing and executing "a strategic real estate plan;" taking responsibility for "site selection and acquisition;" and coordinating "with local real estate brokers on potential opportunities;" among several other duties.

For now, the e-commerce giant continues to test Amazon Go with employees at its corporate headquarters. Initial reports suggested additional locations would open to the public in early 2018. retaildive.com

Half of the Country's Retail Jobs Are at Stake
The retail sales associate is one of the most popular jobs in the country, with roughly 4.5 million Americans filling the occupation. In May, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released data that found that 7.5 million retail jobs might be replaced by technology. The World Economic Forum predicts 30 to 50 percent of retail jobs will be gone once struggling companies like Gymboree fully hop on the digital train. MarketWatch found that over the last year, the department store space bled 29,900 jobs, while general merchandising stores cut 15,700 positions. At this rate, one Florida columnist put it soberingly, "Half of all US retail jobs could vanish. Just as ATMs replaced many bank tellers, automated check-out stations are supplanting retail clerks." racked.com

No Reconsideration Bid In Dispute Over J. Crew Receipts
A New Jersey federal judge on Wednesday declined to reconsider his previous dismissal of a proposed class action accusing J. Crew of printing too many credit card digits on customer receipts. Holding that a heightened risk of identity theft wasn't enough to establish a concrete injurylaw360.com

Nike to Lay Off About 2% of Workers - 1,400 Jobs

Traffic Shoes Files Bankruptcy - Closes 12 More Stores

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results
Kroger Q1 comp's down 0.2%, sales up 4.9%


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A Community Initiative for Petty Theft.

About the Crime Accountability Partnership

The Crime Accountability Partnership (C.A. Partnership) is an innovative and promising new initiative to address petty shoplifting and is the result of collaboration between the non-profit National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) and Turning Point Justice (TPJ) - a Cloud-Justice technology company. The C.A. Partnership's goal is to provide a comprehensive, sustainable and effective program to retailers and criminal justice agencies to reduce the time and costs associated with low-level retail theft offenses, hold offenders accountable and prevent repeat offenses.

How the Program Helps Retailers

The Crime Accountability Partnership Program is a community supported program that provides eligible shoplifting offenders with a one-time chance to take responsibility for their actions and avoid entry into the criminal justice system.

The program reduces the expenditure of retailer and criminal justice resources, increases restitution payments to the retailer, and educates the offender to reduce recidivism.

As part of the program, retailers are trained to utilize the TPJ Cloud Justice incident processing platform which allows them to produce a single, complete, accurate, shareable and prosecutable report. This report is designed to:

● Reduce law enforcement calls and improve retailer community relations
● Minimize detention time and standardize reporting
● Reduce costs associated with preparing multiple reports for various organizations responsible for handling retail theft incidents
● Reduce retailer liability through consistent case processing and improved incident reports

Learn more about the Crime Accountability Partnership Program
at NRF Protect - Booth #322

No Injury, No Class Action Suit
Barnes & Noble Shakes Data Breach Class Action

An Illinois federal judge shot down a class action complaint over a Barnes & Noble data breach for the third and final time Tuesday, saying the class representatives had failed to show economic damages.

"In light of this, plaintiffs' alleged injuries to the value of their PII, their time spent with bank and police employees and any emotional distress they might have suffered are not injuries sufficient to state a claim," Judge Wood said. "In a similar vein, plaintiffs' temporary inability to use their bank accounts is also insufficient to state a claim - the temporary inability to use a bank account is not a monetary injury in itself, and plaintiffs have not set forth any allegations about how they suffered monetary injury due to the inconvenience of not being able to access their accounts."

The suit by a group of B&N book buyers alleged breach of contract, invasion of privacy and violations of various Illinois and California consumer fraud and breach reporting statutes stemming from a 2012 security breach that compromised credit and debit cards swiped at PIN pad terminals at 63 stores in nine states. law360.com

Execs Learning To Trust Artificial Intelligence Security Systems
Radware, a leading provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions, released the results of its 2017 Executive Application & Network Security Survey, which shows that executives in the U.S. and Europe are relying more on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems designed to protect organizations from cyber threats.

According to a press release announcing the news, this year's executive survey shows that about four in five (81 percent) of executives have already or recently implemented more reliance on automated solutions. In addition, 57 percent reported trusting automated security systems as much or more than humans to protect their organizations - and two in five (38 percent) indicated that within two years, automated security systems would be the primary resource for managing cybersecurity.

"Businesses have to fight fire with fire," said Carl Herberger, vice president of Security Solutions at Radware. "Today's threat actors continue to build highly automated and adaptive tools, like the Marai and Hajime botnets. These attacks can wreak catastrophic damage to a network. Executives that aren't yet fighting these new dynamic threats with continuously adaptive attack detection and mitigation capabilities are putting their organization at risk." pymnts.com

Editor of STORES Magazine Shares 'LP-Related Nightmare' Stories
Having covered retail loss prevention for more years than I care to admit, I've heard my share of eye-popping stories - but the narratives I've heard from event stages were made all too real in the past few months when a close friend and a family member were both immersed in LP-related nightmares.

My friend is the CIO of an independent nonprofit agency in New York. During a critical project, a ransomware virus seized control of the company's computer system's files and encrypted them. The hackers held the files hostage, threatening to delete them unless the company paid a ransom online using the untraceable digital currency known as bitcoin. stores.org

FBI warns office workers of scam
The FBI is warning office workers and personnel managers to watch out for a workplace phishing scheme targeting employees who can look at their pay and tax information through online self-service systems.

In these cases, the con sends an email to employees while posing as a business's human resources department. The message contains a link to go to the self-service account.

These links are bogus, and by clicking through and entering login information, victims unwittingly hand over their login information, which allow the fraudsters to access sensitive personal data.

The FBI recommended employers train workers to watch for phishing attacks and suspicious links. Checking actual email addresses, rather than just looking at display names, can be crucial to spotting attacks early. columbian.com

Karmen ransomware makes it easy for cybercriminals to launch attacks
A new malware do-it-yourself kit called Karmen is making it easy for wannabe cybercriminals to launch ransomware attacks. Security researchers believe the recently discovered ransomware as a service (RaaS) offering was developed in part by a Russian-speaking ransomware author who goes by the alias DevBitox. For a price, Karmen can turn almost anyone into a cybercriminal in just a few clicks. fightransomware.com

Roll-Up Shop?
The Grocery Store Of The Future Is Mobile, Self-Driving, And Run By AI

In Shanghai, a prototype of a new 24-hour convenience store has no staff, no registers, and the whole thing is on wheels, designed to eventually drive itself to a warehouse to restock, or to a customer to make a delivery. The startup behind it believes that it's the model for the grocery store of the future-and because it's both mobile and far cheaper to build and operate than a typical store, it could also help bring better access to groceries to food deserts and rural areas. fastcompany.com

Tempur Sealy Customer Brings Class Action Over Data Breach

Relentless Attackers Try Over 100,000 Times Before They Breach a System

Researchers Spot Two Types Of Malware Targeted At Mac Computers

Is virtual reality the future of Ikea?



'Live in Philadelphia'
at NRF Protect 2016
Broadcast Kickoff

Introduction with Gus Downing

LIVE from Philadelphia at the NRF PROTECT 2016 Conference, the D&D Daily is honored to bring you another jam-packed agenda of informative and meaningful interviews covering the hot topics and issues impacting the retail loss prevention industry. From LP leaders who've developed best-in-class programs and teams, to the solution providers offering cutting-edge technologies, our upcoming series of videos offer a wealth of knowledge that you can apply and use at your retailer and in your career. Kicking off our broadcast, Gus Downing, Publisher and Editor of the D&D Daily, introduces LP's Digital Fast-Break Conference.

LPNN Quick Take #1

LPNN's dynamic duo is back! Catch up with MCs Joe LaRocca, VP & Senior Advisor, Loss Prevention, RetaiLPartners (and this year's NRF Ring of Excellence award winner), and Amber Bradley, Owner & Brand Strategist, Calibration, LLC, as they provide their signature witty banter throughout our continuous 7-hour live broadcast.

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Click Fraud - the Latest Online Phenomenon
Recent Raid on Thailand 'Click Farm' Sheds Light on $785M Online Industry

Three Chinese men arrested in Thailand this week have admitted to operating a 'click farm,' using 476 mobile phones and 347,200 SIM cards to accumulate "likes" and views on WeChat, a Chinese social media app.

Thai immigration authorities say the three men told them, they were paid according to how many likes and views they generated. The men reportedly earned between $3,900 and $5,800 per month.

A 'click farm' is a form of internet fraud that involves paying employees to increase the social media presence of companies and people for popularity and profit.

It often employs workers who are required to click 'like' on Facebook, 'follow' on Twitter and to rack up views on YouTube, or click on online adverts.

Farms typically operate from countries such as Thailand and Bangladesh. The number of employees per farm is unclear because of the clandestine nature of such operations.

David Vaile, the co-convenor of the UNSW Cyberspace Law and Policy Community, says farms are usually situated in developing countries because they likely have "less-developed regulatory systems" to monitor such practice.

But the main reason, he says, is that labour is cheap in those countries.

It is hard to estimate how much the industry is worth, says Mr Vaile, because a lot of click 'farms' are undercover, they're not high on authorities' agenda to track, and they're "changing and mutating quite a lot".

One of the latest available estimates on the industry's worth was made in 2015 by Forensiq, a service that detects fake internet traffic for customers.

It reported that it was growing at about 20 per cent per year and worth $785 million. sbs.com.au

Milestone for Ecommerce Sites
Judge rules Winn-Dixie must make web site accessible to blind, visually impaired users

A Miami federal judge has ruled that Winn-Dixie violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by not making its website, which was recently updated, accessible to blind and visually impaired users, the Miami Herald reported. The Jacksonville, Florida-based supermarket chain has set aside $250,000 to revamp its online site and was ordered to pay the plaintiff's legal fees, according to the report.

The case was brought by a Miami resident who is legally blind and uses screen-reading software to access the internet. The software has allowed him to use 500 to 600 websites, including Publix, Walgreens and government sites, the report said. But the software could not read information on Winn-Dixie's site when he tried to order a prescription and look up store hours. chainstoreage.com

Chattanooga, TN: Felony Thefts from Ulta at Northgate and Hamilton Malls
The group of thieves we are looking for this week has stolen more than a thousand dollars worth of merchandise, a number of times. Now, we have their pictures and your information could lead you to a cold hard cash. "Over the past several months, we've had multiple incidents at Ulta," explained Sgt. Victor Miller, "and we think that they are hitting other stores as well, not just this one store." Ulta is a cosmetics store with locations at both Northgate and Hamilton Place malls. The crew we are looking for has apparently been hitting them both. wrcbtv.com

East Lampeter Township, PA: Delaware man arrested for $600 theft at Calvin Klein & Nike Outlets
Ezekiel Gibson is charged with one count of retail theft. When officers arrived, the suspect was observed inside his car. The suspect fled on foot and was quickly arrested. Clothing valued at over $600 from Calvin Klein and Nike was recovered from the suspect's car. fox43.com

Franklin, NJ: 2 arrested in multiple thefts from Walmart, Weis and others
Filed complaints regarding thefts from various Franklin stores led to the arrest of two persons, police said. Sydney Adubato, 22, and Travis M. Vannatar, 23, were charged with multiple counts of theft after police believe they were taking merchandise from multiple stores and re-selling the items. During June, Weis Supermarkets in Franklin reported that an unknown male and female entered the store and removed several hundred dollars worth of cough suppressants and cough expectorants, liquid Tylenol and liquid Motrin, and electric toothbrushes and batteries. The Wal-Mart in Franklin also reported a loss of fitness tracking watches and electric toothbrushes. njherald.com

Edmonds, WA: Police investigating an $1,100 theft of merchandise from TJ Maxx

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Shootings & Deaths

Lake Elsinore, CA: Officials detain 'person of interest' in death of Circle K employee
A longtime Circle K cashier, described both as a "Lake Elsinore fixture" and "the face of Lake Elsinore" was fatally shot this morning at the convenience store he had worked at for more than 12 years. The deadly shooting happened at Circle K in Lake Elsinore on Wednesday. The victim's identity was released by Circle K officials, who called the killing of 49-year-old, Eric Whitcomb, "a senseless act of violence." Whitcomb was reportedly at the end of his shift when he was fatally shot and officials have not said what led up to the deadly confrontation. Based on information developed during their investigation, members of the Sheriff's Emergency Services Team were called in to apprehend a subject Willison described as a "person of interest" in the deadly incident. SERT members responded to the scene with no less than three, large, armored tactical rescue vehicles, and successfully detained the subject for further investigation. myvalleynews.com

Austintown, OH: Dollar Tree Robbery suspect killed in high speed crash
Several police agencies are on scene following a chase that ended in a crash in Youngstown. The chase began just after 11 Thursday morning after a robbery at the Dollar Tree store in Austintown. The suspect punched the clerk in the face and took money, then fled eastbound in a blue pickup truck. The vehicle was later spotted by Youngstown police. The suspect turned around and began driving at speeds exceeding 95 miles per hour, as he traveled north in the southbound lanes of the interstate. The truck ran into a semi-truck head on. wfmj.com

Recent Sentencings & Arrests

Update: Birmingham, AL: Alabama teen charged in shooting death
of Gas Station employee

Birmingham police announced Tuesday the arrest of 18-year-old Chandler Bryant in the June 3 slaying of 29-year-old Mike Ngangi, also known as Mike Mulwa. Bryant is charged with capital murder. Birmingham Police says it appears robbery was the motive in the shooting at a Citgo service station. washingtontimes.com

Van Nuys, CA: Man sentenced to 50 years to life for killing maintenance worker in Target parking lot

Springfield, MO: Walmart robber who threatened to cut employee sentenced to 17 years

Garden City, NY: Man Pleads Guilty To Roosevelt Field Robbery, Shooting

Las Vegas, NV: DOJ Sentences Men in Cell Phone Armed Robberies

Hickory, NC: Hickory Man Jailed for Habitual Larceny

San Antonio, TX: Third suspect arrested in armed robbery of drug store

Galesburg, IL: Woman gets jail time for retail theft

Robberies & Thefts

Indianapolis, IN: 4 Texas Gang members arrested for Walgreens Burglary;
Shipping narcotics from Staples

Four men with connections to a Texas street gang known for its robberies and burglaries of pharmacies across America were charged with burglary and conspiracy to deal in oxycodone in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis. Anthony Venwright, 24, was identified as a member of the 5th Ward Circle, a gang implicated in pharmacy burglaries from Texas to Kansas, Virginia, Ohio and Minnesota as well as states throughout the southeast. Federal drug agents said the crew burglarized the Walgreens on June 8 using a crow bar to get past a security partition protecting the pharmacy. Later that day, Venwright was arrested after attempting to mail 240 stolen tablets of 80 milligram oxycodone from a Staples store. Each man faces 20 years in prison on each charge. cbs4indy.com

Johnson City, NY: Gander Mountain Shoplifting bust leads to Huge Weapons Cache
The security alarm sounded at Gander Mountain on May 31, sending Johnson City police officers to investigate a shoplifting complaint. Nobody saw Ramadan Abdullah steal anything, police say, but he was found with suspected stolen ammunition. Abdullah, 64, was taken into custody, and after officers asked "the right questions," Johnson City Police Chief Brent Dodge says the investigation by a team of agencies snowballed. By June 2, police uncovered a sizable cache of illegal firearms - including about 10,000 rounds of ammunition ranging from .38-caliber to armor-piercing incendiary rounds. On Wednesday, police announced the charges: four felony counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, a felony count of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and a misdemeanor count of fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property. If convicted of the second-degree weapons charge, Abdullah could spend up to 15 years in prison. pressconnects.com

Facial Recognition in Action?
Dearborn County, IN: Robbery suspect dubbed 'Dollar Store Grandpa Bandit' captured in Indiana

A suspected serial robber dubbed the "Dollar Store Grandpa Bandit" was captured in Dearborn County, Indiana Tuesday. Police in New York say David D. Hunter, 53, committed 10 robberies at Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores across the nation. Following a robbery in Connecticut, police say photos of Hunter were distributed to local authorities. A parole officer was reportedly able to identify him and officials were able to identify a suspect vehicle. A "combination of technology and these new facts" helped authorities track Hunter down in a casino in southeastern Indiana. "Law enforcement waited to approach Hunter until he went to a restroom where he was taken into custody without incident," said North Greensbush police on Facebook. A federal arrested warrant had been issued for Hunter regarding a May 6 robbery. He's being held on those charges. cbs4indy.com

San Jose, CA: Two arrested in connection to 11 Pharmacy and Liquor Store
Armed Robberies

Police in San Jose have been investigating at least 11 robberies that occurred between February and April. They also allegedly used knives and pepper spray, and assaulted employees during the crimes. According to police, the suspects also committed a robbery in the city of Madera, and are connected to auto thefts. sfgate.com

Memphis, TN: Walmart employee busted; cash theft of over $11,000 in 2 weeks
A Walmart employee was caught on camera stealing $11,000 from cash registers at the Winchester location within a two-week time span. A loss prevention employee reported to police that surveillance footage showed Joshanna Pope taking varying amounts of money from registers on multiple occasions. wmcactionnews5.com

Kay Jewelers in the Hulen Mall, Fort Worth, TX reported a Grab & Run on 6/14, item valued at $2,799

Kay Jewelers in the Southaven Towne Center, Southaven, MS reported a Grab & Run on 6/13, items valued at $7,299

Cargo Theft

Cargo Theft Crew of Three Busted Hunting For Trailers in Jamestown, CA
An operation initiated Tuesday by StanCATT, Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force, took a bite out of cargo theft, a crime in which California led the nation last year.

StanCATT was in Turlock when officers saw a stolen 2012 Kenworth big rig. Surveillance of the rig was maintained as the driver began to take it through the county. Rather than pull over Sass immediately upon identifying the Kenworth as stolen, "we wanted to see if we could catch them in the act of actually committing cargo theft," Banuelos said. "We know our crooks and have a pretty good idea of their MO."

Officers in unmarked vehicles followed the rig and the pickup - a U-Haul from which all the decals were stripped, Banuelos said - to an industrial area where a lot of cargo theft has occurred. The vehicles also cruised the backs of stores at shopping centers, where trailers often sit by loading docks, the sergeant said.

When the rig and the pickup started to leave Jamestown toward Sonora, authorities decided to make an enforcement stop, Banuelos said. The three men surrendered without incident, Banuelos said. "I think they were overwhelmed" when all the law enforcement tracking them became apparent, he said. "Once they reached State Route 108 and saw everybody waiting there for them. modbee.com


Skimming Theft Update

FBI warns consumers about ATM skimmers
Despite the practice of many banks to refund customers' money lost to skimming, the FBI estimates the crime costs consumers $1 billion a year.

The FBI used the recent arrest and prosecution of a defendant in New York to elaborate on these schemes and to inform consumers about how to avoid them. The FBI charged a Romanian citizen with installing numerous skimmers at ATMs along the I-87 corridor around Albany, N.Y.

The FBI urges consumers to be careful when and where they use an ATM and learn how to identify tampering. Anywhere there is a card reader, such as gas pumps, there's potential risk. consumeraffairs.com

Europol Bust 31 Member International Skimming Gang
Stealing more than $500,000 skimming 400 ATMs per year since 2014 in Europe and using them largely located in U.S.

"If your card allows a foreign transaction, it's either approved or denied right away. After that, it goes through a process that can take a couple days and it's a way the bad guys can build in a buffer," says Morey Haber, vice president of technology at BeyondTrust, in explaining why this payment card ring opted to do all the transactions in countries outside of where the victims lived. darkreading.com

More than half of audited gas pumps in Massachusetts missing security feature
About 56 percent of the gas pumps checked in a recent Massachusetts audit were missing a security feature designed to help protect customers.

The Massachusetts Division of Standards found that 147 of the 263 gas stations that were checked in 74 cities and towns were missing security tape. The tape is intended to be a visible indicator of tampering on the pumps. wcvb.com

Lansing, Mich., Senate bill takes on "skimming"
Introduced by Republican Senator Wayne Schmidt, the bill would require all gas pumps to include security measures designed to deter skimming.

This could include pressure-sensitive tape that indicates whether the pump has been opened, a device to make the pump inoperable if it has been opened or a system for encrypting customer data.

That bill has been approved by the Committee on Agriculture and is now headed to the full Senate. wins.com

North Carolina stepping up anti-skimming efforts with convenience store employee training program

Massachusetts: Skimmers found on gas pumps in Easthampton, Amherst

Tulare County, CA: Sheriff issues warning after 2 skimming devices found

Fairfield, CT: Skimming device found at People's Bank

Norfolk, VA: Police warn people to check accounts after skimmers found on ATMs

Bucks County, PA: Card-skimming device used to steal from Giant customers

Boston, MA: 4 Skimming Devices Found In State Inspection Of Gas Pumps

Doylestown, PA: Two wanted for placing skimming device on ATM



Azara Hookah - Madison, WI - Armed Robbery
C- Store - Van Nuys, CA - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Lake Elsinore, CA - Armed Robbery/ Clerk shot and killed
Dollar Tree - Austintown, OH - Robbery - suspect killed in Police chase
Dollar Tree - Industry, CA - Armed Robbery
Dragoon Gun Store- Cheyenne, WY - Burglary
Express Mart - Jefferson County, TX - Armed Robbery
Guns and Ammo - Mt Juliet, TN - Burglary
Keolu Market - Kailua, HI - Robbery
Magnolia Discount - Jefferson Parish, LA - Armed Robbery
McDonalds - Shreveport, LA - Armed Robbery
QuikTrip -Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
Sprint - Santa Barbara, CA - Burglary
7- Eleven - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Orlando, FL - Robbery


Daily Totals:
13 robberies
3 burglaries
1 shootings
2 killed


None to report. 

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