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 June 18, 2014


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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products
Sears Holdings Corp. expands Turning Point Justice program nationwide at select Sears and Kmart stores  Turning Point Justice (TPJ), provider of collaborative LP solutions for retailers, and its partner the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), today announced that Sears Holdings Corp. is expanding TPJ loss prevention solutions at select Sears and Kmart locations nationwide. The Court Alternative Program (CAP) is an innovative restorative justice solution based upon the principle that cooperation between retailers, law enforcement and the justice system saves time and money for both retailers and communities while improving offender accountability and reducing recidivism. “In pilot testing, we experienced a more than 50 percent reduction in the need for police and prosecutor support for shoplifting incidents at stores, which helps local law enforcement focus their resources on more serious crimes than petty shoplifting,” said Scott Glenn, chief security officer, Sears Holdings. (Source prweb.com)

Veterans To Receive Financial Assistance From VA For LPQ & LPC
The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) has received approval from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for reimbursement for the LPQ and LPC exams for all veterans. This is a significant step for The Loss Prevention Foundation in helping to create retail job opportunities for veterans by making the LPQ and LPC certification courses more accessible for all veterans. (Source losspreventionfoundation.org)

Senate to Mull Cyberthreat Sharing Bill - Incentivizing businesses to share info
The Senate Intelligence Committee next week will consider long-awaited legislation that's designed to encourage businesses to share cyberthreat information with the federal government and each other. Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., the intelligence committee's chair and ranking member, released on June 17 a draft version of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which the sponsors contend incentivizes the sharing of cybersecurity threat information between business and the government and among private sector entities. (Source govinfosecurity.com)

P.F. Chang's Breach: 6 Key Developments for 9 month breach- Target Connection Suspected - possibly 800,000 customers  P.F. Chang's alerted its customers to the security breach June 12, based on the early findings of third-party digital forensic experts that it hired after receiving a breach tipoff June 10 from the U.S. Secret Service. New information indicates that the breach at the nationwide restaurant chain began on or around Sept. 18, 2013, and didn’t end until June 11. Security experts suspect that some of the card data stolen from P.F. Chang's has been advertised on Rescator, which is a black market e-commerce site devoted to selling stolen "dumps" of the code contained on the magnetic stripe of a card. Timing-wise, the Rescator website began advertising a "Ronald Reagan" batch of dumps on June 9. The next day, P.F. Chang's received a warning from the U.S. Secret Service that its network may have been compromised, and card data stolen. Rescator is also where a large amount of card data stolen from U.S. discount retailer Target appeared for sale. As of June 17, the "Ronald Reagan" batch of stolen card data that's suspected of being tied to P.F. Chang's was advertised on the site as having a validity rate of 100 percent. Several fraud experts, speaking on condition of anonymity, say they haven't yet seen any increase in fraud from credit and debit cards used at P.F. Chang's, or from the Pei Wei restaurant chain, which is owned by P.F. Chang's and may also have been compromised by attackers. If the Ronald Reagan batch contains P.F. Chang's data, expect related fraud to soon spike, since it will behoove attackers to sell the data as quickly as possible, to maximize their potential haul. Was it from POS terminals? P.F. Chang's investigators - based either on early findings or else simply prudence - seem to have come to a similar conclusion, since the restaurant chain last week stopped swiping cards using its POS terminals. PFC locations nationwide probably process approximately 800,000 credit and debit card transactions each month.  (Source govinfosecurity.com) (Source krebsonsecurity.com)

AT&T says customer data accessed to unlock smartphones - Another third party service provider hits a retailer - This time intentionally  Personal information, including Social Security numbers and call records, was accessed for an unknown number of AT&T Mobility customers by people outside of the company, AT&T has confirmed. The breach took place between April 9-21, but was only disclosed last week in a filing with California regulators. While AT&T wouldn't say how many customers were affected, state law requires such disclosures if an incident affects at least 500 customers in California. "Employees of one of our service providers violated our strict privacy and security guidelines by accessing your account without authorization," the company said in a letter to affected customers. "AT&T believes the employees accessed your account as part of an effort to request codes from AT&T than are used to unlock AT&T mobile phones in the secondary mobile phone market." "We recently learned that three employees of one of our vendors accessed some AT&T customer accounts without proper authorization," the company said in a statement. "This is completely counter to the way we require our vendors to conduct business. We know our customers count on us and those who support our business to act with integrity and trust, and we take that very seriously. We have taken steps to help prevent this from happening again, we are notifying affected customers, and we have reported this matter to law enforcement," it said. (Source csoonline.com)

RFID skimming
RFID skimming is the wireless interception of information from RFID chip-based debit, credit and ID cards and other documents, such as passports. The purpose of RFID skimming may be simple theft of funds or more complex identity theft. Most typically, thieves use an NFC- (near-field communication) enabled device that records unencrypted data from the card's RFID chip, which is broadcast into the air. In the case of a credit card, for example, the data might include the card number, expiry date and card holder name -- all that's required for transactions and, for many applications, to establish identity. Many smartphones are equipped with NFC and more mobile devices, such as tablets, are slated to have it. RFID skimming apps can be loaded onto mobile phones and devices can be constructed that are capable of reading RFID broadcasts at distances up to 15 feet away. Potentially, RFID skimming is an even greater risk with debit cards, because banks often lack any policy to protect customers from fraudulent charges. The payment card industry has stated that safeguards are in place to make RFID-based cards secure. However, many researchers have demonstrated that the cards can be exploited. (Source techtarget.com)

Massive Security Breach For Millions of Gmail Users  With more than 500-million users around the globe, chances are, you, or someone you know has a Gmail account. But upon the heels of leaning of a massive bug that could have exposed every single Gmail user's email address, users are feeling uneasy. A researcher found the flaw in Google's security last winter. This researcher was able to collect almost 40-thousand addresses, in a matter of hours. "It's basically a foot in the door for hackers. It's a very valuable piece of information hackers would kill for." Says security expert, Kevin Johnson, of The SSL Store.com. The good news, is the bug has been fixed, and the researcher was provided a reward for alerting Google of the potential hack hazard. (Source wtsp.com)

Global Physical Security Market to Reach $125 Billion by 2019 - Asia Pacific market to surpass North America in market share by 2015  The global physical security market is expected to reach a value of US $125.03 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 14.9% from 2013 to 2019. The growing threats from terrorism and crime have resulted in increasing budget allocations for physical security by governments across the world. Moreover, government regulations demanding increased security levels is driving the adoption of physical security across several end-user sectors including industrial and business organizations. North America was the largest market in 2012 and accounted for around 34% share of the total physical security market followed by Asia Pacific. However, Asia Pacific is expected to surpass North America by 2015, owing to strong demand for physical security solutions in China, India, and Japan. (Source securityhive.com)

Most retail CEOs say their supply chain is not ready for omni-channel
Digitally connected consumers have turned retail models upside down as omni-channel shopping has transformed supply chain from an important business concern to a mission critical one. So profound is this change that 50 percent of CEOs recognize that their supply chain can be a strategic differentiator. However, 83 percent of worldwide CEOs believe that their retail supply chains are currently “not optimal” for today’s changing retail environment. (Source retailcustomerexperience.com)

"Human error" contributes to nearly all cyber incidents, study finds
Even though organizations may have all of the bells and whistles needed in their data security arsenal, it's the human element that continues to fuel cyber incidents occurring, according to one recent study. The “IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index,” a report that includes cyber security data on close to 1,000 of IBM Security Services' clients located in 133 countries, indicates that “human error” is involved in more than 95 percent of the security incidents investigated in 2013. The most prevalent form involves clicking on a malicious link found in a phishing message, while other forms include system misconfiguration, poor patch management, the use of default usernames and passwords – or using poor passwords – as well as lost laptops or mobile devices, according to the report. (Source scmagazine.com)

Ex-FBI boss urges tougher corporate security
Companies, especially financial institutions, soon may be required to beef up their internal protections against intellectual property theft, former FBI Director Louis Freeh said in San Antonio on Monday. "Corporate governance groups have enormous concerns over their companies not understanding the protection of intellectual property. It's a critical part of our economic and national security," Freeh told more than 3,000 people attending the 25th annual Global Fraud Conference at the Convention Center. "The SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) will be seeking guidance for how financial institutions can explain their intellectual property protections in place," Freeh said. Estimated losses from intellection property infringements -- on copyrights and patents -- already are running in the hundreds of billions of dollars yearly, said Freeh, now CEO of the Delaware-based Freeh Group International Solutions LLC. Freeh was FBI director during most of the Clinton administration, from 1993 to 2001, a period in which the FBI reorganized to become a global security law-enforcement agency. (Source securityinfowatch.com)

Hackers use YouTube to sell thousands of stolen credit card numbers - Running right next to ads for American Express, Discover Card, Amazon.com and Target

Sprouts natural-foods retailer who went public last year May Exceed Beyond 1,200 Stores, CEO Says - here comes some new LP jobs

Value of Truck Cargo Thefts Skyrockets in US up 89% last quarter

One-third of boards remain in the dark on cyber security

Sephora adding 13 new ministores to JCPenney locations this month

Kroger To Build $175M Distribution Center

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Jim D'Arcy, VP of Loss Prevention & Food Safety for A&P stores, talks about the keys to success in positioning yourself for internal growth and promotion within a company. Over the last five years, Jim has been promoted four times at A&P. Here he discusses what it means to eat, sleep and breathe a company's culture - and why a lateral move isn't always a move backwards. Filmed January 13, 2014 in NYC.

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'Spend shrink' warning as eCommerce limits impulse buys
Grocery shoppers tend to make fewer impulse purchases online than they do in-store, potentially resulting is smaller basket sizes, according to new research. In a survey of 1,154 online grocery shoppers conducted by eDigitalResearch, 29% of respondents suggested that they make far fewer impulse purchases online than when in a store, compared to 7% who said the opposite. The research also indicated that online shoppers are more likely to switch amongst various brands compared to their in-store counterparts. Of those online grocery shoppers surveyed, 10% said they always stick to the same brands for particular items – which suggests there is a significant opportunity to influence consumers' purchasing decisions and disrupt their online journeys. (Source essentialretail.com)

Malware Targets Retailers Using Cloud-based PoS Services
Large point-of-sale-related breaches continue to dominate security press headlines, but new dangers threaten to exacerbate the situation by compromising the small to medium-sized bracket. A fresh cloud-based point-of-sale (PoS) malware – dubbed POSCloud – has been spotted carrying out targeted attacks on software deployed by grocery stores, retailers and other small businesses using web browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome. Several cloud-based PoS systems allow the storage of credit card details for further use by customers, as well as personal identifiable information (PII) for customer loyalty campaigns. Even if the data is encrypted, the bad actors can successfully collect this data when the operator is working with the software via installed key-logging malware. The extracted PII is then sold to underground identity thieves and also used for cyber-espionage against large number of customers from different countries. (Source infosecuritymagazine.com)

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zellman Fraudnet



OSHA Cites Five Firms After Temporary Worker Dies at Amazon Fulfillment Center  An OSHA investigation into the death of a temporary worker at an Amazon fulfillment center in Avenel, N.J., has prompted the agency to cite five firms for safety violations. On Dec. 4, 2013, temporary worker Ronald Smith died after he was caught in between a conveyor system and crushed while performing sorting operations at the Amazon facility. Based on its investigation into the fatality, OSHA has cited five companies for serious violations, including the contractor responsible for operating the facility, and four temporary staffing agencies. (Source ehstoday.com)

Safety 2014: Is the Traditional Safety Management Model Working in Your Organization?  Author and consultant Terry Mathis opened his breakout session at ASSE's 2014 Professional Development Conference and Expo in Orlando, Fla., by declaring: “All progress begins with thinking differently.” Then he challenged EHS professionals to think about whether the traditional model of safety management is producing the results they’re seeking in their organizations. In the traditional safety management model, Mathis explained, the safety department manages safety, while the production department manages production – with varying levels of cooperation, overlap and continuity between the two areas. (Source ehstoday.com)



NRF Loss Prevention 2014 Recap

By Adam Creamer
Agilence, Inc.

The NRF Loss Prevention Conference & Expo, the largest trade show in the LP space, has come and gone. This vibe surrounding this year’s show was different than in years past; the days of worrying about the economy, trying to stay alive, and wondering what tomorrow will bring are behind us. With the buzz surrounding these topics dying down one would expect the show in Fort Lauderdale to be more subdued than usual, but like always NRF LP did not disappoint.

With a more positive outlook on the future and a stable industry beneath us attendees and vendors came together to discuss new challenges in the age of the internet. Most of these challenges revolved around data: how to manage & organize it, how to use & analyze it, and how to protect it. This last challenge is arguably the biggest. You can be great at managing data, you can even be an expert at analyzing it, but these mean nothing if your customers, employees, and partners don’t believe you are protecting it.

After meeting with a few retailers it became apparent that the challenge of protecting data is more difficult than originally anticipated. Not because we as an industry are still exploring best practices for cyber security, but because many retailers are facing an equally daunting challenge at the same time: transitioning from data rich to information rich, or the practice of managing and analyzing data. Currently there are separate solutions for both analysis and security of data, and as we move forward into this unfamiliar space it will be interesting to see how vendors and retailers work together.

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Spokane Police clarify limits on store security officers  The Spokane Police Chief held a meeting to clarify a letter he sent out in May that led to frustration among local retailers. The Assistant Spokane Police Chief updated the City Council Monday on a meeting Chief Frank Straub held with 12 retailers about a letter he sent to them on May 6. The department said the letter, which announced “immediate changes,” was actually intended to clarify the powers limited commission security officers held at retail establishments. The letter stated that limited commission officers could not use handcuffs or any form of restraint, force, or pat-downs. It also said officers were to release individuals who refused to be detained. (Source krem.com)

One dead, another shot at CVS store in NW Atlanta  Shoppers at an Atlanta CVS had to dodge bullets after police say at least two men started shooting at each other in the parking lot and one of them died. Channel 2’s Craig Lucie reported live at the CVS off Bolton Road and Marietta Boulevard in northwest Atlanta Tuesday night where detectives were on the scene gathering evidence for hours. Police say the man, who pulled up in a black Honda Element that has multiple bullet holes in the side, died inside the CVS store. (Source wsbtv.com)

Metro PCS Employee charged with setting up Robbery at her own store  Memphis police say a recent store robbery was an inside job. An employee is accused of setting up her own workplace, the Metro PCS store on Elvis Presley Boulevard, to be robbed. Police say Klista Austin got her fellow employee to go outside and dump the trash so the robber could run inside and take all the money. The scheme might have worked if the store didn’t catch it all on a surveillance camera. Police say Austin was caught on camera texting someone just one minute before the store got robbed. While she and another employee were taking out the trash, the robber came in and stole $1,200 from the register. Police say an hour and a half later, Austin sent another text. When detectives asked to look at her cell phone, they say the text read, “You got 6. I got 513,” a likely code for her split of the money. (Source wreg.com)

SC man tried to stab Walmart worker while shoplifting
A Conway man was arrested on charges of shoplifting and assault after a Walmart employee told police the man tried to cut him with a knife when he went to stop him from leaving the store with merchandise he had not paid for. Conway police charged James Nathan Johnson with shoplifting and second-degree assault and battery on Saturday. Police learned the 30-year-old employee went to stop Johnson, who was suspected of shoplifting, but Johnson brandished an open lock blade knife and tried to cut the victim. The victim was able to step away from Johnson before he was hurt, but did get the merchandise, which was two toy dolls valued at $445.95. (Source heraldonline.com)

Update: Troy, MI Police Investigate Cartier Watch Smash and Grab from Sak’s 5th Avenue  ​Troy Police Investigators are attempting to identify five suspects in a smash and grab of a Cartier watch display case on Friday, June 13, 2014 at Sak’s 5th Avenue (2901 W. Big Beaver). The theft occurred at 5:51 p.m. with six watches eventually taken. Sales staff observed four males, approximately 22-years-old in the store. Two of the males approached the Cartier watch display looking at watches. One of the suspects – 6’4” and approximately 300 pounds produced a small sledge hammer from under the gray hooded sweatshirt he was wearing and smashed the top of the display case. A second suspect – 5’5” and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt took seven Cartier watches out of the case. Both fled and one watch was dropped by the suspects. The other two subjects in the store fled along with the suspects to the west side of Sak’s. All entered an older gray Ford Taurus who was driven by an unidentified female.

Three robbers take cash from Wal-Mart in Baytown, TX
Nearly $4,000 was stolen from the Baytown Wal-Mart store in an early morning robbery Tuesday. Police said that about 2:30 a.m., three men entered the store and went immediately to an area where money was kept. They used a tool to force the lock, and removed cash. (Source baytownsun.com)

Suspect sought in Armed Robbery of the Footaction store inside the Roosevelt Mall in Philadelphia 

Mom accused of using 12 yr old son to shoplift Baby Formula in Glendale, AZ

Police in Lemoyne, PA use Taser to subdue fleeing Tru Value Hardware thief

Kay Jewelers Outlet in the Chicago Premium Outlets , Aurora, IL. hit for $12,000 in merchandise by a 2 man Grab and Run team

Kay Jewelers in the Stonestown Mall, San Francisco, CA the victim of a Grab and Run: Diamond earrings valued at over $7000

Sign up for Webinar on Robbery conducted by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company  Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company will be conducting a webinar on Tuesday, June 24 at 9:00 A.M. EDT and Thursday, June 26 at 3:00 p.m. EDT entitled “Robbery: Before, During and After.” The webinar will focus on how to detect signals that you may become the victim of a robbery, and what you can do to deter criminals. The webinar will also provide advice on what to do during a robbery and how you can recover afterward.

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Ashburnham Family Pharmacy - Worchester, MA – Armed Robbery – 2 charged
AT&T - Hagerstown, MD - Armed Robbery
Berezan Liquor – Kelowna, BC, CN – Robbery – suspect arrested
CVS – Columbus, OH – Armed Robbery
CVS – Bolingbrook, IL – Armed Robbery – 3 suspects arrested
Citgo – Norwich, CT – Robbery – plea deal expected
Citgo - Portage Park, IL - Armed Robbery – clerk and customer tied up
Convenience Mart – Alton, IL – Shooting
Country Conv. – Trussville, AL – Fire Investigation
Dollar General – Cape Coral, FL – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Huntsville, AL – Armed Robbery
Fuel Up – Chambersburg, PA – Armed Robbery – 2nd time this month
Fry’s Foods – Peoria, AZ – Pharmacy Robbery
Mac Store – Redmond, WA – Burglary
Oak Hill – Pulaski Co, KY – Armed Robbery
Puff N Stuff - Jerome, ID – Burglary
Rainbow – Hamilton, ON – Robbery
Shell - Newman, GA – Armed Robbery
Stop And Shop – Dougherty Co, GA – Armed Robbery
St Vincent DePaul – Owensboro, KY – Burglary – suspect arrested
Turkey Hill – Wilkes Barre, PA – Armed Robbery
Uni Mart – Pittsburgh, PA - Armed Robbery/ Assault – suspect arrested
Walgreens – Melbourne, FL – Armed Robbery – Police Chase
Walgreens – S. Ogden, UT – Armed Robbery – tied to robberies in 3 states
7-Eleven – Rand, WV – Armed Robbery – suspect arrested




Second woman arrested in Lehigh County's largest shoplifting case; over $30,000 stolen from Target  The second of three woman accused of systematically shoplifting from Target stores in the Lehigh Valley and four other counties has been arrested. Latoya Payne, of Staten Island, New York, faces a long list of charges, including felony organized retail theft in connection with what District Attorney Jim Martin previously called the single largest retail theft case ever prosecuted in Lehigh County. Prosecutors said Payne, Torral Scott and a third woman identified as "Dess" stole ink cartridges, hard drives and other merchandise 11 times at six Target stores in Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe, Berks, York and Dauphin counties between June 27, 2012, and Oct. 13, 2012. All told, $30,241 worth of merchandise was taken from the Targets and $6,562 worth of merchandise was attempted to be stolen, records say. Scott, 40, was convicted by a jury and sentenced earlier this year to six to 16 years in state prison and ordered to pay $28,307 in restitution to Target. Scott, of Forest Hills, New York, has filed appeals in her case. (Source lehighvalleylive.com)

70 charges laid after cheque fraud investigation in Calgary, Alberta, CN; nearly $200,000  In December 2012, a bank investigator contacted police about information linking two people to files with a loss of about $188,000. It’s alleged the pair targeted a number of financial institutions and recruited account holders who own construction, janitorial services, automotive, trucking and import companies. By using their accounts, cheques were deposited into a different account, then the money was withdrawn by the accused. All cases resulted in overdrafts, meaning the banks could not recover the money. The bank accounts were in Ontario, and the account holders would travel to Calgary to open new accounts before returning to Ontario. (Source globalnews.ca)

Mother-daughter duo accused in Walmart theft in St. Albans, VT  Police in St. Albans say around 7 p.m. on Monday they responded to Wal-Mart for a report of shoplifting in progress. Upon arrival, St. Albans Police Chief Gary Taylor said officers discovered that 48-year-old Barbara Lynch of North Hero and her daughter, 29-year-old Clara Tatro, had taken approximately $1,500 worth of merchandise from the store. (Source wptz.com)

Third woman faces ORC charges in string of Copper Thefts from Menards, Lowes and Home Depot The third woman accused of being involved with a string of copper thefts from Traverse City area stores was arraigned Tuesday. Ashli Green was arraigned on charges of organized retail crime, conspiracy and commit retail fraud, first degree retail fraud, as well as habitual offender second notice. Two other women, Destiny May and Bethany Thompson, have already been charged in beginning of June. There continues to be an outstanding warrant for the fourth woman, Dianne Comai, involved in the copper thefts. The women are believed to have taken copper items from Lowes, Home Depot and Menards to sell as scrap metal. (Source upnorthlive.com)

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Vendor Spotlight


Retail Analytics Technology Takes Off

Part of the Verint video surveillance offering includes retail analytics, which is helping to change the way retailers do business. In the dynamic retail market, video analytics are becoming increasingly popular as retailers seek to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Our surveillance analytics capabilities help retailers gain invaluable information about their customers, the impact of marketing and merchandising efforts, and the root causes of shrink and other common problems.

To provide our readers a closer look at the growing field of retail analytics, we sat down with Janna Finch, managing editor at Software Advice, to find out the latest.

Q: How do customer traffic analytics benefit the retailer? How do they benefit the customer?

A: When retailers effectively employ customer traffic analytics, the benefits can be seen right away through insights into shopper behavior, and they can improve nearly every aspect of their operations. With metrics at their fingertips, retailers can analyze how they can improve staffing, store layouts, customer loyalty programs, etc., which can create a better shopping experience for the customer and lead to increased sales.

Q: What are some of the most popular ways retailers are using analytics to boost sales and customer loyalty?

A: These days, buyers have so many options to choose from and, armed with a smartphone, it’s very easy to research those choices or find a better offer. So when it comes to customer loyalty, personalization is the key to grabbing a buyer’s attention. With analytics, retailers can find out how a segment of buyers has engaged with them in the past and customize offers or displays based on that behavior.

Retailers are also using analytics to boost sales by optimizing store layouts and comparing the performance of multiple store locations based on a better understanding of a store’s customer traffic patterns, dwell times and peak times. Should you move your display to another location? Are your products placed in the right spot? Is your signage effective? These are all questions you can answer using customer traffic analytics. And, if you can determine why one store is performing well, you can apply those successful strategies to your other stores.

Q: Where do you see retail analytics going in the next few years?

A: The use of retail analytics will grow over the next few years. Many of the big retailers have benefited from using analytics for a while now. Smaller retailers are quickly adopting this technology as simplified analytics products become more available. It’s the right time to capitalize on the benefits this technology can provide. It gives retailers who use this technology a real edge over the competition.

In terms of trends, mobile location analytics adoption will increase, and other analytics such as workforce optimization and security intelligence will be assets to retailers as well.

Read the rest of the article here.

For more information on how Verint’s video management solutions provide leading analytics capabilities for the retail market, click here.



Job Opening




Dir of LP & Risk Mgmt Gordman's Omaha, NE Gordman's
Director Digital LP Nike Portland, OR Nike
VP of Loss Prevention Dunkin Donuts Canton, MA Dunkin Donuts
Reg LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance Mgr Dunham's Sports United States Dunham's Sports
Central Investigator - ORC Home Depot Elmont, NY Home Depot
Business Continuity Mgr Bi-Lo Holdings Jacksonville, FL Bi-Lo Holdings

National Account Mgr



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Philadelphia, PA

Downing & Downing

Regional LP Manager Confidential San Francisco, CA Downing & Downing

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AP Manager in Training Walmart North Smithfield, RI Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Kingsville, TX Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Monroe, WA Walmart
AP Manager in Training Walmart Virginia Beach, VA Walmart
LP & Safety Spec Lowe's Tucson, AZ Lowe's
LP & Safety Spec Lowe's Bozeman, MT Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Denver, NC Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Shawnee, OK Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Gulfport, MS Lowe's
Dept Mgr LP & Safety Lowe's Clinton Township, MI Lowe's
District LP Manager Marshalls Thousand Oaks, CA TJX Companies
LP Lead Sears Canada Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada Workopolis
Director, LP Walmart Canada Mississauga, ON, Canada Workopolis



James Elliott, CFI was named Regional Asset Protection Manager for Regis Corporation.
Gary Gravelyn was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Orchard Supply Hardware.
Leo Cabral, CFI was named Manager, Loss Prevention for Penske Logistics.

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6 Sneaky Ways to Boost Your Productivity  Here are some tips that often get over-looked, but can help you find more hours at the end of the week. With five minutes between meetings to spare, or some time to kill after you finished lunch, making the most of your time in practical ways can help you get through your to do list. (Goof off)

How Highly Successful People Get Out of Ruts and Into Gear  Everyone has their insecurities, but the ones who are successful don't get stuck in them. It can be hard to look past the failures we encounter, but that's what really sets the successful apart from the rest. Here are some pointers to get past your fears. (Try new things)

5 Steps to Reaching Your Full Potential
We all want to be successful in our careers and in our lives, and we want to be proud of the decisions we make. In order to get to this point, there are some basic principles that have to be followed. How successful you are in life is all based upon how badly you want it, so set the bar high and reach for the stars! (Get feedback)

10 Most Common Ways Workers Waste Time  Staying productive at work is getting harder and harder, especially with the rise of nonwork-related cell-phone use. This infographic shows the top ten killers of employee productivity in our country's workplaces and gives tips to block them as well. (Technology isn't the only distraction)

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