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Men’s Wearhouse fires founder George Zimmer... the ‘I guarantee it’ guy. 
Men's Wearhouse says it has dismissed its founder and executive chairman George Zimmer. In a release issued Wednesday, the Fremont company didn't give a reason for the abrupt firing of Zimmer, who founded the chain in 1973. It said that the board expects to discuss with Zimmer the extent, if any, and terms of "his ongoing relationship" with the company. Zimmer was seen as the face of the company, appearing in many of its TV commercials with the slogan, "You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it." The company runs its namesake chain of men's clothing stores, as well as the Moores and K&G retail chains. It also sells uniform and work wear in the U.S. and U.K. (Source

H&M sees June sales increase after Quarterly profits dropped. 
H&M has reported that sales between June 1 and June 17 increased by 14 percent. Second quarter net income had fallen 11 percent. The Swedish based company, H&M explained that the fluctuation on the Swedish currency has a substantial impact on the profits of the organization. Due to the decrease in the exchange rate, H&M lost the potential profits of nearly $300 million dollars. (Source

Video Game Sales down $386 million in May 
The 25% decline comes as two huge companies, Microsoft and Sony, are getting ready to launch new consoles. Hardware and software sales dropped 31%, and gaming accessory sales fell 6%. Holiday game sales are expected to rise with the introduction of The Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and there is an expected increase with the release of several new games in the upcoming months including "Madden" game and "Grand Theft Auto V".

Pilot Flying J Case Receives Three More Guilty Pleas 
Three former executives entered guilty pleas in connection with fraud allegations in the company's fuel rebate program. Kevin Clark, Jay Stinnett and Holly Radford pleaded guilty in exchange for giving information about the case to officials.  Radford deceived 10 to 50 customers out of $200,000 to $400,000, Stinnett admitted to reducing rebate amounts for customers he deemed 'unlikely to catch' the scheme, and Clark admitted to directing another employee to reduce rebate amounts for trucking firms under contract with the company. (Source

Amazon Announces Plans for Online Grocery Shopping: What won't they sell? 
For $299 Prime Fresh members can order fresh food from their living room and find their groceries at their door in hours. Not only does the membership give you food, it binds shoppers to Amazon as their major Internet shopping source. "It will help to make Amazon the starting point for online purchases--more than it already was -- and give consumers even less of a reason to shop anywhere else," says Morningstar equity analyst, R.J. Hottovy.

Walmart’s e-plan for competing with Amazon may include shipping directly from the store to customers home.  Amazon may have a network of 40 warehouses and computerized robots, but Walmart has a network of 4000 stores which they believe may be used to ship e-commerce products quicker and cheaper to the consumer. Wal-Mart is being forced to invent its own solution because it still hasn't figured out how to economically deliver all its products into the hands of online shoppers. (Source

Burlington Reaps Benefits from cold First Quarter 
Where other retailers saw soft sales, this company's net sales increased 8.4% for the quarter. Other stores sales increased only 3.4%. Net income increased 7.9%. (Source

Retail Loyalty Memberships Take Center Stage 
Department stores saw a 70% growth in memberships of loyalty programs since the 2011 COLLOQUY census. Department Store memberships have reached 193.9 million, and Drug Store memberships grew 45% since 2011 to reach 142.4 million. The average household in the United States holds 21.9 memberships in loyalty programs but only 9.5 are active, a drop from the census in 2011. The 2013 census shows across all sectors the total U.S membership in loyalty programs is 2.647 billion. (Source

2013 Retail Industry Outlook Survey Proves Technology is Changing the Retail World  '2013 Retail Industry Outlook survey confirms, in today’s ever-evolving and dynamically changing retail industry, traditional business models and customer segments can no longer be taken for granted. Technology has blurred the lines and created a retail industry open for business anytime, anywhere and in any way the customer prefers to shop. The possibilities for effectively engaging consumers are limited only by imagination, and each advance in new technology brings excitement and anticipation of a brighter future for the retail industry. Overall, this year’s survey confirms that the retail industry continues to make slow and positive improvement. Challenging economic conditions and increasing concern over the burden of regulation and legislation are significant obstacles standing in the way of more robust industry growth. While most executives believe there will be progress in the coming year, their expectations are modest.' Read the full survey here. (Source

Digital trend growing in all aspects of retail with traditional vehicles and print media losing its impact to drive spending behavior 
A new report from Acosta Sales and Marketing shows that technology usage among shoppers is rising and traditional vehicles are losing their influence on retail trips. Traditional coupons declined to 33% from 39% at the same time last year due to shoppers using websites as a means to find coupons and planning their trip beforehand. Facebook is also lending a hand to offer promotions and coupons, with 70% of those surveyed saying they're on the social media site and engaging with brands and retailers on a regular basis. (Source

NSA Surveillance Programs Helped Stop More than 50 Terrorist Plots in U.S. 
Government officials declared Tuesday that with the help of the surveillance efforts at the National Security Agency (NSA), more than 50 terrorist plots in the U.S. and other countries have been halted. NSA Director told the U.S House of Representatives Intelligence Committee "In the 12 years since the attacks on Sept. 11, we have lived in relative safety and security as a nation. That security is a direct result of the intelligence community's quiet efforts to better connect the dots and learn from the mistakes that permitted those attacks to occur on 9/11." The surveillance programs are getting a lot of defense and officials of the NSA and Department of Justice have said they do not have databases with U.S. resident's phone calls, emails, texts, video surveillance or GPS tracking. The NSA can only query the phone business records collected within a specific set of rules set up by the surveillance court in advance, officials said. (Source

Facial Databases Help with Criminal Investigations 
More than 120 million people are in searchable photo databases that state officials put together to help stop driver's ID fraud but can also help identify suspects, accomplices and bystanders in criminal investigations. Soldiers used the most widely used systems to find insurgents while in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in the U.S., the widespread deployment of technology has helped locate murderers, bank robbers and drug dealers. The use of facial searches, however, is blurring the boundaries between criminal and non-criminal databases; the concern among critics is that the authorities are developing a national system of identification as the databases become larger. Senator Al Franken said in a statement, "The potential for abuse of this technology is such that we have to make sure we put in place the right safeguards to prevent misuse. We also need to make sure the government is as transparent as possible in order to give the American people the confidence it's using this technology appropriately." So far, the State Department owns the largest facial database, and the FBI also owns one with 15 million criminal mug shots. The Defense Department also operates software from MorphoTrust USA, a contractor, which dominates the field of facial-recognition technology systems. (Source

Experian publishes UK Fraud Hotspots; identity fraud is no longer just focused on large cities. The problem of identity fraud has spread from the large cities to even to most remote parts of the UK. Outside London, Altrincham in Cheshire is the UK's worst location for identity fraud, with 13 fraud attempts for every 10,000 adults, more than three times the national average. The UK’s national average for identity fraud was four attempts for every 10,000 adults. (Source

Hackers and Organized Crime are the Headliners, but Most Data Breaches are Caused by Human Errors and System Glitches  According to a new study by Symantec and the Ponemon Institute, 64% of data breaches last year were caused by human mistakes and problems in the system. Educating employees can help though in reducing the number of data breaches, and preventing future ones from occurring. By implementing a strong security postures and response plan for any incidents, it could reduce the cost of data breaches by 20%. Malicious attacks are still the most expensive data breach incidents, costing an average of $157 per record that has been compromised. Symantec also outlines four of the best practices companies can use to avoid the major causes of data breaches: employee education, data loss prevention technology, encryption, and incident response plans. (Source

Microsoft Leads Assault on Cybercrime Ring-Frees 2 Million Infected PCs 
The virus was used to steal more than $500 million from bank accounts all over the world, mostly in the U.S., Europe and Hong Kong. Microsoft and the FBI sought to take down 1,400 computers on June 5th, by destroying the malicious computer networks' connection with the infected machines. The ringleader, known as Aquabox, and dozens of other botnet operators are still at large, and authorities are trying to uncover the true identities of these cybercriminals. The ring targeted credit unions and global banks. (Source

Deloitte Barred for One Year with $10 Million Fine 
Head of New York state Department of Financial Services, Benjamin Lawsky, made comments regarding looking into relationships between banks and their consultants and whether those relationships hindered keeping bank practices in line with the law. On Tuesday, his office fined and barred the consulting giant, Deloitte, from advising banks in New York for one year due to penalties from 'misconduct, violations of law, and lack of autonomy' during work with Standard Chartering on anti-money laundering issues. (Source

Oklahoma Wal-Mart Reopened after Man Killed During Standoff  The Wal-Mart in Midwest City, Oklahoma reopened Tuesday after a 2-year-old was held hostage at knife point by Sammie Lamont Wallace. A Midwest City police officer shot Wallace, killing him, when he started a countdown on her life. The hostage was not injured. Wallace had a history of felony arrests in Dallas, Texas but it is unclear why he went after the child. A witness who watched the standoff said Wallace kept saying he didn't have a reason to live for and he wanted to see his family. (Source

Counterfeit Money Received in South Carolina 
Sumter Police are investigating a dozen businesses which received fake money in the past two weeks. On Monday, Homeland Security tweeted that they had confiscated $500,000 in counterfeit money before it made its way into circulation. Corporal James Sinkler said each business received fake $20 bills, but the exact amount of how much counterfeit money was used is still unknown. The number of suspects is still unknown as well.

Dollar General Store robbed in Lebanon City, Pennsylvania.  
Lebanon City Police are investigating a robbery at a Dollar General Store. Police say the robbery happened at the store on Cumberland Street around 2:30 p.m. on Monday. Witnesses say the suspect entered the store, brandished a handgun and demanded money. Police say the suspect received an undisclosed amount of money and left the store. (Source

Suspect apologizes to the store owner as he robs her store at gunpoint in Brownsburg, IN.  The third robbery of a store in a four mile radius has Brownsburg Police looking for connections. The suspect apologized to the owner as he was demanding the cash from the register of the Finer Thing home décor store. A similar situation played out at the Extreme Tanning and Marathon gas Station in Avon. (Source

Robber demands oxycodone from a Safeway grocery store pharmacy in Peoria, Arizona.  Peoria police are searching for a man who stole oxycodone from a Safeway store pharmacy on June 12. Police said the suspect was wearing a disposable mask when he approached the pharmacy counter just before 1 p.m. He told the employee it was a robbery and demanded all the oxycodone. After getting oxycodone, the suspect ran out of the store, taking off the mask while exiting. Witnesses saw the suspect leave in a black Chevy pickup truck. (Source

Niles, Illinois police seek men in robbery of Radio Shack. 
Niles police are seeking the public’s help as they look for two armed men who robbed a Radio Shack store on Tuesday morning. Police said two men between the ages of 20 and 30 entered the store in the 5600 block of Touhy Avenue and told an employee they wanted to upgrade a cell phone. After other customers left the shop, the men pulled out black handguns and demanded money from the employee. Police did not say if any cash was taken, but said an unknown number of cell phones were stolen, that the robbers then fled on foot from the store and that there were not any injuries. (Source

Felon released three months ago killed in Newark store robbery attempt. 
On Monday afternoon, Mustafa Sheffield entered the Top Dollar store in downtown Newark pointing a gun and demanding cash and gold from the store’s owner. The owner of the store, fearing for his life and that of his relatives, pulled a gun from behind the counter and shot Sheffield one time, he died a short time later. Mustafa Sheffield was charged with three counts of robbery in March 2004 and served nearly nine years in East Jersey State Prison in Avenel, according to state corrections records. (Source

Topeka Jewelry Store Owner arrested on store burglary charges. 
John Dasher, owner of the Diamond House, was booked into the Shawnee County Jail at 2:40 p.m. Thursday in connection with burglary, theft, criminal solicitation and precious metal dealer failure to record transaction. Dasher was arrested in connection with “conspiracy to possess stolen property, conspiracy to commit burglary, criminal solicitation to commit burglary and regulation of pawnbrokers and precious metal dealers. The Diamond House in March 2012 was burglarized, and two people were arrested in connection with that incident, in which $50,000 in jewelry was reported stolen. (Source

Burglar steals what remained from previous furniture store fire in West Palm Beach.  Last week a fire destroyed the Sunniland Patio Furniture store in West Palm Beach. The fire was ruled accidental, but the smoke damage and charred remains were still the focus of at least one burglar yesterday. Breaking into the boarded up store, one burglar stole the tools, air compressor and a generator being used to clean up the debris. (Source

West Miami Police release T-Mobile burglary attempt surveillance video.  With a chain attached to the bumper of a car, thieves attempted to pull the doors off the front on the store, they were unsuccessful. Police in Dade County believe this case maybe connected with other cell phone store burglaries in the area. (Source

Police chase ends with arrest of two in burglary of London Apple store.  London police arrested two would-be burglars early Tuesday after a high-speed chase through the city by police cars and a helicopter. Authorities said the men fled on a moped after five people attempted to break the window at the Apple store in the Regent Street shopping district about 1 a.m.. The group smashed a 16-inch hole in the display window with axes and hammers, but fled on three scooters without taking anything after police began chasing them. Officers reportedly lost them, but the chase resumed after a police helicopter spotted one of the scooters. Two men, ages 18 and 21, were arrested at a home and charged with attempted burglary and dangerous driving. (Source

Anchorage shoplifter takes off his pants and shoes to flee a Walmart store.  Walmart Associates attempted to apprehend a suspected shoplifter; the suspect ran to a locked door, drew a gun and shot the door. The suspect then ran outside and took off his pants and shoes and ran into the neighborhood behind the store. When police arrested the suspect he was dressed in a shirt and his boxers. The suspect was attempting to steal a $20 wiper blade; he now faces charges of robbery, criminal mischief and theft. (Source





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Axis Remains the World Leader in Network and Security Cameras
and now also Number One in Video Encoders

IHS: IP camera sales to account for 50 percent of global camera sales by 2014

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – June 19, 2013 – Axis Communications, the world leader in network video surveillance, retains its global market-leading position in network cameras and security cameras categories, and has also taken first place in video encoders. This is shown in a new report from information and analytics firm IHS.

“We have further strengthened our position due to our long-term strategy of continuous releases of innovative network video products and the fact that we offer high-quality security solutions in a global market in conjunction with our loyal partners,” says Ray Mauritsson, President of Axis Communications. “IHS estimates continued high market growth, however, slightly lower than previously, over the next five years. IHS also indicates the market today is more fragmented, with many vendors offering network video products for security solutions.”

Axis is still ranked number one and is the global market leader in the network cameras as well as security cameras categories. The security cameras category includes both analog cameras and network cameras.

In 2012, Axis further strengthened its market position by taking first place in the video encoders category. A video encoder is a product that connects to an analog camera and digitizes the video signal to make it possible to use the advantages of a network solution.

According to IHS, network cameras will account for more than 50 percent of global surveillance camera sales by 2014. This can be compared to network cameras’ share of global sales in 2012, which amounted to approximately 40 percent, according to IHS Research.

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$200 Million Credit Card Ring busted with the help of Payza’s Fraud Prevention Team.  Payza, among the world's fastest-growing payment platforms for e-commerce, had alerted its 10 million members worldwide about a variant of malware, used against banking and e-commerce customers for years, that had been discovered targeting Payza users. With Payza's help, law enforcement officials have identified and arrested 11 individuals in the UK, US and Vietnam, who have been accused of being responsible for a $200 million credit card fraud ring. (Source

Laundry Detergent: Black Market Currency 
San Bernardino police raiding houses expecting to find drugs, instead found bottles of laundry detergent. The household staple has become currency on the black market, traded for drugs or sold at open swap meets. Tide and Tide Pods are the most popular brands. "The Tide thefts are part of what merchants have told the National Retail Federation is an increase in organized groups stealing for resale many products that people use every day: razors, beauty supplies, allergy medicine." “This is not shoplifting we’re talking about,” Rich Mellor, vice president of loss prevention for the NRF said in a phone interview from Washington, D.C. “It’s a criminal enterprise to make a significant profit.” Retailers are fighting back, by making the bottles harder to reach, or attaching electronic devices that sounds off an alarm if not removed at the register. (Source

Atlanta Police bust 3 brothers who set up fake electronics company. 
Three men have been arrested in Atlanta and charged with setting up fake companies to order electronics and re-sell them. Rodney Sandridge, his brother Antonio Sandridge and Omeed Sheikh-Sajjadieh were arrested June 11 after undercover police watched Rodney Sandbridge receive $30,000 worth of laptops ordered through Tech Data Corp., a Florida company with a warehouse in Atlanta that distributes electronics on a wholesale level for manufacturing companies. The Sandridges had ordered the laptops using the name Enterprise Analytical, a fake company they created, according to police. Clients under Tech Data had already reportedly been robbed of $230,000 by the suspects, according to a press release. (Source

Four Charged in ORC case in Washington State liquor store thefts. 
Police suspect these thefts were spurred by the passage of Initiative 502 passed June 1, which allows private parties with liquor licenses to sell alcohol. Since that initiative passed, several grocers have complained of skyrocketing losses from liquor theft. Charles Askew, Devonte Jack, Darren Dean and Blake Kirvin conspired to steal high-end liquor from Safeways, QFCs and Top Foods by concealing the product in their shirts and pants. On one occasion, a group stole 11 bottles of vodka valued at over $4500. (Source

New Zealand ‘Bay of Plenty’ sees dramatic increase in Organized Retail theft; looking for help.  The Supre store in the Bay of Plenty has been targeted by organized gangs of shoplifters who have even threatened the employees. The manager of Supre and other retailers are looking for help. Supre estimates the inventory loss from the one location to be over $31,000. Shoplifters enter the store in groups as large as a dozen and hit and flee the store before police can arrive. (Source

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June 16-22 is Emergency Preparedness Week 
The National Safety Council hopes the week will help citizens in planning for emergencies. They recommend that families should practice their emergency plan at least twice a year. The NSC outlines what your emergency preparedness kit should include, as well as free downloadable posters, tip sheets and puzzles. Downloads are available here. (Be Prepared and Stay Safe)

Let Your Voice Be Heard: Take the 2013 National Safety Survey 
EHS leaders have the chance to let their thoughts be known by taking this survey. Help make your workplace even safer, and prevent injuries and illnesses at work. The survey contains questions concerning workplace wellness, violence in the workplace and bullying, leading indicators and more. The survey results are anonymous and will be featured in the August 2013 issue. (Take the survey here)

Death of Employee at Boynton Beach Publix DC Being Investigated  The incident happened sometime last week at a warehouse on Park Ridge Boulevard, and OSHA is still determining whether any standards were violated. The name of the person has not been released. However, a law office has identified the worker as Pierre Marcelin. Stating Marcelin, a forklift operator, was crushed to death. (Source


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Mgr, Asset Protection RSC Winn Dixie Baldwin, FL Winn Dixie
Asset Protection Manager The HoneyBaked Ham Co. Alpharetta, GA The HoneyBaked Ham Co.
Dir, Sec. Risk Info & Analysis Target Minneapolis, MN Target
Senior Director, LP Corporate Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp
Director of Loss Prevention CVS Caremark Lumberton, NJ CVS Caremark
Sr Mgr of Global Security YUM! Brands Louisville, KY YUM! Brands
Director of LP - East Zone Express Miami, FL Express

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DC Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Delano, CA Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Milwaukee, WI Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Centennial, CO Sears Holdings Corp
Regional LP Manager rue21 Warrendale, PA rue21
District AP Mgr Sports Authority Salt Lake City, UT Sports Authority
AP Area Investigator Sports Authority Saint Louis, MO Sports Authority
Security Manager Barber Collins Security Guelph, Ontario Barber Collins Security
AP Mgr in Training Walmart Medina, OH Wal-Mart
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Emeryville, CA Home Depot
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Salinas, CA Home Depot
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Columbus, OH Home Depot
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's Club North Little Rock, AR Wal-Mart
AP Mgr in Training Walmart Gloversville, NY Wal-Mart
AP Mgr in Training Walmart Monticello, KY Wal-Mart
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Sterling, VA Lowe's

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9 Tips for Boosting Productivity at Work This Summer 
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7 Ways to Motivate Without Money
While the greenbacks may seem to be the most influential in getting things done, here are some other ways non-profit organizations use to motivate their workers. Try these suggestions in your business to see if you can motivate your employees without money. (Recognize your top players)

5 Productivity Strategies from the Mind of Richard Feynman This Nobel prize-winning physicist knew how to work; for him, productivity was centered more around the exploring those problems he was interested in. Follow his tips and keep striving to do more. (Your computer could be culprit of your distraction!)

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